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“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).


51% of the country cheered when they first heard police were shot by snipers in retaliation for the unnecessary shootings making the rounds these past two days.  The other 49% reacted with regret.

But those other 49% cheered the two blacks being killed.. Ha, take that, Obama!….. (referring to Tea Party Congressman Walsh’s currently calling for both Black Lives Matter leaders and Obama’s assassination).

Social media today is full of everyone’s pontifications. The point lost however, is that shaming is ineffective when the people you are trying to shame, are proud of what they did.  Just as when you are proud of what you do, you care little about how your enemies try to paint you, probably because their reaction, justifies your original action.

True “Wisdom” calls both sides out for being wrong… Because if there is one lesson taught by world history, it is that violence  begets violence and the only way to stop it, is for one side to completely disappear, as in down to zero, or… both sides become so tired of the costs they negotiate a solution,… the latter which could have just as easily been wrought WITHOUT all the costly violence transpiring.

War’s only solution is to stop it cold prior to the very first provocation.

To understand this train of thought, one first needs to understand violence. Violence occurs when people become frustrated that justice is being ignored by a majority of the status quo.  Whether you are ISIS, black, or a Republican Christian like Timothy McVey, you resort to violence because you can express your anger on that playing field, whereas you are completely boxed up on all others….

In study of conflict after conflict, there is roughly a six month window in which solutions acceptable to both sides can occur.  The first violence is a surprise. Neither side is mobilized and interior battles are still ongoing between the moderates and extremists of either position.

If things quickly change for the better, in each group it is the moderates who gain more followers as extremists lose them: “Whew, good thing we didn’t start fighting; everything worked out well”. BUT, if nothing quickly changes, it becomes the extremists who gain the upper hand in each organization, simply because what they offer is something different than inaction:  “not fighting the bully” is not working; “fighting the bully” is the only viable plan left.”

It is at these points where controlling governments make their mistake.  They respond reactively instead of proactively. They are reacting logically which does nothing to appease the rampant emotions surrounding the issue. If they prosecute these officers and prosecute the police murderers (the logical solution) they do nothing to stem future racist officers from killing other blacks or other angry blacks from killing future police officers… the violence continues which conveys the frustrating message that nothing has changed

When the perception appears that nothing has been done, the attraction to more violence, grows.

Today’s events blatantly illustrate this.  Louisiana’s Democratic Governor turned the Baton Rouge case over to the Feds. who we all know could never be persuaded to white wash what happened and lie to protect the police officers.  That should had ended the controversy behind the first shooting. Over! Done! Justice will be served…  But that reaction was dwarfed by another event, a totally unrelated video shot a thousand miles to the north.  And now that video just got overshadowed by the sniping at cops in Dallas.  Are we done yet?  Or will another video surface today?

To prevent chaos, you have to jump over the crises of today and intercept tomorrow’s crises before it happens.  This usually requires an illogical action that is so bizarre, it puzzles the will and stops all in their tracks while they analyze what in the heck you just did. Successful tyrants have done this across history. Imagine for example if we arrested and imprisoned without bail, the Koch Brothers and the officers of the NRA, and shut down Fox News.  This shock would be enough to stop the violence.  You reacted and stopped cold the root cause of the violence; instead of just treating the symptoms.

Were you to do this, those racist officers intent on starting a race war, would be afraid that doing so would put their superiors in jeopardy, which would be harder for them to live through than going through what has now become the standard acquittal process. Particularly those superiors feeling the threat, would seminar those in the streets with daily reminders to shoot no one for any reason, lest the “real Law” comes for the boss to take him away….

This immediately changes the culture in police departments everywhere.  Within hours. You go from being afraid for your life, to being afraid of losing your job which to a police person, is a far greater fear than that of losing ones life, a risk you accepted when you took the job.

Admittedly, this would be difficult to do in America because we are a nation founded on the principle of moving slowly by consensus. But it was quite effective in Soviet Russia during Stalin’s tenure and in North Korea today.  That is how autocratic nations are run. Grab someone randomly who is no more guilty of crimes than were those dead police officers or the two black gunned down, and punish them.  Since you don’t know who your actions will hurt, you don’t propagate any. Here in America, the equivalent would be to arrest the Koch’s…. and since they’d be a flight risk, … no bail.

But just imagine if the NRA, Koch’s, and Fox News were suddenly leaderless.  Silence on the NRA’s part, no secret money funneled to hate groups on the Koch’s part, and no propaganda on Fox News Part..  Instead we would see it for what it is: crazy people doing crazy things and being punished by the calm rule of lawt.  We would be told such was the cost of freedom and shown fractions like 7/319,000,000 to drive home the point that 318,999,993 of us have little to worry over… We would be reminded of how there are 900,000 police officers in the United States, and how only 3 of them killed with no provocation these last two days.  We could be told that if you get pulled over you have an 899,997/900,000 chance of having no life threatening situation occur.

And if we become convinced that we have little to worry over, the costs of instigating violence to ourselves and our families far outweigh any gain we would otherwise see….


Because when you deal with people who access to weapons, you can’t stop violence with force… Iraq’s occupation was one example.  Britain’s domination of Ireland is another. Palestine versus Israel is a third.  You only stop violence by making those individuals who are armed, not want to hurt anyone….

And that will require a lot of changes… A police force can offer free hugs in a university town all it wants, but until you stop the posts of:  Like and Share if you support Police Officers killing Blacks for no reason, it is just one molecule in an ocean.

When you have a fire, you don’t add gasoline… Arresting the Koch Brothers, the NRA leadership, and Fox News would do a lot to remove gasoline which we all know, shouldn’t even be near a fire to begin with…

As anyone who has dealt with terrorism knows, if you build a hospital to display goodwill and the terrorists come in and kill everyone there, no one goes to that hospital anymore… no matter how sick. You have to take-out those who call for violence and arresting the Koch’s, NRA leadership, and silencing Fox News, would take 98% of those promoting this insanity, off the streets and out of the public eye in 24 hours.

We need to focus on the REAL problem, not the symptoms.







There are myths, and there is reality.  Sometimes they coincide, but usually myths are invented to achieve a reality that otherwise would have such opposition, it would never occur.

Keystone is like that.

The myth is that Keystone will lower oil for us at the pump, and create jobs in the construction industry. If those were true then the bill would have a much easier time passing… They aren’t.  The truth is that the Koch’s own a large part of the tar sands in Alberta and must have that pipeline to move that oil southward to their refineries.  Otherwise if the pipeline goes east or west, other billionaire’s refineries will get the profit, not the Koch’s.

The oil is for import only.  Not domestic consumption.  There is no benefit to the USA to transport Canadian oil across America to refine it near Houston, and send it overseas in tankers.  At best, we would have 10 more people monitoring the flow of oil, provided technical advances do not replace even them.  There is a good likelihood they will.

As for jobs-building the pipeline, it appears that perhaps 2,500-3,000, most of them non-union and therefore low wages, would be the short term benefit…  I believe Senator Mitch McConnell estimated 40,000 jobs.  However Kinder Morgan which is building a bigger, better pipeline than the Keystone in question, is only swelling its job estimates to 4500, the equivalent number EDIS hires in Wilmington to build one single building, or Reybold hires to build one apartment complex in a former cornfield.

This is paltry.  We create 250,000 new private sector jobs a month… 2500 + or –  won’t make a dent anywhere.

The negatives are far more severe.  First it would transfer the worst type of oil through America… Whereas an oil well is environmentally non-intrusive, a tar sands operation creates an environmental hell.

Tar Baby

Photo courtesy of KQED

Far more worse than any train wreck to which Rick Jensen was alluding. Secondly, this pipeline crosses an aquifer that supplies the central US with almost all of its water.  Were oil to seep, that water though plentiful, would be useless as ocean water for any agriculture purposes…  No farming from North Dakota to Oklahoma. The bread basket of America, simply gone.

Proponents say pipelines are safe… they point to tankers on highways and trains that derail. However they go completely out of their way, even banning reporters from the town on Keystone I that had oil come up out of the ground and take over that town.  It’s water supply is undrinkable.


If this already happened on Keystone I, it is a safe bet to assume it will certainly happen somewhere along the 1000 miles where the pipeline crosses America’s most important aquifer.

Tar leak Arkansas

Courtesy of The Star

We have so far completely put a dent in any argument stating that Keystone is important for America’s survival.

Now we shall show you why it is currently a hot topic and is being rushed through a Republican Congress over all cognizant objections.

it is not a random occurrence that Sen. Mitch McConnell went to the Koch’s summit, promised a load of goods, got campaign money, and upon arriving as Majority Leader, made Senate Bill #1 the passage of Keystone.   The Koch’s funded 44,000 ads in 2014. 

The following map shows why.  From this it is clear the pipeline has no other purpose than to get Koch oils sands down to existing Koch refineries.

koch props

Courtesy of Google Maps. 

Koch operates crude oil gathering systems and pipelines across North America. Its Flint Hills Resources subsidiary owns refineries in Alaska, Minnesota, and Texas that process more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil daily. The company owns a 3% stake in the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, 4,000 miles of oil and products pipelines in the US, and an 80,000 barrels-per day refinery in Rotterdam. In addition, Koch Industries has held multiple leases on the polluting tar sands of Alberta, Canada since the 1990s and the Koch Pipeline Company operates the pipelines that carry tar sands crude from Canada into Minnesota and Wisconsin where Koch’s Flint Hill Resources owns oil refineries.

So it is clear as this debate goes forward.  There is no advantage for America to build this pipeline.   In fact there is a huge disadvantage if the slightest thing goes wrong.  Yet there is a great advantage to the Koch Brothers who funded a large number of congressional races with both dark and legal money.  In this time and age, it appears that if you spend enough to get in who you want, then they do exactly what you originally asked them to

The People be damned.