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Golf in Hawaii

How do you keep your legacy of Obamacare from being cut and left to bleed?

Easy. You turn Obamacare into a low priority for Republicans, by seriously challenging them on other things far more important, forcing them to drop the fight for Obamacare, because they have other battle to fight over….  Ones they will lose unless they become very lucky.


  • You apply tremendous force to raise taxes on the top 1%
  • You allow businesses the writing off capital investments the full amount spent.
  • You keep benefits on Social Security, and raise the fee on top incomes.
  • You do a Kennediesque moon challenge, but this time to it’s High Speed Rail connecting all major cities by 2025.
  • You proceed with a challenge to find a way to capture coal CO2, making it eco-friendly.
  • You push for keeping guns out of those who are mentally ill.  Background checks and take on the NRA.
  • You push for more union rights, and fewer right to work laws.
  • You push for stronger controls on Wall Street.
  • You push for more solar energy capture out west, more wind in the mid-west, and more tidal on both coasts….

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You promise every American that if they  vote for no Republicans in 2014, your goal for 2018 is that every American will be making $10,000 more than they are now.…  Examples… If they are making $10,000, they’ll be up to $20,000.  If they are at $40,000, the’ll be up to $50,000.  And if they are making $100 million, they’ll be making $100 million plus $10,000 by the end of that time frame….

With a roaring economy, that is actually a conservative estimate…

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The point is … as a lame duck president you have two options.  One you can play defensive, and try to foil Republicans, the wealthy, Wall Street, and the backwards Tea Partiers, as they try and chip away at the edifice you have built of Obamacare. This I argue against, because this puts you in the position of looking weak, It puts them in the position of appearing to grow stronger…  Just as does a football team which has a comfortable lead, and blows it by having their fourth string not play as aggressively as they would had they been playing a close game… The other team has nothing to lose, since they are already badly losing; therefore they play with a ferociousness unseen all previous season…  This is what will happen to you….

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Or..Two…. you can choose to run up the scoreboard.  You can capitalize on how well the affordable health care will be received,(it’s reputation is starting to turn already).  You can twist the knife in Republicans by showing how Democratic states are getting good health insurance cheaper than before, and how Republicans governors in Republican states, jerked around their constituents forcing them to pay more than are Democrats in neighboring states…. All you have to do is compare their numbers….

You can run up the scoreboards by filling up all court vacancies.  You can run up the scoreboard by  mandating environmental protections, by raising taxes on the top 1%. by Pushing for immigration reform,  by floating the legalization of weak recreational drugs, by having them regulated and taxed as was done with liquor post-Prohibition.

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You can run up the scoreboard by carrying the message to the American People that it is in everyone’s benefit if the top 1% are taxed and that money is used to pay for replacing a bridge that should fall, or a tunnel that will collapse into the river this decade or next.

You can run up the scoreboard by on every task, show that the Republican-way will hurt America, and the Democrat’s way will make it better….

Point is, you are a lame duck.  You got nothing to lose…   if you try all of these, you will no doubt be effective at some.  And some you won’t…

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But if you create the environment where the House is too busy playing defense to re-argue another case of the Obama bill, because Republicans are in a desperate fight for their very survival….  Obamacare will probably survive along with Obama….

The best defense is a good offense…Mr. President…. Let’s go run up that score….

It appears that not all  Common Core implementations are bad… Hawaii seems to have beaten the odds, effectively proving what I think was our biggest complaint… that the standards are not the problem… it’s the implementation…. 

Figures the American location most distant from Wall Street, would be the one to find the secret of success… So,  how did they beat the odds… What did they do different?

Meet  Ms Matayoshi:  the women so freaked that her state won a Race To The Top grant she promptly drove her car straight into her husband’s. Perhaps if we look at what she did, we can see where the differences are… Ready???

Ms. Matayoshi did two key things: She overhauled her leadership team and tapped Stephen Schatz, a former teacher and complex-area superintendent whose on-the-ground battle scars gave him credibility with rank-and-file teachers, and put him in charge of Race to the Top efforts in August 2011. And she ingrained Race to the Top into educators’ everyday work, turning Hawaii’s proposal into the state board of education’s adopted strategic plan….

The comparison between ours and Hawaii’s two leadership-drivers is obvious.  One drives from the bottom up… The other orchestrates from the top down.   One has local cred’s.  The other has a Rodel background.

Secondly, in Hawaii, most of the RTTT money went to creating additional pre-school classes, and extended learning time for at-risk students… Not to computer systems, not to data coaches, not to broadband, not to corporations like Pearson, AIR, and Achieve, and not to consultants like McKinsey….  Delaware is still “discussing” its increasing of the number of Pre-school classes.  Delaware still has no solid plans for extended class times  for all at-risk students.

Hawaii’s Race to the Top initiative WAS NOT about “implementing certain programs” or “buying products” for schools and students.  “What we’ve started here is about effective teaching and effective leading. It’s not about fancy tools. It’s not something that we bought,” said Ronn Nozoe, the deputy state superintendent….

Furthermore, Hawaii’s two “zones of innovation” that house Hawaii’s lowest-performing schools, are the ones that have received the most attention, money, and resources…  Putting money where the need is greatest….  (Hello?  Where did all of Delaware’s money go? hello?  hello?)

Tropical cakewalk?  Not hardly.  Up to 49 percent of students are chronic absentees; 86 percent are poor enough to qualify for free or reduced-price school meals; half don’t have Internet access at home; 47 percent are Native Hawaiian and hundreds more are the  radioactive immigrants from the Marshall Islands, who must overcome significant language, cultural, and financial barriers….

The secret of their success was that instead of listening to Wall Street…. they listened to teachers….  Of course it certainly helps they don’t have a News Journal editorial board in Hawaii to muck things up …

Fixing education will only come by boosting one-on-one personal contact between teacher and student.  Personal interaction works! Even if you stick a Common Core appellation on top of it…. Hawaii proves it still works… 

Homecide Number 27; Wilmington, Delaware.

A stupid robbery sounding like something out of Brazzaville, Congo, left a young mother dead in her backyard. Although national statistics report that violent crime — including murder — has been on the decline, the number of homicides and shootings in Wilmington remains steady.

These things happen, I know. but the headline that got me, was the one exclaiming:

Delaware crime: Homicide record brings fear, search for solutions

Why after 18 years, are we still searching for a solution? Here is the solution: it’s the same one that fixed New York City under Mayor Rudolf Guiliani.

Arrest everyone loitering or jaywalking, and bring them in for processing. Everyone, even whites if you can find them in Wilmington.

You process them, fine them, and arrest them again if they didn’t learn their first time.

Here’s what happens when you do that.

1) Fewer crimes occur because all those committing them are being held for loitering. They are no longer available to commit a crime.

2) People get tired of being arrested, so their behavior stops.

3) Without people loitering for passing cars, no drugs can get sold. That forces the big movers to set up shop elsewhere. Interestingly Wilmington’s crime problem began … just as Guiliani began cleaning up New York.

4) With no gangs hanging out on street corners, the streets instantly appear safer because…. they are.

5) After the third arrest, and threat of serious consequences, most people decide selling out the criminals is safer than protecting them.

It’s not rocket science. Right now warlords control Wilmington. If you live on 35th Street, you have more to fear from your local drug lords, than you do the cops. So you don’t snitch, even when your preacher tells you to. That’s stupid.. your dead in the morning.

But.. if they are already incarcerated, telling on them is easy; the cops have the upper hand.

Who’s the drug dealer and who is just killing time? You can’t tell. That is why you need to arrest everyone… Drive around in school buses, pull up to a corner, jump out, shoot two of them (just kidding, lol) and order the rest to get in the van…


Your jails will be packed. Solution: keep stuffing them in. Most will not want to come back for a second visit.

Your courts will have to run 24/7. Keep their dockets full. If they can’t process, hold the suspects until their hearing comes up.

A lot of innocents get picked up that never committed a crime. Well, they were loitering, weren’t they? Process and fine them.

Liberals will wail and moan that mostly black people are being thrown in jail. Respond it is mostly black people who are loitering. Liberals will decry that innocent people are caught in the net. Respond that innocent people get hurt all the time. The dead mother leading this story, was innocent. Better to have innocents in jail, than a neighborhood that’s a FAIL…

But even with these negatives… fewer drugs will trade hands. Fewer killings will stain the sidewalks. It will be safe to bring home a loaf of bread again.

I guess what I was mad at the most, is how chicken the public safety department of this city is… Oh, I don’t mean they’re scared of criminals. I mean they are scared of politics. They are scared they’ll get fired if the wrong person complains they arrested their cousin. They are scared they’ll lose their job, if they try to do something to fix the situation. They are worried they will alienate some powerful people if they arrest scores of people hourly and throw them into our judicial system.

They need a leader who says… “Do it. I got your back” and then… has their back.. That is what is missing in Wilmington Delaware.

Brave people in positions of power. That is why we hear more and more about how horrible life in Wilmington is…

To fix it is simple. There is an answer which trims crime down. And that answer is to: ….

“Book, em, Danno…. “