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My grandfather led troops in every one of the major Yank’s engagements during the First World War. Those of you who have seen combat, can appreciate the fact that he never spoke of it to anyone, except once as far as we know, to his son, my father.

It is nice as a kid to know some good blood flows through your veins.

There is a shared bond among those who experience a life changing event. On a mild scale I could describe it as thus:

“You too were at the Stones concert August 89 in Veteran’s Stadium? Whoa…….” With those few words nothing else needs said. Between the glance of two sets of eyes, three CD’s and probably a 300 page book of information, pass back and forth in the form or a relived experience.

So it is with politics..Although mostly that field is boring, there are those moments….And when they occur, you know something special has happened.

I got goosebumps from reading a comment nestled in a forum tacked to the bottom of a link of a page that was linked to me. Sort of a round about way to come to the point, but….as you know, that is what happens on the internet.

I will just jump into it.

I was at the Ames event at which you couldn’t wedge another person into the room. They had to take down the tables with hand-outs and anything else they could get rid of for more standing room. It got so warm we were all stewing in our juices.All eyes were rivetted on Joe, and nobody was complaining that he was trying to explain intricate policy to them either! Most of his talk was answering peoples’ questions. They wanted real answers from someone who knows that with technology and globalization the world is getting smaller and more interconnected all the time, so that everyone else’s problem is becoming your problem too. Joe has that kind of perspective, and people have had enough hype that they are looking for the real deal. They didn’t want him to leave, and it took him half an hour just to get out of the building. I just wish we had more time, now that people are coming around, but finally getting some coverage helps! The media have shaped this race in a way that is totally unfair, favoring celebrity over substance.

Comment by Donna Hughes January 2, 2008 at 11:14 am

As I follow these events in Iowa I have to wonder,… that if this country were to turn itself around by say 2012, that a small group of Iowans could turn to each other and ask……””Were you there at Ames 2008?”

The answer would be ” Whoa…..”

A common theme that quickly surfaces in any conversation regarding Joe Biden, is that the media doesn’t cover him enough, thereby voters do not know the true caliber of this outstanding candidate. Most often these remarks come from supporters who, like fans of a television serial, want to see more of “their favorite candidate.” Their heightened sense of frustration can be compared to the suffering one feels after hearing of the cancellation of their show… For why on earth would a network cancel “Lost”, “CSI”, “House”, or “Desperate Housewives” and replace it with “Barney and Baby Bop”?

All humor aside, that is exactly the paradigm the media creates whenever it chooses to show us a slumbering candidate, as opposed to an enlivened one. Because air time is all about “ratings”, these avid viewers seem perplexed that the mainstream media would shun the most charismatic candidate, and focus instead on its preordained front runner.

Well, Iowa has the opportunity and should take advantage of it, to show those “bigwigs” a thing or two…. Iowa, as well as the rest of the nation, wants to see its best qualified, effective top rated candidate move on to the next race. We are eight years behind. This country needs an expert to begin repairing our country from day one. We need, after January 20th 2009 to forget what the word “politics” means. Instead we need to focus on this word: “results”.

Because dull footage of the front runners replaces that of the more vibrant candidates, rumors have surfaced that this blacklisting of Biden and others must be forced and deliberate. In fact, if one is open minded, there could be the remote possibility that as Randolf Hearst once said, the moguls pick the candidates and put them into office. In the long run, that is unlikely. For that idea works only as far as we, the voter, chose to continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated.

Remember, we are free agents. We have the right to source opinions from many other experts. We have the right to make up our minds…..And although it may sound ironic, perhaps this subtle silence on Joe Biden is actually a good thing. Perhaps voters, by not getting “enough of Biden” for their fix, will be angry enough to respond by caucusing for “Biden for President” on the first round. Now I am now aware of God’s plan for Iowa. But I do know that for now, all those truths we hold to be self evident, were at one time not only a minority opinion, but often illegal…

The Idea that we could govern ourselves, and throw off the yoke of a king, started over beer, I believe, in Sam Adam’s bar in Boston. As others got wind of it, isolated groups began meeting in other colonial cities. Bottom line: the idea was ripe for its time.

Sadly, the freedom we won, did not apply to persons bought and sold as property. Again, a minority opinion surfaced among the Quakers: slavery was wrong, and that idea spread. Eventually our nation resolved the issue, by having to split, come to blows, and reconcile to make it happen. Tragically, due to Lincoln’s untimely death, we botched the Reconstruction “big time” and large numbers of our population continued to live in squalor as second class citizens. It took one person with courage to not give up her bus seat, to start the crumbling of over a century of wrongdoing.

Today, the candidates court the women vote. Originally a women could not vote. So as one steps back to look, it seems to be the nature of this country that when something starts out small and gains ground, it turns out well for the nation and all of us. Compared to the alternative course, where an idea achieves mass hysteria, then becomes law prematurely, and eventually creates enough havoc to be repealed like Prohibition (a bad idea if there ever was one). it turns out poorly….

As one looks back over our greatest presidents, the standouts, all started as extremely unlikely persons for such a leadership roll. Once chosen, they excelled. The other group, those vetted, primped, and primed for office, only occasionally rose to levels of mediocrity during their administrations. However the big four, Washington, Lincoln, Teddy. Roosevelt, and Truman, at first had difficult times persuading Americans that they were truly the best man for the job. Assumed to become laughingstocks, it was only after they excelled in the execution of their office, that history turned those expectations on their ears and placed these four upon their pedestal as all time greats.

So it may be with Biden. If Iowa can rise up and show the world that it too can evaluate a candidate without the help of an imbalanced media, then perhaps some good may yet be harvested from this nation’s soil tomorrow…..But if the media’s prevailing wisdom holds forth, and we all wake up to no surprises on the morning of January 4th, then I am afraid that for this nation, it will be another boring, long, dry summer of poor crops…….

by county

America will be watching you, Iowa….You have seen the candidates up close… or you know someone who has….You have spent the days driving too and from rallies, only to come home and see 4 seconds of your rally flash across your TV.

Believe it or not, those 4 seconds are all the rest of the world will ever get to see. Whereas you get to actually meet the candidates, they are stuck watching commercials over and over again.

It is not hard to make a good commercial….Anyone can do it with the right narrator, photo shots, and stirring music. But for us as a nation, to elect our president because his staff hired someone to make the best commercials, appears quite foolish on the surface. Yet, if you stop to analyze it,  that is exactly what we, as a nation, do……..

Now you can somewhat understand why Iowa is so important, especially this year……..Which candidate of this massive field of candidates,  is truly the real thing? Of all the candidates, which candidate can captivate his audience even with the structured telling of facts and government dry-speak? And who of all he candidates is aware, and can adequately cover the details, often teaching his audience through question and answer sessions? Who speaks with inspiration? Who can actually govern? Who can organize? Who can run a campaign? Who turns themselves on with the Kleig lights? Who stays “on” all the time?

You see, America doesn’t really get much information about the candidates….That is why we are counting on those of you in Iowa to tell us who really would make a great president?

Candidates have been working the state of Iowa for over a year. After they leave, they have only a week in New Hampshire before they vote. then its on to multiple primaries crisscrossing the country.

All the rest of us will have then, will be the ads to go on.

That is why your vote is  so important. It shows the world exactly who is the best candidate: the one that motivate YOU.

I hope you take your responsibility seriously. For if you get it wrong, then America goes down the wrong path wearing its flip flops…..But if you get it right even though the candidate is in single digits, America will sit up and take notice.

That is why we count on you to ignore the polls. If you validate the front runners solely because they are front runners, what good does that do? After all, how did they get to be front runners, even though not one caucus vote has yet to be cast? Who is this mysterious person that first named them as front runners and what is his agenda?  The top three front runners are  currently tied because someone  comprising a poll, said they were…….and of course, no one know who that “someone” is, or was …..That is why you Iowa, who has seen the candidates up front and personal, need to make a decisive choice. If none of the so-called front runners incite you to move hell and high water, look hard at the second-tier candidates. And if one of them excites you, give them your vote.

America needs to know who will make us proud of our White House again There is no way we can get that information out of a commercial……That is why we are counting on you, Iowa.

That is why we count on you……

Currently though the best candidate may not be the front runner, that does not make him any lesser candidate…..Current polling simply means that voters making their decisions are just not as up to snuff as they should be….. Occasionally that happens to voters. It happened nationally in 2000, and again in 2004…….And I will tell you: “see? I was right then,  and with all due respect, I am right, now……”Likewise, if you were wrong then, and yet still look to the media for guidance, more than likely you will be wrong again…………………

I ask that you forget about the media this time around and come up independently with a candidate that reflects your values. I did. The method that brought me to my choice is rather simple, if not unique. Before I looked at any of the candidates, I first asked myself this question: Exactly what does America need?

As you know, our economy is about to tube. Our foreign engagements steadily rob resources away from building up our own infrastructure…… And despite our presence in the heart of Baghdad, we are still less safe than we were during the nineties, when our lives progressed, blissfully ignorant of all nefarious consequences that should come about, if we chose to invade Iraq to pump their oil.

As much as we all wish we weren’t in Iraq…… we are. The country is broke, and we broke it, thereby unfortunately making it our responsibility to fix it…….(Not as some have said, to walk away with hands up in the air)……But to do so, we need someone with enough credibility by all international parties who can make a resolution happen. Currently there is only one candidate running, who when two foreign leaders found themselves at a personal crossroads point in their lives, both needing sound advice, they called out to him.

Surprisingly,…. they did not turn to anyone in the current administration. Less surprising is that they failed to call up one of the other candidates…….So from a pragmatic point of view, when it comes down to who do foreigners trust to represent what is best about the US abroad, there can be no better physical demonstration of international respect and leadership, than this actual event occurring just weeks ago…….

But today’s big issue is Iraq…. That 800 pound gorilla in the room must be dealt with before any change in domestic affairs becomes possible……Only one candidate outlined a plan to fix Iraq way before he threw his hat into the ring….That plan has since been endorsed by every one of the Democrats and many of the Republicans currently running for that same office. That plan was passed by the Senate this September by a vote of 75-23. That plan sits on George Bush’s desk right now as part of the Defense Authorization Bill recently signed…..None of the other candidates has done as much to fix the political problem within Iraq……..

But what about domestic expertise? Currently our nation’s biggest problem looms within our borders, and not outside of them……It is nice to be told we are being made secure as we watch $30,000 stolen out of each American child’s future bank account to pay Dick Cheney’s escapde, but doing so does little to protect us from the whistle of stray bullets whenever we drive through Wilmington after 6pm…..

One candidate, out of all those running, has done something rather significant to protect domestic security….(No, I am not talking about the billions poured into something called Homeland (In)security so they can save each one of our emails, conversations, and reading lists, in order peruse them at will whenever they need to embarrass us from challenging the current leadership on one of their misguided policies)…..But to actually improve domestic tranquility, only one candidate has dared brave the NRA and pass a bill, which was signed into law, that actually lowered crime across the nation…..Again this was not a sweeping platitude, a public promise for “change” coming from the heart: it was a bill that allocated funds and implemented laws that made change happen in all of our inner cities……

We must realize that these are truly remarkable times….As the campaigns begin, we are faced with the very realistic possibility of having the first women being sworn into that office next January. We also can see a good possibility of having the first black American being sworn into that office. But one candidate running has done much more for women than has Hillary Clinton, and more for blacks than has Barack Obama…..The “Battered Women’s Act” may mean little if you are far removed from that experience. But if you know someone personally who has lived that trauma, it is a rather significant piece of legislation….Likewise if no one in your neighborhood has innocently been incarcerated, the Second Chance Act may have little meaning or merit to you…But when two thirds of all inmates are the same skin color as you, I have to tell you, it means a great deal….It was Biden who took ownership of this bill in the Senate. A legitimate question to ask is why did Obama not sponsor it? Quite possibly the bill was too controversial to be dealt with by a black politician during a political year.

There are those who can; and there are those who do. Biden has a record of doing….

Before the Bush tragedy voted in and currently sitting in the White House today, I had always vociferously advocated that executive, as opposed to legislative, experience was far superior preparation for a future president. Governors more than Senators, performed better in office. But this next president, starting 8 years behind, will need to get things done and get them done quickly…. Most likely he will not be given a plurality in Congress and so he too will be required carry hat in hand, to work out those raw deals behind the scenes that make things happen….. Biden has done that 35 years….Few of the other candidates can claim close to the same privilege and their track records are minimal when compared to that of Biden’s.

Today America is hurting. Emotionally Americans needs wisdom, guidance, and comfort; traits that only a grandfather can provide….FDR filled that need during the Great Depression and WWII. Reagan did the same as our broken economy recovered from the last controversial war, the one that was fought on the other side of Asia….Today our country needs respect and stability within the eye of the storm, that only a grandfather can provide. Currently the persona of none of the other leading candidates, can readily fill that void.

America needs Joe Biden this time around…..His life story has been a solid preparation for what we as voters must insist begins to happen now…..In our hearts we know our nation is at a crossroads….As a nation stunned by Constitutional abuse, we can either lay down for the full count, or reach deep inside our national character, and fight to put ourselves back in the ring where we can continue fighting for what our previous generation started…..

Ask Biden why he is running and he will tell you he is doing it to fix America…After 35 years he knows what needs done and is selling it to the American people…..Yes, he ran before……that was twenty years ago. This time he will tell anyone who listens, he is running the campaign his way…..If it doesn’t work, so be it. He “is what he is” and that is what the voters see…. as opposed to a Romneyesque fabrication of what the candidate thinks the voters “want” to see………

Biden represents what is best about America. He is half conservative, and half liberal; both in one body that must reconcile within itself, both sides of an issue before it makes its mark….. We needed someone like that in 2000. We needed it in 2004….We most certainly need it now.

In conclusion there is a fine field of candidates this time around… Any one of the candidate could make a good president …. Out of this fine group there is one who stands out for what he has done…..

And that is why…. above all the others…. I choose him……….

There are moments on the campaign trail, where things slow down. In those moments one sees the man behind the image. The shadows which flashed electronically, composed and structured, pale when compared to a casual conversation, between two people about life in general…..

This may not mean much in the total swing of things, but it makes me proud to come from Delaware…..As I watched,… the words I had to memorize from 7th grade came back to haunt me……

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings–nor lose the common touch..

Our candidate talks with both heads of Pakistan, and those of a senior center in Iowa, recognizing that both are equally important in their own ways……………….

When one is young, one tends to need some sign of proof before questioning the wisdom of the authority placed before you….

As one ages, one learns to read the writing on the wall before an event happens and react accordingly.

That is where Biden’s experience comes into play…..On the trail, in a Diner he lays it out like it is….“Working over thirty years with Vice President Cheney…..why is it that Dick Cheney knowing, knowing what he knew with Bush 1, arguing as he did with Bush 1 that we should not go into Baghdad,? ……The conclusion I have reached….. is that the desire to have a guaranteed piece of the oil, and a guaranteed physical presence in the region with permanent bases….must have been part of this strategic doctrine…….”

You may like Obama, but the more I look at how Biden actually knows each player in each square of Washington’s chess board on a personal basis, the more I see how his experience could unite this country better than that of any other candidate on the trail today……..

Yes, the other candidates may speak nice….but can they do? Can they do?

I was reading the accolades at DWA about our young local blogger.

So in honor of Matt Marshall, I though I would play this tape from a young gentleman from Iowa, who casts the same spirit as our young star….

Obama supporters: you can claim some of the youth, some of the time, but as this young speaker says, ” if a lot more people got into the actual issues, as opposed to who they see on TV all the time, I think a lot more people would be going for candidates like Joe Biden as opposed to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and everybody else who is on news stations 24-7……..”

Yes, this is just one young man (Alex Dennison), in one town (Burlington), in one state (Iowa) that is about to kick off the entire election process, but as he says, Joe Biden is different…….

“Joe Biden actually takes a stance, and I appreciate that very much…….

I must confess. Were Biden not to win, I would be consoled at least by the fact that as long as we have young men of this caliber, our future will rest in good hands…..Now if we can just leave them something left to work with…………….

Does America truly need Joe Biden as its president?

That is a surprise question to many of you who have given thought only to the top three front runners in each party, and to which of those three, you will give your vote……..

But assume instead that you start with the basics and think for a second about what this country needs for its president. Then from that criteria which you came with, you look to the candidates and see how they compare to your own assessment…..

Want to try it? ….Let’s begin ….What does America need?…..

For one America needs to move past politics-as-usual…Currently every time one party gives, the other one takes, causing a tug of war “across the aisle” that has disfranchised almost every American towards their own government.

For two, America need someone responsible to us, and not the corporate benefactors that finance the campaigns…….

For three, America needs someone with experience, who is not green and must “learn on the job.” Unfortunately the Republicans have left a huge mess that must be cleaned up before the next watch…..We need someone who already knows what needs to be done.

Fourth. Americans are in dire need of another FDR. Someone who talks like us, thinks like us, and comes from a background just like us…We do not need another aristocratic Washingtonian who thinks that if it’s not on the Mclaughlin Report, it really doesn’t matter.

Fifth. Americans need someone with stature to return respect back to our White House and our country. We are in need of a George Washington who can keep a tight ship, and groom this next generation of independent thinkers into effective leaders for years to come…….

We do not need to worry who has the best health care plan…That will get settled in Congress…Nor will we have to worry about who has the best economic plan. That too will get settled in Congress. What we do need to worry about, are the unseen events that will rise up and bite us in the future….What we do have to worry about is whether we have a balanced person is in charge of our country, and not another round of what we have today………And, of course, we do need to worry about how much we, as a nation, are living on borrowed money……

So against those criteria, how does each the candidate stand?

The first criteria was to put politics aside and begin to fix a broken America…..I do not see many people cooperating willingly with Hillary. Of course not much cooperation was given to Reagan during his first two years either, ….but those who hate her husband, still may not be willing to follow her bidding just because she says so……unless she wins by 80% of the vote. That magnitude of an event tends to change things. Nor can I see Capitol Hill giving much initial respect for Huckabee who has not served in Washington. Obama although “clean” on his Iraq vote, really hasn’t served long enough to give him clout among the “old school,” ie he has yet to be re-elected even to his own Senate seat……Giuliani will totally confuse the entire Congress with his multiple cell phone interruptions. Edwards with his haircut, will also inherit Obama’s problem of not serving long enough to understand exactly how to get things done…..But I can see Biden, working both sides of the aisle to get legislation passed quickly. And of all the candidates, he has both the experience and respect of knowing all the ins and outs of Capitol Hill….

Secondly, we will need someone loyal and responsible to us…who will say “screw you to the corporate sponsors”….Currently both Hillary and Obama owe their office to a whole slue of “someones” …. Their campaign money did not come from us, you and me……..Once in, they will have no choice but to fulfill the agenda of those who paved their way with green. That is exactly what happened in 2000. We would be fools to do it again….The way out, the way to change, is to vote for someone who is running on a shoe string…someone who reaches out for 5, 10, 20 dollars from average citizens. So of the candidates, which ones owe someone else big-time? Obama, Hillary, Edwards, Giuliani, McCain, Romney. And who of the candidates doesn’t? All the second tier candidates on both sides…..So in this category any front runner at this stage is bad, any one in back of the pack is better.

Thirdly. America needs an experienced hand on the wheel, as we bounce over the lack of a road in our near future…..Hillary has it. She has worked hard, and grudgingly even Republicans have called her the main work horse in the Senate. Biden too has legislated through the aftermath of the Vietnam years, the years of malaise, the bounce-back Reagan years, the collapse of the USSR years, the Saddam, Bin Laden, and now the Iran years….His foreign expertise is unparalleled. Whereas Hillary has had 6 full years of being in office, Biden has had thirty-four. The others: Dodd (32), McCain (24), Ron Paul (16), Edwards (6), Obama (3), , Guiliani (a mayor?) Romney (0), Huckabee (0) have far less….

Fourth: Americans need another FDR. Biden has lived in Delaware and commuted on the Federally financed Amtrak every day back and forth. He is not a millionaire. The other person running who’s not millionaires is Huckabee, We need someone who hears, and truly understands, how energy costs too much, how gasoline companies are gouging us, and how financially difficult it is to buy Chinese toys only to throw them away because they are contaminated. We need, at least during this election cycle, someone who is more comfortable in a fire hall than in an entrance hall of some mansion…..Others may complain about long-windedness in a politician. ButI like it.. At least with loquaciousness, we know where that person stands….unlike those who cryptically say they are for clean water, then raise the arsenic level as soon as they’re sworn into office….

Finally we need someone with stature to return respect back to our country and to the White House. Taints of scandal will always be associated with Hillary….Do we want the endless train of veiled accusations pumped out by right wingers with nothing else to do? Huckabee too has his skeletons …Guiliani …(well…he comes from New York)….Romney will never escape the flip flop stigma (after all… he comes from Massachusetts) Biden is not a new face…We have seen him every Sunday on the talk show circuits…..Any time there is foreign crisis, he is there, explaining it to America in real language we can understand.

So if one takes each of these 5 values as being what one wants their president to represent, they can then compare all the candidates to see how they rank when stacked in each of those 5 categories?

1) Respect from both sides of the aisle in Congress. Hillary, Biden, McCain, Paul, and Dodd.

2) Someone without a “corporate” sponsor. Biden, Kucinich, Dodd, Edwards, Huckabee, Paul.

3) Foreign Policy Experience: Biden, Dodd, Paul, Kucinich, Hillary, McCain

4) The Common Touch: Biden, Paul, Huckabee, McCain

5) Stature: Biden, Obama,

Results: Biden (5), Paul (4), McCain (3), Dodd (3), Hillary (2), Huckabee (2), Kucinich (2), Edwards (1), Obama (1). All other candidates ranked 0………

Based on what you have just said you want your president to be,… Biden leads the pack….

Of course that is not what you hear our news channel polls telling us? Not at all. They’re are telling you who Corporate America wants to win, which after suffering over the last seven years, I am afraid would continue to be bad for all of us….Obviously the media can attempt to misinform you, but they can’t change your vote…..Under the American Constitution, it is up to you to make the right choice. And as you have just found out, based on your own parameters, Joe Biden may just do the trick…….

If you haven’t already, he is worth a second look…….