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The opposite, that only Red Clay pays more, needs nipped in the bud…   Because they are trying to feed this now to the Public:   that Red Clay already supports three districts… We have it from Christina’s Budget liaison that such is not so…

Both Christina and Red Clay pay more into the tax pool than they get back… 

Brandywine and Colonial can take that to the bank……..  (and do.)

Career Pathways

This is the new teachers’ salary rubric….  Self explanatory. it will no longer be flexible. The way to achieve income growth and financial stability, a teacher will be to become what will be known as a “leader.”

Career bumps

Again self explanatory.

Career pathway

When we get to this line of the report… we see the hidden goal….

Movement through the career pathway should be determined by years of experience and evidence of effective teaching:

  • a. A summative rating of Effective or higher on DPAS should be required to progress to the next designation on the career pathway
  • b. An educator should not face “demotion” on the career pathway; they should continue to receive the compensation associated with their current designation until they receive the required rating(s) required to progress to the next designation

By controlling the career ratings an administrator can cap the salary of ones flock.

Receiving no incoming revenue this upcoming year?  Very well.  Give out no  “effective” ratings, no matter what the secondary evidence shows otherwise…

The Smarter Balanced Assessment hereby will control 65-75 % of whether an teacher is deemed effective or not,…..  A test pegged directly to a student’s family’s income distribution.   And that is what has to change.  That is a wild card, a black box that allows management at will to interfere with every teacher’s compensation regardless of how well she/he is teaching… The example of a new teacher resting at minimum, not at risk of becoming more expensive, getting the majority of the effective ratings required to boost a school administrator’s scores, versus the example of  those teachers who in all other criteria (but the Smarter Balanced) are excelling, being left to dangle on the last plateau before their income is scheduled to rise again.

What this does not address is how other states will not come in and steal those effective teachers,  paying  them higher with less suffering, less aggravation , less abuse  being experienced by them at the hands of their administrators.

This is simply a corporate tactic to control labor cost.

This  new system has bugs.  The big one being its insistence on the Smarter Balanced as a teacher breaker.

Most of Christina’s charter flight goes to these three schools… Wilmington Charter; Cab Calloway, and Newark Charter School.  Recently added to that is Conrad’s Charter School of Science… Most of East Side Charter and Kuumba pulls from the inner city…

So what if we added these together as one big entitity?  That would give us an idea of where scores would now be if all those students had stayed in Christina’s schools.

Data…………………………………………..Numbers of Students……………………..Proficiency Percent in just Math….

Christina District Current Total…  16255

ASPIRA    541     40.7%

DPASS     353       7.4%

East Side Charter…. 418       23.4%

Family Foundations   811     27.6%

Gateway Charter   212        4.8%

Kuumba   464       38.8%

Montessorri Academy  280     41.1%

Newark Charter   1948           84.1%

Odyessy Charter   943           69.5%

Prestige Academy   246         13.4%

Thomas Edison  745                22.8%


Private Charter Total….  6961


Calloway    941   55.5%

Wilm. Charter 972   96.3%

Conrad 1215   55.4%


Red Clay charter total….  3128


Total Charter contingent….. 10,089

In 2005 Christina had 19,406 students and in 2015:  16,255  so a loss of 3,151…. its information lists 3564 of its feeders were in charters…  So obviously not knowing which child’s score came from Christina’s instead of Red Clay’s and Brandywine’s or Colonial’s, would make it hard to make this 100% accurate… However that is not the intention of this piece.. This piece is to show what happens to public scores when you allow charters to cherry pick out and steal funds from that district….   To do that we will just see what Christina’s scores would be if all these cherry picked students came out of Christina….

So the formula to compile this would looks something like this… Since we are figuring averages, we’d add the average of Christina, then add the individual charters by the amounts of their scores… We’d then take the average of all, and come up with a new average encompassing all the students…

So Christina’s  16,255 averaged 29.2 proficiency in math on the 2014-2015 Smarter Balanced Assessment…..

That gives it a weighted figure of 16,255 X .292 which = 4746 students who tested proficient……

We will now determine the same for all charters listed above………

ASPIRA    541     40.7%   ……………………………541 X  .407  =  220

DPASS     353       7.4%   …………………………….353  X  .074 =   25

East Side Charter…. 418       23.4%……………..418  X  .234 =   98

Family Foundations   811     27.6%……………..811  X  .276  =   224

Gateway Charter   212         4.8%………………..212  X  .048  =   10

Kuumba   464       38.8%……………………………..464  X  .388   =   180

Montessorri Academy  280     41.1%…………… 280  X  .411  =   115

Newark Charter   1948           84.1%……………..1948  X .841  =  1638

Odyessy Charter   943           69.5%……………….943  X  .695  =   655

Prestige Academy   246         13.4%………………..246  X .134  =   33

Thomas Edison  745                22.8%……………….745  X .228  =   169


Total Private Charter Proficients…………………………………………..   3147


Calloway    941                    55.5%……………………….941  X  .555 =  522

Wilm. Charter 972               96.3%………………………972  X   .963 =  936

Conrad 1215                         55.4%………………………1215 X  .554 =  673


Total Red Clay Charter Proficients………………………………………….. 2131


Grand Total of all Proficients……. 2131  +  3147  +   4746    =    10,024


Grand Total of One “Grande” Christina District (all pupils)

16,255  +  6961  +  3128    =   26,344


With an overall proficiency percent of  10,024  /  26,344  or  38.05%


Where would this new total stand in state average?  Statewide the Math Proficiency average right now  is 38.8%…. which means almost exactly half of Delaware’s students are above the Average Christina level of proficiency…. and almost exactly half of Delaware’s students are below the Average Christina level of proficiency…..

” If you took all those charters and reinserted those children back into Christina, Christina would not now be having low scores..”

To which some poor fool 🙂 somewhere else responded…… “Prove it. Do the math.”

Rankings are a tool of control.  You get rewarded if your rankings are high… You don’t get rewards and suffer if they are low… therefore you should do everything in your power to meet “our” goals which “we” set, “we” placed before you, “we” forced you to sign, which “we” will siphon and judge the results, which “we” will then issue you a pass if “we” like you and think you are one of us, or “we” will fail you if “we” don’t like you and don’t want you around us in “our” clique….

Of course this will never sell, …so you coach rankings as having some benefit to society overall…   In the past due to lack of data, we really never had to deal with rankings as a society before the onslaught of computers…  Before that, favoritism was  just blatant favoritism…   “I” like you so “I’ll” promote you over this other person…

But now with the manipulation of data being used to back up choices of favoritism… there is an clear and apparantly increased danger. Whereas before “I” may have not picked you because “I” liked Penny better, …. now, “I” still am picking Penny but your data has been manipulated so others who have no knowledge of your history, simply look at a score and dismiss you out of policy….

In the past that didn’t happen… If after losing to Penny, you went somewhere else and interviewed, they looked at your personality and said, wow, what a great candidate…   Now… your score stops you before the first gate….

Now here’s the rub… In the contest between you and Penny, you could have been in the top 98 percentile of human beings in all categories, and still lose to Penny who is in the 99th percentile… So you would be a great candidate elsewhere, but… your data bank… has been ruined to justify the selection of Penny… and you can’t get a decent job…

Of course, if you could ever get past the gate, you could use your skills too develop a rapport with the interviewer and if you are truly that good, you should be able to sell them on the concept of over-ruling their corporate gatekeeper’s decision..  Like how many of you have ever been turned down for a credit score and so never get the chance to make your case?  You know this, so you go through quite a bit of stress and trouble just to keep that score high, now don’t you?  You do whatever they want, so your score is not blemished… You become their puppet… “I know you are suppose to be in a wedding but I need you to stay and finish this project this weekend…”  “Ok, I’ll tell my daughter I can’t come.”

Ratings are a tool of control, a tool for subject manipulation….

And so it is with rating schools…. All rankings are as subjective as are College Football rankings…  A great team not among the usual candidates is not ranked until they knock off a top contender.  No matter how awesome; it is subjective. Even then, if an unranked team beats the number one team,…. thumps them…., the number one team drops one or two levels, and the winner barely gets on the board, maybe at 25…  Subjectivity.

All schools across our future will be rated according to an agenda, depending on who controls them in the future… If is racial, they will be ranked by growth (if catering to the black community) or by top scores (if catering to the white community)… If Political, they will be ranked by likability, and if catering to the business community, they will be ranked so charters get favored…

What has worked well these last several years though is simply the publishing of all information… In fact, today the information is beginning to be curtailed because it was too successfully used in combating the administration’s switch from public schools to corporate schools’ policy… The lies they told, were all too quickly refuted by the availability of all the data…

With large pools of data one gets a balanced sense of a school.  Gee, scores are low… but look at the numbers of low income… Obviously then those low scores do not mean teachers can’t teach….The actual improvement of those low scores over time in fact show the exact opposite.  Inner city teachers are doing very well…..  But on the opposite side, charters with high scores are lazy, living off the abilities of their students. Unchallenging, unimaginative, and unproductive, their data shows they are under-performing, though they trumpet how highly ranked their scores are…

This is lost in corporate rankings; grades of A, B, C, D, F.  For gone is the methodology… There is no accountability behind the determination of the scores other than “it’s because we say so”…  If Wilmington Charter is number one… it is number one.  If Bayard Middle school is last at 98… It is last at 98 ….

This is not to say rankings should not be part of society.  They have their place in corporations…  After all, a corporation is based on one single motif, earn money and how and why that money gets earned is not necessary to know.  Just who is driving our money is all that is needed for a corporation to continue making money…

But that single mindedness does not apply outside corporate life… Here is a startling example. Should we rank our children?  How would we go about it?  How would we decide which of all of them is the better?  And rightfully … could we?   Because as parents we see their differences and we see how each has different strengths and we recognize that their rankings will be determined strictly by “OUR” BIAS on how we choose to develop “our” rubric for that purpose…

Rankings are nothing but a confirmation of “our” own bias….

Which is why rankings continue promoting the status quo whether that status quo should be continued, or not….

How can “you” stop this?

“You” decided not to play… “You” leave your corporation and find another job.  “You” file for divorce.  “You” strike. “you”go to war.

Bottom line is they need you more than you need them…

They always succumb if “you all” stick together…. So go to Dover and learn how parents can be a force in the Strike against the Smarter Balanced Assessment….

Rankings are only good if you are in the top 1 percent…. Which means that 99% of us should wish as for ourselves, that our own children have their future decided upon their own merit, as judged by human beings who know them for one whole school year at a time… and not by some $11 dollar an hour temp in some test grading warehouse in Nashville Tennessee who grades 25 assessments per every hour.

This is what is wrong with education… This is why, “you” need to stop it.

Rus: Lake Forest School District believes DPAS-II is more equitable. Districts not using the new evaluation methods are not successful. Some districts get “caught up in the structure” and “the rules”.  He said principals want more high-quality data, and they are having better conversations about Measure B in the DPAS-II system.

Dr. Shana Ricketts: “Our state trained 125 principals over the summer, and there will be training sessions over the next two weeks, …. DSEA will be holding workshops over the changes in the DPAS-II. ”

Rus: Delaware has the “most decentralized system in the country for teacher evaluations and goals are different across the board.”

Rus: “If we standardize chemistry exams why have teacher ones as well,”  Some are teacher-created, which is good cause it shows growth.”

Dr. Gray:  “Gotta grow them!”

Rus:  “Teachers need to be empowered”

Rus: “Our obligation to be world-class is students have to be proficient when they graduate”, “We are trying to ask the right questions.”  “There is not enough rigor.”

Rus:  “Commitment to proficiency…mindblocks….set the target; work my way back” ;“culture of the building”.

Pat Heffernan: “We can’t put blinders on and have no idea.”

Dr. Gray: “We want growth AND proficiency!”  “We don’t set the goal based on average, we set it on growth!”

Rus: “We are to be compared to everyone.  Not Delaware, not other states, but everyone in the world.””our principals are aware of this”

Rus: ““same way we’ve done for 100 years, mastery of standards to grade book…””

Dr.  Gray:  “It should be proficiency based!”

Nina Bunting:  ““It was very informative.”

Pat Heffernan:  “we need to encourage principals to encourage good data entry.”

Donna Johnson: “This is a public meeting. Most of the information was already on the state DOE website.”.

Dr. Carolyn Lazar: “21 states took the field test, and 17 Delaware districts participated.  All told, 4 million students took the field test in the USA.”

Penny Schwinn:  “Elementary schools outperformed middle schools and high schools in both math and ELA”

Pat Heffernan:  “Does this included charters on the data they were seeing”

Penny Schwinn:  “Charters are on a separate slide”.

Dr. Carolyn Lazar:  “there was a 15 point gap between Math and ELA, but the “claim area” was only 10 points.”

Dr. Gray:  What is the “proficiency level”?

Dr. Carolyn Lazar:  “it is the students who score proficient or above. ”

Donna Johnson:   Capital School District’s proficiency lines attached, is very unique.”

Penny Schwinn:  “this speaks to the rigor of assessment.”” 7,000 students self-selected to perform the survey at the end of the test”

Dr. Gray: “That isn’t statistically normed”

Penny Schwinn:  ” it is not, but the survey will become automatic next year, like how it was on DCAS.”

Dr. Michael Watson:   “We need international assessments so we can compare against India and China.””Delaware had “strong positive indicators with National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) trends.””Delaware came ahead for literacy in third to fifth grade, but much lower in ELA for 8th grade.”

Dr. Michael Watson:  “Delaware trailed behind Connecticut in NAEP, but we were closer to their scores with Smarter Balanced. ”

Ghost In The Machine:  ““That’s cause SBAC sucks so I would expect most states to suck equally on it”

Dr. Michael Watson:  “Either Connecticut and Vermont didn’t take SBAC seriously or we are working harder.”

Nina Bunting. “In Indian River District, when our state says jump, we say how high!!!! ”

Dr. Michael Watson:  “in Delaware, 88% of Superintendents feel we have implemented Common Core, followed by 87% of principals and 67% of teachers.”

Dr. Gray:  Parents need to understand!!!!”

Donna Johnson:  “Many districts are excited to get the information to parents, and are aligning curriculum and professional development in an effort to gain more awareness.”

Donna Johnson:  “The DOE is working with superintendents, principals, social media, and Rodel.  The test results won’t be mailed out from the DOE until Friday, September 18th and Monday, September 21st.”

Penny Schwinn:  “The results will come out earlier in future years, but this is a transition year.”

Donna Johnson:  “Some districts are excited to dig in”

Dr. Carolyn Lazar:  “teachers are getting “claim spreads” which are tied to “anchor data””

Ghost In The Machine:  Όταν το DOE αρχίζει να φλυαρεί για αλφάβητο σούπα, αν και ακούγεται σαν αγγλική, αυτό σημαίνει ελληνικά για μένα …..

Dr. Carolyn Lazar:  ” DOE is working with journalists to write articles on how to educate parents on “how to read reports and grade spreads”.””Parents don’t know how to do that”

Ghost in The Machine:  Ναι. Οι γονείς είναι χαζός γαμάει

Donna Johnson:   “It’s YouTube Time!”

Video Projector:  (play this)

Disembodied Voice:  “How many hits have you had on this video? ”

Donna Johnson:  “I am unable to answer”

Penny Schwinn:   “pssssswhysssssshittsssssssss” (whispering)

Shana Young: “pssssswhysssssshittsssssssss” (whispering)

Donna Johnson:  “pssssswhysssssshittsssssssss” (whispering)

Penny Schwinn:   “pssssswhysskevinsssshittsssssssss” (whispering)

Shana Young: “pssssswhyyesssssshittsssssssss” (whispering)

Donna Johnson:  “pssssswhysssssshittsssssssss” (whispering)

Penny Schwinn:  “The state’s new accountability system is called the Delaware School Success Framework (DSSF).”

Penny Schwinn:  “The DSSF will go live next month with what they are calling the “paper framework” until the full online system launches by June 2nd (a must date)”  “The reason they are including 4, 5, and 6 year graduation rates is because special education students may not graduate in four years.” (the corporate plan of guaranteed income:  perpetual schooling as is done in perpetual incarceration)

Penny Schwinn:  “Delaware is the first state to have college and career preparation” as part of the state report card”.

Penny Schwinn:  “Ryan Reyna is leading the Accountability Framework Working Group (AFWG)””There is a lot of opinion in this group, and  everyone is not going to agree which makes it a good group.  She said no accountability system is going to have 100% agreement; it took some compromising.” ““Delaware has the most aggressive rate in the country for growth,”

Penny Schwinn:  “it feels more appropriate with Smarter Balanced to set the bar high.” “they are “pushing it with US DOE” but feels they will be approved.”

Penny Schwinn:  “Part A, which counts toward a school’s accountability rating, and Part B which will show on the DOE website and is informative in nature but has no weight on a school’s grade.  Part A includes proficiency (multiplied by the school’s participation rate on SBAC), growth to proficiency, college and career prep (for high schools), average daily attendance, and so forth. ”

Penny Schwinn:  ” For elementary and middle schools, 30% of the weight will be proficiency, and high schools will be 25%.  For growth, in elementary and middle schools this will be 45%, and high schools 40%.  So in essence, 75% of a school’s accountability rating will be based on the Smarter Balanced Assessment in elementary and middle schools, and 65% for high schools. ”

Penny Schwinn:  “The bulk of the rating system that will determine reward, recognition, action, focus, focus plus and priority status will be based on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Schwinn said this is very aggressive and I am not comfortable backing down on it.”

Ryan Reyna:  “We’re really valuing schools that are showing growth with students”

Penny Schwinn:  “We are going with the “5 Essentials Survey” for the non-accountability rated Part B.””The DOE is creating a survey working group which will start next month and will include the “usual stakeholders”.”They sent emails to all the superintendents to participate, just like they did with the AFWG.  The state is holding itself accountable as well”

Penny Schwinn:  “On the survey last fall, parents liked the idea of letter grades on the school report and teachers hated it.  So they won’t have that on the report. There won’t be ROCKET SHIPS, TRAFFIC LIGHTS OR TROPHIES on the Delaware School Success Report sent to parents.”

Pat Heffernan:  “It could have been worse, it could have been rocket ships.”

Penny Schwinn:  “Parents will be able to map and graph data.”

Dr. Gray:  “if a parent is looking for a school that has choir, they will be able to find that.”

Penny Schwinn:   “I agree to that.” “Accountability is intended to be a judgment on a school.”

Penny Schwinn::  “We want to make sure parents see other data as well.  WE WILL TRACK THE INFORMATION PARENTS SEARCH FOR ON SCHOOLS to see if they can let schools or districts know about needs in their area.”

Penny Schwinn::   “I need to feed my family. Goodbye”

Ryan Reyna:  We are resetting assessment targets for the state and each subgroup which must be done by 1/31/16.  The overall state proficiency for SBAC was a little over 51% and for the overall subgroups, it was 38.8% for SBAC.

Ryan Reyna::  “Delaware gets to pick their choice of how to hold the state accountable.  With a six year plan, the state must close the proficiency gap between the overall sub-groups (including low-income, students with disabilities, English Language Learners, and minorities) by 50% in six years.  This is what Delaware DOE wants.  Other choices are all schools be 100% proficient by 2019-2020, or…any other method proposed that is educationally sound and results in ambitious but achievable Annual Measurable Objectives for all schools and subgroups.”

Pat Heffernan:  “I am not a fan of the DOE’s preference:  because of its impact on schools with lots of students who have disabilities; they won’t reach this goal either.”

Ryan Reyna:  “ALL students will be included in this state accountability rating.  The infamous “n” number won’t apply (when students are below 15 at a school in a sub-group, currently they are NOT counted towards the individual school’s accountability) on this state system since ALL students that are in a sub-group will be included in the state’s rating….  Students will not be double-counted.  So for example, an African-American student with disabilities will only count towards one of those sub-groups.

Ryan Reyna:  *The DOE must increase the 38.8% for the sub-groups to 45% in six years to meet the state rating with the US DOE….

And with that, the meeting ended and everyone raced out for they all had a bad case of munchies and it was the Grand Prix of Monaco to be first in line at the Taco Bell drive-thru at ………………….


Child Safety —  Everything must be done to protect students and keep them safe and psychologically healthy.

Learning —  The brain learns on its own.  It learns what is most interesting to it.  If you put interesting books before it, it learns books. If you put interesting videos, it learns videos.  If an interesting student sits in front, it learns about that student. Learning cannot be measured except by a teacher who knows that child.

Social Engagement —  We are social animals…  We learn from each other.  The more different we are in a classroom, the more every one learns and a better and more stable society is seeded.  Schools need play time and time to allow socialization to naturally occur on its own.

Self confidence —  The sign of adult maturity is self confidence.  Confidence is built by becoming comfortable with one’s environment.  Those graduating should after 12 years be confident they have the tools they need to prosper as adults.


These are the classical four pillars of education.  Originally formulated by the Greeks who themselves borrowed from many conquered civilizations.  In some ways they were wiser than us.  For just as we can learn and predict a computer game’s behavior by watching it over and over, they looked at human behavior over and over.   These are the four traits our founding fathers were given in their schooling.  These were the four traits the greatest generation grew strong upon.  These are what developed the Baby Boomers…

Ask yourself…. how does taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment augment and improve a student’s stature in any of these categories?

Now if teaching does instill them, and the Smarter Balanced takes away from teaching…. wouldn’t it make sense to get rid of the Smarter Balanced Assessment?

Meaning that if you want something in this life,,,,, the chances of it resting right beside your foot are rare, close to nil or none… if you want something in this life, you have to do something to create an action.. in order to get it…

Let’s look at your options… 

A… Stay home and do nothing and let the world fall down around you and drag your children down into the hell it creates.

B…  Do something……

If you choose B….. you have two options…..

A… Go To Dover….

B… Not Go To Dover…..

If you choose A….. you have two options…….

A…  Get everything out of the experience that you can…..

B…. Complain the whole time and learn nothing…..

if you choose A…… you have two options…..

Finally if the whole world collapses and goes to hell, you will have two options….

A… At least it is not my fault… When called to action… I did something…..

B… This is all my fault… I was called and brushed it off……..

if you live in the 18th this is critical today until 8:00…..

Voting for Benz is voting for overriding Markell’s veto of HB 50…. Voting for a Republican, is voting to maintain it…  This is the most important special election you will ever vote in….

(Breaking: As of 5 o’clock, vote counters have Dave @ 4 votes behind… ) Get off your duff and vote.

End of statement…

lt is critical that you vote in your usual places if you live in this district.  Go here to learn about the vacant seat.