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Nice day; clear blue sky.

Quite happy at six miles high.

Our God comes quickly.

I came from BBQ-ing for a second and found this in my email … Darn I said… This is relevant and can’t wait. I have to post this. “Just a minute” I yelled outside… “I’ll be right out….”

Hello America:

As long as you are you.
As long as I am me.
This nation will do alright,
You just wait and see.

We are a gathering of warriors
Who’ll defend what we believe.
We think each cause we have is just,
We wear honor on our sleeves.

We hold these countless truths to be
Self evident for all to see.
We scurry, protest, and protect with all
Our philosophy; sometimes sweetness, sometimes gall.

Like athletic heroes on playing fields
We do our best to win each game, and yes,
Sometimes we forget the clock’s ran out,
And afterwards grudges still burn the same.

Yet, truth is that we are both the same,
Most cut from common stalk.
Our ancestors abandoned all they knew,
Because here boundaries, could be erased like chalk.

Our progeny came here for most the same reasons.
Opportunity was open and ones class did not define
That one’s lifelong status be set in stone
Because here, once started, one could climb.

Now generations later, as proof of their good sense,
We are testament that opportunity to all
Can succeed where there is strong law,
If we ultimately decide, on how it gets applied.

And it works, or has worked to date so far,
Some can be quite happy with things staying as they are.
Others insist and must have these same things changed,
To fulfill their purchase on America’s dream exchange.

But that constant tension is what keeps us safe,
Keeps one side from tipping our boat too far.
For as churning waters creep up one side
Defectors shift, till even balance is restored…

Till time’s end our politics are doomed to be a mess,
Yet also our saving grace; when conflict put us to the test,
That each will in turn each to fight for each’s best
Makes, when the count is settled, our children win out with the best..

We know that we are different.
Sometimes what we say is tripe.
But when you throw us all together,
The recipe comes up ripe….

For as long as you are you
And as long as I am me,
This nation will survive just fine..
You wait and just see……

Im gonna get me some of dem watermelonsIm gonna eat me some of Vances good ole watermelons

(Sung to the tune of the National Anthem…..)


Oh, say, can you see?

By the pale florescent light.

What once was so proudly was hailed,

As the reason for Sussex’s being…..


Whose broad girths and wide ties.

Led Conservative battles galore…

Illegal prayers and  hot sexed lies….

Made them more desire… a Conservator…..


As county sheriffs, with posse’s in arms…..

Or as popes whose morals were in great harm….

They kept the brown skinned down,

So only those who were white… could farm….


Oh say, doth… those… fallen… bigots,

From last century in rural Sussex’s Way……..

Represent the best, that Sussex can ever be-eee?

Or like the Georgetown hatchet?  Should be buried after election day……..







It used to stand for a naked lady upon a white horse.

It now stands for chocolate.

How great to live a full life….

Common Core Takes Time

Other Things In Life Take Time

One Cannot Do Both.

It amazes me how quickly we forget. Our lives are so busy… Things blur by, pass in a moment to be replaced with a long line of new things to take their place… Did you know today was the 10th anniversary of Johnny’s passing?

I was curious an looked it up over the summer because my memory too had faded and I couldn’t remember which year it was. He passed September 12, 2003... The official cause was diabetes; however those who knew him, all knew he’d been in a hurry for some time to join June, who passed 4 months earlier….

As one watches the video, those of you old enough see an America we all knew as a child. Even if we weren’t country music fans at the time. That America is long gone, but one very similar has replaced it… full of economic hardships, angst, and self pursuit at the expense of inner peace. His music is more relevant today, perhaps than when we knew him.

I am surprised by the number of younger generation who live his songs, and know them, far better than those of the Beatles, Who, or Stones… His lyrics are simple, direct, and reach out to grasp that humanity that sometimes escapes us all.

it is ironical we were all talking about the VMA’s last week. For ten years ago, Johnny Cash was nominated and actually won, the VMA award for best cinematography for this video posted…

They called his name… And the winner is………………………………… Johnny Cash……….
All waited for his speech, but no one came up… Uncomfortable chatter as everyone looked around… After minutes someone came out from the back stage and said, Johnny is in hospital tonight and needs all of your prayers…. This award will be sent to him…..

Those prayers were answered just 15 days later…. He was in June’s arms before the night was over…..

“Well, a little while ago, when we mentioned that this one, in typical fashion, was going right to the wire, little did we know . . .

The state school official winds up, leans back, and throws—

State leaders and Common Core supporters say they hosted public meetings on the standards and that the committees that created them featured many teachers. They also point out that Common Core started with a push by governors – with Delaware Gov. Jack Markell prominent among them.


Kilroy’s at bat… here’s the swing….

“Bullshit! The decision to join the Common Core Standard States was made and then the indoctrination public and parents began!”


And it’s a high fly ball going deep to left! this may do it! . . . Back to the wall goes, yes, I think it is . . . over the fence, home run, the Parents win! . . . (long pause for crowd noise) . . . Ladies and gentlemen, Kilroy has hit a one-nothing pitch over the Common Core fence at Blogger’s Field to win the 2013 Common Core Contest for the Delaware Parents by a score of ten to nine! . . . Once again, that final score . . . The Delaware Parents, the 2013 world champions, defeat the Marky Murphies. The Parents ten, and the Murphies NINE!”

Nice hit, dude.

Where are those trillions?

The ones we gave big banks,

To invest in our economy?

One Sun Shines On Them AllCourtesy of Fine Art America; by Ed Welker

Robert Bianco’s poem enlisted and spoken at the inauguration was probably the high point, eclipsing the inauguration speech, and both the singing of Beyonce, and Carrie Underwood.

it was a poem of understatement. A simple description of the sun rising and shining over this nation on one day of its life. Bonding us all in the unity of experience we all undergo. No matter the differences of our upbringing, the differences of your heritage, the differences of our finances, we all wake up to one sun….

East or West, North, or South, one sun shines down on this country….

We are all Americans, based on the geography of where we live. Divisions do not becomes us. We all bask in the same sun.

New York and San Antonio, Miami and Seattle. All live and bask under the same sun. Different to be sure. But all Americans. All sharing the heat and warmth from the one sun, as the world turns underneath…..

It was the most emotional moment of the celebration. As camera’s panned the crowd one could see the emotion being experienced was not just inside ones self but in commoners and the elite as well…. Like it or not, we are all American. We have so much in common we probably take it too much for granted….

One, today.

One sun rose on us today,
Kindled over our shores,
Peeking over the Smokies,
Greeting the faces of the Great Lakes,
Spreading a simple truth across the Great Plains,
And Charging across the Rockies,
One Light.

Waking up rooftops,
Under each one a story,
Told by our silent gestures
Moving across windows,
My face,
Your face.
Millions of faces in morning’s mirrors.
Each one yawning to life,
Crescendoing into our day,
The pencil yellow school buses,
The rhythm of traffic lights,
Fruit stands: apples, limes, and oranges,
Arrayed like rainbows, begging our praise.
Silver trucks, heavy with oil or paper, bricks or milk,
Teeming over highways
Along side us,
On our way,
To clean tables,
Read ledgers,
Or save lives,
To teach geometry,
Or ring up groceries,
As my mother did
For twenty years,
So I could write this poem for all us,

All of us,
As vital as the one light we move through,
The same light on blackboards with lessons for the
Equations to solve,
History to question,
Or atoms imagined.
The “I have a Dream”
We all keep dreaming,
The impossible vocabulary of sorrow,
That won’t explain the empty desks,
Of twenty children marked absent,
And forever.

Many prayers,
But one light,
Breathing color into stained glass windows,
Life into the faces of bronze statues,
Warmth onto the steps of our museums,
And park benches
As mothers watch children,
Into the

One ground,
Our ground.
Rooting us to every stalk of corn,
Every head of wheat,
Sown by sweat and hands,
Hands gleaning coal,
Or planting windmills,
In deserts and hilltops that keep us warm,
Hands digging trenches,
Routing pipes, and cables.
As worn as my father’s,
Cutting sugarcane,
So my brother and I could have books,
And shoes.

The dust of farms and deserts,
Cities and plains,
Mingled by one wind,
Our breath.


Hear it through the days gorgeous din
Of honking cabs,
Buses launching down avenues,
The symphony of footsteps, guitars,
And screeching subways.
The unexpected songbird
On your clothesline.
Hear squeaky playground swings,
Trains whistling,
Or whispers across cafe tables.
Hear the doors we open,
Each day for each other.
Saying hello,
Na me state,
Or, buenos dias
In the language my mother taught me,
In every language
Spoken into one wind,
Carrying our lives without prejudice,
As these words break from my lips.

One sky.
Since the Appalachians and Sierras claimed their majesty,
And the Mississippi and Colorado
Worked their way to the sea.
Thank the work of our hands,
Weaving steel into bridges,
Finishing one more report for the boss,
On time,
Stitching another wound, or uniform.
The first brush stroke on a portrait,
Or the last floor on the Freedom Tower,
Jutting into the sky,
That yields to our resilience.

One sky,
Toward which we sometimes lift our eyes,
Tired from work,
Some days guessing at the weather
Of our lives,
Some days giving thanks for a love,
That loves you back.
Sometimes praising a mother who knew how to give,
Or forgiving a father, who couldn’t give what you wanted.

We head
Through the gloss of rain,
Or weight of snow.
Or the plum-blush of dusk,
But always,
Always under one sky,
Our sky.
And always one moon,
Like a silent drum,
Tapping on every rooftop,
Of every window of one country,
All of us
Facing the stars,
A new constellation,
Waiting for us to map it,
Waiting for us to name it,


There is one thing to keep foremost in mind. It is your life. No one else’s. Although you should get a wide range of perspective, what you will choose to do, will come down to who you are, how you are put together.

You will get a lot of advice. You should listen to see if they bring up any perspectives you would not have covered yourself, but you are under no obligation to follow any of it…

Because it is your life… You get to choose the path you want to take….

If you want to separate. That is fine. Do it.
If you want to divorce. That is fine. Do it.
If you want to move forward keeping the relationship together. That is fine, Do it.
If you want to pay it no mind and forgive it. That is fine. Do it.

There are a couple of potholes I’d recommend against. Being false. Playing like you are so hurt, when really you aren’t. Or the opposite: playing like you’re tough when you aren’t. Just stay honest. Because playing to the media may work for a certain time frame, but somewhere later the truth always comes out. And that baggage just makes it worse later.

Don’t worry how it affects others. Children are resilient. They will one day go through their own relationship trials. You obviously owe nothing to your partner… But here is the bottom line. When you die, you want to have no regrets…. You can do that.

Don’t think you have to rush any decision. When it comes to personal emotions, time is the best tester. There is no rule that says you have to rush into something before you are ready. There is no rule that says you have to wait for an express amount of time..

Don’t worry how people will judge you. At sometime in the future, you will all be dead. It will be too late then to change…

Don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities. Others opinions matter none. You have the obligation to make best of every situation you are given. This is one of them.

Don’t be afraid to try to make it work, if you really want to. Other’s value systems are not yours. What they think is totally irrelevant to your happiness. There is a lot of current that has passed under the bridge. Sometimes staying on the same path has its merits. Again, it is your life, and no one else’s.

Don’t think you are weak if you try to find your part in this issue’s cause. It will haunt you if you don’t look. So look into it. I would recommend counseling if you decide to go that route. Primarily you will be talking to your spouse, though your words are directed towards the counselor. Likewise you in that environment, will hear what he’s been thinking for perhaps the first time in your life…. It’s funny how it works that way.

Don’t think that infidelity has to automatically be a deal killer. Many will tell you it has to be. Again, you get to make up your own mind here. No matter who you wind up and spend your future with, they will have had sexual relationships with another…. That if anything makes things equal….

My recommendation is to like, take your hand and wipe everything off of the table, like on to the floor… All your past. Now, with a clean table before you, decide what you want your future to look like… Take your time; talk to different people who have tried different options. Find out how they are doing. Are they happy? Not in what they say, but… in the underlying tone of “how” they say it…. Then take the future in small steps. Don’t commit to anything too early, and just let life string out… Sooner or later, you will find, the one true path you were meant to take.

That path, makes all the difference….