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Number one is… Hawaii… I can see that…. it’s a long haul in LPG ships.

Number two is … Florida… Rick Scott, Tea Party. Payback for supporters.  I can see that…..

Number four is… Alabama..  State supported monopoly of one private natural gas company…  i can see that.

But why is Delaware, which is only 100 miles from the cheapest natural gas in the world now being fracked in the Alleghenies, paying more than 47 other states, including the crony deal Alabama has to live with?

The answer is in two words…

Delmarva Power.

The mess in WV brings this home…   Anytime you allow industry near water, at some point in the future there will be an accident…. Prevention as opposed to monitoring, is the only way to insure no such event occurs

The proposed legislation will be incremental.  It will be minor in scope.  It’s design is to pit the same groups that combined to apply political muscle to push forward both Newark’s contaminating power plant, and the Millsboro chicken processing plant, towards next applying political pressure to diminish and eventually abolish the Coastal Act.  It will be pushed along as good for jobs, taxes, and energy benefits.  However, none of those will receive benefit.  Instead it is designed in a way to open the coastal area to development. The benefits will all go to developers, Surprised?  Developers as we know are very reputable human beings and would never break a law, would never allow any facility to be built which might pollute, in order to make hundreds of millions of extra dollars.

The Coastal Act is Delaware.  If it goes, Delaware again becomes the cess-pool is was before environmental laws were ever dreamed.

As went Army Creek, so goes the entire Delaware coastline….

Time to get busy now… Stir the pot so nothing sticks to the bottom later.

It’s from a video spoof called Sheik Fil A….. Delaware Liberal introduced to us a week and a half ago.

A lot of people, especially men have trouble dealing with anal penetration of the buttocks, especially when that anus belongs to another man.

For that reason,  their squeamishness causes them to be against da gays.  Those most adamant against this act usually come from areas where if that act is done, it is not done in love, but is instead used as a brutal weapon.  Bluntly put, it is used in rural America,  Arab nations, and areas of the inner city, as rape, … a crime of violence and not mutual respect.

Therefore those from areas where this constantly occurs ( a more violent version of Mitt Romney pinning a boy down and cutting his hair,) tend to be consistently  against that act.   Ironically, most often none tend to see anything wrong when that practice occurs between heterosexual couples.  It is safe.  It is harmless.  It is exploratory, and it is consensual.   Most often, those who are violently against da gays, see nothing wrong with two old ladies living together.  They never venture to wonder what goes on in that old house.  But they have no problem with them being roomies.  Likewise they see old men living together as acceptable.  They are old.  Surely nothing goes on inside that old house…

Because of the horrible trauma that they have endured,  they fail to see that marriage equality is about love… nothing more.   People don’t stay together for years just to get off.  They stay because that person is who they want to spend their time with.   Every day they face a question?  Do I want to go to a club and hook up, or do I want to go home to my best friend, and every day they choose to go home to their best friend.

To be fair the same choice exists for hetero-sexual couples.   Should I take this easy lay being offered at work, or should I go home to my life-partner… It appears now that 50% of us choose to go home to our spouses.  The other 50% take the easy lay.   Based on divorce figures that is…

The more you look at it, the more two gays in a relationship appear better if not as good, as a man and a wife in a relationship.   It certainly isn’t about sex in a hetero sexual marriage.   Those of you who have been married forty years…. how often do you have sex now?  How about thirty?  Twenty?   Sadly there are an awful lot of people out there not having sex these days… despite the invention of viagra…

So why is it “only” about sex in a single sex couple?  It isn’t.  It is about finding someone you love, and choosing to last long enough together to see what that love will grow…..

So if you are against single sex marriage, you are against love.   And in the words of our Lord and Saviour, being against love,  is not where you want your heart to be when you pass over to the other side…

So what do you do about Chik Fil A appreciation day.  Their chicken is soooo good,  like butter… butter it is..  It is the only thing worth waiting for in a Drive Thru line…  So how does one balance ones innate desire to support something soo good you can’t do without, versus  someone else’s problem with someone expressing their freedom of speech…..

What if instead of gays, Chik Fil A was busting on Christians?..  What if they were busting on Muslims?  What if they were busting on Catholics?  What if they were busting on Jews?  What if they were busting on wet backs?  What if they were busting on Spics?  What if they were busting on Pollacks?  What if they were busting on Talley’s?  What if they were busting on Indians?  What if they were busting on Mexicans?  What if instead of gays, we were in the deep south of the 60’s, and they were busting on blacks, saying blacks shouldn’t get married; saying blacks can’t vote; saying blacks can’t go to restrooms with whites; saying blacks have to sit on the back of the bus;  saying blacks can’t sit at the part of the counter that plainly says…. “white’s only”?   Would you be one of those southerners laughing it off as something them northern city-fied liberals were instigating, and damn it, someone with southern pride was gonna buy every piece of chicken that Chik Fil A put down in the grease?

If so… I hope you choke on your chicken……..

Many of the areas hit by the storm had also been hit by Irene. In New Jersey’s Hamilton Township, Tom Jacobsen also recalled heavy spring flooding and a particularly heavy winter before that.

“I’m starting to think we really ticked off Mother Nature somehow, because we’ve been getting spanked by her for about a year now,” he said while grabbing some coffee at a convenience store…..


Sorry not a post about the World Cup,  the Phillies, or the upcoming Tour De France……..

But about Substitute 1 for SB 119 that is now out of committee….

This piece of legislation will have great impact on our lives during the next decade. It is often hard for those trying to meet today’s economic challenges, to think past the immediate crises, and plan for our economic health over the next 25 years…….

This bill puts into law a requirement that may actually be somewhat conservative by the time the schedule it enacts, comes to its end…

Essentually it sets a minimum level of renewable sources required for this state’s total electric output….

Why is this important?

Private entrepreneurship needs something solid in hand before risking its investment of hard cold cash. This bill gives businesses, entrepreneurs, and far thinking individuals, a solid figure upon which to make calculations into the future required to determine whether that investment will or will not pay out….

No one invests money in order to lose it… That is why this bill is needed.

If passed, energy moguls, both large and small, can begin to build towards a more certain future, one which will create jobs…

This bill sets a floor on which all calculation can be built……

If passed, in the years 2025…. we will be paying far less for energy, maybe 60% less, than we would without its passage…..

This bill benefits investors, power procurers such as Delmarva Power, and rate payers like you far, far into the future.

Truly a … win…. win…. win.

I know a women who once when the doors of her train opened accidentally, got up and pulled her husband off the train… In doing so, she stepped out on the platform in Vienna, and thereby escaped Communist suppression for the rest of her life…

Four years ago, she had polyps in her breast. She immediately underwent radiation and beat it. Until now.

If today’s experimental treatment does not work, she will undergo a mastectomy next month and reconstructive surgery. It will be a shame for she has some of the most beautiful breasts … They’re truly a natural wonder.

But the point I’m making is…. when dealing with cancer… you nip it in the bud… You don’t play around.. You take necessary corrective action…

There is a deadly cancer in Delaware’s blogworld today. You may have read something about the Caesar Rodney Institute. It too is a cancer; it too needs excised before it spreads its spores and contaminates our General Assembly and local idiots like Ron Williams…

WTF is a Caesar Rodney Institute?

The answer is two words: Garrett Wozniak…

WTF is Garrett Wozniak?

Hmmmmmmm… let’s take a look together… shall we?

If we pull up Linkaden’s page, we see his prime qualification is:

Campaign Manager at Citizens for Copeland

Oh.. so that’s what makes him an expert in all things political… But wait… who is that guy Copeland? Isn’t he that guy that just disappeared after last November 4th?.. Vanished into thin air? …

Sounds familiar… Hmmmm… Copeland…..Copeland…. Copeland…. Where have we heard that name before… hmmph..

Wasn’t he that silly politician who insisted we should put oil rigs off of Rehoboth Beach? No couldn’t be, for no one here in this state is that stupid… Oil Rigs off Delaware’s number one tourist site… Oil rigs off Delaware’s premier money making site? Never? There’s a no brainer…

Wasn’t he that silly politician who stalled the wind deal so Delmarva Power could charge us 60% more for our electricity? Wasn’t he that person whose approval was required before our state paid out $35,000 so Richard Speck could lynch Arnette McRae on the public stand; she of course being the one in charge of Delaware’s Public Service Commission, and therefore the one responsible for running the best open aired RPS this state has ever seen? So open, in fact, that Delmarva Power’s lies were exposed for all to see for what they truly were? lies?

Wasn’t he that silly politician who said he founded the Challenge Program, only to have Tommywonk say… uhn uhn… wasn’t so?

Wasn’t he that silly republican who begged Bill Lee to run for governor and then handed out flyers telling Wilmington blacks to vote for Obama, Markell, and himself? Selling his own friend down the river? lol.

Wasn’t he that silly republican who spent lavishly at Wilmington’s black churches thinking their votes could be so readily and cheaply bought? lol

Wasn’t he that silly republican who gave his support to Thurman Adams, delivering to him in January 2007, the entire Republican caucus in his favor, and only after that deed was done, did he begin championing the cause of open government once he knew it could never happen? lol

Wasn’t he that silly republican who believes even when proven wrong, that resolute determination can undermine actual facts proving the contrary? lol

If that’s the same Copeland, that Garrett Wozniak supported, then it is hard to take him seriously… is it not? Oil rigs off of Rehoboth… What a card… lol

So what is it that makes Garrett Wozniak an expert? What is it that gives him credibility? Shall we take a look together?

* Campaign Manager at Citizens for Copeland
* Policy Director at Delaware House of ‘Representatives
* Executive Director at Delaware Republican Party

Obviously his view are a little one sided.. Results are thus. These are facts now… not some policy dribble… Hard solid evidence…

As campaign chair, he barely mustered 38% of the vote for his candidate…. as my little kindergardener often says of his elders:FAIL
Even outspokenly gay John Brady received 41% of the vote… Wozniak’s candidate couldn’t even muster that amount…

Policy Director of Delaware’s Majority Party at Delaware’s House of Representatives. That means Republican caucus of the House of Representatives… As policy director of the majority party, nothing of importance was passed in two years that could get by the Senate. As they say at that other state blog: FAIL Consequently, voters rejected Republican candidates in November giving Democrats a plurality, (until Thornberg’s friends threw out Paradee’s win).

Executive Director of Delaware’s Republican Party: As echoed across the tabulations of every voting booth across this state: FAIL
They lost by the largest margin ever in recent memory of anyone living or dead… Sort of like trusting the manager of the Cincinnati Reds to write a book outlining the strategy of winning a baseball game… lol

So we see under the profile of Gary Wozniak, what he is familiar with:

Extensive experience in all aspects of project management including supervising, fundraising, developing marketing strategies, organization/time management and researching federal and state laws.

I’ll let you be the judge of whether he was successful at any of these?

And he sums up his credentials here…

Thorough knowledge of fundraising techniques, managing donor relations, and database management

Was this their most successful year ever? The results are in: you be the judge.

He goes on…

Able to work independently and collaboratively on multiple projects
• Have established positive relationships with most members of Delaware’s General Assembly regardless of political affiliation

Again was this their most successful year ever? The results are in? You be the judge.

• Responsible for statewide communications, fundraising, strategy, policy research, and general management/operations
• Successfully raised between $700,000 in a six month period
• Managed a budget of $800,000
• Supervised a staff of three employees and coordinated over 100 volunteers
• Created and implemented a district operations plan to allow legislators to more effectively and efficiently communicate with constituents
• Coordinated local campaigns, consulting on policy, budgeting, and strategy for over 30 candidates
• Served as Operations Manager responsible for budgeting, directing all fundraising efforts, developing finance plans and initiatives to grow the organization, and strategic planning
• Drafted press releases, legislation, and speeches; responded to constituent concerns; and planned events in a highly competitive non-partisan internship
• Developed comprehensive plans for municipalities

So how’s he doin’ now?

So why should we even listen to Garrett Wosniak and the Caesar Rodney Institute’s ramblings?

Garrett Wozniak’s Education

University of Delaware

MPA , Financial Management & State and Local Management , 2004 — 2006
Towson University

B.S. , Economics and Political Science , 2002 — 2004
Montgomery College

A.A. , Business Administration , 2000 — 2002

Because since high school graduation, his entire adulthood has only lived through the Republican era… He was only a baby of ten when Clinton cleaned up the former Republican’s mess and barely 18 when he turned it over to the new generation of Republicanism to squander it away to nothingness…

He can’t help it… He simply not old enough to know any better…..

But wait a second… His entire age group overwhelmingly voted for change. Most of his age group does indeed know better…. What’s up with that?

Below are some wise words which should be applied to the Ceasar Rodney Institute the next time they meddle with state policy. For instead of being a thoughtful, introspective, outreaching organization that was dedicated to examining complicated issues to help educate the rest of us, we have a close-minded attempt by a failing philosophy to masquerade a voter rejected policy as intellectual fact….

“A cancer must be removed as soon as possible before it spreads and infects surrounding healthy tissue”.

There are just seven sessions left.

Both the dockets of the Senate and the House are full

It looks unlikely that the Senate will override its leadership and vote.

Now again is it time to call.

Senate Majority Leader
Senator Anthony J. DeLuca
(D) Varlano Legislative District: 11

Legislative Hall Office Outside Office
P.O. Box 1401
Dover, DE 19903


It must go up for a vote…. (it still can if enough of us yell loud enough)

Many of you are familiar with the story and possibly with this year’s movie with the same title: Horton Hears A Who.

In that scenario, the tiny dust speck on which lives a whole civilization of “Who’s”, is about to be boiled alive. Only by making their existence known within the Kangaroo Court on whose decision their fate lies, will their civilization be spared. Even with everyone on the planet yelping, clanging, and gonging, only the giant elephant ears of Horton, can pick up their minuscule vibrations. Entreated by Horton, the mayor races through town to find any voice not appropriately yelling for its own salvation…..

In one room, more interested in playing with his yo yo, is one tiny ‘who”. Racing back to the megaphone, he holds the tiny tot up and gives it a big pinch….

It does the trick. Their existence is acknowledged.

The metaphorical parallels as to whether Delaware survives, prospers, or not, are somewhat scary.
So if you haven’t already done so today, put down your Yo Yo, pick up the phone to the above number….


Gary will soon leak his plan to the four whoresmen he has put in charge of tabling Bluewater’s wind deal.

As you may remember, Indiana wind was trumpeted as playing a big part of that equation…One of the companies who solicited bids, which were picked up by Delmarva, is NIPSCO, which stands for Northern Indiana Public Service Company (their equivalent of Delmarva). The NIPSCO Industrial Group is made up of U.S. Steel Corp., Mittal Steel USA, Praxair Inc., Cargill Inc., and Beta Steel Corp. NIPSCO has announced that they will seek their windpower, not from Indiana, but from Iowa and North Dakota up to 500 miles away. (Don’t they use steel in transmission wires these days)

Because it is cheaper.

Apparently there are problems with Indiana wind, which have not yet come to light on the outside of the local inner power utility circles. Of course this outside bidding has raised the ire of the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, which needs NIPSCO’s buy in on locally produced windpower, in order to get the financial ball rolling in order to build the “anticipated” windpower facilities in the first place. (Stay tuned, they are rushing forward a BP Wind announcement later today.)

Ironically, this is bad news for Delmarva and good news for Bluewater Wind.

A Babcock and Brown executive , who testified before Karen Peterson’s Senate Energy and Transit committee, (yep, that is about it) called Delmarva’s onshore deal a buy of virtual wind. They couldn’t have been more correct. The wind farm does not even exist yet.

Since Delmarva has not been forthcoming with the facts, by default of their own inaction, I guess it is up to someone else to provide those facts to the public.

Bottom line, desperate to oppose Bluewater Wind’s offshore wind farm, we are being sold a bag of nothing “for cheap”.

This is a guessing game. It’s supposed to be fun. You do the guessing. I’ll reveal the answer at some point in the future. Bottom line, I am interested in how this plays out. (To keep answers out of moderation, no links please.) You may use the categories above for some helpful hints, but knowing me, don’t expect to find the answer that easily.) 🙂

1) Foreign policy/defense: I want American imperialism rolled back and American interventionism halted, as the same time we begin to pull free from the military/industrial complex by slashing the budgets for defense and homeland security to reasonable levels.

2) Civil libertarian issues: I want to see gay marriage legalized; drugs decriminalized; Real ID abolished; the Patriot Act gutted; and immigrants viewed as human beings. I want intrusive government the hell out of my life.

3) Fiscal sanity: I want a government that stops growing and taking an ever-expanding bite out of my paycheck; I want to see wasteful programs cut, and to have Congress faced with the same sort of imperative the Delaware General Assembly had to face this year: balancing the budget.

I was given this story……

It was in the ’60’s, in a small West Virginian town. An existing dam across the New River had been built for flood control with leftover WPA funds, forcing the creation of a large lake behind it. Part of the dam had been built for future power generation, but that part had not been finalized.

Appalachian Power wanted to put hydroelectric turbines in that dam.

The community below that dam, was trying to build tourism as its source of income. Responsible for that town’s revival were a group of WWII veterans and young men, known as the Hinton Jaycees.

A hearing was to be held before the state regulatory board, and a decision was to be handed down. With no opposition, the power company thought it would turn into a slam dunk. The Jaycees thought differently and the small town editor covered the meeting which discussed the upcoming regulatory board meeting. He mentioned they would attend the meeting.

The next day, the bank informed all participants that if anyone showed up for the meeting, the bank would call their loans…..The only one who they had no hold over was a back-woods preacher; no problem, they needed some opposition to give the hearing some legitimacy, What harm could some religious kook do?

The hearing progressed and the “focal point” of the regulators quickly became exactly what the power company meant by “run of river.”

The power company said that was hardly anything at all. It meant that if they didn’t need power, they filled the lake. if power was needed they released it. No big deal. Water level rise and fall all the time; every time it rained. Silly to let good jobs go over concern over something that occurs naturally. And they would not stop with this one dam. They wanted to build a series of dams down the river, all the way to Charleston. Doing so gave them the potential to supply much of the energy required of the growing Mid Atlantic area….. and there would be no pollution to boot……

The backwoods preacher was called to testify. Thinking it was over the power exec’s and their lawyers made a presentation of leaving the room. After the commotion was over, the preacher began to speak.

With him he said, were the past night’s data showing the release of Appalachian Power’s Radnor Virginia dam upriver. The data showed the rise of six to eight feet in as little as twenty minutes. Flood stage was set at fourteen feet. It did not take great imagination to realize that there could be no fishing below any dam releasing sporadic flows of such volume. For one, the fish would not survive such turbulence, and two, any fisherman, getting their foot caught in a crevasse (a rather common occurrence) while racing to beat the rising water, would also not survive. Secondly he brought a topographical map showing that the water level of one of the proposed dams, would cover a planned state lodge with forty feet of water. The board was amazed because the proposed dam was so far away from the site of the planned state park, but it was such a shallow rise, that indeed, the planned hotel would be under water……

The regulatory board looked at the release data provided (which incidentally the power company said they had no way of providing), and the topographical maps, and voted to kill the power project right then and there….

Had that project gone forward, and it was considered by all to be a slam dunk, (just as the Connectiv gas turbine here in Delaware was also once considered to be a slam dunk…) the New River Gorge National River, would never have come about. Instead we would see a series of lakes, stair stepping down the New River Gorge, all with “run of the river.”.

There is a lesson to be learned from this little tale……of a battle that took place against a power company “far, far away……”

You fight powerful power companies with facts.

They can’t run from facts.

Power Companies Wanted This Under Forty Feet of Water
This would have been under water had the deal gone through.

Sandstone Falls Might Have Been Hidden Underwater Forever

This landmark, Sandstone Falls, would have been buried underneath one of the dam’s lakes.

Grandview Park Would Have A View Not So Grand

This Grandview, would have appeared differently.

Bluestone Dam seperated into Flood Stage and Power Generation Segments

Below this dam in question, is the spot rated best fishing East of the Mississippi by many fishing magazines, primarily because of its constant stream flow, because there is no “run of river” at this location.