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This story bears repeating.  I first became aware of Common Core by being shown a text assignment to a student.  It was inane.  When I asked at the beginning of the year what literature they would be studying, the room I was in was told by the instructor that there was no literature in the curriculum.  Now it is time to finish the rest of this story.  This student you may remember was brilliant in his non Common Core English class the previous year (2011-2012).  This year he squeaked through with a C- though his DCAS scores were all in the high end. The other courses’ grades were consistent across both years.  There appears to be a problem with Common Core.

In the past I have described Common Core as a sausage.  If made with the right ingredients it can be great.  My post right below this one shows how.  But the problem with Common Core as with a sausage, is that until one cooks and eats it, one does not know what is inside.  its insides are not shown to the public before it gets sold.  If it is shredded beef, it is a good sausage.  If it is cooked pork, it is a good sausage,  It could be Grade A chicken, turkey, or lamb; no one knows until it is cooked and eaten.  But what if it is poop?  Simply poop scooped up from the floor of a poultry farm, stuffed into an intestinal casing, tied at both ends, and looking like any sausage, it gets picked, cooked, cut into, and eaten.

Earlier this spring we had a blogger’s frenzy here in Delaware as we tried to determine what exactly was in Common Core.  We finally found the standards and for the most part, thought they were ok.  We deduced that the problem lies somewhere with the meat processors who are creating this educational sausage without any oversight or accountability.  They’ve figured how to make money, and students/parents were being cheated in the process..

So then, the biggest problem with Common Core is that it is run as a business, not just any business but as a monopoly.  There is no competition between opposing curriculums so one must take whatever one is given.  Llike any monopoly, this business isn’t worried about keeping the customer; it is worried about its bottom line.

The second largest problem is that Common Core program completely ignores the fact that outside influences, particularly poverty, impact education.  It waves a magic wand in its calculations and then proceeds to ignore that students who have a huge issue just trying to survive that day, can’t do well in school.

So, here are the issues:

A) Common Core stifles innovation.  School becomes boring and learning takes a back seat to all other activities.

B) Common Core and Standardized tests go hand and hand.  Test at the beginning and at the end.  The accountability piece attached, means the tests must be passed; the stakes are very high.  Therefore teaching to the test is what we shall get.  Students won’t know how to solve life’s problems unless it is on a standardized test.

C) There is no public input into Common Core.  It if is bad, too bad.  All students will digest it anyway.  No school board, no General Assembly oversight, nothing.  It comes straight from the developer to your child.

D) The standards are too low.  In and effort to narrow the achievement gap, the levels of knowledge are dumbed down so all students will have the same low basic level of knowledge.  No more will the affluent white schools outperform inner city problematic ones. We will teach the exact same to both; they won’t be taught any differently..  The Core material is the same for all schools; students at  both will easily pass it.  There are no higher state standards anymore, simply because if there were, the achievement gap would continue to grow, not shrink.  We are closing the achievement gap primarily by bringing the top end down, not the bottom end up.

E) The repetitive standardized  tests will tell a lot about one’s child.  Especially over time.  Common Core is collecting data on every child, which can then be sold to highly interested Corporate advertisers.  It tracks every child after leaving school across their entire work-path through out their career.

F)  Common Core has a super high price tag. $16 billion over 7 years. One has to buy copyrighted lessons from a supplier because they go hand in hand with the questions on the final test.   All those packets and  that software isn’t cheap.  Of course, data miners and data transcribers have to be hired to read and explain the data to teachers, principals, and administrators.  The money could be spent elsewhere in the school and perhaps to more good.

G)  Common Core by making everyone study the same thing at the same time means that no one will know anything else outside the Common Core agenda; the national data base is narrowed.  Under the current somewhat haphazard individualized approach we had up to now, people matriculated to that area in which they were most interested.  Later when an employer puts people on a team, over the width of the group there is a diversity of opinion upon which to draw for the best solution.  But when everyone knows exactly the same thing, has the exact same shared experience, there could be trouble.  If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.

H)  Common Core is being figured out on the fly.  Legislatures signed on before knowing any details.

I)  Common Core Standards were not created by the states.  They actually supplement the state standards previously in place.  No, Common Core Standards were developed by corporations in Washington DC, with the lavish funding by the Gates, Broad, and Walmart foundations.  These standards they created are not intended to develop doctors, lawyers or  teachers, but to develop first year entry level workers for corporations.

J)  Common Core standards are designed not to prepare students for entrance into a four year college or university, but for two year programs or four year programs in a community college.  In that sense they are much lower than almost all of  those  state standards which they are replacing.

K) Common Core  in that it is being forced by the US Department of Education onto the states through strings attached to basic funding, violates the Federal Statute prohibiting the Fed’s direction, supervision, or control of curriculum.

L)  Common Core Standards are not developed by anyone remotely accountable to parents. They are copyrighted standards owned by large educational corporations, completely unaccountable to either legislators, governors, school boards, teachers, parents , or students.

M)  Common Core is like a virus that implodes one cell, then scatters replicates to attack and implode other cells.  With Delaware’s passage of SB 51, Common Core standards will now begins watering down our great teaching schools within the University of Delaware, Delaware State, and Wilmington University.  As it does with the curriculum in public schools, it will be substituting weaker Common Core Standards for more stringent state standards involved especially when it comes to teaching teachers how to teach.

N)  There are thirteen issues above that need addressed.  Yet this faulty program is being used to fire teachers who are only arbitrarily accountable to test results based on this faulty program..  Even good teachers in poor income school districts will lose their jobs, as factors outside the school such as that area’s poverty, pulls down student scores below the acceptable level, and those teachers must suffer the consequences.  Impoverished schools will become closed for the same reason; test scores were too low.  High stakes testing is for  high stakes. Yet there are so many multiple factors impacting those test scores out of everyone’s control. For every teacher, every new school year is metaphorically like charging across the fields of Gettysburg inside of  Pickets Charge; you just hope in all that mass madness, a bullet or cannonade’s  grapeshot does not find you. Your fate is completely out of your control.   Common Core has begun and will continue to cost us many great teachers who up to now had turned many young children into upstanding citizens.


Done.  Notice there is no agenda 21 listed.  That is an issue which lies in a different arena ( a political one) and is not part or this issue which is how this poop gets dressed up as a sausage.  Both Jack Markell and Educational Secretary of Arne Duncun have recently tried to deride each and everyone of  those against Common Core, as being kooks fearful of Agenda 21 and perhaps even SPECTRE.

I think this short list illistrates there are serious problems with Common Core.  In fact, this problem is so serious that recently Michigan, Pennsylvania, Utah, Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Georgia, South Dakota, and Kansas have passed or tried to pass legislative bills controlling or stopping the impact of Common Core upon its students. None of their reasons came from what Arne Duncun or Jack Markell dismissively alluded.  They come from the very real concerns mentioned above…  Parents of children bring home Common Core materials, are leading the Common Core pushback.

Bottom line: as illustrated here in Delaware with the student whose example leads off this post, Common Core is bad for students.  They can’t succeed living on just poop…. stuffed into an intestinal casing, simply because it gets  stamped in black food ink, “Common Core; Quality Grade A”

This piece is fluff.  I will be doing another shortly on the shortcomings.  Obviously this was the easier piece and therefore, being a normal human being, I chose to do the laziest piece first. Yawn, it’s summer.

I really did not know what Common Core was when I was first told of it’s inception and that it would be used on our children. Like the names of each of the educational programs that have gone before, I assumed it had its benefits, its drawbacks, and a lot of stuff that was debatable in the middle, but I also assumed it would make little difference either way in the long run.

I was wrong.  It actually employed many of the planks I had been arguing in the past decade, and therefore in a round-about way, I feel I have something at stake in its success.  Because it’s ideals are mine too.  Absolutely.

Common Core believes there is a basic standards everyone should know.  People are different but there are some things that need to be known and understood by everyone to function in today’s society. For example, everyone should know how to read; how to write, and how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Particularly in that last category; there are horror stories we can all tell of being the victim of a server, cashier, or clerk who seemed to miss one of those major building blocks.

Second, since public education is for the public, it should be relatively equal for all.  The same grade of instruction should occur in the Southside and Northeast of Wilmington as it does at Indian River, Newark, or Dover.  Income, race, or other influences should not be part of deciding who or whom, should or should not,  get a good education.   One never knows where the next genius will come from.  Education must be equal for all.

Third, is the realization that all students are not college material.  There is an IQ level of 100.  Half of the population is born above it; half is born below it.  Those events are beyond our control having been decided before birth.   Our only option is to decide what we are going to do, with what we have been given.  Nothing says those below 100 can’t meet the standards of those above; they just need more options required to do so.  As a society, we have chosen to invest those options, fully knowing that when the floor of the elevator rises all those above it rise also.   Since we are teaching for all, it makes sense that those who are gifted above the 100 IQ mark, should also get the best education they can possibly get to match their ability. This means instead of more repetition, they need more opportunity. Teaching these two together requires two exact opposite approaches at exactly the same time.

Therefore, tests should be required, exit tests, which show a person is ready to go into the next grade.  That way the lessons made based on a student’s level, not their age.  Students brains do not develop by age.  They develop when their genetic code turns them on or off. Putting a student who can’t carry over numbers when they add, into a class which will be doing triple digit multiplication, will create problems for a lot of people. Therefore we need to test at the end of every school session, to insure the student is ready to advance.

Which means it now makes good sense to also test at the beginning of each session.  From these we could determine what a student knows coming in, and compare that later with what they know going out.  Did that student learn?  If so, by how much?  This is and should become the guide on how we all will base all ratings.  We will compare thusly:  “This state’s school system provides more bang for their dollar; this school district provides more bang for their dollar;   this school provides more bang for their dollar, this teacher provides more bang for the dollar, this student provides more bang for their dollar and needs more opportunity to grow.

So in this ideal world, we have every student, no matter with what IQ they were born with, being challenged to meet the next step of their ladder, no matter at what the height it may be.  We have a tracking system that follows each student, so future teachers can know in advance what works and what doesn’t with each child. We have all students proudly meeting their goals at the end of each school year, eager to do it again the next year.

In other words, we create children excited to learn, confident in their abilities, ready to meet the next challenge.  And the same thing happens across all America, East, West, North, South, rich, poor, English speaking, non English speaking, or what ever.

The Core of knowledge is common among all.

(Thanks Mike O)

A) The establishment of a Charter Performance Fund, starting at $2 million; I’ll raise you to 5.

B) Charter Schools are a form of re-segregation.

C) The DOE can transfer funds from public to charter schools. If that were such a good practice, then they should also be able to transfer funds from Charters back into public funds. That they cannot do.

D) A charter contract for ten years is way too long. The decisions made today, cannot be changed for bad or worse, until 2023 if this is the case…

Therefore this is a super bad bill and should be scrapped (paraphrased…:) )

The Hare and the Pineapple

This is Common Core. Point is: we are determining a student’s future, a teacher’s future, a school’s future, and the entire future of the combined Educational Departments of the University of Delaware, Delaware State, and Wilmington University’s …. based on a race between a pineapple and a hare…

Please send more examples… Thank you.

Today is School Board Elections…Polls are open 10-8…  If anyone is sponsored by Markell or Rodell or RTTT or WSFS, don’t vote for them.. If anyone is sponsored by DSEA, they are on the students side. They are safe.

So go out and vote like a goat… Be…  B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-D

I’d never thought I’d write that.  How could anyone in their right mind be against raising teacher’s standards… After all it is our kids we are talking about who will suffer….

Exactly,  Passing SB 51 with S/A 1 Amendment attached, will cause our kids to suffer. That’s how I can write that. Otherwise I’d be full force behind this bill just as was every senator who voted for it….

You ask, how can raising standards on teachers, hurt our children?

I will ask you back;  “How would you like to take your brand new car you just purchased to Joe The Mechanic’s Auto Shop and have him work it over? How could that possibly hurt your car?”

Basically that’s what this law does for education. It is as if we passed a law for cars that said every new car purchased had to be re-certified by Joe The Mechanic’s Auto Shop.  The entire premise on this auto legislation lies in this one single question: gee, who is Joe?

If Joe is someone who is the world’s best mechanic, factory trained by every car manufactured, a man or woman who can analyze myriads of problems by just with listening with a fine-tuned ear, then maybe this bill could possibly be ok.  But if Joe has no knowledge of electronic computers, but learned his mechanics back in the days of steel and oil, and is a complete loss when he sees a car with no distributer cap,  then taking your car that runs perfectly to Joe The Mechanic’s Auto Shop, can damage your car pretty darn bad.

And THAT is the problem with SB 51…  We don’t know who Joe is….

What we do know, is that our car is purring perfectly, heck we just bought it, everything was tuned at the factory.  Since it is straight from the factory, it is running very well,  no play in the wheel, clean car smell, all items are working, and even our factory tells us to make sure we take it back to a “factory approved shop” for all repairs in order not to void the warranty….  But our government is making us take it to Joe The Mechanic’s Auto Shop.… And we still don’t know who Joe is?

And we are not too enthralled by all the junk cars piled up in its back lot…….

That is what is wrong with SB 51….

Our great educational  training program that is functioning very well, is going to be tested and inspected by someone who doesn’t know crap…

That should scare the hell out of every single parent….

The educational system of America over the last 13 years has been disrupted. Good teachers have been fired, to be replaced with bad ones.  Students used to read literature, and now they are handed “packets” and read test questions. Schools that have been opened for a century,  have been closed…. The educational system is in disarray; a disarry that appears to have been forced down from the top.

We’ve all been there… The new boss walks in, and yells “things are going to be different now”.  Some are excited, some are afraid, but this boss is out of control… He arbitrarily fires, can’t hire fast enough, and the  business breaks down.  It becomes broken.  He came into fix, and it got put… into a fix.  So he storms out, blaming all those left for his need to make an exit.  And then everyone is asked to put it back together, and they do, then the next boss is hired…  If you work in America, you’re guaranteed to have  been through this scenario.

We are going to do that with teachers?  Who’s this guy, Joe again?  Is this test going to be made by the same ones that lowered Delaware’s results?  Is this test going to be like those 5th grader tests loaded with 7th grade questions using letters a,b,c in algebraic math?

As that car owner, we have the best educational system bar none.  Delaware educators have among toughest standards in the country. Counting every school, even the most stringent Ivy League schools, the University of Delaware is ranked 37th in the nation. That’s ahead of  Rutgers, Temple, and even Boston University. Delaware State University is solid Tier 2 school.

Currently in Delaware’s educational programs, only one third make it through the tough gauntlet into teaching. All students graduating from UD, DSU, and WU have passed Praxis I and II; have logged hundreds of hours of observation and additional hundreds more hours of supervised teaching under the watchful eye of master teachers in our public schools. Compared to the standards even 10 years ago, new Delaware teachers graduated by these universities are the best prepared to enter the classroom in our history.

Delaware should be pretty damn proud. Instead we appear to be on the verge of committing a rash act full of unintended consequences. Our head is in the sand. Ok, the argument may go…. “If we’re so good, what possiblE harm can befall us if we take our new baby to Joe The Mechanic’s Auto Shop?

Apart from the fact that we do not know who “Joe” is or will be when we get there, there are these reasons. The changes in SB 51/SA-1 actually lower some credentialing standards rather than raise them [see the section on now accepting Composite Scores].

Currently all Delaware student teachers take the Praxis One and the Praxis Two. No pass, no teach. These are the factory cars in the educational equation. There are composed by NCATE, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. This is a very solid organization. If you go to their website right now, you will see that they pre-published their accreditation standards for public view and comments. They also dropped Wesley College’s accreditation for not living up to the standards.

This bill would replace these standards with ones created by the Delaware Department of Education. Returning to the Joe The Mechanic’s Auto Shop analogy, one has to wonder how a 3 year Phys Ed elementary teacher, can do better than a national organization that accredits schools.

Delaware has the 37th BEST teacher school ranked in the nation. And after this bill is passed, we are going to completely gut our entire program out of all we do so well, and have a 3 year elementary Physical Education Teacher rebuild our entire program from scratch….. One who has never gone through the RTTT testing he inflicts on others? One who quite questionably doesn’t meet the minimum 5 year requirement necessary to be a DOE?

It’s in the bill. that is what it says.

Would we let someone who has never been a doctor create the state’s medical certification program? Would we let a non-lawyer create the state’s Bar exam? Would we let a manager of McDonalds create our state’s nutritional guidelines?

With this administration and this Senate, I really don’t know. We just might, based on what I’m seeing right before me!

So, you are saying you would really take your BMW, Rolls, or Cadillac to Joe The Mechanic’s Auto Shop to be certified to drive it in Delaware? Wouldn’t you be afraid he’d mess it up, especially since it is working rather well right now? Ranked 37th!..

I can hear “Joe” now… “What are all these damn stupid wires for. (Rip,rip,rip) My old Model T never had this crap”…

It’s our kids. We can’t rush this, and this bill has been rushed far too fast through the Senate. The House needs to slow down and debate this one…

We can’t afford to lose our 37th top spot in the nation for which we worked so hard and so long to get….. We got to stop this bill that will make our cars all go to “Joe’s” .

Kendall Massett wrote a piece in todays News Journal. “It’s time to change the conversation on charter schools.”

The point behind the article was that charter schools do some great things too.

It reminded me of a middle aged executive who fell in love with his secretary, and had carried on an affair over years while maintaining his family status, buttressed with a wife and two sons. Who, now that the news was out was sitting with her on her bed, head in hands, looking at losing all in a divorce settlement, being banned from his kids, losing his job on a morality clause, and now, with no future in front of him, for the first time, accepting his responsibility in what he’d done…. Looking at the tears streaming down his face and through his hands, his young, voluptuous secretary tries to console him… “Well, it’s not ALL bad.. Look at it this way… At least the sex was good…”

Kendall Massett’s assertion that we must continue Charter Schools because some good may come out of it, in itself is a losing argument. It ignores the bad. When making decisions, one can’t ignore the bad.

I have found the best way to explain the “charter school versus public school problem” is with a parable. Go figure, but most people will grasp a parable when facts, figures and numbers roll off their eyes and out their ears.

“Once upon a time, there was a loving single dad. A dad who was blessed with one child. He was poor, still paying off the funeral bills for his former wife and the kid’s mother. But they got along ok. There was enough to live on and that’s what they did. However one thing bothered this dad. Being with only one child, the dad had nothing to compare that child to. He questioned himself. Was this dad doing everything he could for his child? So the dad, had a great idea. He would adopt another son of the same age, so they two could compete together. Which ever was the best, would get rewarded first and through the competition his son would eventually get the best upbringing he possibly could. What the Dad did not figure upon, was that feeding two kids cost more than one. He only had enough to feed one. So he came up with a plan that which ever son did better at running around the block each morning got to eat first, and the other got to eat what was left over. Every morning, rain or shine, at 5:30 am, the race would occur. Knowing what was at stake both sons tried their best. Sometimes one won. Sometimes the other. But the Dad began to grow concerned because he was timing the races. Originally he had to rush to get the food ready before the first one burst in. But over time, the found he had more and more and sometimes plenty of time to set the table before the first would come through the door. For some unknown reason, they were running slower and slower and slower. He invited an expert in to see why? The expert asked what he fed the first kid when they were alone. It amounted to 1000 calories. The expert said… “Ah Ha” You are feeding two people on what you fed one. No matter how much running they do, together they can never do what originally one was able.

Kendall Massett doesn’t cover this issue. Obviously common sense would decree that if we are going to have charter schools, we need to fund them independently and not take away the funds from public schools. Trying to make someone do better with less resources may be possible on a percentage scale, but the overall result, will be a loss. If charter schools want to experiment with private or parochial funding, and people want to go there, excellent. We have choice. Likewise, if we increase taxes on the top 1% just to pay the entire budgets of charter schools so that then we can experiment, great, let’s do it and have choice. But to expect better results on half the calories, is impossible. And that is the expectation of what charters will do.

This study of next door Philadelphia, shows that test scores in Philly were collectively higher when there were NO charter schools, then when there were. Meaning that allowing Charter schools to come in and compete with Philly public schools, lowered Philadelphia’s cumulative test score average…. Simply put, in any other venue when two teams compete, they both have independent sponsors. Splitting ones resources to fund two teams competing against each other, well… common sense tells you that when they go up against other teams whose funding was unlimited… they are going to lose badly…

Finally one other factor in Kendall’s piece that burns. When an scientist does experimentation, he throws out all those episodes where something goes wrong and his hypothesis doesn’t work. When you experiment in education, all that “stuff” you throw out, is our own children.

The internet will be abuzz with posts shortly.  The excitement was great.  No one knew if it would pass. It did.

Melanie _____.______. Smith (lol)  Girl you did it.  Hats off to a rather well crafted bill designed to make it through.  You earned your bottle of wine tonight.

Bryan Townsend is amazing.. A Patrick Henry when it comes to what is just.  I kept seeing Tony Deluca in that position, knowing full well we would have an entirely different outcome had it been so.

Patty Blevins as should be, worked the background brilliantly.  Knowing what must take place to do these things, she gets a shout, because the quiet ones, are the ones you have to watch… It takes a lot of structure to put on a pageant such as this…

Clothier, Marshall and Bushweiller had tough choices.. out of  a thousand voices in their ear, they chose to hear the right ones.  We are so small standing next to them.

Karen Peterson rocked the house.  “If my happiness somehow demeans or diminishes your marriage, you need to work on your marriage”  certainly seems like it would apply to Senator Venables. That dude has some work to do…..

In this hearing and vote, it becomes very clear.  If you look straight into the heart of America,  each and all the values we grew up under, the Democrats embody.

The evil that also lies in America, is Republican to the core… Never in my lifetime did I expect to see people use God to promote bigotry.  For as the vote was failing, as the house of sticks was crumbling around them, as they worked themselves into a fever pitch to make one last gasp to undo the damage, the clear, unadulterated hatred, the pure crystal of evil burned from underneath their skin.  Hatred. Hatred at all these people was their fuel.

I now know what those brave souls walking across the bridge at Selma saw in the eyes looking back.  I now know what those women in children sleeping in Wounded Knee saw when their tents were slashed open.  I now know what those female slaves in Alabama saw in their overseer’s eyes… I now know what every Southern black African American man saw, when he heard the phrase… Boy, better move a long now, you know you don’t belong here.”

Because I saw it staring back at me on the floor of the Delaware Senate. It was in each of those Republican’s eyes as they got up and tried to embarrass, put down, demonize an innocent  group of people they deemed inferior, beneath them, slovenly, trash.  It was in the eyes of every fake pastor or priest to got up to twist God’s word in such a way as to demean the very one whose words they praise on Sunday.

This is the undercurrent of America we don’t like to talk about. This is the sewage that come with building a society.  This is America’s most horrible accomplishment.  The underbelly of our just laws and our freedom to say or do what we please.  There are people who only gain worth by putting others down, and because they are Americans, they have every right to do so.  Prejudice will continue.

Seeing it in person was unnerving. Seeing it for real made one sick.  We have a real problem in our country, One that must be put down like a poisonous snake… Sure we can live with it.  But one day it will bite us, or even worse. Our children….

But today, we beat them.  Like George Wallace in the schoolyard doorway, they showed America the stinkin oafs they truly are….

The only reason they voted no… was to fuel their hate.  Delaware and America can and need to do much better…

And lastly. Bethany Hall- Long….. Oh my…   it takes great courage to stand up to one’s enemies… It takes even greater courage… to stand up to one’s friends….

I have to go now. I cannot fight back the tears…

My friends, we are gathered here today to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of committed marital love, and to add our best wishes to the words which shall unite these two people in marriage.  In the words of our Creator, what God hath brought together, let no one cut asunder.

The commitment that the two of you are about to make, is the most important commitment that two people can make; you are about to create something new, the marriage relationship, an entity that never ends.

As you stand here today, are you now prepared to begin this commitment to one another? (I am)

Have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage? (I have)

I would ask that you both remember to treat yourself and each other with dignity and respect; to remind yourself often of what brought you together today. Give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness that your marriage deserves. When frustration and difficulty assail your marriage – as these do to every relationship at one time or another – focus on what still seems right between you, not only the part that seems wrong. This way, when clouds of trouble hide the sun in your lives and you lose sight of it for a moment, you can remember that the sun is still there. And if each of you will take responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be marked by abundance and delight. 

Will you have this person to be your wedded partner? (I will)

Will you love and comfort then, honor and keep them, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto them as long  as you both shall live? (I will)

Will you have this person to be your wedded partner? (I will)

Will you love and comfort them, honor and keep them, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto them as long as you both shall live? (I will)

Since it is your intention to enter into marriage, join your right-hands, and declare your consent (before these witnesses) by  repeating after me: 

I, take you to be my partner, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as we both shall live. Take this ring as a sign of my commitment and fidelity to you. …

I, take you to be my partner, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as we both shall live.  Take this ring as a sign of my commitment and fidelity to you. 

In so much as the two of you have agreed to live together in Matrimony, have promised your commitment to each other by these vows, (and) the joining of your hands (and the giving of these rings), by the authority vested in me by the State of  Delaware, I now pronounce you a married couple.  Congratulations, you may now kiss as a married couple….

Ladies and Gentlemen here who are witnesses.  May I present to you the world’s newest couple…. 

Awwwww.  How can anyone vote against something as wonderful as that?

Do you think this is odd?

Exhibit A:

“We are conducting a national search for an exceptional leader capable of transforming Delaware into one of the leading charter school systems in the nation….

Exhibit B:

“The federal tax exemption of each organization listed below was automatically revoked for its failure to file a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years.:  PENCADER EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION”

Exhibit C:

“The standoff between the state Department of Education and Pencader Charter is over after the state agreed Thursday evening to pitch in $350,000 to brace the troubled school’s budget through the end of the year,  “Make no mistake, this is a burden to the State,”

Exhibit D:

The Colonial School District will lay off 72 people, including 58 teachers, if voters don’t approve a tax increase, according to a plan approved by the school board Tuesday night.. Even if voters approve the increase, the district would still have to cut as many as 25 jobs, 8 to 12 of which would be teachers.”

Exhibit E:

Vision – A firm belief in the value of charter schools in public education,.  As the Executive Director of the Charter School Office, the core of your work will be to ensure that we create an environment in Delaware that is conducive to a high-performing charter system. You will lead an effort at the state-level to ensure that our laws, regulations, practices and policies reflect best practice nationally, and create an environment that attracts, supports and sustains high performing charters while holding them accountable for results.

Right:  Just Like Pencader.

But the argument for increasing Charter Schools is that they increase student performance.

Do they?

No. the performance by Charters in the state of Delaware is at best equal and at worst lower than that of public schools.  Sending a child to a charter is demeaning his potential.  A child performs better in a public school. whose funding is being stripped as in the Christina School District, than he does in a charter who is sucking away $350,000 of Department of Education money away from schools doing their jobs.