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Sorry you didn’t make it to the sequel…

In Delaware the 8% seems to have turned into a 4% cut.

The problem as expressed here before, is one of scale. We can easily say, just cut the number of people we don’t need, and let the rest do the work.

That does not stack up.

For one. Those people cut would rather have ninety – two percent of their pay, than none at all.

For two. Those who say the economic impact of an 8% cut on our economy, for some reason fail to calculate that the same impact occurs if 8% of the states employees are laid off.

For three. As citizens of this state, we receive much better service by having more human beings assisting us, than by having fewer who are paid well… Imagine, standing in line at the DMV with only two people processing applications? Don’t worry, we are told… they are being paid well… Uh, ok.

So the concept of trying to accomplish more with less should not be viewed as a vice and vilified by every labor union known to man. It should be considered a virtue.

The alternative is layoffs. or higher taxes to drive more revenue though our coffers.

The populist argument is simple. People matter more than money, so tax corporations and pay people money…. I like it.

But I can remember hearing from those responsible for making Delaware a corporate friendly state, exactly how much good change came from getting rid of those negatives that impact businesses…

We honor Russell Peterson for his Coastal Environmental Act, but look at the News Journal Archives (print only) describing the bankruptcy possibilities faced by the second smallest state at that time (’79)… If we utilize our ability to take money from corporate entities because we can… then what do we have to offer them that is so great to maintain the balance and make them stay here and employ our workers? Why is Delaware such a great place to set up or keep a business if in that process, we destroy our best asset? In other words, why would Paris Hilton purposefully get fat and stop wearing make up? Same thing.

Balance is the key. And Markell is the man for that. For if this state goes too populist, it will hurt our reputation among those whose commercial enterprises actually fund our lives…

His 8% is a brilliant stroke. It keeps people employed, and trims our deficit down. It may need some tweaking.. especially on the lower end of the pay scale… but it shares the suffering better than the massive layoffs that must come if we cannot close the gap in any other way.

We pin hopes on green energy. Yet, who would want to set up a business here, if New Jersey offers it cheaper there?

Do not be quick to steal from corporations. If you’re going to steal, make sure it is from everyone, so no one can say we could have had any other choice…

But, the whole point of this article, is to demonstrate how Michigan is attempting to solve their crises. It can get quickly out of hand, there.

There is a movement to put on their ballot, a proposition requiring the downsizing of their government. In this report filed by Jamie Edmonds of WIXL TV (who just happened to graduate from the University of Delaware’s School of Journalism in 2005). there is the stirring of a citizens movement to simply downsize government.

-Their proposal would eliminate ten seats in the Senate and 28 seats in the House and two supreme court justices.

-It would roll back a lawmaker pay raise

-It would ban lobbying for two years after leaving office.

– It would cut state departments and salaries.

“What we are doing we’re having less government, less bureaucracy, more accountability to people,” Byrum said.

The group supporting this needs 300,000 signatures by July 7th to put it on the ballot.

Now Delaware does not have a ballot Proposition Clause. We are too representative and have our government too firmly entrenched in our pre-colonial traditions, to ever go that route. But, the anger is out there among our people… And accountability must be taken by those whom we put in office.

That is why the 8% cut proposed by our governor Markell is a sound one. The alternatives which are now only being explored by the Joint Financial Committee of our Legislature, are all much worse…

Remember. When it comes to suffering, all must suffer equally for it to work… That should be our mantra. All must suffer equally. All.

I’m going personal to talk about the institution of marriage.

Quite often those recommending that Marriage remain an institution, were pilloried around here as being somewhat rather old fashioned…. And if one can split their argument as one splits a single hair, it turns out that there is some merit in keeping the sanctity of marriage intact: the disagreement was over whether or not marriage was a club exclusively for heterosexual people….

Marriage provides structure… It is no longer a requirement necessary for the experience of an orgasm.. Such was not true in my grandmother’s time when marriage was considered the necessary ingredient… . And perhaps because of that, since orgasms were not prolifically discussed, they were far less readily available then they are today…

We don’t need marriage for sex… That is no longer its purpose. We do need it for stability… That is probably the best excuse out there for putting two people together up on a stand, and witnessing that their commitment is being made for a lifetime….. (again irregardless of sexual preference)

I have recently come to realize the importance of such institutional baggage… I found that the songs of the sirens is overpowering.. and against them, there is no recourse… Now, two months ago, I would have argued strongly against that statement, and assumed that weakness of character was the issue, but… since then, I heard the song… it’s as bad as they say, and it is indeed, lethally irresistible…

Unfortunately or fortunate, depending on one’s outlook, I was tied down, and those in my life with beeswax in their ears, continued plodding forward oblivious to my inner cries…. Could I have undid my bonds, I’m telling you, i would have jumped and swam purposefully towards that song right up to the cliffs of death… Reason simply went away, The song was passionate and every fiber within me resonated with its tone…..

Until then such a pull was simply myth… Now I know.

But the bonds of marriage, the structure, the lack of time, the kids, and the undying love of a spouse well picked, did what they were supposed to have done, and in the end, held me tightly to the mast until our ship sailed passed far beyond their range…..

Had those bonds not been there, my fate would have lain in my own destruction…

I now understand why ancient society held tight to the wisdom of marriage… I understand how a broken marriage affects those children who quietly suffer without saying much… I understand that some things cannot be predicted, cannot be foreseen, cannot be understood, until their song has penetrated deep into one’s soul, taking over the will, and exchanging right from wrong…

It is during these times, that structure is needed… Bonds, which cannot be broken, have their purpose. Upon reflection, a good Marriage stands as probably the best glue available to keep a family together…. In any regards, though I was powerless and succumbed to the Siren’s passion, by the wisdom of my foresight, I survived the ordeal intact…..

We set sail for home this morning….