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Stupiditiy Personified Lavelle

There is a floater bill, put up as a joke to all but Greg (what, it’s a joke?) Lavelle (who thinks it is serious), that defies explanation…. In Delaware we get a joke bill that will, get this…. allow parents to use the funds that would have been allocated to their child at their resident school district for an education program of the parents’ choosing….

  • Uhhh.  Request from Kent County….. I want to teach my son how to make meth… I choose that education program so give me my money…..
  • Uhhh.  Request from Sussex County…. I want to teach my son how to slop pigs… That way I won’t have to payfor one of ‘dem Mexicans…  Give me my money….
  • Uhhh… Request from New Castle County…. I want to teach my son how to sell drugs and work a string of hoes…. Give me all mine in big bills…..

Has anyone ever heard of a more ridiculous bill?

Figures…. it would have Greg Lavelle’s name plastered on it…  What were the residents of the 4th District thinking?

Imagine. Robbing YOUR tax dollars away from public schools, to teach the arts of meth-making, pig slopping, and hoe-tending?….  There must be less oxygen the closer one is to the floor…..

We’ve already run through the cost analysis.  It is cheaper for you to pay 10 cents a gallon than not (because of the damage done to your car if the money if not forthcoming).

Now, let us look at who is against it and why.  Pete Schwartzkoph, and the Republicans.  Both have a singular characteristic. Both need to justify their positions to voters back home.

If you are a Republican, for example, you have essentially earned a salary for doing nothing except show up.  You are pointless and take up space, simply because in a blue state, solely because of the smallness of your voting bloc, even if you wished, you could not make any legislative difference.

Since you are so impotent, you seize on this distraction, to pretend to show your voters that you will look after their interests, even though you know what you are saying is just plain wrong. Even though you know that if you were in power, that you would be pushing this 10 cents gas tax, instead, by pretending to be against it you hope to pretend you are tough and standing up to the governor, and hopefully some dummy who will only pay attention to this topic, will be enough to push you over the top in your next election….

You are probably going to lose in the next election.  Then as a civilian, your car will hit potholes too.  And you will be paying far more in repairs, than the 10 cents gas would cost you…  Not voting for ht 10 cents will kick you in the end….

Everyone will  first react negatively.  I did. But everyone who looks at the benefits, sees this tax as a very cheap option to save oneself a whole lot of money….. Truth is, if I hadn’t looked at the wonderful benefits, I’d be against it still.

It’s sort of like this:  if someone says, “hey you, buy this car” you say, “aw shucks, can’t. Not interested. I’m happy with what I got here.” But if someone says, “buy this car, it’s worth $40,000 but right now, it is priced at $10,000… Buy it for that?.”  Then buying a car is a whole different ball game.   The 10 cent gas tax is like that….

The mess in WV brings this home…   Anytime you allow industry near water, at some point in the future there will be an accident…. Prevention as opposed to monitoring, is the only way to insure no such event occurs

The proposed legislation will be incremental.  It will be minor in scope.  It’s design is to pit the same groups that combined to apply political muscle to push forward both Newark’s contaminating power plant, and the Millsboro chicken processing plant, towards next applying political pressure to diminish and eventually abolish the Coastal Act.  It will be pushed along as good for jobs, taxes, and energy benefits.  However, none of those will receive benefit.  Instead it is designed in a way to open the coastal area to development. The benefits will all go to developers, Surprised?  Developers as we know are very reputable human beings and would never break a law, would never allow any facility to be built which might pollute, in order to make hundreds of millions of extra dollars.

The Coastal Act is Delaware.  If it goes, Delaware again becomes the cess-pool is was before environmental laws were ever dreamed.

As went Army Creek, so goes the entire Delaware coastline….

Time to get busy now… Stir the pot so nothing sticks to the bottom later.

The same controversy surrounding Tennessee’s equivalent of SB51, has at least that state’s Democrats fighting for those educating our children .  Not like up here where Dave Sokola and Erica Jenner joined forces and sold the teaching profession out for a couple of pieces of silver.

Think for a second.

If your boss gave you a pop quiz at work, how well do you think you’d do? … Guesses?

The correct answer is: you would do only as well as he wanted you to do.  If he wanted you do do well, he’d quiz you on things you do every day enabling you to pass with high marks.  If he wants you doing poorly, he fills the test up irrelevant questions, that you haven’t thought about in decades (because they are irrelevant); at work you are constantly being bombarded with things that truly do matter..

So we are talking about taking a teacher’s license away because her students did poorly on a standardized test, not by how good or not good the teacher is!

Does the teacher make the test?  Of course not:  the test is made many states away by people who have never stepped foot in a classroom and get paid 6 digit salaries. The tests are untried at the time of taking. They are not last year’s test remade.  No one knows how relevant or non relevant these tests are.

Does the teacher get to know the material on the test so she can teach her students the relevant data?  No, that would be cheating.  The teacher has to guess before hand what will or will not be covered, and then has to teach her best guess.  What if those think tank “specialists” have different philosophies?  Bad scores.

Does the teacher get to interpret the test, to explain the questions in a way the child might better understand?  No, that is considered leading the child.  So if a child can’t understand the question, because they haven’t a Masters or Doctorate degree in education, they fail.

Does the teacher have any control over the test taking environment?  No, if every one stays up late to watch Breaking Bad, and then texts till two in the morning about what happened on the show, and what might happen on next week’s episode.,..  they will do poorly.  To them its some dumb test that doesn’t matter anyway.  They’ll still get promoted…  456 + 789… ah, my head hearts…  let me guess… umm  “{c}”

Imagine lining up all of Delawares School Board and Rodel Foundation officers around the Governor, as he signs SB 51, and taking one photo, then firing all those who blinked, grimace, moved, or otherwise “failed” to properly enhance the photo…..

As their cleaning out their office, you can here Hefferman mutter… “they didn’t even count down. They just took the picture.  If they’d counted down, I could have been ready.”

And speaking of FAILURES.  OH!  MY!  GOODNESS!!!  Rodel’s Vision 2015 has failed to meet its objectives (GOALS) it set for itself back in 2006.  They have had 7 of the 9 years they gave themselves to make it happen. Instead of  firing itself, it announces its name is now Rodel 2020….  But a teacher who’s students blink during 3 hours one day from watching Breaking Bad the night before?  YOU’RE A LOUSY TEACHER!   WHAT A FAILURE YOU ARE!  GET OUT OF OUR SCHOOL!  EVEN BETTER!  GET YOU OUT OF OUR ENTIRE PROFESSION!

That is why this is so stupid. SB51 is so stupid. Everyone who voted for it, without reading it, is so stupid.  Every blog except those who raised awareness against it, is so stupid.  Mr. Sweeney, is so stupid….

I won’t belabor the point anymore.  But firing a teacher for a photo moment, is ridiculous.  Taking away their license for the same should in a proper universe, damn you to an eternity in Hell.

If you yourself personally choose to go to Hell, you will find the following assorted people there to keep you company.

Blevins,  Hocker,  Peterson,
Bonini,  Lavelle,  Pettyjohn,
Bushweller, Lawson,  Poore,
Cloutier,  Lopez,  Simpson,
Ennis,  Marshall, Sokola,
Hall-Long, McBride, Townsend,
Henry, McDowell, Venables,

Atkins,  J. Johnson,  Ramone,
Barbieri,  Q. Johnson,  Scott,
Bennett,  Kenton,  B. Short,
Blakey,  M. Smith, D. Short,
Bolden,  Longhurst,  Smyk,
Brady,  Miro,  Spiegelman,
Briggs-King,  Mitchell,  Viola,
Carson,  Mulrooney,  Walker,
Dukes,  D.E. Williams, Keeley,
Gray,  Outten,  K. Williams,
Heffernan,  Paradee,  Wilson,
Hudson,  Peterman,  Schwartzkopf,
Jaques  Sweeney, Markell, Murphy, Jenner.

Just looking over that list, … I would bet that if this list ever got public, and people could see the likes of the company they’d be spending their eternity with, .. our churches would be overflowing this weekend!…

By the way, can anyone out there possibly tell me when was the last time a doctor lost his license for one case of malpractice judgment decided in court against him? Or one Secretary of Education fired for in his first year statewide test results, in what even the friendly News Journal headline lambasted as: “Disappointing Results”?


“All Rise and Raise Your Right Hand… Do You, solemnly swear to have no remorse, to allow those known to be extremely violent and mentally twisted, to possess all purchasable firearms and ammunition, and to have no restrictions upon their use?  So Help You?


Ok then in order please state your name and affiliation… in the order you are listed above.

Sweeney Todd– Republican; Bruce Ennis– Democrat; James Holmes–Republican; Colin Bonini– Republican; Adam Lanza– Republican; Cathy Clouthier– Republican; Charles Manson– Republican; Brian Bushweller,–Democrat; Gerald Hocker– Republican; Greg Lavelle– Republican; Robert Marshall– Democrat; David McBride–Democrat;  Gary Simpson–Republican; Robert Venables– Democrat; Charley Manson– Republican;  Brian Pettyjohn– Republican; Jeffery Dahmer– Republican; Ernie Lopez– Republican; Sweeney Todd– Republican;  David Lawson– Republican;  Jeremy Loughner– Republican…..

Delaware passes a common sense bill that does nothing to violate the 2nd Amendment Rights of anyone who would have easily passed a simple background check.

This bill does make it harder for a criminal to buy a gun from a gun show where no questions are asked… That is all.

The NRA and it’s yipping Pomeranian were unable to win against this good common sense bill The NRA has begun yelling and calling us all crazy. The joke is on them. We know from simply watching Wayne LaPierre and seeing Sigler shoot pigeons in boxes, that they are truly the crazy ones.

Hat’s off to all who got out of the way and let logic take its course….

Background checks. About time.

Today HB 35 is up. This will make background checks required for criminal purchases as well as for those of good citizens. Currently, if one is a good citizen, one must go through a back ground check to buy a gun.. But if one is not a good citizen, and would probably have difficulty passing a good citizen’s back ground check, the NRA has many places one could buy a gun without any type of background checks whatsoever….

Killed ten people already? We have just the gun for you….

This is not something to be taken lightly. Delaware has always been right when the nation has been wrong…. That is because unlike Georgia, Kansas, or Mississippi, we have mostly good people here. People who do what is right, not what is wrong and then scream and cry for protection from the law for the crimes they perpetuate…. We are good people…

Good people always get the bad end of the stick… The bad people cry and in the vacuum, get what they want… After all, everyone tries to calm a crying baby…..

But it is when the good people stand up, and say enough is enough, that the bad people have to take a back seat… There is no requirement that bad people always get what they want, and that good people always have to take it on the chin. They can only do so, because good people being good people, are too busy doing good in their personal lives to have time to argue….

Like the little Who who saved the civilization in Horton Hears A Who, a child’s book by Dr. Seuss, who was jerked out of her room and added to the screams of the entire population screaming for their survival, your voice may just be the one heard….

If you don’t call, it is certain failure. If you do, it is one more step towards righting a wrong that can affect us all…

Give criminals the right to walk in and buy a gun? Not on Delaware’s watch… Here are the numbers….

Colin R. J. Bonini Phone: (302) 744-4169
Catherine Cloutier Phone: (302) 744-4197
Gerald W. Hocker Phone: (302) 539-9662
Gregory F. Lavelle Phone: (302) 577-8714
David G. Lawson Phone: (302) 744-4237
Ernesto B. Lopez Phone: (302) 744-4136
Brian Pettyjohn Phone: (302) 858-0694
F. Gary Simpson Phone: (302) 744-4134

And for good measure, add a call to the main desk and they will record your call and send it to each legislator as a tally… So you get twice the power…

Republican Offices
Phone (302) 744-4048
Fax (302) 739-5049

Be the most important citizen in our state. Call before 1 pm today! You might want to share this line with them…
Tell them if they ever want to get their party mainstream again in this state, they must vote in favor of at least, at least, making criminals have to jump through the same hoops responsible people all have to do to get a gun; tell them you don’t give a damn what the NRA says otherwise!… Criminals should not be allowed to get guns easier than good citizens. This bill will stop that. Encourage them to vote for the Comprehensive Background Check reform bill…..if they ever want a Democrat to cast a vote that way again….

Especially that Greg Lavelle in former Senator Katz’s territory….. He should be reminded that with his very tight victory last election year, that 90% of America is solidly behind stronger background checks with zero NRA criminal loopholes embedded in….

One of the untold stories of the great Dornier escapade in Southern California, involves the tiny firm of L&L Enterprises, a winery dispensary sitting off the main drag of Big Bear Lake just north east of Los Angeles….

Someone had ID’d Dornier entering a building across from the command post, and had called the police…. As the very first sheriff’s deputies arrived,,, Ernie Lopez and Greg LaValle rush out of L&L Enterprises which was next door to the location, with vital information…  Dornier had put what looked like guns into a SUV and had headed north out of town up into the wilderness….

On this tip, the entire operation shifted its focus and fanned out over the north side of town, using infrared heat scanning to try and find his hideout…..

Days later, he was discovered holed up in the house right where he’d been reported!….

The mess could have been taken care of in a timely fashion, except for the delaying action caused by Lopez and Lavelle… forever now dubbed L&L Enterprises…

By an almost uncanny coincidence, the same thing is being done here in Delaware by people with unbelievably, the exact same name… Ernie Lopez and Greg Lavelle…. both are members of the Republican Party;  both are in the Delaware Senate….

What they have done is introduce two bills to throw confusion into the Senate, so the necessary bills to help curb mass murders like Alan Lanza, do not get passed…. There is a bill in Delaware’s Senate to renew mandatory background checks for everyone who buys a gun….

Any weakening of this legislation, changes that bill into one renewing mandatory background checks for everyone who is not a criminal.  Criminals get to get their guns without being checked…

And that is the point of L&L Enterprises… They are pretending as did their namesakes in California, to appear to be good citizens helping to do some good, when in reality, their actions cause the exact opposite….

The idea behind background checks is that if everyone good undergoes a background check, those who don’t can be deemed as being bad…  What a mandatory background check does, is absolutely nothing but identify to law enforcement in a timely fashion (before they get shot) who is safe, and who is unsafe….

Allowing holes in the system, so criminals can get weapons and not be traced, is pointless.  Without it being mandatory, meaning everyone has to undergo it if they wish to purchase a gun means the whole bill is pointless….  It means criminals can get guns easier with the bill than without the bill.

We register every single car… If a car shows up in a body shop and the owner of that body shop sees it hit a person, and guesses it is the weapon of a hit and run, we can use the VIN number, and trace that car back to it’s last registered owner.  From him, we can determine where the car went, interview that person, and follow the trail…There is a very good possibility we can find the hit and run driver and bring him to justice… But if we never registered cars, we’d never be able to do that….

Now registering cars is common sense.  But let’s venture for a minute and speculate that say Pennsylvania under Corbett, didn’t register cars… “Forget about it,” he chimed when he took office….  Now all those cars we see with PA tags, effectively have no registered owners.  The hit and run car now has PA tags stolen from somewhere, and is sitting in the body shop, obviously used in a crime, but is now a dead investigative end…..

L&L Enterprises are trying to muck up the works as did Tom Corbett.  When we should be debating how awesomely mandatory background checks will give us a tool to use against crime, they are floating bills that preserve the potholes in  the road to Public Safety which we need to have filled…..

Others can guess at their nefarious motives, just have those in California been guessing  for a month….  All I’m saying is their bills of distraction, are very harmful to us Delawareans trying to ensure a Newtown type shooting does not occur here…….

L&L Enterprises…. Beware…..

Congress to Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Association. This was just days after gun hecklers interrupted the father of one of the slain boys of Newtown, by screaming “2nd Amendment! 2nd Amendment! Gun Rights!”

It was horrible, tasteless, and crude, the work of thugs. But I’m glad they did, because it set up the perfect comeback…..

If guns are so important to you, that you will miss them so terribly when they get taken away, I’m sure you can understand the grief of those of us who also had something extremely precious taken away. Your guns (assault rifles) killed these children. When you can give us all our children back; we’ll give your assault weapons back…

I have a Constitutional right to raise my child; that got taken away. That is a billion times more of a right, than you will ever have for any weapon that has only one purpose, to kill people by throwing so many pieces of metal towards them that maybe one of them will hit.

America has every right to ban assault rifles as well as high capacity clips. It is legal. It is smart. It is Constitutional. It is inevitable.

In an effort to blunt the comparison of dead Americans by guns to say dead Japanese, dead Brits, dead Germans, the NRA has said things in America “are not that bad. Stop comparing America to civilized countries! Compare America to the “real world” it insists…

Just for the record here is why. In countries that do control guns in some way, the deaths per 100,000 are low.

Japan, has a 0.07 per 100,000 ratio.
Britain, has a 0.25 per 100,000 ratio.
Germany, has a 1.10 /100,000

In our country, which the NRA lets everyone do whatever they want, our ratio of gun deaths to 100,000 is…….

10.2 per 100,000

But as they teach you in beauty school, if you are ugly, hang with someone who is uglier than you. No one will notice.

The NRA wants us to compare ourselves with countries(ratios per 100.000 in parenthesis) like … El Salvador(50.36), Jamaica(47.44), Honduras(46.70), Guatemala(38.52)…. “See, these are bad countries”, says the NRA. “We don’t need to regulate guns yet in the United States.”

Question is this? Does anyone else think it is not cool we are comparing ourselves to former Banana Republics instead of the top civilized societies around the world? It’s like saying we should all be emulating Lindsey Lohan instead of Paris Hilton…..