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“All Rise and Raise Your Right Hand… Do You, solemnly swear to have no remorse, to allow those known to be extremely violent and mentally twisted, to possess all purchasable firearms and ammunition, and to have no restrictions upon their use?  So Help You?


Ok then in order please state your name and affiliation… in the order you are listed above.

Sweeney Todd– Republican; Bruce Ennis– Democrat; James Holmes–Republican; Colin Bonini– Republican; Adam Lanza– Republican; Cathy Clouthier– Republican; Charles Manson– Republican; Brian Bushweller,–Democrat; Gerald Hocker– Republican; Greg Lavelle– Republican; Robert Marshall– Democrat; David McBride–Democrat;  Gary Simpson–Republican; Robert Venables– Democrat; Charley Manson– Republican;  Brian Pettyjohn– Republican; Jeffery Dahmer– Republican; Ernie Lopez– Republican; Sweeney Todd– Republican;  David Lawson– Republican;  Jeremy Loughner– Republican…..

The officers shot in the New Castle County Courthouse shooting speak out, for the first time since the tragic event, in support of the federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership.  Their vests were purchased at half the cost to Capitol Police through the federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership, which expired last summer. Senator Coons is fighting to bring the grant program back.Coons doesn’t believe law enforcement should have to stand on street corners with a tip cup to get funding.

“I think the federal government owes this to local and state law enforcement,”

So we will make them beg for dollars in a tin cup, but we are too cowardly to ban high capacity clips and assault weapons?

Do you know who the biggest pushers of these two bans are?  Not parents but our first responders…. They were during the 1990’s and are now the ones asking our legislators to do the right thing and step up to ban high capacity clips, and ban automatic weapons….

(Delaware Law will only regulate new purchases and will not impose any hardship whatsoever on current owners )….

But isn’t it the height of hypocrisy that we can’t muscle the stamina to help out a first responder with passing two trite pieces of legislation,  but we can certainly fan the flames to get press coverage of them begging for money so they can please, please have 14 times a better chance of living through a firefight?  Think about it.

Just ban the sale of high capacity clips and assault rifles…  Help a first responder out……

Lost my Gun, What should I do?
Lost my Gun, What should I do?
Lost my Gun, What should I do?
Better call nine, one, one…..

This Ennis sponsored bill in the Delaware Senate seem innocuous at first glance. After all, we are simply adding this line into the charges of a felony. ..

1447A Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony

This is in a list of felonies including some like Murder in the first degree, which if one is convicted upon having two prior offenses, one is deemed a habitual criminal and put away for life.

I question this because it put all those who carry guns as a normal recourse, in danger. If one is driving down Route 1, and through no fault of one’s own an accident occurs in which one is charged with two counts of manslaughter… then just simply having a firearm in your car, makes it the third count, and presto, you are in jail for life.

There are more important criminals who need to be in jail for life, than some farmer from Sussex or Kent County.  There is not enough room for both of them.

If you like guns, and the 2nd Amendment, this bill is dangerous to all gun carriers and needs to be shot down.

Perhaps an amendment is in order.

A. You tell me!  Should it be illegal to walk into Dover Mall with a gun and pop in a 30 round clip?

Yes, it should.  Vote for HB 58…

B. You tell me!  Should it be perfectly legal to have a gun with a 30 round clip on a shooting range where it won’t hurt anyone?

Yes, it should.  Vote for HB 58…

C.  You tell me!  Should it be perfectly legal to have a gun with a 30 round clip in ones home, as protection against forced entry?

Yes, it should.  Vote for HB 58…

The only reason a misguide legislator could ever find to vote AGAINST .. HB 58,  would be if he wished…  TO  SEE  PEOPLE  DIE!  This law protects gun owners and changes nothing for anyone owning a clip over 10 rounds..  However this new law will make high capacity clips illegal in public places other than a shooting range… That is a very good idea.   Genius in fact.

I was just challenged by the owner of a gun blog to illustrate how well gun control works.

Challenge Accepted.

US = no gun control ==  14078 gun homicides==0.00446% of the population==. 4.69 per 100000

Somalia = no gun control== 138 gun homicides==0.0000138% of the population==1.38 per 100,000

Yeman = no gun control== 990 homicides (by any means)==0.0000413% = 4.304 per 100,000 (this total includes deaths by swords, stonings, long curved knives and guns).


Japan = good gun control == 11 gun homicides== 0.00000866% of population == 0 per 100,000

S. Korea = good gun control ==14 gun homicides == 0.0000290% of population == 0 per 100,000

Spain = good gun control == 67 gun homicides == 0.0000565% of population == 0 per 100,000

Finally, Australia. a single country on both sides of the spectrum! One that had no gun control, then passed legislation which controlled guns. In similar terms out of 100,000, it went  from a high ratio of 4.71 to 1.06….  Gun control where you make it illegal to own a military grade weapon works deliciously well…

Now, Mike W.  Prove how homicides go down when you give everyone a gun … Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…

The stupid NRA has their head wedged so far up their butt, I bet it hurts bad when they try to sit down…

” Benghazi.Benghazi.Benghazi.Benghazi.Benghazi.”


Since  the rampage at Connecticut,  less than five months later — this list includes 137 accidental shootings, 57 of which were fatal. These children and teens were accidentally shot by themselves, by parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors, and caregivers. In other words, these shootings were not by strangers. Many of the guns used in these shootings were obtained by family members for personal protection.

Isn’t that far more important? 137 accidental shootings because we can’t responsibly handle weapons of mass destruction?

137/ 57 fatal Guns in the US are the log in our eye. Meanwhile we try to take splinters out of the eyes of others!

And we’re wasting yet another day of Congress to rehash what the last 17 hearings on the same topic have dug up? One that killed just 4 Americans in a terrorist ambush, something of which we have no control over? And we want to get down to the bottom of who is to blame? But 137 actual shootings occur, and these same people drink champagne and eat caviar while whooping and rejoicing that background checks got defeated?

We have got to rid ourselves of these outdated farting Republicans, either one way or another….. Maybe give them some Beano. For heavens sake, let’s get our nation’s priorities in order.

There is a dual application of interpretation going on. The new head of the NRA James Porter, an attorney who defends gun manufactures in lawsuits,  is quoted as calling our president a fake president; he once termed the Civil War of Southern Disobedience, as the “War of Northern Aggression,”; he believes that one of our highest priorities should be to train and arm all our citizens so that, when the time comes, they can “fight tyranny” and impose their will upon the rest of the population; who believes white is right, brown goes down, and guns are the way to achieve that end…..

He is now the new head of the NRA, an organization once dedicated to outdoor sportsmen and hunters.

If he were Muslim, he’d be under surveillance for fear of blowing up people at a Marathon.. James Porter’s words are more inciteful than any mullah.

Either we back off all Muslims, or we treat the NRA as we would Al Qaeda under Osama Bin Laden….

Not to do so is simply continuing a double standard…..

The NRA … IS  the new Muslim….  Anyone who condones Newtown Connecticut as a great secret United States of American plot is simply put, … untrustworthy. It is time to round up all NRA members in put them in internment camps for observation just as we did for the Japanese during WWII..

Courtesy of Delaware Liberal

I missed this on Sunday.

And what are today’s birds telling us? The Audubon Society estimates that nearly 60 percent of 305 bird species found in North America in winter are shifting northward and to higher elevations in response to climate change. For comparison, imagine the inhabitants of 30 states — using state residence as a proxy for species of American human — becoming disgruntled with forest fires and drought and severe weather events, and seeking out suitable new habitat.

Despite what Republicans say:  man-made global warming is here.   The birds are telling us. No wonder the Delaware head of the Republican Party, John Sigler is shooting pigeons in boxes….