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Steve of Delaware Libertarian has been busy and is a little slow to respond tonight, so I thought i would help him out a little and at least get discussion started among those of mental worth, on how the Libertarian movement can capitalize on the demise of Republican Party philosophy…

There has to be a cause out there that resonates with voters…

Currently any support for the Republicans, means support for the practices that destroyed our economy.. When a Republican gets up, such as at a tea baggin’, and starts his “blah, blah, blah”, most of us roll our eyes knowing that following the course of “blah, blah, blah”, has ruined many of America’s banks, has put 10% of America out of work, and has given us a level of debt undreamed of during the Clinton years…..

They are losers and simply suck wind…

But the idea that we should rid ourselves of many laws, sort of the core belief that Libertarians seem to follow, does not bode well when the liberalization of regulatory rules and agencies, is what in fact, led to our financial meltdown…

We need more laws; not less one would surmise…

Democrats seem to have all the wind behind them at the moment… They “appear” to be right on everything….

But there is something that Libertarians can capitalize upon and define the message, and in doing so, start feeding a little life into themselves with dried tubers…

Again I’ll borrow from Steve to show him, and others, they way……

It is also indicative of the fact that the problem in our society today is not which party is in power, but the reach of government power itself. We are rapidly discovering that many of the same tactics so abhorred by liberals and progressives during the Bush administration [surveillance, warrantless wire-tapping, political profiling] are suddenly legitimate tools to be employed against their political enemies.

The opposition party, whether a reborn Republican, or Libertarian, or any other misname one can construe, must run against power itself……

They will then find their following… They must be intent upon gaining office, to roll back the power with which they found themselves entrusted…

They must first develop a method, and then market it, on how to grant power back to the people.

For which ever party can follow through the fastest, will become the opposition party.

The official results do not come out until later. But preliminary evidence has now proved beyond all doubt that no recession this grave has been experienced during the lifetime of anyone younger than 69 ( a good number by the way).

There are signs that those in the know like to watch, which tell the future years down the road and those signs now point to a Great Depression. It would be wise to note, that these “shades of what may be to come” as mentioned in Charles Dickens Christmas story can still be altered by changes in future events…

The fate was solidified with this which occurred on today’s last broadcast of CNN’s Late Edition. Vice President Dick Cheney, known among betting men, as “the man who is always wrong”, today declared “that its premature to call it the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

Being the one to know, Mister “He-who-is-never-right”; with a record of wrong choices a mile long, some of which include statements such as: “I am the best person to serve as the Vice President of the United States”; “Deficits Don’t Matter”; “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid”; “There are stockpiles of WMD’s in Iraq and we will find them”; “We have to make America the best place in the world to do business”; “We will in fact be greeted as liberators”; …… always seems to make sense at time, but after ample time has passed, seems to have strung us along, fully knowing what he was saying was not backed up by facts, and each time seems to have bettered himself financially by having us believe in what he says, and take him for his word.

So if we look at his record, we see that he was wrong on Iraq, wrong on Afghanistan, wrong on Iran, wrong on Israel, wrong on Syria, wrong on Georgia, wrong on tax breaks, wrong on the deficit, wrong on securities deregulation, wrong on the economy, wrong on global warming, wrong on renewable energy, wrong on Enron, wrong on education, wrong on environmentalism, wrong on ethics, wrong on Executive privilege, wrong on gasoline prices, wrong on immigration, wrong on privatization,wrong on racism, wrong on what’s best for America; we can only assume by his track record that he is also wrong when he says it is too premature to call this episode equal to the Great Depression. Of course you can go against conventional wisdom and bet against him, ……… but the odds of winning are long…… way too long……

As his track record shows, he is fully aware of the facts, and each time he makes such a brash statement, it is ultimately proven to be wrong and designed to throw us off. Therefore the best option to take away from his last interview as Vice President on CNN is to accept the premise that we ARE in a Great Depression, and pull out all stops now to stop its slide, ….. before it is too late… That means pulling out ALL stops, so that the opposite of this foreboding last statement by Cheney is not given its chance to come due:

“The days of looking the other way while a despotic regime tramples human rights, robs it’s nations’ wealth, and then excuses it’s failings by feeding it’s people a steady diet of hatred … are over.”

As of this writing we have 8 days and twenty hours before it really does comes true………. Let’s not jinx ourselves by listening to any arguments being made by Cheney’s compatriots now arguing against the passage of Obama’s “Economic Jump Start”. Remember all along, they were just as wrong too……..

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I was debating to fight the urge or not….I had just learned that the National Enquirer had leaked (yeah right) that Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband’s business partner in his private car-wash deal…

She has left the mainland and is in Alaska for a week her publicist says…

I noticed that no one else had published anything on either side of the issue, and was debating titling a post beginning with the word “breaking”.

Normally I skip over those “breaking” posts, but everything about Sarah is news; (did I mention she was hot).

But while I was pondering whether to send it or not, a link came in from a new source… Pinging back I read this article…..

Whoa… This sounds like me I first thought… It certainly uses the argument I firmly fought for when Americas thought sex acts were a cause for impeachment…..

And it dawned on me… I really don’t care who Sarah went down on before she was a government official… If she can govern adequately, more power to her… If she can govern superlatively, then I would recommend even more promiscuity…. If a video turns up, and she donates the proceeds to diminish the Federal Debt, I hope it goes global… If she can spend a night with billionaires willing to fork up 100 billion towards our debt, more power to her…..

Of course…I’m exaggerating… But I can get away with it because she is so hot. Imagine it I said the same thing with McCain as the subject….(Block visual image)…

But what goes on in her husband’s friend’s car or bedroom does not help me pay for the high cost of energy; it does not help me pay for insurance’ it does not help me pay for prescriptions; it does not help me pay for food; it does not help me pay for sewage; it does not help me pay for taxes…..

So her sexual escapades, although titillating (did I mention she was hot) have no relevance on whether my life continues to get better…. or worse….

So what are her plans to lower insurance. What are her plans to lower prescription costs? What are her plans to reduce our debt payments to foreign nations? What are her plans to make us an exporter nation again? What are her plans to give me more disposable income than I have today?

Call-it” is right… We bloggers (both sides) are the leading intellectual source of information in this state…. If we put first graders in a class about sexual promiscuity, they will learn about sexual promiscuity…Teach them about “the fun stuff”, and they will learn… It is the teachers who control the curriculum…. They have a responsibility to keep to the high road…

So, I took Call-It’s link as a omen not to publish the trash I was about to send… I hit delete…and it was gone…. Although I still secretly continued to wonder whether there is a video out there, Perhaps originally a secret forever, until the price tags crossed over several million dollars…. I kept it to myself….

Americans have sex…. That is no secret…. otherwise there would be no children….and no orgasms.

Final point…. I once argued vociferously with my Republican friends who were so incensed that oral sex went on in the White House. I told them to forget about it and enjoy the prosperity that came with a balanced budget… something I thought I would NEVER see in my lifetime…. but…there it was… Balanced.

Looking over such miracles to force a scandal out in the open, was foolish I told them… they would soon learn I was right I warned them…. Eager for power, they laughed.

Today, they worship the ground i walk on…. When they need advice, they call me….

America is choosing a new leader. It’s time we choose a good one. Those vying tor the opportunity, must fight until one wins….

What are they fighting for? The right NOT to retire at 72? The right for a post-menopausal women to lead us all? The right for our president to actually have pigment?

Not really. They are fighting for our survival. In case you didn’t know, we are in rather dire straits, similar to the late 1920’s, but we still have time. Fortunately for us, things have not absolutely crashed yet…. We are close, sometimes within hours….but we haven’t crashed yet… We still have most of the infrastructure of a society with which to rebuild this nation.

Some who have done well, will say this is malarkey. Just pessimism being canned for a political run….. Others who have been unfortunately set aside as their employment passed them by on its trip overseas……may agree with my assessment.

The question of who can bring us out….Who can figure the way out and then lead us there……is the one we need to ponder….

Our answer needs to be someone who can communicate. Someone who can take reality and explain it back to us in a way America can understand.

It needs to be someone who is smart; smart enough to know their own limitations and thereby surround themselves with people of differing viewpoints, in order to grasp the all encompassing breadth of their advice….

It needs to be someone who can represent our nation’s interests across the world’s stage. Who will be looked up to as truly representative of those ideals America once stood for, and not someone tainted with imperialist aspirations…….

It needs to be someone who understands the wealthy, who knows how their wealth is created and maintained, as well as someone who has walked among the poor, shared their concerns, and vowed to make a difference in their lives.

It needs to be someone who understands American blood is precious, who respects each volunteered drop, and spends it wisely only on matters dire to our nation’s survival…..

It needs to be someone who finally understands that fossil fuels are a dead end, who can work with energy companies so as less is consumed, they don’t go bankrupt. But understands that our nation’s survival will depend on our advancing beyond the limitations being imposed by those shackles fossil fuels bind us to.

The next president needs to understand that we understand that deficits DO matter……And that Americans need to begin whittling down that extraordinary amount…….and put this nation in the position where we can one day lend money to other nations, instead of borrowing from them…..

The next president will need to put people to work…..Cutting taxes is not enough……We will need, either through private enterprise, or government impetitus, to give people jobs….

It needs to be someone who understands this country can never succeed if we remain a bunch of blathering idiots.  Our educational problem can only be fixed by the sacrifice of brave men and women, willing to march into public schools to make a difference.  The next president needs to make every citizen understand,  that failure here, is not an option.

The next president will need to worry about massive defaults as our banks continue to write off assets that over time turned into liabilities……

The next president will need advisers who are practical. Political philosophy has caused us great pain. Practical applications based on what works, are the cause celebre of the next administration…..

The next president will need a majority in Congress. No more Republicans messing up Congress…..;please…..

(and…..drumroll…. here is where you hear who the best person for that position is.)

Nope, not from this writer…………. Instead, this writer assumes you are wise enough to make up your own mind….. If you truly aren’t…….. well sometimes our country does makes collective mistakes….occasionally every two hundred and ten years, we vote in a whopper….. But this time, on November 4th 2008, each of us needs to focus our attention upon which direction our country America needs to take.

Once a consensus has been formed about where we need to go,……..the winning candidate who subscribes to it, will have no other choice but to follow it……..

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Because that……. is what we do.

Technology has made the old FISA bill obsolete. Back in the seventies when the original bill was written, FISA did not apply to listening over the air. The air was public domain and listening over the air was hard to make illegal. Most domestic conversations were then handled by land lines, and so to tap into a land line, requited a court order.

Since most foreign communications were handled by satalites and domestic communications were carried over wires, this bill was protective of Americans right to privacy.

Times change.

Today, most domestic conversations are airborne. And because of the internet, most foreign conversations follow the path of least resistance which usually brings them through the United States. Chances are good that a call from northwest Pakistan to southern Pakistan, will be routed through the continental United States.

This creates an interesting paradox. Under the old law, listening to Americans cell phone conversations is legal, but listening to foreign adversaries, whose conversations are within fiber optics, is not……

Obviously some changes need to be made. It is not good when American do not have privacy protected by our Constitution, and yet foreign entities do.

The House of Representatives has made a good bill that makes it illegal to listen to any American, even if they are on foreign soil. There is oversight within the bill to insure that our privacy is not violated and if it ever were, damages could be obtained.

If it were that simple, Congress would have passed it awhile ago.

The sticking point is with the Telecom immunity clause that the administration coupled to this new bill. The old bill passed last summer, did not have it. Amnesty for telecom companies is being sought for who violated or broke laws in the past when they chose to do what the president asked……even though all knew it was highly illegal.

The administration is so adamant on this clause that it is willing to postpone any of the critical elements needed, preventing us from listening to a group of Pakistanis who picked up throw away cell phones at the Bonn airport, on their arrival from an Al Qaeda camp in Pakistan. Under the old FISA, we need to first compile a probable cause brief and then find a judge in order to listen in. Because of backlog, where they are going, and what they plan to do, is lost to us forever.

That is why the House bill needs to be passed and not the Senate. Americans are currently and will continue to be at risk if Republicans continue their game of linking these two unrelated measures: Security and Amnesty

So why is the Amnesty Bill so important for Bush?…….Some say it will cost telecoms millions, or less than one thousandth of one percent. But that is not a very good reason to bind our intelligence service’s hands. One thousandth of one percent? No that cannot be the reason. Recently the administration has mumbled that the trial lawyer lobby (is there such a thing?) is pushing this clause to enrich themselves with lucrative lawsuits. But there has been no evidence of that. Most of the lawyers who are even involved are Constitutional lawyers, not trial lawyers. They work for peanuts compared to litigators defending large corporations. No…..that cannot be the reason.

The only reason that “sticks” is that this administration is petrafied that if these lawsuits come about, the public will find out the extent of what the did, and become outraged. That is the only plausible explanation for Republicans 1) voting to kill a stop gap extension that would keep the surveillance continuing under the new rules, and 2) not be willing to compromise on letting telecoms be considered under another bill so that this bill could pass and intelligence could continue in real time.

The administration is running scared. Its only protection is removing these cases from our court system where exploratory procedures can not happen. Apparently they are so scared that they are willing to play with our security, in order to make amnesty happen.

Make no mistake. Republicans are at fault on this. Democrats in the House need to send the bill without amnesty back to the Senate. America needs then pressure Senate republicans, forcing them to pass the House Bill now.

For the House bill has better security and better privacy protections than either the Senate version, or the old FISA bill which we are currently under now solely because of the stubbornness of the Republicans party. Passing the House Bill and forcing the President to veto or sign it, is the right way to go. Amnesty for those who knowingly did wrong…… not.

Much hot air has been written on whether Atkins is making a comeback in Sussex County. I am somewhat shocked that there is anyone left to defend poor Atkins. After all he allegedly hit his wife.

What? He hit his wife? Perhaps to those who defend him, such actions are acceptable. Particularly the honorable Sen. Bunting and Sen. Hocker who seem more concerned with public manners than with the slime such manners cover up. (Al Mascitti: great line by the way.)

I may ride a high horse sometimes. But anyone,…… (WGMD, Sen. Bunting, or Sen. Hocker himself) who still wallows in their support of Atkins, is sending this signal that hitting one’s wife can be winked away and is therefore still an acceptable form of behavior. I find that repulsive. Of course none of these few would do the unthinkable in their own drunken stupor, but to accept it and justify it as a reasonable course of action, by supporting someone for public office who actually did so? C’mon! There is something seriously wrong in this state’s Southern half of the Republican party.

One cannot effectively vote for legislation affecting the 440,000 or so women in this state, and still feel strongly that any man is entitled to hit his wife whenever he drinks.

Dave Burris is absolutely dead-on-right about this one. The rest of the Republican Party (if they still have any moral decency), needs to line up solidly behind him or…….. form a new party.

At 4:01 Wednesday afternoon on this day of February 13th, 2008, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to table legislation that would extend the Protect America Act for twenty one days. On Friday February 15th, at midnight, the Protect America Act, a bill forced by the administration upon Congress last August, a bill that was unread by Congress before being voted on, will expire. Yippie.  In lieu of that bill, all surveillance falls back to the original FISA bill (1979) that requires court oversight over any listening of American citizens. The original bill was passed as America  came to discover to their horror, the machinatioby the FBI against those opposing the Vietnam War.

This is a good thing. The FISA bill at least has someone looking over this administration’s shoulder. Of course this administration completly disregarded the legality of this bill from the minute it came into office, so little will prevent it from doing so today.

However, public awareness that each of their calls are monitored, each of their emails are premanently recorded, has disgusted most Americans. After all, our ancestors did not fight and die, so that policies used by our enemies, could be used by our own government against us.

The stumbling block is giving immunity to telecoms.

Just as it would be stupid to grant immunity to the trigger man of a mob killing without a D/A’s deal trading time for information, it would be equally detrimental to grant immunity to telecoms for assisting in an obviously illegal act.

Just a reminder of what Tom Carper, (D) Delaware voted against, and Biden for:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. George W. Bush: January 20, 2001.


In an unusual related legal development, on October 13, 2007, The Washington Post reported that Joseph P. Nacchio, the former CEO of Qwest Communications, is appealing an April 2007 conviction on 19 counts of insider trading by alleging that the government withdrew opportunities for contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars after Qwest refused to participate in an unidentified National Security Agency program that the company thought might be illegal. According to court documents unsealed in Denver in early October as part of Nacchio’s appeal, the NSA approached Qwest about participating in a warrantless surveillance program more than six months before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks which have been cited by the government as the main impetus for its efforts. Nacchio is using the allegation to try to show why his stock sale should not have been considered improper. [15] According to a lawsuit filed against other telecommunications companies for violating customer privacy, AT&T began preparing facilities for the NSA to monitor “phone call information and Internet traffic” seven months before 9/11.[16] (Source)