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With High Republican Turnout I'm Sure to Be Wellfed Nov. 6th
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They thought he was nuts.

Boys and Girls.    In today’s world, we get so much piled on we can’t remember any details…  Sometimes we are like the bloke on the bottom of a Rugby pile as press report after press report piles on.  This last instance of “rape being touted as God’s will”, and then the outrage by every person without a penis over the rapist culture that IS deeply embedded inside the Republican Party (read their party platform),  I realized that I couldn’t remember all the slips that Republican former rapists let slip out in public… Akin I remember because he’s the first.  Mourdock I remember because he’s the last… But who were the other ones in between?   A blank.  (which could be caused by Tequila)  So, … I turned  to our expert historian extrodinaire, and lifted this off Steven Colbert’s show last night… He used the newest generations wording, and called this group Team Rape, no doubt inspired by the Twilight series……   I prefer the older inversion,   The Rape Team….   (And I agree with Steven Colbert, that the name is not very nice, but c’mon, they were kinda’ asking for it…)

First Colbert….

“….And folks, Mourdock is not the first member of the GOP to drop the R-word this campaign season. First we had Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, who said “legitimate rape” victims couldn’t get pregnant because “the female body has ways” of shutting “that whole thing down”. Then there was Iowa Representative and angry dinner roll Steve King, who said he’d never heard of a girl getting pregnant from statutory rape. Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith equated rape with out-of-wedlock pregnancy. And Wisconsin state representative Roger Rivard offered the sage advice that “some girls, they rape so easy“.

This is the GOP  Rape Team… Does it stand for all Republicans?  Very surprisingly….. YES…. Because their head of the party and his Vice President successor,  have not distanced themselves from these remarks….   ”  ha, ha, ha, he’s just being silly”  was all they said.    This is the GOP:  now known as the Rape Team…   I put together this theme song for them….

Who You A’ Gonna Call; The Rape Team?

(The Rape Team!)
If there’s somethin’ progressive in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

If you’r polls are down, an’ it don’t look good
Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

If you’re seein’ sperm runnin’ through your head
Who can you call?
(The Rape Team!)

Some invisible vagina, sleepin’ in your bed
Oh who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

If you’re all alone, pick up the phone
And call
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I hear they likes it.
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team)

Mmm, if you’ve had a dose
Of those little blue pills…
You better call
(The Rape Team!)

Let me tell you somethin’
Bustin’ makes u feel good
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

Don’t get caught alone, oh no
(By the Rape Team!)

When he comes through your midnight door
Sayin’ no, will make him want it more.
I think you better call
(The Rape Team!)

Oh, who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)
Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

Ah, think you better call
(The Rape Team!)
Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I can’t hear you
Is that a hand over yo’ mouth?
(The Rape Team!)
Like it, bitch….
(The Rape Team!)

(song originally written as Ghostbusters, and sung by Ray Parker, Jr.) All parties involved with this song, are against rape.

Seriously,  since we are deciding the fate of the world as put by the Guardian, but they termed it the “fate of the free world.”

Which is more relevant?

A)  College Transcripts and Passport Applications from before 1980?


B)  Tax Returns for 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005m 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000?

Every Presidential wanna-be releases 12 years of tax forms:  Why hasn’t Mitt Romney?  The American People want to know,  Donald… Where is your bet to Romney to publicly release his income tax returns before 5 o’clock, Tuesday, October 30th?

Donald, the American people have questions.  The American people need to know if their president has violated any tax laws or has committed any crimes before putting Mitt Romney into the White House…  Oh, he’s your guy.  That’s why you went back 40 years asking for some dumb transcript…..

Donald,  you are such a joke….. Ha, ha, ha… (psst. We are laughing AT you, .. not with you…)..


Romney: This Fall I’m proudly supporting Richard Mourdock for US Senate.

Mourdoch: “Life is that gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something God intended to happen.” I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this message.

Romney: This Fall, I’m proudly supporting Richard Mourdock for US Senate….

Mourdoch: “We need some zealots, in the Republican Party.” I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this message.

Romney: This Fall, I’m proudly supporting Richard Mourdock for US Senate.

Mourdoch: “Climate Change is the biggest hoax, ..EVER?” I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this message.

Romney: This Fall, I’m proudly supporting Richard Mourdock for US Senate.

Mourdoch: “I’m an expert. I never took an economics class, or an accounting class…” I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this message….

Romney: This Fall, I’m proudly supporting Richard Mourdock for US Senate.

Mourdock: “Bipartisanship brought us to the brink of bankruptcy. We don’t need bipartisanship!!!” I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this message.

Romney: This Fall, I’m proudly supporting Richard Mourdock for US Senate.

Paul Ryan campaigning with Mourdock just this Monday in Indianapolis……

Ryan: “Please, please send us Richard Mourdock. We need this man in the United States Senate,” Ryan told a midday crowd of more than 100 people who had paid at least $1,000 per ticket. Ryan transferred $5000 to Mourdock in June.” I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this message,

As an aside, it would be wise to remember that we all have friends and we do not believe in everything they do. But we are ALL, influenced by our friends. We may not fully subscribe to their views, but we fully go out of our way not to step on our friends view.

If Romney is elected; things will definitely get worse for women. Don’t believe me? Just look at Romney’s friends.

At first such a headline sounds trite and unthoughtful. Oh, it’s the simple linking of two words to forge a relationship. The proper name for that inside the English Language, is zeugma, a term borrowed from the Greeks.

But there appears to be something there. From a woman’s point of view, rape has been in the news a lot lately. And I don’t mean the physical reporting of actual rapes, they seem to be less than in the past. But the philosophical discussion about rape, has almost dominated the political discussions across this political season.

We have offensive laws proposed requiring wands inserted by strangers up into ones vagina.
We have the Akins physical slip of legitimizing rape in some circumstances.
We have the Bodenweiser situation here in Delaware. As if by being extremely religious, he was beyond reproach.
We have the Murdoch debate from last night. Rape is protected by God.

They show a crack in the Republican armor.

When confronted, the wiggle and try to hide what they meant, which was that rape is a “so what” type of crime.

Here are some of the responses Republicans bring up when confronted by this acceptance of rape as a normal human attribute.

Rapes happen.
She asked for it.
She should have kept herself locked up.
It’s just sex.
She’s lying. She wanted it too.

And if she gets pregnant.

It’s god’s child, not hers.
It’s life; we have to preserve life; the mother is unimportant.
It’s ok to rape if a man wants sex and a woman doesn’t.
The woman is required to be submissive to the man.
She must keep the child, because God is punishing her, and the child is her cross to bear.

I don’t know how many of you sit in cross examinations. But most of you have seen fake ones on television dramas. They are not alike, trust me, but there is one things that reigns true over both. If someone is trying to hide something from you, they don’t come right out and tell you.

Instead you have to look at the peripheral, and use questioning tactics to force them to explain anomalies from their story. What is buried internally, invariably slips out. Then, forcing them to explain those things eventually uncovers that which they are working so hard to hide.

It is safe to say, that the Republican Party has no concern for women. They will use women, but they do not have any concern. It is a man’s world in the Republican Party. And as long as a woman supports the notion that woman must be submissive to man, and she wins votes, she can be a part of that party…..

Is it ok to rape?

Look at the bigger picture.

Rape of the Budget Surplus put in place by Clinton.
Rape of people’s property rights under eminent domain.
Rape of animals rights encouraging wanton killing.
Rape of the earth’s resources, putting profits ahead of cleaning up after themselves.
Rape of Earth’s Climate; encouraging Global Warning.

There is a tendency for Republicans to rape everything they get their hands on.
Look at the rape of Republican Chris Christie’s New Jersey Budget.
Look at the rape of Tea Party’s Rick Scott of Florida’s budget.
Look at the rape of Koch’s Scott Walker, of Wisconsin’s ones prosperous financial health.
Look at the rape of Ronald Reagan’s use of borrowed money to fund his bounce back economic times.

And then contrast that, to the healthy building of mutual sustaining policies that benefit everyone whenever Democrats have full power…..

If Republicans = Rape, then Democrats = Long, lasting, happy marriages…….

Don’t take my word for it. Skim any newspaper.

Fresh from yesterday’s victory, President Obama spoke in DelRay, Florida this morning and went on to Dayton, Ohio.

Mitt Romney began his “apology” tour…..

Storage Wars With Dave's Appropriate Phallic Symbol
Courtesy of A&E’s Storage Wars

Now along with the binder’s flap, a staffer on Romney’s team used the Storage Wars themed show to describe Romney’s economic plan….

In this show, bidders get a minute to look at a storage locker, and then bid on its contents, mostly unseen. Sometimes they get lucky. Usually the hit nothing but dirt…. sometimes spectacularly.

But its the idea that we gamble on not knowing , simply making a bet that we don’t know how it will work out.

Only problem is, we tried that once. His name was George W. Bush.

Doesn’t it make more sense to put our faith into something that IS working, and tweak it a little so it works a little faster, than throw away all this progress and put our bet on something we have no idea of what we will soon be getting?

i had fun with the binders. And the Libya thing, is so blown out of the water… Like we are going to get rid of the greatest president ever, because one ambassador was murdered. Like we are going to decide the election upon s slip up over women in binders…. A hundred years from now, students will be reading in their textbooks, and the first African American President, was losing until, his opponent made a slip during the second debate. He said “bring me binders of women.” and from that point, no one chose to vote for him..”

This election is about growing jobs.

As a reminder here is a list of those who grew jobs, and those who didn’t.
First the growers:
Reagan (second term)

Here is a list of those who lost jobs on their term.

Reagan (first term)
Bush 1
Bush 2

Obama wants to do what the first group did. Reasonable taxes and reasonable expenses.

Romney/Ryan aren’t saying what they will do. We have to guess. But if you take Ryan’s budget, he will put us into the second group.

Romney wants to do what the second group did. Cut taxes and cut expenses to unreasonable levels.

History shows us what happens when you try doing this to an economy.

If you like the Blue, vote for Obama; If you like the Red, then Romney/Ryan is for you

Voting for Romney is like marrying a spouse before you know if they have herpes. Don’t you think we should know what he’s hiding, before we say…” I do”….

Most of America agrees with me. What is holding you back?

Republican Scorched Earth Plan If Romney Fails to Win
Photo Courtesy of David Wojnarowicz



Romney has vowed that if elected he will push the United States of America over the fiscal cliff.   It is his medicine for everything.  Just like letting Detroit go bankrupt.

There are three options after the election.  (borrowed from Moody’s Analytics) 

“In our “Cliff” scenario, which we believe has a 15% probability, policymakers 
would decide to stick to the current law and let the nation go over the fiscal cliff. This would
cause real GDP to fall 2.8 percentage points below what it would be if current policies were
extended in 2013 and lead to a new recession, pushing unemployment up to 9.2% by year’s

In Moody’s Analytics “No Cliff” scenario, which has a 30% probability, 
policymakers would avoid the fiscal cliff by extending current policy so that there would be
no changes to taxes and spending in 2013. While the U.S. economy would improve next
year, under this scenario…

Moody’s Analytics baseline scenario, which is the most likely scenario with a 55%
probability, states that policymakers will agree to a middle ground between the “Cliff” and
“No Cliff” scenarios…..

My plug…. (The US Fiscal Cliff scenarios are available for the US, all states and metropolitan areas
through subscription to the US Macro/Financial Forecast Database or Regional Alternative
Forecast Service)



I elected George Bush in 2000 And Woke Up In 1984. WTf?
Courtesy of LAT Right Click on Image for Full View.

What I want to see is accountability. I want Obama to take accountability for his success, and Romney to take accountability for being the problem.

What is at stake is really who runs the country. The men are really interchangeable cardboard cutouts. It is like traveling across the country, where most of America wants to go the shortest route, but a minority group wants to take us South.

We vote on the drivers, but really all they do is put a foot on the gas and steer the wheel. The difference is the direction we will go, depending on who wins the vote…..

So it is hard to see people who “pretend” to decide their vote on condescending smiles. (Ron Paul embarrassed every Republican by his behavior during the VP debate.) They already know who they are voting for and are just searching for any reason to convince others to go along.

These little things, are jive talk. Meant to show resolve to the other side, and to whip ones followers up. They will have no consequence after next January.

What does have a consequence is policy. The current policy grows jobs. It’s grown 5 million so far. The opposing policy causes job loss. Fewer Americans were employed at the end of Bush, then when he took office in 2000….

8 years downhill. 3 1/2 years uphill. Imagine what we could get done if we had 8 years of job growth before we elected the next Republican that started the slide backwards again?

That, is what is important.

We need some accountability about what matters…..