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Did You Ask Me What It Was Like?
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Would any American support a law imposed on us by the Soviet Union?

Would any American support a law imposed on us by Communist China?

Would any American support a law imposed on us by Islamic Iran?

Would any American support a law imposed on us by Mexico?

Would any American support a law imposed on us by Canada?

Would any New Yorker support a law imposed on them by South Carolina?

Would any South Carolinian support a law imposed on them by New York?

Would any Delawarean support a law imposed on them by Alaska?


When put in this perspective, the phrase…”it’s the law…” rings rather hollow…

It’s the law… of what? It’s the law of…. who? It’s the law decided by whom?…… What reference does this law have to me?

Such is every Americans feeling to corporate law… These laws were applied to the lawbooks without our knowledge. These laws were applied to the lawbooks without our approval… There laws were applied to the lawbooks not in an open environment, but subtlely sneaked in, unannounced, unnoticed, unapproved, unsubstantiated, and unconstitutional…..

These laws that are being upheld, benefit a very thin percentage of people, a razor thin percentage of people. at the expense of the majority…..

Rick Santorium stands up and states we are a nation of law. We follow the rule of law…

Yes, we will follow a rule of law onto which a majority of us signs on to… But nowhere in our contract with America did we agree to follow laws that have not been sanctioned by the Constitution as being legal. Nowhere in our contract with America, did we agree to follow the phantom that corporations were human beings. that corporations had just as much right as people to write laws, get them passed, and then uphold them… as if they were people….

There are times when breaking the law, is better than following it…

If you don’t believe me, just ask Jesus.

Antimatter exists... It's real!
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While all eyes were focused on the fake news event of galactic proportions… ie, Camping’s prediction, real shattering events in the world of science were actually taking place… which stretched out to the extreme may one day, like Star Trek and Star Wars, send men at warp speed to distant galaxies…

Antimatter… the opposite of matter, was found and held for 16.6 minutes…. That is plenty of time to bring another hydrogen atom damn smack into it… Creating, something magnificent…creating results bordering on what we don’t know yet ….

Trust numbers, not people… Math predicted their existence, and even though no one quite new how to find them, most accepted them on mathematical evidence… In my lifetime, and yours, this great event took place…. and went unnoticed for several weeks, because the world was ending….. not…

Praise be to mankind, who has grasped the inner workings of matter itself… Praise be to Europeans, … who did not kill their super collider as did America’s numbskull republicans…..

I’ll be brief.

Two weeks ago, Christiana residents voted yes to a referendum that might fill the gap of 8.1 million dollars being shorted to that district by the state.

Tonight, Superintendent Dr. Marcia V. Lyles went before the board in Executive Session, to allegedly ask for the hiring of her special $160,000 Assistant Superintendent.

The 5:30 pm executive session was not made public. The newest elected board member, the one most beholden to the voters, will not be sworn in until the first of July.

So it was up to the lame duck outgoing board members including School Board President Mr. Evans, whose last school board meeting was today, to vote for the creation of this new position.

$160,000 could be better spent on 5 new teachers, or even 1600 laptops, or necessary infrastructure repairs.

It does not need to be spent on one person, as a favor from the departing and exiting board members.

When money is spent, this question must always be asked… How does spending this money help someone learn more than if this money is not spent?

The new position of assistant superintendent, does not pass that simple test. No one learn one iota more, if he comes.., goes, or never gets hired. Not one student will learn more from that $160,000 spent.

Bait and switch. We were told the money would be used for this…

• Local funding for Full-Day Kindergarten in all schools
• Local share of additional positions
• Student programs and services
• Art, music, physical education, and libraries
• Textbooks and technology
• Middle school sports program
• Enhancements to Talented and Gifted programs
• School instructional budgets
• Rising costs of energy, transportation, and personnel

Instead we get this…… A $160,000 Assistant Superintendent.

(The school board meeting was held at Elbert-Palmer Elementary School, hidden deep in Southside Wilmington, to make it intimidatingly difficult for parents or teachers to protest. )

What's Faster Than a Fleeing Particle?

Around 4:30 this morning, as most of us were tucking ourselves into bed, either from crying in our beers, or pouring them all over our heads in jubilation……

The super hadron collider was fired up for its first run at the CERN complex in Geneva…

Originally it was to be built bigger and better in Texas, but Senate Republicans killed the deal during the nineties..  The monster Machine has a seventeen miles wide circumference and can propel atomic particles 99.999% the speed of light….

The force of those collisions can theoretically create black holes into which our universe could get swallowed up….or as some non scientists speculate, create a new big bang and start things all over again…..

So either we got swallowed up and are continuing our lives in another dimension,… which is possible, or the event was minimal….

In any regards, doomsayers will have another chance however…  on October 21st the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) attempts to go at full power…..

We, alas, have a few more days of seeing political signs and listening and looking at repetitive political commercials……..

The Large Hadron Collider is expected to fire up for the first time on September 10th of this year..  At least we in Delaware will get the Primaries out of the way….

To the scientifically uninitiated, this is sort of like the equivalent of exploding the first atomic bomb in Los Alamos back in ’44.  No one really know what will happen.

It could go extremely wrong,   Some of the speculations abounding are that it may create mini black holes, a rip in the space-time continuum, a fusion reaction similar to that central to the plot of Spiderman 2 Movie….

But to those of us who follow these things, these remote possibilities are worth the risk, for we might through this process find the Higgs boson….

Which would verify one of the several theories on how we can link gravity to the other strong forces…..  Once we know the correct theory, we can begin looking at intergalactic space travel where we cross vast distances in seconds….  it’s far fetched but it appears possible in the math.

It is helpful to remember that just a hundred years ago (1908), the term “theory of relativity” was first coined by Max Planck, and now today Obama says we need to seriously explore safe uses of nuclear power….

The same fears we will soon hear as the major media takes up the story and spreads it across the globe to those who lack the knowledge to properly assess its risks, also took place even among those working in secret on the Manhattan project itself back in ’44.

Either way it is a story to be watched….  Imagine on the 7th anniversary of 9/11 our solar system has a new sun…..   us….

Here is a lighthearted look that came to me highly recommended for its entertainment value….  It’s five minutes long and all those I tested it upon have responded they watched it to the final credits…  Just sayin….