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In a Effort to Boost Lagging Poll Numbers, Mike Castle Attempts Subliminal Advertising at New Castle County headquarters

Recently Delaware’s lone congressman helped introduce, along with 44 other members, Senator Salazar’s Iraq Study Group Recommendations Implementation Act. This act attempts to make an end run around George Bush’s failed policies, by having Congress take the lead and mandate that our Iraqi policy follow the Iraqi Study Group’s recommended courses of action.

This bill has a wide range of bipartisan support. Both Democrats and Republicans have signed on as sponsors.

Several parts of this bill fly in the face of the Bush administration. For this bill follows the ISG’s recommendation that talks must include both Iran and Syria involving the region’s future stability. This makes sense since both of these two former Axis of Evil powers have considerable influence over certain parts of Iraq. Also this bill forces the President to make it clear that America does not have any intentions of maintaining permanent military bases within Iraq, and that he restates on occasion that the United States has absolutely no interest in controlling Iraqi oil revenues or resources.

It also seeks to undo the problematic DeBaathfication laws originally forced on Iraq by Brenner, as well as to ensure the sharing of all Iraqi oil revenues among all segments of an Iraqi society in an equitable manner.

Knowing me I went right to Section 8, page 13 to the section labeled: Statement of Policy of Oil Sector of Iraq.

It shall be the policy of the United States to formulate and implement with the government of Iraq, a plan, consistent with the Iraq Study Group, that–

1) provides technical assistance in drafting legislation to implement the February 27, 2007, agreement by Iraq’s Council of Ministers on principle for the equitable sharing of oil resources and revenues.


Whoa. Screech. Stop. Halt.

I don’t know if you took the time to click on the links above, but if you hit “February 27” you got the draft of the Iraqi Hydrocarbon Act that was leaked to the internet last week It’s long. And if you click on “What” you get the best line by line rebuttal as to why this same Cheney Oil bill will not work for Iraqis, by the person who leaked the oil bill to begin with. It’s also long.

There are huge problems with this certain piece of legislation. In fact, it is obvious that the US congressional delegation that is sponsoring Salazar’s Bill, has no idea what the February 27, 2007, agreement really is. How do we know? Because of the linkage that 1) we reiterate that the US has NO interest in Iraqi oil, with this very agreement 2) that according to loose estimates will give US corporations up to 70% of Iraqi oil for free.

This is predominately the “why”behind why the Iraqis are fighting us. They are fighting us for their own oil. This is why even though our Military daily struggles to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi citizenry, we lose ground every day because more and more Iraqis come to the conclusion that based on our oil plan, we really did invade to participate in this tragic rape of Iraq’s one natural resource.

First of all, who are these oil ministers, endorsed by Secretary Rice before the Senate appropriations committee, who approved this bill? They are all ex patriots, wined and dined like Chalabi before the invasion, then brought into the Green zone with the first troops and made the official head of Iraq’s oil ministry, answerable to the coalition government. The parliament, the actual people who represent the people of Iraq, up until this bill was leaked last week, had no clue what was inside.

So whereas to the unsuspecting, this bill appears to have the backing of the oil ministers, in other words the “experts” and is just languishing in the Congress, because they can’t get it together long enough to pass a simple piece of legislation. At least that is the spin we are given. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To understand what went wrong in Iraq and why we did not win the war after we won the war, one needs only to read the analysis of the oil bill. Had we done everything the same, but instead done just what the Iraqi Study Group recommends, had George Bush stand up and credibly say, ” America has no intentions upon your oil,” our troops would be home now. We would have a flourishing democracy in Iraq. But we sent the opposite signal. The signal we sent was this: we want to take control of Iraqi oil resources away from the Iraqi government and give it to Big Oil Companies.

And so they fought us.

Here is what needs to happen before that part of the bill passes. An amendment needs to pass, that strips that section from the bill. If they want, they could substitute the Federal Oil Law, with the Regional Oil Laws, which already have some sentiments of public support. The regional oil laws were hammered out by Iraqis, not an illegitimate cabinet of American appointed officers. Here is what the Iraqis say about the regional oil laws………

,,,,,,, though the Federal Law does not name any figures or percentages of sharing or profits, the Regional Law sets the way profits are calculated, which is based on giving reasonable percentages for the Internal Rate of Return, according to the wideness of the field, after appraisal. We think the reasonable rate could be no more than 15 percent.

This reasonable rate is higher than those in the surrounding countries, which shows it fairly takes into account the higher level of risk that Iraq provides over Kuwait, Iran, or Saudi Arabia.

This reasonable rate will allow Iraq infrastructure to begin to be rebuilt. This reasonable rate will stop the flow of insurgents into the recruiting arms of Al Qeeda.

So one could applaud Mike Castle for breaking with Bush and not following the Mitch McConnell and McCain line that we need more American dead in Baghdad to honor the American dead already there. Here in Delaware, we are glad he has broken away from Worm -Tongue’s spell. However, he needs to do more. For without a change in the Iraqi Oil Bill, his, and his other 44 co-sponsors’ bill, is doomed to fail.

To those who urge attack, I have listened to your arguments and have sifted through massive amounts of evidence, clicked links you have mentioned to large compilations of other links of which I have explored, but I am still unconvinced that Iran is willing to have itself destroyed, nuked to death, just to get the one remote chance at striking Isreal or the United States.

You may be too young to have been scared by the Soviet Union. Having experienced it first hand, I lived through the hawkish views of pre-empting our arsenals. Not only did we live in fear the Soviets, but we equally feared some of our own hawkish generals just might go nuts and act independently of the president and the people. This fear was milked by many cinematic directors of that time.

But wait, Iran is not a homogenous society. It is roughly only 50% Persian. Currently their greatest internal fear is that an influx of refugees may tip the balance of power. Also there is a large, again almost 50 % of the population, that is rational and progressive. The balance of power is quite slim for the current head of the religously conservative Iran. “Whats his name’s” control of his country is just as shakey as our Republican administration, that is currently in charge of mismanaging our nation’s foreign affairs.

Each time Bush speaks, the world hears our entire country through his voice. Doing so, overlooks the fact more voted for Gore in 2000, and that only 60,000 Ohioans determined his second term. That means there are a large lot of Americans, who strongly oppose the military pre-emption of Iran. But that is not what the world sees. Likewise, in Iran there are a tremendous number of Iranians, who feel that to destroy their ancient culture for a token strike against Isreal, is equally pointless.

Instead, by understanding the politics, one can understand that the rantings of both “what’s their names” are not meant for the world’s stage. Instead, they are intended to placate and maintain the continued unequivocable support from a shrinking feeble base that both current administrations must maintain to control their governments. Hell, the Soviets did the same thing, and after the fall of communism we discovered that those diatribes were scripted by the Politboro for domestic consumption.

The commission’s report we received on Wednesday is a politiclly watered down version of what needs to happen. One has only to see a bristling James Baker and Lee Hamiliton condeming Bush’s stance towards Iran and Syria before Congress, to see that the vapid tone was meant to placate Administration censors. To see the best of America uncomprisingly advocate the repair of ties to Iran and Syria, only further alienates the hard line core who seem bent on war at any cost for any reason.