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Global warming. When someone knows they lie, they scream louder for the truth. That is what Ceasar Rodney Institute does when confronted with Global Warming…

As heard on WDEL (Rick Jensen show hosted by Flattery Bros on Monday August 20th) “these alarmists complaining the sky is falling… ha ha… haven’t they ever heard of volcanoes. of, of, of thunderstorms… lightening flashes? There are lots of natural things that make the world hotter… Mankind is too small to have the power to make the world hotter…”


But like a dog who messes up your carpet, it always feels good to rub their noses in it….. Maybe they’ll bite their tongue next time…..

From Britain, the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading,
determined that if all nature went totally berserk, ripshod crazy… it could only cause 30% of the current damage to the ice levels we now see.. And that was the best scenario… there were some cases where the most damage caused by natural phenomena… could only cause 5% of the damage we now see…

Sooooooooo, if only 30% of the damage comes from nature…. hmmmm… where does the other 70% come from?……
The authorities at Caesar Rodney, are left to conclude … God. Because if it was truly 70-95% man-made, then they have been totally wrong all these years….

That’s sad.

Republicans are going loco, because they are getting proved over and over and over again, that for 8 years, they were wrong.

They are having difficulty dealing with the truth that they, and only they, perhaps ruined this country forever… They deregulated Wall Street; it crashed. They cut taxes; it bankrupted America. They fought two wars and didn’t put any costs on the books, instead they charged our children and grandchildren . They tried in-your-face diplomacy; it bankrupted America and made us look like goats. They deregulated the FDA so now poisons can creep into our food chain and no one even knows it…

It’s a good thing they didn’t get a chance to ruin Social Security

Now, … that health care is in effect, they KNOW they have lost.. and they can’t deal with it…

Their thought process goes like this… I will do rash, crazy acts so no one remembers that our party destroyed America… and that it took a black man to save it…

Well, in their insular world that might work. But the rest of us have 401K’s half of what they should be because of the policies of Republicans. Those of us in danger of losing a house, know that Republican, not Socialists, are the evil that brought this upon us… Those of us out of work, who can’t find a job to save our lives, know that Republican’s caused the crash … not socialists. Republicans are the Nazi party of America, if one compares the damage done between the two countries those parties represent…

Republicans can hem and haw and crash their cars into Obama stickers or threaten Washington Politicians with shootings… but it doesn’t change the fact that they and their politicians are the ones who messed things up…

In fact, they messed it up so bad….. it just might take a little Socialism to put things back on the right track.

And that is not even comparing the end of the Bush era to that of the Clinton era, where every category did better over 8 years of Democratic rule…

So if you hear someone going off on Obama being a Socialist, don’t even bother to argue with them… They know the facts and their whole argument is to cover up those very facts they know…

Since they know the facts, and you know the facts… you are both in on the joke... So laugh your ass off at them… At what ever they say, just guffaw…. And get your friends to help you… Because the only way to turn a sad situation into a good one… is to laugh at them….

🙂 After all, they ARE fools….

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the recent bomber incident. When I first heard the story break, while driving home listening to Allan Loudell on WDEL, there were five nuclear warheads missing. Later, while on line, I researched the story and there were indeed 5 nuclear warheads discovered in Barksdale under the wings of a B-52, loaded on 5 decommissioned cruise missiles.

Two days later, poking around for anything new, I saw the total was updated to 6 nuclear warheads…..My focus was elsewhere and I paid it no mind. Today, looking for news on the Air Combat Command’s stand down, I realized something had been overlooked……

Essentially this: “Hello, do you know you have 5 nuclear warheads sitting under a B-52 in Barksdale? ” Let us check: “yep, there they are.” Now two days later: Minot, can you comment on the 5 nuclear warheads taken from your base? You mean six? There were 6 warheads on that plane.” “OK, we’ll update that to six….Can you comment sir?……..”

Most people who have direct experience with nuclear weapons, tell me the safeguards are too redundant for anyone to accidentally load these weapons. The probability for an accidental loading is decreased exponentially by the fact that there are no conventional warheads that fit this missile. That is in fact why this missile is being decommissioned, in favor of dual capacity missiles.

Those who think accidents can happen, do not understand the systems in place to make sure they do not happen. Here is the declassified version of the standard operating procedure for the loading of a nuclear weapon.

A sophisticated computerized tracking system is used for nuclear weapons. Multiple sign-offs are required to remove the weapons from their storage bunkers.

The AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile was designed to carry nuclear weapons. No non-nuclear warhead is available for this missile. So the only possible error could have been loading nuclear warheads on the missiles instead of practice dummies.

The practice warheads have standard blue and yellow signs declaring “Inert, non-nuclear”. The nuclear warheads have at least three distinctive red warning signs. This error is therefore highly improbable, absent tampering with signage.

Nuclear weapons are transported from the storage bunker to the aircraft in a caravan that routinely includes vehicles with machine guns front and rear and guards with M-16s. All steps in the process are done under the watchful eyes of armed military police.

Rules require that at least two people jointly control every step of the process. If one person loses sight of the other, both are forced to the ground face-down and temporarily “placed under arrest” by observant security forces. All progress stops until inspections are made to assure the weapons weren’t tampered with.

All nuclear weapons are connected to sophisticated alarm systems to prevent removal or tampering. They could only be removed from the storage bunker by turning the alarm off. And the squad commander clearly would not have authority to turn off the alarm.

So without question, the loading of these nuclear tipped missiles was done directly under orders. For the record here is the Pentagons explanation.

The Air Force admitted to an inadvertent error: The intent was to transport ACMs without weapons. According to military officers, the nuclear warheads should have been removed before the missiles were mounted on the pylons under the wings of the bomber.

Now, you the reader, square that official explanation with the standard operating procedure directly above it. In doing so, keep in mind this group, the 5th Wing, received a citation this past March for its safety record. Something does not stack up……………..

But something even more surprising occurred. The mistake was admitted. Not only that, it was emphasized by a system wide stand down, September 14th, to draw emphasis to it. All this fuss over something the public didn’t know or apparently care deeply about, since as a nation we have implicit trust in the competence of our military.

So was this intended to be a message? It appears so. The disciplinary actions placed upon the officers and men of Minot, could be described as paid vacation…..quickly rescinded at some future time. Talk and no actions. Sounds to me like a message being sent…..

If so, to whom? The speculation of course is that Iran is the target. In fact it would fit right into the Cheney play book for them to think we had nuclear weapons on standby ready to carpet bomb their Natanz nuclear laboratory.

Talk about negotiating with an ace in your hand…..

However there is another scenario that must be considered. That is the fact that every time this administration has had their back against the wall, they always bring up the concept of a nuclear weapon exploding in one of our cities.

As the republicans poll number edge closer to zero, perhaps soon to go into negative territory (lol), perhaps the explosion of a nuclear device in a Liberal city (Boston? or San Francisco?), might appear within the context of their bunker mentality, to be the lesser of two evils………..

Ridiculous as such an assertion may be, it certainly crosses every American’s mind, as evidenced by the length of time such figments of fiction stay upon the world’s best seller lists……..

Diligence is required to insure that it stays in the realm of fiction. And speaking of diligence, …..does anyone know what happened to that missing nuclear warhead, you know, the one that left Minot, but was not found in Barksdale?

Did someone in this administration just steal a 150 kiloton warhead?

Just outside Liberty College in Lynchburg, Virginia is sounding, more and more, like the safest place to live…….