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Destination Sanford, Florida, Republican Capital of the World

Ok, it’s not just me… Actually several days ago I realized I forgot the actual date and looked it up… Today is the forty-fifth anniversary..

Amazingly very little has been said anywhere…….about commemorating that cataclysmic psychological event…. If one pushes the search hard enough there is a piece in both the Fort Worth and Dallas papers today… Other than that… just a couple of blurbs in small town weeklies…. Usually an anniversary ending in either 5 or 0 causes a major ripple across the main stream media…. Today….NOT!


Obama’s election has pushed that event back into the realm of history. With so much hope and so many problems facing us simultaneously, we are simply just too preoccupied to reconsider old news, even if the shenanigans surrounding that event are shrouded in mystery….. With Obama scheduled to be sworn in less than sixty days from now… emotionally clinging to the last great time, is not so important anymore…..

For now we now have a new icon of hope… One that lives in our living rooms and is currently putting his cabinet together as I write…. The last time someone inspired or motivated this country as much as he has…..well, can anyone remember?

So belatedly I wish to mark that historic time with this post… And with a tender pat on the back to one Caroline….quietly say…. you had a really great dad.

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

Whether due to the holiday, due to Del States attempt to unseat UD, due to early morning Holiday shopping, or just too much alcohol,… there was “Little” on the local blog scenes this week…..

DWA has this interchange with Dana and Maria Evans, as well as this. Dana has this, this, this, this, and this. FSP has this, and this. Nancy had this “little” bit to say. Del Liberal adds this
There seems to be “Little” else

I have often seen Independent parties collapse on such short notice. The national Reform Party, basically due to such shennigans in 96, became a non player, as soon as Perot walked away….The independent’s have ideals, often untarnished by years of political fighting, and sometimes they can do well, if they pull a candidate who stands above the competition…. They just do not seem to be able to convince the average voter to undo years of conditioning, and vote for a color other than those two making up purple…….Also they appear strongest at a campaigns beginning, due I think to the overall dissatisfaction with either of the two main parties…. But as deadlines approach, their lack of a campaign structure to support them, causes them to flap in the wind….I guess since we already know what a Democrat or Republican stand for…..we just have to decide whether that those individual persons will meet our expectations. But with an Independent, we have to learn from scratch what they will do once elected, and to be honest……that is just too much work……….

So to paraphrase William Shakespeare, even though “Much Ado about Little” dominated discourse this holiday weekend, it could have, and should have been expected to fall short, and wind up to be “much ado about nothing…..” against whomever the major parties decide upon for their candidate……(Denn takes it).

So what else? Del State? Several comments, mostly from Del Liberal, were posted on that outcome…..As could be expected, some calls of racism were bound to arise…..But police or no police, power salute or no power salute, Delaware had 66.6 % of its universities in the NCAA playoffs. What other state can match a percentage like that? Not everything is bigger in Texas……

It was an incredible Thanksgiving….as well as the anniversary of JFK’s demise…..The day was warm, almost balmy. The night was cold, almost freezing….and the wind blew….While I ate Thanksgiving dinner, my neighbors fiery orange maple, lost ALL its leaves….Fall turned to winter, as the very late foliage fell. Mike M carries some of this fall’s memories among his Musings

Thanksgiving brought several pictorial representations across the net. Dana improvised on the early American theme song, “Turkey in the Straw”, with this “Tale of Two Turkeys; (one in a bush).” Donviti’s photo may make some political hacks angry……Other Thanksgiving pictures could be found on The Colussus, the Curmudgeon, Soapbox, and Tommywonk, and Northington.

As we pull away from Thanksgiving, our eyes turn to the “real” holidays…..During this time, much will happen….Wind will be settled, December 18th. The final jostling for the Iowa caucuses will take place out of sight, as most of us fight our ways though malls, or use our heads and shop on line…..Perhaps unknown to many, but thanks to Dana and this link, we can see some of Ms. Korn’s Delaware’s artwork on display now at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington. At DelLib, Donviti shows us some of his artwork as well. Another form of art, music, gives us insight into the mind of Jason330. likewise, a smattering of poetry appears, first from Alan and then from Shirley V., our favorite Curmudgeon. But the best introduction to a new art form, would be that of Matt from the Soapbox, and Dana with the link, showing us the lovely Liz Allen, demonstrating to all the gracious “art of interviewing.”

Speaking of Liz Allen, Hube, in a very nice gesture, offers up Liberals in his Thanksgiving prayer….Although amusing it touches on a common theme that those of us in Delaware’s blogosphere are familiar with….And that is that we are only as good as those we argue against…..For it is only as good as our adversaries challenge us, that we become…If it weren’t for those people who pushed us along as we developed our blogging skills, we would be half the persons we are today…..And if one looks though every other state’s blog role, provided to us all by Daily Delaware, we can see how much better our group is in quality of content, than other states who, living in the Stone(d) Age, rarely “Rove” off topic and still blog off of “talking points.”

From Delaware’s voice of Libertarianism, besides a voter’s guide, we have a new look. FSP sports another new look as well, (fall being almost over….and it has nothing to do with Mitt Romney’s 4th place standing in the national polls.)

One senses America’s infatuation with the glitz of Republican politicos like Romney has somewhat dimmed, as Shirley and those commenting describe their feelings surrounding an invitation to Republicanize the rich and powerful…..I think this piece nails just why Republicans, if lucky, may still win 5% of 2008’s votes……..

This piece by Duffy also tackles the Americans’ given right to assemble.

Finally, Delaware’s favorite son, made several showings based on his better than expected performance, each time the cameras focus on him….Daily Delaware has three: here, here, and here….
Now at least someone credible has taken on Cheney and the “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” squad…..

Sadly with all of this going on, Vision 2015 took a hit.Kilroy has more on that topic…..It seems that when one takes limited resources, and splits them up between corporations and education, the score comes out to a respective 44- 7. With or without a power salute, the kids just cannot win. Perhaps they should sue the state for not extending their education far enough……..hell it works for developers?

In the end, we can be thankful for each other, and this small state that draws us closer…..As each of us plugs forward to the beginning of 08, take a minute to look back and see just how far all of us have come in 07.

So many weird things happened today that kept pointing to this topic.

The first was giving my youngest a bath….In a random motion I noticed that if I took the clear plastic cup we used for rinsing his hair, and inverted it while lowering it into the water, that all of his floating toys would rest firmly on the bottom, and roll across the floor of the tub. All the water was pushed out with the air. Wow, I thought to myself. We could use this scientific principal to cheaply expand our civilization across the bottom of oceans where there is plenty of land.

Then I thought, that since the oceans appear to be on course to rise anyway and that there is little, if anything we can do to curb it, say but for changing our ways and nuking China and India into changing theirs, we could build over the next twenty years, big domes over our existing architecture while it was still dry and continue living where we do today when and as the water rose…. Imagine a giant dome over Wilmington with high speed rail lines tunneling in and out?

Then another memory popped up, while we were discussing the warmth of the weather, and still remembering that climate and weather are two different topics, this guest of ours remembered that 44 years ago, the weather was just as warm as today, if not warmer……..

In fact, he remembered exactly that November 22; he was on an elementary school playground, and “the boys” had just shed their coats in a pile near the chain link fence, and he was on the swing set “pushing the envelope” that balmy, sweaty day……. when his classmate, Mary Sea, insisted that he stop and listen to what she had to say…..He said that at that point he figured that she was acting as emissary to the powers that be, and since he assumed he was about to get in trouble for his daring, he stopped what he was doing…….He still remembers his stinging feet because he clamped them down on the dirt to stop…… She said, “the president’s been shot.” Now not trusting her role as emissary any longer he shot back. “You’re a liar,” (in what was to be the last time he was ever wrong, according to him….) And they played “Is true: Is not” while he gave up his swing and walked over to the teacher doing playground duty. “Mary tells me John Kennedy was shot. Is that true?” A face of tears looked back. “Yes, he’s dead.”

The whole school was funneled into one room where the brand new “two weeks old” school tv had been hooked up for the first time. They watched Chet Huntley discuss what had happened….then it was time to go home.

He missed the murder of Oswald. But his dad took the family over to the next town where, while his grandparents were out they watched the funeral on their TV since his family had none. There was no musical backdrop to news in those days, he said ….News was, …well news. He remembers listening to what seemed like four hours of horses’ hooves clomping down Constitution Avenue, across the Potomac, and up the hill to Arlington.

But the most fascinating part of the story was its continuation. For a great many years he always suffered extreme depression just on days numbering in the mid twenties of November. It wasn’t until ’98 and the event’s 35th anniversary as he watched either the Discovery or History Channel play back the entire broadcast during the same time-frame of the afternoon that it actually happened, that it all flooded back…… This friend is the type of guy who has always prided himself to be master of his emotions. He confessed to us that at that time, he wasn’t.

But with the realization of that moment, he was able to put two and two together and realized why his depression occurred when it did. Knowing the original cause allowed him to finally take control of that depression. As he explained, it had an valid cause and from that point on, because it was understandable, it was therefore fixable. It has not reoccurred since, he informed us.

I decided to mention this as a public service in case there are others who, not knowing, still suffer from emotions stemming back to timely affair…..

As he said to us around the table. “If your are too young to remember, you are lucky……. ”

It seems odd that Thanksgiving and the Kennedy assassination would fall upon the same day, and that in both cases, then and now, the weather would be so un-November-like.