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Country Appears Headed In the Wrong Direction Polls say……

*The Conference Board said Tuesday that its confidence index climbed to 94.5, the strongest reading since October 2007 before the start of the Great Republican Depression….

*The National Retail Federation said this morning that it expects holiday retail sales to grow 4.1% to $617 billion. That would mark a substantial increase in the rate of growth over both the 3.1% growth seen in 2013 and the 2.9% ten year average.

*Gasoline is averaging $3.01 a gallon nationally—down 8.2 percent from an average $3.28 a year ago, according to AAA figures. Lowest levels in 5 years….(2009)

* Retail sales among private companies with less than $5 million (small businesses)  in annual revenue have seen 4.5 percent growth in annual sales through September of this year. That’s up 5.5 percent from the same period a year ago.

*Today, more Americans have health insurance than ever! before.

* 10 million people who would have previously had to pay full price for any health treatment can now afford an annual checkup, eye glasses, or birth control pills.

*In the (Democratic) states that embraced the ACA’s planned expansion of Medicaid, the government health care program for the poor, the number of uninsured fell by nearly 40%.

*Unemployment hits a six-year low (2008) at 5.9 percent.

*The US economy added 248,000 jobs in September and in an unexpectedly strong report.

* The GDP report was broadly constructive, with the gains broadly based and pointing to positive underlying momentum in the U.S. economy going into the last stretch of 2014.


Since polls are made up, created, and have little bearing in reality as do real things, jobs, salary, hours worked, balance sheets, no out of pocket medical bills, …. one must assume, as would any person possessing their reasonable facilities, that these polls are were either blatantly lying, or were deceptively created through cherry picking the prospects, in order to create the illusion its authors “wanted” to create……..

If someone tells you the sky is green outside, do you stay in your cubicle and say “oh wow” … or do you take a break and go outside to see …. it’s as blue as it ever was?


We finally got hard working America back on its feet after the last Republican Congress and Republican president gave us the largest economic Depression since the Great Depression of 1929:  Properly known as “The Republican Depression of 2008”! …..  Are you truly going to put them back in power to do it all over again?

If you don’t vote…. then you just did…  It all comes down to that… If every single one of you votes, then the real results like these will continue “AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE”….

No matter what the “lying” polls say…..

Even the most callous, ignorant, unconcerned citizen can’t ignore this. One can blame all Congress for it’s inaction. This Congress going on vacation now, has worked the least of any Congress in modern history up to this point. Just 142 public bills have become law in this current Congress (2013-2014) – down from the 906 the 80th “Do-Nothing” Congress passed in 1947-48, and the 333 that were enacted during the Newt Gingrich-led 104th Congress of 1995-96.

When a major crises hits our border, and is all over the air waves for two weeks, and every Republican goes before a TV camera and blames the President for causing the crises, and the President gives Congress his plan to solve it and it passes the Senate and the House REFUSES to vote on it, and instead offers their OWN contorted bill, which gets pulled because there are not enough votes in their OWN party to EVEN pass it…

It is obvious where the problem lies. Those people blaming Obama, who are so dysfunctional, they can’t even get THEIR OWN legislation passed in THEIR OWN controlled chamber….

It shows exactly where the dysfunction lies… No one buys a car that won’t run. No one keeps a refrigerator that won’t work. No one put up with a spouse who doesn’t help contribute to the running of the house… The dysfunction lies solely with this ONE party in this ONE house…

It played exactly the way the shut down the government last October. America, you have to stand up and do something about it… You can only blame yourselves…..

CBS puts the price tag at $1.5 million per vote… That is probably exaggerated and where that might have been the actual initial expense were one to account for all the high priced hours, acquired document fees, parking, etc for the information collected in the first vote, it would be safe to assume that most of the subsequent votes all draw from that original document…. and the expense would be less.

As all know by now, Obamacare helps we, the people, and in doing so costs the private insurance companies a little more in profit unearned. That essentially is what this whole battle is over.  If the private insurance companies had from the get-go, said they were gung-ho into Obamacare, none of this controversy would have occurred at all. …

So according to CBS, the grand total, with 50 attempts to repeal, is now at $75 million of your dollars completely wasted over nothing…   We still have Obamacare. The money was spent.  It was therefore spent on nothing and Republicans in the House, are the ones solely responsible. Someone needs to be accountable for spending the exact same money when they knew very well it was to wasted and could go no  further…. over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

(Yeah, it’s 50)

So when you legitimately complain that nothing is getting done to help you the public citizen, consider this:  what $75 million would otherwise buy….

$150,000 jobs…. 500 per year

$75,000  jobs….  1000 per year

$50,000 jobs….   1500 per year

$35,000 jobs…    2142 per year

Fixed pot hole…..  250,000 at the high in estimate of ($300 per pothole)

Brand new high schools…. 3 3/4

Elementary schools…. 10

Rounds of ammunition…. 255 million

Roman Abramovich’s home …. 1

M1 Abrams tanks…..  8.74 tanks

Spent on Marijuana Prohibition….. 1.36 days

SNAP Benefits….. 8 hours 14 minutes worth

Operating a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier….. 70 days, 21 hours,

Amount applied to Protecting Endangered Species…..  3 years and 3 months

Speakers of the House…..  360 of them. (Vice Presidents too)


Bottom line. We could have gotten a much better deal for the money spent.  Everyone knew it was being spent on absolutely nothing.  Yet Republicans spent every penny anyway…  Remember this the next time they yelp about Keynesians spending government money on useless projects…

This was just a pure sad waste of your money. No ifs, No buts. No do overs…

It is up to you to hold the Republican Party accountable; the main stream media won’t…..  Just wait until the next time some one dares complain about Obamacare in front of you…!

If this information were to ever get out, it alone could cause the House to turn blue in 2014……..

You have to take a drug test to get food stamps because your employers at two jobs aren’t giving you enough hours……

But you don’t to pocket $174,000 of taxpayer money because you …. are a Congressman….

And your boss, lets you keep your job because: “Hell, Cocaine?  That’s no big deal”–John Boehner.

Worst Congress Ever
Worst Congress Ever

Graphs Courtesy of Washington Post

Everyone knows the Republicans are the party of “no” . However not many of you have seen the full effect these Republicans have caused.

House Schedule 2014

Introducing Next Year’s Republican House Schedule… Number of days working; 10% fewer than 2013.

Between August and Nov. 4 — Election Day 2014 — the House will be in session 12 days. The chamber will be in session for 27 days between August and the year’s end.

No week longer then 4 days.

One month they work 4 weeks. All others are three weeks or less.

For all intents and purposes, it looks like since Republicans cannot win elections, they have chosen to be famous for being the most unproductive party ever assembled in the once great United States of America……

We Cut Your Food Stamps. We Put You Out Of Work, We're Crashing Your 401K's, Just So Boehner Treats Us To A Pizza Party, Which You Are Paying For, BTW... Ha, Ha, Ha

Pizza being taken to John Boehner’s office as the House speaker held talks with Republicans after the collapse of a deal to raise the government debt ceiling temporarily. Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP

There is only one reason to remain in today’s stock market. That is if you “short” sold everything  to begin next week.  If you haven’t, it might be too late…  if I were the Chinese or other foreign investors, I’d bet short, and start pulling out right now. 

You know that is a safe bet.

I’m sorry I couldn’t react to this in a timely fashion. As it is, some time has gone by, but perhaps that is good. It allows minds to focus on it without getting twisted by emotions… As it is, I have tried to strip all partisanship out of the evaluation, and simply look at it as one would two neutral sports antagonists.

Here is the Boehner quote….

“What the president said today was if there’s unconditional surrender by Republicans, he’ll sit down. That’s not the way our government works.” –

That is just wrong. Opening the government back up is now… “unconditional surrender”? From an inpartial viewpoint Boehner just lost the battle of public opinion. For now, anyone out of work is so because in Boehner’s own words, it would amount to unconditional surrender for Republicans.

All the past pointing fingers at the president are in one sentence proven to have no bearing. For if it were the president’s fault that the shutdown were occurring, the “unconditional surrender” would have to be on his side.

But opening the government back up, only hurts the Republican position. It doesn’t weaken the Democrats position one iota. Therefore Boehner just admitted full blame himself for the entire shut-down. By saying it was “unconditional surrender”, Boehner despite all his previous jabs, now implicates only the Republicans. The shutdown is indeed now the Republicans fault and Boehner just proved it….

Why is opening the government an “unconditional surrender” for Republicans? Because they caused it. They benefit from it. And if it goes away, they lose….

This is why the dead can’t be buried and the living can’t earn incomes. This will be why the entire global economy will crash with a drop 50 times more powerful than the Lehmann collapse… This will be why the other nations, China, Russia, North Korea, and the Muslim nations, will take advantage of our incapacity and make changes to geography completely undreamed of by today’s current Republicans. Gee! What a great time to eradicate Israel. Wow! When the USA is too incapacitated to help them…

All because the Republicans might lose if we open up government… Boehner himself let it slip: to open government would be “unconditional surrender.”

Now usually when one surrenders unconditionally, it is because he is getting pounded and can’t take it anymore. Although they are taking a pounding in the polls (28%), they aren’t the ones suffering. Federal workers, those businesses dependent upon the government, and those requiring the government to be open and running, are the ones getting pounded…

So it is really as if we launched a first strike against the Soviets, and when they launched back we used telemetry to divert all their missiles to Brazil… “ha, ha” we laughed. “Let all those suckers suffer; we aren’t surrendering… you have to surrender first!”

In this regard, Republicans are no better than Al Qaeda when using Iraqi school children as human shields. To paraphrase a recent phrase from TV and to make fun of Boehner’s orange skin color all at the same time, one could say… “Orange is the New Al Qaeda….”

To save face and stop this, all Boehner has to do, is say. “Every Republican is cut loose; vote your conscious or as your constituents back home would wish”… and put the clean bill on the floor.

There is a reason we don’t negotiate with terrorists. For if you let them go, they will do it all over again…. and keep on doing it, as many times as possible until you stop them.

1) Someone lacked the capacity and ability to contain the thoughts we’ve all been thinking…..

2) or it was a hit…. with a very high dollar figure attached.

3) I hope it wasn’t Boehner.

No one holds more sway in this than Boehner.  He is the speaker of the House.  Eighteen percent of his House is his problem.

There is a solution.  It is a big step.  It could make Boehner a national figure, possibly even win the presidency in 2016..

I am probably more forgiving of Boehner than most.  He has done well considering what he has to work with.  Others may scoff that he did not control his people. In truth, he has navigated very rocky waters without sinking the boat.  Because in many cases,  he has aligned with Obama with masterful compromises on the issues, only to be sold out by the radicals under his command.  Each time, his compromises have put his leadership in jeopardy.

The public Boehner we disparage is not the man himself.  That man is a good man.  The public Boehner is one who has no choice but to act in this way because  though he is a good man, he is the leader of thugs.  Just like a union boss has to represent the union even if it’s unrealistic vision is detrimental to all involved, he still has to represent his union. For the reality exists that when the boss comes back with a negotiated deal, it can be talked down by one or two hard lined members…

If Boehner waffles, he gets tossed out, and someone worse gets put in.

As early as  Management 101, there are basic plans for how one handles an insurrection on the inside.  Essentially they dictate that one forms an alliance with another power, rendering the power of the usurpers pointless, and once destroyed, one severs ties with that that ally and goes one’s own way.

Here is how Boehner could apply that principal to the Gang of 80.

80 out of the entire body is 18%.  82% Representatives are arrayed against them.

Sometimes by actually doing what you are most afraid of,  one can gain the freedom to do what you wish.   Boehner needs to cut the Republicans loose.  A short statement:  “I hereby release all those of our party to vote their own consciousness in lines with their constituents back home.  We will no longer for this session, impinge upon our members to vote as a bloc.”

Later in a press interview, he can expound.  “We are a divided party.  Republicans in some states think totally opposite of those in other states.  It is wrong for some to vote against the wishes of their constituents, just because members of other states say so.  Either way. This is best for our party as a whole, so we stop fighting each other and both factions can win in their districts.  If any Republican wants to vote for any Democratic proposals, they can do so with impunity.  It is best for our country, it is best for our constituents, and in the long run, it will save our party….”

If he does this, Boehner, not Obama, will become the man who saved the country.  Those Tea Party Republicans will henceforth become as was the obsolete Federalist Party who lingered on for years in a few states after their national prominence dwindled past zero….  After all, they currently now at their peak, only have 18% of the votes in one half of one third of our government.

The political implications for 2016 are enormous.   By doing this and breaking the Republican Party’s official ties to the radicals, the Republican party gets judged from this moment forward.  They are different now.  The old characterizations no longer apply.  On the other hand, the Democrats will be judged across their entire stretch of the past 8 years.  This gives Republicans a huge edge.  Many of those former Republicans to whom the Tea Party scared over to the Democrats, may now return back to their fold….

It will be a guessing game whether a moderate Boehnor could win 2016.  It would depend on whether the far-sighted and  compromising Boehnor could pull more people away from independents and moderate Democrats (think Ohio, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, Colorado) making up for the loss of those rural populations (think Mississippi, West Virginia, Central Plains states) who would support a race-baiting Governor Wallace type as a third party candidate.

It is the best shot Republicans will ever have.

Whether Boehner has it in him is uncertain.  It takes great courage to stand up to one’s enemies.  It takes even greater courage to stand up to one’s friends….