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On the fifth day of protests, still 20,000 showed up in Tbilisi to protest their president’s mismanagement of last summer’s war…

If you can remember, he launched an attack upon the Russians in South Ossetia at the insistence of Karl Rove and John McCain’s campaign chairman, in order to create an international crises that was hoped to make Obama appear unready to hold the reins of power..

The ploy backfired all around, and especially in Georgia, where the Russians quickly set up a defensive perimeter and Georgia was left wondering who their president was representing… them? or an American political party half a world away….

His opponents say the 41-year-old leader has made too many mistakes to remain in power until 2013. They have a point.

The twenty thousand who showed up on the fifth day, is down from the 60,000 who originally protested on Thursday… That gives Mikheil some breathing room… In central Asia, protest are supposed to grow on succeeding days… not diminish.

The protesters are asking for Saakashvili’s resignation, but with diminishing turnout, it appears that will not happen… For his part, Mikheil has asked to engage in discussions with the opposition to obtain some form of resolution… Most believe some funding of the opposition is coming across the border from Russia… since no one has money in Georgia anymore….

Ironically both Mikheil and Barack got their original funding from the same person…. George Saros…

Today “State Department Spokesman Richard Aker told reporters Friday that the U.S. had no stance on whether Saakashvili, (whom the U.S. vigorously supported during the conflict with Russia last July over breakaway provinces South Ossetia and Abkhazia) should step down. Aker said any question of political leadership was an “internal Georgian matter” and stated that the U.S. supports the right to peaceful public protest.”

The current leadership has learned how NOT to behave from its predecessor… We are fortunate for their wisdom….

As we race toward tomorrow, and blue maps of the US are on every blog, and if you want to find the Republican party these days, you must search the bars….. it would be wise to remember that we faced the same jubilation in 2004, when even as late as 17:00 hours on Election Day, we were ecstatic over what we assumed would be the outcome….

We face the same confidence in 2000, that a cocky Republican stalwart would be slapped down by the greatest human being to ever walk the planet…(lol, I kill me)….

And to be honest we are there today…. again… waiting in trepidation… hopefully anticipating our nation’s move past the doldrums of Reaganomics and Phil Gramm’s destruction of the global economy…

We have one reason to be optimistic… Eight years of failed Republican policy which took a nation, poised to do great things, and bankrupted it… Eight years of failed Republican foreign policy, which took a nation esteemed and emulated…. from Communist China to Pitcairn Island…. and turned its reputation into that of a crazy old Uncle Sam…. Eight years of failed Republican moral leadership, who scrambled to play footsie under bathroom stalls….or romp with underage Congressional pages… or prostitute their agencies at the bidding of corporate giants….have given us a distaste for all incumbents who we once esteemed… We can change it this year for good….

Bottom line: everything Republicans have promised they got to implement… their tax philosophy, their foreign policy, their moral superiority…..

And we are much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much worse off.

So perhaps Americans will be a little wiser this time around…. Republicans they will say?..”Forget about it!”

But there is hope for Republicans this time around as well.. Actually Republicans have a very good chance of winning every seat they want… For you see, while we were campaigning and chanting “yes, we can”; while we were scrambling to find new voters, while we were canvassing neighborhoods, while we were combating the misstruths told on Republican blogs with cold hearted truth, our nation, under its fringe Republican Leadership, was using the powers enabled by the Patriot Act, to splice into fiber optic lines under San Francisco, where Yahoo, AOL, Google, all intercept, store and monitor every single phone call and or electronic data transmission, and be able to change whatever comes in………..into what they wish to go out……… We have that potential. They can do it………. I’ve seen it done……

It’s simply a question of “Will they?”

I think we saw with Dick Cheney’s endorsement of John McCain just lately….. that all the processes are in place and that at least that Dick Cheney believes, he has the capacity to change the totals irregardless of what every voter thinks…

“If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.”

If Fox News is so disgusted that IT says this about McCain when the reports first came out…… then I guess it’s over.

People on crack lie… John McCain and Sarah Palin are lying as we speak…

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

People on crack are inclusive… Sarah Palin when creating Alaska’s budget, did so secretly only in the presence of her husband and budget director…  Now that’s inclusive..

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

People on crack make up stories..  The McCain camp made up that Obama called Sarah Palin a pig…  He didn’t… It was McCain himself who used the term….

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

Crackheads change truth when it does not suit them…. The McCain camp is portraying Sarah Palin as an anti lobbyist government reformer… She isn’t… She spent Alaskian dollars on Washington Lobbying firms..  She spent Wasilla’s limited resources on lobbying firms…. She was gung-ho, whoop-de-doo for the boondoggle “Bridge for Nowhere” and came out against it only after the Federal Government made it clear she could spend the money earmarked for that bridge, anyway she chose….  Then she pretended she was against it…

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

People on crack, twist reality into exaggerated half truths designed to shock and awe….  The McCain camp accused Obama of pushing sex education in kindergarten…..   when in fact, the program was to warn children of child molesting predators….  a good thing.

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

People on crack make believe others say something different than they really said….   The McCain camp slurred Obama being slammed by Fact Check.Com, causing Fact Check. Com to issue a warning about McCain using them irresponsibly….

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

Crackheads think nothing of pimping out their family members… We won’t even mention what happened at the Bike rally at Sturgis, South Dakota… with the beautiful Cindy McCain…..

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

Crackheads are prone to rash actions… When a builder complained to Wasilla’s mayor, that the city attorney was too picky, actually applying code to what he was building… Sarah fired the attorney….

Is that enough evidence to link them to crackheads?

(Loyal readers no doubt will by now, realize something great is about to be sprung…… Those still new to this blog are no doubt, swallowing this argument hook, line and sinker, like a steelhead trout about to be landed on Todd Palin’s pontoon plane…)

Alright, it’s time… Of course they aren’t…

But what I’ve done is use the Republican’s strategy against themselves..

Nothing above is untrue, but the linkage and the clever wording, is beginning to make you wonder whether perhaps they are on crack.  Actually you can’t help it;  based on the actions stemming from the campaign… I mean after all, look at the Republican Interior Department scandal breaking today…

This is what the McCain campaign is doing… Using half truths, repeated twenty-four hours and linked to unsavory characterizations, and building a controversy that simply has no gas to go anywhere…  It makes news for one day, then he throws out another tidbit….

That is politics.. It is also the behavior of a crack addict… So which of the two are he and Sarah?  He is not the same McCain who ran in 2000, and got plastered in South Carolina by rumors the he, the candidate, had a black baby born our to wedlock….  In Bob Jone’s country, that allegation was the kiss of death…  So is John just playing nasty,… or is his brain chemically imbalanced?

From this point it is hard to tell..  On the one hand, we don’t want to believe it so we dismiss it as coincidence….  “It’s McCain, man”, his supporters say… “He can’t be on crack!”…. But what do you do when all the evidence points to the contrary… There are the tell tale signs of a polar change in behavior, of a complete disregard for the importance of truth, of saying bizarre comments to garnish attention, all of which circumstantially point to crack as the culprit….

Those moments of memory lapses?  You thought it was old age?  Guess again.  Those sultry slips of the tongue,  you thought it was simple fatigue?  Guess again…

Whoops there I go again….(Disclaimer) Of course you know that this was fabricated… It was set upon you just as was the material the McCain camp has handed out about its opponent…

And just like the stuff about his opponent, you, yes you, are starting to wonder if he is not on crack, then perhaps he IS on some type of prescription medication, or Rush Limbaugh painkillers, that cause reality to take a back seat to being the center of attention….

After all, he is getting up there…  how many 72 year olds do you know who are NOT on some type of blood thinner, diabetes or other medication that makes one a little light headed, as well as somewhat fuzzy about the facts…

Can we trust someone in this capacity to handle the power of the greatest superpower this world has ever seen?  Can we trust someone in this capacity to push the right button ( No, Mr. President, Not the RED button) to call for room service instead of a pre-emptive strike?  Can we trust someone this loose with the facts, to trim our budget and not continue to inflate government spending even further out of control? Can we trust those who act like this during a campaign, to behave once they are in office?

Most crackheads would tell you flat out:  “hell no.”  🙂

Since they are about as credible as the National Republican Party these days, perhaps we should listen to them…..


This is a guessing game. It’s supposed to be fun. You do the guessing. I’ll reveal the answer at some point in the future. Bottom line, I am interested in how this plays out. (To keep answers out of moderation, no links please.) You may use the categories above for some helpful hints, but knowing me, don’t expect to find the answer that easily.) 🙂

1) Foreign policy/defense: I want American imperialism rolled back and American interventionism halted, as the same time we begin to pull free from the military/industrial complex by slashing the budgets for defense and homeland security to reasonable levels.

2) Civil libertarian issues: I want to see gay marriage legalized; drugs decriminalized; Real ID abolished; the Patriot Act gutted; and immigrants viewed as human beings. I want intrusive government the hell out of my life.

3) Fiscal sanity: I want a government that stops growing and taking an ever-expanding bite out of my paycheck; I want to see wasteful programs cut, and to have Congress faced with the same sort of imperative the Delaware General Assembly had to face this year: balancing the budget.

Thanks to the campaign of Obama, we are listening again to voices that are quite different from what we are used to hearing on our corporate media.

What he says does not fit within the narrow guidelines dictated by the likes of Disney Inc.

Therefore, we hear only one side of this important discussion. It is up to the blogs to carry the other half.

Al Mascitti should be blamed for this post. It was through his show this morning that the nucleus of this post was formed. If you missed the show it can be summarized with two brief points. One: was his acknowledgment that Wright’s comments, were exactly the same often expressed on his show by quite of few of his callers. Two: when someone who was “outraged” by Wright tried to defend their hatred for the man and his race, they couldn’t. Under Al’s questioning, their argument boiled down to one thing: he insults “white” people.

That is a factual untruth. The problem with the “right” controversy lies not in what the Reverend Wright says, ……the problem lies between the two ears of those who fail to understand.

I agree with Wright. Although I’m sure there may be areas that our thoughts may differ, he has been saying nothing different than any of us on this media, have not said before. That blanket includes those who consider themselves to serve the “right” but as we all know, because they are all free thinkers, they tend to break from the position papers that are spoon fed to the “right’s” hypnotized zombies, and when logic dictates that truth be told, Delaware’s “right” often takes courageous action and differentiates themselves from the stupidity dripping out of “right” wing (please don’t) think-tanks……

The real problem is in “definition” and in America’s suspicion of “those who are different”, and the fact that Hillary and Republicans are fanning the flames.

They have to. Ironically they have no hope against Obama, but to drive wedges between those members who support him. Obama represents what America CAN BE. Both McCain and Hillary represent what America once was….

If one is to put his finger on the button that pushes this controversy forward, it is that Mr. Right tells the truth, and those who oppose his voice, are scared to death that the truth will come out.

That includes the Hillary supporter and the Republican supporter who battled Al Mascitti on the Delaware blog scene over this past weekend. Neither were able to support their vision with facts. It was only their “opinion” . Well, if I could be so bold, the sole reason this country is in such a mess, it that everyone has an opinion, I as well as you, and we waste too much time chasing “opinions” without trying to research and determine if there is a factual basis to those opinions to begin with.

The facts are solidly on Mr. Right’s side. You can disagree with the man for whatever reason you choose. But that means that you have never listened to the full service. You can hear him speak with Bill Moyers here, and today’s NPR address here. Then you issue your apology.

We did go to war and sacrifice 4,000 Americans to make Cheney rich. If you disagree, prove it otherwise. You can’t.

We did mortgage our children’s future to the tune of $30,000 for each child, in order to give the top 1% a most bountiful harvest of riches beyond their wildest dreams. if you disagree, prove it otherwise. You can’t.

We did cause our planet irreparable harm, by wiping out the excellent controls established over thirty years, to control our air pollution, water pollution, and the quality of objects we buy……. If you disagree…prove it otherwise. You can’t.

But what you CAN prove by attacking Mr. Right,………is that you are supporting Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.

I am becoming more and more convinced that anyone who attacks Mr. Right, would find themselves on the same side as the Pharisees if they themselves were investigating a controversial figure two thousand years ago. Its the same argument, just different times.

The only reason for insisting that Mr. Right is wrong, is that those forces of evil, are too wrong to reason with Wright.

If anyone was looking for another Martin Luther King, I think they may have found one. Truth is always necessary. Sometimes it needs to be given without a sugar coating.

Because that……. is what we do.

Courtesy of  Actual vrs Polled NH
Courtesy of

There was shock and awe when Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire. Jaded as I am, anytime I hear of votes being different from the polls before and after the voting, I have to remember the election of 2004. And again of 2006. So of course when I heard that Hillary’s win came out of nowhere, I said “Hmmm. We haven’t heard from Karl Rove lately.”

Now I know most of you would never expect someone capable of manipulating votes in an election. Unfortunately I have seen it done in small down-to-earth local elections, and in other countries where winning takes precedence over playing fair.

So I was not very surprised when I saw this work come out, instead quietly muttered “right on time.” I was planning on spending my night tracking it down, but now……I don’t have to.

Once again it was the bloggers who intercepted this story. I listened on mass media for it all day, and instead heard media pundits trying to explain options that could have occurred that just might make sense of something that was an unexplainable anomaly.

Bottom line, in areas where the ballots were hand counted, Obama’s and Clinton’s results match the data from all the polls. It is only in those precincts where Diebold machines were used, does Hillary have votes that seem to come from nowhere, when compared to the polling data.

Odd. Where have we seen this before. Strange fluctuations where Diebold counts the ballots. Predictable results where people count the ballots.

Can it be possible that someone could throw a world-watched primary, electrically?

It can if you are Silvestro, president of LHS Associates. (Note to law enforcement officials, please check out the malicious code emanating from that sight. Careful, it’s powerful. For the rest of you, I dismantled that link.)

You will certainly believe so if you watch this part of the documentary Hacking Democracy. Earlier this fall, a court case to abolish the Diebolds before the New Hampshire primary, failed in that endeavor. Being a small state, all of the voting machines in New Hampshire, are in the hand of one man.

Again all the polling was dead on for every candidate but two. Hillary Clinton and Obama. They changed not statewide, but ONLY in those precincts where Diebolds were used.

The Ron Paul campaign is crying fowl as well. With New Hampshire being small enough, one can backtrack and determine whether the votes listed are accurate or not. In one precent, 0 Ron Paul ballots were logged and the author of this statement knows how he voted. He also knows others who voted the same way.

So we have an actual account of a machine not counting votes correctly. Furthermore we have video proof that the machine does not total votes using principals of mathematics, ie adding. Additionally we have the website of the company that services the Diebolds, giving out malicious code if one clicks on. Finally we have the owner of the same corporation, showing his contempt for the court, and presumably for the law which it is attempting to uphold…….

So putting all those together, with a win that really shouldn’t have happened based on all data accumulated beforehand, similar to the 2004 Presidential Election, you have a good reason never to trust the totals of a Diebold reader, again.

Which proves what I said last summer. All those corporate interests that supported Bush, long ago cast their lot with Ms Clinton. It’s a shame that New Hampshire does not border Illinois, otherwise an additional 120,000 votes could have helped Obama.

More than 100,000 of the 750,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have sought treatment for mental problems from the Department of Veterans Affairs, an official said during a hearing on suicides.

That is one out of seven. The next time you look around you, whether at work, in church, or sitting in traffic…look out in front of you and visualize just how many one in seven really is.

And the next time you vote, remember Mike Castle supports this war.

Sometimes, though not always, a haiku can be as effective as large novel.

Today, I am in haiku mode. I want to bring to point some issues that others wrote, but perhaps you did not see……..

This first one is about our president, and belatedly is a comprehensive explanation for David’s piece proclaiming Bush to be the greatest president ever, or something like that. Forgive me for not re-looking it up on FSP, but I am assuming most of you are already familiar with it………

This one is reproduced from Media Matters.

Iran wins:

If George W. Bush had been The Manchurian Candidate for president, even on his own terms, it’s hard to see how he could have done a better job. He’s weakened the American military, destroyed our prestige abroad, increased the threats against us, exploded any hopes for fiscal discipline at home and done enormous damage to the political prospects of both the Republican Party and the conservative movement, whose tenants are now almost entirely discredited. Among the most dangerous of the nearly perfectly counterproductive policies that Bush has pursued however has been his strengthening of the domestic power and regional influence of Iran’s radical leadership. Just as Western Europe and Japan won the Cold War, Iran (and Al Qaeda) have won the Iraq war. As Peter Galbraith writes in the current New York Review of Books, here:

In short, George W. Bush had from the first facilitated the very event he warned would be a disastrous consequence of a US withdrawal from Iraq: the takeover of a large part of the country by an Iranian-backed militia. And while the President contrasts the promise of democracy in Iraq with the tyranny in Iran, there is now substantially more personal freedom in Iran than in southern Iraq.


The United States cannot now undo President Bush’s strategic gift to Iran. But importantly, the most pro-Iranian Shiite political party is the one least hostile to the United States. In the battle now underway between the SIIC and Moqtada al-Sadr for control of southern Iraq and of the central government in Baghdad, the United States and Iran are on the same side. The US has good reason to worry about Iran’s activities in Iraq. But contrary to the Bush administration’s allegations — supported by both General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker in their recent congressional testimony — Iran does not oppose Iraq’s new political order. In fact, Iran is the major beneficiary of the American-induced changes in Iraq since 2003.

If only Ken Burns weren’t a creature of that dagnab liberal media, we might get PBS specials about the actual sacrifice of our servicemen like this one.