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Israel is going forward with 1200 new settlements on the West Bank.

Expect the truce to end tomorrow afternoon as rockets arch the skies.

Once again, Israel takes advantage of what it believes is the US’s inability to think for itself.

Our proper response, is to demand they stand down. When Israel says no, tell them our support for their country depends on no new settlements. If they go ahead, they do it alone; tell them as of now we begin our withdrawal in one week…. We stop when we hear they have voted to stop all new settlements.

This is not about friendship; we will always have a love for Israel. It is about business. Every insurance company has the right to decide whether to insure an at-risk beach property, or not. The United States of America is Israel’s insurer of their right to exist. Israel’s actions have simply made it too costly to continue our relationship….

It is not our choice if Israel goes forward with settlements. They get to choose their future. Our only duty is to precisely define the options so they completely understand all consequences….. That precisely worded statement, is that if they do so, they do it without any of our help or aid.

Israel’s claim it will now build 3000 more settlements on Arab land has rippled the water. Britain and France are about to pull their ambassadors we are being told, and days later the same will be done a couple of days later by the Dutch and German diplomatic delegations.

They have no choice.

One cannot be supportive of a bully. And there is no reason other than bullying to put these settlements on lands that will continue driving a wedge into all prospects of peace.

Netanyahu stood before the UN General Assembly with a picture of a bomb and called for a red line to be used against Iran.

Yet he totally fails to recognize the red line the West holds in offering their support for him. No new settlements. He has crossed that red line.

The US has always publicly supported Israel on principal. This action makes it extremely hard to do so… in person.

If I ran Iran, what I would most want right now, would be a diversion that occupied Israel to such a point that my nuclear research would slip past them unnoticed.

Particularly since the US didn’t back down over my bluff over uranium talks.

I, as an Iranian, would think that having missiles reigning down from the sky, might be enough of a distraction to now do what I had to do in the open, in order to get this thing finally done.

Just sayin’. It might be a good time to take a look again just to make sure this episode, is just a minor inconvenience, and not the preliminary feint for a major move being made while all eyes are focused elsewhere…

Just sayin’.