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Definition: Where American spending was brought up to the level where it should be, without the necessary revenue to support it.

(As evidenced by 154,000 private sector jobs being created in July.)

The problem is not with spending. The problem is the lack of taxing of the top 1%. The spending seems to be doing its job.

There are two choices before us:

One, we tax the top 1% and live the quality of life we deserve…..

Two, we continue the tax cuts, allowing the top 1% to not pay their fair share in taxes, and continue the quality of life we’ve suffered since 2001..

Simple microcosmic view: find a pothole in today’s state road system… You can’t, it’s covered up with stimulus funded new pavement… Nice, crisp, sharply painted blacktop, as far as the eye can see….

Compare that to the Bush Era… Potholes galore and getting them fixed was like pulling teeth…

Now pull back and look at your entire lifestyle with all it’s moving parts…. first see one where everything outside your control is operating smoothly like clockwork ( a Visa commercial comes to mind), and the other where it is all cacophonous and catastrophic…..

So, in which type of lifestyle do you prefer to live?

Decide and vote.

In today’s political world, the embattled progressives are ironically in the same position American forces found themselves in Afghanistan around the time Obama was sworn in………

Things do not seem to be going well at all….

They did not get the Bush tax cuts off the books. Those tax cuts are still sending jobs overseas. They did not get single payer health care; insurers still limit health care. And now, many of the federal programs supporting the economies in their districts, are about to be eradicated….

“If only” Obama had stood tough!.. “If only” Democrats were better negotiators and didn’t give up everything at the drop of the hat… “If only” the Democrats worked harder last December to get the Bush tax cuts not reinstated. “If only” Democrats hadn’t lost the House last election, things would be different. “If only” Obama hadn’t sold us out! “If only” Obama had a spine. “If only” Democrats hadn’t caved and given Republicans 100% of what they want…“If only” the media would educate the public. “If only” truth was allowed on the airwaves….

The Progressives should not base their future strategy on “what-ifs” and “if only’s” as Progressives (especially here in Delaware) are prone to do. Such an approach is not “reality-based.”

It is instead, “hope-based”, which is to say in reality … “illusion-based”…

The illusion persists that Obama can “make” Republicans do what Progressive want. It equals the illusion that the US, can “make” the government of Karzai, do what everything we want…

In both cases, both progressives and the US, can’t force the issue. Instead, what they have to do, is out-argue, snuggle-up, and win the battle of the minds; they have to convince the respective populations that if they follow their way, the population will be better off.

With this bill, we now have a “reality” to assist with that convincing…

The core of all the arguing, is the hypothesis that America needs to tax it’s wealthy a little more.

When American’s go to the polls in 2012, they will have begun to feel the effects on the economy of what happens when one cuts $100 billion a year. Just like the balanced budget deficit bill of 1937 pushed America back into depression, so will this bill.

Progressives need to be out there saying, “We told you this would happen; see? We were right all along; all you have to do is tax the wealthy and this all goes away…..”

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately), there will not be a World War III to pull us out of this next upcoming depression… We will just have to spend Federal Dollars as if there was one. Which means, we have to return to the top marginal tax rates of 1941 – 1945…

So yes, there are no new revenues in this bill. Had there been, the reality would be that the House would have allowed a default.

But the argument can now begin… anew,… starting tomorrow! That increases in taxes cause an increase in jobs….. Had another default issue been allowed to occur again before the election, that argument would have been held hostage once again…

Now, it can’t… It can’t…. The argument of “good taxation” will get out there. This future election will be all about job creation…..

The Tea Party and Progressives both make the same error. They feel that holding another side hostage to get their way, is acceptable. That is not how America works. Often we fail, to remember that America is the one who put the Republicans into the position they did. Likewise, it was the Americans who put Democrats in the same position, two years earlier.

This argument needs to be played out over the course of an election cycle. The Americans themselves need to weigh in on this argument. Each side must argue their case.

It comes down to Clinton’s way… versus Bush’s…..

Start changing minds.

Delaware Democrats Deliver Where Republican's FAIL
Toon courtsey of Inkcint Cartoons

Delaware has a surplus…

As usual, everyone put out their hand and says: “I want mine”…. Thank heavens this is a democracy and votes were placed in 2008, 2010, and will be again in 2012, all which decide exactly who will get “da” money.

From an economic perspective, the entire amount should be injected into the economy. Democrats immediately took the lead and unifyingly said: give the 2% back to those who gave it up… and increase their pensions 1% while we are at it… After all, we are making them pay more for it…. Best estimates show that this will cost $19 million… Most of that $19 million will be spent in Delaware….

It was with grateful heart that Delaware thanked their lucky stars that they chose to provided Democratic leadership in both houses as opposed to that of Republicans… Look at the turmoil in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, as the Republican governors try to decimate the working middle class, and use their savings to give tax breaks to the wealthy….

While those states are imploding, Delaware will have money ($40 million) to attract new businesses by improving access roads and sewers for incoming businesses. While those states are imploding, Delaware will have money ($40 million) added to the Transportation Trust Fund, to stave off future deficiencies. While those states are , imploding, Delaware will have money ($35 million) for the preservation of historical buildings, our greatest heritage. While those states are imploding, Delaware will have money ($10 million ) for affordable housing programs. While those Republican states are imploding, Delaware will have money to put up ($10 million) to protect open space… While across the board, those states who had the unpleasant misfortune to have gotten stuck with a Republican chief executive are stripping money from education, Delaware, will invest money ($22 million) into early education….

Overall about $265 million of the surplus has been targeted to develop jobs. Something that directly impacts the betterment of every Delawarean. If all that money gets funneled back into our state economy, as it should, thanks to the JEC and Markell’s careful targeting of where it should be spent,…. expect an average of ($265M /897,000) $295 extra dollars to flow through every man, women, and child’s hands over the course of next year…

That IS good economic policy.:. putting money in the hands of those who spend it…. Truly, we are lucky to be a Democratic state…

Makes one wonder if those other states will eventually also come to their senses and “wise up”?

Republicans pooh pooh the idea of wealth redistribution. They deride Obama’s policy as being just that.

Truth is, their policies that have caused far more wealth redistribution, than Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, or Tojo combined.. It has been redistributed all the wrong way; to the top.

I became curious as I was in line pushing my cart from Costco’s checkouts to my car, scratching my head how I could have spent $50 dollars on a few trinkets: water, bread, paper towels and razor blades. I had only three of the wrong bags (plastic) and had just electronically approved the emptying of my account by $50 dollars…. (The same purchases would have cost $33 back in November, before the Bush tax cuts were extended an additional two years)..

How does that play out in our society?

First a chart:

Yearly income ….(divided by 52 divided by 5)……. daily income

1 million…………………………………………………….$3846
$ 75,000…………………………………………………….$288
$ 45,000…………………………………………………….$173
$ 25,000…………………………………………………….$96
$14/hour @ 7.5 hours……………………………………..$105
$10/hour @ 7.5 hours……………………………………..$75
$7.25/hour, 7.5 hours……………………………………..$54
$2.38/hour, 7.5 hours……………………………………..$17

That means almost an entire day of work for someone on minimum wage, was worth those three bags I had in my hand.

Prior to November, they would have at least had $19 more dollars to spend.
Bread, water, paper towels, and a razor plus blades ($9 +$15). (ever wonder why most working protestors have beards?)

Here is a list of countries that I know had protests over wealth distribution, some causing the collapse of their governments… Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Albania, Britain, Wisconsin, Jordan, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Singapore… I’m sure there are more.

In each case, the people are protesting that they have to live on less and less, while their wealthy, due to unfair lenient tax laws, are making more and more….

1% of Americans, own 40% of our wealth. Wow, that sounds like Mexico, or Columbia! Do they really own that much?

The Gini coefficient is a mathematical term that measures inequality. If everybody has the same amount of wealth, the coefficient will be zero. If one person has all the wealth, then the coefficient would be 100.

Using this tool, we see how the world is stacked. Those countries called socialist by overly rich republicans, who apparently are complaining on having to live on $174,000 these days, and called number one places to live by everyone normal, have relatively low coefficients. Third world countries, where the president owns all the wealth, have relatively high ones

Here is a chart with map showing the rankings…..

Scroll down to see the company the United States keeps…. Georgia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, United States, Morocco…… The only economic power below us is China, which will no doubt pass us up this year.

Far above us (we are ranked 85 our of 149, with some embarrassing countries better off than we are….. Myanmar, Iran, Yemen, Russia, Libya,) lie the top echelon, Denmark, Japan, Iceland, Sweden, Norway…..

What do those countries do differently? They figure out what they need to spend to maintain the quality of life they wish to attain, then spread the tax burden over whomever lives, or works there… Yes taxes are higher than here, … but when they pay $4 dollars for a gallon of milk, it goes toward their next doctor’s visit, not into some foreign investor’s pocket, who is playing with the hedge fund of milk that day.

Therefore they live much better than we can. Unless of course, you over here happen to be a 1 percent-er.

Then. for you, buying bread, water, paper towels, and razors is taking less than 2% of your daily pay, and not the 92% it does for someone who worked all day on the minimist of minimum wage….. .

111th United States Congress

We were round tabling this discussion when one person said… “What if the US just gave up after Pearl Harbor?”

Valid point.

Now I’m all for people speaking their mind. I’m all for supporting the majority. And like the founding fathers, I have implicit faith in the ability of the people to sort out our problems and separate wheat from the chaff… if not the first time, then definitely over time.

Most ordinary people I know have far more wisdom than any leader I’ve had the privilege to share conversation with. Therefore I believe in the sanctity of the people’s choice. If the people voted him in, he’s there for a reason.

But that’s only if the election was fair. If someone padded the ballot box, or switched vote totals, than obviously this premise wouldn’t apply for the very reason that the choice of the people was not the person who was actually representing them.

Mike was bushwhacked, sort of like the US was at Pearl Harbor or on 09/11…Reading his interview yesterday in the News Journal, one gets a sense that perhaps this was not a fair fight…. By election laws it was, and we all have to accept the primary results. However, if Mike doesn’t run as a write-in, he is putting himself in the same position as if the United States did nothing after Pearl Harbor or 9/11….

And with Mike, it is not about winning, although winning would be nice. It would be about whether good or evil triumphed. Polls say it’s Mike’s race to lose. He actually has enough money to send every voter a personal card telling them exactly how much he’s done for them, how that will soon change for the worse, and explain how to write in his name and send the evil perpetrators back to their cardboard boxes.

If Mike doesn’t do this…. exactly then, what is he saying to future generations of Americans? ? That we should just give up when hit from behind with a baseball bat? That it’s the American way to lay down and bend over? That being a man, is knowing when to run away and hide? That brutality and tastelessness are the new American Way? That perhaps Christine was right? Castle has no man pants on? That the wishes of Delawareans don’t matter; we’ll stop immediately and do what Californians tell us? That how we brush off defeat is a better mark of character, than coming back strong and punishing the evil that befell us?

And sentences keep coming one after another… the list keeps going on…

But if I were in Mike Castles shoes, and if it were me looking over the entire scene before me… I would have no choice but to say I’m in… Oh yes, I would wait till the last minute of September 30th to do so… and I would create a smoke cloud beforehand by pretending to roll over and let bygones be bygones… …. …. and from somewhere out of the fog, then overwhelmingly, I’d strike.

I wouldn’t hold back.. It’d be my last race, it would be the one I pulled all my stops for. Every person I’d ever helped would get a personal appeal from me. Unconditional Surrender would be our rallying cry, just like for the troops of WWII… Our goal would be not just to win, but destroy the O’Tea Party forever.

Ok, Hannity O’Tea Partiers: so you were secretly prepared and yes, you overran Poland, and yes, you then went on to incorporate the Low Countries, Denmark and Norway, and even surprised France pushing their ally Britain into the water… But this time, you went too far.. You’ve taken on the United States. You’ve pissed off someone five times your size. We will Normandize you, Elbetize you, Dresdenize you, give you a Kolnectomy, Rhineantipuovertize you, Remagenisque you, and even liposuctionize your Battle of the Bulge. We will Pattontize you, Bradleydice you, and Marshall you into a corner from where you can’t maneuver.. We will take average civilians and turn them into a fighting force the world has never seen…

We will do so for the honor of America.

What kind of an America? An America where truth wins out, where decency prevails, where honesty and hard work eventually win out over trickery, skulduggery, and political assassination. You wanted to play dirty? We’ll show you how it’s done… In doing so we will show the world that modernism prevails, that decent people still run America. that the “Boehner Bullshit” is just that. It’s time to show the world what we’ve known all along.. That in America, it’s the people who run politics..Not the Politics who run the people…..

I’d tell every Delawarean… Do yourself a favor… Turn off your TV’s.. You got a question? Call me or my staff directly! We’ll talk to you… try talking back to their commercials! Where will that get you?

That stuff they’re airing? That’s not Delaware talking, That’s California money talking… That’s rich bitch snitch drug money being laundried to throw a Senate seat into supporting their snatching up of all your money… You want to keep some of your money? Call me. Call my staff… That’s Delaware talking.

Do you want reason to take on ins’hannity?

Well, it’s on. Support me. You can’t let the devil win… ”

Well anyway, if I were Castle, that’s exactly what I’d do. And I would do it selflessly, not to win, but to give Delawarean another alternative between a Democrat and our equivalent of the brown shirts of the Nazi Party.

Yes, if there is still good left in America, then Castle needs to run.
If the doesn’t, then the America that came back after Pearl Harbor……. is gone.

Lol, I told you.

And now we have it: a very clear choice. Maybe I’m the only one who is tired of parceling beans, putting some in this pile, others in that, and then counting up the totals to see which has more… A fight between Mike Castle and Chris Coons would be just that…

Instead, I wanted a clear fight, one that doesn’t even have to go nasty-ad personal to make the news… IN FACT, THE PERSONAL IS SOOO BORING, compared to the energy of what this battle of ideas will generate.

We have: Abortion versus Choice
Low Taxes versus Large Debt
Religion versus Science
Family values versus Economic Growth
Slashing Services versus Helping Those Less Fortunate
Carbon Fuels versus Nonpolluting Ones
Mommy versus Dad.

Lucky us. We have a sexy Mom (oo-la-la) and sexy Dad (hubba hubba) fighting it out… Anyway…..

Here are my predictions. This election will be way, way too close to call. It will be so close that the green and blue Castle-lites will quickly forgive and eagerly join in with the O’Donnell Blues…

This election will be the most exciting one in most living Delawarean’s memories. It will involve multiple local visits by the next presidential elections biggest names.

This election will redefine political boundaries for the next twelve years… Not officially, but this one set’s up the next election coming up in two years.

Most important, it opens up the dialogue of ideas
. The official Republican Party is dead. That’s the party of platitudes, or platypussys, (which is it? I forgot. )

Real people put in a candidate, one not supported by the party, one even disparaged by the party, one horribly ridiculed vociferously by the party… and guess what? …..

The people said ” yeah, that may be so…. but she is still much better than anything you got!!!! ..”

That’s a pretty damning indictment.

Christine now has the valid claim to be the one being of the people, for the people and (to win an election) by the people. To go against that, no matter who the opponent, is a very scary force to reckon with. Although oblivious to it now, Coons is is in trouble, and had better get his good ideas out there right now while Christine is reeling from her victory over the storming of the Bastille….

Likewise, everyone official who dissed her, whether blogger, think tank, or otherwise, obviously has interests that counteract those held dear-to-heart by real people. They have been proven to speak with forked tongues.

The People have spoken, just like they did with Obama. Each might cringe to be associated with the other, but both were fresh candidates in their respective races. If one looks at the big picture stretching over two parties, one hears the People saying “the old is not working. Let’s do something different…. ”

I’ve been calling for the death of the Republican Party, and so far, after each election after their peak in 2004, I have been correct; that party’s power has shrunk exponentially. However, Christine, has rejuvenated Conservatism in this state better than anything I could have done or said. For they( conservatives) are tired of being put down, stomped on, dismissed, pooh-poohed, cussed at, sexually intimidated, beaten up, suckered punched, laughed at, lip flipped, weasel wedged, wet Willied, bitch slapped, nipple tucked, and then be dismissed as inconsequential by a handful of men in Greenville with way too much money?

And now, conservatism has found a natural outlet to unleash all that energy pent up since the official Republican Party decided to cater to millionaires instead of Conservatives. Like a tiny wedge in a sand dam, all that pent up energy, will change the landscape these next few weeks ..

But will Conservatism work? Ahh, that is another question and will be one debated in another post.. Right now, I have to get back and celebrate with the lovely Ms. O’Donnell, her coming out party… 🙂

Now that the major primaries have passed, now that the issues have been settled, we can all move on since the rest of the primaries are only to determine the actual people who will be running……..

Therefore, starting today, the stimulus spending bill has come under debate…

As well as it should… It was a big bill…. It was definitely voted on through a leap of faith. If successful, it completely wipes one major party off the face of the planet! If it fails, it offers the only justification for that pathetic party to have ever existed in the first place…

And so, … it should be debated…

Now with debates, anyone can say anything… If you can open your mouth, if you can form words with your tongue, if you know the rudimentary rules of the English language, you can say anything… There is no limit…

It is up to us, to determine whether what is being said, fact… or fiction.. It is up to us to use our intellectual processes, our years of experiences, or natural born instincts, to analyze the sound waves emitting from a speaker’s mouth, and to make a judgment on whether what is being said… is fact, …. or …fiction.

Sometimes we need help…

So let us turn to Republicans to help us determine whether the stimulus package was a good thing after all…

As everyone knows, the passage of the Stimulus Package was essentially a Democratic undertaking. Every Republican member of the House and all but three Republican members of the Senate voted against it.

( Mike Castle is in the House; Mike Castle is a Republican )

Obviously they think the Stimulus Package is bad. They’re right…. It’s bad for Republicans… Every elected Republican’s job is in jeopardy, .. if the Stimulus Bill turns out to be successful…

As for the rest of us, …all the evidence out there now, shows it is helping.. All the evidence out there now, shows it has made a differenceAll the evidence out there now, shows that America sorely needed the Stimulus Bill, and the American economy today, is alive only because this Bill got passed over the outrageous objections of all Republicans but three …

Three economic analyst firms, IHS Global Insight, Macroeconomic Advisers and Moody’s have estimated that between 1.6 million and 1.8 million jobs have been created so far. The White House offered a much broader range, between 1.5 and 2 million jobs.

Yes, as Rick Jensen pointed out on WDEL this afternoon, some jobs are not high priced or long term… The actual percentage of those he mentioned as having no merit, roughly a thousand out of the 2 million figure quoted by the White House, is exactly 0.0005 of one percent. So we can assume, thanks to Rick Jensen, that this bill, which Mike Castle voted against, has been 99.9995% successful at creating new jobs…

So what are these Republicans objecting too? $ 288 billion in tax cuts.
Mike Castle voted against $288 Billion in tax cuts… That is the same thing as raising your taxes… Do you know why the upcoming Christiana District Referendum is now necessary? It is because for 8 years, Mike Castle voted to streamline government. He voted for tax cuts, so his wealthy friends, who used to support our schools with their taxes, didn’t have to anymore. Keep your money he told them. We’ll cut jobs and expenses… Now, in a bad economy, every homeowner will have to cough up more to keep our schools open… All because Mike interfered with what was working beautifully, and screwed things up…

And now,… when we need jobs, Mike Castle votes against $288 billion in tax cuts? Is he nuts? or is he worried those tax cuts might be successful and he will lose his job come November 2010?

You don’t have to be a scientist to figure that one out..

But the Republicans biggest opposition to the Stimulus Package was that it created jobs….

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele laid down the party line on CNN: “Let’s get this notion out of our heads that the government create jobs. Not in the history of mankind has the government ever created a job.”

Hoover Dam, TVA, WWII, every military contract ever signed, Kellogg & Root, every bulldozer operator on every Federal Highway, every Congressional staffer, every state employee, every public school teacher, etc., does not exist according to the republican party. They are simply not there… This is the doctrine Mike Castle subscribes to?

Contrary to Steele’s assertion, in the history of mankind, the government has in fact created many, many jobs (including the one he held for a few years: lieutenant governor of Maryland) (and they wonder why people have no confidence in Republicans.. Ha!)

Equally peculiar, was the rush by these same Republicans who said government never created any new jobs, to claim credit even though they voted against it, for the new jobs their Federal Government was bringing to their district….

Which leaves the third leg. Entitlements. Much of the spending in this area has been on Medicaid—an effort to help state governments, run by Democrats and Republicans alike, cope with the rising costs of residents left uninsured or under-insured by the economic downturn. It would be hard to find any Republican who would commit that we need to let seniors die a wretched and painful death, with no medical care because the Federal Government didn’t want to spend some extra dollars… But that is exactly what Mike Castle voted to do, when he voted against the Stimulus Bill… It’s a dammed good thing he was in the minority…

So Mike Castle voted here and here to kill the Stimulus Plan.

The question is simply put….. Was this the best decision for Delaware?

He voted against the creation of 1.6 to 1.8 million jobs.
He voted against $288 billion in tax cuts during an economic crises.
He voted against emergency money to keep seniors from dying painful and wretched deaths when state funding ran out…

Does he know he made a mistake?

We only send one, let's send our best...

You tell me.

Catholic hospitals Saturday rallied behind President Barack Obama’s health care bill ahead of a House vote in which anti-abortion lawmakers could play a decisive role.

The chief executive of the Catholic Health Association, Carol Keehan, wrote on the group’s Web site that although the legislation isn’t perfect, it represents a “major first step” toward covering all Americans and would make “great improvements” for millions of people.

And the freaks are scared…

I was shocked when it was brought to my attention, really. This is a rather eventful pivot point.

The Catholic Church, through this venue, has decided that more good, will come about from President Obama’s Healthcare Reform, than harm.. The Catholic Church. has come out in favor of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Plan…


Because it helps people. It helps people get well. It helps people stay well. It helps drop costs down so more people can be treated…

The compassion and hope that this bill provides is so great, that the Catholic Church is willing to look the other way on the abortion planks… That shows you just how good this bill is seen to be by the Catholic Church… Who in their lifetimes would think the Catholic Church would look the other way on abortion? But Obama’s healthcare reform bill is so good, so helpful, such a wonderful piece of legislation, that the Catholic Church simply cannot dismiss it.. In fact, the Catholic Church wants this bill to go through so badly, that it supports it, despite some qualms over abortion planks that may or may not be added…. Who would have ever thought they’d see the day!

If it is good for the Catholic Church, by default, it must be good for all Americans…. (You don’t have to sell me)… Since looking at facts, I’ve been saying that for little over a year now… But some people need selling, and now, this group of Catholic hospitals, has decided that better health care for all Americans, is indeed a worthy cause to get behind…

The current legislation would allow private insurance plans operating in a new insurance marketplace to cover abortions, provided they do not use taxpayer funds. What makes that tricky is that many of the plans’ customers would be receiving federal subsidies to help pay their premiums. So the legislation requires plans offering abortion coverage to collect a separate premium from their policyholders. Those separate checks would have to be kept in a different account from money for other health care services.

The radicals of the Right to Life movement, differ with the mainstream element of their church. Douglas Johnson, legislative director for National Right to Life, poo-poo’d the segregation of funds called for in the Senate bill as a bookkeeping trick. His group has bluffed it will count any vote for the House bill as support for taxpayer-funded abortion. “No Catholic hospital executive has ever turned out hundreds of volunteers to man the phone banks or walk the precincts for an endangered congressman or his challenger,” Johnson shrieked in response to the hospital group’s announcement.

I am grateful the Catholic Church is supporting Obama’s version of Healthcare Reform.

Now, if we can only get them to excommunicate all those Republicans who won’t support it….

After all, anyone who opposes legislation that represents a “major first step” toward covering all Americans and would make “great improvements” for millions of people, deserves to go to hell.