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it was my opinion from all of the books I had been reading, education groups I had become members of and from conversations with other teachers all over the country that these tests and the CC$$ that we are being required to teach have been carefully designed to, in fact, PRODUCE this failure of our children. I said that the corporate backers and the politicians they have cozied up to are working together to ensure that they can continue to label our schools and us teachers as failures so that they can close our public schools and open up charter schools to come in and save the day. They plan to break our unions by replacing us horribly ineffective, veteran teachers with cheap Teach for America minimally-prepared, temporary teachers. They plan to sell all of the states that have bought into this scheme all new CC$$-aligned materials in addition to the new online tests which require upgrades of technological infrastructure in ALL schools across the country. Cha-ching!

In a nutshell….  Your weapon against this … is to opt out your child in protest… Have him get sick for a week…..  If the tests are non-conclusive, they can’t be used to close schools; fire teachers; bust unions, and allow more charters….  This test needs to go away.

Because our educational system is fine, if your standards go back to what we had when we were in school.. It is so much better than that… The sole problem with education today, is that it is being compared to the MIT of China in Shanghai, and we are being told we are not as smart as them… Reality is, They send all their most promising ones over here for college….  What do they know we don’t?