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I’m printing this article in full: tell me, where in America can you find journalism this “fair and balanced”?

Another crisis in the horizon?

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Winarno Zain, Jakarta | Tue, 07/19/2011 7:00 AM A | A | A |

It seems the world economy has faced endless threats preventing it from sailing smoothly into a strong recovery this year.

First there was the Greek debt crisis that jolted several major banks, and then a political uprising in the Middle East that pushed up oil prices, and then a tsunami in Japan that disrupted manufacturing activities in many countries.

The world economy has not fully dusted off the adverse impacts of these three events. Yet another headwind is looming large on the horizon. This time it is the possible default of the US government of its debt on Aug. 2, if the US Congress fails to approve an increase to its debt ceiling as requested by President Barack Obama. By that date, the US government debt would have reached its maximum allocated limit of US$14.3 trillion.

The current negotiation between representatives of Democratic and Republican parties on the US budget deficit has run into a deadlock, and so the possibility is real that there won’t be any substantial agreements reached, since the dateline is nearing. Major rating agencies such as Standard and Poor, and Moody’s have warned they are ready to downgrade the US government debt rating from top grade AAA.

This would be the first time in 90 years that the US government debt has been downgraded.

It is not hard to imagine what will happen if by Aug. 2 the US government has exhausted its credit ceiling and can not get additional debt to pay for its spending needs.

The US government would have to curb its spending, and because some of these relate to payments to government employees, pensioners and other social benefits, this would strike a severe blow to the consumer spending that is so essential to the US economic recovery.

With debt default and credit rating downgrades, it would be difficult for the US government to get loans. Faced with increasing risk, investors would ask for higher returns for US government bonds. This would push interest rate higher, further depressing the economic recovery.

The US dollar would plunge, triggering a surge in commodity prices and another round of inflation around the world. A deadly combination of inflation and economic stagnation could spin the world economy into a tailspin as happened in the early 1970’s.

How would this worst case scenario affect the Indonesian economy? As capital flows out of the US, investors have tended to seek safe havens elsewhere. Commodities, especially gold and oil, would be their first targets. Emerging markets could be the next destination of this capital flight, depending on the assessment of investors on the strength of its economy and their vulnerability and exposure to the US economic fallout.

But financial crises always result in a loss of confidence and produce negative sentiments in the financial markets. They put financial markets into disarray, and as investors panic, capital starts flowing out of emerging economies.

During the global financial crisis in 2008-2009, capital moved out from emerging economies back to the advanced economies. At that time, the US government bonds and commodities like gold were considered safe havens.

If the US government defaults on its debt payment this time, the question is will the situation change? Will the US government bonds still be considered a safe haven for investors? If not, then where else will they put their money? Or maybe they would prefer to keep their money in the same place and not move it anywhere. If so, the Indonesian economy could get some benefit and may not have to face another shock.

In the longer term, however, the situation may change. No country is immune to the negative ripples of a US economic crisis. As US imports plunge from weakening domestic demand, exports from emerging countries will also suffer. The extent to which these negative impacts affect each country will depend on their trading and banking exposure to the US economy.

What is disturbing about this debt talk is the use of this debate as a political game. This is especially apparent in the Republican stance.

Economist, market analyst and CEOs of financial institutions and even the IMF itself have warned that if Congress fails to raise the ceiling of the US government debt, the world economy would slip into deep recession.

The Republicans did not fully accept Obama’s proposal to raise the debt ceiling. They only agree on a smaller number, but even it was given with some conditions. The Republicans asked Obama not to raise taxes, especially for the wealthy, and Obama should cut social spending, a sacred cow for the Democrats.

By using tit for tat tactics in the negotiation and by seemingly ignoring the impending consequences and dangers, the Republicans were trying to push Obama into an intricate political dilemma.

If the US economy slip into another crisis, economic contraction would be inevitable. Corporate bankruptcies would spread, and jobless rate would surge.

A presidential election is still slightly more than one year away, and Obama’s reelection prospects are solid. But his popularity rating is highly dependent on the unemployment rate. That is why the Republicans think the only way for them to erode Obama’s popularity now is by pushing the US economy into crisis.

As the stakes are high, the two political parties should temporarily set aside their ideologies and adopt a pragmatic stance for the interests of saving the world economy from another catastrophe.

President Obama demonstrated his willingness to compromise his political ideology during the global financial crisis of 2008-2009. Being a Democrat, Obama’s political inclination is generally anti-big business.

Obama realized that it was reckless lending by some big banks on Wall Street that triggered the financial crisis. But he also realized that saving these banks from bankruptcy was key to saving the world economy from further disaster.

His decision to pour $800 billion of taxpayer’s money to bail out these banks was hard to swallow by his fellow party members, but it worked. Now it is expected that the Republicans will be willing to do likewise.

The writer is an economist.

It’s clear as day.

When you have no engine in your car, you have to put one in… When banks aren’t lending, when the private sector is incapable of spending, the government has to..

It is called deficit spending. It’s been done before. Whereas we suffered a horrible Great Depression, Sweden emerged from theirs in 1934 by using just such a Keynesian approach towards deficit spending. While America suffered through dust bowls, “Grapes of Wrath”, Hoovervilles, soup kitchens, and one out of every four workers unemployed, Sweden was thriving and its citizens were living quite comfortably.

America finally… five years later, had no choice but to follow suit after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. We too spent money we didn’t have and guess what? From 1939 to 1941, U.S. manufacturing shot up a phenomenal 50 percent!

So what happens to those people who have no choice but to work, when the government gives them a job? They spend…. soon,… more people have to work… who spend… so even more people have to work,… who spend … so even more people than the more people spending money previously, have to work. … and they spend.

Republicans clamor we need more jobs… Mike Castle even hands out a giant check he voted against! LOL.. But they are all lined up against the very engine that brought us out of The Great Depression… How silly is that?

They say… we’ll owe sooooooooooooooo much money… Hello…Excuse me? Uhhh, have you ever bought a … house? Don’t you personally owe soooooooooooooooo much money? A $200,000 dollar house cost over $455,000 by the time the last payment is made. But…… how long would it take you, forced to spend more than you currently make just to live, to save $200,000 cash just to buy that house outright?

Right…. you couldn’t…

The same principal applies to economics. If you need to spend money for jobs right now…. and don’t have it… when and where will those jobs come from?

They won’t. Duh.

Therefore when Bonini says “Delaware spends more per person than any other state, excluding Alaska and Hawaii…” and that “the No. 1 employer in Delaware is the state itself, and the number of people employed by the state has doubled in the past 12 years” … right now we should be grateful… not troubled. Because we too are making some of that money those people are spending.

When he says…. “Tough economic times have prompted people to get involved in the political process,” it’s hilarious…. Especially when you look at this… on the Republican side… THEY ARE ALMOST ALL MILLIONAIRES…. (C’mon… It’s Delaware… Even if you’re Republican you gotta laugh)…

But, when he says … “The fact that people are making tough economic decisions in their personal family lives is bringing attention to the fact that the government is not,” it shows he doesn’t understand government’s role in the economy. It unfortunately shows us all that he doesn’t either read, or understand, American history.

And… that is what makes him a dangerous person to put in as our State Treasurer. He’s a great guy, and I certainly wish him well, but now is just not right time for someone who does not understand deficit spending to be running our state’s Treasury. Thirty years from now… based on my best estimates…that will be his time.

And I thought yesterday’s trifecta was big… Partly because of trying to encapsulate yesterdays perfect storm of big issues all playing at once, I paid less attention to the one coming up in just a few moments….

That is the necessary vote on SB 59.

SB 59 simply states that instead of adhering to those cheap ass building codes recommended by profiteering developers themeselves, the new code will be based on energy efficiency requirements listed by the Federal Governnment.

These guidelines will save each homeowner lots of money. Money developers wish was coming to them…

They are in the process of old boying the Senate in an effort to kill this piece of legislation…. But there is a catch….

This piece of legislation is a requirement if the state of Delaware is to receive any Federal Stimulus funding for this year… Currently we are expecting roughtly $155 million of our $780 million dollar deficit to be covered by the Federal Stimulus Package. Not passing this bill means that additional fees must be levied somewhere else.

I recommend taking that short fall from Rich Collins and other members of the Positive Growth Alliance.

Here is what is at stake.

These guys (developers) make way too much money.

The state has way to little money..

The state’s homeowners have way to little money.

The “not” voting for passage of this bill by any legislator will prove beyond all doubt, which Legislator is serving only for his own self interests, and which is truly there to serve the public……

For there is no way in hell, a no vote on this bill, helps the public out by one iota.

Sussex Green drops a bombshell…

Despite what Meatball says, there is something sick in Sussex County and it rhymes with taker….

Here in essence is the argument for open government… This type of stuff goes on all the time and those of us jaded by its constant misuse, forget that is really antithetic to representative government… Which is why we need citizen watchdogs… and Sussex County has one now….

This must be read… Not only by residents of Sussex County who have to put up with the antics of a family who thinks they can rule with impunity, but by every man, women, and child of the future, so they know exactly how these things are done, and can intercept their implementation before similar actions are finalized.

Here are several examples of the travesty those communists who represent the fine folks of Sussex County have levied against their own kind….

Instead, the list of parcels and areas being considered for inclusion on the future land use map were presented to the P&Z Commission as Old Business at a meeting on April 30, 2008. The parcels and areas were discussed by the P&Z Commission, approved or rejected, and that was that. There was no public hearing on any of them. Then, when the Comp Plan was finally approved (June 24, 2008) all those amendments, which had been approved at the April 30, 2008 meeting were incorporated into the land use map and became part of the ordinance that authorized the Comp Plan.

The Wilson Baker parcels case illustrates this. Baker got a conditional use (c/u) for the smaller parcel in 2005. He either owned or quickly acquired the larger adjoining parcel of AR-1 soon after being granted the c/u on the smaller parcel. He established a propane, kerosene, and diesel fuel business on the smaller parcel under the c/u requirements. However, he wanted to sell both parcels and that proved a bit too complicated because of the c/u, or so his representative testified at the recent change of zoning hearings before the P&Z Commission and County Council. As a result, he apparently decided that getting both parcels rezoned to heavy industry (HI-1) from their current AR-1 would be the most profitable option.

The P&Z Commission scheduled the Wilson Baker parcels for the June 18, 2008 meeting under the agenda heading “Additional Old Business”. The one item under that heading is “Comprehensive Land Use Plan”. The minutes state that Mr. Lank “advised the Commission that a request had been received for inclusion into the Town Center Area around the Town of Milton; that the request came from Baker Petroleum of Wilson Baker, Inc. for the inclusion of their properties; that they are intending to apply for industrial zoning and to create a railroad spur for access to rail service; that the site has been reviewed through the PLUS process” (P&Z Commission Minutes, June 18, 2008, Page 8). The P&Z Commission decided to incorporate the request of Baker Petroleum into the Future Land Use Map by consensus. There was no public hearing


On June 24, 2008, the County Council voted to adopt the ordinance establishing the 2007 Comp Plan Update, with amendments. There was no public hearing


The entire sketch of how this parcel was rezoned was not done in secret.. It is available on reruns of the Dukes of Hazard television series that was shot during the 1980s.. The faces may look a little different, but the characters who play them are the same…….

Not to be a tattle tale or anything ( I’m going somewhere with this), but one of my favorite new blogs, Redwaterlily’s Ramblings has not posted since March 30th..

It reminds me of when I did the same (Dec 22 thru March 6th)… By not posting, it leaves readers to peruse the same post multiple times.. We simply can’t help ourselves.. Sooner or later we take the time to actually read what was written.. as opposed to just skimming….

Guilty, I was…

So I finally got to this part of her message lying around for a week on her last post….

The Baker family has filed for 28.5 acres to be rezoned Heavy Industrial adjacent to the Pemberton Development in Milton. This zoning – H1 – is the heaviest industrial zoning possible.

This is why politics is serious business.. This is why politics is too important to be left in the hands of politico’s and their friends in the press and media… This is why politics must remain in the hands of average citizens who take the time to find out what is “really” going on and educate their neighbors and hell, once in a lifetime, put up their money and reputation and run for office…

This is what would have happened all across Sussex County if the lower third of our state’s citizens had voted Mark Baker into office…  Sussex County would be ruined forever!!!!!!!!

Fortunately that spot was taken by Joan Deaver.. normal person extrodinaire…

But without bloggers making the connections for voters, the myth that Mark Baker would not dare develop Sussex County for his own family’s personal fortune, might have been believed… After all, there was no Sussex media outlet who dared challenge the pretension that Baker was a stoolie for his family and developers…

But real people did…

Real people stood up and called him out enough so that after all his public posterings, it was obvious that Sussex County under the guidance of a member of the “Baker” family, would as one blogger acknowledged, turn Sussex County into Harlem…

The Bakers would get rich… The rest of use would pay for the crime…

That did not happen because of many ordinary people who love Sussex County and want their children to love it too.. Two who deserve special mention are Jud Bennett, and Joan Deaver… Both put themselves on line, almost lying on the macadam in front of a charging bus, relying solely upon their faith that those passengers inside,could in time wrest control the insane driver positioned behind the steering wheel…

The Baker family is insane. Thanks to Redwaterlily for jogging our memories once again as to why this family needs to be put away politically, for good, as does Rich Collins of similar vein….

Cancer needs to be excised.

I am glad that post was left up so I, the stupidest of Delawareans, could finally see the writing on the wall.

A personal thanks from me, to all who voted to flush the sewage from the system.

Development With No Control As Planned by Mark Baker

Rt. 1, Lewes, Delaware   circa 2021

Sussex County is at a crossroads…  The difference between Joan Deaver and Mark Baker is as stark as the difference between good and evil….  Slowing development is good..  Getting Community input before a development goes in is good…  Development doesn’t stop if Joan wins on November 4th…  It simply continues under your control…

If Mark Baker wins, development flourishes no matter what you want… This scenario is plausible… You wake up one wintry morning and find your next door property was sold and in comes an apartment complex, or a mall, or a gravel pit, with heavy machinery working twenty four/seven.  “There not going to do that you say in anger!….”  Oops… Too late…. you voted for Mark Baker… There is nothing you can do…

If Mark Baker wins, there will be no oversight in the Third District.  But if Joan Deaver wins…. little by little each person gets their county back… If a development goes in… someone will have to knock on your door first, to tell you about it…. If a development is planned, a meeting in your neighborhood is called and you can look at the plans and argue among yourselves whether or not, you want it to go forward….  If a development is planned you do not have to worry about sitting in your driveway twenty minutes to find a space even long enough in which to pull out…(True story in New Castle County)….  If a development is planned you can relax; you will not have to worry whether your school which last year had 600 elementary students, this year is carrying 1200 elementary students… Mark Baker has only lived in a rural environment… to him… it’s “what’s the big deal?”… But to anyone who has lived in another spot, and sees where Sussex County is rapidly going, and understands that staying rural is an ideal that must be protected at all costs, and knows that the quality of life we have here is what makes living near the ocean in Delaware so special,… understands that turning Route 1 into a Route 40 in Bear Delaware…. IS a big deal…

Your home value will drop a further 25%.

And under Mark Baker your taxes will rise… Maybe not even during his term, but because of uncontrolled development, more services are required, and more money per person is required to perform them….  That is why real estate taxes are extremely high in developed areas… you need more schools per square mile than you do in Sussex County.. You need more sewers per square mile, more tarmac per square mile, more police per square mile, more firetrucks and ambulance services per square mile.  That is why New York has very high real estate taxes, as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland…. That is why property taxes in New Castle County are higher than those in Kent or Sussex County…The denser people are packed, the more each person has to pay….

Your taxes will rise if development proceeds under the plans laid out by developers….  They will rise slower if you ask with each development… how much will this cost per person, and can we afford it…

Joan Deaver on County Council will provide a balance to the developing interests that have their eye one Sussex County…  Developers aren’t bad…  They just need some supervision….  Some control…. just like your car…

You wouldn’t buy a brand new truck, with a good engine and no brakes…. for once you got going….. how would you ever stop?  The first cars actually didn’t have brakes… because their inventors were used to horses.  The idea of how to stop once running actually didn’t occur to them until the middle of their test drive… After several crashes, brakes were added… and improved, and improved again… Today we wouldn’t think of buying a car without brakes…

Mark Baker on County Council is just that…. a forward force for developers without brakes…… With him on County Council even for just one term… the scenario mentioned above where you wake up to your neighbors plot belonging to something you don’t want…. is a avid reality…..

Joan Deaver is like putting brakes on the process.. If  things are going smoothly, no force is applied and progress continues forward and great strides are made….  But when a obstacle falls in front of us across the road of your future development, and disaster appears inevitable, she can and will apply the brakes to keep the County from being ruined by overdevelopment.

That is why anyone who is not a personal friend of Mark Baker, needs to give Joan Deaver their vote on November 4th… If Sussex County is to become a viable place to live and work, and keep the specialness that it has today…. and not turn into what the picture at the top of this post portrays…. then brakes need added to the Sussex County Council…  The one carrying the brakes for the Third District…. is Joan Deaver…

Mark Baker is all gas.

Baker has three planks:  1) Smaller government that costs less. 2) New economic development and new jobs 3) and remove limits on new development.

First he wants to limit the size of Sussex County government, in a similar vein to what the Bush administration did to the banking industry..  What that deregulation amounted to, was letting certain groups police themselves… Guess what?  It doesn’t work.   It didn’t work for banks.. unless most Sussex Countians consider a 800 billion bailout to be a successful form of governmental policy.  It didn’t work for the Chinese, who took advantage of lax regulation to send over lead base toys for our children to play with… So why does Baker think it will work for Sussex County?  Deregulation or diminishing oversight may save a few dollars at first, but as we continue to see with the Bush’s administrations policies,  what sounds at first like a way to cut costs, winds up running our deficit over the cliff’s edge and into the ocean of insolvency below…

Baker wants to maintain low taxes for his term.  But actually the policies he is proposing open huge holes that Sussex Countians can’t afford to open and pay for later.. Ask yourself who will pay for the infrastructure needed to support those dreams of those who support Mark;s vision of development?  The answer with today’s economy is NO ONE.  The promised new roads will not be built. The sewer system without Federal help, will not be constructed.  The proposed environmental regulations will not be enforced.  There will be no money to stop algae blooms that kill life in the bay… The only option in today’s economy for Sussex Countians, is to never open the door…The only economical option we have is to never follow these procedures and allow it to happen.   Unfortunately for Sussex County, that is the exact opposite of what Mark Baker, Republican for Third District, is proposing to do…

We should anticipate less transfer tax income. Exactly why Mark Baker should not get elected… His policies will break our budget over time by creating problems…  600,000 new homes all on septic systems?  Instead of what Mark Baker proposes, Sussex County needs the same advice given by everyone’s doctor… Eat right now, to improve quality of life later…  Who wants to spend their last years on life support?  What kind of existence would Sussex Countians live with then?  To answer that question Sussex Countians should Just drive north to the Bear area… Up there it takes 25 minutes to drive 5 miles….every day!  And this is Mark’s dream?  He’ll say no… because it is an election year, but up there the policies Mark is proposing today, were implemented ten years ago…  Just 8 years ago, an area that looked similar to the area around Milton today, is wall to wall stock full of “affordable housing,” and the problems that come with it…. Mark Baker:  “we have to work together work for affordable housing…  allow “different types” of communities.”  (Affordable housing is used by members on the New County Council as an aphorism to convey the moving of people out of the inner city and into the suburbs, as well as the problems that move with them.)

Economic Development and New Jobs.  At what expense?  New Jobs at how much?  New jobs that pay too little?  New jobs that will put more burden on medicaid and medicare, because lacking benefits, they will encourage their employees to go on medicaid to get their medical costs down?  Let’s also look at the other side of the coin?  How on earth does one attract good jobs to Sussex County by cutting out necessary county services?  Gee, why would anyone want to move here?  Tax breaks?  Without the basic necessary county services, only those seeking to gouge, rape, and pillage our citizenry would be interested in moving into Sussex County under a Mark Baker philosophy…  “How little will it cost me if I move there?”  Under Mark’s thought process, his economic development plan will cost Sussex Countians far more later for roads, sewers, environmental monitoring, stoplights, health costs from air pollution, than they will receive in return from the lack of tax revenues coming in, that were waived just to get those businesses to move in here…

Do we have enough businesses in Sussex County already?  If we put one more shop on Route 1, from which old shop will that business flow from?   Which existing storefront will go out of business so the new business has some sales when it goes in?  You can see this “live” along the Route 40 corridor in New Castle County…  Again the very policies Mark is proposing, were enacted up there and unless a change is made in Sussex County, within ten short years, it will be the same.

Finally, land use issues….

Baker states he prefers local control.  What that means is that any state, or multi-state corporate developer, with millions at its disposal, prefers to deal with only one or two poor individuals when it wishes to amend long standing well thought out regulations put in place by the people of Sussex County..  In other words, these large developers want to be able to throw a little money around, then do whatever they please…  Mark Baker agrees with this policy.  He calls small government… good government.. As mentioned above, we see how well his philosophy has worked with our kids toys and our investments…  Not.  His philosophy doesn’t make sense when one looks at reality.

Mark states that he is against the transfer of development rights purchase programs.

Property ownership can be described as a bundle of individual rights. As you all know the ownership of land includes rights pertaining to minerals, timber, agriculture, riparian rights, surface and ground water, air, and development, to name the most common. Use of these rights is not absolute. Governmental entities DO have the right to constrain, to a certain extent, a property owner’s use of these rights and thus the economic value that the property owner can derive from the property. The most commonly used restraint has been on the exercise of the individual’s use of development rights primarily through zoning.

Baker is fond of saying “we” decide,,, who is “we”? The list of his contributors consists many of those behind the very development projects over which Sussex County is highly concerned ….Mark is against down-zoning land without compensation. Just like those bailing out Wall Street ($800 billion dollars), he believes those who took a chance and speculated and lost, should be bailed out and still get a substantial return on their investment, even if it hurts a plurality of Sussex County citizens in the process! In Mark’s world view, people are not important. Rich Collin’s money is. “How dare he lose money!….But finding sewage in my drinking water? … oh, well, we’ve all accepted that’s just a price we have to pay for progress…..”

He disagrees with those who work for increase preservation of environmental farmland. In his world view, every owner can do what he wants with his property. He is against society placing limits. That flat out is not true… Why should a citizen have to endure watching their neighbor ejaculate on his flower bed because that neighbor believes in organic gardening? That image is just an extrapolation of Mr. Baker’s reasoning.

As mentioned above, we have to work together work for affordable housing…  allow “different types” of communities. Although that sounds noble, it is a developers code for speaking of maximizing profits out of a single piece of land.. Odessa in New Castle County is going through this crises today.. Waking up and finding that no one had mentioned “by the way …we changed the zoning laws. The density factor has been shifted from 80 people to 480 people per 10 acres…” The farm next to your development, is to soon be a slum; the schools rated best in the state will now need one school built per year just to accommodate the five developments being built in as short of time… Since developers cannot sell $750,000 homes today, they want to bring property values down, by stuffing people who can ill afford to pay, into apartments…. The very fact that Mark brought this up, I thought was a revealing insight that he is a single issue candidate after all.. working to limit the average citizen’s say over new developmental projects in Sussex County… (the inside joke is that no one but developers when they talk about use the term “affordable housing.”)

He wants to allow the owners of property renting out to manufactured homes .. to be allowed to give 1 acre lots to grand-children….. ( He didn’t mention whether he approves rental patrons, who own the trailer upon those sites, to be given a first right to buy the land that is underneath them).

Maria Evans wants her son to live on her property.  Farmers and farm families do not want to see that right given away..  If the requirement proposed does goes through, where ten houses need a hundred acres, parents may not be allowed to have their children move nearby… But a simple amendment allowing exceptions could fix that issue… if it ever went that far.

Baker admitted that his policies were not beneficial to the towns… The town of Lewis is under pressure, at its borders… Controversy somewhat contentious surrounds the Townsend Business Center proposed to be built across from the High School.. 500,000 square feet,  Maria wants Macy’s and a coffee shop…and that’s all. Baker responded that her view presents both the dilemma and challenges… Rural patrons want new choices and conveniences without (remember the old days) having to drive to either Dover or Salisbury for a shirt…  With individual projects, we need to determine how they impact the community, where they are going… whether or not they are appropriate in that specific location…  Evans said there were only two roads into town, Beebe hospital was on one… Baker corrected here that now with the New Road, there is a third road into Lewes.

To Mark, Lewes is home, and he needs to be careful what happens to towns..  He believes he needs to increase communication so that there are no surprises…..  Every town is different, Slaughter Beach, Milton and Lewes.  Council represents everyone inside and outside towns…

Baker states that items like the forest buffer, and like what is open space, need to be clearly defined, so inspectors can enforce.  “Enforcement divisions are working to do better on those instances”, he states… “We can’t give up or stop on those efforts”. However, as mentioned above, the proposals in plank one of Bakers platform, would cut back regulating agencies under the guise of cutting costs, thereby stretching too thin those in charge or preserving the county’s integrity, and not allowing proper enforcement to occur…

Specific development opportunities: That of the Marshes…Was the buffer done right?

Even though he is running for council seat of the Third District, Mark Baker has not been back there himself. (Curiosity-seeker-extraordinaire Maria Evans has) But he saw pictures.. He blames county practices as the culprit which allowed things to be done like that.  (Blame the developer? No?) Ideally he would like it seen done the right way. He said dismissively. “Define it and allow developers to be part of it”.. If that is not what they want , do away with it. ( huh?) “It should be defined clearly, so those developing should be forced to make right.”

The Republican person running for Council Seat No. 3 in Sussex County has no computer. (for future historians, the year was 2008.)

Relief: email question coming in…..

Why Should the county pay for roads, and other infrastructure…?

If state were to give county all revenues they receive from Sussex County, then Sussex County could have a greater say in controlling developers (huh?)…Deldot paid $500 million out to consultants, for many projects not built. They just wasted 20 million on the IRB. (Indian River Bridge)  Baker says we have to hold the state accountable for putting new road structure into Sussex County.  For example, plans laid out in 1987 for the  East-West corridor improvement…  Yet nothing has been done by the state… If there is any new improvement on those roads, it was solely done in front of new developments paid for by developers themselves… the state has done nothing…

Once again we see the duplicitous nature of Mark’s remarks… His theme of
deregulation , of not impinging upon developers, of decreasing taxes, and then try to get some outside influence to pick up the bill…is Bush economics all over again.. Sussex County would do well to remember that this very philosophy espoused by one Mark Baker, did not do well on a national scale over the past eight years… Instead practices built off of his same philosophy, lead to a national debt of $38,000 being carried by every citizen of this nation: man, women, and child….

Relief from Perry: ” Mark only represents farmers, developers, and your own issues; but no one else’s.  Who are five top contributors?”

“Myself is the major contributor”, Mr. Baker responded.  “60% loaned out of own pocket.. Perry’s assessment is incorrect. The are composed of reckless baseless attacks on character which have no basis. Meanwhile the question is not answered….hmmm.. with a little research you can find the answer yourself here, here, and here….) Hmm….

Baker is proud to represent farmers. He has the support of agriculture community.  He feels that he represents the average citizen that lives here. He is going to be here for a long time… Quality of life is an issue for everyone..”I am beholden to myself, and my principals.” Sussex County will now have to decide whether or not they can afford Mark’s principals, since the are the same as George Bush’s 8 years ago….

Mark..says “I will keep taxes low”… “Critically important is that county government is efficient. (code for cutting out those responsible for our safety).   He says he will look at health insurance program (code for lower cost- meaning lower benefits). He will look at efficiency to keep taxes low. ( When his plan’s costs soar, will he borrow to keep his low tax pledge?) costing future interest costs?

Maria Evans with a funding question. “Mark, on your finance reports, you have lots of donations coming from those promoting the new controversial Townsend Center.. but you just said it was not something which you would support… When after election, (can you help me out?)  Mark’s response was “For $600, you expect me to commit a felony. I just am not interested in doing it….” Citizens of Sussex County, those are his words… Do you believe Mark Baker will be different from 99.9999999% of every politician who has ever lived or held public office….?

Over 98% of his contributors are listed and accounted for…  He will run County government like his finance reports: open and honest; no reason to hide… Personal reasons for which he is running? To give back to community.. and do what is right for the community as a whole. (Define interpretation of “community”)

Wrapping it up….

“Thanks again…”

“Good to get in. Amazing how quick an hour goes by”

“Its a good district.”

I live and work outside Milton every day on daily basis.  I care about Sussex County. Main issues is their financial situation, he will bring common sense business practices to government (just like Bush; didn’t work then).  Only he know the right way to approach things, and only he can bring “them” to county government.  He wants to promote economic opportunity, higher paying jobs so people can stay here ..He believes that land use is big concern …. We need to evolve, maintain control, preserve the environment, and maintain quality of life in order to attract more businesses, and more people to Sussex County…… (Note to self: before voting, make trip up to Bear, Delaware to see Mark’s policies in action)

For more, go to:

Mark Baker 2008 .com

Listing of issues, endorsements, contact information.. Ask questions…

Note to all: On election day, Marie will be at the Big GOP headquarters…. Oo la la…Can’t party with Sussexers…

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Ok, My Synopsis:

Mark Baker wants to do for Sussex County just what George Bush did for America: remove cumbersome policies in place that protect citizens. But those policies are there for a reason; we are paying a huge price now for having taken them away. Development is permanent. A development never returns back to a farm. Those decisions need to move slowly with all future implications weighed out beforehand before a decision is rendered. Baker want to bypass that arrangement.

The results of his policies implemented to their fullest degree, can be seen in their beginning stages in Bear, Delaware right now, and at their full implementation in North Manhattan, otherwise known as Harlem. Unregulated development is okay at its early stages. Just like unregulated binging is not very harmful to a teenager. But we all know a controlled disciplined approach to growing and developing is so much better. Bakers policies do not work. Although they seem innocent at first, after several years problems occur and only tons of taxpayer monies can solve the crises… By then the developers are long gone…

Maria Evans stated that the taking away of personal property by the government and giving it to some developer, it the issue of eminent domain…. really burned her up…. She would be interested to know that many of those names on Mark Baker’s contributor list, are the very ones fighting against the eminent domain bill which was passed minus Tony DeLuca’s vote ( he knew ahead how it would play out) and was then vetoed by Governor Minner. She would be interested to know that these same people also bent Minner’s ear to veto, and Tony’s to override that same veto…. What was done was an attempt to give politicians cover to say they voted against eminent domain, without having it get done… (in case you already did not know…)

Who supports Baker? Those same people who got Minner to veto the eminent domain bill which would prohibit those in power from taking away your property and giving it to developers…

Sussex County would be better off without the single issue candidate Mark Baker whose campaign finance records mirror the lists of those who supported the taking away of private property for developers… As you learned from Bush… don’t trust what they say… look at who is behind them….

Begin with two minute introductions.

Baker: voice shaky, (like a liar?) Immediately accuses Jud of taking property away from landowners… (I’m thinking: what? is he crazy? Sounds like a stupid developer my spouse said). Property ownership is not a privilege; that makes it sound like it can be taken away from you. That is scary to me.

Bennett: calm, confident like one telling the truth: my opponent has taken parts of my platform, and falsely represented my intent, such as taking property away from landowners, which is certainly not true.

On their Land Use Plan…

Baker: Jud is a communist. He won’t let developers do whatever they want. (paraphrased) Jud pushed for a bill in State Legislature which would Give the state control of code changes instead of the county. State control pure communist.

Bennett: That is not true. To cut down on density of the wear and tear on the land, I once proposed 10 acre building lots per house…. Roads, sewers, infrastructure including schools should be developed before the building of tons of houses, perhaps far too many for the community to bear. Developers should pay, not taxpayers.

On support groups

Baker: communist

Bennett: better growth, the term communist is ridiculous.

On examples where change is needed.

Bennett: Next to marsh farm . County did nothing.. Future plans need specificity… Whether it is the village concept, cluster housing, better situations for commercial development, wider use of open areas.

Baker: I have no development in mind… when developments are done, laws should be followed. Sliding on rules, that’s been done in past, it needs clear concise rules which can be followed….

Animated signs?

Bennett: County should enforce Roger’s own signs. Rogers installed most of them and therefore the ordinance should be either enforced or get rid of it…

Baker: Same as Bennett. Enforce ordinances, or change law…

What about Taxpayer $ to Charity Groups: handed out by council members.

Baker: Practice rubs me the wrong way. He would use $60,000 to build patronage for himself, and would feel uncomfortable buying votes. Recommends doing it in an open way that can be verified.

Bennett: Mark and I agree. Discretionary funds, $60,000 needs documented.

Why are you the best choice to cover the dispensation tax dollars?

I have the wealth of experience. Have made and lost a lot of money. Right now on the high side and hope to stay there. County is running deficits for two years now because transfer tax receipts are down. Would not have bought that land and built ….

Baker: I’m the best choice because of Baker Petroleum: It’s a Competitive industry. I manage abudget, I watch expenses, I maintain facilities, I manage a budget.

Prayer at County meetings?

Baker: uh..uh…are they now? (hesitant)…. yes?

Bennett: Yes, absolutely!

Build parks?

Bennett: Parks would be good in principal, but without money now is not the time. Down the road, when flush perhaps, Now vote no.

Baker: Recreation is important but now… without finances, it is not the time. Would continue seed money to grass roots organizations who provide recreation to citizens.

New County Services?

Baker: No

Bennett: Controversial, and falsely misrepresented by Baker. Would recommend the hiring of two attorneys for less money $220,000 versus the $400,000 thousand dollars. Hire inspectors for additional workloads. In house attorneys working for the country would be tougher on enforcing the codes, than those attorneys paid by the developers to enforce the county’s code against those developers paying them.

Baker: Does not understand those numbers. $88,000 for 1st attorney, $77,000 for the 2nd attorney, $25,000 for secretary; 10% for benefits, 12% for FICA, and 46,000 a year to provide office space…Other expenses, need to buy computers, need to contract specialists, need to question the competence of 88,000 and 77,000 attorneys…. Math does not add up.

Bennett: Several attorneys he’s talked to, think it will work. Baker is ignoring the current attorney’s performance. He does not want to foster bureaucracy. That is just not true….He recommends a more efficient operation, thereby saving money. Before we hired inspectors, …did that cause big government?

Baker: Still $165,000 and added 10%, 12%, 15% percent additional costs.

Bennett: You have to consider lawsuits we paid because we failed to appeal their decision because of the legal expense… It will save more than it costs.

Baker : For that we have insurance, and deductibles to pay.

Bennett: With the Marsh farm debacle, the attorney was double dipping and allowed something that was not legal.. The Marsh got screwed.

Baker: We should count on our Councilman for ethics, not an attorney. Whats the use of having a Councilman (who is owned by developers) if you can’t count on him for ethics. We don’t need an attorney (to represent homeowners) and shouldn’t have two more.

On Code enforcement:

Baker: Free fall of subdivisions being built from 144 in 2007 to 18 now. We need to make sure laws are followed. We are overly regulated as it is. It costs residents 1000’s of dollars, due to county regulations to build shed in yard

Bennett: From January to August of this year, 3600 acres were considered for development. Currently there is a 18 month backlog, meaning about 16 lots per day in pipeline, preventing the enforcement of numerous complaints. Recommends assign inspectors a caseload, to follow through a development from start to finish, they can then insure that everything is followed through correctly by the developers..

Closing statement: 2 minutes

Bennett: Large developers behind this opponent, have made this election extremely contentious. Glad when it is over, so will my wife.. Large landowners and large developers backing Baker, are trying to defeat me. Unlike developers, voters do care about their future, If charged with saving county millions of dollars, then guilty. If lobbying state legislature is a crime, then guilty. If wanting sustainable growth to be paid by developers, and not the taxpayers, then guilty. I am guilty of making Sussex County a place to prosper… The difference is whether we have a nice place to live, or a horrible place to live… You have a choice. Thank you.

Baker: Blah blah blah. I will close by reading you a statement. “The worse thing there is, is a career politician. Someone who puts them self above their constituents. We need someone who succeeds in business.” Ladies and Gentlemen, I am that man. I’m a new to the political process, and I am a successful business man. That writing? it was written by Bennett himself last August… you fool you just endorsed my candidacy….


(Just curious, is everyone down in Sussex County as juvenile and high strung as Baker?) What a sad closing.

If Jud Bennett is a conservative like a John McCain…. Mark Baker comes across as Dick Cheney….

Mark Baker does not deny it: he emphasizes that he will let developers do what they want in Sussex County, with no restrictions. No restrictions? Should someone want to see what Mark Baker’s vision will do to Sussex County, they should check out Harlem….. in thirty short years upper Manhattan went from farmlands to immigrant housing. Why? There was no regulation.

Why drive that far? Drive up and down Route 40 in New Castle County to get an idea of what Sussex County will look like a few years from now….There used to be 5 stoplights from the Maryland border to Dupont Highway… Now there is a yellow highway sign near the Route 7 interchange that says “WARNING, 5 STOPLIGHTS NEXT 1.6 MILES”

That is why Sussex County should reject Mark Baker. You can’t afford him.