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(I know who reads this blog… that is a treat for you, from the archives of yesteryear….)

This is a theory, but I’ve seen the cracks… Sort of like predicting an earthquake from a series of tremors….
Today Chris Matthews broke from script with Andrea Mitchel and just ranted truth….

We know the American media has scripted every political show it brings on. It is all to present an image… In this case we fully expect the media to take up the fight the Republican Convention failed to advance. That message, you are worse off, it is all Obama’s fault, Romney is the only Grand Wizard who can lead us out…….

It falls apart on three fronts…

One not all of us are worse off than 4 years ago… If your income primarily derived from capital gains, you have never had a better four years. If your income comes from the stock market, you have never had a better four years. With taxes so low, and profits so high, there never has in the lifetime of America, been a better time to be worth more than 10 million…..

For the rest of us, it’s a different story; it’s hard supporting millionaire on an income under $50,000 a year…….

The second plank doesn’t hold up well, as Ryan soon found out… What Ryan didn’t get, was it is easy to lie in Congress… all you have there are DUMB reporters who write down what you say… and then, no one ever reads it…. It is different on National Television to say…. Obama caused the debt ceiling to lower when actually the person responsible for having Standard and Poors report say “the US Government was hopelessly deadlocked” was …. the same Paul Ryan? Why yes… it was… ( Didn’t realize we were paying attention back then, did you?) So, the American people at least know that Obama has been on their side, and if it weren’t for the Tea Party, the 9/11 Patriots (fake groups supported by billionaires) and Republicans, we WOULD be better off than 4 years ago, even if we WERE making under 10 million dollars…..

The third plank that crashed and burned, was that Mitt Romney was the Grand Dragon who would lead us out of the Economic Wilderness…. When pressed as to how, he gave the standard Republican’s 1st grade answer, … “I don’t know,” and then changed the subject of the question….

Today he put his plan on-line… For the expediency of time, I’m going to take one plank to show you how much thought he actually put into it before rolling it out to a public, that… does remember…

Under energy. Mitt says… We will roll back all regulations preventing the development of coal.

Well, being knowledgeable of some of those regulations on coal, which weren’t there in the beginning but were put there by people to curb the excess that unregulated coal production caused…… Here are a few of those….

Coal is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, dirty fuel

Ewwww. You want to take us back to that? Mr. Romney…. America has its rules in place for a reason… China doesn’t have any rules… We don’t want to live like China…..

This is the best Romney can do…

The new sensation is that the media is starting to crack. Journalists fed up over not doing journalism by their bosses, are beginning to suffer the curse of Judus, and realize that they were the direct cause that led to all that happened…

My message to them… Repent while you still can…..

We can watch it on TV…. They have a knowledgeable audience this session, who can smell a media lie when it gets shoved into their face…. The brave ones are jumping ship now…..

(and how I do harken back to when guitar chords ruled the song….)