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There are so many things that need said….At this moment I want to focus on the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) that came out recently stating that Iran did not have a weapons program since 2003…..Many of you know that we have been speculating that this administration was about to attack Iran with another shock and awe campaign, and since there were NO supporters either in this country or the rest of the world for such an attack, to launch it would be seen as an illegitimate act of aggression against an innocent country. We now know exactly how innocent that country really was……What a mistake we almost made…………..

Seriously, think about it. What a mistake we almost made…..Conflicting news being what it is, I believe this report caught the administration flat footed. They had just rehired Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq War, to take over the America’s dealings with Iran…..

Now that all out war is out of the picture, he is probably soon to be out of a job……So what does this episode say about our current administration, the fact that we got a report in 2007, that said Iran stopped their weapon’s program in 2003? Well, there are three options….all of them scary.

Option 1: We did not know. That is scary, What kind of intelligence are we getting if we are not able to determine whether or not Iran has a weapons program in progress….Had we been so stupid during the Cold War, we would be speaking Russian now…..This is a travesty of great importance. Is it our people?. Is it our satellites? Is it that they rarely take their head out of their ass except to send reports back that they assume we all want to hear? Intelligence is gathering facts. The part that is most absymal, is that this is the second time intelligence has failed this administration. But as we saw, there were plenty who tried to say that in Iraq, there were no WMD’s. One intelligence agent was even “outted” under orders by our own Vice President… Which leads us to the second alternative.

Option 2: Our people on the ground did know, and did their best in passing the information on. Somewhere in the chain, the message was scrambled and the information never got inside the Oval office. The decision to start WWIII was made by Cheney/Bush based on faulty intelligence that someone in the chain of command had substituted for the real deal…..In this case we have two realities. One that was actually occurring in Iran, based on ground reports. The other was the perception that we were under attack, that existed within the four walls of the oval office. But someone would have gotten the message out, if that were the case….They did finally through the NIE report….The thousands of men and women who, based on their knowledge, strongly disagreed with the Cheney/Bush administration on the strength of the threat, would have eventually let us, the public, know. Which leads us to the rather chilling thought and the third possibility.

Option 3: The intelligence was received and discounted because it did not fit in with the political agenda being pushed by this administration. They needed a war to wag the dog…….They need one very badly, seeing how their poll numbers cling to the bottom like algae on a rock…..This war, WWIII, was their ticket out…….Obviously the timing of this report coming out now, and Cheney’s hospitalization, is no coincidence. Perhaps we can race a late night delegation to Cheney’s deathbed to get him to rescind his order to attack Iran giving us a freehand for talks and diplomacy…….

All three options are bad. This administration has taken a bullet in its vital area…It may survive. But it may not……..For how can anyone take anything else either Cheney or Bush says seriously, now that he has been wrong two times, with great consequences to the parents of those who died, and every man, woman, and child who will have to pay back the cost of this war plus interest over their entire lifetimes……

And equally important is how anyone can take seriously someone who wrongly supported this administration, who was duped by their duplicitous lies, twice? How can Mike Castle who stood by Bush when he was wrong once, and now is wrong twice, be anything but a laughing joke? How can Carper who switched sides from his Democratic party-beliefs to support the hard line that this administration was proposing, be taken seriously on other matters improtant to Delaware?

This NIE turns the tables on everyone. So what are America’s options.

Option 1: We can defend our actions, even knowing we were wrong. We can make other feel we were seriously going to attack an innocent country and scare them into submission. Bush started this defense yesterday when answering reporters questions…..We can say that our warmongering was working….”see they stopped in 2003″. We can say that they still have the potential to make weapons at sometime in the very distant future and we need to attack to insure that never happens. We can say pressure from our attack on Iran, was responsible for our success in Iraq. “They were too worried about our attack, to supply the Shiites with weaponry”. Expect all these excuses to filter out….and when they do, respond with: “oh, so you are saying it’s ok for America to attack an innocent nation, that has neither the plans, nor means to attack us. You know,… sort of like Hitler and Stalin did?” Because essentially that is what they are saying…only they haven’t thought that far ahead, they are still reeling from the NIE.

Option 2: Is to say “we were wrong.” “We made a mistake.” Then begin hearings with full subpoena power to find out how to prevent such a massive intelligence failure again (didn’t we just do that?) Start from the bottom and move up the chain, until we reach the fall guy……Just as in Nixon’s White House, there will be some who after serious introspection, will find their loyalties are to America, and not its miserly old Vice President. They will come forward, no doubt using a nickname similar, but different from “deep throat.” Then after we have cleared the air, we implement the recommendations and hope it works…..

Option 3: We hold those elected officials accountable for their errors. As we come to discover that the information did make its way to the top, and was overlooked, we need to hold those at the top accountable… That’s what we do with school superintendents. That’s what we do in the corporate world. Particularly as the word gets out that we did this for oil, and to improve Cheney’s net worth, America should become outraged and demand his removal…..So option 3 is essentially to pull the plug and start anew with Democrats in charge…..

We will see if Castle votes to acquit Bush as the impeachment call comes around….If he says Bush is not guilty, we will be ready………

WTF?photo by SUCHAT PEDERSON, News Journal

Comment rescue: this comment showed up near the bottom of a discussion involving the eavesdropping hearing in San Francisco August 15.

First some background. An Arab charity was being pursued by the Justice Department. During the trial, the defense was handed a file consisting of all the wiretapped conversations. When the Justice Department realized they had handed a document over that was illegal at that time (today it is not) they asked for it back. Of course the defense refused, but a separate hearing decreed the file was covered under secrecy and could not remain outside the government’s possession.

Now it is starting to sound slightly bizarre, I know. The hearing progressed without the evidence and the government used the lack of evidence, to argue dismissal of the case.

The last word was this, spoken by the government attorney.

It’s entirely possible that everything they think they know is entirely false.


That should be it…….right? With no evidence there is no case. Most of us shrugged our shoulders and settled for the inevitable. But one person did not. And thanks to that smart soul, the government’s house of cards, could still fall.


Let me just post the comment:


The government inadvertently produced a classified document that proves the plaintiffs were under surveillance. That document was ordered to be returned. But the plaintiffs still saw it and (presumably) the court saw it as well when it ordered it to be returned.

Then the government lawyer says to the court:

It’s entirely possible that everything they think they know is entirely false,

Excuse me, but the attorney has a duty of candor to the tribunal. He is not allowed to lie to the court. He is allowed to characterize the evidence and to argue for a position, but he is not allowed to flat out lie.

He crossed the line. But what do you expect from the DoJ?

The point missed by all in and out of the court was that the attorney lied. Lying is illegal in ANY court. Don’t take my word for it, ask Scooter Libby?

What is at stake is whether our Justice system can survive this important case. For it sets a dangerous precedent if allowed to continue forward. If lying is allowed for the excuse of National Defense, then it is just a “slippery slopes’ slide” towards lying to protect a government official who is involved in security matters, or lying to protect someone who knows something that could be, in the atmosphere of the courtroom, stretched to cover any secret knowledge of a government function. We are suddenly in East Germany, 1959.

A line needs to be drawn. Lying cannot be condoned. Future Grand Jury fact finding investigations? Only if the witnesses or their lawyers are both ignorant and stupid………..

If the Ninth Court makes a decision that is unfavorable to the Muslim charity, then telling the truth becomes subjective. Sometimes it’s required; other times it is not.

What this does for our nation is provide a bulwark for shenanigans to permeate among our highest offices. Why not perform an illegal function, a future government official, might decree: No one can stop me if it done in secret……….

If “Truth” itself is to remain a viable force within America’s Justice system, then it needs to be honored right here in this Court case.

The book was given. It was seen. It exists. Either the government needs to admit its existence…….(they don’t have to show it)…………..or if the information seriously does jeopardize security (highly unlikely)…….the case needs to be dismissed. And all charges relating to the plaintiff, need to be dropped…………..

Just as criminals sometimes have to walk to keep our justice system honest, so must this charity………

I shake my head. I never, ever thought that my nation’s Justice Department would act like they’re in original Star Trek episode, and I would ever in my lifetime get to see “Truth” go on trial………….

Possibility of another terrorist attack?

Unconfirmed talk is that international terrorist chatter is as high as it was in August of 01, just before the planes came………Definitely expect an attack within 90 days we are told. Code Red.

Wasn’t it a former Pennsylvanian senator named Santorum who said last week that what ultraconservatives needed to push their agenda forward is another terrorist attack like 9/11? What?

Isn’t that what Mitch McConnell is currently peddling around Congress, this heightened level of chatter? But who is the source? Silence…..Is there any independent confirmation? Silence…… The only answer the public hears is a rumble from the gut of Chertoff. ……..Feed me……

The fear every American has, is not from the random violence of a terrorist, who supposedly will fight the sharks and swim across the ocean to get here, but of our own self-appointed president, declaring martial law, stripping us of our rights, in order to stay in power forever. What better method than to use a massive terrorist attack to push ones agenda…… It worked the last time, right?

This time I am not so sure it would work. If one has an employee who makes the same mistake twice, big time, one fires his ass. A terrorist attack is definitely big time. And whose ass did we entrust the last time to make us safe? And now miraculously those same people are telling us that Al Qaeda is as stronger than it was in the summer of 01?

That doesn’t make me scared. It really pisses me off!  How on earth can the greatest country in the world, be completely powerless to contain Robin Hood and his band of merry men, climbing over moon rocks while carrying a kidney machine? Bottom line is that they can’t…. unless not finding him is being done on purpose.

“What is most troubling is that no one in a position of authority is trying to get to the bottom of this.

If GOP leaders like Dennis Milligan (R-Ark) and former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa) possess information that could protect the American people from another terrorist attack, the CIA should interrogate them using the techniques our Vice President has approved,” Fetzer observed. “Let’s water-board them and subject them to sexual humiliation. After all, that’s what we are doing to prevent attacks abroad. Why aren’t they being used here? Chertoff appears to be making no effort to get to the bottom of this. Bush can’t claim to be ‘the security president’ if he won’t keep us secure.”How much money have we sunk into Iraq, where according to every nation’s intelligence agencies, there were NO terrorists before we started. How many bridges could we have inspected and repaired in this country if we had used that money less foolishly?……..

If we have an administration that allows us another terrorist attack, this time killing between 30,000 and 300,000, we need to impeach that administration; not give them more power. What the hell have we been spending our children’s money on? and they are telling me that terror is worse now?…. than it was before 9/11?

And they want us to trust who? Should another attack occur, an attack more viscous than 9/11, the ugly truth is that such an attack could only occur because one man fell asleep at the wheel: George W Bush. America will be furious. They will not reward him with powers of tyranny, they will impeach!

Cheney’s diversion in Iraq provided a lull in the war on terrorism. Had we finished Afghanistan first, maybe made a couple or secret raids across the border into Pakistan, there would be no Al Qaeda. But no, we are now being warned of an eminent attack………..

If the unthinkable occurs and we are attacked, America must get it’s own house in order first before striking back. America must replace its 2 leaders with ones who are competent,… so that when our time comes to return the favor to Al Qaeda………we won’t make the same mistake twice………..

Bush can’t claim to be ‘the security president’ if he won’t keep us secure

Where's Paris Hilton's Pardon?
Oh, So that is what Happened to Paris's Pardon

Two public jailbirds had two opposite outcomes in each of their run- ins with the law. The real question that has yet to be asked is not so much as to why Scooter Libby got a pardon, that was a foregone conclusion, but what is most puzzling is why Paris Hilton did not?

I mean, as far as I know, Scooter has never been in a video. When I search for “One Night on a Scooter” my search comes up empty……And everyone knows that Scooter didn’t have his own reality TV show, but those scenes with Paris and Nicole, are classics. Nor did he do any car-wash commercials, at least as far as I know. And unless secrets are kept better in Washington, than they are in Hollywood, there is relatively no chance that Scooter was running around with an underwearless Brittney Spears, although if it is true that he was, then that for the first time, would shed light on why Brittney disintegrated like she did………….

Paris committed a serious crime. Scooter only, well it wasn’t a crime, all he did was lie, like what’s the big deal? It’s not like he tried to drive without a license, or anything horrific like that. He just told a white lie, and the stupid judge made his sentence was way harsher than that of Ms Hilton: how unjust is that?

And all those ga’ga Republicans make a big deal about Scooter outing a CIA agent, like it’s a crime, or something. What’s wrong with them? Haven’t they ever heard of the paparazzi? There are no secrets these days. If you want the truth and hard nosed investigative reporting, look in the tabloids. Making a big deal over blowing a CIA agent’s cover, come on, get over it.

So the question is why did Paris Hilton, who is “way more cool”, not get a pardon like Scooter Libby? Is there any justice left within the justice department of this administration?

The answer appears to be because she was sentenced in California. Had she been in DC, like Libby was, things may have turned out the same for both. But apparently, the Federal attorney personally responsible for keeping Paris Hilton out of trouble, was fired. Some claim it was for incompetence, but it was really just another ho hum political firing……

Unlike Paris Hilton, who told Larry King that she learned a valuable lesson, and now wants to help others less fortunate than herself, Scooter Libby says he is vindicated by his pardon. he was right all along and now he is asking others more fortunate, to help him. He rightly insists that he did nothing wrong, quite unlike that other person who drove their car when they weren’t supposed to.

But the major difference still exists between these two jailbirds, which could be summed up in this fashion. One talks to everyone through a grate; the other grates everyone when they talk…………………….

Impeachment proceedings need to start tomorrow, because of this example of uneven justice. Bush needs to pardon Paris Hilton and expunge her record. Otherwise……America needs to take him to task for unequal justice…….

Yesterday, Halliburton was called before Sen. Dorgan’s committee to testify in it’s dealings with Iran. Sherry Williams, vice president and corporate secretary gave testimony for Halliburton. At her table, also invited by the committee was the N Y comptroller and one of our investigators who tracks terrorist money trails wherever they may lead around the world.

With so much news happening, this hearing will get no press. That would be a shame. For the give and take not only gave insight into the motives and operations of Halliburton, but they also through implication, gave ominous insight into the Machiavellian machinations of the Vice President.

Recently Halliburton announced its headquarters were to move to Dubai. But in the hearing today, it slipped out that the Dubai office was originally opened so that Halliburton could engage the country of Iran in business. At that time there were US sanctions against dealing with Iran. But Halliburton did not break the law; instead they called the company Halliburton Parts and Services, established a Delaware type charter in Dubai, and as a foreign subsidiary, it was legally allowed to make multi million deals with the very country that was engaged in supplying Iraq’s insurgents, or so we were told…….

Under questioning, Ms Williams admitted that the profits from Iran were the majority of the profits earned by the Dubai subsidiary, which incidentally was a subsidiary of the Cayman island branch of Halliburton. The profits were transferred to the Texas office effectively, if not legally, thereby allowing Halliburton to profit from selling to Iran, without “selling to Iran.” Currently Halliburton is under investigation by US Attorney’s office in Texas for dealings like these. Incidentally, to clarify this trail of deceit, 100 per cent of the profits of the Grand Cayman branch of Halliburton, came from Iran. Those of us trained to read between the lines know that this means that these shell companies were, despite appearances otherwise, set up to do business with Iran. It was not a case of… “we are so big, we can’t help what our subsidiaries are doing……”

What does this have to do with Cheney? He retired years ago. Yes, on paper but mentioned in this hearing, I believe by Senator Lautenberg, Cheney’s stock options do not expire until 2009, well after his term in office has expired.

This means that he benefits whenever Halliburton benefits. Example: let us give Halliburton a no bid contract………” ka ching, ka ching.” Let’s increase profits by taking government money and then, not providing the troops the service for which we were paid……”ka ching: ka-ching. Let’s keep the war going in Iraq so we can continue to secretly drill in southwest Iraq and sell the oil through Saudi pipelines……”ka ching, ka ching.” Let’s do business with Iran, despite the fact that it is supplying the very IED’s that killed a couple of Delawareans……”ka-ching, ka-ching.” Let’s send two carrier groups, instead of one into the Persian Gulf, to shake up the price of oil….”ka-ching, ka-ching………”

When asked what they were thinking as they did business with Iran, their response? If we didn’t move in, the French would do it….

Just curious, does anyone else see the irony of the very cabal (the vice president’s office) who demonized the French people with “Freedom Fries” and Franco-bashing 24 hours a day on Fox News, is now, through a subsidiary under fire, using the French to justify their own nefarious actions?

History will no doubt forever glorify Halliburton. That is what usually happens to outlaws who have balls. Many profiteers have gotten rich off suppling their country’s armies. But Halliburton breaks new ground, by being the first corporation to profit by supplying BOTH sides of a conflict that their country is engaged in, allowing them to be used by each other, against each other. And it was all done out of the Vice President’s office…………..

Hmmm. Could he turn out to be the “other rumored” Sith Lord?

The War. America needs to give up on the idea that Iraq will be our 51st State supplying us with cheap oil.
We need to focus on exiting and not making it a haven for our enemies. North Vietnam, after the war was over, was no longer a threat. Silly men who supported the original idea of invading Iraq will try to paint their aggressiveness as protecting America. Today it is clear that. all they are protecting, is their own reputations. Afraid of being shown up they are. Realistic policy needs to replace the current ideologists who tinker on theory and ignore any reality that doesn’t conform to their vision of making themselves rich.

For instance invite China and India in to help us police Iraq.. Some will no doubt complain that we are giving them access to “our” oil. Well, its been three years and as the insurgency grows, it looks like we’re not getting any oil anyway. Each of those countries can put over a million soldiers in that region. Neither country will look like a conqueror, which unfortunately is how we look to Iraqis and most of the free world..

The war will take an immediate turn for the better if we issue a proclamation the US has no intention, and will not buy, use, or sell Iraqi oil. This is the primary fear of our antagonists, who see us as a conquering colonial power in pursuit of natural resources, which we know is not our intention, but from the outside, it sure looks like it. Then let others have access to the oil. Those currently supporting the insurgents blowing up the pipelines, will have little reason to continue.

As soon as oil starts flowing, Iraq will put pressure on Saudi and the Persian Gulf’s oil kingdoms. With each new player, it becomes harder to keep the price artificially high. Barrel price may dip a little lower as soon as Iraqi starts flowing.

This is bad for oil companies. They no longer make 36 billion a quarter. But it releases billions of dollars back into the arena of “goods and services” that currently have been siphoned towards the profits of energy companies.

The current methods we employ to suppress the Iraqi citizenry, are the tactics of a conqueror. Our motif should be to assist them to rebuild their own country. This is what is being said in Washington, but no progress is being made on the ground in Iraq.. In fact there is a valid argument that the current administration does not want any progress in Iraqi. It’s members are getting rich just fine on the way things are now

When ever each of us hates someone, our anger builds each time we see them. Therefore it makes sense to pull back to bases hidden in the dessert, away from the Iraqi’s day to day living. We survived in the Saudi desert, we can do it in Iraq. If the local government needs military assistance to keep for being overrun, the have only to call up the best in the world and in minutes, the balance of the battle is changed. This type of warfare is what we are trained for. Being blown up by IED’s is not. We currently are wasting human lives. Our solders are precious, and unequivocally the best in the world. Let’s not waste them where they are not needed. Someday we may truly need them and they are not there……………

Inviting others in, disavowing any profit from oil proceeds and repositioning our troops to that of a protectorate, not a conqueror, needs to be realized as soon as possible.

Thanks to Mike Mahaffie for this brilliant shot

We have seen it before, often in old movies or 60’s television, there is one rope keeping the protagonist from certain death, and as the threads pop loose, one by one, the suspense builds.

The real life suspense began with the last election….Rumsfeld moved on. He was replaced with a kinder gentler Texan who possessed the personal skills to navigate around the ancient columns still supporting the antique conservative doctrine of this administration. Then came Scooter’s verdict. That has been followed by increased investigations publicly paraded before America illuminating pitfalls, bringing up things only whispered about before. Above all, the war is going badly. Even worse, support for it on the home front, is down to the 5% mark………And now, the books and interviews begin…………….

Many a leader has found himself in this position. What usually happens is that through some event, they come to realize that the previous paths they have all taken are flawed, and they change direction. This happened to our last president who stole the center and balanced himself between the right and left of both chambers.

There is still time. We can win in Iraq. But to do so we need to do the imaginative….pull our troops back to 911 bases (help is on the way) in the desert, to be used only as needed to support indigenous Iraqi troops. We need to ramp up our mission to help Iraqi’s build their country. Employee every able body Iraqi to rebuild. Give every citizen an Alaskan style depletion allowance, so they each have a stake in their country’s future. Give them basics: water, sewer, electricity. We could move in weeks to facilitate these changes. Soothe relations with our allies, by swearing that U S companies will have no part in developing Iraqi oil. We will buy it of course, but by swearing not to take part of the feast we inherited, we avoid the pretense that we are occupying Iraq for their oil. We then ratchet up the amount of humanitarian works we have been doing since our invasion, all of which have been eclipsed by our in-your-face tactics with the indigenous population.

It is frustrating for Americans to realize how easily we could turn the corner in an instant. If we did then George Bush’s legacy would be forever discussed, along with those of the ancients William Wallace and Robert Bruce.

One must wonder why this administration has not steered itself away from the cliff.. Is Mr. President really the reincarnation of James Dean? Or is there something or someone within his administration that he fears more than going over the edge…….

For you see,………….it is not our abilities that ultimately prove who we are……………… It is our choices.

No one seems to be reporting the news from yesterdays PSC hearing in Legislative Hall in Dover. How could the most important decision affecting Delawareans for the next twenty five years, be subject to a news blackout?

Searching Delawareonline, WDEL, and WHYY, yielded no mention to Delaware’s public that the meeting took place. The only news source I could find in our state that even mentioned the happenings in Legislative Hall last night, was the Delaware State News. It led with this line.

Most of the comments Tuesday at Legislative Hall in Dover supported Blue Water Wind’s offshore Atlantic wind farm generation proposal or NRG’s proposal to expand the Indian River power plant in Millsboro to include coal gasification generators.”

There was little of no support for Connectiv’s or Delmarva Power’s proposals. Connectiv’s bid won the most points from Delmarva Power and the state’s independent consultant’s report. Read ( The public does not support our little inside plan).

NRG supporters, mostly NRG employees or retirees, read (coerced), touted the reliability a coal-generated power plant provides. “Wind is a pretty hip, sexy energy option,” Delaware resident and NRG employee Doug Netting. “‘Wind, however, is intermittent “ he said.

Jim Sadowski, NRG’s environmental manager (oxymoron) for the Indian River power plant, said it would take gale-force winds to create three megawatts of electricity. (not true: strong breeze to near gale)

Instead of choosing one of the three proposals, Delmarva Power favored ” conservation strategies, continuation of a new east-west transmission line and increasing its portfolio to more renewable energy sources from the existing power grid.” Read (if forced to, we will buy some other state’s wind power and tack on percentage and sell it to Delawareans.)

If there was any consensus, it was that something new had to be done about electricity in Delaware. “Inaction is not the answer,” said Wilmington resident Harry Gravell, who represented Delaware builders.

Apparently “the public” beat up Delmarva pretty bad last night as evidenced by the response from their spokesman. When he was questioned about whether Delmarva would be willing to change it’s position in face of overwhelming public support for Blue Water’s proposal, Delmarva Power spokesperson, Tim Brown, kept repeating the statement that “the utility stands by its recommendation,” Most of us who have been around, know this to be the common last ditch defense, always given by a spokesperson defending an indefensible position, against irrefutable evidence and facts. It smacks of admitting one knowing he is in the wrong, but who fears to lose his job should he budge one iota from his company’s position. We saw this trend all the time with Motiva, or almost any other corporate spokesperson.

Delaware’s small size is sometimes advantageous. We know our opponents personally and often conduct business in a less caustic manner than do some of our neighbors. However, our small size can be a detriment, when progress for it’s citizens comes in secondary to the profits of its movers and shakers. Sometimes personal friendships existing in the vacuum of scrutiny, bear more weight than the ultimate public good.

So why was there no news about the meeting last night, except by one newspaper. Was it truly a coincidence that led almost every of the state’s news sources, to fail to report the first of the most important meetings of this century, that will affect the future expenses of all Delawareans?

Expect a lot of coverage over Thursday’s meeting in Wilmington. Word has already gone out to Connectiv and Delmarva employees that they are required to be there to support their company (or lose all chance of future promotions) Within a packed auditorium, the appearance of support will appear more equal than it actually is, and the news coverage will be swayed accordingly. Those who speak in Blue Water Wind’s favor, can be expected to be shouted down. Those lining up to speak, will be weighted in favor of the status quo.

Sometimes coincidences occur. But other times so many coincidences happen coincidently that one wonders whether or not it is a coincidence at all. Sometimes when there is NO NEWS about a topic, it has far more significance than what news IS actually reported.

Last night the public spoke very strongly in favor of Wind Power. It spoke very strongly against Delmarva Power. It appears that great effort was made for you not to know about it.

10. FSP did not mention Romney for 3 days. Something is wrong.

9. Preliminary reports show wind power to be the second choice to gas fired plant. Risky choice.

8. If generals resign, we will not go into Iran. War is over. Military stocks fall.

7. Wayne Smith retires. Now it will be much more difficult for corporations to screw average citizens.

6. All of the Libby jury showed up wearing red.

5. Al Gore won an Oscar making “Global Warming” an official policy of the United States of America.

4. Someone actually totaled up Bush’s deficit and figured out how much we were in the hole.

3. Obama’s strong showing puts doubts that insiders Hillary or McCain will win.

2. Mysterious Men in Black showed up at Kilroy’s, driving a MIni Cooper and then forgot to “neuralize” him when they left.

1. They lied to us about 9/11. They lied to us about WMD’s. They lied to us about Valerie Plame. Who would ever expect that as we approached an election that they would lie about the fourth quarter’s economic data?