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The world has seen this already….

Just in case you didn’t know, O’Donnell shows a moment of weakness and the campaign sued WDEL to stop that video’s release..

Or at least that is what it looked like for awhile. After all the dust had settled, the attorney for the O’Donnell campaign apologized to the attorney for WDEL, and without saying it, implied what young people these days would say, that those running the O’Donnell campaign, just happen to have had too much crack that day…

Hearing the backpeddling going on within the O’Donnell campaign itself, one must wonder it that attorney’s assessment was accurate…

First we have Matt Moron, the O’Donnell campaign manager, threaten to “crush” WDEL under a massive lawsuit… Those kind of words aren’t misinterpreted. He now says “he never said no such thing”… He meant to say he would RUSH (as would a fraternity pledge) WDEL in a double breasted twill pattern tailored suit… He says he was totally misquoted by the liberal media…

We would rush WDEL in a massive suit…. Certainly not “crush” WDEL in a massive suit…..

This is obviously the first time Matt Moron has dealt with the press… Contrary to popular reports, he did not.. repeat did not… “tell CNN the robocall (attacking her on Election Day) is yet another desperate, blatantly false claim and act by a big spending, liberal, career politician and his ruling class elite.”

And despite reports to the contrary… it is not the same Matt Moron who, as for the charge that O’Donnell misappropriated campaign funds in 2008, denied it and added if there had been a problem then Ms. Kristin Murray “should have filed her grievance with the proper authorities long before the day prior to the primary.”

Repeat.. This is not the same Matt Moron who denied that Christine used former campaign funds for rent, a charge she herself has stated was true… No.. this is not that same Matt Moron.

And no, not even the entire Republican Party, can put the anus on Matt Moron at this rally… This following event, of course, never did occur… It is another misrepresentation of the liberal media who doesn’t understand that to win elections, one must cover up the truth…

The video shows O’Donnell campaign manager Matt Moron approach the unidentified cameraman and block his view. Moran then puts his hands in front of the camera and begins to push on the recording device. The images were captured by a second camera.

Evan Queitsch, an O’Donnell volunteer, is then shown walking up, identifying himself and then placing his cap in front of the camera.

“Hi, how you doing?” he says. “My name is Evan Queitsch, and I’m blocking your view, so enjoy. Enjoy your shots of nothing.”

Queitsch is then shown holding a camera in front of a woman who had also been video taping.

The edited video then shows Moron, with his hands behind his back, block the cameraman who is standing against a barrier.

At the end of the video someone who can’t be seen says, “Let me just get a picture of you right here. Psycho.”

That Mike Moron says… never did occur… The video was fabricated by the CIA, who in kahoots with the North Koreans, is intent on destroying the candidacy of one said Christine O’Donnell… He emphatically claimes the women with the video camera, said,…”Damn sonny, you’re a handsome hunk,…come over here baby and stand if front of MY camera… ”

Usually the Campaign Coordinator becomes the winner’s chief of staff… Hitler would have been an alright guy if he hadn’t put Himmler in charge of security. Upon investigation, I’m afraid Christine O’Donnell’s campaign coordinator, has shot the Tea Party movement while nursing in its crib. Not since King Herod tried to purge Bethlehem of Jesus, has their been a more tragic consequence from a misguided human, which ruined a movement just as it was beginning to take off..

Voters will pull the lever for Coons.. but be voting against Matt Moron.. He, singlehandedly, killed Republican’s chances to take back the Senate. Obama, Biden, Coons, Pelosi, Reid, should come to Delaware and shake his hand…