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Wow Look What Happens When You Vote Democratic And Look What Happens When You Don't

Who would have ever thunk…. (George W. Bush talk right there)….

Today he came our for Immigration Reform. But that is not what I want to talk about….

It is strange but I’ve never thought of it this way before. It took two lines in a comment from Delaware Liberal to cause it to suddenly jump out at me…. Here it is….

“President Obama did not campaign on the Clinton rates, per se. Instead, he wants to modify it so that income over 250k is taxed at the top Clinton rate of 39.6% while income below 250k is taxed at the Bush rates.”

The Bush Tax Cuts have long been an albatross hung around Bush W’s neck, ever since the economic cracks started showing.

Understated is the fact that the middle class benefited very well from the Bush tax cuts. The entire problem was that the wealthy also got to have tax cuts as well… and that created the deficit and all those other problems.

What the fiscal cliff and Obama will do, will divorce the two…. The middle tax cuts will remain, and will no doubt continue to be called the Bush Tax Cuts by historians. Future children will learn that the Bush Tax Cuts helped the middle class with raising children, with college tuition, with surviving the tough corporate atmosphere in which we all lived…. Perhaps a footnote will tacked on explaining the harm caused by the wealthy getting a tax cut too. But that question will not be on those children’s tests….

Time softens memories. As we move forward to where the wealthy again begin to pay their fair share, the Middle Tax Cuts carrying Bush’s name will be what make that name be seen in a much better light far into the future.

Twenty years hence, those tax breaks may still exist in the foundation of our taxation system. By then, the trauma that came from cutting the top 1 percent’s taxes, will be long forgotten….

George W. Bush, 43rd President; responded to attacks on American soil by extending the right of America to defend itself against states that harbored terrorists and invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. His most notable economic achievement was the creation of the Bush Middle Income Tax Cut.

Only the wonks will remember….

Would any American support a law imposed on us by the Soviet Union?

Would any American support a law imposed on us by Communist China?

Would any American support a law imposed on us by Islamic Iran?

Would any American support a law imposed on us by Mexico?

Would any American support a law imposed on us by Canada?

Would any New Yorker support a law imposed on them by South Carolina?

Would any South Carolinian support a law imposed on them by New York?

Would any Delawarean support a law imposed on them by Alaska?


When put in this perspective, the phrase…”it’s the law…” rings rather hollow…

It’s the law… of what? It’s the law of…. who? It’s the law decided by whom?…… What reference does this law have to me?

Such is every Americans feeling to corporate law… These laws were applied to the lawbooks without our knowledge. These laws were applied to the lawbooks without our approval… There laws were applied to the lawbooks not in an open environment, but subtlely sneaked in, unannounced, unnoticed, unapproved, unsubstantiated, and unconstitutional…..

These laws that are being upheld, benefit a very thin percentage of people, a razor thin percentage of people. at the expense of the majority…..

Rick Santorium stands up and states we are a nation of law. We follow the rule of law…

Yes, we will follow a rule of law onto which a majority of us signs on to… But nowhere in our contract with America did we agree to follow laws that have not been sanctioned by the Constitution as being legal. Nowhere in our contract with America, did we agree to follow the phantom that corporations were human beings. that corporations had just as much right as people to write laws, get them passed, and then uphold them… as if they were people….

There are times when breaking the law, is better than following it…

If you don’t believe me, just ask Jesus.

Screech…. Stop…. Whoa, there… Did that just happen?

A voter to Ron Paul says: We’ve had, in the past, a couple of presidents from Texas that said they weren’t interested in wars … like George W. Bush,” a voter said to Ron Paul, the Texas congressman who has been sharply critical of U.S. military entanglements overseas. “My question is: How can we trust another Texan?

Did someone just mention George W. Bush?

In the heat of the campaign, there has been no mention of the two term predecessor, who left office just 2 years plus, ago…. However, the president previous to this unmentioned two term republican,… yeah him? Remember that one? The one who was only the second president to ever be impeached? The one who actually had some type of sexual experience in the White House with someone other than his wife, the one who despite that, still left office with a 66% approval rating, the one who gets called back to each convention for a keynote address?

But until now, no one, not one person during the campaign, has dared whispered the words to muddy the waters with memories about George W. Bush… Not even Voldermort’s name was muttered less….

WE all know why…..

So why would anyone vote to continue that legacy in November? The only reason is because of a monstrous vacuum in the media, one that allows one-sided arguments to go unchallenged across it’s pages and its airwaves….

“Republicans talk a lot about losing their way during the last decade, and when they do they’re talking about the Bush years,”— Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont-McKenna College.

Rick Santorum told CNN on Sunday that he regretted voting for the No Child Left Behind education law Bush championed.

In a presidential contest dominated by concerns over the weak economy, government spending and the $15 trillion federal debt, the Republican candidates have been loath to acknowledge the extent to which Bush administration policies contributed to those problems. Republicans also controlled Congress for six of the eight years Bush was in the White House, clearing the way for many of his policies to be enacted.

Remember, Republicans inherited a surplus when they took over power. First thing they did, was blow it with a tax cut costing $1.8 Trillion. Then, they funded two wars on borrowing, so the wealthy wouldn’t have to pay any more in taxes, costing everyday Americans, $1.4 trillion… Then the Bush Gift to pharmaceuticals which gave seniors prescriptions to be funded by borrowing, put another $1.2 trillion. Compared to the Bush cumulative damage, $4.4 Trillion, the Obama TARP plan, his effective effort to stop the free falling economy, has a diminutive price tag of $000.7 Trillion amounting to causing only 16% of the deficit problem.

Simple math shows us that 84% of the deficit problem was created from out of a surplus, by a majority Republican government…

84% Republican’s fault: 16% Democrats fault.. It is no wonder the name of the former president, is missing in action…..