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Paul, can we have a drum roll please. All right ladies and gentlemen: Here we go……the top ten reasons we are definitely going to bomb Iran.

Number 10:

Two carrier groups and four subs are sitting off the coast of Iran. They need some “R” and “R”….

Number 9:

Their embassy in Irbil, didn’t have any video games for us to steal when we raided it.

Number 8:

Their moderates are getting far too powerful. If the fanatics lose control, it undermines our entire justification for paying Haliburton all the money we stole from Social Security…….

Number 7:

Our soldiers are tired standing down and being blown up by IED’s. They want to drive tanks again……………

Number 6:

Democrats want to cut back spending on the war. We’ll give them a new war, so we can all cut back on the old war in genuine bipartisanship spirit…….

Number 5:

We haven’t seen a nuclear explosion since the French did one in the Pacific. We forgot what one looks like…..

Number 4:

The French and Germans have started talking to us and being nice to us again.

Number 3;

Tehran was solely responsible for 9/11 Remember 9/11, remember 9/11. It was Iran that did it; (“Gee Dick, how’d I do, did it sound alright?)

Number 2;

John McCain needs some help.

And the Number 1 reason we are going to bomb Iran in the very near future………………………………………………………


Gas Prices are still hovering at $2 a gallon and …WE JUST CAN’T STAND IT…….


I am not sure what manic depressive means. But in my limited understanding I have always associated it with experiencing a giddy high in one minute, followed by demoralizing depression, the next.

If so, then probably no other word can describe the emotional roller coaster I rode tonight. And yes, it all occurred here in cyber-space.

Checking out what was being said on line in our cyber community, I stumbled over a diamond, half-buried in FSP. Usually this weekly editorial creates a lot of local controversy, and being human like most of you, controversy too catches my interest. But this week I was stunned by a very honest post that was brilliantly written. It gave a rare introspective view into what I call the “Republican soul”, that is usually hidden behind the facade of a long string of adjectives including “marxist, socialist, clintonesque….” to name a few.

In that brief glimpse I saw something revealing: the realization that they too struggle with what their party represents; they too ponder what future follies, our current actions will portend; they too care religiously about where America is going.

Having always taken the task of exposing their half truths and their secret agendas, it was a pleasant surprise to read a heartfelt confession, that illustrated just the opposite of what I had always understood Republicans to stand for: that “Greed is good”.

And so buoyed by hope that perhaps together, Republicans and Democrats could indeed work together and move towards solving problems instead of only winning elections………….I stumbled across this revelation that, perhaps due to the high I had just felt, seemed like the bottom of the abysmal pit.

And that was the depressing news that a German court had just issued indictments against 13 CIA agents for their role in kidnapping and torturing a German citizen. Now if you are a person who knows or loves no Germans, you could attempt to defend the actions of the CIA, and proclaim something about it being our right to defend our country. You could even say that if the Germans won’t help us, that we have the God-given right to do anything possible to protect ourselves from harm. And if this country was about to suffer its deathblow, and surrounded by it’s enemies, you just might have a point. But if anyone personally knows at least one or two Germans, when they hear this news they have no choice but to wonder “what horrible things are they thinking about us right now.”

War is not pretty. Anyone who has seen it, smelled it, been there,….. knows. But when one is boxing on a world stage, one not only has to box well, but also has to “carry” himself as well. Metaphorically, what we have here, is someone so wrapped up in himself, that to pull himself out of a losing match, he stoops to bite off the ear of his opponent in the last desperate chance to win a “draw.”

How could my country stoop to this level? This is not the same United States of America on which I was fed throughout my formative years of public education. This is not the same United States of America of which I am so proud, that I vote in every single election. This is not the same United States of America that I and my friends pray for in church every Sunday. What has happened? Can you tell me? Where has the once moral United States of America, the once great hope of all oppressed peoples, the once icon that stood for all that is right and true, where has it gone wrong? Tell me again, how our current actions are more moral than those grainy videos we saw of people taken against their will, then tortured horrifically? If we both commit the same actions, why is that when we do it, we are champions of democracy, but when they do it, they are abject terrorists?

Yes, I know there is gray. Our solutions are not all in black and white. But when one’s best friends and once strong allies, are actually indicting your agents for breaking their laws; when a friendly country like Italy indicts 25 of one’s CIA agents for crimes committed against their lovely nation, and one’s next door neighbor Canada awards 10 million dollars for their misplaced complicity, in allowing us to kidnap and torture one of their citizens, then one must take note. …………The fight is over. The bell is rung. The referees are intervening. It is time to go home.