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Breaking.  and this is an ongoing story that reminds me so much of the Russian coup against Gorbachev that looked so frightening at first, then the coup leaders were all found locked in a room, half naked, drunk off their asses.  What bumblers…

We had three scandals in three days…

  • Benghazi.
  • AP Reporters getting wiretapped.
  • IRS searching up Tea Partiers…

Turns out none are scandals.

A)  Obama and Hillary are absolved from the Benghazi episode.  The ABC email that started it all, was doctored. The whole thing was built off a piece of misinformation.

B)  The AP Reporters?  A very serious leak compromising considerable resources needed to be tracked down.   The  House Bill which would have made listening to journalist illegal was voted against by none other than Darral Issa..  Only 20 others were extremely discombobulated enough to do so.  Though is passed overwhelmingly over Issa’s objection,  a Republican filibuster killed it in the Senate.  Obama then a Senator, had committed to voting for it.  “Republicans killed it” quoted Patrick Leahy, forever known for his episode in Dark Knight.

C)  IRS searching up Tea Partiers.  The IRS is a non partisan machine and is in a complete disconnect with any administration.  The head of the IRS during this time-frame was a Bush appointee.  The head of the division what oversees these tax exempt organizations, was appointed by Bush and approved by the Republican Senate in 2005…  Why either of these would target the Tea Party for political means is unfathomable.   But to do so because these organizations being investigated were formed to promote the NOT PAYING OF TAXES….. well, wouldn’t you do the same?

All three cases were complete duds. There was no “there”, there.  All the prophecies of you had better watch out, …were premature.

The big question is… why are we even talking about this?  Can you say poll results?

  • December 12, 2012: Kentucky: Hillary Clinton would beat Paul, Rubio in 2016
  • January 10, 2013: Clinton could be unstoppable if she runs in 2016
  • January 17, 2013: Clinton could beat Bush and Rubio in Florida in 2016
  • January 31, 2013: Clinton could win Texas in 2016
  • February 8, 2013: Clinton potentially competitive in Alaska
  • February 14, 2013: Clinton tied or ahead against GOP candidates in Louisiana
  • February 28, 2013: Clinton would beat Walker, Ryan in Wisconsin in 2016
  • March 21, 2013: Clinton’s popularity soars in Florida while Rubio stumbles
  • April 11, 2013: Clinton and Paul are neck and neck in Kentucky
  • April 25, 2013: Clinton would be dominant in New Hampshire in 2016
  • May 8, 2013: Republicans decide it’s time to find out just how responsible Hillary Clinton is for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi

Can you say …. “getting trounced in Red States”?

Just look at North Carolina.  In 2010 both houses went Republican. But they still had a Democratic Governor to keep them in check.  That check was erased last November. Today with a Republican Governor, and super-majorities in both houses, North Carolina is a model for what would have happened if Romney had won the Presidency and the Senate become Republican….  Unchecked power.  Basically a Tea Party’s wish list…..

So far, these changes have already done in North Carolina…..

A.  Parents and families seeking Federal Assistance must first take a drug test, which they must first pay costing $100.  That money is then used to help fund the benefits for those… who passed….

B.  Passed a bill requiring photo identification at the polls.

C.  Personal and Corporate Tax Cuts

D.  Restrictions on Abortion

E.  Cuts to Education Funding

F.  Increasing out-of-state tuition for state schools.

G. Ending the public funding of Judicial elections.

H  Devastating rollbacks of environmental legislation

I.  Blocked the expansion of Medicaid under Obama’s Health Care Act.

This has happened in a few short months.  The bills are instantly brought up for a vote, discussion is waived, and the vote is taken… It is always partisan with those representing good government, always losing.

This is what the rest of the nation avoided this past November…

As gun control, the death penalty, and single sex marriage all rush forward and seem to be gaining more acceptance with every single minute,  it seems to point out the death throes of the entire cannon of conservatism… Especially the hateful harsh kind that exists only by brutalizing anyone who tries of offer a better alternative… Believe me … There are plenty of better alternatives.

I was moved by an opinion piece in Sunday’s News Journal… It responded to each Conservative argument against gay marriage one by one.  In the end, as each Conservative plank  became undone, the only reason left for being against Gay Marriage, was the desire to make gays suffer… Not the most noble of human emotions.

Now today on Al’s show with El Som, Capital Punishment as well was the topic.  El came out against the proposed amendment to enforce it if a policeman gets killed.  El put up a good argument that as a society of law, you either kill or don’t kill.  You can’t do both at the same time…  As the arguments progressed, and again, as conservative planks got batted down by logic one by one, keeping the death penalty was supported by only one and only one reason: the desire to make fellow humans suffer!. Oh the fun of torture!  Again not one of our most noble emotions.

But that conversation reminded me of another piece in the News Journal, I believe in Saturday’s issue.  That interview of someone released from death row because his accuser recanted his testimony…

What was telling, was the prosecutors retort… ” We believe we got the right man.  Justice is not being served here but there is little we can do.”

Excuse me?  Your whole prosecution pointing to this very unlikely suspect, hinged only on one witness who said he it was him…  Now, when that one witness confesses he lied, and is sticking to his story and is preferring to face prison for perjury instead of having an innocent person be executed from his lie, …you, Mr. Prosecutor still say you had the right person?  You say that because you can’t admit you were wrong.  You never had the right person. To push that line against unmitigating evidence, makes us wonder if you EVER have the right person?  You really don’t even care as long as you have a conviction in your cap, one more to hold over your peers.  Based on your comment, suddenly our entire justice department can no longer be viewed as impartial.  When the prosecution undeniably knows the person is innocent, but prosecutes him anyways, putting him on death row, personally  suspecting all the time he is innocent… proves one very important thing.  Prosecution framed him.  pure and simple.

Perhaps immunity can be granted to this perjurer, freeing him from prison time, in order to cajole him to open up to all of us in society and explain who put on the pressure … Exactly who was it how is the real criminal, those prosecuting innocent people…?

Suddenly the reason police want the death penality is clear.  They want to kill. Bounded by society from doing so, pushing one into death row is the next best thing…..

Bottom line, both of these are very basic planks of conservatism.    Law and order, and an eye for an eye…

That in Delaware, where we should be immune from bad prosecutors because of our fine justice system. even we have people more concerned with feathers in their caps than whether someone innocent get killed….

Obviously that this is happening now, points us in the direction to where we have to get rid of the death penalty.. .  We have all the wrong people on death row….

Conservatives brought us to this mess.  Everything they have said, and still say, doesn’t hold water.  Gays did not destroy the world… Death penalties did not dry up crime.  Registering guns doesn’t cause guns to be collected by the government…   Obama care is not bad, but good.    You don’t have to invade Iraq to capture Bin Laden.

Why do we still have Republicans anyways. All they do is ruin lives. Everyone’s lives…

Thanks Nancy. Tom Carper sponsored, and Chris Coons endorsed, a bill that shuffles money around the Agriculture Department to keep our food inspectors fully employed.

Our food will not be uninspected now because of the Republican induced sequester. Politics are one thing. People dying are another. The only protection Americans have between themselves and unscrupulous cut-throat foreign food processors, is the FDA. Eliminating them would the the death of us all. Remember the tainted pet food?

I’m glad our delegation stepped up to protect them… However this gave me pause. Where the money was being shifted from….

The Pryor/Blunt/Coons amendment adds no additional cost to the bill. Instead, it moves one-time funding for school equipment grants and deferred maintenance on buildings and facilities at the U.S. Department of Agriculture…

One time funding for school equipment grants, meaning many schools in Delaware which thought they would soon be on the receiving end of new refrigeration units to safeguard school lunches, must now remain using the old pre- 1930’s models currently in place. It also means when the sequester is done, and funds return, their will be less spent on helping Americans, because it will be shuffled to cover the depreciation currently not charged because of this amendment.

When are we going to stop pussy footing around the real issue, and tax the wealthy at the rate of their hero, Ronald Reagan’s first tax cut level, until we have paid off our deficit? The middle class should not bear the cost of the wealthy’s bad investments. The top 1% should be the first to anti up, and then, only when they have nothing left, should the middle class even be asked to sacrifice…..

America is being spoon fed raw sewage and is then arguing which medicine is better to cover up the symptoms….. Tax the wealthy and all our dreams will come true. America can be healthy again….

Yep, the Paul Ryan budget was released today. As expected it is a budget designed to protect the top 1% from any bad thing that could possibly occur to them. As was poetically so well put by Romney during the past campaign…. ” ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…. The rest of us don’t matter….”

Today prominent theologians of all religions universally excommunicated the Republican Party of the United States of America from any pretension of anything corresponding to organized religion.

“They’re a cult, I tell you!!!”

Republicans in congress. God is watching you. And if you Fundamentalists would read your Bibles, you’d already know whose side He is on.

The rest of us… If you thought Republicans would come to their senses and start reinvesting in America, the joke is on you.

Nothing will ever change until America gets mad enough to rid ourselves of this pestilence forever…. You don’t have to vote for a Democrat. Most of you won’t… But you do… have to not vote for a Republican….

Unless you no longer consider yourself a moral individual, change your Registration…. TODAY!!!!!!!

  • Why is it every time we’ve had a mass killing, the perpetrator has been someone aligned to Conservative values?
  • Why is it that we have to wait through one week’s vacation to have a Secretary of Defense confirmed?
  • Why is it that no attempt is being made to avoid the cutting of  700,000 jobs?
  • Why is it that Conservatives are holding out from giving their citizens affordable Healthcare, when the benefits are obvious to all?
  • Why is it that the defense for having weapons of mass destruction, is so they will be available to be used upon the United States Government?
  • Why is it that Conservatives have recently come out in support of rape, whether it is to women, boys, or babies?

The reason is because they lost. Just like a divorced husband who trashes his house just before he has to turn it over to his ex; just like Saddam Hussein setting fire to Kuwait’s oil fields as his army retreats, Republicans are saying a big “fuck you” to the United States of America. Instead of realizing they are in the wrong, they have taken the approach that as long as they still have one foot in office, they will do every thing in their power to destroy America, so it is worth nothing to those who we elected to serve us in their place…

In less than 20 months, we can vote these Republicans out completely…. Just 20 months, that is 80 weeks, just 560 days, and we can be rid of them completely….

This must be your goal. America has a hopeful future and has many opportunities just waiting to be grasped. Clean out every Republican, and prosperity will return.

Seriously, would you invest in a country run like Saddam’s Iraq? Neither would I. Let’s get rid of the nuts, and let’s rebuild America.

In the House, 78 percent of Republicans voted against emergency aid for Hurricane Sandy. In the Senate, those 36 voting against Hurricane Sandy aid, represent 80 percent of Republicans.

Some had districts repaired by Federal Aid after Katrina. Some, had the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers flood their front yards… One, Roy Blunt of Missouri, even angrily insisted that 100% of the Joplin tornado repair be done with Federal Money.  Whereas 75% was already approved and covered …. Roy put it bluntly: “I think they have to come to a better number than that, and the right number, I think, would be 100 percent.”

This caused me to think.

Over the history of man, has there ever been a more hypocritical group than this? Ones who simply deny reality and make so many statements so absolutely contrary to truth?

yes.. there have been.

Kim Jong-Ill
Baghdad Bob
Tokyo Rose
Lord HaHa
Emperor Nero
King Herod

Calling a conservative “hypocrite” is like calling a progressive “liberal”: It stings, but they don’t actually understand why it’s supposed to be offensive.  Using the word “hypocrite” should really be stopped altogether. It’s become a meaningless insult like “Nazi,” “bias,” or “environmentalist.” It actually has some spray back onto its user anyway. Basically pointing out someone is a hypocrite makes you sound like an angsty emo tween. It’s a word we learn in junior high to apply to grownups.

Instead of “hypocrite” I recommend the word “fraud.” It sounds bad. Fraud is illegal. Fraud is immoral. And it’s an accurate way of describing hypocrisy without sounding like an irate Justin Bieber fan. 

FDR January 6, 1941 Seventy Two Years Ago On Sunday

“The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems are simple. They are:

Equality of opportunity for youth and for others.
Jobs for those who can work.
Security for those who need it.
The ending of special privilege for the few.
The preservation of civil liberties for all.
The enjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living.

Btw. Republicans are against each and everyone of these. Which is why, our lives are so screwed up right now…

Optimism, optimism, optimism…….

There is now hope. One third of the House Republicans joined the House speaker and voted FOR the Fiscal Cliff Legislation along with 174 Democrats, creating a new majority in the House. The Tea Party for now has been marginalized. As long as this group continues to vote for their constituency, which is usually urban, sophisticated, sensible, smart, well endowed, friendly, helpful, intelligent, kind, mathematically inclined, and very, very anti-fundamentalist, they will side on the side of Democrats, who have their own divisions to contend with…

There seems to be a possibility that the log jam that for so long has held up the Tea Party Congress, has been undone. This event comes upon the fact that Democrats overwhelmingly had a million more popular votes for Representatives than did Republicans, portending the only reason Republicans ever got elected, is through careful gerrymandering of their districts.

The Republicans starting tomorrow, will have even less of a majority. It will require fewer Republicans to side with Democrats to get things done.

The optimism in the markets comes from the speculation that we may be beyond the Partisan bickering that was caused by 100% of Republican intransigence. It does not bode well for Progressives. It does not bode well for Tea Party Republicans, but it does bode well for all American people who need things to finally get done….

In the new Congress, there are these sectors…. Blue Dog Democrats are now reduced to 12. The New Democrat Coalition will have 52. The Progressive Coalition will have 73…. leaving 64 unaffiliated…
The Republican split of roughly 1/3 (85) siding with the practical contingent and 2/3 remaining with the Tea Party Conservatives (149). So if we have a flux of moderate Republicans shifting to side with Democrats to push legislation based on reality, and Bluedogs shifting to support some Republican policies of principal, we may have enough movement to get things done….

Of course we will have to watch tomorrow’s vote to see if John Boehner can make it past Cantor. If the cliff vote is any indication, 85 shall side with Boehnor, and perhaps 152 side with Cantor. Of course these are rough estimates.

If Cantor wins, expect tomorrows markets to crash; investors knowing full well, stalemate of the protracted fight that will be coming up in two months.

There is little that is more rewarding than standing in a buffet line, dispensing out donated food cooked to perfection, to those of society who have nowhere else to go this special day. No money. A net worth under a $100, who tomorrow will be eating scraps again.

One can think of them as a obligation, I suppose, a “thing” that has to be done in order to call oneself “moral” and “rightous”.

Or one can think of them as people in a different world, a world of unlimited hope, unfettered possibilities, who fell out of someone’s birth canal into loving, awaiting arms, and the messages went shouting out across the world, “it’s a boy”; “it’s a girl.”

Someone who, had a different set of circumstances prevailed, could now have been on that side of the line serving food to us, as we shuffled by, plate in hand, so thankful for the love of others who would do this for us in our unfortunate circumstances…

That circumstance could have been caused by the death of a parent. By a chemical dependence. Or it could be caused by service in our military, by a firing “without cause,” by an illegal foreclosure forced by a fly-by-night financial institution.

It just so happened, that across the billions of influences that bombard our lives, we got enough beneficial ones to enable us to prosper, and they didn’t..

This Christmas, 98% of America is struggling as were those before me with plates in hand… The 2% won’t donate, won’t volunteer, won’t even answer the phone when the call for help comes…. “Dont’ answer it! Read the caller ID first. Who is it again?”

On this Christmas Day, nothing could be more un-American than such behavior.

Here is a list of All the House Republicans. You may not be in their district, but many there who vote, think like you. Simply say:

I am middle class. I always vote in primaries. I cannot afford any tax increase withheld from my current check amount. You can stop it now by accepting the compromise proposed by our Commander in Chief to get us past this crises. You represent me and I will hold you responsible for its pass-or-fail; after all it will be the Republican Party who caused my taxes to rise! If you fail and I wind up paying more to help out your rich friends, I will not support you in 2014. But if you support John Boehner’s and the President of the United States compromise, you will have my vote against any primary challenger….. May God grant you the wisdom that comes with responsibility, to see things clearly. Amen