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In an effort to educate my children, quite often old National Geographics are left around the house in various places. Usually they are teasers, one only has a few minutes to spare, but in those few minutes, lot’s can be learned.

Today, the one on top was June 2007’s titled “The Big Thaw.” I finally got a chance to read the entire article and gaze at all the pictures. Later when I went online, somehow my first two clicks put me here, which covers exactly the same material, and interviews the same persons. The visuals are stunning; the implications are horrific.

We are losing ice at rates long past alarming. So alarming that perhaps in as short as 15 years, many of Delaware’s homes will have to be abandoned to the sea…….. That means the year 2022. To those entering kindergartens this this year, by the time they graduate (which goes very fast by the way), going to the beach will be more of a “mission trip”, than a romp in the sand………

It is against this back drop that Delmarva is playing games. As Nancy Willing show us, while we face the oblivion of a large part of our state, Delmarva has hired a “Fudge Factor” operation, to bother Delawareans with this question:

If private citizens were willing to pay X dollars for wind turbines, and the government was willing to pay the same amount for wind turbines, would you prefer that private citizens pay for the turbines or the government?

Two more questions that were exposed were these:

“Would you be willing to pay for wind energy if it cost: $3 extra/month, $6 extra/month, $9 extra/month, $12 extra/month, $15 extra/month, $18 extra/month, $21 extra/month, $24 extra/month, $27 extra/month,…all the way up to $30/month (stated as “$360/yr.), or more?”

And just to show how caring Delmarva really is about the environment, they pull this question:

“Do you prefer Delaware offshore wind or wind energy from Pennsylvania?”

Nancy nails it. They are fishing for any negative information they can find to scuttle the deal they do not want. As most of us, including Matt Denn, Blue Water Wind, and NRG, who have commented, know too well that even if the information culled from the Delaware public is directly opposite to what Delmarva wants to hear, there is no guarantee that this Fudge Factor company, otherwise know as “Issues and Answers,” has no qualms about manipulating whatever information they find out.

It will require independent collaboration and the subsequent dismissal of Delmarva’s statistics, to forge a deal forward in this truly planetary endeavor…….

It is often that a politician takes on a campaign issue, wraps it around himself, aka Mitt Romney, and then tries to ride the issue’s coattails into office.

It is rare to find a man or women, who seems not to give a damn about what people think of him, but trusts that his effectiveness in improving the lives of this constituents, will keep him/her continuously in their good esteem, aka Teddy Roosevelt.

I think Delaware has one. Two if you count Biden, although he is a national player now…..

Perhaps no one has marched on Delaware’s public scene and done so much good for Delawareans, since we pursued and passed the Coastal Act, as has been done this year in putting constraints on the Colonial Potters of the Insurance industry, under the strong leadership of Matt Denn.

The growing malaise of maddening rate increases, has finally reached the high tide mark, and has begun receding.

Recently a letter was received by the Public Service Commission. Here is an excerpt:

I have seen a copy of the letter you received yesterday from Bluewater Wind. I understand from that letter that an issue has arisen with respect to Delmarva Power’s willingness to disclose the formula that it will use to calculate the ultimate cost to Delmarva ratepayers of a wind park off the Delaware coast.

He continues with this:

Under any circumstances, I would encourage you to require Delmarva to disclose this information. The cost to ratepayers of this proposed wind park is a critical factor that you must consider in carrying out your statutory duties, and the public has a right to examine how that cost
is being calculated.

This letter was received the same day that Delmarva’s term letter was to land on the Public Service Commission’s desk. In what adequately expresses the frustration and fear of all Delawareans, he sums up with this…..

Delmarva has made clear from the beginning of this process
that it is considering wind power only because it has been ordered to do so. The state should not blindly rely upon the company that is the chief opponent of the Bluewater Wind project to calculate that project’s cost.

In this regard he is on target. It proves once again that great minds are all alike.

Health care is my highest priority as Insurance Commissioner and I believe the proposal of a wind farm
offers substantial health benefits for current and future Delawareans…..The upfront and stated cost of any method of power generation that includes discharges into the
water and/or air does not include the monetary impact of that source on people’s health and our state’s environment. As I indicated to you in a letter last spring, it is common sense that a primary power generation source with virtually no emissions will be better for the health and
environment of Delawareans than ones that emit tons of pollutants, and it will no doubt be cheaper in those respects as well. I urge you to take these very real costs into account in your deliberations.

Matthew Denn Insurance Commissioner

It is clear who stands up for the rights of Delawareans. A quick glance around the mega celebrities already in campaign mode, shows little concern for this wind farm deal, which is the third most important event affecting this state in 100 years…….

It is clear there is one person looking our for OUR interests.

Thanks for being who you are………

The Newest Ceasar Rodney