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They didn’t know they were saying it. But if you take the numbers given, 50 million daily users… Total of 1 billion registered….

50 million divided by 7 billion (earth’s population) means 0.7% of the worlds population used MegaUpLoad on a daily basis. This population total includes those with no computer access, such as the rural Chinese, Indonesian peasants, and unknown Indians in the Amazon Rain Forest….

7 out of every 1000 people on this planet who used MegaUpLoad on a daily basis, is a rather large number if you think of it…

Estimates from major servers put around 500 million the number of computers on this planet… that means there were twice more users signed up at MegaUpLoad than there are computers active on the planet. 50 million daily users means one in ten computers on the planet, were involved with the server MegaUpLoad…..

Federal Prosecutors have said they are done with the data they needed. They have turned over the property rights of the items on the servers to those servers contracted to MegaUpLoad to store the information. Since MegaUpLoad’s assets are frozen, the servers will begin deleting the information on Groundhog Day, February 2nd.

Within that deletion will be 0.00002% of those files that may be pirated. Also deleted, will be files by small businesses, job related data people stored at work, digital family pictures stored for safe keeping…

You see, when you have a server with free storage, a lot of people who access the Internet only through the means of a shared computer, … have a need for it.

If piracy is such a “huge” issue, then one would think more than 10 people or 0.00002% of its users, would be arrested… Those 10 who have charges filed against them, and who no doubt will be found innocent when given the chance to a trial before an impartial jury…., aren’t really much of a threat at all.

The 99.99998% of the rest of its users, who are about to have their life’s history erased , deserve to be a little miffed..

Unfortunately, to completely put this into proper perspective … out of the 100% of those who crashed the world’s economy back in 2008…. the heads of Goldman-Sachs, J.P. Morgan, AIG, Bank of America, and other players on Wall Street … 0% have been arrested and charged…

Apparently, destroying the world’s pension funds, bankrupting whole countries, dissolving entire banking empires, all on false information which you knew beforehand to be untrue, is far less a crime than not paying .89 cents for a song you got off of YouTube for free….

The world is a little topsy-turvey, don’t you think?

Finally, we see the picture…

We were rather curious as to why MegaUpload would be the target, especially since it seemed to be a legitimate company.

But this explains it… They were breaking up the monopoly that Record companies currently have over their artists…

We hear about the wealth of our entertainers… But hidden is how much more, the record companies are scamming off the entertainers products… We buy a U2 album, we think we are helping U2… they only get 1%… Universal takes the other 99%

Obviously, artists would like to perform for another venue. Obviously Universal would like to prevent that from happening.

MagaUpload was immune from both SOPA and PIPA bills.. That is because both bills excluded from control, any site with a .org, or .com in the suffix. was therefore exempt…. because it is NOT a foreign registered site, but as a .com, is actually registered here, meaning SOPA and PIPA would not apply…

In the last few days and months, Megaupload had announced plans to help artists make more money… and had announced that very successful and famous music producer Swizz Beatz had become CEO of Megaupload. Beatz is also married to recording superstar Alicia Keys and was responsible for getting all those RIAA artists to endorse Megaupload. All indications were that the company was clearly building a legitimate system for artists to make money and fans to get content. And it seemed that many artists clearly supported the site.

At the same time there are huge questions about why the government is involved here. Megaupload is currently engaged in a lawsuit in the US — and contrary to claims of SOPA/PIPA supporters, the company seemed more than willing to appear in court to deal with civil copyright claims.

Here is the timeline for the DOJ takedown….

Early 2011″ – “The FBI contacted New Zealand Police in early 2011 with a request to assist with their investigation into the Mega Conspiracy.” said Detective Inspector Grant Wormald of OFCANZ
28-OCT-2011 – [1] MegaUpload labelled a ‘rogue’ site by MPAA.
09-DEC-2011 – [2] MegaUpload releases a music video with RIAA artists endorsing MegaUpload.
10-DEC-2011 – [3] UMG doesn’t like the video. Has it removed from YouTube.
12-DEC-2011 – [4] MegaUpload files suit against UMG on the grounds that UMG cannot remove the content as MegaUpload holds the copyright, not UMG.
16-DEC-2011 – [5] UMG says “So what? We can take down whatever we want!” and “You can’t touch us. This isn’t DMCA. We didn’t take it down because of copyright. We took it down because we can.”
21-DEC-2011 – [6] MegaUpload labelled a “rogue” site by the USTR.
28-DEC-2011 – [7] MegaUpload wants an explaination from UMG.
19-JAN-2012 – [8] MegaUpload shut down by Feds
20-JAN-2012 – [9] New Zealand arrests in US led global copyright infringement investigation of and related sites

So who is in charge of our Justice System? Certainly not WE, the People……

MegaUpload said they had tried to comply with all of the copyright requests, and they had…

Listen how the Obama Justice Department twists that into a crime.

Courtesy of the LA Times.

MegaUpload provided no index or search function to the public, and sister site MegaVideo filtered its search results to remove copyrighted content. Wait, doesn’t that sound like good thing? Wait, see how the Obama justice department twisted that around….. The indictment contends that it’s a bad thing because it made it harder for copyright holders to see how much piracy was occurring on the service. WHAT?

The list of the “Top 100” files at MegaUpload is edited to exclude copyrighted works. Wait, that sounds like a good thing…. The indictment, however, asserts that it “makes the website appear more legitimate and hides the popular copyright-infringing content that drives its revenue.” WHAT?

Users could not stream a file on the affiliated MegaVideo site for more than 72 minutes unless they were paid subscribers to MegaUpload. (72 minutes is too short to copy a copyrighted movie) The indictment contends that the point wasn’t to discourage illegal movie viewing, but rather to monetize it. WHAT?

The Conspiracy made no significant effort and the company is being faulted for not monitoring what each of its users did on its service, not inspecting content as it was being uploaded for copyright violations, and not combing through its servers for infringing material. But that’s inconsistent with the rulings from several federal courts, which have held that online companies have no duty to police their services to prevent infringements or detect them after they occur.

Justice David Souter wrote, “in the absence of other evidence of intent, a court would be unable to find contributory infringement liability merely based on a failure to take affirmative steps to prevent infringement, if the device otherwise was capable of substantial non infringing uses.”

This indictment was done in haste and is not a condemnation of MegaUpload, a COMPANY THE INDICTMENT ITSELF, CONFIRMS WAS TRYING TO COMPLY WITH EXISTING COPYRIGHT LAWS……

This was served in Federal Court in Richmond. The same court that says that National Health Care is unconstitutional, even though a number of courts have ruled opposite.

This is a rogue court. This court has proven twice, it is not representative of America, and New Zealand should suffer for not questioning the authority of the order it was given… Injunctions across America need to be filed immediately in more circumspect courts, all aimed halting this injunction issued by this rogue court.