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I got this idea 24 hours after reading Duffy’s post here.

Titled “My Most Popular Post”, it states simply that it is his most clicked post and provides a link.

I wanted to do the same. But…… most popular posts, are rather embarrassing.

But if everyone else released theirs……..then to support FOIA……I will too..

We have lost momentum on Around the Horn.…..If everyone on Friday, posts their most popular first, second and third…..we should all get a weekend of laughs…and share some highs, as well as lows, within our clan.

The only rule, is “no spinning” of the results. A simple ….here is mine and a link……will do……

Looking forward to a “fun” weekend for a change………………….

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

The most notable event that took place in our recent blogosphere, was the unceremonious “fuck you, assholes” sent by the Delaware House of Representatives (25 to 11) to those turds in the Senate, who are, and have been for too long,….. clogging up the plumbing of good government. By now, all should know that Charlie Copeland, Harris McDowell, Tony DeLuca, and Thurman Adams, are impersonating the Four Whoresmen (sp?) of the Apocalypse, responsible for keeping Delaware from becoming anything more modern than…………a feudal government.

Gloom and Doom opened the morning of the tenth. The News Journal and WDEL both took the fake, went chasing after a foul ball, and ran squarely into the right field fence. Anyone reading past the headlines would have instantly realized that something was wrong, There was nothing lurking in the background to back the headlines. It was a rumor gone wild. Someone had whispered that the wind farm was in mortal danger.

“What?” “The wind farm is in danger?” “Oh, No!”……..

But no report was out, said both news sources, but fortunately for us, four senators were squealing to the press about the issue.

What? Four Senators? Could it be?……Were we about to see the New Age reincarnation of the four Whoresmen of the Apocalypse? Was Armageddon just around the corner?

The News Journal named no names but gave background quotes from 4 sources…..Can we guess? “Desk Drawer” Adams? Harris McDowell? Tony DeLuca? Charlie Copeland? My……………………… did you know? What amazing powers of prognostication you all possess! (That could, in part, be why you are bloggers).

So as we listened to Karen Petersen stammer from having been aroused too early in the morning (session went late the night before), things didn’t sound so good, Especially everywhere one turned, something was being said about the end of the windfarm……..

But those of us in the know, saw it as a concerted effort by four people. A quick look at the math, leaves 783,596 Delawareans still unaccounted for.

Any basketball team losing 4 to 783,596, would never be considered, even by its most ardent believers, as sitting on the edge of an upset!…………Some of us are wondering why those within the media, who should be immune to this type of fake out, were so gullibly sucked in……..

Tommywonk set them straight on Loudell’s Noontime broadcast, notable for being the first guest in recent memory, that Loudell has allowed to go over his time limit, during an interview without pulling the plug…….. Meanwhile, down south, Maria Evans was filtering through the News Journal story as well.

This flap had occurred just on the toes of Delmarva releasing their on shore prices for renewable wind energy. Or lets say they issues a perspective…..a rosy perspective… almost too rosy of a perspective to be taken with a grain of salt………This was quickly debunked by several of Delawares bloggers as purporting to buy wind energy from windmills whose building rights on the tops of mountains, were not even proposed?

And then, HCR 38 went to a vote. Tommy has the scoop on how it happened. as well as does John Kowalko. It came out………… in favor of Bluewater Wind by a vote 25 to 11. Almost all of the 11 came from Sussex County, and were Republican……..Looks like no help will be forthcoming from Dave for these notorious bashers of Dave Burris and backers of John Atkins. Sussex County is wind country. Don’t believe me? Just ask Lynn Bullock?

There is no doubt that Harris McDowell is tearing up all of the fabric of compromise within the second smallest state, in his all out scorched earth attempt to kick out Bluewater Wind.

Dana at Delaware Watch, sings the praise of one committed Legislator, intent on working for the people of his district, unlike his compatriots in the Senate, who have sold their people “out”. That’s the problem with keeping politicians in office too long. It is only inevitable that they eventually, they spoil like a ripe papaya

There has been a surge of spirit among those willing to take on the sad state of affairs known normally as Delaware Politics. Strange events are occurring. People are not willing to sit back and just take it anymore. Many will wonder where this spirit is coming from, and why it suddenly manifests itself among us……..But some of us know exactly from where it comes ….and will fight to keep that free spirit alive.

Delaware Politics.Net has absolutely nothing on Bluewater Wind this past week. Too occupied with “being bitter” and like the rest of us, they are nostalgic for 1999. When Republicans start fondly reminiscing about 8th year of a Democratic president, during the middle of the 8th year of a Republican one, you know something has broken down somewhere in their philosophy.

However all friendly kidding aside, they, along with JTTR, and Rick Jensen, are taking on the 10% cuts being forced upon our educational departments. This is an issue. Schools are being asked to give back money as well as every other state government entity. Dave asks if that is fair? Is it the best option on the table? Dana shows us where that money is going to. Take it from the schools and give it to………….Kilroy has a better answer…..Translate that feeling into action……Steve Newton takes the message directly to the source. Obviously our soon-to-be-retired Governor, having heard Allan Loudell who seems to be the only one mentioning the catastrophic food shortages, (that quite possibly has the potential to change our global political landscapes relatively soon), is worried that in her retirement, she will run out of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Stay tuned for a photochop of Minner enjoying her retirement dinner, with a twenty years stash stored behind her. Those of you who are parents, get yourselves ready for conversations such as this: “Dad,” “Yes, son,” “Why did you let the governor eat up all our school’s money?” If you are prepared, your answer should go like this……”Well, once upon a time…..It all started off when four people got together, and all of them had funny names. Their names were Tony “On The Take” DeLuca, Charlie “No Wind Here” Copeland, Harris “I love Delmarva” McDowell, and “Desk Drawer Adams”…………………” (more to come later)

From the Libertarian side of things, Shirley shows us that there are other people in this world who also have brains, balls, and the know-how to use both, other than Tyler Nixon. Figures this link would come from the “Live Free or Die” State. What is it with small states having the most vocal Libertarian contingents?

Thank heavens some one is finally getting wise.What a beautiful day

Bet it wasn’t a beautiful day for these people in Berks County, PA. (There is a highly recommended YouTube clip in this post’s comment section.) Obviously some laws are still subjective when it comes time to met out their punishments……

Alan Coffey lays the Republican hypocrisy right on the line with this post. Don’t forget, up until just last November, we were going to bomb them…….

Delaware Libertarian has a short post (Yes Duffy! It’s true……Check it out… 🙂 ) about how an above mentioned controversy will impact our local politics. Try as you may to simplify and reduce it further, it can’t be done……..

Along the same lines…..Duffy has some similar advice about finding simple solutions to big problems: always check the registry, and then, check it again………………..Duffy’s stories always make me feel human again; its nice to know I am not the only one upon who life is not always smiling….

On a more serious note, Duffy brings home just exactly what America is all about. Honor, Duty, and the willingness to sacrifice for a greater cause. Irregardless on how you feel about the war, you can feel nothing but pride after reading this tribute…….It infuriates me that back home, in Dover, we are forced to deal with those pursuing a narrow,specific, personal agenda, focused only on themselves and the accumulation of their own wealth, with not even a smidgen of responsibility to those who will suffer because of their actions.

What a huge difference between our military heroes, and those politicians who stay at home……………..

People ask me if I am worried…….I tell them no, I had an omen that in this week something great would happen……I was right. It did. Blue bug eyed aliens were discovered in and around Sussex County (must see picture). And after some trouble with a blood clot, Mahaffie is now in New Orleans, giving us a first hand look at the aftermath of Katrina. I was relieved to see the Cafe du Monde was still around with their awesome beignets. I hope he gets a chance to ferry over to Algiers, but his schedule may be a little too tight…….I’m still waiting for him to show up at the South Pole, to check out the accuracy of his GPS device. 🙂

And we need to keep Joe M. close to our hearts and in our prayers. Anytime one of us goes silent, I start to worry.

But a real event spinning off one of JTTR’s posts had be worried even more. Although I am fond of his analysis covering his taste in music, he did exceptionally well in reviewing this product. I was able to fight the power of suggestion for twenty one minutes before heading out to the nearest 24 hour location…………only to find, that because of the slowness of the economy, it had cut back its hours…….stranding me unfulfilled with JTTR‘s words echoing though my head….(By the way, his review is on target, and the purchase is worth the effort…) His mirror image, has finished his four years and like everyone who has traveled that path, looks backwards and says ………………..”ok”.

Matt Marshall is on TV. No not like water on Mars, this is the real thing. Those who follow DWA can also get a glimpse of the always articulate, and eloquent Dominique…..
But even bigger news it how Gene Reed, insurance commissioner gets his money……..and how the News Journal tried to hide it and cover it up……Just imagine the Pottersville this state would be in if it weren’t for us bloggers?

The Colossus of Rhodey points out that not all stupidity lies with our administration. The University of Delaware is getting ready for another national firestorm, especially during an election year, by putting this up for all to see….”The University of Delaware has revised a speech code that used to classify “[a]ny instance that is perceived by those involved as being racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, or otherwise oppressive” as an emergency equal to fire, suicide attempts, and alcohol overdose.” Hmmm…a little hyperbole we have there, perhaps? Perhaps the University of Delaware’s officials should watch Battlestar Galactica to learn how one deals with those having different viewpoints, even if that person is yourself. I’m telling you. It’s the best show on television.

Finally full circle back to Bluewater Wind. Jason at Delaware Liberal shows us that as we squabble away valuable time arguing with, instead of simply bypassing one Harris McDowell, the rest of the world is moving forward with Offshore wind very quickly. We have just days before the announcement that the East Coast Hub of Offshore Wind development, will no longer be in Delaware. Because we (1st Senatoral District, Wilmington) elect stupid asses to our Legislature.


Because that……. is what we do.

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

There was very little mention of the Easter Holiday in the local blogosphere. Delaware Liberal had a comment about choosing ham or turkey. Delaware Politics (FSP) also had a brief note acknowledging it, and went on to analyse Rev. Wrights comments, Delaware Libertarian’s Brian had canine problems at Easter, and Delaware Way provided a pictorial version, and Elbert (What, no E?) showed us his version of his Sunrise Service. But for the most part, very little about Easter was written, showing the relative unimportance that Easter has in our blogo world when compared to those other more important days, such as Veteran’s Day.

Nancy has one post covering the Turkey, and so does Delaware Liberal, but the turkey seems to have taken a back seat this weekend to the ham. Delaware Liberal talks about the Ham here. And those at have been partaking too much of the ham it appears, at least if you look here, here, and here.
They seem to be overlooking the obvious.

It is obvious that in their feigned optimism, they overlook the this fact that Delaware Watch pulls off a BBC video clip. Certainly no one in the United States media would dare show something truthful. As Delaware Watch shows again, look what happens when truth tries to “come out” on our corporate owned broadcasting media….

And speaking of truth, on Easter we hit 4000. The Memorials were quick to go up all over the entire blogosphere. Delaware Liberal has a pictorial representation where each dead soldier is portrayed as a comma…..Merit Bound Alley in a post titled “So?” answers the ham’s comments with a touching pictorial representation of those who gave their lives after spending a majority of their lives here in our schools. Delaware Watch‘s take is here and Steve Newton succinctly says it well in the comment underneath: War is horrible when necessary; this is not necessary.

This was the week for milestones. Not only did we finally hit that figure in Iraq, but race relations themselves hit a milestone earlier this week with the “best speech ever.” Days later, discussion still swirled around what truly was a good speech; good enough it persuaded Richardson that a “once in a lifetime” candidate, was truly walking the ground among us…Delaware Liberal carried this piece of fallout…, David Anderson provides a deeper look at race than we are used to seeing on Nancy responds with a Greenwald quote. And occurring simultaneously……the passport privacy issue. Delaware Watch points the finger at Clinton. The Colossus of Rhody points the finger back at Obama. After spending Easter analyzing the capacity for wind off of Cape Henlopen State Park, Tommywonk returns with a overall analysis of how the race speech played out. Duffy has the opposite tack, on how the Reverend Wright’s words themselves, have played out……

And don’t forget the Tibetans.

Even then, the local front was not quiet, not by a long-shot. Nancy tells us about the fight against Democrat Paul Clark and this developing buddies being waged by the Glasgow Historical Preservation group. Jack and John debated about education. DelawarePolitics.Net has their view. Dave tries to poke holes in Jack’s arguments, but he could use some lessons on calling out baloney from Steve Holmes’ twelve year old daughter. To echo Duffy from a few weeks back, maybe that blog, Delaware Libertarian, can learn something from her brevity.

Shirley has the history behind the world’s best protest symbol. And our favorite curmudgeon is on a tear about rotten pears, and other earmarks that suck up all our money. Libertarian illustrates an earmark about another crop.

And speaking of money, Delaware Libertarian riffs off Delaware Liberals piece and produces a piece of original thinking that leads to an idea on how we can produce a living wage without raising wages. As far as best original post of the week, this would be it.

Being a week of milestones, as I mentioned above…… would almost expect this to happen. Of course he is in Hawaii, so will know nothing about us mentioning it here until he clicks on his link when he finally gets back…Jason 330 got back and here is his report. Tommywonk got back and here is his report. Matt Marshall at DWA was gone, came back, and now is gone again. Congratulations Matt. If you ever need to lift anything, you have my permission, go ahead…strike while the iron is hot. If you ever need a ghost writer, I know a twelve year old who can help…(She likes Markell, too.)

And if you happened to read through this entire piece, and click each link, and especially if you read them too, you would probably appreciate this most excellent awareness test coming from the Digital Federalist. Welcome back Alan. And those wanting to get in touch with their inner selves Duffy has a fun one for you, that just may open your eyes a little.

And finally a link (from Duffy) that puts our milestone week in proper perspective.

Next week (ie this Friday) Around the Horn will debut on Delaware Liberal, courtesy of Brian.

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

Delaware Liberal ran a virtual caucus on their site over this weekend past, and three people showed up….Delaware’s apathy is especially apparent when compared to our neighbor up north, who is getting ready for prime time on April 22nd, Earth Day. Pennsylvania voters have until March 24th to switch or join parties. In all 187 delegates, including 29 super delegates will convene in Philadelphia for the National convention. The Republican ballot will list McCain, Huckabee, and Ron Paul…..

What will be interesting for Delaware, is that the current Pennsylvania polling shows the state is divided exactly in half, with half of the population supporting Obama, and the other going to Hillary.

The swing area, the area no one know what exactly will happen, is the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, just south of Philadelphia. From Upper Darby to Boothwyn, from Chester to West Chester….all guesses are good. It would be an opportune time for all supporters of a primary candidate to volunteer and work to make a difference. For it looks like the difference may be decided within thirty miles of Wilmington.

In the next 5 and a quarter weeks, that area will have unlimited access to both candidates. It’s do or die for both.

Of course for political junkies, local television becomes the primary news source up until the last votes are counted. For those of you who hate political ads……I would advise you not to watch TV, except of course on April 4th, and every week thereafter, when Battlestar Galactica makes it seasonal debut…….

From the best that I can see, it looks like I scooped Hube on this one…..being the B.S. fan that he is. For those of you who refuse to watch science fiction, many of us have found that the underlying controversies are lifted directly from today’s headlines….well, with the writer’s strike this year, shall we say last summer’s headlines. But if I missed his post announcing it, I am sure he will let me know right about…………………………………now.

But what he did scoop me, as well as the rest of the Delaware blogosphere, was the fact that he wears glasses. His doing so prevented him from the fate of Ralphie (The Christmas Story) in getting his eye poked out…..

The Colossus jumps into the Obama church controversy, with both feet in right sided shoes. Just for the record, Obama answered his critics in a ninety minute interview in Chicago, and won the interviewers grudgingly stingy respect.

Far removed from the Obama controversy, the Delaware Curmudgeon has apparently been a good little kitten…….for she shall have some pie.…..Although from the looks of things, it looks like she wasted no time going back to her “curmudgeous” ways…..

Kilroy joins the ubiquitous team of Delaware bloggers quite unhappy with their state legislature. He pleads, as does Ellen on Tommywonk, to follow through with their commitment to the electorate that put them there…….Is it just me, or does there seem to be a problem here……?

Delaware Watch points out why all children are getting left behind. Bush is giving out tax breaks to the top 1% of the population that are more than the entire Department of Education’s budget…..Not only are we unfunding our “no child left behind, but we are unfunding our entire educational system.
At least I hope the money not going to education is being spent wisely………meanwhile our own Mike Castle, who sits on the Education Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education as the ranking member, looks at Bush like a deer facing oncoming headlights, and says…….”ok.”

The opposite extreme of the nonjudgmental Mike Castle, occurs in the “instant verdict” court of John Feroce. His attempt to Swift Boat Obama over the choice words spoken by his minister, slams itself solidly upon the sandbar of logic dredged up by Steve Newton at Delaware Libertarian. Based on the program notes provided by the “Libertarian”, I think if I lived in Chicago,…….I would want to go to that church as well. it is active and making a positive difference.

(Anyway, if one were to substitute the word “republicans” everywhere Obama’s minister says “Americans”, his statement would be mainstream, echoing the sentiments of 89% of the population.) Feroce provides two clips, an accumulation of the most evocative points taken out of context. The only thing obvious coming out of this whole controversy, is that Feroce has never been in a black church. The tapes are actually quite mild, compared to what is being said in most black churches across this country. Steve beat me to the punch, but were I Obama, I most certainly would not disassociate myself from my pastor of 20 years, because some kook named O’Reilly cut and pasted video clips together with Window’s Movie Maker upon his show…….If you think Rev. Wright’s words are over the top, try reading the angry words of Jesus and the Apostle Paul sometime; it is obvious O’Reilly hasn’t.

But while my topic is on religion, Joe M. takes us down an interesting road, on one at least I have never been. We are on his odyssey to discover his search for the absence of religion, having spiraled down through Catholicism, to Wicca-ism, and now through the mid-years. Somehow thorough the shallowness of his experiences I can sense why he feels he must pursue that quest…….were my life experiences the same as his, I wonder if logic would have taken me on a similar journey. But my experiences were quite different, and propelled me in a different direction. So to find out what was missed…we await the fourth Canto.

Religion, being a touchy subject, one must always respect others boundaries. Religion is personal. One’s opinion may or may not resonate in those next to him. Therefore to pull me out of this topic we turn to Mike Mahaffie, and his search for boundaries, especially those laid down by Mason and Dixon. We also get insight into his trip into Washington as well, as well as background from where he came…..

Speaking of being on the road, Liberal geek is in Arizona. Not much info yet, let’s hope for pictures, and political insight from the far West.

All in all it was a quiet weekend. As if we were sitting around waiting for the next big engagement. A quiet breeze blowing down upon us from a nearby super-cell, a magnificent cloud which will soon change our lives with a vengeance. It could just be a foreboding… a sixth sense that something big is going to happen, perhaps picked up unconsciously like a soft rumble of thunder many miles away. But the feeling is there. Something is coming. Something …….big………

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. This will be the first post of Outside the Perimeter vis a vis the new round robin version of Around the Horn……..

If you missed it there can be no better way of catching up to where Delaware was last Friday than by visiting the Around the Horn Edition II posted at Merit Bound Alley. Next week, the edition will be posted by our favorite Curmudgeon, Shirley, Considering her weekend, it is something many of us are anticipating with fervor.

But the point of this posting is that as one steps back and looks at the large picture over the local arena, the prominent theme wallowing through every topic, is that WE, THE PEOPLE just don’t matter………..

It doesn’t matter how we vote………Primaries? Who cares?…..The use of super delegates and those coming from Florida and Michigan, two primaries where only one candidate ran…….to seal the nomination. After all the people don’t matter. Delaware Liberal has the breakdown here as well as a metaphor for one of Hillary’s staff meetings…….

And Joe M at Merit Bound Alley, has uncovered the real reason Obama is winning. Bill Clinton supports him….

Apparently our own Congressman cares little for the plight of the common man. If so, he is in good company. He can be joined by four state senators I know who have elevated the tragic up two notches to the realm of comedy. Shirley has a true story of one good local politician…….but click on the comment and “guess who” shows up with muck on his face? Once again obviously to those inside the General Assembly, WE, THE PEOPLE are scum who interfere with noble squandering the state’s resources in order to insure the economic power and security of that said Senator…… (Outside the General Assembly, it is called corruption.)

Tommywonk calls out Delmarva Power for their misstated calls that they are looking out for the people’s interests Obviously they have only their own interests at heart……..lest we forget,…..they ‘re a corporation…. And apparently they are not the only corporation in league with trying to stomp out wind before the public catches on that renewable energy can be cheaper and lex polluting too. Tommywonk comments on the silence of the national media as “fossil fuels” battle “The Age of Information” in the darkened chambers buried deep within the Delaware Senate.

This weekends two best examples of royalty’s disdain for the peasants among us both show up in Sussex County, the hot- bed of real homegrown politics. Delaware Politics.Net (FSP) has an interview that should be seen in its entirety. Those who previously saw videos of Copeland and Simpson, and politely say “Uh, no thanks” would be well advised to rethink their position. You can reach the interview from here or …… (just to show the broad breadth of appeal.)

Worthy points:

“Once it became clear that it was the publics choice, a lot of misinformation came out.”

“Scare tactics by Delmarva…..none of that is true.”

“What does it say for business who want to come to Delaware and you have this project of Bluewater Wind that does not go forward because of this inside relationship……what does that say to other businesses, and we have politicians that are always saying we need more businesses coming to Delaware, ….it says that…that this realationsiip in Delaware, between legislators and their current business partners is a obsticle you will not be able ot overcome.”

if we fail to pass this project, and fail to move forward with Bluewater Wind, it sends a signal to a lot of voters……that you know,……even if you have 100%, and Bluewater has over 90% of the voters supporting it… doesn’t really matter. It really doesn’t matter to us. The only thing that matters to us is the cozy relationship between our current business partners, and us, legislators of the General Assembly…..

“No one took a vote. Russ Larson is the one who comes back and says we’re not going to do this. I think if you look at a lot of controversial decisions being made in Delaware’s legislature, you will see they are all decided without a vote…..It doesn’t get out of a desk drawer, it doesn’t get on the floor of the session, then you can say with plausible denialability……I didn’t kill that project……….”

The whole interview is one expose after another on how and why our government is hamstrung.

But, an even more illuminating case of ……….arrogance, perhaps? is this link provided by Maria Evans on her blog at WGMD. I wasn’t going to read the link, but after her second entreaty I said what the hell. Some exerpts you have to read in order to believe:

    Now, am I correct in understanding that the

1 permit that we are talking about here expired in 1992?

2 MR. HANSEN: Yes.

3 MR. MULLER: Okay, 16 years ago?

4 MR. HANSEN: Yes.

5 MR. MULLER: Somehow that doesn’t seem

6 expeditious to me. I am not trying to be sarcastic.

7 MR. HANSEN: That’s absolutely correct.

8 MR. MULLER: Well, can you explain to us what’s

9 been, why 16 years have gone by?

10 MR. HANSEN: No.

11 MR. MULLER: You can’t?

12 MR. HANSEN: Not in the timeframe — I would be

13 happy to talk to you afterwards, unless everybody

14 wants to hear.

VOICE: Yes, yes! We want to hear!

16 MR. MULLER: I want to hear. That’s why I am

17 asking.

18 MR. HANSEN: Okay, it’s complicated. It’s a

19 complicated permit. It has taken us a very long time

20 to figure out what we needed to do to get to this

21 point. We have been working on this permit for

22 approximately ten years.

23 VOICE: Talk into the mike. We can’t hear.

24 VOICE: We need your name and —


1 MR. HANSEN: I’m sorry. Again, my name, as

2 stated before, my name is Peder Hansen. I am the

3 environmental program manager for the Surface Water

4 Discharges Section.

5 We have been actively working on this permit

6 for approximately ten years. It’s extremely

7 complicated. Rules and regulations over that course

8 of time have changed. It took time to get the studies

9 needed, to update the studies that were last done in

10 the seventies so we have got the current information

11 to be able to do it. And it’s complicated. We have

12 no other excuse than that.

13 MR. MULLER: Okay, thank you. Now, with regard

14 to expired permits, does the plant have a permit now

15 that’s legal —

16 MR. HANSEN: Yes.

17 MR. MULLER: — under which it is discharging?

18 MR. HANSEN: Yes.

19 MR. MULLER: Okay, can you explain how that

20 comes about? I mean if the permit expired 16 years

21 ago, but you are saying they have a legal permit, how

22 do we understand that?

And again:

13 MR. AUSTIN: Mr. Muller raised the point about

14 copper concentrations. I am sitting here looking at

15 the National Ambient Water Quality Criteria for the

16 U.S. That’s from the EPA website.

17 The ambient water quality criteria for copper,

18 for fresh water acute and chronic. For acute, it’s 13

19 parts per billion. The chronic for copper is nine

20 parts per billion. The limit in this permit is 5.5

21 parts per million. That’s 500 parts per billion.

22 They are not consistent with the ambient water quality

23 criteria, even after considerable allowing for

24 dilution.


1 MR. HAYNES: Thank you. The next person —

And finally an insight as to why we never hear of these things in the News Journal or otherwise……..

12 Along the same lines, I notice that the address

13 given in the public notice, Millsboro Senior Center,

14 322 Wilson Highway, Millsboro, Delaware. This is the

15 DelDOT official highway map of Sussex County, and on

16 there there is no mention of a Wilson Highway.

17 And if you look on the outside of this

18 building, it doesn’t say Millsboro Senior Center. It

19 says Indian River Senior Center, it’s something else,

20 and so it strikes me as possible that there might be

21 people not here tonight because they were unable to

22 find the meeting.

23 And I think that — I don’t know if it’s

24 illegal, but I think that DNREC has a good-faith


1 obligation to make it reasonably possible for people

2 to know about the hearing and to have found the

3 building, and I am not sure that that was

4 accomplished,

Nancy has some meeting times that need coverage by someone who represents us….THE PEOPLE.

It has become obvious that no one else gives a damn………………………………

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

In order to build suspense, anticipation, and a wealth of new material for the new round-robin “Around the Horn” edition which debuts tomorrow (at Merit Bound Alley), this week’s “Outside the Perimeter” has been postponed.

It should resume in a slightly different fashion next week.

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

As the national campaigns heat up and volley charges and rebuttals across the airwaves, so too has the fallout settled upon the local political landscape. We will start on the right with FSP Delaware Political. Net. FSP is dead. It has been reborn as Delaware Politics.Net. I guess the initials FSP were too often confused with Delaware Liberal. Net, so it was necessary to change the name to one less similar. Now Delaware Politics.Net. and Delaware Liberal.Net have names that are so distant apart, that no one will ever get them confused again…….

We will start off with the right. FSP Delaware Politics.Net has a vitriolic attack on Pete Schwartzkopf for his verbal smackdown of Terry Strine on WDEL. it is a great example of how political writing is different than writing about facts. Let’s jump in.

First we have Exhibit A written by the author of this Delaware Politics.Net article.

“Long story short: Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf has accused Rep. Bob Valihura and Rep. Donna Stone of screwing over thousands of Delawareans to directly benefit State GOP Chairman Terry Strine, because they wouldn’t speed up the negotiations over the manufactured home bills to suit Pete’s tastes. Also, Pete has a problem because the House wouldn’t suspend the rules to pass a moratorium bill:

* the day it was introduced;
* that no one had time to read; and
* that would have had far-reaching consequences.”

And now Exhibit B from Pete Schwartzkopf’s letter itself:

A few questions remain: Why wouldn’t
Chairman Valihura schedule a committee meeting in June knowing homes were in jeopardy in Sussex? Why would Vice Chair Stone introduce an amendment that completely gutted SB 122 and replace it with a bill drafted by park owners? Why would the prime sponsor of HB 258 strike the bill without any consultation of manufactured home owners, the same people he claimed that he was trying to help? Who are they trying to protect?

I suspect that the answer to all of these questions is the same: Delaware GOP Chairman Terry Strine. He and his family make their money from manufactured housing communities and they have a vested interest to make sure this legislation never comes to fruition. I think it is that simple.

Notice how Exhibit A and Exhibit B differ.

In Exhibit A we see that the author blames Pete Schwartzkopf for being irrational because moratorium legislation was not passed in one day. That would be an acceptable criticism were it true, because legislation is rarely passed in one day. But if we look to Exhibit B, we see the irrationality belongs to the Republicans because NO MEETING was scheduled even as late as June, FIVE MONTHS AWAY. Now because he doesn’t get it, it is obvious that the post’s author may have never felt hardship so he may be somewhat unaware of unintended consequences. But if one is suffering, FIVE MONTHS IS A LONG TIME! And if that elected official’s constituents were constantly pressing to have something done about this problem, one would naturally expect their elected leader to show some outrage over the fait accompli that their relief bill was tabled without a vote, and another bill, this one favorable to the landlords, was substituted in its place. So what we have going on between these two Exhibits, is the brazen attempt to paint outrage over the postponement of tenant relief until the next legislative session, as being instead, outrage that the vote was not accomplished in one day………. This misdirected emotion is a common occurrence in political writings and is somewhat similar to a department stores tactic of “bait and switch.”

Lets continue on.

Exhibit C

First, let’s be honest here. Bob Valihura and Donna Stone don’t give a hoot about Terry Strine. Sure, he’s the party chairman, but individual legislators don’t really care.

Uh…yeah right. We are often willing to suspend disbelief but not for something that that goes that far. Most of us looking at that statement with inside knowledge and experience, would say: “Oh, so thats why they did it.” Or are we to believe that anytime they can, both Bob Valihura and Donna Stone give Terry and his family the middle finger: “Hey Terry, this is for you and yours.” C’mon…..Get real.

Exhibit D

Second, let’s get down to what we’re really talking about here: rent control. Schwartzkopf, who’s never worked in the private sector and been forced to sell a good or service, is perfectly happy to fix the price that someone can charge for a piece of ground.

Here we are supposed to believe that Pete Schwartzkopf is a no good bum because he has never worked in the private sector. What a piece of trash….I say…..never worked in the private sector?…..What is wrong with everyone down in Rehoboth who keeps re-electing him?.… When actually very few legislators have ever worked in the private sector. Take Delaware for example……This blogger himself took the trouble to find just how many private sector persons were involved in our states General Assembly. Not many. Historically very few private sector persons have ever become legislators over the last 229 years (It doesn’t pay), and this state and nation have survived….. But you are being prepped to accept that Pete Schwartzkopf is dirt by some stupid fact that has no relevance to this issue that Vice Chair Stone introduce an amendment that completely gutted SB 122 and replace it with a bill drafted by park owners.

Exhibit E

Not only that, the bill has no provision for means-testing.

Here we have an actual weakness in the bill that is being exploited for political gain. Yes, it’s an easy fix. But it points to the stark difference between the two parties. From the Democrats frame of reference, any law should be equal for everyone; that’s what democracy is. There should be no special class of people to which the law should not apply. Republicans think differently. They believe if one is privileged and wealthy, that laws are to govern others, and should not apply to them. Just look to Cheney/ Bush if you wish to see verification. Therefore from any Democrat’s point of view, you make one law to fit all. Within that frame, this detail of millionaires living in trailer parks was missed.

Exhibit F

So, there are problems with the bill. Significant problems. Not the least of which is the fact that YOU CAN’T FIX PRICES.

Of course you can. Everyone fixes prices. Whether through a gentleman’s agreement, or a “follow the leader” policy, or whether sanctioned by the Public Service Commission,… prices, for the most part, have been regulated over the entire history of humanity. Anyone who has ever bought or sold an item and thought they paid a price too high for its value, has probably been a victim of price fixing. As we have monopolized giant corporations thereby limiting competition, we have given up our right to paying the lowest price possible for any of our purchases. When trying to increase one’s revenue stream, the first question out of a round table discussion is: what is the competition charging for a similar service? So here a mis-truth is trumpeted like it is the clincher to an argument. Can’t fix prices indeed…….(Oops. Texas has a refinery’s down. Let’s raise prices 50 cents……..)

Exhibit G

As soon as you fix the price of ground rent, why not fuel oil? Food? Textbooks or computers for schools? Commodities? Consumer goods? Where does it stop?

Here is a classic example of sloppy, slippery slope argumentation. If we follow the logic correctly (and not emotionally) we are to assume that Pete Schwartzkopf will be responsible for price controls for everything. Hey Pete, McDonalds wants to raise the price on one of their hamburgers 5 cents. Can you do them a favor and get the General Assembly and the Governor to agree on that? If you don’t, McDonalds may have to discontinue selling that item because foreign beef went sky high, only because Cheney/Bush sliced all the money out of the Food and Drug Administration, thereby contaminating our food supply? Emotionally this works, however, because we as humans don’t pay attention………What we hear is : Pete Schwartzkopf………..fix the……does it stop? We walk away shaking our heads thinking: that Pete guy, something must be wrong with him…….when actually there is nothing wrong with him….. Instead something is wrong with the author for using the slippery slope argument in the first place.

Exhibit H

The true solution here has to be a fund to help poor residents afford rent increases.

Spoken like a true Republican: its the governments job to bail them out…….It’s not like we have a deficit or anything. Let’s just pay the patrons or even better…… subsidize the landowners the difference between the market value and regulated rent. We can increase it at will…..Let our grandchildren pay it off, no big deal. Now I don’t know about you, but I worked too hard for my money to turn it over to people moaning I’m not making a billion dollars yet…help me… Let land owners suck it up……They bought the land years ago when it cost pennies on the dollar. They are not hurting. The tenants are. And to previously complain about the high amount of Federal and State spending, and to then propose that we spend tax dollars on these few people, (one who happens to chair the Republican party), is in one word……odd.

Exhibit I

There is a compromise solution, here. It will involve the park owners giving up some restrictions on how and when they adjust their rents, and it will involve the home owners giving up their dream of fixed prices.

In other words: price fixing.

Exhibit J

It should certainly involve the ability to pay as a main factor, which it does not now.

As mentioned above, this is the one good idea coming out of this whole post. It can be easily fixed by one amendment and a voice vote.

Exhibit K

Now, back to Rep. Schwartzkopf. His argument is since Reps. Valihura and Stone see the issue from the same point of view that the park owners do, that they are somehow looking out for the park owners. That is an outrageous charge,

Is it really? Don’t all of us see reality as is prismed though our individual perspectives. Don’t all our pasts have input into how we see the present? Don’t our actions reflect our values, which in tern reflect our perspectives? At least that is the way I see it……for example if many meetings about this issue have been held across the state say by several different people, and then, in the secret of a committee’s chambers, this work disappears and another one take its place, one that gives park owners everything they wanted……can that even be remotely considered as looking out for the park owners? HELL, YEAH! It;s not outrageous……it’s reality……there is no other explanation……For if the assertion were true, that they shared the perspective and would dare align themselves with the scummy park owners, they would have done the normal thing and introduced another bill, gotten sponsors and publicity, passed it through committee, and onto the floor for a vote. But, you see,… they didn’t do that!…..What they did, was take a bill that had gotten sponsors and publicity, rip it up and substitute it with their bill which hadn’t. Now those on the floor who support the original bill, will never get a chance to vote. What Donna Stone and Bob Valihura did, is actually kind of sneaky and very undemocratic. And what the post’s author tried to do, was make a bold attempt to brand Pete’s accusation as being outrageous, in order to throw attention away from the undemocratic act actually done by these two officials.

Exhibit L

  • Who was Pete Schwartzkopf looking out for when he voted that the public, the press and the legislators DON’T DESERVE TO SEE the multi-billion dollar state budget before it becomes law?
  • Who was Pete Schwartzkopf looking out for when he voted AGAINST banning open containers in vehicles, costing the state millions in federal dollars?
  • Who was Pete Schwartzkopf looking out for when he FAILED TO SUPPORT the creation of the office of State Inspector General, who would investigate waste, fraud and abuse in the state government?
  • Who was Pete Schwartzkopf looking out for when he vote TO RAISE taxes, tolls and fees for the Transportation Trust Fund without any reforms to how the money is spent?
  • Who was Pete Schwartzkopf looking out for when he voted AGAINST requiring all candidates to disclose that they are up to date on income taxes and any past due taxes and that all child support payments and property taxes are current?
  • Who was Pete Schwartzkopf looking out for when he voted AGAINST preventing the state from taking money out of state employees’ paychecks without their permission?
  • Who was Pete Schwartzkopf looking out for when he voted AGAINST letting school boards decide whether to pay artificially-inflated, state-mandated wages on their school construction projects, when supporting it would have saved up to $35 million?

And here comes the emotional dump. Here is where everything the author hates about the man is suddenly thrown out, in the dire hope that you remember even a tiny piece. However, it has nothing to do with the argument at hand…..which is basically what can we do to stop rents from rising out from under fixed income tenants, who must drastically cut their calorie intake to pay the rent increase, who must cover their children with borrowed clothes to pay the rent increase, and who must skip every other day of medication, just to make sure that more money goes to their wealthy landowners …….That is really what this argument is all about……It’s about who gets the help…..and who sucks it up……Under Donna Stones interpretation of the law, tenants who actually own the homes…..but rent the land……have just landed on “Park Place” with five hotels……..They are out…….And the wealthy Strines are laughing loudly……”I won, you’re out sucker……” It’s not a pretty picture… But because we are being told that Pete is such a bad man, it must follow that Terry Strine, who is Pete’s opposite, must be good in comparison, at least on an emotional level. But if we look at the logic underlying what is being said, well, …..there is none…..What we have is a fool calling someone else out for another fool…. For logically, how does legislation about the budget/bond bill, have any thing to do with tenants getting dicked by their landlords? What does open containers in vehicles have to do with tenants getting dicked by their landlords? What does creating the office of Inspector General have to do with tenants getting dicked by their landlord? What does raising tolls to cover the shortage in the Transportation Fund, have to do with tenants getting dicked by their landlords? What does having all candidates eventually making public their child support payments, have to do with tenants getting dicked by their landlords? What does the state’s deduction policy have to do with tenants getting dicked by their landlords? What does prevailing wage have to do with tenants getting dicked by their landlord? Not much. In fact each of these targets set up by the author are probably all much closer to Kevin Bacon, than to dealing with tenants getting…… dicked by their landlords…….

It is the hope of that author that you forget what Donna Stone and Bob Valihura did to these people and democracy in general. He hopes instead to convince you that Pete Schwartzkopf, the guy standing up for these tenants, is a really bad guy who should not be trusted. Bad Pete, bad, bad……..

Exhibit M:

By State Reps. Robert Valihura and Donna Stone

“As state representatives who have a great deal of experience handling manufactured housing issues, and who have successfully enacted numerous reforms to help manufactured housing residents in recent years, we find it very disturbing to witness the hostility, politicking and misinformation that is frustrating efforts to find solutions to issues impacting this community.

La, la, la, la………Did we do anything wrong? It’s that bad guy…..Pete…….

Ok so there you have it. Political writing at its best. It does not use logic. But the prize at stake, is enormous, at least to us……That is why it is important to look at political writings with a critical mind. Had such been done in 2000, the word “deficit” would now be a historical term. It is not…. because we screwed up…..It collectively was our fault……Of course some were aware and shouted it from the roof tops, only to be drowned out by the bass drums and the pageantry of the parade below.

We must always be critical, for politicians can’t be logical. As a species we are in the emotional phase of our cultural development. In truth, if a politician acted like a Vulcan ( Mr. Spock) we would probably give him/her a pass. Therefore it is up to us, as dedicated citizens, to critically interpret what is being spoken, by both sides…… and not be bashful about pointing it out……Remember, our current president squeaked in (barely) because of his opponents “sighs” and the press pounding that theme. Now look what it got us.

When it comes to elections, our emotions cannot be trusted. And that my friends, is why with this dichotomy between emotions and reason, the few of us find politics so engaging. There will always be something to defend, regardless of party.

Advice to future authors: If you are required to defend a really, really, stupid policy, no matter how you spin it, you are ultimately going to sound really…………….well, we’ll let the reader decide…

Final note: The politics of division is always done by “losers”. Not necessarily losers of the actual campaign, for sometimes these negative tactics actually work, and the “losers” win. But people who, if you met them on the street and started a up conversation. you would walk away and say: “Wow, what a loser.” (Rick Santorum) employ these types of tactics. The “winners” (people you say wow, what a great person) use something different: the politics of inclusion. From the sidelines you can tell who will be the better officeholder, by watching whether they include, or divide….. whenever the race tightens…….If you want to better your country, go with the “includers”…….

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

This is tougher to find these days…. Politics of inclusion. By definition, the campaign of inclusion has its eyes set for the future. It states in clear concise terms what its goals will be and then sets dates for those goals to be reached……

An example: by 2014 I want to turn over to Congress a yearly budget that has no red ink. (meaning it is balanced). If that is the goal you want, you climb aboard. If not, you let the train pass by…..knowing all the while you will benefit as well if that goal is achieved.

One of the better examples of the politics of inclusion was seen in a speech today, in Madison Wisconsin, by Ms. Michelle Obama. A random selection of passersby stood mesmerized in front of the HD flat screen showing the event. I too was taken in by her words and was surprised at the effect her words had on those who watched. She said nothing bad about Hillary, nor McCain, nor Bush. It was amazing to watch how she navigated through her speech without doing so, especially in front of a crowd that disliked all three. I couldn’t shake the idea that such a great person has to get into the White House, even if as a spouse. Somehow if that could just happen, the winter would pass and a new spring begin…….Yeah… was that good.

it was good because she talked about herself, her husband, and their plan for the future. Much of their popularity can be construed to the fact that to most politicos, their approach is quite novel. To those who have been around the Bush, their performance reminded one of politics like it used to be……way before television……….back when giants ruled…….

My vote for most inclusive Politico of the Delawarean blogosphere, would have to go to this person. This week at least, saw double duty as another media carried her vision across the Delmarva peninsula. No Al Mascitti is this one. We have yet to hear a rant coming from someone hiding behind the name “Curmudgeon.” Who else would have the balls to publish this quote: “It’s only when the tide goes out that you find who has been swimming naked.” But good quotes seem to run in her family: ‘And if you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.’ ” and the story behind it.

Another inclusive blogger on the local front would be Tommywonk. Being Republican or Democrat has little relevence as long as one is for wind……and who wouldn’t be, if they knew all the facts?
He has been busy battling the evil Zorg from Delmarva, forming his truth squad 1, 2, and 3 so far.

Donvitti seems to have been lulled into the politics of inclusion. The lion shall lie down with the lamb. I will let the readers ponder who is which after reading both posts…. A far cry from this.
We look forward to more examples of “beer therapy” Actually Drinking liberally is coming up, when? But that cuts out half of the fun crowd. A better tradition would be served by having an informal “Delaware Drunk Bloggers” session, open to all…..The combination of beer, politics, discussion, and witty repartee, covering both sides of discussion, would be intriguing. I believe the last time it was tried was around 1775, by a guy named Samuel Adams in British controlled Boston. Who knows what might happen if we try it here?

Imagine linking Mike Castle and Jason330 in a post about the politics of inclusion. Hard to believe? But a perfect example of blogging without editorializing was done yesterday just that way. Composed of facts, links, and time for the viewer to make up his/her own mind. In the end we understand that Mike Castle is running away from Bush like General Lee being chased by Knight Rider

Mike got his first golf game in. See Global warming is a good thing…..Where did all our snow go this winter? As Nancy points out, it apparently went to China.

Nancy also informs us of a meeting regarding Bluewater wind. With two speakers, one from Delmarva and the other from Bluewater Wind, one can listen to both and make up their mind. Just listen critically, bring questions. The meeting is at the New Castle Public Safety Building, the old county police headquarters on Rt 13, Tuesday night at 7:00.

Although one could not call it inclusion, Dana and Steve at Delaware Watch have traced down Tony DeLuca‘s involvement in killing Bluewater Wind. Et tu Brute? Hat’s off. It was a good job nailing down that one’s motive. Anyone in the 11th district want to blow him out of the water? A lot of people will pay to have him gone…….even if he does sing Italian love songs…..Perhaps he should be singing to corporations this song: “you can get anything you want, at Tony D’s Restaurant.

In another scoop, Dana has the first photo in recent memory of Tommy Noyes. If you do not yet know who that is,……you need to read more…………

Soon Delaware will see the properties of inclusion in action. Running for the Newark city Council is a young man not put off by politics. Down with Absolutes has the plea. No doubt his opposition will run as exclusive a campaign as his will be inclusive. Send help.

Kilroy threw in the bloggers towel last Wednesday. But fortunately his tests went well so he is still at it. Remember, it is a miracle that we are even here. One’s health is most precious, trumped only by the health of one’w loved ones……He too expects to show up in a different media.

Merit Bound Alley has a piece on the MSM’s infatuation with Obama. I have reported on the MSM’s “dis” of Biden. Joe M writes that the MSM favors Obama in their coverage. I believe I now know why. If one was a reporter confined to hotel rooms and a bus, going through the usual campaign assignments by rote, one would sense that this Obama campaign was fundamentally different.

Merit Bound Alley has also made the jump to being a .Net. No longer WordPress, it is

Finally Hube has a different take on the same Michelle Obama’s message. He seems to sigh over her admission that for the first time in her life she is proud of her country…….I think she has a point. Not since Kennedy passed has there been a President in the White House who made us proud to be Americans. Some felt that way about Reagan, many didn’t. Many felt that way about Clinton, some didn’t. One person felt that way about Bush, but he is soon moving to Dubai when his term ends… he doesn’t count. But someone with Michelle Obama’s perspective, especially after watching youth become engaged for the first time, it must be a “real” win to see them leave their video games at home in order to take in the sensations of the “Politics of Inclusion, ”


Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

One of the more interesting byproducts of the past SuperTuesday election, was that right winged blogs suddenly became interesting. Of course Democrats went throught the same thing in 04, but it is, nevertherless interesting to see it on the other side. First off, after Mitts disappointed showing, the Dave Burris /Mike Protack debate is off. Whereas both John McCain and Mike Protack were given up for dead as early as just last Thanksgiving, both seem to have locks and appear unchallengable for thier party’s top slot. One can feel the love and goodwill over at FSP.

Suddenly, in a large part caused by America’s repudiation of everything Conservative, Republican blogs have become worthy of study. In a struggle to find identty, deep self inspection is a valid first step. There are of course missteps, but even those can be interesting and helpful in gathering a larger perspective.

And that large perspective is that even among Conservative voters, ie the Republican Party, more then half of THOSE voted against the brand of Conservatism that Romney and Huckabee had to offer. Evenwhen added together, they still can’t beat McCain. Republicans of good standing should take note that this old brand of conservatism, when ranked within the general population, ranks slightly below the level achieved by followers of Chairman Mao. It is quite interesting to marvel at their awareness, as if they one day realizied that their “bell-bottom” pants did indeed look stupid, as they see the true results of America’s repudiation for the first time unfiltered by means of Diebold machines.

Always willing ot help a friend, Dana and Steve, at Delaware Watch have offered to help with their debriefing. Imagine their shock as they come to and see their full impact on the deficit and our children’s future prosperity for the first time.

Their shock continues as they see the vast levels of their ineptness and incompetence. Shirley has proof here showing, albeit tongue in cheek, lapses in our “Homeland” security And as if right on cue, McCain shows he understands the playing field is free of biased talkshow referees, by picking Ron Paul’s economic advisor, as his financial geru. As one of the links in that past link alludes, Ron Paul IS THE NEW RONALD REAGAN. Some of you may of course differ with that assessment, but then again, some of you out there are still supporting Chairman Mao as well; so go figure.

Democrats are not off the hook, however. In a preview of the nastiness that will eventually occur in Delaware’s upcoming gubnatorial primary battle, Hillary and Obama are trying to take the high road and battle each other by proxies… As Republican’s ponder the role of the Conservative while standing in the mess Conservatives have made wieh their boots muddy,  Democrats will be pitting Women against Blacks. Expect the scabs on old wounds (1980’s) to be knocked off as America re-discusses things like “glass ceilings” and “race baiting” which many of us thought were healed in the nineties during times of “real” prosperity. These old antagonisms will be hauled out in large volume, if for no other reason, than to show that the candidates themselves are above such levels of insidiousness. Time to set your e-mail Spam levels on high if you don’t have them set so already.

But all politics are local, as a look towards Nancy and Tommywonk will attest. On Thursday Harris had his first “I don’t want wind” meeting. By a parliamentary move, Tommywonk was allowed to speak (McDowell so wanted him silenced) and Nancy gives us Freida’s statement here. Nancy also give us John Flaherty’s take on HCR 40, which will attempt to take on the of spread Bluewater’s cost to all Delawareans. Frankly I am surprised by his endorsement since it seems this bill is destined to spend its summer in Adam’s drawer, to see daylight only when that desk’s new owner pulls on the handle again next January. The entire Bluewater deal will remain on standby until this issue is finally resolved (which it won’t). Without the HC 40 deal-killer we can move forward as is, and later change the payment plan in the future in the same fashion as we are attempting to do now. Instead of this worrying how to spread the benefits, it would be wiser if we focused on Delaware’s future, it’s own economic survival, and not let the hub of offshore wind, escape across the bay to Southwest Jersey, thereby earning THEIR state revenues, bringing money to tHEIR local economies, giving THEIR citizens new high paying jobs, and meanwhile here in Delware we continue to pay Delmarva the highest cost possible for our electricity.

Kilroy’s Delaware has a bulldog’s grip on the Red Clay School distirict and won’t let go. Personell changes mey be in the offing. But if you want to do something directly for the betterment of education, donate money to Red Clay District. With Kilroy watching, we know your money will be well spent.

Merit Bound Alley has moved. Here is the old site. Here is the new. M Ba is gradually becoming our science guy.

Perhaps he can explain some of the strange stuff going on at Pencader Days

Steve at Delaware Libertarian has a European smackdown. Mahaffee has the lowdown of what is like to “sit in the corner.” Mathews (Delaware has lots of Mikes so be careful what you say) picks up off the New Journal‘s lead story and challenges Dave Burris ot take on Nancy Wagner as he did scofflaw John Atkins. For those that missed it, Nancy’s take on Delaware Government is that it should be a goverment “for the Nancy, by the Nancy, and of the Nancy.”

Hube comments on Mike Matthew’s posting on the “pimping” of Chelsea Clinton, and the fallout that arose from an out of context statement. Keep in mind it is taking place on both sides. Montel was fired by FOX  for saying the war and this administration  were stupid.

It looks as if “free speech” is dead. Compared to campaign literature written in the first election between Jefferson and Adams, today’s outbursts are nothing.  Free speech? This is corporate speech we are dealing with today. It’s ok to say anything one wants if it makes money. But if it costs money, ie lawsuit, oh heaven forbid!

One of the best written posts I have read in forty days appeared on Hube’s Weasel Watch. It involves the right to fly the confederate flag. That should be an interesting read for a certain firehall in Sussex County.

Overall there is some reassurance in all of this. For as long as Americans remaing skeptical about their government, local government in paricular, we will be allright. It is only when the silence of apathy dampens our voices of criticism, do we have much to worry about. There will always be a watchful Liberal balanced by a wily Conservative, even if both are going under different names. It is through this conflict that good ideas are forged, and the bad ones are discarded.

What we are witnessing is the rapid discardment of “bad ideas.”