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Just looking at yesterday’s news is enough probable cause….  

On today, September 17th,  it was refreshing to get a synopsis of where things stand…  As soldiers our concentration is on the battle at hand.  But wars are won with many battles, some are wins, and others not…  But as a soldier you provide opposition to slow the advance in front of you from going forward, and by doing so you allow other battles not to have their reinforcements and their victories help count on your side….

The issue with the Smarter Balanced Assessments and Common Core is not really the difficulty of the subject or test. Standards are relative..   Getting an A+ at Del Tech is not the same as getting one at Harvard… Both have their uses but it is impossible to say both are equal.  Same with the Smarter Balanced Scores versus the old tests… They are lower, because as in giving your kids a Harvard Graded test, they are purposefully made to be difficult so one must expect and understand the lower scores.

The sole problem with Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessment is the accountability piece.  Firing teachers because they don’t hit above 75% proficient… when with the old tests they DID hit 75% proficient.   Closing schools because they average below 30% proficient when with the old tests, the did over 55% proficient….

The accountability piece… That is the problem with Common Core.  That is the problem with the Smarter Balanced Assessments.

And here is how the “accountability piece” is failing….

Perhaps no single K-12 policy is more closely associated with the Obama administration than teacher evaluations tied to student test scores, which the president and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have championed, first through Race to the Top, and then through No Child Left Behind Act waivers.

And perhaps no policy has been as difficult to implement, particularly as states make the transition to new tests aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

The administration initially took a hard line on evaluations, asking states to roll them out over a specific time period and to include state test scores as part of the mix.

But now, via citizen pushback, we have some states wavered not to phase the accountability piece in until 2017-2018. Long after Arne Duncun and his boss have exited government…  Little doubt the new guy will be willing to take on such a political liability by continuing this very unpopular piece in his first years.

On top of that 12 states including Delaware, have until the 2016-2017 year to hold off the accountability piece…Many of them already have evaluation systems in place but need time to link them to tests aligned with the common core or use them for personnel decisions, like hiring and firing…

Complicating matters: Neither of the bills to revise the Elementary and Secondary Education Act making their way through Congress right now would continue to require states to develop teacher-evaluation systems that rely on student test scores.

It is quite unclear how a new president will be able to cajole and enforce the previous president’s insistence that there be a the link between teacher firing and test scores.

Bottom line it this:  the hard line on tying evaluations and accountability is softening.  Though originally draconian, Illinois had to wait a year for its waiver over timeline issues, Washington State had its waiver pulled because of a rebellion against tying scores to personnel issues; since then, the Duncun caliphate has backed down thorough the issuance of extensions and waivers to result in a patchwork of splotchy timelines that now individual states must follow…  Delaware will have to fire teachers before PA, MD, or NJ for example… Which if they wait long enough, may NEVER have to fire teachers based on test scores…..

States going forward, such as Massachusetts well known for the quality of its education long before Common Core, have given their districts much more time to acquire a method of using two forms of evaluations for holding students accountable, not just the tests.  This has taken extra time. What’s more, the state gave districts even more extra time to pinpoint measures for another component of the evaluations—educator impact,

Corporate proponents still supporting the linking of test scores to genocide of teachers are hoping this connection continues through inertia even though its been dropped from the ESEA legislation in Congress…

They have their work cut out for them if they wish it to be so….

if you live in the 18th this is critical today until 8:00…..

Voting for Benz is voting for overriding Markell’s veto of HB 50…. Voting for a Republican, is voting to maintain it…  This is the most important special election you will ever vote in….

(Breaking: As of 5 o’clock, vote counters have Dave @ 4 votes behind… ) Get off your duff and vote.

End of statement…

lt is critical that you vote in your usual places if you live in this district.  Go here to learn about the vacant seat. 

There is a problem in Christina.  It is a lack of money… Last spring, twice, voters said they do not want to fund money to a district only to have it spun off to charter schools.. After all millionaires already have money.  Why should struggling property owners in Christina have to shell out even more to enrich their pockets?

It is quite clear everywhere in the USA where Charters are allowed to be .. THEY HURT SCHOOLS. And Delaware has a district that is taking over 900 students out of Christina .. We used to have to look elsewhere for evidence that Charterization destroys children’s futures. Now we can look to ourselves. It is here…. It takes $21 million away from Christina……

Ideally we could be like Red Clay and pass a new referendum.. But voters in Christina do not have money to burn like they do in Pike Creek (lol) so they want their hard earned money going to their own kids, not kids of some wealthy parents….. Wealthy parents who can easily afford a $25,000 year private school but would rather the welfare state educate their children in a semi-private school on the taxpayers dole…

In Christina,  one third of every dollar paid in taxes winds up in some rich man’s pocket… Which simply is not right by any person’s account, (unless they are the recipient of that 33.3%)….

And it is not the worst students leaving the district.. It is the best ones… Which means, that of course the scores will be lower… That is how averages work.. It’s basic math and has no bearing on teachers, students, funding, or school districts.

The large problem is our General Assembly.  They are on LSD.  La, la, la, la,  everything is fine.. everything is good… Wow, look at that giant chicken eating cars…. La, la, la, la..  Oh wow.. That cloud looks just like Mark Murphy… oops, my bad, now it’s the devil; look he’s eating children… Cool… La, la, la, la…

Charters caused the problem and eliminating charters will fix the problem..  Fixing the Charter problem is very easy. There are two options.  One, the Christina School board, (as well as every other school board) becomes sole authorizer for every charter in its district…  That way it gets the money and can balance accordingly so that money is spent where it is needed and not wasted on rich people’s children whose parents could drop $25,000 without blinking an eye…

The second option is to divorce Charters from public property tax money.  We are stuck in this system of using property tax to pay for schools for at least a number of years.  The numbers are just not there for the state to take full financial ownerships and keep schools solvent.   But Charters are a perk, like Tatnall or Tower.  We really don’t need them, and their children could get a better education by staying in a fully funded public school… Just compare the top students of public  schools verses all the students at those two famously private schools.

And taxpayers can willingly pay for perks when the basic needs are met… But under the misdirection of Dave Sokola (see Exceptional Delaware) our General Assembly was misinformed, misdirected, and misguided into allowing these privateers to STEAL public money which otherwise was used as the basic bread of the public school system…

In Early American history we used to send ships of solders to hunt down pirate ships to kill their crews.  Today voters in the 27th Representative District (Earl Jacques’) and the 4th Senatorial district (Dave Sokola’s) return these pirates to public office to allow them to continue to rob, steal, and pillage our children’s future….

Therefore, our General Assembly needs to focus on removing Charters from Delaware…  and the best way of doing that is to treat them as line items in the State Budget…

Every charter school should get the same scrutiny as every other publics’ expenditure… Not washed under the blanket of …. “‘oh, it’s someone else’s problem, … look under the umbrella of property tax expenditure per child…”

If every Charter School was looked at… honestly… as in “why do we need to pay $13 million to Newark Charter School ” when there is plenty of room at 16 Newark schools within a 5 mile radius,  only then are we wisely spending everyone’s tax dollars…

For seriously… WHY DO WE NEED A NEWARK CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL ?   Perhaps the answer is in both’s school’s and district’s student make-up…. Christina School District 2014/2015:  31.7 White and  41% below the Federal Poverty Level…. And NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOL?  71% White (and Asian) and 7.2% below poverty….   OH, SO THAT’S WHY…………………

Obviously state supported Charter Schools is state supported RACISM ….. which is illegal by the way… The only reason it can exist in Delaware is because  of both Sokola’s and Jacques’ legislation, and the fact that no one has yet filed suit demanding the eradication of Charters from Delaware’s soil based on the discrimination it causes to low income and minority students…   If you are like me, all regular readers should immediately be reminded of the  “for real” Charter School Student Application question asking if your momma raised watermelons……

Lotteries. Radius maps, increased public school financing are all diversions… Either a) the existing districts become sole authorizer of Charters, or b) Charters get line-itemed into the state budget with all property taxes returning back to the district encompassing that property,  or c) we outlaw and close down all charters and let the financiers absorb their financial risk as is supposed to happen in a capitalistic society.

Because anything otherwise is plain for everyone to see… state supported discrimination… You cannot have charter schools in Delaware without discriminating… Members of the General Assembly.   You need to fix this now…. Seperate but equal is not equal… We’ve been down that road before….

And voters, unless your are indeed a die-hard racist who hates blacks, who hates Mexicans, who hates women, who hates people making less than $41 million every single year…. you need to tell these two… Earl Jacques and Dave Sokola just how much you appreciate them (being ironic) doing their part to put “darky” back in his place…..

Why those two don’t get punched in the face every single minute of their existence is beyond me… Fortunately for all of us, our average Delaware citizen is more tolerant of ugly human behavior than is probably good for them……

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round

Original Courtesy of Media@ Limited

Everyone knows Hollodick is trying to become the next Secretary of Education for the State of Delaware…  Everyone knows that is why his tongue is up Rodel’s ass (figuratively as if Rodel had one) and why he rides the same bus as those who pretend that opting their child out from this horrific test is not a valid parental option!

Everyone knows how bad this Smarter Balanced Test is…. (You have taken it by now, right?)   Why would anyone subject his child to such?

Quote:  “As a former principal and now as Superintendent, I have always supported state assessments….. I too am a parent of children who will be taking assessments this spring….”

WHEN, 100% of child psychologists support opting all students from the Smarter Balanced Assessments.

WHEN, all three of the largest school districts in this state have voted to allow they parents to opt out for any reason what-so-ever with zero consequences.

WHEN, every parent who has taken the Smarter Balanced Practice Tests has said…. “Holy Crap!  This is terrible!  My kid can’t take this!

WHEN, a bill (HB 50) by popular demand, is actually up for the Educational Committee review, overriding anyones authoritarian objection by any who have stated parents are not allowed to opt out their child from being guinea pigs in this national experiment of psychological torture!

WHEN, because “they” are absolutely afraid of this bill passing by popular demand, it is currently being bottled up in committee where it will never see the light of day, unless you get on the phone and demand it be cleared for a vote!

WHY, would you look any other way?

Because you are putting “your own interests” above those of the children under your authority….. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER REASON TO BE OPPOSED TO THE OPT OUT PLAN OTHER THAN ONES OWN PERSONAL SELF INTEREST.

That includes Mark Murphy, lol, chief for change.

That includes Jack Markell, lol, lame-duck governor.

That includes Dave $okola, lol, educational “whore” in the $enate.

That includes Pete Schwartzkopf, lol, Mr.”I’ll-Bury-It-For-You-Jack” in the House….

That includes Greg Lavelle, Mr. “Really, You’ll Get Me On Chuck Todd?”……


Christina Board has voted for the opt out.

Red Clay Board has voted for the opt out.

Capital Board has voted for the opt out…

Why is is little Hollodick of Brandywine hiding in its little pussy cage?


I say we should bring them out, …out of hiding, …out into the open…  We should start a campaign calling out Hollodick and the sycophants on the Brandywine School Board for being the pussies that they are… Afraid to face facts because it does not jive with their “own self interests”…. To hell with your children!

So, his era as Pussy-meister starts today……  and ends when his board votes to join the opt-out movement.

Will you Join us all in protesting his willingness to sacrifice his children and yours to the alter of the Smarter Balanced, from where all are violated, and only 30% return alive,


Dial That number ….. wait for the message…… and cutely say…..”Meow” one, two, or three times….. and hang up….  If they receive up to 40,000 meows that would send a far more powerful message than any formal debate or argument… (Plus, it sinfully is so much fun for us to do; like being kids again/ you know you did it)….  You don’t need to add pejoratives…  A simple meow will get listened to, and registered as a cat-call for being a cowardly pussy.   (Because everyone likes cats/facebook tells us so. )

You should then email their school board members here……

And since Brandywine is voting soon on two positions….. these four might like to be included….  🙂

VOTING DISTRICT B – Term expires June 30, 2020.

Arthur H. Kirksey III
Kristin C. Pidgeon

VOTING DISTRICT E – Term expires June 30, 2020.

Karen P. Gordon
Diana Hornung Hanby 

Just say Meow”……  They will be surprised at first… but eventually word will get back to them and they will figure it out….  It has been so long since we’ve had a protest where we could do so in the privacy of our own time, that was so much fun, and make a point so effectively to those in power…..

Just say:  Meow….  Pussies like to hear Meows…….

There was once a king of a little duchy.  He wanted to win a gold medal in the Olympics. He knew with his small population (who were only there to do his bidding) that the gene pool was too small to develop a world class athlete.

So he decided to make one.

First he visited the world class athletes in the nations around him, even flew his plane overseas.   He asked them how far they could jump, how fast they could run, and how far they could throw a shot put…. He deduced that to be Olympic ready, his athletes would have to jump 8.9 meters,  run 200 meters in 19.3 seconds. and throw a standard shot putt 22.5 meters…. 

That became his standard…. All subjects were required to jump 8.9 meters, run 200 meters in 19.3 seconds and throw a putt 22.5 meters….

He found none of them could.  Therefore he devised he would have to develop his world class athletes from his subjects’ children.  So he worked backward.  At 18 years, if one must jump 8.9 meters, then at age 17 one should jump 8.4 m; at age 16 go 7.9m, and back off half a meter for each year one went back… It charted out like this:  (18) 8.9m; (17) 8.4m; (16) 7.9m; (15) 7.4m; (14) 6.9m; (13) 6.4m; (12) 5.9m; (11) 5.4m; (10) 4.9m; (9) 4.4m; (8) 3.9m; (7) 3.4m; (6) 2.9m; and kindergarten…(5)… 2.4 m.  That was still 7.87 feet…. So the need for intensive pre-school was apparent… At (4) 1.9m; at (3) 1.4m; at (2) .9m…. and at a babies first year… they should be able to jump 15 inches… After all the king could jump that blindfolded on one foot… How hard could that possibly be? He broke down each task incrementally and set bench marks for each year….

People said it was not going to work.  The king scoffed… He tweeted: Keep the bar high:No student rises to low expectations.

But the king realized that without severe consequences, his subjects would not take the contest seriously since it did require a herculean amount of effort….

So the king decreed that those coaches of children who failed, would be publicly executed.  He decreed children who did not make it would be ground up for dog and cat food.  The king sadly knew some children would not make it, but also realized that if he didn’t hold a very real punishment over alll children’s heads, he would never get his medal he so wanted…  It was just what had to be done…

Many said his actions would eliminate his white subjects since everybody knows:  white people can’t jump.  He scoffed… Blaming race for poor performance was a cop-out he said.

A corporate business suddenly mushroomed around getting children ready for the trials… In return for “a lot of money”, the king’s court now pretending to be trainers, would coach the children into excellence… However it quickly became apparent that all those coaches for-hire, were only teaching those children who could meet those challenges naturally. Those who couldn’t, were shunted to the scum of the coaching profession since they would all be executed and ground up anyway.

As the trials approached the people were beside themselves over what to do… Many knew their children would die… It was impossible to expect them to jump long at 19.4 feet while at age 11….

They came up with a plan…

On the day of the trials… no children showed up… They were nowhere to be found… Not in the homes… not in the churches… not in the schools… They had all mysteriously disappeared…

The trials had to be canceled.  The king was furious… But there was nothing he could do…. He didn’t know how to react.  If he randomly killed children he couldn’t know whether he was killing a grunt, or one of his future star athletes.  If he randomly killed coaches, he had no way to know if they were they the great ones? He knew that if he randomly killed members of his population, even his security guards would turn against him….  So he hemmed, and hawed, and swore that next year, there was indeed going to be a contest….

But there was one problem….  No one wanted to do all the work knowing full well that they just didn’t have to show on the next year’s trial date and again there would be nothing the king could do…  Really, who wanted to spend 8 hours a day just jumping as far as they possibly could, or running as fast as they possibly could, or throwing a shot putt as far as they could and doing absolutely nothing else?

For you see, over that entire year… no reading got done… no mathematics got done… no science got done… no extra-curricular activities got done…. All time was focused on 3 things, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and to be quite frank, everyone was tired of it…

They talked among themselves.

  • Why are we doing this to ourselves just so the king can get a medal?
  • What possible use can all these tasks be put to, after the medals are awarded?
  • Aren’t there better things to do with our time as in before all this began?
  • Isn’t it time we run things and get the king completely out of our children’s lives?

And one night, after 4, they all quietly gathered and met in front of the king’s palace…. They stormed the gates, the king’s security ran and hid, and they quickly found the king playing with himself in the bathroom and dragged him to the highest wall of the castle….. There they brought to him a shot putt ball… and gave it to the king with this request….   “Sir, here is a shot putt ball; since you set the minimum standard at 22.9 meters… Throw this to that level or we throw you over the wall.  The king refused, and the crowd gathered to toss him… Then the king changed his mind…  “Really, how hard could it be to throw a shot putt only 22.9 meters?  He was a grown man… It shouldn’t be that hard at all, especially since he was on a tall wall…  He tossed…..  it went 5.9 meters…..

The crowd picked him up and threw him off the wall.  He landed in the stone street, breaking 5 ribs, both arms, one leg, and sustaining a massive blow upon his head, cracking his skull which spilled out his gray matter, killing him instantly… The crowd roared its approval… They were so overjoyed and happy that every parent then took their turn and tossed their heavy shot putt balls down from the high wall onto the carcass lying in a pool of blood below, causing great red splashes to fountain up each time a lucky hit occurred.  The balls piled up and were left there as a monument to remind this to all people who would in the future, gaze upon it: .. Folly in the minds of the elite… is still folly.

Some things make no sense no matter who thinks they do……..


(Lower Keystone Pipeline Rupture; Mayflower, Arkansas) EPA

Death and money. The two things that really move politics forward.  If something will kill you, it is possible to get a law passed to rectify it.   The Environmental Protection Agency came about because people were dying… enough people dying so it became hard to elect people who said, “what the heck if people die; it costs money for billionaires to protect people from hazards.”

Instead people who stated: “this will kill us; I’ll stop it immediately” were elected as the alternative, which today, … is why we have clean air and clean water.

The only other thing besides death that can move things through legislative halls is money.  And since people won’t die from Keystone as they would from breathing in toxic air spewing across Newark out of a giant TDC smokestack, the money angle has more of a pull.

There are a lot of argument out there both for and against the Keystone Pipeline. However the principal brainstormed idea behind the Keystone pipeline, is to raise your gas prices.  For those who don’t know, the current glut in the price of oil is being caused by the emirates of the Persian Gulf dumping oil at very low prices onto the international market.  Their motive, taken straight from John Rockefeller I, is to drive out their competition which is us.  After we give up, after we throw up our hands and stop fracking, they again have the monopoly and with the price war over, their price bounces up a dollar per gallon and guess who is stuck?  They can get  a barrel out of the ground for under $25 dollars.  It averages out to $75 in the US today… So if they can get the price under $75 a barrel, then people will switch to cheaper foreign oil, and the frackers close up shop….

Except there is this giant pool of very dirty liquid tar in Alberta.  Stuff that burns with gross black smoke, but can be refined into automotive fuel and much of it is owned by the Koch Bros through various unrelated companies.

This oil will not sell well in America due to its filth and residue, but other nations do not have such scruples.   The oil can go out either of two ways.  One is across Canada to the Pacific; the other is across the US to Houston, Texas.  The Canadian route is an environmental nightmare and Canadians are environmental sticklers over their pristine wilderness.

But conservatives in control of the Congress make the US route far more attractive.  If a giant oil spill were to occur destroying the aquifers of millions of Americans as well as those of millions of cows, pigs, corn, and soy; there is a very good chance Mitch McConnell’s Senate and John Boehner’s House will pass a gigantic tax break to reimburse the Koch billionaires for any or all of their spilled oil…

Keystone II will raise your gas price at the pump.

The best way to describe how, is to imagine that your family has an oil well out back attached to a refinery…. You just back your car up and fill’er’up…. Pretty cheap…  Now imagine your spouse, decides to make some money so they sell 10% to this client, 25% to that client, 35% to that client’s neighbor and the sells three shares of 10% on the open market…

You never stop hearing how smart they were for selling those rights and making all that money…. (Did you do the math? Add the percents?)  You will find that you have no rights to your oil… You now need to buy it on the open market!…  And the price is much more than when you could back your truck right under a tank and fill’er’up!

If we have rights to 100 million barrels of oil, which we can tap later at our leisure, and suddenly with a pipeline, have zero rights unless we too buy it at the world price, we are going to pay more for gas….

Which is what everyone wants…. except those who aren’t making billions of dollars.

For those who want to argue that America will use the oil first, and not import it, answer this question:  why would any fool sell something cheap when he can get a lot more for it from somewhere else?

All the oil is intended to be imported.  We know this because when legislation was brought on the floor of Congress, requiring some of the oil in the Keystone pipeline to be designated solely for domestic consumption,  every single Republican voted against it….

They want you to pay more for gas because: you are not their boss; rich billionaires are.  Unless you can makes some people start dying, the money is going to win this one……

Would be for the University of Delaware to use that space to build the premiere forefront of nuclear fusion research….  Not fission, which has radioactive residue, but fusion which turns hydrogen into helium  generating heat to rotate massive turbines.

Or research into more efficient turbines.

Or more efficient solar panels…

All three would be keeping with the promise of the University of Delaware’s green promise, and make it a leading intellectual nucleus for future technology to adhere….

Going forwards with a TDC that is gas fired is like buying a steam locomotive in 1952……

Shout out to El Som who dutifully does what in the other 49 states would be the News Journal’s duty, just so we too can be an informed public…  Many thanks from those of us who use this valuable resource….

You probably know by now from the “other” sources that Valerie Longhurst is gutting $70 million from fixing our roads and bridges despite the disaster on 495!

You probably right now are smacking your forehead with your hand, and saying “What the fuck is she thinking?”  I have to sit in traffic an extra hour because of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would be right.  But, apparently she is not alone. The majority of the Legislature is still living in the 00’s and is too timid to increase revenues… any revenues…   There is very tiny fringe of people cheering that… and that tiny fringe are the only ones who have their ear…

So the rest of us have to suffer more gridlock because of Valerie Longhurst… and more, and more, and more, more, more, more, more, …,

Collectively in 2 years we will all scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   “Why doesn’t someone do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”….

Instead of passing a gas tax which will hurt only those speculators investing in gasoline….and will be 60% financed by out of state travelers….. she is cutting, (this is not about growing any bigger)  but she is “cutting” infrastructure improvements…..

Well, we gotta cut something……


There are unlimited resources for raising revenue… The gas tax is one… And taxing our wealthy is a goldmine… Recently it was determined that our wealthy could adquetely fund up to $1.3 billion yearly each single year…. to bring them up to the level counting for inflation to where they were taxed back in the 50’s… They survived then; they’ll survive now….  No billionaire has ever died impoverished…..

So with an untapped $1.3 billion at our disposal…. Valerie Longhurst is cutting back on rebuilding bridges and roads!… Just think… if that inspector who luckily got in his car that Monday morning to look under that bridge, … had been laid off.  Just think, if all of them had been laid off!   Exactly!  That is where Valerie is taking us….

We’d not have fixed the bridge in time… We still be pulling bodies out the river….

This is where Valerie Longhurst is leading us… This is just plain fucking stupid.   Anyone can see it is plain fucking stupid….

The problem is not really in the number of brain cells these legislators have…. They, I trust, have pretty close to the same number as the rest of us… The real problem….  IS  THAT  THEY…  DON’T….  HEAR…  YOU  !!!    (They hear the tiny few from ALEC 40 times a day)… You must make them HEAR you… You must…

Call or more effectively…. email….  today….

Say:  RAISE THE  GAS  TAX  AND   TAX  THE  TOP  ONE  PERCENT…..  BUT, whatever you do…. don’t EVER cut the transportation fund and make me wait in my car ONE MORE SINGLE MINUTE because you were too cheap to fix a bridge before it goes out!!!

And if you don’t know who they are…….

The problem with government these days is that they just don’t hear anymore from people with plain Common Sense….  Change that! Today!



Courtesy of Newark’s True Residents

If anything is clear over how things have moved with the establishment of the power plant across the public’s eyes these past nine months, it is how the Newark Public is being manipulated by outside interests.

When one finds why they are being manipulated, they must first ask why?   Why did you not tell us the truth up front in the beginning?

In the beginning for those who an still remember, there was  just a Data Center, that to insure constant coverage, would have a small auxiliary clean natural gas fired do-generator to supply electricity to the facility in case of power failure….

Why were we lied to?

The answer is simply, like the reason anyone lies, ever, that if they told us the truth they would never get the power plant opportunity.

The truth is that the largest gas fired generator in the state will be built 200 yards away from someone’s back yard.  The truth is that one of the largest polluters in the state, will be within a mile of a University of over 15,000 students.  The truth is that  two miles from Delaware’s largest single output smokestack,  lies a Main Street that has just seen over 100 million in renovations, both public and private… The truth is, that the air of Northern New Castle County, will now be dominated entirely by  a burner larger than any single burner  in Millsboro, or Foxmoor, or anywhere else in the country….  This one  is right in the middle of town.

So of course if the truth had been told, it wouldn’t pass…. Duh….   Why are you shocked, shocked you were lied to?

Silly Newark people.  What did you expect?  Openness?  Honesty?  C’mon.  Were you all just born yesterday?

So you lost two close fought battles….

The US lost Pearl Harbor and Subic Bay,  but signed the Armistice in Tokyo Harbor.  The Allies lost all mainland Europe, but ended the war in the middle of Berlin…   So don’t even think this is over.  The last meeting in Newark showed some interesting opportunities….

One.  Those supporting the power plant have used all their resources.  Ads,  mysterious PAC’s,  back-room deals,  imported activists,  bribes?, sponsors, promoters,  all the best that money can buy… and they have just barely squeaked by with very narrow victoreis…

Two. These opponents are just getting warmed up.  At their advantage is the feeling  of a whole city, a whole county that will have to breathe the results of this decision for 75 years hence…   The information, or truth, is on the side of the opponents.  That this will be killing you seventy five years from now, is a very effective argument…  It is an argument that seems distant if glimpsed from far away, but one which grows in importance with every step closer to that mark… Except for 50 assorted jobs,  all  short-termed economic benefits will be gone in 3 years.

Here is where it stands.

Short Term Gain at the price of Long Term Suffering….

Fact: if Newark does choose to go forward with this power plant it will pay for its consequences for the rest of its life. Liken it to this scenario…..

Imagine two teenagers exploring each  other for the first time.  Making out, the usual things, and  trying to figure if they want to go all the way….  Hormones are flowing and the thought processes have pretty much been shut up into a box….  They decide to go for it, and take off their clothes, and jump into the bed and continue making out… Then just as one of them swings over and gets on top,  the other see the rash….

Newark is there now; it has just seen the rash…  (It’s in the images up top, if you still don’t “get it”.)  The cost of going forward will, like the rash,  last forever.   Question is, will just the sight of it dissuade Newark from continuing its momentary psychological fantastical rush? Don’t know. Can’t say.  That is up to Newark.   But there are a lot of people out there in society today who are presently wearing rashes and wish they weren’t, is all I will say….

But it should not be lost that the opposition has put up everything they have, and still it barely came out of the last confrontation with more than  a draw.  Once it truly becomes apparent to those locals deciding this issue, that they will become Newark pariahs if they continue supporting TDC, the decisions currently being made will fall in line differently. Right now to those deciding, that vision is not crystal clear. If the power plant opponents are truly serious, it would seem that a door to door campaign with red signs in hand, handing out the charts above, and asking permission to put signs in each property owner’s yards,  would be their most effective weapon towards keeping that lifetime rash away from Newark….

Call it a public education campaign if you want,   but if so  it is one that bypasses our media-whores too afraid to turn away free cash for each trick they get to turn….