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“Mr. Anderson… you disappoint me”. 


Contorversy Across the Fields of Barley
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It is a question of degree.. Who has the more authority within the current moment. A brand new administrator elected by the choice of the people over his predecessor, or…. a plan put in place and carried out by a previous administration.

Bottom line. There are no rules here. Depending on which side you seem to be on… will affect your outlook. The decision is both right and wrong for either side, depending upon which criteria one will use to decide.

Examine the first.

An Administrator is elected. He comes in and takes over his office. One of the planks he ran on was to reverse a certain act of his predecessor. When the people had a choice of electing a person who was for the proposal in question, and one who was against it, they overwhelmingly went for the one who was against it….

Now the second.

An Administrator inherits a problem from his predecessor. He applies considerable effort to get a deal made and moved forward. It goes through all proper channels. It is legalized by a vote on Council. It is the Council and thereby the County’s official policy. A schedule has been drawn up. Funding approved. It is in effect, in the middle of being completed…. Since it was set in stone before the new administrator comes in, he has no right to interfere…..

Can a chief executive overrule a previous Council’s decision? Well. Romney certainly was going to with Obamacare.
Congress had passed it, the Supreme Court had legitimized it, and Romney was going to make it obsolete with the stroke of a pen, based solely on the argument that it was the wish of a mandate of the voters putting him into office.

If it would work for the president, it must also be effective and allowed, under the new New Castle County Chief Executive.

It therefore, is not only legal, but ethical, contrary to the opinion of one certain Danberg who resigned in protest as county attorney on Wednesday.

A leadership role demands that a leader leads. For a leader to have to swallow every poisoned pill his predecessor were to leave him, puts not only him, but his department and the province he oversees…. at risk. That would be harmful to all society, if something was locked in stone by every outgoing administration…. Were that the true will of the people of New Castle County, to have Barley Mill Plaza go forward, then Paul Clark would now be the executive, not Tom Gordan…

Either way the decision goes, someone gets hurt. If the decision is to go forward, then those residents around that area who are the victims of a fabricated traffic study, are doomed to suffer. If the decision is to be stayed, and reworked pending a new traffic study, then those who have invested into the plan, are the ones doomed to suffer.

So someone has to get hurt! The question is …. who?


This is going to my hard core Republican friends. Why are you still supporting Romney?

1) You know he is not going to win.
2) You know as the election heats up, his Bain Capital experience will make Republicans untouchable for decades.
3) You can’t pin down where Romney stands on anything.
4) He tied his dog to a car.
5) He stands with black people and says “Who let the dogs out, woof, woof.”

Most of you are telling me, “I certainly can’t vote for Obama. I guess I’m not voting for President this time.”

Let’s say, just for argument sakes there was a presidential candidate out there who says to have good government you need: …………………

1. Become reality driven. Don’t kid yourself or others.
Find out what’s what and base your decisions and actions
on that.

2. Always be honest and tell the truth. It’s extremely
difficult to do any damage to anybody when you are
willing to tell the truth–regardless of the

3. Always do what’s right and fair. Remember, the more
you actually accomplish, the louder your critics become.
You’ve got to learn to ignore your critics. You’ve got to
continue to do what you think is right. You’ve got to
maintain your integrity.

4. Determine your goal, develop a plan to reach that
goal, and then act. Don’t procrastinate.

5. Make sure everybody who ought to know what you’re
doing knows what you’re doing. Communicate.

6. Don’t hesitate to deliver bad news. There is always
time to salvage things. There is always time to fix
things. Henry Kissinger said that anything that can be
revealed eventually should be revealed immediately.

7. Last, be willing to do whatever it takes to get your
job done. If you’ve got a job that you don’t love enough
to do what it takes to get your job done, then quit and
get one that you do love, and then make a difference.

Honesty. Integrity. Principal.

Sounds good so far. Let us say just for argument, he had chief executive experience. Let us say just or argument that he once ran a state, one of the fifty in this union. Let us say while governor, this is what he did…..

During his tenure, New Mexico experienced the longest period without a tax-increase in the state’s entire history.

1) He cut the rate of government growth in half,

2) Left the New Mexico state government with a budget surplus and 1000 fewer employees (without firing anyone),

3) Privatized half of the prisons in the state,

4) Brought a state-wide school voucher system to New Mexico.

5) Vetoed 750 bills (more than all the vetoes of the other 49 Governors in the country at that time, combined) with only 2 overrides, earning him the nickname Gary “Veto” Johnson.

6) In 1999, Johnson became the highest-ranking elected official in the United States to advocate the legalization of drugs.

7) Shifted Medicaid to managed care.


Can you not think of a better way to show your lack of enthusiasm over a wealthy capitalist buying his way to the top of your ticket, by voting for someone who has character, who does what you’ve always wanted, a doer, not a talker?

And to think…. you were simply just going to throw your vote away.

His name is Gary Johnson. He is the new party’s candidate for President.

Remember Republicans. It is your values that are important. If your party has given up and moved on from your values, don’t think you have to be loyal to the word…. “Republican”… What you have to be loyal too, is yourself. Always. Never lie to yourself.

You don’t need to waste your vote on Romney. You probably need to find more about this guy, Gary Johnson, and then throw your support behind him.

Don’t worry it is not one of the two parties on whose ticket he is running. Remember, at one point in time, the Republican Party was a once a third party too. One that went mainstream because of its core values, its principles resonated with everyday American People.

Down, Down,
Yellow, and brown.
The scores fall.
All over the town…

That’s adapted from a children’s book; originally it was a bedtime poem about falling leaves…

i want to share a story. A young lady i met near the end of this week, was excited her session of Summer School had ended… This is a bright person, I was surprised to hear she was in Summer School; (isn’t that remedial?)

So I asked, (to be polite), “how did you do?”

She said, ” I got a hundred on my final; That is the whole grade…”

“What?” I queried. “What was the course?”…

“Algebra” she said…

“You went to summer school, and got a hundred in Algebra? What kind of grades did you get all year?”

“Oh”, she said. “I flunked it. I had to take this course to go onto high school next year…..”

“Oh, wow. Say, I’m kinda involved with educational issues, and I’m really curious now.” I spoke quickly. “How was it that you learned something in what, four weeks, from June 19th to now: that you couldn’t learn in class, .. the whole school year?”

She flashed a smile, like “yeah, crazy, huh” and thought for a second, and said… “They just explained it better… it’s actually really easy.”

“They couldn’t explain it in regular school? Not even a whole year? ”

“No, they were like reading out of the book, and when we’d ask questions, they’d say the book didn’t make sense to them either, but it was what they had to teach from and they were sorry, but they didn’t know the answer themselves. They wouldn’t show us anything…”

“So, how did you like learn it all in summer school?”

Again the smile. “Well, like finding the slope, In my old class, I had no idea what the teacher was talking about with the change or x over the change of y… here they just said take this side and that side, and bingo, you have the slope.” It was so easy…

Well I thanked her for sharing and congratulated her on her achievement… I wished her best in another school year too…

Hmmmm. So why is it.. that Delaware pays for a whole year of school, when it can be boiled down and taught in 17 days? The whole course of algebra… boiled down to 17 days….

What are we doing wrong, that we willingly “lose someone” capable who can learn algebra in 17 days, and hold them back another year, because they couldn’t pass a core course? It doesn’t look like the problem is with her: it appears the problem lies in us!

All it took … was for someone to take the time to explain it to her…. That was all it took….

Ladies and Gentlemen: that is how we’re going to win this race … the one…to the top. .. …

Sussex Green drops a bombshell…

Despite what Meatball says, there is something sick in Sussex County and it rhymes with taker….

Here in essence is the argument for open government… This type of stuff goes on all the time and those of us jaded by its constant misuse, forget that is really antithetic to representative government… Which is why we need citizen watchdogs… and Sussex County has one now….

This must be read… Not only by residents of Sussex County who have to put up with the antics of a family who thinks they can rule with impunity, but by every man, women, and child of the future, so they know exactly how these things are done, and can intercept their implementation before similar actions are finalized.

Here are several examples of the travesty those communists who represent the fine folks of Sussex County have levied against their own kind….

Instead, the list of parcels and areas being considered for inclusion on the future land use map were presented to the P&Z Commission as Old Business at a meeting on April 30, 2008. The parcels and areas were discussed by the P&Z Commission, approved or rejected, and that was that. There was no public hearing on any of them. Then, when the Comp Plan was finally approved (June 24, 2008) all those amendments, which had been approved at the April 30, 2008 meeting were incorporated into the land use map and became part of the ordinance that authorized the Comp Plan.

The Wilson Baker parcels case illustrates this. Baker got a conditional use (c/u) for the smaller parcel in 2005. He either owned or quickly acquired the larger adjoining parcel of AR-1 soon after being granted the c/u on the smaller parcel. He established a propane, kerosene, and diesel fuel business on the smaller parcel under the c/u requirements. However, he wanted to sell both parcels and that proved a bit too complicated because of the c/u, or so his representative testified at the recent change of zoning hearings before the P&Z Commission and County Council. As a result, he apparently decided that getting both parcels rezoned to heavy industry (HI-1) from their current AR-1 would be the most profitable option.

The P&Z Commission scheduled the Wilson Baker parcels for the June 18, 2008 meeting under the agenda heading “Additional Old Business”. The one item under that heading is “Comprehensive Land Use Plan”. The minutes state that Mr. Lank “advised the Commission that a request had been received for inclusion into the Town Center Area around the Town of Milton; that the request came from Baker Petroleum of Wilson Baker, Inc. for the inclusion of their properties; that they are intending to apply for industrial zoning and to create a railroad spur for access to rail service; that the site has been reviewed through the PLUS process” (P&Z Commission Minutes, June 18, 2008, Page 8). The P&Z Commission decided to incorporate the request of Baker Petroleum into the Future Land Use Map by consensus. There was no public hearing


On June 24, 2008, the County Council voted to adopt the ordinance establishing the 2007 Comp Plan Update, with amendments. There was no public hearing


The entire sketch of how this parcel was rezoned was not done in secret.. It is available on reruns of the Dukes of Hazard television series that was shot during the 1980s.. The faces may look a little different, but the characters who play them are the same…….

Two workforce housing meetings occurred this week. The first on Tuesday was at the Cornerstone Church off 896, and the second one took place with the New County Council in the Gillian building just off New Castle Commons…

The first meeting was put on by the new found work-group..Stay Out Of My Pocket. This group coalesced out of the early September meeting off Vance Neck Road…. Apparently citizens did not like what the County told them there…. (You can refresh your memory here to find out why…) Since that time research was done and an action and plan of attack has been determined…

The tone between this meeting and the last, was different as East Delaware is from West Delaware…(lol) Whereas the star of the last meeting was a map, this meeting was owned by a power point. In fact walking in ones’ first impression was “wow… this is a nice church..” complete with cafeteria, hotel informational desk, and gift shop. The inner sanctum gave new meaning to echo chamber, since only those who used a mike, could be understood, unless one was quite near the speaker…

But with little contention worth mentioning, here is the scoop from the meeting… Work force housing is a done deal. Stays can be executed but we can never go back and undo the bids that were placed before and between the first and last meeting… However, legislation can be passed in the General Assembly and signed by Jack Markell which can be retroactive before the bids were placed, and that can undo the damage… An arduous process to be sure. But a lawsuit in Chancery Court can stop it cold…

There are several reasons for following through with Chancery Court… First, the Chancery Court revolves around “equity”. And the current workforce housings provisions provide developers, as well as county government, some prime plums to be picked… But.. it penalizes every other citizen and homeowner in the county by doing so… It is not equal and therefore the Chancery Court is where it needs to be heard…

Furthermore, William Chandler III stated that our current rate of development will DESTROY DELAWARE FOR GENERATIONS TO COME…

The unions sent some representatives, not wanting to be blindsided as the were by the Vance Neck meeting, where in September they figured that workforce housing was a done deal, so why bother… They did get anxious and their blood pressure soared during the part where “slowing down the process” was discussed, either by filing historical claims, environmental claims, or more or less using every law on the books, to slow down the development until the court case could be heard… was mentioned…

That then is the way to start…

Most importantly was the implicit implication to Sussex and Kent Counties… Mark Baker, who is running for Sussex County District 3, himself on Maria Evan’s show stated that workforce housing, if he was elected, was to be Sussex Counties next big priority…..

Equally chilling was a video, made by developers in America’s most royalist state, Virginia, which told other developers how to game the local system in order to put up workforce housing.. To paraphrase…”having trouble with getting a project passed through County Council?…Just mention workforce housing (formerly known as low income housing) and poof, it gets passed”…  Equally telling was that Hawaii had shut down workforce housing in that state… because the outcome was so horribly different from what they had been promised…So it is possible.  Success can be accomplished…

As an aside, Cathcart and Lofink both stated emphatically that they were against the work force ordinance changing forever the quality of New Castle County.  Steve Amick (retired) also was against the plan.. Bethany Hall-Long, no doubt due to an acknowledgment towards the union,  hemmed and hawed until rousing discontent from the audience made her too see the light… (If she was ever to be elected…..) she too came out against the ordinance..  Earl Jacques stood up in back and said he too was against the ordinance… Four for four against was the call made by the moderator…

Again more can be found on their site:  Stay out of my pocket.

The following day County Council met to hear the public’s view.. In fairness to all, it should be disclosed that your humble reporter chose to spend the evening behind third base at a certain athletic event that took place that evening… So I apologize for any inconsistencies and if notified, will correct them… (Fifteen years… man…) But from what I heard, the following is what took place…

To begin we had a presentation describing work force housing….. put on by the county.. You can see that display here….

Then came the citizenry up to the open mike…

Bill Williams blamed Democrats and organized labor that goes “whoop, whoop” at county meetings.
Next Mark from Caravel Farms had questions to be answered later..
Then a fisherman’s daughter from Seattle stepped up in support of Work Force Housing…
Appoquinimink School Board President said at $30 million per school, and 1000 new kids being the thresh-hold for a new school, and a net gain of 500 students over this past summer, schools could not be built fast enough if work force housing goes into effect… He stressed he was unaware that plans had been changed regarding density levels. Next a resident complained of traffic on his road, and wondered if Deldot could ever be counted upon to fix it.. Then a rep from Stay Out Of My Pocket asked three questions to be answered in full, later… We did find out that $4200 is assessed per household for educational needs, but costs could be much higher, with the difference impinging upon taxpayers.. A visitor from the State Education stood up an said he had pertinent information, if he could speak… He jumped the line and spoke.. He was in charge of determining the assessment fees for developments across the state… His formula was simple.. take the cost of building a school..divide it by the number of houses…. for Appoquinimink…around $4200 per unit.. (someone verify that formula?)  The formula is determined by state law…that finger point was repeated a lot… so today,even as commodities rise, the cost is mandated at that low level meaning that is all the developers pay… the rest is paid by your taxes…

Then Chuck Mulholland, head of Southern New Castle County Alliance, gave his opinion that work force housing was a costly endeavor… for nothing.. There are 300 properties in Claymont sitting empty… put the workforce into those houses, before moving them down to Boyd’s Corner… an idea that makes sense…  Brandywine school district is cutting back due to lack of students, and Appoquinimink can’t build schools fast enough…

Several other speakers spoke as well.

On resident of Denny Road decried the condition of his highway in front of his house, and that with several new developments, no work was anticipated to widen the road… “The shoulder is crumbling away”, said this resident. “Deldot’s answer was to zig-zag the white line edging the holes already formed on the highway’s edge… Boggles the mind… and density rates were doubled?

Jim Spencer, running against Earl Jacques in the twenty seventh,  who is well acquainted with Deldot… said he lives on Porter Road… It takes ten minutes for him to leave his driveway because of all the traffic… Deldot is broke… they just paid 20 million for a pile of sand at Indian River… Don’t count on Deldot to do anything to alleviate your congestion, he said.. they can’t… and density rates were doubled?

One resident of Rose Hill, (always reminds me of that scene in the Wizard of Oz… oh,.. that was poppies.) had some good questions.. Forgetting what they were, perhaps they will show up later…

Several citizens said they were raised in the city, and left on their own…  They agreed with the principal of work force housing, but not with the method which it was sprung upon them in their new developments…

Several plants were called in support of the principal of work force housing, creating a controversy over whether workforce housing was for fireman and policeman, or was for slum lords and riff raff..  One wife of a policeman contested workforce housing was necessary for them by stating “the families of policemen, don’t need workforce housing… we can find housing on our own”.  One lawyer from New Jersey spoke until the audience began challenging her, then walked off…. but not before giving Penrose Hollins a hug….XOXOXO

A couple of liberal types spoke on the “egalitarian principles” of why we need work force housing, thereby giving liberalism a bad name…

Andy Taylor, a lawyer for the County, who occasionally shows up in the comment sections of these blogs, said he lives in Claymont, where the density level is higher than what is being proposed in and around MOT. And he is a happy person. Great.

Joann Christian, Asst. Appoquinimink Superintendent, spoke a little about how the plan had blindside them within the school district… One of the criteria for work force housing was that it be pre-approved by the school board.. Not quite… A call comes to the school board… Can you accept “X” number of new students?”  “uh… no.”  “Ok, we’ll assess the fee then…”  and the houses are built anyway, with part of the fee assessed upon the developers, and the children get dumped on overcrowded schools…

After seeing his former opponent speak, State Senator Bruce Ennis signed in and stepped up to the mike… Upon opening his folder, he knocked the red, yellow, and green time clock on the floor, prompting county officials to holla’  “send him the bill.”….  Bruce discussed how he was unaware that the laws for development had been changed.  He cited statistics showing that of all the new plans brought before the state… those in New Castle County were in single digits… That was because a circular had been circulated saying that the county ordinance overrode the state law, which had been changed to be subordinate to county law, by the same group of Democratic Senators who backed Minner’s veto on eminent domain… led, of course, by Tony DeLuca… (no wonder he is against open government).

Laura Brown, who is running against Bill Bell, the council person responsible for putting lower New Castle County in this predicament, spoke out that she was against work force housing moving into that region, and would fight to limit its extent…  Bill Bell WILL have developers and union support.. It will take everyone in District 12 who is not union or a developer, to vote for Laura Brown if Bell is to be unseated… Remember, it was Bell who sat quietly in Hooters, sipping beers while looking out the window at the scenery (yeah right), while this controversy was brewing… He talked to no one about it before it blew up… It was his seat which was hottest during the August meeting… “psssss”.

Bill Dunn, hero extraordinaire, had a couple of questions…. Almost more important than what he said, was the reaction of one Paul Clark, who leaned against the wall… As Bill spoke, Paul Clark snickered, hardly unable to contain his glee… If he is ever put in jail, he not only would be a Clark bar, but a Snicker’s bar as well.  As Paul turned his head, one could see where Pam had pulled a hair for each time he had failed to do what she wanted….

Attending but not speaking, were candidates Rebecca Walker, and Bethany Hall-Long who could be overheard at the end, “where can I get a program”….

This is probably Delaware’s next big battle: citizens against the developers.. affecting Sussex and Kent Counties, as well as New Castle County…  It is time everyone begin to acquaint themselves with just how bad work force housing will affect them personally, and then “get themselves a program…”

Again the best start would be with Stay Out Of My Pocket.

Pam Scott
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Just a brief comment spawned by a casual observation of where we are today….

The seed that germinated this thought arose from staring at the odd juxtoposition of two posts on “Elbert with An “E” blog just recently.

One was a jokingly fun poking comparison of the Democratic Party with the Socialist Workers party (there are similarities) in a spot right above commentary on Minner’s veto and its unfortunate effort to be overridden.

I was reminded again of how the entire blogging community, whether Republican or Democrat, had united in its wanting our state to protect our right to control our own property….It was universal. The last time anything universal occurred in the blogging world was with Bluewater Wind. Then before that, outrage over the actions of one infamous villain John Adkins……

It seems like the principal common denominator which fuels the anger seething in all of us, uniting us in such fashion, is our un-abashedly American, all-encompassing hatred of anyone who puts themselves as being above the letter of the law…. Adkins did, and now, the poor guy is nothing more than a “whack a mole ” head popping out of a platform full of holes. As soon as his skull begins to appear, bloggers everywhere bring their hammers down. So it is with the ghost of McDowell, who pompously tried to ride over the wishes and whims of the Delawarean people, 90% of whom said they wanted wind to supply their electricity. Now, as he strides through legislative hall you would think he was Monica Lewinsky by the number of furtive whispers echoing up and down the hallways, following his wake…..

It is now that a new target emerges before us. One that even if your were unconcerned before, by the method in which this deal was handled, you are involved now. Perhaps what is most galling to our personal egos, is our unwitting parts in the game called “Playing The Voter Like A Fool“. You know that game with the rules which go: “let’s pretend we are for something, but in the end, not get it done….”

Most of us respond to that frame of childishness by saying, “if you are against it, just come out and say so… Why waste everyone’s time?”

Now, not only do we have to fight for our rights as property owners, but we need to fight for our pride as well. And fortunately for us, that always makes one fight a little better…..

Our new target is really the same old target. But like an onion, as one strips away each layers, one descends to a more pungent core. That odious smell bringing tears to our eyes, comes not from our top elected representatives, but those who hide behind their machinations and program, modify, and control those very individuals who we elect to represent us.

This time it is that strange alliance between organized labor and the wealthy developers that dominates New Castle County. Held together mostly by phone calls and occasionally by a neutral planning organizations, these two groups have a common interest in building more, and more houses anywhere space can be found…. Which for those of you down south, explains how someone like Paul Clark can get elected up here in New Castle County.

Labor’s backing is indispensable for a primary fight. Thousands of volunteers flock across our state lines to support whichever candidate their affiliated union is backing. Often striking up a conversation with someone holding an election sign, yields this incredible answer. After taking their pamphlet from their hand, listening to their plea, ask them how they know the candidate….. They won’t lie to you. They will tell you just where they come from….as well as how much they are earning for their work that day…..

So if you are running against a labor endorsed opponent, you had better count on at least 10 people of your own at every polling place, to match the ten of theirs, if you wish to portray a showing of strength…. Which means in practical terms, that as a politician, if labor talks, you follow through on what they say because if they decide to dump you, it will invariably cost you too much to stay even…….

Now this can be good for society if labor says go with prevailing wage. (lol Dave) But it is not good if it is used to set back the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America….

“No person shall be … deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Of course it is implicit that “just compensation” stands to mean what my property is worth to me, not the one trying to steal it out from under me…. If you want Osborne to move…make him an offer he CAN”T refuse…. (Here, Ed, take this 40 Billion, spend it on the wife and kids….)

Whereas John Carney looked unbeatable just last Thursday, here today on Tuesday, most bets are off, because it has become readily apparent that his roots penetrate deep into this group. Intertwining roots from which he cannot run.

The time for games has past. Today the pendulum is swinging towards a time when our Constitution shall again be enforced. Perhaps our newly-acquired heightened-sensitivity to our Constitution’s demise, is due in part to those arrogant actions taken by those who are solely intent on protecting themselves at our expense…. Perhaps their haughty dismissal of our cherished national document, that has indeed piqued our anger a little, enough that when anyone tampers with changing its basic principals, each one of us jumps on with fists pounding.

Because of this escapade, John Carney is the unfortunate target. The one most readily available.

Governor Minner is a lame duck. All other candidates have said they would have signed this legislation in a heart beat. The Republican party, on its last breath, has now been given a respirator. And yesterday’s joke, Charlie Copeland, actually voted to override the Governor’s veto…..(although we will find out one day that he did so knowing that it would not have passed anyway…) since that is sooooo unlike him. Matt Denn has a “by” and as of today, I assume his silence is due to the support he currently has with this element.

Perhaps as did Cornwallis at his surrender at Yorktown, we should today play “When the World Turned Upside Down.”

Imagine if in November we go against the grain of the entire US, and keep the House Republican, turnover the Senate and elect a Republican for Governor. If that were to happen, it could be traced right back to this unethical decision made by a lame Governor, and backed by the labor-developer contingent of both parties.

For it brings into focus that neither of the political parties themselves are to blame. It is the individual members of those parties who have gone to bed with this contingent (and forever more, must plan their lives around the periodic inflammations that occur because of it….) we have to watch out for.

Some of them voted to sustain the veto.

Those voting to sustain the veto were Amick, Blevins, Cloutier, Connor, Cook, DeLuca, Henry, Marshall and McDowell. 9 in all .

Amick will be resigning. Blevins, Cloutier, Conner, Cook, and McDowell all have terms that do not expire this year. That leaves only DeLuca, Henry, and Marshall as targets. Each of these reside in extremely lopsided Democratic districts, and most likely, will not have any primary challenger this September.

But if by God’s grace one does appear, they will require our entire blogosphere’s undying support, as those brave souls prepare to charge the Gates of Mordor against those out of state laborers manning the polls on election day. We must do so united, in order to next year rewrite these wrongs herein made against our noble Constitution of the United States of America.

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

“What He Said……”

Thanks to Minner,… tomorrow may shape up as one of the most memorable last days of the General Assembly.  Always a special occasion, this last day may become the last hurrah of the “Olde Delaware Way” (the tradition, not the blog).

Fed up with the small group of cranky old men who think the Senate is their fiefdom, and react as if we are their serfs,and a governor who fits right in with them………   Delawareans who are seeing the cronies of crooked politicians pulling our strings, are simply fed up, angry, and fighting mad.

It sure lit Shirley up….  From this comment, to two posts of her own, here and here, she is jumping like a Libertarian in a Kangaroo Court.

Delaware Watch fires back at the Governor’s mansion with its 18 inch guns…..Important to note is that Ed Osborne has provided buses going south to Dover, and additional information is posted up on Dana’s site, Down With Absolute’s site, DelawareLibertarian’s site, and the Delaware Way. DelawarePolitics.Net drops a 2000 pound bomb on Minner’s head with this conclusion: “For those who needed another reason not to vote for a Democrat controlled State House of Representatives, here it is. We need at least two parties in this state. Don’t turn our state into an echo chamber instead of a place where all sides are heard”.

For once that blog and I agree. Governor Minner’s singular action has set back almost all the gains Democrats have accomplished over the last eight years. They have shown that despite chatter to the contrary, Democrats in the General Assembly, do not support the people. They support developers. The only option now left to Democrats is to save face by electing Markell as governor, a man not closely aligned with this gaggle of backslappers, whose plans now appear more trustworthy of helping citizens than those of the his opponent, which were made by the Senate and supported by the Governor…..

Delaware Liberal
explores the question as to “why”? But really, it is not that hard to figure out…

Minner is a lame duck. In that capacity her relationship with the average voter doesn’t matter any more. She will not be running for another office. Within stock trading circles, we call this profit taking. More important to her in her retirement, are the personal favors provided to her by wealthy developers, than anything you or I could ever do or say. Bottom line is simply her self interests:….. they can give her something, and we can’t.

What is at stake is “Eminent Domain”. Who actually owns the land underneath our houses…..Is it us?….Or is it the government…….

Property rights are the fundamental basis of our Constitution. Partly so because we were tired of having our property “suppressed” by the Crown of England. So our founders said: “This will never happen in America.” Governor Minner has chosen to go the other way because she “thinks” her way is better. Like the old Theoden in Lord of the Rings, her thinking is skewed by the “Wormtongues” flicking about her ears….

Actions speak louder than words. Here are what her actions and those of Adams, Deluca, McDowell, Copeland, are saying. Their ghoulish choir voices all echo the same refrain:…..


And kick John Carney in the teeth while you are at it. Laughing to themselves as they watch John’s political net worth rise sky high over his role in the Bluewater Wind deal, and then within the same week plummet to the lowest of lows, permanently anchored to the crusty old Democrat machine that will do what ever it wants. Gee….Way to help your friends….

Oh, My bad……I forgot… He’s not your friend. The likes of Capano and Acierno are……..

Tyler Nixon ties it all together. ” Open government can begin on Monday, rather than as a re-election promise for November. It’s real simple. A Senate rules over-ride followed by a veto over-ride. The House would surely follow suit without quibble.

A few Democrats can take a stand and, for one brief shining moment, make the desk drawer yield up a dead-of-night end of session morsel for us mortals out here in the public.”

History can be made tomorrow. The Bastille must be stormed. Tomorrow there is “no such thing” as shying away from “protesteth (ing) too much” That dying elite class of lame duck old fogey’s, must be made to understand that we are there protesting for Our Country, and for Our Rights as citizens, and not as just another lobbyist “who has “some’ concerns about a certain bill.”

There are times when one should be polite. We know that. But then again, …there are times when results are needed and sometimes politeness gets in the way of making one’s will clearly known. If Thurman Adams will not release the bill from his desk drawer in time to override Minner’s veto, then every available citizen of this state, and we’re talking about the same first state to say “WE DO SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, ….every available citizen needs to haul ass down to Dover, partake in the storming of the General Assembly, and interrupt the process long enough to ensure this last session of the 144th remains unconcluded until after such time has passed allowing the eventual override that veto.

The legislature can be reconvened at a time when the People’s business can be attended to, or they …can….just….stay…very…very….late….