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Like you, I too grew up thinking America was different. That instead of wars we settled things by voting, and moving on.  Like you I thought America was rather exceptional when compared to other nations across the globe and through history.  Like you, I was probably naive, knowing less about our own history than I should have, but we were coming off the cusp of a magnificent war, which had left us as the world’s policemen and had given us the responsibility to act as we would wish all others to act.

The ultimate question here is not what Democrats want or what Republicans want.  It is what America… wants.

I just saw a piece from a major Republican player already gloating how their coup, led of course by Ted Cruz, had shut down government, and proved to all, that the Federal government was unnecessary…   Wait, a second there.  That is not how I feel about my government.  Nor is it the way anyone I know feels about government, except for those two crazies at the exchange who keep to themselves in the corner, and praise Ted Cruz…  And the rest of us think THEY’re weird.

It dawned on me that this is not a political exercise.  This is an attempt to change how America is governed…  Growing up we feared the Manchurian Candidate.. Ha. Ha. Silly, weren’t we?  Today, we are seeing that process in motion…..

Let us briefly review the history.

Campaign 2008;  Obama versus Hillary and Obama versus McCain.  In a hard fought primary Obama proved to more Democratic voters that he was the better.  He then went head to head against McCain.  He won 365 to 173 electorally.  Popular vote went his way 52.9 to 45.7….

Obama moves forward with a Democratic Congress and Obamacare gets signed into law.

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in a politically led challenge.

The US Electorate voted its approval in the 2012 elections, an election the Republicans themselves made into a contest over eliminating Obamacare. By a score of 336 to 202 it passed the muster of the American People.  51.1 to 47.2 in the popular vote, and as Romney himself repeatedly reminded us,  once you hit 47%, you do not matter..

We now know what the American people want.

So now who is creating the shutdown.   80 House Republicans are aligned with Cruz.  80 out of 232 Repubicans or 34 %.. That is only one third of the Republicans in Congress.  These are the people who will not yield, who refuse to compromise.   If Republicans and Democrats would work together,  their total out of the 432 House members is a mere 18%….

So a one third minority of one party in the House of Representatives (18% of the entire body), which is only one half of one third of one of three branches of government, has manipulated the rules to shut down government for the remaining 82% of us….

Which is why neither normal Republicans, or Democrats, or the President can give in.   We must go this route to squash the power of these people who do not accept our Constitution.

For giving in to these single minded people, would be the same as giving in to Osama after the Cole explosion.  What will they attack next?   New York City itself?  And the Pentagon?   With airplanes?

When people are single minded, you have no choice but to take them out.  And this is what has to happen.  If we must suffer, it will be solely because of this single misguided small minority group in the House of Representatives….

The nation has to hold firm in this hostage taking situation.  The Budget impasse is a minor annoyance; but the upcoming debt ceiling could bankrupt the global economy plunging us within a week, back to 2009.  One does not negotiate with hostage takers. One talks them down into giving up peacefully, or one surprises them with overwhelming force.  Doing this in the correct fashion is our future course.

Our nation and the credibility of our Constitution depends upon it.   For if this tactic is successful, it will be tried again, and again, and again.  The radicals only make up 18% of our House of Representatives….  We can not negotiate away 225 years worth of our Constitution….

We, The People, were put in control of our government; it should be us who are in control and not a mere 18% of one half of one third of our Constitutionally mandated government who are running it out from underneath us….. 



Ted Cruz will use this to become the next Speaker of the House.  He will do it by showing he is ruthless and effective.

Last week, Cruz advised the House Republicans to stick by his shutdown or defund Obamacare by passing small, individual spending bills, department by department.

The Republicans in the House scoffed at the idea of passing a plethora of small bills.

Today, as every paper screamed out Republicans had caused the government shutdown,  tours of veterans were turned back from visiting the WWII memorial because of this shutdown, ….

…. the house scrambled to fund the piecemeal “park funding bill”, “veteran’s funding bill”, and Washington DC funding bill….

Cruz was right.  The strategy may disembowel the Democrats.  How can they not pass a bill that puts people back to work?  The Senate will collectively or individually pass the individual bills, leaving the funding for Obamacare, dead in the House.  If the Senate doesn’t pass the unrelated bills, they become the objects of terror.

Cruz will become the next  House Speaker.  He was able to achieve what Boehner was not.  There is now nothing that Boehner can do.  It is finished….

But wait a second.  It has already been disclosed  over the whole course of this event, that there are a number of Republicans (45) whose constituents back home want them to vote for a budget including Obamacare.  All that has to happen, is that it gets put on the floor, and they, with the Democrats, can pass it over the Tea Party’s objections. The votes are there.

The Government reopens.  Ted Cruz, who then appears reckless, dangerous, and who lost, …. does not automatically become the next Speaker of the House.

Because Congress has not yet acted to approve normal borrowing authority after
May 18, the Treasury Department will begin implementing the standard set of extraordinary
measures that enable us, on a temporary basis, to protect the full faith and credit of the United
States by continuing to pay the nation’S bills. These measures are the same ones that have been
used in previous debt limit impasses, and are described in detail in an appendix to this letter.

And so it begins again…. Another debt ceiling crises….  Can we ever get rid of this pestilence which afflicts us?

Hope you’ve gotten out of the market?  Remember what happened the last time.  And the effect upon the economy which just like this year, had grown amazingly well the first quarter… and then..  Bam!

Where do you draw the line?   This piece will philosophically roam a little I’m afraid because there is no set answer, just an amorphous mess that defies confinement if that makes sense.  If it doesn’t…. here is hoping it will near the end of this writing…  🙂

If you can’t guess what the image is in the heading, try imagining a horizontal volume control like what is displayed in most car radios these days.  On it we have unlimited choices across the realm of what we can hear and we choose where we want to draw the line….

I was reminded of this by a soon to be famous video about Seattle’s schools standing up to Kafkaesque craziness the wealthy and corporate America are foisting upon education.  The video starts out with a teacher giving this analogy….

It is as if a mechanic’s boss told his mechanic to put on an inferior brake instead of one the customer had requested.  The customer will not take off the wheels to inspect.  The mechanic says those brake shoes have problems, they fail. they could kill. The boss says, that’s just hype.  They work in China all the time.  Put them on…. 

Now look at the scale above…… In a child’s world of right and wrong we would all expect the mechanic to say “that was wrong” and refuse to do it….  So what if he loses his job? A child would say he should still not do what was wrong and cause someone’s death… But how many of you have had to do what the boss wanted because you were in no shape to state otherwise?

That is where the sliding scale begins to come in play….  If the mechanic refuses, and boss comes out and says, “leave right now, You were insubordinate and I just fired you”….  his spouse is going to say…”What, now we have no money.  Why didn’t you just put the damn things on!” His parents are going to say..” Kid, sometimes an adult has to make adult decisions.  It doesn’t matter what right or wrong is; it matters what right or wrong is for you. Sorry, can’t help you”.  His future job interviewer is going to say; “your former boss said he fired you for insubordination and you have a no re-hire attached to your name. Sorry, can’t hire you.”  And your drinking buddies are going to say;  “Oh as soon as you left, he got Jacobson to put those cheap brakes on anyway.  You lost your job for nothing…”  The arbitrator at your unemployment hearing is going to say  “We found the charges of insubordination substantiated; repeal denied.”…. No job. No money. Hungry family.

So standing up for what is right really doesn’t pay in today’s corporate controlled world, now.  Does it?  It is good story, but works lousy in real life.

So on the slider above, where would you fall?  Where would you be?  If you try to act like you would refuse to do wrong, you are probably a liar. If you swear you will always do the right and moral thing, you are naive, and probably also a liar.  If you insist you would stand up to that boss, you are a simpleton who really doesn’t know much about life, and don’t need the job to survive.

So on the slider unit above, if the far left is standing up for what is right and immediately refusing and the far right is willingly follow the bosses direction right away… which would be you?

Probably for the most part you would be somewhere in the middle, you will say so if you are being true to yourself… You would probably argue once, twice, or maybe three times against it, and you might agree in theory, but in work, not follow through with that agreement, or you might just say “ok boss”  and then still install the good brake pads.

But if you did, what about the next time.  What about the discrepancy in inventory? Sooner or later it will catch up to you… And then you’ll be fired.

Or you could decided that you follow orders and if your boss made such an order, all results would have to fall on him and not you, and if anyone was to be liable and get caught up if any harm came out of it,  it would be him; so you would follow his command and install the inferior parts…

If you are trying to figure out a way to win this, to come up with a perfect spot on this horizontal dial whether it is the far right, far left, center, middle right, middle left, sadly there isn’t a right way… For depending on which way you view the problem, both are right….  As you go to the right, you look bad from the left. As you go to the left, you look bad from the right.  If you are in the middle, you look bad to both, just not as bad as the others at the far end of the spectrum…

There is no way to win.

Except to have the boss never ask you to substitute cheap parts instead of ones ordered by the car’s owner….

That is the trick.

Now here is what we are being asked to do.

  • Lower our standards of education for all students.
  • Eliminate tuition for all veterans returning from Afghanistan.
  • 125,000 individuals and families put at risk of becoming homeless
  • 100,000 formerly homeless people might be removed from emergency shelters or other housing arrangements
  • Defer maintenance and leave highly necessary staff vacancies open.
  • Because rents are so high, many of these families may, quite literally, find themselves out on the street.
  • Significant cuts, including ones that deliver hot meals to the elderly and another that helps pregnant women.
  • Cuts to the supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children known as WIC, which provides food and baby formula for at-risk families.  775,000 low-income women and their children might lose access to or be denied that aid because of the mandatory cuts…
  • Cuts to programs that aid children with special needs; job-training programs that help unemployed people find a new career; foreclosure prevention services; and programs that help 150,000 veterans every year make the transition into the nonmilitary work force.
  • Reduction in jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed..
  • Cut 20% of every military person’s pay.

And why are we being asked to do this?   So the financier’s of the Republican Party like the brake business owner, can make more money……

But this time we do have a choice….  We hire and fire the boss…. Should we fire the Republican bosses?  And replace them with those who have still carry American morals,  and not third world ones?

Where do you want your children to see you, when they look at the sliding  moral scale above?

“If you deprive the military of the ability to train, the ability to have flight hours for our pilots and air crews, the ability of our people to have the right kind of equipment to fight with, then you are putting us in danger in my view,” John McCain said.

Here is a clip of McCain speaking with Lindsey Graham alongside, correctly assessing the harm the sequestration will cause our armed forces… No repairs? Mothball fleets? 20% pay cuts for all military personnel? What will that do to morale?

So, dude, why didn’t you do anything to stop it?

All you had to do was vote for an additional tax of one single penny on every dollar earned over $1 million…..

This sequester then would never have happened? Why did you singlehandedly cause this sequestration by your own inaction, when you and your party could have so easily prevented it?

And then you go on television to say it is really bad? America is looking at you like you are the dumbest person alive….

The inaugural commission created a menu balanced across the palate of the United States of America… Featuring Maine Lobster, hickory grilled bison from South Dakota, Hudson valley apple pie, wines from Lake Eire region. The decision was made by a committee…

Mrs. Debbie Boehnor
Mrs. Diani Cantor
Mrs. Honey Alexander
Mrs. Iris Schumner
Mr. Paul Pelosi
Mrs. Landra Reid

They tasted thousands of different items representing areas across this , and came to a consensus… How hard is that? You try it. It is very hard!

If Americans who have no connection other than their spouses chose to run for office and won, can come together to figure out a complicated endeavor, why can’t we figure how to keep guns out of school, how to raise our debt ceiling, how to cut spending fairly and how to balance our budget?

The reason is the bullies on the outside. Those groups who yell, “don’t you give one inch”. Those groups who say “they’re trying to take rights away from you”. Those groups who growl: “take everything; give them not one penny in return”.

Usually those bullies are powerful because they are bullies. They live and survive on your donations… IF they can freak you out, that you give up some of your hard earned money, they get rich…

There is an industry that thrives on conflict. That gets rich off discontent. That fans flames to grow their pockets.

That industry is who to blame for our nation’s intransigence. Fox News gets the lions share, because they were first. But Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coultier, Glenn Beck, are all to blame. Because we see them in surroundings that mirror our memories of Ed Marrow, Walter Cronkite, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, we drop the pretense that what we are hearing is not news. It is a business whose income depends upon the temperature of our hate. Pure and simple. The more we hate, the richer they get..

Would a consensus on a menu reflecting all of America have been so easily obtainable if Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly were shrieking about each item? Exhorting any viewers to call and complain?

You know the answer… Proof is without the bullies on the outside, you put a handful of Americans on any committee, and things get done….

We’ve got to silence the bullies on the outside… Let’s do it, and eat in peace…

Courtesy of the Treasury Blog.

He didn’t have a challenger.

Voting is ongoing, but he has secured the total of 215 needed to win.

His name was the only one put forward in nomination from the Republican side. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash who also crossed over with Boehner and supported the Fiscal Cliff package along with the Democrats, put his name up for nomination.

Protest votes include 2 for Allan West, outed in the last General Election, Colin Powell, and someone from Idaho I have to yet look up…Rep. Paul Labrador, R-Id. (one does not have to be a member of the House to be elected Speaker.)

It appears the Tea Party has been whupped, subdued, and marginalized for this 113th Congress. It was a different Eric Cantor who returned the day after elections were over.

That is probably the biggest take-away historians will keep when they use today’s fiscal crises in future civic’s lessons across this country, precisely in order to teach students just how well put together this nation’s govermnent is…..

I have long blamed the filibustering Senate for intransigence.  Whenever we have an emergency, the House passes legislation quickly, and the Senate takes it’s time.  Things just   s  l  o  w   down in the Senate.

I have also blamed that in part upon the old age of Senators, and the cliques that evolve from spending 20 to 30 years together…  Senators are more worried about upsetting the feelings of Joe So-and-So instead of quickly passing the House’s legislation.  Legislation also gets tabled as a favor to Ms. La-La-La, for a favor she extended 15 odd years ago…

But it is precisely these negatives that allowed the Senate to take up the fiscal cliff legislation that was all-but-dead on arrival in the House….

John Boehner, was forced to give up his lead and capitulate, when his caucus voted down giving even billionaires a tax increase.  His caucus had too many Tea Partiers, who were still green behind their ears, and put their own personal principals, … over top the rest of the financial world’s welfare, including the USA….

John couldn’t control his caucus.  Why was that?  Because the founding fathers wanted the House to be reelected every 2 years.  The idea was that these people who were invested with the responsibility of spending the “people’s” money,  needed to be directly responsible to those back home, who’s money they were spending!  As a result, the Tea Party contingent, whose home-spun philosophy plays well on country porches, has no idea of how things work.  We don’t let two year olds drive cars for a reason.

But,…. who did solve the crises and bring both sides into agreement?

The top two members of the Senate, … The Vice President and  Mitch McConnell, a Louisville Cardnals fan.

For both, a deal was necessary and they crafted one that would sell.  It definitely sold the Senate… 89 to 8….  It sold the problem House of Boehner as well:  257-167 including….. with more Democrats voting for it… 172  than Republicans voted against it… 167.

85 House Republicans voted in support of this McConnell-Biden adaptation, keeping us from going over the cliff before the markets opened up in Asia…. (which at time of print are all up between .6% and 2.2%)..

Through a personal relationship based on a long history of dealing with each other in a non adversarial fashion, a deal was struck.  We were clued in two weeks ago that the $400,000 level would be the floor.  No surprise there.

But, now it is clear that Social Security will no longer be on the chopping block in two months.  Medicare will no longer be on the chopping block in two months.  Unemployment compensation (for those dismissed by their corporate employers for working too many hours under Obamacare), now will still dribble some cash to get by.  The Earned Income Credit, the best part of the year for anyone earning less than $30,000, is no longer on the chopping block!

For this, the increases in additional taxes on income, estates, and investments, were softened a bit.  Even though there will now be less movement of cash from the private sector to the Treasury than occurred under the boom years under Clinton, but… as long as the economy takes off, we can worry about that later.

For that, is why this bill was passed.   Signs are encouraging that the economy is getting better, now that the world KNOWS no Republican (whether he really wanted to be president or not) will run the country.

To nix that up, and again, hurt those who were most hurt before, is unconscionable.

For most Americans, working and living and dying in our towns, this is what is important.  It never could have happened under the dynamics of the House of Representatives.  Only in the Senate, could such an agreement even be possible….

Only there buried within the term of 6 years, is enough distance available to exercise good judgment on what is necessarily right for this country, then have time to deal and fix the political repercussions back home… Only there is an opponent also a dear friend, one you take seriously and trust, causing you to give up a little more on both sides.

Only there.  Once again, we see the great wisdom possessed in those we call The Founding Fathers…. Who could have known?

This is horrible. It breaks my heart. How can this happen in America? The land of plenty? The nation of opportunity? All reduced to just pithy sayings because of …. these people…

Representative District Phone Number Office Location
Adams, Sandy FL-24 (202) 225-2706 216 Cannon HOB
Aderholt, Robert AL-04 (202) 225-4876 2264 Rayburn HOB
Akin, Todd MO-02 (202) 225-2561 117 Cannon HOB
Alexander, Rodney LA-05 (202) 225-8490 316 Cannon HOB
Amash, Justin MI-03 (202) 225-3831 114 Cannon HOB
Amodei, Mark NV-02 (202) 225-6155 125 Cannon HOB
Austria, Steve OH-07 (202) 225-4324 439 Cannon HOB
Bachmann, Michele MN-06 (202) 225-2331 103 Cannon HOB
Bachus, Spencer AL-06 (202) 225-4921 2246 Rayburn HOB
Barletta, Louis PA-11 (202) 225-6511 510 Cannon HOB
Bartlett, Roscoe MD-06 (202) 225-2721 2412 Rayburn HOB
Barton, Joe TX-06 (202) 225-2002 2109 Rayburn HOB
Bass, Charlie NH-02 (202) 225-5206 2350 Rayburn HOB
Benishek, Dan MI-01 (202) 225-4735 514 Cannon HOB
Berg, Rick ND (202) 225-2611 323 Cannon HOB
Biggert, Judy IL-13 (202) 225-3515 2113 Rayburn HOB
Bilbray, Brian CA-50 (202) 225-0508 2410 Rayburn HOB
Bilirakis, Gus FL-09 (202) 225-5755 407 Cannon HOB
Bishop, Rob UT-01 (202) 225-0453 123 Cannon HOB
Black, Diane TN-06 (202) 225-4231 1531 Longworth HOB
Blackburn, Marsha TN-07 (202) 225-2811 217 Cannon HOB
Boehner, John OH-08 (202) 225-6205 1011 Longworth HOB
Bonner, Jo AL-01 (202) 225-4931 2236 Rayburn HOB
Bono Mack, Mary CA-45 (202) 225-5330 104 Cannon HOB
Boustany, Charles LA-07 (202) 225-2031 1117 Longworth HOB
Brady, Kevin TX-08 (202) 225-4901 301 Cannon HOB
Brooks, Mo AL-05 (202) 225-4801 1641 Longworth HOB
Broun, Paul GA-10 (202) 225-4101 325 Cannon HOB
Buchanan, Vern FL-13 (202) 225-5015 221 Cannon HOB
Bucshon, Larry IN-08 (202) 225-4636 1123 Longworth HOB
Buerkle, Ann Marie NY-25 (202) 225-3701 1630 Longworth HOB
Burgess, Michael TX-26 (202) 225-7772 2241 Rayburn HOB
Burton, Dan IN-05 (202) 225-2276 2308 Rayburn HOB
Calvert, Ken CA-44 (202) 225-1986 2269 Rayburn HOB
Camp, Dave MI-04 (202) 225-3561 341 Cannon HOB
Campbell, John CA-48 (202) 225-5611 1507 Longworth HOB
Canseco, Quico TX-23 (202) 225-4511 1339 Longworth HOB
Cantor, Eric VA-07 (202) 225-2815 303 Cannon HOB
Carter, John TX-31 (202) 225-3864 409 Cannon HOB
Cassidy, Bill LA-06 (202) 225-3901 1535 Longworth HOB
Chabot, Steve OH-01 (202) 225-2216 2351 Rayburn HOB
Chaffetz, Jason UT-03 (202) 225-7751 1032 Longworth HOB
Coble, Howard NC-06 (202) 225-3065 2188 Rayburn HOB
Coffman, Mike CO-06 (202) 225-7882 1222 Longworth HOB
Cole, Tom OK-04 (202) 225-6165 2458 Rayburn HOB
Conaway, Michael TX-11 (202) 225-3605 2430 Rayburn HOB
Cravaack, Chip MN-08 (202) 225-6211 508 Cannon HOB
Crawford, Rick AR-01 (202) 225-4076 1408 Longworth HOB
Crenshaw, Ander FL-04 (202) 225-2501 440 Cannon HOB
Culberson, John TX-07 (202) 225-2571 2352 Rayburn HOB
Denham, Jeff CA-19 (202) 225-4540 1605 Longworth HOB
Dent, Charlie PA-15 (202) 225-6411 1009 Longworth HOB
DesJarlais, Scott TN-04 (202) 225-6831 413 Cannon HOB
Diaz-Balart, Mario FL-21 (202) 225-4211 436 Cannon HOB
Dold, Robert IL-10 (202) 225-4835 212 Cannon HOB
Dreier, David CA-26 (202) 225-2305 233 Cannon HOB
Duffy, Sean WI-07 (202) 225-3365 1208 Longworth HOB
Duncan, Jeff SC-03 (202) 225-5301 116 Cannon HOB
Duncan, John TN-02 (202) 225-5435 2207 Rayburn HOB
Ellmers, Renee NC-02 (202) 225-4531 1533 Longworth HOB
Emerson, Jo Ann MO-08 (202) 225-4404 2230 Rayburn HOB
Farenthold, Blake TX-27 (202) 225-7742 2110 Rayburn HOB
Fincher, Stephen Lee TN-08 (202) 225-4714 1118 Longworth HOB
Fitzpatrick, Mike PA-08 (202) 225-4276 1224 Longworth HOB
Flake, Jeff AZ-06 (202) 225-2635 240 Cannon HOB
Fleischmann, Chuck TN-03 (202) 225-3271 511 Cannon HOB
Fleming, John LA-04 (202) 225-2777 1023 Longworth HOB
Flores, Bill TX-17 (202) 225-6105 1505 Longworth HOB
Forbes, J. Randy VA-04 (202) 225-6365 2438 Rayburn HOB
Fortenberry, Jeff NE-01 (202) 225-4806 1514 Longworth HOB
Foxx, Virginia NC-05 (202) 225-2071 1230 Longworth HOB
Franks, Trent AZ-02 (202) 225-4576 2435 Rayburn HOB
Frelinghuysen, Rodney NJ-11 (202) 225-5034 2369 Rayburn HOB
Gallegly, Elton CA-24 (202) 225-5811 2309 Rayburn HOB
Gardner, Cory CO-04 (202) 225-4676 213 Cannon HOB
Garrett, Scott NJ-05 (202) 225-4465 2244 Rayburn HOB
Gerlach, Jim PA-06 (202) 225-4315 2442 Rayburn HOB
Gibbs, Bob OH-18 (202) 225-6265 329 Cannon HOB
Gibson, Chris NY-20 (202) 225-5614 502 Cannon HOB
Gingrey, Phil GA-11 (202) 225-2931 442 Cannon HOB
Gohmert, Louie TX-01 (202) 225-3035 2440 Rayburn HOB
Goodlatte, Bob VA-06 (202) 225-5431 2240 Rayburn HOB
Gosar, Paul AZ-01 (202) 225-2315 504 Cannon HOB
Gowdy, Trey SC-04 (202) 225-6030 1237 Longworth HOB
Granger, Kay TX-12 (202) 225-5071 320 Cannon HOB
Graves, Sam MO-06 (202) 225-7041 1415 Longworth HOB
Graves, Tom GA-09 (202) 225-5211 1113 Longworth HOB
Griffin, Tim AR-02 (202) 225-2506 1232 Longworth HOB
Griffith, Morgan VA-09 (202) 225-3861 1108 Longworth HOB
Grimm, Michael NY-13 (202) 225-3371 512 Cannon HOB
Guinta, Frank NH-01 (202) 225-5456 1223 Longworth HOB
Guthrie, Brett KY-02 (202) 225-3501 308 Cannon HOB
Hall, Ralph TX-04 (202) 225-6673 2405 Rayburn HOB
Hanna, Richard NY-24 (202) 225-3665 319 Cannon HOB
Harper, Gregg MS-03 (202) 225-5031 307 Cannon HOB
Harris, Andy MD-01 (202) 225-5311 506 Cannon HOB
Hartzler, Vicky MO-04 (202) 225-2876 1023 Longworth HOB
Hastings, Doc WA-04 (202) 225-5816 1203 Longworth HOB
Hayworth, Nan NY-19 (202) 225-5441 1440 Longworth HOB
Heck, Joe NV-03 (202) 225-3252 132 Cannon HOB
Hensarling, Jeb TX-05 (202) 225-3484 129 Cannon HOB
Herger, Wally CA-02 (202) 225-3076 242 Cannon HOB
Herrera Beutler, Jaime WA-03 (202) 225-3536 1130 Longworth HOB
Huelskamp, Tim KS-01 (202) 225-2715 126 Cannon HOB
Huizenga, Bill MI-02 (202) 225-4401 1217 Longworth HOB
Hultgren, Randy IL-14 (202) 225-2976 427 Cannon HOB
Hunter, Duncan D. CA-52 (202) 225-5672 223 Cannon HOB
Hurt, Robert VA-05 (202) 225-4711 1516 Longworth HOB
Issa, Darrell CA-49 (202) 225-3906 2347 Rayburn HOB
Jenkins, Lynn KS-02 (202) 225-6601 1122 Longworth HOB
Johnson, Bill OH-06 (202) 225-5705 317 Cannon HOB
Johnson, Sam TX-03 (202) 225-4201 1211 Longworth HOB
Johnson, Timothy IL-15 (202) 225-2371 1207 Longworth HOB
Jones, Walter NC-03 (202) 225-3415 2333 Rayburn HOB
Jordan, Jim OH-04 (202) 225-2676 1524 Longworth HOB
Kelly, Mike PA-03 (202) 225-5406 515 Cannon HOB
King, Peter NY-03 (202) 225-7896 339 Cannon HOB
King, Steve IA-05 (202) 225-4426 1131 Longworth HOB
Kingston, Jack GA-01 (202) 225-5831 2372 Rayburn HOB
Kinzinger, Adam IL-11 (202) 225-3635 1218 Longworth HOB
Kline, John MN-02 (202) 225-2271 2439 Rayburn HOB
Labrador, Raul ID-01 (202) 225-6611 1523 Longworth HOB
Lamborn, Doug CO-05 (202) 225-4422 412 Cannon HOB
Lance, Leonard NJ-07 (202) 225-5361 426 Cannon HOB
Landry, Jeff LA-03 (202) 225-4031 206 Cannon HOB
Lankford, James OK-05 (202) 225-2132 509 Cannon HOB
Latham, Tom IA-04 (202) 225-5476 2217 Rayburn HOB
LaTourette, Steven OH-14 (202) 225-5731 2371 Rayburn HOB
Latta, Bob OH-05 (202) 225-6405 1323 Longworth HOB
Lewis, Jerry CA-41 (202) 225-5861 2112 Rayburn HOB
LoBiondo, Frank NJ-02 (202) 225-6572 2427 Rayburn HOB
Long, Billy MO-07 (202) 225-6536 1541 Longworth HOB
Lucas, Frank OK-03 (202) 225-5565 2311 Rayburn HOB
Luetkemeyer, Blaine MO-09 (202) 225-2956 1740 Longworth HOB
Lummis, Cynthia WY (202) 225-2311 113 Cannon HOB
Lungren, Dan CA-03 (202) 225-5716 2313 Rayburn HOB
Mack, Connie FL-14 (202) 225-2536 115 Cannon HOB
Manzullo, Donald IL-16 (202) 225-5676 2228 Rayburn HOB
Marchant, Kenny TX-24 (202) 225-6605 1110 Longworth HOB
Marino, Tom PA-10 (202) 225-3731 410 Cannon HOB
Massie, Thomas KY-04 (202) 225-3465 1119 Longworth HOB
McCarthy, Kevin CA-22 (202) 225-2915 326 Cannon HOB
McCaul, Michael TX-10 (202) 225-2401 131 Cannon HOB
McClintock, Tom CA-04 (202) 225-2511 428 Cannon HOB
McHenry, Patrick NC-10 (202) 225-2576 224 Cannon HOB
McKeon, Buck CA-25 (202) 225-1956 2184 Rayburn HOB
McKinley, David WV-01 (202) 225-4172 313 Cannon HOB
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy WA-05 (202) 225-2006 2421 Rayburn HOB
Meehan, Patrick PA-07 (202) 225-2011 513 Cannon HOB
Mica, John FL-07 (202) 225-4035 2187 Rayburn HOB
Miller, Candice MI-10 (202) 225-2106 1034 Longworth HOB
Miller, Gary CA-42 (202) 225-3201 2349 Rayburn HOB
Miller, Jeff FL-01 (202) 225-4136 2416 Rayburn HOB
Moore Capito, Shelley WV-02 (202) 225-2711 2443 Rayburn HOB
Mulvaney, Mick SC-05 (202) 225-5501 1004 Longworth HOB
Murphy, Tim PA-18 (202) 225-2301 322 Cannon HOB
Myrick, Sue NC-09 (202) 225-1976 230 Cannon HOB
Neugebauer, Randy TX-19 (202) 225-4005 1424 Longworth HOB
Noem, Kristi SD (202) 225-2801 226 Cannon HOB
Nugent, Rich FL-05 (202) 225-1002 1517 Longworth HOB
Nunes, Devin CA-21 (202) 225-2523 1013 Longworth HOB
Nunnelee, Alan MS-01 (202) 225-4306 1432 Longworth HOB
Olson, Pete TX-22 (202) 225-5951 312 Cannon HOB
Palazzo, Steven MS-04 (202) 225-5772 331 Cannon HOB
Paul, Ron TX-14 (202) 225-2831 203 Cannon HOB
Paulsen, Erik MN-03 (202) 225-2871 127 Cannon HOB
Pearce, Steve NM-02 (202) 225-2365 2432 Rayburn HOB
Pence, Mike IN-06 (202) 225-3021 100 Cannon HOB
Petri, Thomas WI-06 (202) 225-2476 2462 Rayburn HOB
Pitts, Joe PA-16 (202) 225-2411 420 Cannon HOB
Platts, Todd PA-19 (202) 225-5836 2455 Rayburn HOB
Poe, Ted TX-02 (202) 225-6565 430 Cannon HOB
Pompeo, Mike KS-04 (202) 225-6216 107 Cannon HOB
Posey, Bill FL-15 (202) 225-3671 120 Cannon HOB
Price, Tom GA-06 (202) 225-4501 403 Cannon HOB
Quayle, Ben AZ-03 (202) 225-3361 1419 Longworth HOB
Reed, Tom NY-29 (202) 225-3161 1208 Longworth HOB
Rehberg, Denny MT (202) 225-3211 2448 Rayburn HOB
Reichert, Dave WA-08 (202) 225-7761 1730 Longworth HOB
Renacci, Jim OH-16 (202) 225-3876 130 Cannon HOB
Ribble, Reid WI-08 (202) 225-5665 1513 Longworth HOB
Rigell, Scott VA-02 (202) 225-4215 327 Cannon HOB
Rivera, David FL-25 (202) 225-2778 417 Cannon HOB
Roby, Martha AL-02 (202) 225-2901 414 Cannon HOB
Roe, Phil TN-01 (202) 225-6356 419 Cannon HOB
Rogers, Hal KY-05 (202) 225-4601 2406 Rayburn HOB
Rogers, Mike AL-03 (202) 225-3261 324 Cannon HOB
Rogers, Mike MI-08 (202) 225-4872 133 Cannon HOB
Rohrabacher, Dana CA-46 (202) 225-2415 2300 Rayburn HOB
Rokita, Todd IN-04 (202) 225-5037 236 Cannon HOB
Rooney, Tom FL-16 (202) 225-5792 1529 Longworth HOB
Roskam, Peter IL-06 (202) 225-4561 227 Cannon HOB
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL-18 (202) 225-3931 2206 Rayburn HOB
Ross, Dennis FL-12 (202) 225-1252 404 Cannon HOB
Royce, Ed CA-40 (202) 225-4111 2185 Rayburn HOB
Runyan, Jon NJ-03 (202) 225-4765 1239 Longworth HOB
Ryan, Paul WI-01 (202) 225-3031 1233 Longworth HOB
Scalise, Steve LA-01 (202) 225-3015 429 Cannon HOB
Schilling, Bobby IL-17 (202) 225-5905 507 Cannon HOB
Schmidt, Jean OH-02 (202) 225-3164 2464 Rayburn HOB
Schock, Aaron IL-18 (202) 225-6201 328 Cannon HOB
Schweikert, David AZ-05 (202) 225-2190 1205 Longworth HOB
Scott, Austin GA-08 (202) 225-6531 516 Cannon HOB
Scott, Tim SC-01 (202) 225-3176 1117 Longworth HOB
Sensenbrenner, F. James WI-05 (202) 225-5101 2449 Rayburn HOB
Sessions, Pete TX-32 (202) 225-2231 2233 Rayburn HOB
Shimkus, John IL-19 (202) 225-5271 2452 Rayburn HOB
Shuster, Bill PA-09 (202) 225-2431 204 Cannon HOB
Simpson, Mike ID-02 (202) 225-5531 2312 Rayburn HOB
Smith, Adrian NE-03 (202) 225-6435 503 Cannon HOB
Smith, Christopher NJ-04 (202) 225-3765 2373 Rayburn HOB
Smith, Lamar TX-21 (202) 225-4236 2409 Rayburn HOB
Southerland, Steve FL-02 (202) 225-5235 1229 Longworth HOB
Stearns, Cliff FL-06 (202) 225-5744 2306 Rayburn HOB
Stivers, Steve OH-15 (202) 225-2015 1007 Longworth HOB
Stutzman, Marlin IN-03 (202) 225-4436 1728 Longworth HOB
Sullivan, John OK-01 (202) 225-2211 434 Cannon HOB
Terry, Lee NE-02 (202) 225-4155 2331 Rayburn HOB
Thompson, Glenn PA-05 (202) 225-5121 124 Cannon HOB
Thornberry, Mac TX-13 (202) 225-3706 2209 Rayburn HOB
Tiberi, Pat OH-12 (202) 225-5355 106 Cannon HOB
Tipton, Scott CO-03 (202) 225-4761 218 Cannon HOB
Turner, Bob NY-09 (202) 225-6616 2104 Rayburn HOB
Turner, Michael OH-03 (202) 225-6465 2454 Rayburn HOB
Upton, Fred MI-06 (202) 225-3761 2183 Rayburn HOB
Walberg, Tim MI-07 (202) 225-6276 418 Cannon HOB
Walden, Greg OR-02 (202) 225-6730 2182 Rayburn HOB
Walsh, Joe IL-08 (202) 225-3711 432 Cannon HOB
Webster, Daniel FL-08 (202) 225-2176 1039 Longworth HOB
West, Allen FL-22 (202) 225-3026 1708 Longworth HOB
Westmoreland, Lynn GA-03 (202) 225-5901 2433 Rayburn HOB
Whitfield, Ed KY-01 (202) 225-3115 2368 Rayburn HOB
Wilson, Joe SC-02 (202) 225-2452 2229 Rayburn HOB
Wittman, Rob VA-01 (202) 225-4261 1317 Longworth HOB
Wolf, Frank VA-10 (202) 225-5136 241 Cannon HOB
Womack, Steve AR-03 (202) 225-4301 1508 Longworth HOB
Woodall, Rob GA-07 (202) 225-4272 1725 Longworth HOB
Yoder, Kevin KS-03 (202) 225-2865 214 Cannon HOB
Young, C.W. “Bill” FL-10 (202) 225-5961 2407 Rayburn HOB
Young, Donald AK (202) 225-5765 2314 Rayburn HOB
Young, Todd IN-09 (202) 225-5315 1721 Longworth HOB

When our grandchildren ask their parents…. “Tell me again, Dad. How did America fall from once being the greatest country in the world to live in?”

“Dear, Child, …. once there were cowards…. who when the time came to stand up for what was needed…. To choose between what was so obviously “right” from “wrong”,…. failed their test of character, and gave into fear, darkness, despair. Responsible for opening the gates to evil itself, these men and women could not bring it upon themselves, to fight against it. They allowed Evil to enter inside their hearts, to rule their thoughts… and darkness turned them away from all America once stood for, casting us deep under this dark evil’s spell from which we’ve never recovered.

Just a handful, who when all hope was laid upon them, and victory seemed to raise its hand, turned their frightened backs upon the battle, and in shame …… ran….