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Mitt Romney Freaking That His Own Program Passed The Supreme Court

Hube will back me up on this first part. Unlike him I have vague distant memories of comic book plots (unfortunately I was the one always being shown them, and never got to read them twice) but it usually went like this. The standard plot form was that an evil villain suddenly appeared; he wrought destruction; the forces of good were not strong enough to win, in fact they got devastated, appeals go out for a super hero; a weak super hero shows first, almost dies, the main superhero arrives just in time, fights and vanquishes the villain, and peace is restored,

We see the same with Republicans and a piece of legislation that has many benefits. The Affordable Health Care Act.

At first, it was a 41 majority in the Senate that was going to overturn their own version of Health Care. Then, as that began to crumble under the independence of Maine’s constituency who liked the idea of Health Care that was affordable, they turned to insurance advertising. When that failed, and the bill was passed, they turned to the courts. When the supreme court failed, they turned to the next election. If you read news reports today, the Republican party is crowing that big donors are funnelling money their way.

They are cajoling the undermining of the American process by spending great sums of money. They are extolling the buying of elections. They are writing off every man, woman, and child who votes in favor of the almighty dollar.

They are actually praising the corruption of the system, because that is their new superhero. Big money will sweep in, change the election, and Americans will once again choose to have Republicans pass the new Unaffordable Health Care Act.

Obviously they are panicking that in 2014, it just perhaps might come to pass: Insurance companies won’t be able to drop you when you become sick!!! .. Heavens, if that happens that will just kill profits.

Remember people, the choice is simple. The Affordable Health Care Act of Obama, versus the Un-Affordable Health Care Act of Romney and the Republicans.

The wealthy fat cats are being hailed as the new superhero’s. Unfortunately they’re only 1% of the population; they just don’t have the votes. I wonder who Republicans will turn to next. Oh, Donald Trump.
The Next Superhero for Republicans

I was asked why I had not commented upon the decision made yesterday regarding health care.

It was because I had not read it. And neither have I read the entire Health Care bill that was passed two years ago.

Yes, I’m a slacker.

But no more than everyone else. If you’ve read the bill and entire decision, we need to hear from you. If you haven’t, all you are doing is spouting off what someone else put into your head…


The world will now be a better place.

Disease is on it’s way out, thanks to Obamacare…..

What a wonderful world our children will now inherit.

Don’t worry, we’ll tweak out the bugs. But thank you Supreme Court for finally settling this issue so we can all move on to a more prosperous and happier USA..

The court will hear 2 hours of testimony on the constitutionally of people paying for health insurance or otherwise paying a fine.

They will then spend 90 minutes on whether the rest of the law can remain, if the mandatory payment method gets illegalized, and they will spend an additional hour on the constitutionality of the expansion of the Medicaid program.

In what bodes ill for those wishing to overturn Obamacare, the Supreme Court now set aside an additional 30 minutes, 90 overall, to discuss the effect that overturning the health care would have on every single tax law that requires people to pay first, then challenge the IRS for reimbursement….

In all, 6 hours have been allocated…. a time allotment unprecedented in modern court…..

Historically, since 1970 the oral arguments have been limited to 30 min for each side.

Brown vrs Board of Education I lasted 6.5/8.5 hours. And Brown vrs Board of Education II lasted, a record 13.5 hours…
South Carolina vrs Katzenbach (Upheld Voting Rights Act) = 7 hrs
Mirandi vrs Arizona = 6 hours.

Since 1970 the only two which have come close, are The 1976 case Buckley v. Valeo which upheld post-Watergate reforms, and FEC v. McConnell — a precursor to the 2010 Citizens United which lasted 4 hours….

Simply put, the 6 hour time slot, means that a major shift in Constitutionality is about to be undertaken.

A “definition” that will last for generations is about to be made.

Coming soon to a blog near you: the Supreme Court’s hearing of the National Health Care Act, herein called Obama-care.

Depending on which side you are on, depends on which of these (words in the headline) has a higher priority.

Both are in the Constitution. It will be a question of which of the two is interpreted to have more weight.

Recently Virginia’s Attorney General (arguing against the mandated Health Care) conceded this point. (34.35) He said: ” States mandate the use of car insurance. If you drive a car, you must buy accident insurance…. That is contingent on the choice to choose to drive. State’s can regulate that…”

He went on to add, that for the Federal Government to mandate the purchase of an item, is something that has never been tried before, and therefore is unconstitutional. “You have to buy a Ford. You have to buy broccoli.” The Federal government does not have the right to mandate you buy anything.

“I suppose that if you showed up at a hospital or a doctor, you then choose to participate in that system of commerce, and at that point, you agree to be subject to the commerce clause of the Constitution.”

Meaning, as if you chose not to drive you would not need car insurance, so if you choose never to become involved in the health system, you would not need health insurance.

(Btw, no one has ever stated mandatory car insurance is unconstitutional.)

Problem is: you can choose not to drive. But we all die.

Because we all die, it is absurd to think that over our entire life, we will not at one point, seek out a medical practitioner. It equally absurd to say it is ok for a hospital to turn away someone who does not have insurance. Even if the participant is adamant, at the point he loses his facilities, one of his loved ones will seek medical care for that individual….thereby entering him into the market regulated by law for mandatory medical insurance.

Therefore health care is something that WILL be used, and since it WILL be used, every person, by the fact that they are alive, has chosen to participate (at some point in their life) in the health care market.

Therefore, as said by the Attorney General of Virginia, the Commerce clause is engaged.

And what happens in 2012? No, not the end of the world…. but the end of the world as we know it…..

For in 2012, pieces of the Affordable Care act begin to go into effect….. How awesome is that? And in our own lifetimes too?

What to expect…..

In 2012, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, additional benefits for the 150,000 Medicare enrollees in Delaware include lower prescription drug costs through a 50 percent discount on covered brand name drugs in the coverage gap – or “doughnut hole” – as well as wellness checkups and access to certain preventive care with no copayments, a benefit that all Medicare Advantage plans will offer starting in 2012. As a result, Medicare beneficiaries will be able to get free preventive screenings for heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic conditions. In 2011 alone, over 20 million Medicare beneficiaries received an annual wellness checkup or received other preventive services with no deductible or cost sharing.

Thank you President Obama. Thank you Democratic Party of the USA…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How bad would we have been for us if Republicans had stopped this as they tried soooo hard to do?

It’s going to be a great year!!!!!

What is important to note, in all the hoopla swirling around whether Health Care saves the Federal Government money and how much…..

Is that the Affordable Health Care Act, saves individual American family’s money…

That is what it was all about.

The argument seems to be getting skewed…

The Affordable Health Care Act, can (by allowing full coverage of preventative medicine), save individual Americans their house, their savings, and their future retirements.

Without the Affordable Health Care Act, all those things go to the heads of private medical corporations….

That is why the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, in the first place..

That argument needs to be front and center… Not whatever bug is up Mitch McConnell’s ass on an hourly basis.

Cigna, based in Claymont, as well as some of its domestic competitors, such as Aetna — argue it’s unfair to require insurance companies to spend at least 80 cents of every premium dollar on actual health care, rather than marketing expenses, commissions or profits.

Crying because they’re required to spend 80 cents of every dollar on health care? And they’re an insurance company?

And these are the guys arguing against national healthcare, where close to 95 cents of every dollar is spent on health care?

Is is any wonder that as long as private companies treat insurance a cash cow solely to enrich themselves……. we will have problems taking care of our bodies for as long as they allow us to live?

Yesterday the House Ways and Means Committee heard testimony from the head of Medicare and Medicaid, Dr. Berwick.

It began with a series of questioning from a paper he had written in 1996…

1996? Wtf? In it, Dr Berwick described the benefits of the NHS Health Service in Britain. In Gestapo interrogative fashion, Chairman Camp sharply asked if he still believed those thoughts today… “Do you believe the single payer plan is the best plan for health care?” “Did you not say the British Health Service was the ideal form of medical care?” “Did you not wax enthusiasm over this “socialized” medical program?”

To these answers, Dr. Berwick, head of Medicare and Medicaid consistently answered: “each country has their own unique solution to healthcare; our best solution is in the Affordable Health Care Act”.

Fortunately one of the questions asked by Chairman Camp, was incomprehensible… The chamber, spectators, and witness all thought Mr. Camp had suffered a stroke.. Despite the Chairman’s repeated entreaties to answer his question, Dr. Berwick couldn’t. It hadn’t been framed logically. He couldn’t understand it. No one could. Chairman Camp was reading off some incomplete notes, which apparently made sense to him, but, without that aid in front of anyone else, his question was, if politely put, incomprehensible. A page quickly showed up and handed the chairman a sheaf of papers, and Chairman Camp continued: ” your words, you wrote this” and then he mentioned the title, “and it was written by you in 1996….”

1996? You have got to be kidding.. Gee, how long is that? Fifteen years? What even was the beltway’s thought processes at that time. From a medical point of view, we had just come off from the Clinton’s health care debate over reform, one that was squelched by insurance advertising. Dole was campaigning against Clinton, who beat the Republicans rather handily. Back then, I was hauling around the neighborhood children like a soccer mom; now, they’re driving me. This whole idea of tainting people with something said way back in time, with no context involved, is the most stupid of all idiotic attempts to appear smart. It is ridiculous and embarrassing to defame the halls of Congress with it’s tripe. There needs to be a statute of limitations on evidence brought up in Congressional hearings of at least five years, especially if it is being used to damage the credibility of a witness. If anything is over that time frame, the peers of that person need to call him out publicly on his public demonstration of his own stupidity, for even thinking that something said fifteen years ago, even makes an iota of a difference…

So we learned early off, that the Republican debates are not going to be about substance. The rest of the Republican questioning turned out to be nothing more than the repetition of rumors, supposedly told to them by their constituents, all of which were put to rest by the diplomatic Dr. Berwick. So lets define the illogical frame of argument being used by Republicans to overturn all hope for affordable healthcare…. The Republicans send dire predictions out to their constituents about the implications of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Those predictions were hand written by lobbyists for large medical corporations. The citizens then comment on these writings, telling their Congressman if it’s true, then they are afraid of this new Health Care Act, (at functions where only other Republicans are invited), and Republicans bring that back as a mandate to repeal Healthcare…

Another observation: Congress is broken.

Being naive, perhaps I assumed that Congressmen would at least listen to both sides, thereby when voting time came, they could make a balanced decision. What I witnessed was to the contrary. Instead, I saw all the Republican Congressmen walk in, sit down, get called on to speak, ask questions for 4 minutes, then when time had expired, collect their stuff and shuffle down the hall to another meeting…

The House and Ways Committee was practically empty through most of this very important hearing. So how do they vote? Do they read the bills? No! There minds are made up before hand. Nothing said or done within these halls, matters one iota.

Unless of course, America is watching. Then, we need to understand what a menace removing the healthcare act is, and express to each of our representatives, that they too need to understand this, or be unemployed the next term.

Here are the facts.

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, seniors who received a $250 dollar check in 2010 to cover prescription costs… will have to pay it back!

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, seniors who would have received a check this year, won’t, and will pay over $500 more for their prescription costs than if Republicans had left the bill alone.

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, college students up to 26, who use medical coverage since the bills passage, may have to reimburse that amount back!

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, anyone who got a screening without paying a deductible, could be billed for all amounts charged them had the act never been passed.

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, anyone who had a pre-existing medical condition and got treatment under the new law in 2010, may be required to reimburse their provider, if that provider could justify they would not have received coverage under the new law.

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, the national deficit will take a $575 billion increase by 2019, because the cuts that were to go into effect, will not.

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, everyone’s insurance premiums are estimated to jump 20%, supposedly to cover the private insurers losses this past year.

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, considerable numbers of people will not be diagnosed early enough for diabetes, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, or any of the other diseases, where early detection can lead to cheap procedures that prevent far more expensive ones down the road, and whatever happens in 2019… won’t matter to them anyway.

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed this year, over half our children in public schools, will not see a doctor, they could have easily afforded it were the law to stay intact.

Guess what else I learned?

Despite Republicans saying the Affordable Health Care Act is the worst law ever created…. people are voting for it with their feet.

People signing up for the Medicare Options are up by 6%. Their numbers were predicted to go down by the actuaries.

Costs are down by 5%. They were predicted to go up by the actuaries.

Apparently, at least based on the feet of Americans, the Affordable Health Care Act is working. In trying hard to find some merit in the Republican antagonism for this great piece of legislation. ( Remember Republicans were against Truman’s Healthcare, were against Johnson’s Medicare, Newt Gingrich boasted Medicare would wither on the vine, were against Clinton’s medical reform, for the record, Republicans have always been trying to kill it) the only explanation I could get from any of them, was philosophical: it was government run.

Puts them in this position: “I don’t care if it saves you money, I don’t care if it decreases the deficit, I don’t care if it provide better health care, I don’t care if it drops costs, i don’t care if it saves more lives, ….. it has the government behind it and for that reason alone, it must be repealed…….”

Yep, that about sums up their argument…. (Of course none of them are willing to give up their own Federal Employee Health Insurance, which carries a subsidy paid for by the Federal Government, which is larger than that paid for any Medicare recipient….. )

So what was to be a tour de force, … as to why affordable health care should be abolished, turned into just the opposite. The more we learned, the more it makes sense….

Here’s hoping they have a lot more hearings on the Affordable Health Care Act. 🙂

In just 8 short days, the new majority in the Republican House will repeal the Medical Health Insurance reforms that were passed only last year.

Here are the current benefits that will be eradicated by Republicans.

Children with pre-existing conditions, will not be covered. Parents MUST pay out of pocket so their children will live.

Adults, with pre-existing conditions, are out of luck. Might as well put a bullet in your head. No one will insure you.

Businesses with fewer than 50 employees will lose tax credits covering up to 50% of employee premiums. Return to NO INSURANCE for employees of small businesses.

Seniors lose their rebate filling the so-called “donut hole” in Medicare drug coverage, which severely limits prescription medication coverage expenditures over $2,700. Starting last Saturday, 50 percent of the donut hole was to be filled.

The cut-off age for young adults to continue to be covered by their parents’ health insurance drops from the age 27, back down to high school graduation. Most youth can not go to doctors when sick, thereby contaminating the rest of us.

Lifetime caps on the amount of insurance an individual can have will no longer be banned. Starting with the Republican passage, when an insurer arbitrarily thinks they paid too much on you… they can drop your policy.

Gone is the temporary high-risk pool that was set up to cover adults with pre-existing conditions. Health care exchanges were supposed to eliminate the program in 2014. Now, with no exchanges and no pool, the high risk do not get insurance. This raises your rates to pay for them.

Gone are all the new plans which had to cover checkups and other preventative care without co-pays. Now, if you don’t have excessive cash, you just have to get sick, instead of going to the doctor.

Starting with Republican passage, insurance companies can cut a person who’s paid their premiums religiously, just because they got sick..

No longer will insurers have to reveal how much money is spent on overhead. “I’m sorry we have to raise your rates, Mr Anderson, but we need to recoup the $4 billion we spent upon the last election.”

Gone is the requirement that any new plan must now implement an appeals process for all coverage determinations and claims. Insurance companies can again change your coverage at will, whether or not you approve, and decide at whim, not to cover your medicines that they’ve covered most of your life.

Gone will be the 10% tax on tanning salons. It will become cheaper to get melanoma. Yeah!

Gone will be the new screening procedures that were implemented to eliminate health insurance fraud and waste. If the Republican bill is passed, waste and fraud will again be encouraged within the insurance companies, with customers footing the bill.

Gone will be the Medicare protections that were extended to small rural hospitals and other health care facilities that happen to have only a small number of Medicare patients. Those small rural hospitals will have to close.

Gone will the the requirement that Non-profit Blue Cross organizations must be required to maintain a medical loss ratio — money spent on procedures over money incoming — of 85 percent or higher to take advantage of IRS tax benefits.

Chain restaurants will again not be required to provide a “nutrient content disclosure statement” alongside their items. Never again should you expect to see calories listed both on in-store and drive-through menus of fast-food restaurants.

Gone will be that portion of the bill which establishes a temporary program for companies that provide early retiree health benefits for those ages 55‐64, in order to help reduce the often-expensive cost of that coverage.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services has set up a new Web site to make it easy for Americans in any state to seek out affordable health insurance options The site also includes helpful information for small businesses. That will be eradicated. You will not be able to find, much less buy, any cheap insurance.

The two‐year temporary credit (up to a maximum of $1 billion) which was placed in the bill to encourage investment in new therapies for the prevention and treatment of diseases,….. will be cut… No new therapies in our distant future!

These new reforms that were part of the Republican alternative to health care at one point, will be gone for good, if Republican get their way.

Just when it looked like the middle class could at least take care of themselves medically, the Republicans yank the floor out from under them.

The bill is a short worded statement that repeals the law signed last March 23.

It does not have any other planks. It is a dumb bill; even Boehner himself thinks and publicly said so.

But….. it is on the floor of the House… .. anyway……