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Oh sure, now that they are under attack, they want the US back in. But no, while we were there, they did nothing to let us know who was friend or foe… The US can’t help everyone. We should help those who help us; and draw the line against those who cheered when we lost men.

We did our best. We tried to fix your nation. But you, created havoc. You knowingly hid insurgents after they attacked us. You sheltered and condoned their actions.

So suffer bitches…

Oh, we know they are bad guys. That is why we tried to bolster your army and it was, it was trained by the best military in the world.. And what did you do? You sneaked terrorists in in uniform, to blow us up. You knew who they were… You aided and abetted them.

Wars cost money, and in case you haven’t been reading the papers, money is something we don’t have. If we spend it, it needs to be on those who by their actions are worth it…

You made your bed. Now lie in it.. You don’t need or deserve help from us.. Maybe after you see what it is like to have your sons and daughters killed, for nothing, you will have a better understanding of what we and one trillion dollars tried to do…

You could have been so great. But you wouldn’t tell us who was friend and who was foe…
Enjoy your fate. Enjoy your slogans. A lot of good they will do you when you’re dead.


The plural of Vanilla Ice would be pronounced ….. Vanilla Ice’s (or ISIS)…
They ran out of Vanilla in the Syrian desert….

Tough group, aren’t they? If they walked down my street like this, I too would hide….

Throw this in Cheney’s face next time he or anyone associated with the word neocons opens their mouth….

Beside Biden’s this is one of the best predictions ever made of the Mid East……

Syrian Resistance FlagSyrian Flag We are a tired generation… We grew up with ‘Nam.  Which ever side we were on during the battle here in America over that police action, or war, looking back after it was done, …. we all knew it was wrong….

After that we thought all war was wrong, and unfortunately took some of that angst out on those who least deserved it:  those coming back from the steamy jungles of hell…..

Against our will a certain president soon sent Marines into Beirut;  what happened then reinforced our belief that an American war was unjustifiable and that all other means must be utilized to prevent American war from ever happening again….  Against our will, we propped up a Nicaragua dictator against some rebels.  Against our will, we sold arms to Iran to use for paying for our support for that Nicaragua dictator, since a Congress elected by the American people, flatly said no to supporting him in Nicaragua…  We found a way to do it anyway….

I remember Senator Rudman, (R-NH) saying at the hearing while addressing Oliver North,… “The American people have the RIGHT to be wrong.”

Oliver North had been insisting that even when Americans flatly say NO, one still must do what one deems is necessary, that whatever one deems necessary, is the highest moral truth.  “Sometimes one has to go above the law!”  was actually said by the defense at this hearing.  Only one good thing came out of those hearings:  we all were introduced to Fawn Hall.

But then…  The Brits quickly regained the Faulklands. Then came Grenada, which went off without a hitch.   Then Panama, which was successful and almost painless.  Then came General Schwartzkopf.  The 4th largest army in the world, was routed in hours, and in days, had been completely mopped up.  Then came the Balkans.  We were on a roll.  We’d finally nailed down the successful formula of how to win in battle.

Today we say Iraq is a failure.  But that was so not so just after the invasion.  Inside Baghdad, the pulling down of Saddam’s statue, the victory of capturing Saddam, the ability of us to hand out billions of American dollars, initially gave this campaign the luster of looking like another success story…

Until we tried to steal their oil.  The standard global rate of dividing oil revenues is that the US gets a 20% cut for the development, and Iraq would get to keep 80% because it is after all, their resource.  That is how we deal with Nigeria.

But Brenner announced that we’d flip that to pay for the war, and that Iraq would be allowed to keep 20% because we liked them so much, and we’d only, by our good graces, take 80% of the revenues. 24 hours after letting that cat out of the bag, the first IED went off under a US military vehicle…  Before week was out, the total was in the hundreds.

The luster was gone.  We were an invading army, something  we have not called ourselves since WWII.  We always saw ourselves as the policeman who leaves as soon as order is restored…

Afghanistan likewise, got worse.  Then Pakistan.  Then Yemen.  On the diplomatic front  instead of doing no harm, .. we could do no good.  Then Libya costs us an ambassador who was running guns through Turkey.  He shouldn’t have been there; it should have been a low level staffer with security clearance.

This baby boomer generation knows that war is wrong.  We know from experience. The only time it can be employed successfully, is a) when the whole world is united behind you, b)  you go in and get out, and c) you have a structure that stays in place long after you are gone.

The only time it goes badly… is every other scenario.

Which brings us to Syria.  Syria has no importance to anyone.  (They couldn’t even defend the militarily advantageous Golan Heights in ’67!)  Which is why we let the Russians have them.

People are going to die in Syria if a):  Assad wins, b):  the rebels win, or c):  no one wins. The only thing changing upon this wars outcome, is which side will be massacred at war’s end.  Hence the battle for survival over there now.

So by having the US intervene or not, we are choosing which side gets to kill the other after the hostilities die down.

The weakest argument for going in still left with standing, is that they used chemical weapons.  In WWI, the British, French, and Germans all used chemical weapons.   Are chemical weapons really worse than being burned alive?  Or asphyxiated as a bomb blast sucks all the oxygen out of your lungs and the room?  Or a milk jug sized piece of jagged metal shrapnel ripping and leaving a hole through your body?  Or a mine being stepped on?  I’m trying to think why chemical weapons are so much worse, except for the fact that we’ve been told” they are so much worse”?

A causality is a causality.

We understand “why” some say we should go into Syria.  Because if we do not respond to chemical weapons in a big way, someone else will become confident and use theirs.  There is only one way to keep the genie inside the bottle, and that is to never leave a opening for it to escape….

We also understand “why” one of our beloved School districts had a policy that suspended, and expelled those who brought weapons to school!  Not just guns, but knives too. After all, the argument for punishing Syria, applies to soon-to-become high school felons too.

But, there came a time when the response generated by a policy, actually became the crime,   You remember the little boy expelled who brought a cake to school, and his grandmother thoughtfully sent a knife knowing teachers usually don’t have utensils in their classrooms.  The teacher actually cut the cake, served it, thinking nothing of it.. it was someone higher up, reviewing the situation, who said, “wait, that can be interpreted as a breach of regulations.  Let’s make an example out of this little boy”.  He was suspended and could have been expelled, except it eventually became news and public outcry was solidly on his side.  The policy makers were laughed out of town.

Which is why, if you are making this decision, you need to stall.  Acting quickly and decisively is equivalent to acting on rumor and innuendo.   So what if Syria lied and shot the gas cannisters off?

Does a military strike create enough excellent good will to neutralize this bad act?

Ironically what is best for the US in this situation, is for Assad to stay in power, to have a zealous change in heart, to work closely with the USA to get his economy working, to becoming a partner in that region with the US, and to signing a treaty with Israel, as did the Egyptians many, many years ago…

What is worse for us, is if the jihadists win, push out the moderates and take over the reform movement (they always do), then go to war with Israel, Jordan and Turkey.  Making ourselves into the evil empire will only create more explosions everywhere, flare-ups which would not have occurred had we taken the Jedi way, and used the “Force” in our possession, to make events on the ground turn our way and happen in our favor….

Realistically such a rosy scenario probably can’t happen; but if it did, were this to come about, there would be no doubt: Obama would be lauded as the best president we’d ever see in our lifetimes.  The cost of failure is so low that it just might be worth the try.

The second point… which all us Viet-namers will well remember, is that you may win every engagement you participate in Syria, but you won’t win the war at home, and that… will suck all your energy away from all the good you plan to do before 2016.

It broke LBJ.  It broke Bush II.  Don’t let it break you….

it is always nice to say “I told you so” even when it irritates those listening to have to hear it.   I apologize in advance for this is one of these moment.  But the first story I saw today, was one that i went on a limb to state and took flack for.  It has now come to pass.

in what now seems like a previous lifetime, when there actually were Conservatives on the blog circuit,  I stated that teeming up with the Chinese was our solution to stabalizing and getting out of Iraq.  I made the point that we’d lost the right to develop all of Iraq’s oil and would never get it being the oppressor;  we should use a third party as a front, and partner with them to at least get some access.

The oil barons all cried traitor…

Lol.  Well, today Reuters broke the story that Exxon was partnering with PetroChina to develop one of the massive oil fields near Basra.  As an aside to that story, it mentions that one of Iraq’s targets is to be outproducing Saudi Arabia by 2020.

it is always nice to always be right. 🙂   But just imagine if we’d done it back in 2007.

Here is what we know.

Group of people put up money for film.   Allegedly  $5 million dollars.

Film gets made, and actors are later shocked to find their voices were dubbed over and that they were portrayed completely different from what was actually filmed.  Evidence is visible on trailer if you watch.

Film can find no Arabs who will play.  They use hillbillies and put on spray on tans ( rushed job; you can see where they missed)

Film gets edited , and  debuts in a theater in Hollywood, and all wait…  BOOM…. nothing happens….

Film finally debuts on website of that fake charlatan  who was in Florida burning Korans a little while ago.   That sets off search engine and the trailer hits Google.

That being a known, monitored anti-Muslim site, the film gets picked up in Egypt and goes viral.

Upset people riot.

Riot occurs in Libya, not where ambassador was, but at a consulate.  Ambassador goes to consulate and dies.

US announces that those attacking the embassy were not part of the riot, unless they created the riot as a diversion.

Romney criticizes Obama for causing the problem.

Romney defends his remarks despite the death of the ambassador.  Meaning did Romney, like John McCain over Georgia, have foreknowledge of the impending attack, and the ambassadors death was a freak accident, he stumbled in and discovered it was not an Islamic but a US operation?

Wishy Washy Romney,  is stuck, cannot give more fuel to the claim he doesn’t think before speaking, so he buttons down harder on his original remark….

The director who made the film is a fictitious person.  Some reports say he is in hiding, but,  a producer, Steve Klein who is now taking full responsibility for the film, has a history.

This Steve Klein is not what reports said.  This Steve Klein is the author of a piece  called “Eric Holder: The Ugliest of Things” which uses the trial of Gitmo holdees in a civilian court way back when, to call for the impeachment and imprisonment of the US Attorney General for violation of the Constitution.  This is a very provocative piece made to defend the insanity of right wing thinkers, and the element of provocation fits very well with this film’s provocative nature…  If put on a couch and analyzed Steve Klein would  be a person who has to shock and awe others  in order to consider himself worthwhile….. like a meth-head.

Steve Klein is connected to the whacky shell group called Courageous Christians United.  This strange group or eclectics  has a division that sparks hate with Muslims, a division that sparks hate with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and a division that sparks hate with Mormans.

Obviously the anti- Morman connection is perfect, for who would expect Mitt Romney of orchestrating this fiasco, if it got traced back to Steve Klein.  The smart money would bet that Klein’s group could be stoked to sponsor an anti Muslim film, and then those with the right connections could create the hassle in Libya that Romney needed to illustrate his lie which portrays that Obama is not truly the best president in foreign affairs we have ever had in our lifetime…  Everyone knows:  Flat out, he is.

That press statement of Romney was off; it didn’t make sense as pundits were quick to point out.  It was like it had been rehearsed way too many times,  and was just waiting for the right second, to be spit out…   “Ok, Romney, it just went down. Got confirmation; it’s a go..  in 5;   four, three, two, one. You’re on!…………………………………..”

The Republican Party is like a WWII bomber, missing its tail section and having both wings shot off..  It is going down……. They desperately needed a diversion to try to get the men out alive before it explodes on the ground.   Hey, fighter pilots… look over there.

This is a Swift Boat Attempt upon the current president. But instead of using film, a medium whose threads could be trace, they decided to use Muslims who have no accountability, and basically  pull out of the same play-book as 1980, and stage an embassy takeover to bring down Jimmy Carter and put Ronald Reagan (oh my… what a wonderful coincidence that the hostages get released as soon as Reagan ,pronounced as President of the United States of America, gets beamed to Iran…)  Oh, yeah that’s right.  It was Dick Cheney was authored that. With that much guilt, I’d have heart attacks too…

The link got pulled within the past three hours,  but earlier according to Google, one of  the backers of this $5 million film was Sheldon Adelson, who once backed Gingrich,  and then flipped to Romney.   Very soon we will know who the others were.

So the theory stands even though it is still being put together, that this event was caused by the same people supporting Romney, this event was orchestrated in order to make it appear that Israelis made the film and the United States sanctioned it.  Truth is, we do have a contingent of America that is very unchristian and actually do believe whatever they are told, (our Tea Party Contingent), just as Muslim leaders have similar headaches within their own borders.

The more one looks into all the pieces that came together and the smooth planning that seamed all the pieces together leaving no loose ends, even though the idea is far fetched, and as yet, still speculative….  it is fun putting the pieces together, even if later they turn out wrong…..

The theory that makes the most sense out of Romney’s ridiculous statement, is that he appears to have had fore knowledge and was uninformed at his speech that something had gone desperately wrong.

When you look at the evidence this is the only way it could be….  Just like our Commander in Chief’s birth certificate is a forgery . It’s the only way it could be… 🙂

“The events in Egypt and Libya show the failure of the Egyptian and Libyan governments to uphold their obligations to keep our diplomatic missions safe and secure and the regard in which the United States is held under President Obama in these two countries,” he told Foreign Policy’s Josh Rogin. “It’s all part of a broader scheme of the president’s failure to be an effective leader for U.S. interests in the Middle East.”

Wrong… Wrong… Wrong

It was because of a movie.   A really bad movie… in fact.   I was offended by it.  Deeply so.

If  someone made a similar movie about Jesus,  the American Tea Party would have done exactly the same as did those Muslims.  They would have attacked a black church, killed the preacher and burned it to the ground.

The problem is the movie., not Obama.  A movie that was incidentally funded by groups also providing support to the Romney Campaign, and to the Republican Party.  The same benefactors.  As soon as the New Century Club’s  name come up,  it begs for a comparison to using public events to mold and formulate policy.  It now appears that the riots were staged as a cover up for the murder.

Delaware Liberal provided a list of those advising Romney on foreign policy.  Many of  those names  give credence to the unthinkable, that this event was staged by supporters of the Romney campaign, to make Obama look bad…….

It is obvious Romney is being advised by nuts.  People who are just nuts.  They are nuts on foreign policy. They are nuts on economic policy.  They are nuts on women.  They are nuts on religion.  Simply put, they are nuts.

How can anyone who is a real Christian, support these nuts?

Today’s joke:   Why did Romney’s staff scatter when the convention was over?  They thought they saw a squirrel…..



It’s kinda odd…

It is like hearing only the one point of view coming from the woman, that she and her man of 35 years were splitting up, and in that report was her accusation that he was a deadbeat, wouldn’t show her affection, couldn’t perform when it counted, and was selfish, uncaring, and just impossible to live with… Then you hear from another source, that it was her who abandoned the family, and ran off with another man, leaving her husband of 35 years to care for the children, and run the household as a single dad.

But no one reports that. All they talk about is how she should take him for every penny and that she deserves to be happy too…

It is sort of that way with the war. It has almost been a full week since Obama has announced the end of the Iraqi War.

What fills the media?

That every Republican Presidential candidate has said it is a mistake. That Republicans in Congress, while they are taking credit for all the happiness coming from the news back home, in Washington, are trying to stymie the winding down of military action… That even within the Obama administration enterprising reporters were still able to find some voices of dissension that perhaps we were being a little too hasty in running out on Iraq…

All the argument is over Iraq…

Uhh, hello?… whose money is it that we’re spending?.. Uhh.. Shouldn’t that huge portion of the argument get some play?

I mean it would around a family dinner table. “Dad, I want to go to Harvard… It will cost $40,000 a year… ” “Nope, can’t afford it. You’ll need to rethink your future.”

Or in a bedroom, “Honey, we need all new furniture. I’ll put in on layaway this next Monday… ” “Nope, can’t afford it. You’ll need to rethink your priorities.”

Or in ones car. “Dad, I need the PS3.. My PS2 and PS1 games are all out of date.” “Nope, can’t afford it. You’ll need to rethink your spare time.”

Just the actual occupation of Iraq, cost us $720 million each day.

Isn’t it ironical that those who very same who were willing to gamble with our nation’s credit rating to cut expenses, are the very ones calling out Obama for turning off the spigot? Doesn’t that just sound like a bunch of hypocrites?

Just to give you an idea as to what that money could be otherwise spent on, here is a list compiled by a group that is against the war. No doubt it has probably had it’s numbers bumped up, but still it gives you a general feeling and some insight into what else that $720 million could be used…

One Day of the Iraq War = 720 Million Dollars, How Would You Spend it?

One Day of the Iraq War = 84 New Elementary Schools

One Day of the Iraq War = 12,478 Elementary School Teachers

One Day of the Iraq War = 95,364 Head Start Places for Children

One Day of the Iraq War = 1,153,846 Children with Free School Lunches

One Day of the Iraq War = 34,904 Four-Year Scholarships for University Students

One Day of the Iraq War = 163,525 People with Health Care

One Day of the Iraq War = 423,529 Children with Health Care

One Day of the Iraq War = 6,482 Families with Homes

One Day of the Iraq War = 1,274,336 Homes with Renewable Energy….

One Day of the Iraq WAr = $2.34 dollars each day into the pocket of every American man, woman, or child… One week =$16.38… One month = $70.36 .. One quarter gets rounded up to $213 and if cumulated over an entire year… 365.25 days… Every man, every women, every child, every toddler, every infant, is being costed by the war…$854 dollars!!!!

So why is no one talking about it?

Let’s backtrack to 2003 one month before we went in.

In a March 16, 2003 Meet the Press interview of Vice President Dick Cheney, held less than a week before the Iraq War began, host Tim Russert reported that “every analysis said this war itself would cost about $80 billion, recovery of Baghdad, perhaps of Iraq, about $10 billion per year. We should expect as American citizens that this would cost at least $100 billion for a two-year involvement.”

And here is the actual outcomes.

FY2003 Supplemental: Operation Iraqi Freedom: Passed April 2003; Total $78.5 billion, $54.4 billion Iraq War
FY2004 Supplemental: Iraq and Afghanistan Ongoing Operations/Reconstruction: Passed November 2003; Total $87.5 billion, $70.6 billion Iraq War
FY2004 DoD Budget Amendment: $25 billion Emergency Reserve Fund (Iraq Freedom Fund): Passed July 2004, Total $25 billion, $21.5 billion (estimated) Iraq War
FY2005 Emergency Supplemental: Operations in the War on Terror; Activities in Afghanistan; Tsunami Relief: Passed April 2005, Total $82 billion, $58 billion (estimated) Iraq War
FY2006 Department of Defense appropriations: Total $50 billion, $40 billion (estimated) Iraq War.
FY2006 Emergency Supplemental: Operations Global War on Terror; Activities in Iraq & Afghanistan: Passed February 2006, Total $72.4 billion, $60 billion (estimated) Iraq War
FY2007 Department of Defense appropriations: $70 billion(estimated) for Iraq War-related costs
FY2007 Emergency Supplemental (proposed) $100 billion
FY2008 Bush administration has proposed around $190 billion for the Iraq War and Afghanistan
FY2009 Obama administration has proposed around $130 billion in additional funding for the Iraq War and Afghanistan.
FY2011 Obama administration proposes around $159.3 billion for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Kind of a little more than the total cost of $100 billion that Cheney alluded to.

That’s the problem with Republicans… “We gotta go to war. We gotta go to war. If we leave they might collapse… ”
with no clue of how to pay for it.. No clue that going to war costs money. So it becomes a choice of where better to spend our money. Here at home? or in Iraq?

Drumroll please: The obvious answer is……….

Clueless as Republicans were, they put that war on our credit card. They did not raise revenues one tick to cover the extra expense. They took out a loan to finance the entire operation.

According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report published in October 2007, the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost taxpayers a total of $2.4 trillion dollars by 2017 when counting the huge interest costs because combat is being financed with borrowed money. The CBO estimated that of the $2.4 trillion long-term price tag for the war, about $1.9 trillion of that would be spent on Iraq, or $6,300 per U.S. citizen….

So Cheney’s $100 billion will cost us $2.7 Trillion counting interest paid… And the cost of caring for the humans who survied, is not even included.

We just can’t afford it. Some may say it is a hard decision. Some may say it is a wrong decision. Most will say it was an overdue decision, and it’s about damn time that someone did it.

It’s just funny how no one, no one is reporting the finances lurking behind this decision that made such a decision a no-brainer. There is no other choice really, but to let Iraqi’s handle their affairs themselves.

Lightning Strikes; No Damage is Done
Photo courtesy of 4AOS

With WikiLeaks being out of the news lately, I searched up what had been the most shocking revelations emanating from the world’s largest release of clandestine information…. Here were the top ten.

1) The US mislead the world on the amount of Iraqi’s who died by our hands as we stormed across our country….

No secret here. This is a military requirement. You always overstate your enemy’s casualties, and underestimate your own. Now, with the technology of instant communication, you have to steer clear of secondary causalities from innocent bystanders. Meaning they have to be zero, or as close to that as possible.

2) There were reports of torture that did not make the news reels. Again, of course. That is why it is called war and not high school athletics. War brings out the worst in people. We knew it happened long time ago, and that the Bush era was covering it up. , Again, no secret here. But if it were to happen today, the Obama administration would be forced to cover it up as well. This is no secret.

3) Issued in June 2004, Frago 242 required that coalition troops not investigate any breach of the laws of armed conflict unless it directly involved members of the coalition. Again, under their sovereignty, Iraqi’s had the right to do what they did. The coalition had jurisdiction, but not the power to override local actions. They were fighting a war requiring the Iraqi’s to police their own.

Again, no secret here.

4) The same unit and helicopter call sign Crazyhorse 18, which strafed and killed two Reuters employees and innocent children, also gunned down two militants who were trying to surrender to it. But wait, how can one surrender to a helicopter? Letting them go could cost another American soldier his life? You have no way to apprehend them! You have a mission and letting them go, with nothing but blind trust you will not be fired upon again, is just crazy. You have a minute, if not a second to make the decision. If a life is going to be lost, best it not be an American one. This is no secret; this should be no surprise.

5) The Iraqi hikers who were taken by Iran, were not in Iraq, but were spying in Iran… Under international law, Iran has every right to investigate and apprehend spies in its territory. Heaven’s knows. the United States certainly does the same! What would the sixties, seventies, and eighties have been without James Bond (Britain was our ally) movies? We all expected the outrage was fabricated. We all knew what had transpired..that we sent out an intelligence and infiltration mission, disguised as hikers, and got caught… Darn.

6) The documents also reveal that Iran and Hezbollah actively supported and trained anti-American Shiite militants in Iraq, such as Azhar al-Dulaimi, who abducted and beheaded four American soldiers before he was ultimately detained by U.S. forces. So Iran was conducting a shadowy war against the US in Iraq. No one is surprised now. But this supposedly is a great secret? What about the fact that Vice President Dick Cheney’s own Halliburton Company was avoiding the embargo with Iran by trading with it using a shell Halliburton company headquarted in Dubai. This secret, far more damaging to our national heritage, is one that wasn’t blown by Wikileaks.

7) Democracy was downplayed; no joke. Running a word search over the entire volume of Wikileaks, Der Spiegel reports that, in the 391,832 documents, the word “democracy” appears only eight times—improvised explosive devices are mentioned 146,895 times. I guess there may be a few people out there wearing flags on their lapels still who might be shocked at this revelation, but… I would think a military organization SHOULD be more concerned with objects blowing up it’s soldiers, than with how that nation’s future government shall be run… At least as a soldier in that particular branch of military,…… I would hope so.

8) The Syrian’s were helping Iraqi insurgents… No shit! This is a secret? The only nation that had anything in common with the Iraqi Baathist, was secretly helping them? How horrible! What an amazing revelation.

9) Private security contractors made mistakes and are: poorly trained, poorly motivated, and poorly led. These contractors, including Blackwater, were guilty of considerable mistakes, yet still have nothing to show their usefulness. On May 14, 2005, an American unit reportedly “observed a Blackwater PSD shoot up a CIV vehicle,” killing a father and wounding his wife and daughter. In another incident, a British contractor working with ArmorGroup shot and killed two of his co-workers in Baghdad during the summer of 2009, before trying to escape through the heavily fortified Green Zone. This again is nothing new. This argument was prevalent during the 2006 elections, as well as the 2008 elections. There is nothing worth mentioning. It is common knowledge that the only reason these private security firms were allowed into Iraq, was the sweat-heart deal arranged between their owners and then Vice President Cheney.

Finally, rounding out the top ten:

10) There is tension between the Kurds and Arabs of northern Iraq. Amazing revelation! Haven’t they been at odds the past two milleniums? Does it matter that they hate each other, and that when the US pulls out there may be bloodshed between these two factions? Isn’t this confidential news… were we supposed to believe that they loved each other and could cooperate together as well as do blacks and whites today, playing professional football on the Atlanta Falcons team?

These are what one site considers the top ten revelations of Wiki Leaks. Essentially they are verification substantiating what we already knew… Or put into human perspective, it is like seeing a long ago beach photo taken showing a young couple making out on the beach, and using that to prove they copulated, when the woman’s child has traits that look just like the man.

There is something bigger going on here which we are not told. These leaks once investigated have no meat, no secretive information. They will not change the dynamics on the planet…

The real tragedy is losing our freedom on the internet, because of an overreaction to nothing.

And if one finds these military actions offensive, discussion needs to take place… on how we want ourselves perceived in the future.
We should use the information to make ourselves a better nation.. Establish guidelines over when it is acceptable to fight dishonorably.

War is hell. The internet is our friend. You know, sometimes having a good friend in a relationship, actually does help prevent war from breaking out between two parties…

It is such a great time. The cold front has passed, warm moist air flowing in, misty rain, not enough to get you wet, but enough to wake you up as it dances across the face. In it one can feel the snow coming two days early… For a weekend night, outside it’s peaceful… Those with money, have finished shopping. Those without, are waiting for that last check before the holidays…

The annual tradition of trading favorite YouTube’d carols over the internet, has begun in earnest… Strains of Mozart, Celtic Women, Cat Stevens, Bon Jovi, Metallica, and tons of favorite carols by assorted artists, have caused all the stress, pain, heart attacks, symptoms of short breathing,……….. to melt away somewhere into the distant future, as we float back into all those happier times as we remember fond memories of our past……..

Happy Holidays.. Happy Holidays
Courtesy of All American Patriots

Courtesy of Pat Dollard

Afghanistan: like walking on the moon
Courtesy of Theodore’s World

Things aren’t so nice for 100,000 plus Americans now fighting in Afghanistan. Things aren’t so nice for their families, friends, and lovers back home,… now that things have really heated up over there….

Take a second: Imagine you’re a Taliban fighting this foe invading from a very distant land. Imagine the hope, and shot in the arm a headline like this from the United States, would instill in you upon having it read to you. Imagine how quickly its words would resonate in your blood, and how less inclined you would be to throw in the towel against overwhelming odds? Imagine if you had rounds of waterproofed AK 47 ammo hidden in your well, how inclined you must now be to pull them up, and lay in wait for an American serviceman, any American serviceman, to come close enough to fire a killing shot.

That Headline….

Republicans Shoot Down $700 Military Appropriations Bill Funding War in Afghanistan. Bill Not Passed.

Republicans just aided and comforted our enemy…. Can you hear the Taliban cheering?

It’s the holiday season;  I’ll be honest.

David Anderson: you served. How can you stomach supporting the Republican Party when they refuse to fund American servicemen in combat?

Frank Knotts: How can someone with your passion for all that America has stood for, still call yourself a Republican when they play games with Americans living and dying for our shared values?

Hube:  What gives?  Where is the line across which the Republican Party stops supporting America, and the Tea Party begins to represent the Conservative’s cause?

Tyler Nixon: How can any ex service man, support the party that is so self centered, they have no clue of how their vote to, not fund the war, emboldens our enemies?

Kilroy of Delaware: What kind of political party would play with funding for troops in active combat? How can that be tolerated?

Oh, well, it’s not skin off my teeth. It’s your party… do what you want. I don’t care… But I’ll tell you this… This nation needs a little old one horse Tea Party for this one reason alone: so conservatives have somewhere else to go without crawling on their knees to suck up to the moral backruptiveness of the Republican Party, that’s why…

Oh, well, I’ve said too much already. It’s not my problem. I just think that:

Our servicemen deserve better.
Conservatives deserve better.
Our republic, the United States of America, deserves better.

Conservatives: isn’t it way past time to switch your parties affiliation?  It’s the holiday season!  What better gift to your kids and grand-kids  could you possibly give?