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Attention Parents.

The easiest time to opt out is at the beginning of school.  Your kids have taken the test.  They have told you it is a waste of time.  Out of 45 states once part of Common Core, Delaware is one of 9 left taking this horrible test.  You have not gotten the scores back because they are afraid you will opt out once you see them…   They have set a deadline to opt out that will be crossed before you get your scores….

Point is: you don’t need those scores to know you want to opt out… You want to opt out…  Here is the short list of reasons including the one above.

  1. Legislatures in almost every state have dropped the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Delaware is one of the few that didn’t. The test is that bad.
  2. The Delaware General Assembly House voted 36 to 3 to allow you, the parent to opt out… That is a 12 to 1 ratio in favor…
  3. The Delaware General Assembly Senate voted 14 to 7 to allow you, the parent to opt out… That is a 2 to 1 ratio of people who despite getting the hard sell from the governor to stand firm against parents and allow corporations to masticate your children, chose to allow you, the parent to opt out….
  4.  The General Assembly will meet this fall in a special session to override the Governor’s veto if you, the parent become active in your state government and call all the representatives  to demand it.
  5. 100% of child psychologists across the country have said the Smarter Balanced Assessment unlike any other test out there, is very harmful to your child’s development.  They strongly urge all children to opt out.
  6. The test is a joke.  Every grown up who has taken the test (which you can do as well) has said “what the fvck are these questions even asking?”
  7. The scores are graded on a curve… and it doesn’t matter how well your child does on the test, he is still going to be given the score the DOE wants him to have…   It is not like tests you remember in school where if everyone gets all the answers right, they all get an “A”… Being graded on the curve means that even if all the kid’s answer correctly, the bottom 70% of those answering perfectly, will still fail.  It will be decided on the psychological profiling questions every child must answer….
  8.  The answers are so immature, professional adults don’t know which is right.  Therefore they can be changed at will and no one ever sees the scores or the tests to collaborate that the score received came from the test that was taken… They get their appointed score based on their race and income level.. Pure and simple…

Opting out has never been easier…  Copy and paste the form below and send it with your child on August 31st….


Delaware’s Official Opt Out Form.

Dear Principal at ____________________________________ School.

I, the parent of _______________________________________  am choosing to opt my child out of the most ridiculous test ever known to man: the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  He is not to take that test when it is administered to his class.

Please put him in study hall or a classroom where he can read something he finds worthwhile when those in his class who did not opt out, are scheduled to take the test…

Thank you in advance for your prompt response…..


Parent and legal guardian of ______________________________________________

Copyright held by the Delaware Department of Education/2015


Number one is… Hawaii… I can see that…. it’s a long haul in LPG ships.

Number two is … Florida… Rick Scott, Tea Party. Payback for supporters.  I can see that…..

Number four is… Alabama..  State supported monopoly of one private natural gas company…  i can see that.

But why is Delaware, which is only 100 miles from the cheapest natural gas in the world now being fracked in the Alleghenies, paying more than 47 other states, including the crony deal Alabama has to live with?

The answer is in two words…

Delmarva Power.

The mess in WV brings this home…   Anytime you allow industry near water, at some point in the future there will be an accident…. Prevention as opposed to monitoring, is the only way to insure no such event occurs

The proposed legislation will be incremental.  It will be minor in scope.  It’s design is to pit the same groups that combined to apply political muscle to push forward both Newark’s contaminating power plant, and the Millsboro chicken processing plant, towards next applying political pressure to diminish and eventually abolish the Coastal Act.  It will be pushed along as good for jobs, taxes, and energy benefits.  However, none of those will receive benefit.  Instead it is designed in a way to open the coastal area to development. The benefits will all go to developers, Surprised?  Developers as we know are very reputable human beings and would never break a law, would never allow any facility to be built which might pollute, in order to make hundreds of millions of extra dollars.

The Coastal Act is Delaware.  If it goes, Delaware again becomes the cess-pool is was before environmental laws were ever dreamed.

As went Army Creek, so goes the entire Delaware coastline….

Time to get busy now… Stir the pot so nothing sticks to the bottom later.

  • $45,000 was dropped into the election illegally and not reported in the required timely fashion…
  • That $45,000 was used to distribute literature telling Amy Roe supporters to go to the wrong polling places.
  • That $45,000 names a candidate and is not an issue based.  The proposed “issue” is “Polly’s Plan”, naming the candidate; not something like more local jobs through construction, which would not be attached to either candidate.

Only 115 votes separated whether we have a power plant or not….


There are just too many questions….  Voters need clarity.

The smart option would be to have a run off election.   Just run Polly and Amy, no one else….

Re-do the election and then we will know…

It is one day. 6 districts.  Just re-do the election…

Electric Costs by State

Over the past year, Delaware has experienced one of the highest increases in electrical power costs to commercial customers. So much so, that to get a new business to even consider moving in, we had to allow them to build their own power plant because our electricity is just “too” expensive.

The sole reason Delaware ranks so high is that our Public Service Commission rolls over and approves everything Delmarva asks, no matter how ridiculous…. The laws of supply and demand, do not apply here.

Currently they are considering a huge increase and Delmarva Power even says its reason, is to stretch their increase in profits over a wider stretch of time. Instead of getting hit with a sudden charge because Delmarva Power desires higher profits at some point in the future, they wish now to stretch that increase over a wider time span. Not that they need to pay for anything already spent. That is done. But they want you to now pay for their profits in advance of what they predict they will have 10-20 years up the road… Is this mad? No, it isn’t when you have a Public Service Commission that rubber stamps everything you ask for.

(If your boss ALWAYS granted every request you made) would you be ticked in the head to ask for a million dollars a year? Of course not. You’d be insane, NOT to do it!

So here is their argument. The customers should pay us all this extra profit now, and that way, the corporate entitiy won’t have to charge you as much for their steep growth in profit over the next 10-20 years….

Yep. That is their sole argument, and to all intents and purposes, the Public Service commission is going to rubber stamp that request and pass the bill to you.

No business will want to invest in a state that penalizes its users of electricity.

The price per kwh to commercial users in Delaware jumped from $9.85 to $10.41 (5.68%).… The price to industrial users in Delaware jumped from $7.70 to $8.46.(9.8%).. For the curious, residential costs actually dropped 13.91 to 13.38 cents per kwh. (-3.8%)

Costs Electric 2013 Delineated

If as a data center business you were to use 200 MWh of power, that percentage of increase alone would have cost you (.56/kwh X 1000 kwh/MWh X 200 MWh = $112,000) of extra money EVERY SINGLE HOUR!. Put bluntly, Delmarva Power’s rate increases are costing Delaware its jobs.

What if you moved to PA? YOUR RATES DROPPED 2 CENTS PER COMMERCIAL AND 19 CENTS INDUSTRIAL. How about expensive New York? YOUR RATES DROPPED 57 CENTS IN COMMERCIAL AND 61 IN COMMERCIAL! Surely New Jersey went up you ask? INSTEAD OF DELAWARE’S CLIMB OF 56 CENTS, NEW JERSEY SQUEAKED UP 1 CENT IN COMMERCIAL AND 29 CENTS IN INDUSTRIAL! To round out the Middle Atlantic, Maryland and Virgina both dropped their commercial rates as well from 2012 to 2013….

Delaware’s costs are the 15th highest in the nation.

If you are paying $112,000 more dollars in Delaware PER HOUR,… there is no tax offset that can come even close to matching that expense.

Which is why Delaware is now ranked at the bottom of job growth and business environment.

In catering to one’s friends within the inner social circle of Wilmington, we have chased away all other new business investors.

PSC is holding a public hearing next Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 7 p.m., at the University of Delaware’s Arsht Hall, 2600 Pennsylvania Ave., Wilmington. This topic will be discussed.

Just curious, would you invest in a state that allows its power to increase costing you $112,000 of extra money per hour?

I would think not. Unless of course you could build your own power plant, and cut out the middle man who uses his monopoly to outlandishly sky-jack his prices…. Then, and only then, does moving into Delaware become commercially feasible….

One should certainly hope the Public Service Commission understands that what it chooses or does not choose to do, creates huge ripples that then race across Delaware’s economy.

In recent years I have intervened in several cases involving Delmarva Power‘s rate increase requests filed before the Public Service Commission. The process  is cumbersome and complex; it requires resources and time that is not always available to me. Unfortunately without me, the public, the ratepayers, and my constituents interests have been inadequately represented in these proceedings.  My obligation and responsibility as an elected representative is to ensure some fairness in both the discussions and decisions rendered.

The most recent filing in which I have intervened is identified as PSC Docket # 11-528  and involves a request for rate increases which includes recovery of depreciation values by Delmarva for obsolete meters that have been replaced with “smart-meters” for Delmarva residential customers.  I, as the people’s representative,  objected to any ratepayer funding for any new technology costs such as advanced metering purchase and installation…  simply because… the economic benefit from these devices rests solely with the utility. I have adamantly opposed any recovery of “lost” depreciation for any obsolete equipment that is removed from service especially since there has been no substantiated breakdown of any economic loss to the utility!  And, absolutely no justification for any single ratepayer to subsidize this company’s loss.  Please read the most excellent News Journal article in the business section of Sunday’s (Oct. 21st) paper for its startling exposure.

The odd request by this utility has caused me to defend all ratepayers against  a system that has major flaws which can obstruct honest and fair due process. One identifiable flaw has been the palpable lack of enthusiasm from those entities required by law to represent the consumer! This leaves the average ratepayer at a huge disadvantage.

During the “evidentiary hearing”  I was given the privilege to represent ratepayers and to cross examine the witnesses from DP&L, PSC staff and the Public Advocates office.  I expended great effort to determine how the $25 million in  lost depreciation value  was calculated.  I asked how this numerical value was determined.., particularly when noted  that the average age of a discarded meter was 22 years yet the total life-expectancy was only 30 years.  Over 73% of the life-expectancy had already been consumed and that legally  should be prorated into any calculation. I also requested  the original equipment costs of 22 years ago.

Objections to my cross-examination were raised by both the attorneys’ for Delmarva Power and the Public Advocates office. They wrongly asserted that it was already in evidence admitted. Although my queries were made in a legitimate attempt to ascertain vital information, the objections were sustained by the Hearing Officer. I also asked for the amount of recovered equipment costs garnered from ratepayers over that 22 year span and the amount recovered during that time-span from “depreciation” tax credit recovery and I was rebuffed with the same objections. 

To date there is no valid, statistical accumulation of numbers which justify any $25 million recovery of lost depreciation revenue owed to Delmarva Power…  Its ratepayers have already paid many times over the cost  of those meters in the prior 22 years.  Many times. The approval process has too many flaws and all of them must be addressed by me, and my colleagues, in Dover beginning this upcoming January.  Trust me.  I will be working to assure corrective action is moving forward.

The harm in allowing Delmarva to recover unproven and unsubstantiated expenses from the ratepayers is a matter of immediate concern and should be denied by the PSC Commissioners. Any action short of total relief from this asking amounts to an abdication of the government’s obligation to ensure fairness for its citizens.

John Kowalko

(Courtesy of Delaware Liberal’s Hot & On Top Reporting)

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that 5,600 Delaware residents will benefit from $1.8 million in rebates from insurance companies this summer, because of the Affordable Care Act’s 80/20 rule. These rebates will average $351 for the 5,300 Delaware families covered by a policy.

Obamacare is working!  Obamacare is saving people money.  They were at the mercy of insurance companies before.  Now, they have $1.8 million in their pocket.

It is not because of Republicans!.. They are the ones taking money out of your pocket, handing it to the insurance companies, and saying “don’t forget about that campaign contribution in October.”

No one can trust Republicans unless you are making more then 10 million a year. No one.

So when they say the first thing they want to do in January is repeal Obamacare,  and now you can see why.

That want insurance campaign contributions… and that is all.  They don’t give a fuck about you.

Only Democrats can right the wrongs… Do what you know you must.  Swear on a stack of Bibles, never, never,  never, never vote for a squirmy, sluggish, beetle-infested, putrid, maggotty, caterpillerish, centipedific, millipederishes, multi-lensed eyeballed, appendage ringed mouthed, stinger-embedded, infectious bacterial infested, food coveting, ooze secreting, spontaneously defecating  insect who swears allegiance to the Republican Party….

Spray them with insecticide instead…..

(Wow, what a great demo idea for the Republican National Convention……)

Sometimes after reading truth like this, you just want to walk into a room of thronging with roaches, pretend they’re Republicans and squish them each and every one ………

Right click to open full image… Pictograph Courtesy of Viral..

So, can someone tell me again, why we shouldn’t tax the rich, and instead, balance the budget on the backs of everyone else?…….

I seem to be missing that little detail where that all makes sense……

Today the jobs bill got sent to the House.

Obama wants taxes on the wealthy, He wants increased taxes on corporate profits to help pay for his jobs bill…

As one reads the bill, one remembers that these same ideas, these same concepts were in last November’s finance bills, which passed the House, and got stalled in the Senate…..
One remembers these same ideas, these same concepts, were in the $4 Trillion Deficit Reduction Act, and all parties were excited that finally something good was coming out of Congress, ….. that is until the Eric Cantor contingent stormed out of the meetings because of higher taxes, and the votes fell short…

Metaphorically speaking it is like Obama (truth) keeps running into a brick wall(stupidity)… and we, keep blaming Obama for not being tough enough….

We should be focused on tearing down that wall…..

‘Tear Down that Wall, Delaware Liberal, Tear Down that Wall..”

Instead, in our frustration (exactly what it is) we blame the very one person on the attack….. ????

I remember a story told here once before, of a charge across “no man’s land” in WWI, where everyone was mowed down except one lucky person… as he stormed the trench, he looked around and noticed he was the only one facing a trench full of weaponry. In disgust, the threw down his weapon and walked away back to his own lines… In the strange code of soldiers honor, no one fired a shot…..

The wall has never been weaker. It is time to chip away at the Republican base, just like we did in 2006… We have facts.. they have Eric Cantor extolling them to remain firm… Our way gets America back on its feet; their way lets them keep their extra 5%. It would be wise to remember, that even Hitler had his dedicated youth during the last days… They have their Young Republicans… blindly following directives that make little if any sense.

Everyone needs to call them on it…

Now is the time to pull out every chart showing that Republicans ruin everything they put their hands on.. Whether it be the United States, the State of Delaware, or Sussex and Kent Counties… Republicans do no good at all..

Which is why they are so well funded….

If you were doing something obscenely illegal, wouldn’t you be paying off the law as well?

So look into yourselves and decide whether you want to be part of the problem… or solution…

The solution is to turn Republicans into a joke. And to do it publicly… The battle is independent voters. And they get hit with shit from both sides… Our shit, simply has to smell a little better….

Focusing on our frustration, only strengthens the other side; that other side which created the deficit, destroyed the global economy, lost 1 out of 10 American jobs, cost you 30% more in insurance premiums, Increased your gas prices 3 times, cost you 60% more for your electrical power, raised the cost of your prescriptions 450%….

Start tearing down the wall………………….

Having recently seen the Harry Potter movie, it is scary. Ever since watching…. I now see giants everywhere. Before when I looked, I never knew they were there…

Two giants will be doing battle here in Delaware… (The recession is finally paying off for our little state.)

Papers were filed with the ITC (International Trade Commission) by the South Korean giant Samsung LED against a division of another giant this time from Germany, Siemens….. over 8 patient infringements.

Samsung LED also said it filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Delaware to seek damages and a permanent injunction to bar Siemen’s subsidary, Osram’s alleged patent infringement from entering this country.

At stake is the financial future of these two companies. One will win, and the other for lack of a better word, will be vanquished.

Since Siemens actually has a plant in Delaware, next to the Glasgow Park off Route 40 and 896, I’m putting my bets on that giant…. if they get hurt, it will cost jobs.

Hotels, restaurants, transportation companies all stand to be a little busier as this gigantic fight, gets under way…. It would be helpful to practice on the Korean and German dialects now, before the event gets under way…

Sprechen sie deutsch?

니미럴 개자식 ….

It should be an interesting fight.