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Hey, Joe… we need you to vote this way on this one…   oh, ok.


Hey Steve… we need you to vote this way on this one….    Why?

I’d certainly prefer someone who uses thought and logic to determine what is best for all, as opposed to someone who simply holds space and takes orders from those higher up… I believe you do too…. 

Thats 30 people more than have died from an overdose of marijuana, EVER.

Map Of Newark

District 1 – Wesleyan Church of Newark, 708 W. Church Road

District 2 – Aetna Fire Station #8, 410 Ogletown Road

District 3 – Aetna Fire Station #7, 7 Thorn Lane

District 4 – Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 475, 100 Veterans Lane

District 5 – First Presbyterian Church, Memorial Hall, 292 W. Main Street

District 6 – First Church of the Nazarene, 357 Paper Mill Road


District 1– Roe  402 (35.3%), Sierer 456 (40.1%), Powers 168 (14.8%), Morehead 60, DelCollo 38, Vento 12, Harland 1 == 1137

District 2– Roe  60 (19.1%), Sierer 190 (40.1%), Powers 41(3.6%), Morehead 11, DelCollo 7, Vento 5, Harland 0 ==314 total

District 3– Roe 485 (58.5%), Sierer 198 (23.9%), Powers 78( 9.4%), Morehead 29, DelCollo 24, Vento 12, Harland 2. == 828 total

District 4– Roe 188 (56.3%), Sierer 51 (15.3%), Powers 63 (18.8%),  Morehead 14, DelCollo 7, Vento 4, Harland 7,==334 total

District 5– Roe 182 (26.0%), Sierer 374 (53.3%), Powers 98 (14.0%), Morehead 17, DelCollo 21, Vento 6, Harland 3==701 total

District 6–Roe 74 (19.4%), Sierer 237 (62.2%), Powers 39 (10.2%), Morehead 17, DelCollo 11, Vento 2, Harland 1==381 total

A total of 3,695 people voted, equating to an approximate turnout of 24 percent..


Special thanks to Esra Temko  of the ADA for providing the details by district, since they were not posted publicly…..

For the first time I now understand why they have run-off elections in a multiple field elections.   One can deviate from true representation by enticing other candidates to run to siphon strength from a major candidate…  Lots of  unaccounted money would certainly allow that more easily. Who wouldn’t take the fun and run if someone else were paying their bills?

In a tone bordering on haughtiness, Cassandra of Delaware Liberal, implies that she is not going to apologize to Chip Flowers. Nor should anyone else she insists.

Her retort implies some serious issues with objectivity.

“How about we get an apology from Chip for this stupidly belligerent performance and for the serious incompetence he isn’t doing a good job of hiding?”

Chip Flowers took a trip and couldn’t find a receipt or two when he returned. One would assume from the tone taken, one has ever lost a receipt before. This accident was further complicated because these meetings were top secret encounters with principals of interest, held primarily to determine how Delaware could use the banking industry to one up every other state. Were details ever leaked, or were the guest list ever know, Delaware might be facing 49 separate high cost law suits; all cast mind you not because Delaware did anything wrong, but because it did something very clever, and did it first. The same way Microsoft sues Apple, and Apple in turn sues Samsung, who then turns around and sues Microsoft. Anything to keep lawyers busy and well paid.

Although not asked, it is clear that Cassandra is in no mood to apologize. All must wonder why. Does she feel jilted. After all, it is a known fact after high school, that when people feel jilted they either overly demand, or refuse to apologize.

One must assume that particular human trait is playing out here, barring any other evidence to the contrary. The next question is whether Trey Paradee is involved. Precluding this refusal to apologize, her co-conspirator El Sonambulo of Delaware Liberal posted a hit piece on Trey Paradee as well, calling him by the ugly “C” word and implying he was to “conservative” for his district. Two hits in less than 24 hours by the same publication in the world of Dick Cheney, is called a conspiracy. Since many of Dick’s values live on today, a conspiracy it is…

One must puzzle as to why Cassandra would not apologize? What is her motive? What are her means? What is she hiding? What does she have in for Chip Flowers? Why is she against the Treasury Department? Is she a follower of Ron Paul?

That would make sense. Ron Paul boasted a huge army of supporters who failed to turn up at the polls. One could now quietly be working for Delaware Liberal or simply be Anthophobic. In any regards, all should demand that Cassandra apologize quickly so Delaware’s news can move on to more important things….

Finally, and almost as an addendum, it should be noted that if one is going to make a parody, one is best to use someone squeaky clean to ensure that parody does not go beyond it’s original intention. Cassandra is squeaky clean. So, unless you have the brain of a horse, by now you should know something was up…

This is simply a copy of a hit piece that is being proffered by the main stream media every day. It’s sickening actually. Almost every story by any of the big 4 television networks, is slanted just like this. If Republicans look good, it is because serious effort was put to make it so. You can indeed put lipstick on a pig (Sarah Palin as an example). (You can also put lipstick on Joe Biden, but he looks funny when you do; Palin at least looks hot)

So thanks for Cassandra for being an unwilling accomplice to this plot. If you even believed it for a minute, then my skills are still intact… Imagine… asking her to apologize to Chip Flowers… Lol. 🙂

Point is: dont’ trust anything from CBS, ABC, NBC, or Fox. (Notice I used a lot of their tactics, like imaginary experts who don’t exist, lavished the term common sense which isn’t common, talked more about other people talking about what other people were saying, over what really actually happened, utilized mock outrage, used one big word that everyone will have to look up, etc.)

You are so being raked over the coals right now… What to do? News at noon and 4-7 on WDEL.

The LADEE which graced our skies Sept 6th, 2013 will have the fastest internet anywhere….

It could download a full length move in under a minute… For a while at least. That is until the bandwidth gets filled up with pesky ads.

Last night, at 11:27, the largest rocket yet to launch off from the new spaceport built on Wallops Island VA next to Chincoteague, left the ground to fly to the moon.

Rocket To The Moon

If you were in this area and looked south for about three minutes after is launch, you would have seen the glow with a long tail roughly stretching close to a fifth the length of your neighbor’s house across the street… then see it disappear, only to reappear as the next stage fired up… It would continue until out of sight.

Range of Ladee Visual

I anticipated far less. I assumed it would barely launch high enough over the horizon, and would be hard to distinguish from one of the airliners flying up the East Coast… (only it’s lights wouldn’t blink)… I wish I’d gone to another spot, higher up, with no obstructions in front. Because it was spectacular.

Here is a idea of how the trajectory looked here; perhaps the elevation of the Empire State Building compensates for the curvature from Delaware to New York…

launch trajectory from Empire State

A lot has changed in two years.  I’ll try to bring you up to speed.

If you were like I used to be,… you probably think that sugar is safer than aspartame, or sucralose, and the lesser of three evils.  After all Sugar is sucrose and breaks down into two glucose molecules (or so I thought)   Some of you remember cyclamates, and how Fresca was jerked off the market and it had tasted soooo good.   It caused cancer in rats, and that generation is all tainted with a fear of diet drinks but, if we drink them and many Americans do, we only do so because we have conquered those fears.

So what is new?….  We’ve mapped the human genome.  And in that mapping discovered a gene that predetermines if we will get Type II Diabetes or not.  Simply put.  if you have the gene, you will get Type II Diabetes if you don’t take action soon.   if you don’t have the gene, you are off the hook.

This gene has an amazing story, if you like genetic stories.   When man’s ancestors lived primarily in Africa, low hanging fruit was available all year around.  Pick and eat… Pick and eat…  As man spread out over the planet, one line went North.  The problem was Winter.  There was no plant life in the winter.  What one could eat, were nuts, animals, and possibly assorted mammals’ milk.   Starvation was real…  A mutant gene showed up in Europe, which changed how we process fructose.  Instead of breaking down the blackberries we were eating into energy used that day, this mutant gene programed our body to shortcut fructose straight to our liver, to be turned into fat…   Therefore in August, eating ones way through a whole field of blueberries, meant that all that energy was used and never left the body.  By late April, the last of that fat was being burned off while our ancestors exited their cave to look for the first fresh food of the  Spring.

Those without this gene died off.  So basically everyone has it whose ancestors have ever mated with anyone who has it.  So when one eats fructose of any type, it goes straight to the liver to be turned into fat….

High Fructose Corn Syrup.   This is formulated using a Chlorine molecule so that it somehow creates a syrup that is 55% Fructose and 45 % glucose.  If one eats table sugar, coming from sugar cane,  the sucrose is broken down to 50% glucose, and 50% fructose.  The glucose goes through your body, and the fructose goes to your liver to become fat.

Something happened in or around the year 2000.  Diabetes began climbing at a rate higher than its ever been in history.   Type II Diabetes is usually an old peoples disease, but it since 2000 is now showing up in children, housewives, beer drinkers, and is increasing in old people too.  Why?

Fructose Corn syrup manufactured peaked in 2000.  It has dropped vis a vis since  yet as any discerning label reader already knows, it is ubiquitous in processed food.

It would help to understand how the body processes sugar.   We’ve all heard of insulin.  Essentially when a cell gets hungry, it sends insulin outside to latch onto a floating glucose molecule and bring it through the wall.  Sort of like you sending the kid out to get the mail.  The cell then uses a molecule called ATP to break down the glucose and create the energy needed for the cell to survive.

These insulin molecules don’t like or recognize fructose molecules.   So as you drink Coca Cola with high fructose corn syrup  the concentration of fructose molecules in your blood is a lot higher than the glucose coming from the Spinach salad you ate to keep your weight down.   Type II diabetes is like sending your kid out to get the mail so many times when nothing is there, that eventually he refuses.  “Naw, he says, Ain’t doin’ it.”  The proper name for this is insulin resistance…  or glucose resistant insulin.

This resistance is determined by the gene you carry.  If you carry the gene, and you abuse that kid getting the mail, you will, without doubt, get Type II diabetes.   Which means, that you must go on Lipitor which somehow gets those glucose into the cells, or, inject insulin itself which is not yet tired of fetching the mail, so the mail still comes in.   It is like taking on a foster child, just to get the mail for you because your own child won’t do it anymore.

The CDC says roughly 25% have pre-diabetes which makes pretty good sense if the “diabetes gene”  is recessive….  That’s where it should be.

If you have pre-diabetes and catch it early, you can live a great life.  The problem is all about the mail… apparently.    if you only send the kid out after the mail truck comes, so he always gets something,  he never tires of the adventure.   In terms affecting you, if you cut down on your fructose, you exercise to burn up sugar in your blood stream,  you may never get Type II diabetes even though you carry the gene.   If you never “turn on” the gene by abusing your insulin, it never affects you.

This opens eyes to a lot of things.

If I were to ask you which was more dangerous, your sugar taken in or your cholesterol, which would you guess?   When the problems of sugar were first throughly tested, and the damage sugar could cause was announced, the sugar lobby quickly funded studies showing the damage cholesterol would cause.  The Medical profession took off after cholesterol in a big way.

We now know that cholesterol is directly related not to how much you ingest of it, but how much fructose your liver converts to it. Have you ever been on a doctor’s regimen and can’t get your cholesterol down?  “But I eat zero fat” you say. Check the sugar content..  In diet foods, sugar is added to compensate the flavor missing from the fat that’s been taken out.

For label readers, as a general guide, anyone trying to avoid getting Type II, should keep the grams of carbs, listed on every food sold in America, under 50 grams per meal.  One should space three meals out per day, and the daily total should be around 150 grams.  It matters not if that comes from wheat bread, or ice cream.  Bread is terribly high in carbs btw.   Even the “whole wheat” types.

Fructose which is converted into fat, then becomes the instigator of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke, liver disease, and disease of the pancreas.  All previously (or deviously) determined to be caused by a high fat diet.  In fact, if you take out cancers in the list of America’s top killers, almost all our problems are caused by our ingestion of too much sugar.

How do we know this?  Simply put, people who have very high fat diets and low sugar diets, do not have all these problems.  But people on high sugar diets, who still cut their fat intake to zero, still maintain their weight and health problems.

When was the last time you ate berries?  Probably a lot more time than when you last had a regular soda?  What size was it?  12 oz, 16 oz., 22 oz., 32oz.? That gene was made for surviving a harsh winter with no food.  2/3 a cup of blackberries gives you 15 grams.  12 oz of Dr. Pepper with high fructose corn syrup jumps that three times to 45 grams.  12 oz cups are very tiny.  In an average sitting in any of todays restaurants, one usually gets 36 oz of soda, assuming free refills and accounting for the ice..  That amounts to a whole pint of blackberries…  Would you eat a whole pint of blackberries?  I have, one can do it if they aren’t sour.  It fills one up and makes one feel rather good inside.   But, I couldn’t do it and eat a whole meal and dessert!   But I do it’s exact equivalent every single time I go out to eat in a restaurant that serves soda…..

Are you getting the gist of how bad this really is?

Every single fructose molecule in that 30 oz of soda went straight to your liver and got turned into fat.  (That would be 74.25 grams) Which would be fine if you jogged 21 minutes just to burn that bit off…  But what’s the chance of that happening?…

Which brings us to Diet Soda.  Remember that cyclamate study that put into our heads that diet drinks would give you cancer?  That study was funded by the Sugar industries’ lobby group,   The amount of chemical given to the rats would be the equivalent of drinking over 2000 cans of diet soda each day.  So use your own judgment.  Subsequent evidence has supported there is no connection between cancer and diet drinks of any kind, with the possible exception of the newest, neotane which is so powerful, that if a malfunction occurred, it could easily be passed on to consumers at levels requiring medical attention..

I have personally chosen not to put up links this time.  Because this is about you.

The evidence is out there and has been since 1968.   It was only recently corroborated as our knowledge of the human genes finally caught up.

So do your own research.  When you hit that first Google page and have a “h-o-l-y  c-r-a-p” moment,  you will be well on your way to a healthy old age…

One time last week as I was doing the grocery shopping I looked up at the clouds on that spectacularly beautiful day.  I call them West Texas clouds because they are the kind you see on the prairie,  small puffy cumulus clouds that never will give rain,  but stretch across the horizon from one end to another….

I looked right through them.  it was then I realized my perspective had changed.

Growing up, clouds were always the ceiling of my world.  The tall thunderstorms reached as high as clouds could go,  That was the upper limit of my universe.  The lower was probably the pit in Hibbing or Anaconda Mines.

Oh, I read books about things beyond that realm,  But they were out there, not me, not my daily living.

But my perspective has changed.  These clouds that used to set the upper boundaries, now were seen as only the first layer of a blanket touching earth. My mind instead of seeing the clouds gracing the ceiling, saw them only scuttling across the floor.

My center of perspective had changed.  And it was somewhere over the past two years.

I don’t know why. or how.  Perhaps it is the constant YouTube bombardments of earth from 200 miles up.  Seeing Northern Lights from the perspective of looking down, Seeing land masses glow at night between the darkness of the oceans.  I truly wonder if it was the day off, shared by video with a man in a balloon as he rose to the highest one has been, then jumped out, falling downwards to again set feet on familiar ground.  One sees the clouds so close to the ground. Perhaps it is being in control of shuttles, battleships, while jumping across galaxies, with a Playstation console in my hand.  Perhaps it is the wealth of info, about the sun, the moon, the near planets, the far planets, the moons of the far planets, the fact we are digging on Mars right this minute.   Perhaps it is the pictures of Earth from Saturn, peeking out from underneath it’s rings, that I recently saw.  Or the first time I saw earth from Mars.  Perhaps it is the picture of our solar system’s sun, a mere dot in a sea of black, as Pioneer 1 goes trotting outside into the real, universe… space not beholden to our sun….I

Maybe it was the accumulation of all.  Or perhaps it is that though technology and first hand experience, these are a part of me, and not just something said by someone else. But now for whatever reason, when I see West Texas Clouds over the Delmarva peninsula , my reference is and will be how they must look from above.  That now, has become the central point of reference…

Have we evolved?

Gosh, You Can Really Tell Who Is Cheating On Whom Up Here

Sun About To Flip

Courtesy of Big Bear Solar Observatory

Relax! It happens every 11 years.. This time we can see it because we’ve positioned the right equipment. One can follow the magnetic bands and see they are in the position of flipping. (Normally the bands would stretch from North to South).

If two volcanos go as did Krakatoa at both ends of the San Andreas fault close to the same time, could it be enough for the Big One?

Kilroy thinks so and I am inclined to agree. Call it a sixth sense. I’ll be looking forward to seeing if this mystical sense of certainty is indeed as real as old philosophers have impuned, or if it alas is just a figment of my imagination, which my rational side has insisted all along…


But one can’t be a seer without making a prediction…