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Quite a few persons of note, received a piece in their mailbox which told them that they needed to call their congressmen in order to get Offshore Drilling passed now…

Dave, bless his heart, at Delaware Politics.Net caught my attention with this post on the speculative side of oil..

But what about the political timing?  Why did gas prices start to drop minutes after Nancy Pelosi closed down Congress and went home for break without voting on offshore drilling?  That is just plain odd.

Minutes.  Was this entire gasoline emergency an artificial set up, meant to scare the American People into arm twisting Congress to acquiesce and finally allow off shore drilling?

If so, Republicans dutifully bought it.  McCain even supported it…. A silly rally was held in Georgetown to demand “they” drill offshore…  One of Delaware’s stupidest politicians thought he could curry favor by advocating drilling off Rehobeth Beach!  That is what happens when you choose only get your information from little pieces of paper that show up in your mailbox…..   (Perhaps if the envelopes had been pink, their skepticism just might has kept their credibility from being so fully tarnished….)

Offshore drilling does not lower energy prices immediately.  It does not lower them in two weeks….It does not even lower them in 10 years……  It only gives oil companies more leverage at some future date over the poor consumer….

Here is what the “non pink” envelopes said…..

it starts with a Bush quote:

“We can help alleviate shortages by drilling for oil and gas in our own country,…We have got the opportunity to find more crude oil here at home.”

Here is what was the said by Red Cavaney, president of the American Petroleum Institute:  “As a nation, we can have more control over our energy destiny by supplying more of the oil and natural gas we’ll be consuming from resources here at home,”

But while the U.S. oil industry wants access to off-limit federal lands to help reduce reliance on foreign suppliers, American-based companies are shipping record amounts of gasoline and diesel fuel to other countries.

So, you… the Frank Knotts of this world…. have been duped… while you have dutifully filled your gas guzzlers with $4.00 a gallon for gasoline, a record 1.6 million barrels a day, or 16.8% of our daily use of refined petroleum products, were shipped overseas to foreign buyers…  That incidently is up 33% over last year’s 1.2 million barrels.

So what was good enough for last year… is not good enough for this one…..  Why?

Let’s renew the arguments. 

“There is not enough refinery capacity”…(yet we are sending 33% more oversees).

“We need more oil” ( But why should we squander not only our natural resources, but also tourist economies (Rehoboth and Bethany),  wildlife areas, and kill ourselves with additional cancerous pollution, if U.S. refineries are churning crude oil into petroleum products that are sent out of the American market).

“America cannot depend on foreign sources” (why then are we paying catastrophically  prices so “they” can have more fuel?)….

Said much better than I could:

“It doesn’t look good to say: ‘We need more oil.’ But then export the refined products that you’re getting. It doesn’t seem to be consistent,” said Jim Presswood, energy lobbyist for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

So were we duped into believing there was nothing that could be done about high gasoline prices?  To those of you who postponed or completely changed your vacation plans… How do you feel now?   Those of you who have been recently laid off by the airlines… How do you feel now?   Those of you losing margins by having to pay those pesky fuel charges tacked to the bottom of all your invoices… How do you feel now?  Those of you debating to file for personal bankruptcy this month or next…. how do you feel now?

It could have been prevented.  it was all a game to get Congress to pass an offshore drilling exemption…

Why else would you pay $3.45 dollars today? and  $4.26 two Friday’s ago?

There is something wrong with people who do whatever they’re told, without stopping to think before hand.  They are called “stools” because of how they “support asses”.

Delaware even has one running for Lieutenant Governor….  Come November, blame him for your lost vacation plans, your lost job, your lost bonuses, and perhaps by then, your bankruptcy…  Only someone complicit in driving the mass hysteria would venture to recommend: “Drilling off Rehoboth”?   He is as guilty as everyone else…  Perhaps this fall, you can’t take out your frustrations on the oil companies themselves, but guaranteed,  you can sure show Copeland who is boss come November.


This Years Joke Candidate
Photo Courtesy of Wikopedia

I’m Too Sexy
Right Said Fred

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And I’m too sexy for this song

Margaret O’Neill Bldg
Suite 3
410 Federal St.
Dover, DE 19901

Being observant of the law, I have several questions I wish to ask of you relating to Senator Harris McDowell and the report coming out of his committee that slams Bluewater Wind.

I know that you are besieged by citizen’s requests at this time because of the recent turn of events, but would like to hear back from you on these matters.

My questions will pertain to, as following this brief background of your statement of policy.

The General Assembly finds and declares:

(l) In our democratic form of government, the conduct of officers and employees of the State must hold the respect and confidence of the people. They must, therefore, avoid conduct which is in violation of their public trust or which creates a justifiable impression among the public that such trust is being violated.

(2) To ensure propriety and to preserve public confidence, officers and employees of the State must have the benefit of specific standards to guide their conduct and of some disciplinary mechanisms to guarantee uniform maintenance of those standards. Some standards of this type are so vital to government that violation thereof should subject the violator to criminal penalties.

Thank you for your indulgence. First question is this.


(1) No state employee, state officer or honorary state official may participate on behalf of the State in the review or disposition of any matter pending before the State in which he has a personal or private interest, provided, that upon request from any person with official responsibility with respect to the matter, any such person who has such a personal or private interest may nevertheless respond to questions concerning any such matter. A personal or private interest in a matter is an interest which tends to impair a person’s independence of judgment in the performance of his duties with respect to that matter……

Then how is the conduct of Harris McDowell while chairing the Senate Energy and Transit Committee hearing on Bluewater Wind, not a violation of the principals listed above?

Question 2:


(2) A person has an interest which tends to impair his independence of judgment in the performance of his duties with respect to any matter when:

a. Any action or inaction with respect to the matter would result in a financial benefit or detriment to accrue to the person or a close relative to a greater extent than such benefit or detriment would accrue to others who are members of the same class or group of persons; or

b. The person or a close relative has a financial interest in a private enterprise which enterprise or interest would be affected by any action or inaction on a matter to a lesser or greater extent than like enterprises or other interests in the same enterprise.

Then how is the conduct of Harris McDowell while chairing the Senate Energy and Transit Committee hearing on Bluewater Wind, not a violation of the principals listed above?

Question 3:


(1) No state employee, state officer or honorary state official may represent or otherwise assist any private enterprise with respect to any matter before the state agency with which the employee, officer or official is associated by employment or appointment.

(2) No state officer may represent or otherwise assist any private enterprise with respect to any matter before the State.


Despite the understanding that members of the General Assembly are not included in either the definition of either state officer or state employee..……How does the actions of State Senator Harris McDowell, who presided over what two very respected Senators publicly called a one-sided hearing, and witnesses have publicly acknowledged that openness was not tolerated in trying to find the one best solution to Delaware’s energy challenge….

How do these actions not heinously violate the principals stated above?

Question 4:


No person who has served as a state employee, state officer or honorary state official shall represent or otherwise assist any private enterprise on any matter involving the State, for a period of 2 years after termination of his employment or appointed status with the State, if he gave an opinion, conducted an investigation or otherwise was directly and materially responsible for such matter in the course of his official duties as a state employee, officer or official.


How can Senator McDowell’s brazen attempt to pummel Delmarva’s interests over those of 90% of Delawareans, and not allowing any input from those same 90% of Delawareans, be considered as anything but “representing or otherwise assisting any private enterprise on any matter involving the State”?

Question 5:


(1) Any person who knowingly or willfully violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable for each such violation by imprisonment of not more than one year and by a fine not to exceed $l0,000.


How is it that Harris McDowell and others guilty of collusion are exempt from this clause in the law?

Question 6:


(3) The Superior Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over prosecution for all criminal violations of this section.


Can any citizen or citizen’s group including, but not limited to the ACLU, Common Cause, Citizens of a Better Sussex County, The Audubon Society of Delaware, The Green Party of Delaware, The Sierra Club, or any other; file claim in the Superior Court of Delaware to determine by legal means whether or not, the Public Integrity Law of Delaware was not-adhered-to in this case?

Question 7:


No state employee, state officer or honorary state official shall accept other employment, any compensation, gift, payment of expenses or any other thing of monetary value under circumstances in which such acceptance may result in any of the following:

(1) Impairment of independence of judgment in the exercise of official duties;

(2) An undertaking to give preferential treatment to any person;

(3) The making of a governmental decision outside official channels; or

(4) Any adverse effect on the confidence of the public in the integrity of the government of the State.


How is a group of substantial campaign contributions coming from one such interest, under the appearance of a questionable quid pro quo, not a violation of the Public Integrity Law?

Question 8:


(c) No state employee, state officer, or honorary state official shall acquire a financial interest in any private enterprise which he has reason to believe may be directly involved in decisions to be made by him in an official capacity on behalf of the State.


How does passage by the Senate of SB228, which could benefit one Senator Harris McDowell, who as head of a Green Energy Consulting Business, which is a “for profit” entity which can now be in charge of and oversee the dispensing of over $100,000, 000 of Renewable Energy Credits, not a direct benefit to one Harris McDowell and those members of his committee which he chooses to appoint to his board of directors?

Question 9:


(1) “Lobbyist” means any individual who acts to promote, advocate, influence or oppose any matter pending before the General Assembly by direct communication with the General Assembly or any matter pending before a state agency by direct communication with that state agency, and who in connection therewith either:

And (2):

(a) Every lobbyist shall register with the Commission in a lobbyist docket and file, at that time, the authorization from his employer as required by § 5833 of this title. A person who qualifies as a lobbyist in accordance with § 5831(a)(1)a. or b. of this shall register prior to performing any acts as a lobbyist. A person who qualifies as a lobbyist in accordance with § 5931(a)(1)c. of this title must register within 5 days after so qualifying, if not already registered as a lobbyist.


Why was Randall Speck, who represented unequivocally McDowell’s one-sided view, allowed to cross examine state employees on video tape which was not legally cleared by any other state agency, and not allowing any such cross examination by other registered lobbyist or registered attorney friendly to the interests of those state employees being cross examined also on that same video tape, allowed to do so without signing up with the Public Integrity Office as a lobbyist, which according to law, must be done if he is to collude or is to be involved with any part or portion of the Senate Committee of Energy and Transit’s hearings or events?
I'm Looking, but I See No Speck Here....

I reserve to further more questions in the future.

Although some affected by your investigation may impute that I have self interests in finding these answers, I would rather deflect all queries to your judgment as to whether, or not, the very integrity of the Public Integrity Office will be at stake, if these actions are allowed to go unchallenged.

At the behest of good government, I look forward to your reply.

You may answer here, in a public forum, if you wish………..


Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

The most notable event that took place in our recent blogosphere, was the unceremonious “fuck you, assholes” sent by the Delaware House of Representatives (25 to 11) to those turds in the Senate, who are, and have been for too long,….. clogging up the plumbing of good government. By now, all should know that Charlie Copeland, Harris McDowell, Tony DeLuca, and Thurman Adams, are impersonating the Four Whoresmen (sp?) of the Apocalypse, responsible for keeping Delaware from becoming anything more modern than…………a feudal government.

Gloom and Doom opened the morning of the tenth. The News Journal and WDEL both took the fake, went chasing after a foul ball, and ran squarely into the right field fence. Anyone reading past the headlines would have instantly realized that something was wrong, There was nothing lurking in the background to back the headlines. It was a rumor gone wild. Someone had whispered that the wind farm was in mortal danger.

“What?” “The wind farm is in danger?” “Oh, No!”……..

But no report was out, said both news sources, but fortunately for us, four senators were squealing to the press about the issue.

What? Four Senators? Could it be?……Were we about to see the New Age reincarnation of the four Whoresmen of the Apocalypse? Was Armageddon just around the corner?

The News Journal named no names but gave background quotes from 4 sources…..Can we guess? “Desk Drawer” Adams? Harris McDowell? Tony DeLuca? Charlie Copeland? My……………………… did you know? What amazing powers of prognostication you all possess! (That could, in part, be why you are bloggers).

So as we listened to Karen Petersen stammer from having been aroused too early in the morning (session went late the night before), things didn’t sound so good, Especially everywhere one turned, something was being said about the end of the windfarm……..

But those of us in the know, saw it as a concerted effort by four people. A quick look at the math, leaves 783,596 Delawareans still unaccounted for.

Any basketball team losing 4 to 783,596, would never be considered, even by its most ardent believers, as sitting on the edge of an upset!…………Some of us are wondering why those within the media, who should be immune to this type of fake out, were so gullibly sucked in……..

Tommywonk set them straight on Loudell’s Noontime broadcast, notable for being the first guest in recent memory, that Loudell has allowed to go over his time limit, during an interview without pulling the plug…….. Meanwhile, down south, Maria Evans was filtering through the News Journal story as well.

This flap had occurred just on the toes of Delmarva releasing their on shore prices for renewable wind energy. Or lets say they issues a perspective…..a rosy perspective… almost too rosy of a perspective to be taken with a grain of salt………This was quickly debunked by several of Delawares bloggers as purporting to buy wind energy from windmills whose building rights on the tops of mountains, were not even proposed?

And then, HCR 38 went to a vote. Tommy has the scoop on how it happened. as well as does John Kowalko. It came out………… in favor of Bluewater Wind by a vote 25 to 11. Almost all of the 11 came from Sussex County, and were Republican……..Looks like no help will be forthcoming from Dave for these notorious bashers of Dave Burris and backers of John Atkins. Sussex County is wind country. Don’t believe me? Just ask Lynn Bullock?

There is no doubt that Harris McDowell is tearing up all of the fabric of compromise within the second smallest state, in his all out scorched earth attempt to kick out Bluewater Wind.

Dana at Delaware Watch, sings the praise of one committed Legislator, intent on working for the people of his district, unlike his compatriots in the Senate, who have sold their people “out”. That’s the problem with keeping politicians in office too long. It is only inevitable that they eventually, they spoil like a ripe papaya

There has been a surge of spirit among those willing to take on the sad state of affairs known normally as Delaware Politics. Strange events are occurring. People are not willing to sit back and just take it anymore. Many will wonder where this spirit is coming from, and why it suddenly manifests itself among us……..But some of us know exactly from where it comes ….and will fight to keep that free spirit alive.

Delaware Politics.Net has absolutely nothing on Bluewater Wind this past week. Too occupied with “being bitter” and like the rest of us, they are nostalgic for 1999. When Republicans start fondly reminiscing about 8th year of a Democratic president, during the middle of the 8th year of a Republican one, you know something has broken down somewhere in their philosophy.

However all friendly kidding aside, they, along with JTTR, and Rick Jensen, are taking on the 10% cuts being forced upon our educational departments. This is an issue. Schools are being asked to give back money as well as every other state government entity. Dave asks if that is fair? Is it the best option on the table? Dana shows us where that money is going to. Take it from the schools and give it to………….Kilroy has a better answer…..Translate that feeling into action……Steve Newton takes the message directly to the source. Obviously our soon-to-be-retired Governor, having heard Allan Loudell who seems to be the only one mentioning the catastrophic food shortages, (that quite possibly has the potential to change our global political landscapes relatively soon), is worried that in her retirement, she will run out of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Stay tuned for a photochop of Minner enjoying her retirement dinner, with a twenty years stash stored behind her. Those of you who are parents, get yourselves ready for conversations such as this: “Dad,” “Yes, son,” “Why did you let the governor eat up all our school’s money?” If you are prepared, your answer should go like this……”Well, once upon a time…..It all started off when four people got together, and all of them had funny names. Their names were Tony “On The Take” DeLuca, Charlie “No Wind Here” Copeland, Harris “I love Delmarva” McDowell, and “Desk Drawer Adams”…………………” (more to come later)

From the Libertarian side of things, Shirley shows us that there are other people in this world who also have brains, balls, and the know-how to use both, other than Tyler Nixon. Figures this link would come from the “Live Free or Die” State. What is it with small states having the most vocal Libertarian contingents?

Thank heavens some one is finally getting wise.What a beautiful day

Bet it wasn’t a beautiful day for these people in Berks County, PA. (There is a highly recommended YouTube clip in this post’s comment section.) Obviously some laws are still subjective when it comes time to met out their punishments……

Alan Coffey lays the Republican hypocrisy right on the line with this post. Don’t forget, up until just last November, we were going to bomb them…….

Delaware Libertarian has a short post (Yes Duffy! It’s true……Check it out… 🙂 ) about how an above mentioned controversy will impact our local politics. Try as you may to simplify and reduce it further, it can’t be done……..

Along the same lines…..Duffy has some similar advice about finding simple solutions to big problems: always check the registry, and then, check it again………………..Duffy’s stories always make me feel human again; its nice to know I am not the only one upon who life is not always smiling….

On a more serious note, Duffy brings home just exactly what America is all about. Honor, Duty, and the willingness to sacrifice for a greater cause. Irregardless on how you feel about the war, you can feel nothing but pride after reading this tribute…….It infuriates me that back home, in Dover, we are forced to deal with those pursuing a narrow,specific, personal agenda, focused only on themselves and the accumulation of their own wealth, with not even a smidgen of responsibility to those who will suffer because of their actions.

What a huge difference between our military heroes, and those politicians who stay at home……………..

People ask me if I am worried…….I tell them no, I had an omen that in this week something great would happen……I was right. It did. Blue bug eyed aliens were discovered in and around Sussex County (must see picture). And after some trouble with a blood clot, Mahaffie is now in New Orleans, giving us a first hand look at the aftermath of Katrina. I was relieved to see the Cafe du Monde was still around with their awesome beignets. I hope he gets a chance to ferry over to Algiers, but his schedule may be a little too tight…….I’m still waiting for him to show up at the South Pole, to check out the accuracy of his GPS device. 🙂

And we need to keep Joe M. close to our hearts and in our prayers. Anytime one of us goes silent, I start to worry.

But a real event spinning off one of JTTR’s posts had be worried even more. Although I am fond of his analysis covering his taste in music, he did exceptionally well in reviewing this product. I was able to fight the power of suggestion for twenty one minutes before heading out to the nearest 24 hour location…………only to find, that because of the slowness of the economy, it had cut back its hours…….stranding me unfulfilled with JTTR‘s words echoing though my head….(By the way, his review is on target, and the purchase is worth the effort…) His mirror image, has finished his four years and like everyone who has traveled that path, looks backwards and says ………………..”ok”.

Matt Marshall is on TV. No not like water on Mars, this is the real thing. Those who follow DWA can also get a glimpse of the always articulate, and eloquent Dominique…..
But even bigger news it how Gene Reed, insurance commissioner gets his money……..and how the News Journal tried to hide it and cover it up……Just imagine the Pottersville this state would be in if it weren’t for us bloggers?

The Colossus of Rhodey points out that not all stupidity lies with our administration. The University of Delaware is getting ready for another national firestorm, especially during an election year, by putting this up for all to see….”The University of Delaware has revised a speech code that used to classify “[a]ny instance that is perceived by those involved as being racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, or otherwise oppressive” as an emergency equal to fire, suicide attempts, and alcohol overdose.” Hmmm…a little hyperbole we have there, perhaps? Perhaps the University of Delaware’s officials should watch Battlestar Galactica to learn how one deals with those having different viewpoints, even if that person is yourself. I’m telling you. It’s the best show on television.

Finally full circle back to Bluewater Wind. Jason at Delaware Liberal shows us that as we squabble away valuable time arguing with, instead of simply bypassing one Harris McDowell, the rest of the world is moving forward with Offshore wind very quickly. We have just days before the announcement that the East Coast Hub of Offshore Wind development, will no longer be in Delaware. Because we (1st Senatoral District, Wilmington) elect stupid asses to our Legislature.


There is scrambling by all parties to shift the blame of “who is responsible” for the collapse of our financial institutions.

Republican operatives who just returned to Congress this week, had to tighten their reins over their membership which had just spent their Easter Break mingling among their constituents. Republicans, after hearing first hand from real voters, truly fear they are to be wiped off the face of the planet by November 5th.

And for once, they may be right.

For today, Americans of every economic strata feel betrayed, and naturally possess the anger that goes along with it. Ask any of those holding Bear Stearns stock just how happy they are with Republicans right now.

We all know that emotions are scurrilous things. They occur even when there is little factual evidence to support them. So it has been, with the blame being placed on Republicans for placing our once great prized economy on the auction block……Just fuzzy associations but as of yet there have been no direct links, provable in a court of law, that puts Republican philosophy in the Defendant’s chair.

Until now.

Those of us who have ever been betrayed, remember well those moments when the scales fall from our eyes, and our denial can no longer continue its walk on air. I could not believe my ears as I listened to this radio interview with Michael Greenberger when he spoke on NPR. The conversation is 39 minutes, but it provides a smoking gun that hinges Bear Stearns failure and subsequent bailout, onto the very backs of the Republican party itself……

Michael Greenberger, in a voice that is a good mimic of Peter Coyote, the voice over in almost every campaign ad or television documentary, describes in plain language exactly what went down. He should know. For during the Clinton years…..(those golden years)…he served as Director of the Division of Trading and Markets at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. In that capacity, he was responsible for supervising exchange traded futures and derivatives. He also served on the Steering Committee of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, and as a member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions’ Hedge Fund Task Force.. One can hear sadness in his voice as he describes, step by step, the dismantling of all the security devices which were once placed to insure what just happened, would never happen.

To understand what derivatives are and how they caused the current crises, one needs to understand that these OTC derivative markets are nothing more than “bets”. One bets that the housing market will continue to rise, or bets that it won’t, when buying into these plans. The underlying assumption being that the market would rise, so even if a homeowner were to default, his home would have increased its value more than enough to pay for the loan is what pushed this bubble farther than it would under its own power…….But if the markets fell, there was no bottom, since there was no underlying collateral to be gathered in its place. Once again we entered the realm of the 1920’s, where one could buy stock for 10% down. Back then we learned our lesson because of the Great Depression, and said “never again”. We regulated both the banks, and financial markets. And up until this administration, we regulated the OTC markets as well.

But then, late one December night, while America’s attention was fixed on the Supreme Court decision affecting the outcome of the 2000 election, a 262 page rider (Commodity Futures Modernization Act (“CFMA”)) was surreptitiously slipped into an 11,000 page Omnibus bill just as Congress was to leave on Christmas break, written in language that only a corporate lawyer could decipher, by one Senator Phil Gramm. (R-Tx). Not only did this rider wipe out all Federal oversight of this very speculative market, but it subsequently wiped out each and every state and local ordinance that up to that point, had regulated this commodity.

So started this shadow market. Instead of buying stocks and bonds, banks could place bets. The equivalent would be instead of buying a sports team, and investing in all the paraphernalia required that could subsequently pump money back into the economy, one could simply bet on them, and make much more money that way. Just as the sports betting economy, even though iit is huge, is totally below the economic radar, so was this market in dreivitives. There was no one overseeing it, thanks to Phil Graham.

As banks and major institutions began utilizing this new market, they came to the conclusion that they should place those very valuable assets on their books. So what is happening now, is nothing more than removing those questionable assets… the books. Since there was never any regulation, and since banks wanted to keep their financial pages attractive, there was no law that said losses had to be counted, and so they weren’t. Thus, even though this problem begin to turn sour years ago, no one except those whose position itself depended on their keeping that information quiet, even had a clue.

Basically what happened with Bear Stearns, was that one day, the bookie’s collector showed up at the door. “Uh…We’re here to collect.” Bear Stearns could hide it no longer.

Not all financiers fell like Bear Stearns. Some, like Goldman and Sachs to their credit, realized the housing market was about to deflate, and switched. They begin betting the other way; they bet the market would fall, and when it did, they weathered the financial storm better than most.

Essentially our great economy that has been hailed by the Bush administration as proving the wisdom of cutting taxes, has instead been driven by individuals huddled over their computers……staring at screens and making bets. Instead of building factories, extending the manufacturing base, driving new technologies, hiring and training real people, creating products that can be bought and sold, our economy is driven by a very few people…..making bets……
Our fortunes are being made…….or ruined… people making bets.

And this was accomplished by the sneaky tactic of one Republican, on the floor of the Senate in December of 2000., with no disclosure, no debate, and no reckoning.

That one person……Phil Graham (R-Tx) is currently serving as the Republican contender John McCain’s financial adviser. As we all know, John McCain by his own admission, does not know economics as well as he should. If he did, he most certainly would not have the single one person responsible for America’s economic fall from grace…… his most trusted senior adviser…….

The Republican party is entirely to blame for our current economic problems. They shoulder the blame alone for creating this shadow economy that may still yet……………………..destroy us all.

Support the Rich!  Yeah!   Screw the Poor!  Boo!

Hello to my fellow Delawareans:

Hi, my name is Pamela Thornburg and I am from Dover and I am a Republican who voted to keep a vote for Bluewater Wind locked up in committee.

As a Republican I think your concerns do not matter. I am bought and paid for by corporate interests and this Bluewater Wind deal will prevent my lobbyist friends from making tons of money. You citizens have no understanding on how tough it is to be a lobbyist. The need someone to look after them too.

I am confident that after this hoopla is all over no one will remember that I voted to kill this bill. But had I voted on your side, to give you cheap energy with clean air, my lobbyist friends would stop calling on me and not invite me to any parties…..and I love parties……

Knowing that you all have tons of extra money and will not miss a couple of hundred dollars going to Delmarva, I hereby support those corporate interests who need to take billions, not just millions of your excess cash.

I refuse to vote for cheap power for anyone.


Pam Thornburg.

Courtesy of Dept. of Defense
Courtesy of Dept. of Defense.

The Nov. 3rd special election dominates local blog-versations. Which does one prefer, a party hack running a clean campaign, or a clean candidate, being run over by party hacks?” In the silence, whispered speculation continues to grow……….creating an atmosphere quite opposite of the “open government” supposedly endorsed by both candidates……Hmmmm.

What’s this? Breaking News? From DWA……at least someone other than Dana, sees liberal tendencies in, shall I say, “JC”.

Due to a deliberate lack of a response to Jason’s ultimatum, most of the inside track on the Senate 14th election, has been culled from Dana at Delaware Watch. We have the rundown on Bruce’s attempts to “con” lobbyists to knock on doors (not). Knock, knock. “Excuse me ma’am. Sorry to interrupt your dinner hour. Look, I represent the Big Booze interests (that’s with a “z” sound on the end…..not “bs”) and I was wondering if you had given any thought about having a big Ennis for your next state senator……” Or…….. how about, “I represent the Delaware Gaming Commission and we feel that your Ennis is good for gaming…..”

Dana also gives us the scoop that everyone’s favorite FOIA democrat, Thurman Adams, has let lobbyists know that any support for Christian, means they go into a drawer, literally. Kind of odd when someone who supports prayer in school, won’t support a “Christian….”

At FSP and Delaware Liberal they seem to revel in the silence. Other than a brief mention of the News Journal piece on “absentee ballots“, there it little news about the candidates of the 14th. All we have is Dave’s word that a candidate exists……….. Although the Copeland GOP seems to create scandals out of nothing just to surround their shining star candidate with some tarnish…..Oops, its not a scandal if corrected in 7 days. Its, for you francophones, a faux paux. For the rest of us (as Nancy picks up on Dave’s line), it is called a “typo.” I would offer up that the LEAD ( prounounced leed) PAC (Copeland’s $25,000) should, based on knowledge that the money was Copeland’s, the idea was Copeland’s, and the Printer was Copeland’s, the PAC should be pronounced LEAD(led) PAC as in very dense, heavy metal.

What is sad, is that Delaware had a shot at someone who could lead FOIA in the house, another Karen Peterson perhaps……but now, after all this, how could she ever vote against a Copeland directive? Is a vote for Christian, truly a vote for Copeland. If so, Ennis becomes the lesser of two evils……..(Copeland vrs. Daniello) .You heard it here first…..

Other news…..

For those who missed it Matt at the Soapbox fills us in on the John Edwards interview. That was actually the high point of the night, but the MSM carried the entertaining interruption instead. The Soapbox gives the rundown for those who missed it, complete with expletives…..By the way, Matt is actively looking for guest posters on his site…..

Jerry Northington gets honorable mention on Daily Koz for calling on Congress, perhaps “his” Congress, to tell Bush “No”!

Over at Pencader Days we have an allegory of today’s politics. Formula One Racing. Describing F1 Racing to NASCAR fans is like describing Football (soccer) to football fans (Go Eagles!). Having once lived in a Formula II racing town, I get it. (Duff, sell that clip to “Speed”. It is that good.) However, my money is on the “Iceman”. I’m partial to Finns.

New blood, or the return of old blood at WGMD has excited Mike Mahaffe. Based on Mike’s introduction, I will have to tune in. If he is half as good as Maria Evans, it should be quite an asset to this growing progressive state. Mike also gives us the date for the Supreme Court hearing (Nov 27th) on Delaware vrs. New Jersey, or “Historical Precedent” vrs. “Cheney’s secret plans”.

Speaking of Cheney, he seems to keep a low profile these days. But his mechanizations still make waves, as mentioned here in Del Liberal

In a rather awkward situation, taking a moment from filling in from a great guest appearance, Mike Matthews introduces us to the new blog, of the person that made such guest appearances possible. (Click and you will understand what I am talking about.) As a blog, it is different, yet for many of us, very, very familiar. We should have a very, very interesting run………Many of you have, but if you haven’t, stop by and add your congratulations……

Also DWA has a disturbing video. Kent State it isn’t……………

It appears that Kilroy has it in for John Carney. Of course he is a Levin fan. But still, his pictorials always entertain…..But although the Carney bashing is solid entertainment, do not let it dissuade you from reading the very proactive attempt to fuse administration and parents interests within the Red Clay School District. I am beginning to think, with Posts like these, that Kilroy’s on to something big. It should be done for every school district!

Our favorite Curmudgeon, seems to be the only one to pick up on the story of NASA keeping their “air safety” study secret. That’s ok, we don’t need it here in Delaware……WE HAVE MIKE PROTACK.( third sentence: question 6 ) (All should read this entire revealing link, as well as the comments. (Remember writing them?)) before discussing the Republican Governor’s race. Back to the Curmudgeon. I sense in each of her posts, that political and government agencies: “CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Not only NASA, but the City of Philadelphia, and RedState. com seem equally unwilling to publish the “truth”. Perhaps Alice In Wonderland is more prevalent than I thought. Someone should check RedState for Alice’s mushrooms. “Ignoring Ron Paul“, because he is “not” a Republican……Come on….he is on every official Republican Debate, he registered in Congress as a Republican, and he raised more money than Tancredo, and he has done so, because he is the ONLY Republican who correctly BLAMES BUSH for what’s wrong, not illegal aliens…….which puts him right up there with Hube, Kilroy, and Dave to name a few…. ‘Yo! Losers at RedState……Ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall……”

Speaking of Ron Paul, our local Libertarian has this clip which adequately explains why Ron Paul is doing so well, and why some who are “old School”, are hesitant to jump on board……after all…..15 to 20 percent of Americans are Libertarians, according to Cato Institute

On another topic, pursue this: “Primary care physicians are nothing more than gatekeepers for the insurance companies.

Merit Bound Alley has the perfect answer for Hube, who I slighted in my last episode by not publishing his full take on Global Warming. MBA in the video “Silver Bullet” gives a sobering look to prove it really doesn’t matter if man “is or isn’t” the cause of global warming…….What matters is whether we don’t, or do something about it………..

Speaking of one of the contributors to The Colossus of Rhodey, something is happening to his reception of Fox News Channel! It is no longer Comcastic! All other news services are working fine…..Conspiracy perhaps? Doing a little personal sleuthing, on 10/15/2007 Comcast added Fox Business News to channel 106 (site of the old Bloomberg which moved to 103.) My guess is that these are paired, and for your analog TVs, the digital interference from channel 106 creates the sordidness of the analog signal of Channel 65. With electronics, anything can happen……

And just to show, that despite great differences in opinion, that when it comes to protesters, celebrities rule……..the same opinion lurks here on the right, as it did here on the left…….. Which leads one to wonder…..are there really a right and left anymore?

When it comes to wind power in Delaware, those distinctions do not apply. Right and Left line up on the same side, against Delmarva and it’s lobbyists (McDowell-Copeland), which seems to be the only entities left in opposition to the wind farm going forward……..

This has kept Tommywonk busy. Bouncing between radio broadcast, to blogging on wind here,
here, here, here, here, here.

Whether one is dealing with the price of wind in the Netherlands, or the increase of transmission lines across New York, or the seasonal carbon replacement factors that wind would replace, or the variances in wind velocity at 80 meters between summer and winter, perhaps something like this could keep things in perspective. A small break would be nice, for on October 29th, the hard work for wind begins anew……….Hey! Is anyone dressing up like Gary Stockbridge, Harris McDowell, or Charlie Copeland for Halloween? If so,……I would recommend not going trick or treating…………..for your own safety…………

Some thoughts on today’s campaigns:

Some of you are familiar with the chaos theory. Complicated as it is, it can be summed up in this way. You can never predict the precise location of a molecule of water at a specific point in the future. But you can say that it will pass between these two banks during this time interval….and be correct. If one pulls ones perspective far enough back, then the trillions of calculations required for determining the specific potential for a future event to occur, can be summed up rather simply.

It is this broad approach with which I see the political campaigns at this early date. Seeing the 3 quarter presidential monetary figures prompted me to write this post.

According to all commentary about these reports, Hillary Clinton is the foregone conclusion to become our next president. No one is contesting these claims. Obviously rational thought tells us to wait a minute, there is still much that can happen. However instead of being content to report news as it happens, our news organizations have anointed themselves to be oracles. They portend to tell us what WILL happen and thereby, perhaps as propagandists, impact the future to their liking……..Perhaps that is fine, if someone with intelligence is actually making the calculations and troubleshooting the data. But usually such prognostication is based upon someone with average intelligence, who has a gut feeling, and data slanted to project that outcome, is all we are given a chance to see..

My advice? Do not take such predictions seriously……

If one steps back and looks at the entire picture, just what implication does the evidence show? Unequivocally, A LOT OF MONEY IS BEING SPENT ON CAMPAIGNS!!! Hillary Clinton has gotten 27 some million, 26 million, and 26 million. So who is paying her way? Inquiring minds want to know?

I doubt if most of you remember the 2000 campaign. But oil, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries basically subsidized the Republican Party. Today we pay 300% more to fuel our cars, 300% more to insure our families, and 300% more for our “drugs”. So obviously, paying into a presidential campaign, is a worthwhile investment. Considering 300 million citizens paying 300% more for a good or service, does a lot of good for those area’s profit margins. It sure can fund a lot of bonus money!………….

So perhaps it would benefit us, the American people, if we chose to support a candidate who owed us for the right to be president, and not an amalgamate of corporations.

This election year could be an awesome event for “baby boomers”…….We could see the culmination of many dreams handed down from our parents, spoken from our earliest years, which could take fruit in 08! Depending on how things shake down, we could see the first women president. It will take a long time to find a women as qualified to lead, (although not as long to find one more likable across a wider spectrum.) Likewise from those who remember crossing the bridge at Selma, the far flung hope of a “clean” black president, is but a few months away. Those champions of the impoverished, downtrodden, and mistreated, have their “best haircutted” champion yet since Reagan placed his hand on the Bible, swearing to uplift ALL Americans. Those antiwar stalwarts who are disgusted by this current “war for profit”, also have two champions on either side of the aisle from which to choose……Hispanics certainly have one of the best experienced candidates out there, even if the population hasn’t yet accepted it ………

Realistically……….no one knows who the winner will be………no one. And none of us can reasonably make the trillions of calculation and predict exactly who it will be…….None of us. Of course, human nature being what it is, there will always be those willing to stick their neck out, hoping, as does any gambler, that the cards line up their way. So in forums, letters to the editor, TV talk shoes, we still get the subtle predictions, sounding something like this…..”All eyes are on Hillary to ride into the White House next year……”
Blah, Blah,Blah…….

So what is happening here? The big picture…..the really, really big picture?

Most Americans are politically ignorant. Take the segment that does not vote, add the segment that votes only in Big Presidential races, and then add those who vote more often, but only on “feelings” and never actually researched a candidate, …and you would probably substantiate my claim that most Americans don’t really care about politics.

Fortunately some of us do. I certainly would include all who read this into that category.

My theory is that we are being “corporatized.” The same trends that permeate a corporation (not all bad) are being truncated throughout our government as the method with which we do things. At some point even I was an advocate. Corporations could not exist with excessive waste. Run the government as a corporation and efficiency would improve. We saw that during the 90’s when Al Gore (most give Clinton credit) ran the government towards greater efficiency. For the first time in my lifetime, we saw deficits reducing, not skyrocketing. Why?….We used the corporate model starting with the military… Most of us who write a lot, still use the corporate mentality to judge our elected officials. I use it on Mike Castle! If the guy is not productive, and someone else can do the job much better, MAKE THE CHANGE. But the voters, bless their hearts, create their own headaches by relying upon their feelings. “Well……I haven’t heard anything bad about him. And Joe over there says he’s a pretty good guy, and, well, I wasn’t paying enough attention to the opposition, to make a smart decision, so …..since he’s been the incumbent for a while, well, what the hell, I’ll vote for him again…………….”

So out of ignorance, we get incumbency……..Which since we are Americans, is probably as it should be. After all it is our country…and if enough of us feel that way, then so be it………..

But elsewhere within the political process, the corporate influence is strong. Mostly it comes from the need to acquire money if a candidate wants to run again. We vote, send, and pay our politicians to go off and accumulate war chests, not to govern. Standard acceptable behavior dictates that any future candidate spend 80% of his time generating revenue, and 20% of his time governing. No wonder no one thoroughly reads legislative bills before voting on them………

Anyone who works in a corporation knows their structure is one of inclusion. Those who stick out, do not move up. Of course everyone who works is an individual, but.within corporations,…….individuals leave to become entrepreneurs, not corporate execs……..After a certain height in the corporate structure, dissent is frowned upon. “Toe the line, or leave” becomes the mantra……”Tough it up” or go home becomes the :thought of the day” Rarely does “gee whiz, you deserve more money for what you do” ever come upon its own. After all, that sentiment goes against the very reason for the existence of the corporation itself…… maximize profits…..

From some of the statements above, one can see how these sentiments heavily influenced the Republican party over the last 7 years…..And in all honesty, since the 06 elections and the 07 swearing in, it appears that the same influences are now embedded within the Democratic Party as well…..

Government should be a balancer when it comes to the People vrs. Their Corporations. In truth, at one point back in the dark ages, corporations were tied down by a lot of regulation. Now, with too little regulation, people are again suffering as they did early at the turn of the last century. Globalization and monopolies have stolen the power away from the “people” and run away with it. Gone are the old ideals of “competition” which were trumpeted economic debate during the 80’s as the vehicle that would ensure us Americans the lowest cost for our products. In those areas where we still have competition, we Americans still do well. In areas where competition has decreased, such as in gasoline, we do poorly.

Therefore one should be skeptical of those “front leading candidates” who can “SHOW US THE MONEY”. Just who will these candidates owe their allegiance whenever they become the most powerful person on the planet? Who among us will be able to pick up the phone, dial the Oval Office directly, and say “Hillary (Obama, John), Listen up! I need a big favor.” I doubt it will be you or me, but with money like this pouring in to the top three, you can make a sure bet, that someone will!

There is no better example than what took place in the year 2000. Since Gore was such an environmentalist, Bush campaigned as one himself….We were going to energize America without pollution he said……..Just weeks, if not days, after being sworn in, by Executive Order, raising the level of Arsenic allowed in our drinking water, JUMPED UP TO DANGEROUS LEVELS. No other explanation can be offered logically, since it just makes no sense at all, except that someone who owned a piece of a president, got his way………

Obviously this corporate blanket smothering and stagnating our government, is not entirely a “good thing.” So how does one reign it in? Every four years every voter is given a chance to make a change.

Americans are savvy now….Do we race off to buy a Saab because some cool airplanes fly over one on TV? Do we buy a Volkswagen because of a catchy song? No. we buy Toyota’s because they are the most reliable and over time cost the least money to drive………So what will 500 million dollars of commercials do for a candidate by the time the general election is over? It will do little more than boost the profit margins for a lot of television stations across the country.

So Americans do not need $500 million in commercials. We ignore most of them anyway, yet pay every commercial’s high costs each time we purchase an advertised product. So it stands within the realm of reason to assume, that just as advertising jacks up the price of a commodity we hope to use, it will also do the same for a candidate. So by voting for the candidate with the highest accumulation of money, we jeopardize ourselves later by paying through the nose for some service brought to us by a friend of that future president,

I mean none of the major candidates harm. They are all top notch human beings. But is it safe to assume that someone receiving 50 million from Microsoft, will turn around and trust bust that same corporation if it were determined it would benefit the American people? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!,

That is the basic problem. The status quo, those who are currently reaping benefits from they way things are today, have decided that Hillary is their best bet. Since I am a stanch conservative, who feels things were much better ten years ago, than they are today, this shifting away from Republicans to this top leading Democrat, makes me uneasy. Just how fast will we pull out of Iraq? Do we drag our feet until there is no more profit for the taking? Just who will benefit from the new Health Care Plan? Those very same benefiting now? And if we attempt to fix Social Security, does the citizen benefit? Or will be still be at the mercy of those corporate repositories?

Such questions need to be asked of all front runners. As a human being, I do not put much faith into the argument that receiving money from someone has no bearing upon policy implementation. A candidate can say such, but only a fool would believe her…….

Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect a white knight to arrive, the mythical rescuer who appears in a timely fashion and then saves the day. Perhaps we need to settle for the lesser of two evils and assume the position for another four (probably eight years). It is hard to see, for those of us who remember Clinton (the man) lighting up a room by appearing to be one of us, to see Clinton (the women) anointed by the bastions of corporatedom, carefully and financially backed, assume the role of front runner.
Somewhere down the line, we need to find out from her financial statements, just who owns her.

America rarely gets a good president by a regular election. Our best…..were those put out to pasture as Vice Presidents, who suddenly had destiny thrust upon them. They owed no one, and acted accordingly. One former VP muzzled corporations, thereby giving us continued competition that kept prices low until recently. The other made some unprecedented policies, that ultimately kept America out of WWIII. Both of these men did well, I think, because both were able to be true to themselves. They did not have bonds and shackles as did their predecessors who actually had to be elected into office…….

Therefore it is my recommendation that you (the reader) also choose not to consider those front runners. Hold your opinions until after we see how real live Americans choose to vote. For if we complain about the largess of money in politics, yet vote for whoever has the most money, we are perpetuating our own nightmare. The only thing in a real world setting that can change this scenario, is if Americans decide to prove, once and for all, that money does not matter, and ideas do.

Someone with a large campaign chest will not by that fact alone be a better president. As I have argued, they will be compromised. Conversely, someone with a very small amount of money, who, with logic and passion can sway large numbers of voters over to his vision, would make an awesome president. This latter scenario is what Americans should be looking for. Such a candidate will be responsible to us if elected president. He won’t owe PAC’s and corporate executives! He owes us!

So these are my thoughts. They came from looking at the campaign from a distant, detached point of view. I know how easy it is to get swept away in all the hoopla as it happens live. ( I also used to watch every commercial when it came on TV). But in the end, what really matters, is that we remove the stamp of corporate mentality upon our government. Let’s get our government back into the business of helping people. We need to do so without busting our deficit beyond its current cap of $9.8 Trillion.

Those candidates who see their small funds stacked up against the front runners, need to hang tough. If reason prevails, and it usually does among American voters, your small campaign chests could be your saving grace………….as more and more Americans tire of the “corporate sponsored” candidate……….

“And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, the moment you have all been waiting for, let’s have a big round of applause for the “Lincoln Financial Field Candidate Hillary Clinton.”

Somehow seeing our candidates named like sports stadiums, drives the point home……

Support the little guys. Only they, not burdened down, can do the heavy lifting needed immediately after 1 20 09.

This year’s federal budget (08) has a deficit of 440 billion dollars. This brings our Federal debt up to 9.8 trillion dollars.

This is double the 4 Trillion debt, decried by Ross Perot fifteen years ago. All of that additional increase has occurred since the 2000 election.

Out of this entire debt of 9 Trillion dollars, half is owned by foreign interests. Since 2002, 80 percent of the deficit spending proposed by the Bush administration has been paid by China, Japan, and the OPEC nations. Again for effect, since 2002, 80 percent of the deficit spending proposed by the Bush administration, has been paid by China, Japan, and the OPEC nations, two of which seem responsible for everything bad that seems to happen to us today: 9/11 and poisoned toys.

In 2012, the United States Treasury Securities, upon whose stability all other economic measures are based, will be downgraded from its triple A status. Imagine, security in the United States of America will be less than that of a corporation?

Mike Castle applauded George Bush throughout the entire endeavor. Not once did he protest and vote against the Republican push to topple our country off the edge of the cliff. Not once did he raise a finger to stop the destruction of America’s greatest asset: its financial stability.

Now every American, man, women, and child, because of Mike Castle’s silence, owes $30, 000 to our nations lenders, 80% of which, since 2002, are China, Japan, and the OPEC nations.

Unlike other Republicans, Mike Castle has not apologized. Unlike other Republicans, Mike Castle has not upbraided Bush. Unlike other Republicans, Mike Castle has sat on his hands.

During this time, Mike Castle solidly supported George Bush and all of his contortions of our finances.

Delawareans can personally thank Mike Castle for their $30,000 debt to the Chinese and OPEC by voting for his opponent, should Mike decide to run in  08.  With a record like his, I am betting he chooses to retire instead…………….

Ring wraiths have invaded Delaware. They were seen trying to stop the benefits from Blue Water’s Wind farm from ever reaching the hard working citizens of Delaware.

They came to kill the windfarm, which will drop and keep Delaware’s price for electricity at roughly 10 cents a killowatt hour for the next twenty five years, instead of the 18 to 28 cents that our neighbors will have to fork out……..They rode in to do so because their client, Delmarva Power, the same entity you now pay 60% more for your services, will stand to take exponentially much more from your checkbook if they charge you their markup on a fluctuating 28 cents, instead of the cooly negotiated 10 cents…..That’s it.

If you do not know what a ring wraith is, research it. I am under the assumption that they are common folklore. Also should you see any of ring wraiths approaching you, follow the advice of Frodo Baggins, and get off the road! Now!.

Following in the footsteps of the FBI, a Most Wanted Identification List is in order. To assist in rapid identification, here is what you need to look for……Do not allow them near your money….they are extremely dangerous………

Ringwraith Harris McDowell III
Harris McDowell III

Ringwraith Robert Venables

Ringwraith Robert Valhura

Ringwraith Charlie Copeland

Charlie Copeland
Ringwraith Gregory LavelleRingwraith Gerald Hocker
Gregory Lavelle                           Gerald Hocker
Hazel Plant
Rep. Hazel Plant

Should you see any of these on the street. Warn others to hide immediately. Hint: You only get four seconds warning with a distortion of space and time before they appear through the portal.

They are not human. They are bound by oath to their master. They care not one iota whether you can pay these high prices or not. They are controlled by Delmarva. Fear these few….They stop at nothing to keep you from paying much less for your electricity.

Remember their faces…..They want to triple (28 cents) your electric bills!

To fight them effectively, go here.
Everything you need is there……..Don’t keep this to yourself, tell your neighbors…….