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Every Republican lives in fear… They go about their lives, hoping no one finds the truth… They fear one day, all will be revealed.. They fear that Delawareans will one day learn the truth… So they use their wealth to spin their lies, and huddle like scurvy little spiders… sucking the juices out past year’s kills…

Delaware woke up this morning to find Ginger Gibson got there first… Like Frodo in the cave of Shelob, a brilliant light seared their retina’s as the first rising Republican casually glanced over the News Journal page this morning… There for all to see…. Critics say GOP abused its perks: Shocking’ expenses slashed in Del. House!

First one call to Westover, then two calls, then four.. Soon, the phones began ringing all over Republican land… ” Wake up! Get digging! This is bad! We’re Doomed! Damage Control! Who squealed!” although for some reason the calls never made it as far north as Yorklyn… Heard all over Republican land, were these word muttered under every Republican’s breath… “That damned Spence… Why did he have to put his name on all those checks…”

Spiders everywhere retreated to their den… Holed up… Hibernating till 2016……

House Republicans who could knowledgeably dispute the facts would not be interviewed for this article. Spence did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Republican Party Chairman Tom Ross said he couldn’t speak to specific allegations but characterized them as partisan attacks likely fueled by election-year politics.

Absolutely… Which is why it is always important when listening to a Republican, to click on links… Like this one to the side of Ginger’s story…..

It is addressed to Vincent Lofink,

Dear Mr. Lofink:

As recommended in a report from the State Auditor’s Office, I am writing to ask that you reimburse the House of Representatives for tuition reimbursements you received while serving as a state representative… The total amount you were reimbursed is $12,124.50.

Since this is a partisan attack fueled by election year politics one would assume the State Auditor would be of the opposite party…. What, the state auditor is a Republican?

Oh, my…. He’s a Republican.

… and since he took the Republican House leadership to task, he is apparently a damned good Republican too… By rough calculation, I’d be guessing he, Kilroy, and Rsmitty are the only three good one’s left…. JoAnne might still be one of them, I don’t really know anymore… And Hastings, I don’t want to forget.

Obviously Delaware’s State Republican Party is still not familiar with how to act within the light of open government … Am I the only one remembering how they tried to take credit for being the only ones truly supportive of opening the General Assembly to FOIA?

Probably. 🙂

You can tell she’s a new teacher; she still cares.

But as a child this person had a learning disability. One of those programs about to be cut from our budget.

After all, you can’t spend inordinate amounts on one or two children and take away from teaching all the others…

This person could not read until 5th Grade. By their own admission, they should have been held back each year, but weren’t. Oh, they could get by up to that point. They were smart and knew how to game the system at an early age, but they never understood how letters on a printed page corresponded to the sounds in speech that are heard by us all.

In the fifth grade, they finally got an IEP.. From the testing it was learned that this person suffered from a treatable auditory learning disability. The solution was offered and this person went on through the full 16 years of school and is currently in the process of receiving their masters in education..

This person now teaches in the Red Clay School District. The stories I hear of what goes on in that classroom are pathetic. No ones fault, mind you, but pathetic.
Kids can’t learn because they are starving. Yes, despite all our free lunches, breakfasts, etc, some kids in Red Clay are starving. This teacher through trial and error eventually found that they had to keep candy bars on hand in order to keep the class quiet enough so that others could learn. It is hard to teach when one student is whimpering and just … won’t … stop… Eventually, Child Services were alerted, and upon their investigation, the child was removed from it’s home environment.

The IEP costs may appear to be excessive. But they must be seen as an investment.

Because of their use years ago, today some child who may have otherwise slipped through the cracks …. won’t….