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A. White pick-up trucks roaming Newark Neighborhoods with confirmed out-of-staters putting up two door hangers:  One for the power plant; one for Polly.

B.  Candidates being mailed directions to vote in all the “wrong” polling places… sent courtesy of Polly’s campaign. (Correct polling places can be found here….)

C.  Polly is officially listed as undecided on the power plant, but her campaign workers flatly tell constituents that she is the only one who supports it so they had better vote for her….

D.  Polly tells News Journal that she has no connection to “The I Like Polly Plan” being distributed to Newark Homes….

E.  Polly Sierer told  News Journal she doesn’t know who is behind the group’s website or its publications, which were “done without my knowledge, approval or involvement.”

F.  The website and mailers feature photos of a smiling Sierer with former Newark Mayor Vance A. Funk III (Funk has endorsed Sierer).

G.  ” I Like Polly’s Plan” has filed no campaign-finance reports as is required by Bob Gilligan’s HB300 signed last year by Governor Markell.

H.  Despite her ardent denials,  Polly Sierer appears to know Mike Mullen whose address, 704 Cambridge Drive, who is the contact person  is listed on the mailer.

I.   The above Mike Mullen also has donated to Polly’s campaign AND  was listed as a host for her fundraiser

J.  Perhaps illegally, Mike Mullen IS not listed on any of Polly’s Filed Campaign reports..

K. Despite Polly’s public denials, the twin pieces of literature are from the same print shop (in Ohio) and printed at the same time.    (Check finance reports,  for two separate checks or one, to see if a lie is being told to all Newark voters.)…

Nancy has all the evidence in twenty seven eight-by-ten color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each  one is to be used as evidence..

Well done, Nancy…

Polly got her cracker.  Now did she hire anyone to sweep up the crumbs?

If the bill passes, that is a disappointment.  However what is even more important is that those trying to move it forward get bloodied up (metaphorically) so they think real hard before trying it again…

Practically speaking if HB 165 passes without any political damage, it is a tragedy.  If it succeeds as did Pearl Harbor because we school parents were caught off guard,  then that was their calculated move and it worked.

Bottom line, is it can’t be easy for them..  Call all of them if you can… If you get one live, pigeonhole him on why he is supporting HB 165…  let them have it (in a polite and nice way)  if you catch one.  Your goal is to make them dread the next time they step out in public or when they go up against the Delaware public with a special interest bill that does far more hurt in so many places, than it does good for those special interests so intent on pushing it…

Remember. We could have lived one more year without trans-sexual rights. We could have lived one more year without single sex marriage.  But we can’t live, absolutely can’t live,  without our good schools and having no option but send our children to all bad ones..

When election comes, common sense should tell every legislator or public official, that this bill is what we will be using as our reason to either keep or replace them with someone else..  As legislators locked inside those four walls of General Assembly, they may not see the anger yet, but hopefully they get to feel a taste of it today…

And hats off to those legislators who saw early what this bill would do and put their lines in the sand to stop it… thank you ever so much…

Thanks to a link from Transparent Christina, these just popped up here…  Here are questions for Mark Murphy, that in the absence of having a newspaper in this state will be asked right here….  As many of you who want to file an FOIA with Mark, please do.

(Private Note to Mr. Sweeney:  The profitability of the News Journal would significantly increase if they would just come here and copy and paste, then print the DOE’s or Jack’s rebuttals… You’d sell a lot more newspapers…)

Here are Mark’s questions….

1) How many of your staffers have worked for the Rodel Foundation? Who are they, and why did you hire them?

2) What role did these staffers and Rodel have on the formulation of the states RTTT and Charter School mandates?

3) How much classroom teaching experience do the principal authors of the Charter School working group have, individually, and as a group?

4) Why are these individuals qualified to make decisions about education policy?

5) Were you, or anyone who works within the Department of Education in contact with any representative or lobbyist representing Pearson Education, McKinsey and Company, McGraw-Hill, or InBloom before or during the writing of the RTTT and Charter School mandates?

6) What is the Broad Foundation? What is your connection to the Broad Foundation? What education policies does the Broad Foundation support? How do these policies support public education? How do these policies support private education? What was the role of the Broad Foundation in the creation of the RTTT mandates?  How many employees on Delawares payroll were trained specifically by the Broad Foundation?

7) How many individuals associated with the Broad Foundation helped author the report the two controversial education bills before the General Assembly this session, HB 165 and SB 65?, “
8) Do you know David Coleman? Have you ever had any conversations with David Coleman? Has anyone on your staff had any conversations with David Coleman? Did anyone within the Department of Education have any connection to any of the authors of the Common Core Standards? Did anyone in your Department have any conversations with any of the authors of the Common Core Standards as they were being written?

9) Have you ever had any conversations with representatives or lobbyists who represent the Walton Family Foundation? Has anyone on your staff had any conversations with the Walton Family Foundation or lobbyists representing the Walton Family Foundation? If so, what was the substance of those conversations?

10) Do you know Michelle Rhee? If so, could you describe your relationship with Michelle Rhee? Have you, or anyone working within the Department of Education, had any conversations with Students First, Rhee’s advocacy group, about the dispersal foundation funds for candidates in local and state school board elections uniting-against-common-core-and-race-to-the-top/ 

If you could be asked these in tomorrows Committee hearing and reply on the record, that would be sufficient… 

Thank you.


This bill will allow an Alabama firm to build a hospital and staff it without getting a liscence or having to be part of a review process.

To put it to the extreme, it sanctions a hands-off policy towards this one health care facility.  It is as if we allowed one restaurant an exemption to operate without a public health inspection or a business license….

c. “Freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospital” shall mean a facility that satisfies, or is expected by the person who will construct, develop or establish the facility to satisfy, the requirements of 42 C.F.R. § 412.23(b); provided that, if such facility is not paid under the prospective payment system specified in 42 C.F.R. § 412.1(a)(3) within 24 months after accepting its first patient, then it shall not be considered a freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospital under this section. No freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospital is subject to the Certificate of Review process, and thus no such hospital shall have any license or authority to operate denied, revoked or restricted on the grounds that a Certificate of Public Review has not been obtained.

But if you explore the detail, it allows this new facility coming into Middletown to work without a liscense or government oversight, but requires all existing Delaware facilities to continue getting inspected…  It gives the Alabama corporation an unfair advantage over Delawarean ones.  It is as if a locality wanted a restaurant so badly they guaranteed they would never question how it operated, (where do all our dogs keep disappearing to) yet all competitors had to undergo rigid and costly improvements…

Now the last person anyone should trust in this entire world,  is a  medical firm from Alabama.   But that is exactly who we are giving away this carte-Blanche freedom to run as they wish.

I pity any patient whose children unknowingly put their mom or dad into this body-part mill…..   Under this new law, they cannot be shut down and are immune from all oversight and inspection….  No one is looking out for the patients.

Who would agree to such a bill?  We will soon know…

Remember Sweeney?  That character who was lampooned across the nation for his nonfactual support of Kinder-Morgan’s taking over our port?   Instead of being objective, his editorial board pieces are that of a pinch hitter for an administration again caught on the wrong side of an issue!  Remember the jokes? The aside comments that he has lost his touch?  Remember all the snide references that he must be on crack?

It is to those references (sincerely I doubt he does crack) and the acknowledgement that in popular culture today that phrase is often applied to everyone who tries to reform facts into a fairy tales, that I attached his name to it in the title…

In Sweeney’s defense through the manipulation of language, one can say anything.  Granted.  Romney certainly tried that tact. And the truth came out to hurt him.  “Jeeps in China”, my ass. “Benghazi was all Obama’s fault”, my ass.

So as old as Sweeney is, (he seems to mean well ), the facts he uses are simply not true…  If you put bad in, you get bad out.  Now if I were an aged,old authority figure, and if you were deemed childlikely to accept what I say is true, … I can tell you about a jovial man living at the North Pole, who has nine reindeer that fly and travels the world in one night delivering presents to every boy and girl in the world,… and of course you are going to look up at me with wide big eyes and go “wow, so that is how its done…”.

Alas, poor Sweeney, he doesn’t have the same beguiling audience.  Instead we have facts that show the opposite….

One of the facts WE the People have, is that the tests results coming from districts using this plan that show great results, were all obtained through cheating by high officials changing the answers over to correct ones after the students had taken them.

Two:  teachers under this system are spending too much time explaining to their superiors everything they do in order to be evaluated,  instead of teaching.  More time is spent in evaluation, than on lesson plans.  This hurts teacher. This hurts student.

Three: the curriculum being forced upon these classrooms is far inferior to what teachers themselves are able to dole out.  Education only works when a student’s interest is held.   These corporate templates are as interesting as your corporate financial  meetings.  Teachers do a much better job.

Four: low income students don’t have technology the rest of us take for granted.  Broadband costs money. Computer power costs money. Software costs money. Laptops cost money. Notebooks cost money.  The best way to raise low income students scores is to put them on par with students who have technology.  You can’t just tell someone how to log in and expect them to remember it whenever they next  see a computer.  They have to do so to learn how.

Five.  Testing at the beginning, the middle, and the end, is a great tool.  It evaluates a student’s progress over time.  BUT!  Holding a teachers job accountable to results over which they have absolutely no control, means…  a) all teaching by that teacher is geared to only what will be on that test… and b) since poor scores demand the loss of one’s livelihood,  rampant cheating is bound to occur…. We saw this in Atlanta, Texas, and DC.

Six.  The only proven and effective way to improve teaching, is to increase the number of teachers so there are 11 students per teacher.  Teaching is a personal science, like counseling, psychology, and doctor’s visits.  Without a personal relationship between teacher and student, there is no incentive to learn.  Studies as well as our personal experience, show that if we aren’t psyched to learn, we don’t….

Seven.  The students who do the poorest are the ones who have the largest social dishevel in their lives.  A person from this background can learn from a teacher just as easily as anyone else, if he believes the teacher is pulling for them, and they don’t want to let that teacher or their peers down.  That can and does  happen with a 11-1 ratio…

Eight.  Teachers DO NOT GO  into teaching to get rich.  They go to help children learn.  If you don’t know this, you have no human right to ever write another editorial on education.  That is just plain stupid not to know.  If you want to motivate teachers, the best way is to give them MORE resources with which to teach….  More maps, more books, more software, anything to provide more excitement to their classrooms.

Nine.  We all incorporate what we learn, into the categories we already have inside our heads.  Being an inner city child with no mother (on crack), no father (never knew him), living with grandma (forgets who I am sometimes), dodging getting beaten up by the drug lords every time you walk home from the bus to porch (its safe in the morning; they’re still asleep), disappearing when the molesting uncles happen to drop by, … reading about Sally having to choose between buying a candy bar or putting  all her cents into a piggy bank, doesn’t cut it.  You’d think Goldman-Sachs created the curriculum (they paid for it)…

Enough background…..  At least you know Sweeney is on metaphorical crack  just like he was with Kinder Morgan. (Panama Canal ships sailing up the Delaware, Sheesh)….

The heart of the matter lies in the News Journal’s phrase….Teachers that have earned highly-qualified credentials..

One would think that having a master’s degree or a doctor’s degree in education would qualify…  But no. Mr. Sweeney, it does not.  Mind if  WE, the People interrupt for a second to ask  if you happen to have a masters degree?  A doctor’s degree?  Is it in education?  No?  So, tell us again,  what makes you such an expert can we ask?  We, the People are dying to know.

Now get this.  To be one of these  “teachers that have earned highly-qualified credentials”  you have to first have attended a corporate seminar, one from a pandering company to which the state paid $180 dollars a person; you have to sit through 6 hours of power-point presentations; your  know-it-all instructor was just hired out of college by this corporation, and they proceed to tell you everything ever known about teaching without ever having been in a classroom. After this, you then take a test, having been given the answers ahead of time by clues of where the instructor casually says “this will be on the test”, and then, if you passed, you get a certificate saying you are a teacher with highly-qualified credentials.  Just like that.   You are now a highly qualified credential teacher; so who needs a masters, who needs a doctorate, who needs to read a stinkin’ Gannett publication? You got all the knowledge anyone ever needs to know.  You got a certificate that cost the state $180 dollars!….  You are now, eligible for a bonus… (if we (the DOE)  like you enough we choose to give it to you…

So if there are 8640 public school teachers in Delaware, at a cost of $180 per teacher, over time this company that originated out of nowhere, helps itself to $1.5 million dollars of our annual budget…   Now, not counting for the printing I can buy 8,000 sheets of  8 X 11  pieces of  24 lb. paper for around $71 dollars at Wal*Mart.  It would only take 20 sheafs of printer paper.   So to dole out $71-80 worth of pieces of paper printed with the words “Congratulations, You Are Certified“, our state is investing $1.5 million of your dollars… Why?  Can you say umm … kickback?  Personal favor?  Thanks for all you did back then?

In case one hasn’t been paying attention to the educational field, one would know that in the Christina district primarily due to our economy there are very few vacancies open from year to year.  One would also know, that in the  Christina district we have really good teachers practically in every classroom, who do better than the job that is expected except when they have to pull themselves away to do RTTT paperwork and explain to their evaluators how they are reinventing the wheel of teaching, or are on a pilot program teaching the Common Core agenda and cannot deviate.

So the Christina Board says this is ridiculous.  The Christina Board recognizes that teachers with a lifetime of experience, with masters and doctors degrees, know more about education then some punk out of college who passes the corporate litmus test.  After all, one would think, right?

The DSEA representing ALL THE TEACHERS IN DELAWARE,  and the Christina Education Association are fully backing the Christina Board on this.  As stated, teachers primarily want to teach.  This state program is very, very bad for teaching….  Although Mr. Sweeney might think otherwise, what teachers think, matters.  Especially if they are the ones teaching our kids.

Teachers are our most valuable resource as a society.  They are more important than our President.  They are more important than our Governor.  They are more important than any Mark Murphy or Lillian Lowery.  They are more important than the head of Goldman Sachs.  What?  You scoff?

Tell me, Mr. Sweeney?  When you look in the mirror in the morning… what president do you thank for making you who you are?   “Aww… Richard Nixon… Thank you so much for your leadership which was soooo inspiring, it made want to be like you…. I’m eternally grateful for all you did to inspire me, coach me, teach me, and give the the building blocks to make me as I am”   But sincerely, like all of us, I would damn well bet that somewhere in your growing up, there was one teacher or two, who is responsible for everything you’ve become.

In the book of We, the People … that teacher out ranks any governmental official…. any day…

I’ll close with an analogy to a story told long ago…  A woman was brought before Jesus accused of adultery.  They asked what should be done to her.  Jesus asked who was condemning her… knowing they too would be guilty of adultery if they admitted.  They left.  Jesus asked her, “who has condemned you?”  She looks around, and says ” no one Sir.”   “Then neither will I condemn you.  Arise, Go, and sin no more…”

It would be wise for Mr. Sweeney to remember this, before he goes writing his next editorial condemning the wrong people………..

In the bi-partisan Senate(sic) negotiations broke down today on figuring out how to accomplish background checks for hand held weapons…. By an overwhelming majority, Americans support the notion that every gun be registered to a single owner, and if a crime occurs, that owner can be charged with a conspiracy to that crime, provided he had not reported that weapon stolen….

A reader has brought up the major fear all gun owners have on getting their guns registered.  They hide behind the Constitutionality that registering guns with the Government, is the first step to confiscation.   This is not their real reason.

Their guns are illegal.  Not to them, But at some point in the past, they bought a gun in a shady private deal that did not require a background check, and the possibility lurks that their weapon they’ve had for years, probably in all fairness, was actually the stolen property of another gun owner….and with a registry, that fact will be found out.!!!

As soon as a registry goes into effect, computers will begin matching the numbers….

And, it is not these law abiding gun owner’s fault.  They performed their transactions legally, and the seller of the weapon probably in good faith, performed the transaction legally…. But with the ability to trace weapons, a gun registered in 2013 can be  found to have been stolen in 1989…..

Obviously this is a real fear.  I think all of us would feel the same.  I know I would.  Likewise, for us to move forward in taking effective action to prevent future tragedies like Newtown, we need to solve this issue.

The reality is that these once-stolen guns, are now in new homes, and those new owners are law abiding citizens… Without a registering of firearms, this criminality, possession of stolen merchandise, would never have been determined…

So by declaring no one will be prosecuted for having stolen merchandise, would go a long way to make sure fixing one injustice, does not create another…

We need amnesty against any legal action taken to retrieve ownership of a long lost gun. In most cases a statue of limitations would be long in effect, but we need a blanket Federal amnesty protection given priority over state an local laws on criminal prosecution….

We need this amnesty because we need universal background checks.

That accountability is key to holding criminals responsible..  As we go forward into the future, we will  need that clear accountability to control which guns confiscated from criminal belong to law abiding citizens who can then get return of their stolen possession, and which guns confiscated can lead us to more criminals who are using the current holes in our system to funnel guns to 7-11 and convenience store robbers….

We need oversight and accountability to accomplish this….

And putting law abiding citizens at risk for crimes of the past of which they were unaware,  gets in our way of doing what an overwhelming number of Americans want….  closing the ability of criminals to get possession of guns…..

I think tacking amnesty for gun owners covering any issues a gun registry may illuminate,  needs to be in any gun legislation bill put forward….  It is no different from granting immunity, which across this nation prosecutors do every single day……..

So let’s get it done.

In case you didn’t see a previous post, I stumbled into this controversy by accident. Since then, I have found that common core is striking a lot of nerves. In fact there is a divide splitting America’s educational system in two. I’m being blunt and non political. It is split between those who love children, and those who love a cause….

What I’ve found is that those who love children, primarily teachers, parents, and some administrators, are finding the new Common Core Standards are confusing, dumbing down, and making our kids hate learning. Those who are lost in this cause, call these damages collateral, and point to the theoretical good that could occur if this trend is pursued more harshly…. To this those who love children are saying “stop”; you are hurting them. Those in love with the cause, are saying, “hurt is good; no pain, no gain.”

And that is the overview of the common core controversy as I see it right now. That pretty well sums it up, right?

In no order here is stuff going on right now. Keep in mind, what you here is between those who love children, and those who love a cause.

Aspen Colorado, a Gate’s supported school written in the WSJ, can’t keep teacher more than 4 years, and scores once touted as rising, are now falling.

last week announced it was withdrawing from the two consortia developing tests aligned with the common core.

Utah withdrew from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium last year,

In Indiana, a Republican member of the Senate education committee, introduced legislation that would require the state to drop the common standards. Mr. Schneider said that the standards are inferior to Indiana’s prior academic-content standards, and that the common core has frustrated legislators because it was adopted behind a “veil of secrecy” and without good estimates of its financial costs.

Legislators previously desperate for federal cash attached to the standards, he said, are “just becoming alerted to what’s going on.

Seattle Teachers boycott the state testing.

And in Texas was recently formed. The Mothers Against Drunk Testing.

There you go. Just some. As you can see, it is not overpaid union teachers who are the only ones up in arms against Common Core…. It is parents, mostly leading the charge….

So why are these parents getting in the way of the cause to make our education world class? What is wrong with them?

Perhaps they love their kids a little more than they love the cause?

Hi, I’m Cathy Cloutier and I approve this message.

Hi, I’m Chris Counihan, and I approve this message.

One nice thing about the 5th District:  no matter who wins or who loses, the initials on the 5th district desk in the Senate will not have to change.

The most interesting aspect of the race is the position being taken on abortion and gay rights by the incumbent, Cathy Cloutier…. Cathy Cloutier plays both sides, being endorsed by Planned Parenthood as being pro-abortion, and by Rose and A Prayer, as being anti-abortion….  How can that be?   I am for life, before I was against it?  I am for a woman’s right to choose, before I was against it? Does it sound like someone filled out questionnaires two different ways to get two opposite endorsements, hoping one side would never see the other?

If so, is that the kind of tough leadership, the 5th district needs? “Hi, Cathy, I’m voting for you because you are for planned parenthood”…  6 months later… “What are you doing… I voted for you because you “were” pro choice!…..   or…

“Hi, Cathy, I’m voting for you because you are against abortion.  I’m Catholic you know.  …. 6 months later…”What are you doing!… I voted for you because you “were” pro life….

Is that fair?   I mean…  would it be fair if you went to SuperFresh, and bought a box of Ritz Crackers, and opened them to find orange cream filled Oreos?   How would you deal with a manager when you took it back who said….  sorry, we couldn’t sell those the way they were, so we repackaged them in Ritz Cracker boxes… Buyer (voter) beware!  You bought them, you own them!  They’re really not bad if you dip them in chocolate first…”  And when you get irate with him, he wags his finger in your face and goes… “ah, ah, ah, I know Tom Carper.”…

And then there was the story on trying to make all marriage equal…. Cathy Cloutier was courted for her vote… “Oh, yes, I’m for gay marriage, all the way, count me in…. I like gays and I think gays are just as normal as people who aren’t gay… I will be glad to support gay marriage”….

When the vote came…  “Has anyone seen Cathy?  Let’s check the hall… Cathy, you out here?  Someone go in the rest room… Cathy… Cathy… are you in here?  Quick.  Go check her parking spot…   That’s her car, it’s backing out… Call her… she’s making the turn onto King….  Call her…   Did you get her?…  No! …voice mail!…..”

Question is… does the 5th District deserve this type of leadership?  Or, does it deserve better? Seriously there are two types of people serving their districts.  One is everything to everybody, and no one to nobody…  Like social gadflies they touch on every subject, but never let on who they are or what they feel…  Basically you elect them because of other reasons, besides their convictions…  You could have had a drink with them.  You could have spoken with them on the phone.  You could have once been friends with her husband… Whatever the reason, you couldn’t care one iota what she thinks or what she believes…  We all know someone like that…..

The other side, of course, is the competent one.  He learns, creates, moves forward, and causes his district to prosper, instead of just wither on the vine… This person has convictions and is not afraid to tell you about them.   In this case, Chris is pro women ( actually more than the woman running), and is pro equality to marriage, not letting arbitrary items like gender stand in the way of two human beings who love each other and want to spend life together as a couple….  Seriously, what kind of ogre could be against marriage.

It appears the Cathy Cloutier kind.

Cathy has been a Senator since “Gore got more”, and “we got Bushed whacked”… 2000.  She has been a Senator for twelve years… What’s happened over those twelve years?  9/11 for one, two wars for two, a giant recession for three,  the acceptance of gay marriage, now even by Chik Fil A, … quite a few things…   How many of your cars were built before 2000?  My guess 1%… How many of you still work off laptops from the year 2000… probably less than 1%… How many of you still use the same phone as you did in 2000, you know the one where you pull the antennae out to talk or receive calls?   How many of you have the same computer you did in 2000?

Point is, keeping the old around hurts us sometimes.  There comes a time to upgrade. To put new blood in.  To give the energy levels a boost…  The longer you keep someone in the same office, the less and less they become effective….

How will someone who runs from accountability be able to handle the challenges we face the next four years?  If Romney gets elected, Federal funds to Delaware will stop instantly in order to cut back on the Federal Deficit.  If Romney gets elected,  the stock market takes a nose dive, as confidence in a campaign run only on lies, dissipates.  If Romney gets elected, Obamacare is instantly gone, and we have to rework the entire medical process all over again..  If Romney gets elected, Federal taxes get sliced, which means our taxes now appear higher by percentage in comparison.  We will have to have backbone to raise taxes, since Romney is sending us most of what used to be run by the Federal Government, down to the states, with more responsibility, we will have no choice but to raise state taxes sky high to cover the new services thrust upon us…

Is Cathy Cloutier up to the challenge?  Chris Counihan certainly is…  With insurance, government, political science, entrepreneurship, experience, Chris Counihan has the ability to accept very challenging situations.  Indeed, we know they will be very challenging during the  next four years.  As we try to wrap our state around Obamacare if Obama wins,  someone well versed in the insurance trade inside the legislature, can balance the weakness  existing  in our state insurance department.  As we try to insource new funding, having someone who has direct experience in trying to woo jobs to Delaware,  is exactly what we need as we banter over how to make that happen.

Is Cathy Cloutier still up for the challenge?   The voters of the 5th, can choose between two types.  One, is the person who waits for others to do the leg work, asks their opinion, and then votes without knowing any of the details, and the other type, is one who does the leg work…

There are two completely different styles… One old, set, and hard to change.  The other, new, full of ideas and energy, competent, aggressive in tackling problems, and just happens to be in the same party that controls the state….

Cathy Cloutier states that she gets along with both parties.  (Obviously now we know why…)  But she has to.  There are only 7 Republicans in the state Senate. There are 14 Democrats as well as a Democratic governor.  Doesn’t it make more sense to elect someone who doesn’t have to fight every minute just to bring some crumbs back to her district?  Doesn’t it make more sense, if the Democrat is far more qualified, to put him in so the 5th District can once again thrive, and be proud of its own when it picks up the News Journal in the morning?

You will have to decide… but a wise man once said… “never do business with your friends… they won’t take you seriously, and you won’t take them seriously”…   Many people are friends with Cathy…  They will have to choose between friendship and everyone-else-in- their-district’s, … well being….  It will be a tough four years for this state’s government….   so choose wisely….

Yawn.  We are so used to it by now.

Always near the last week of September before an election cycle, Republican State Auditor Thomas Wagner, releases some audit that  somehow gets stretched to cover something both corrupt and Democratic, and Republican Greg LaVelle jumps all over it like a ho on coke to prove he is Delaware’s champion for righteousness and might. It’s like we get nothing of value for two years solid years, then right before an election,  bam, we have a grave crisis, handcrafted for one politician:  Greg LaVelle. Republican for Senate.

They tried to waltz in on the Work Release program.  That fizzled.  Isn’t it ironical that it was only those two Republicans who were redistricted into contentious races who were being  the ones who creating the crisis, fanning the flames, leading the charge, and advertise that it was they  who are calling on the US Attorney’s office to investigate what turns out to be  a petty and extremely minor occurrence….  They were fortunate they had Rick Jensen to give them one day of airplay, otherwise it would have flopped dreadfully.  Rick Jensen failed.  It flopped dreadfully anyways.

“Oh, it’s terrible, it’s typical. It is a sacrilege”…  anytime one hears that in politics it immediately sends up a red flag that someone is in trouble, that a) it is not terrible unless one has a very low threshold of what  “terrible” is;  b) it is not typical, unless one has no idea of what is typical and what is not;  c) it is not a sacrilege;  unless something like breaking a fingernail is also considered to be a sacrilege….

And so Rick Jensen wastes an hour, the News Journal wastes a page of print, and we all waste an awful lot of time…. which could be spent doing something far better…..

You see, the Democratic Governor, the Democratic Senate, and the Democratic House have done such an exemplary job of running this state, that there are no crises to divert voters attention away from the fact that Republicans have really done nothing since being elected into their seats.  Nada……

They NEED a crises to appear important…. And so they called their buddy, Tom Wagner,  the only Republican in a statewide office.

“Tom, Tom, save us, save us.  You gotta help us old buddy. Do something.  Do something”

Instead of doing the right thing and saying….” I stick my neck out for nobody,” …. Tom says “ok, let me see what I can dust off in my files…..”

“Oh, here is one… Let’s give this a shot…  (dials number)… “hello?  Hello?  Oh, yes.  Say, is this Doug?  Which Doug?  Uhh,  this is the News Journal, isn’t it?  Doug …. Denison. Heh, heh… Yeah, I remembered his last name finally.  Tell you, old age doesn’t make one as sharp as he use to be… heh, heh, heh….  Hi, Doug… this is Tom Wagner, state auditor.  Hey I got something you might be interested in…..  We need some help here if you could do us a favor….”

And so the story comes out….  Political Hands in Pact With Non-Profit.  ” An ‘ongoing’ investigation by the state auditor questions why a Wilmington nonprofit received more than $880,000 in contracts after an earlier review determined there was no way of proving the state money was used properly and salaries paid were justified. ”

Greg calls up Tom Wagner…. ” Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

But, soon the other side begins to come out.  Apparently this was a secret audit done which non of the perpetrators even knew existed. Apparently no collaboration of the actual charges were ever made.  Apparently this was created mysteriously in the dark of night,  and none of the responsible parties were asked to provide any documentation…  Apparently there was a good reason for that.  If they had been asked to provide documentation and did, then there would not be a crises.

They only mileage that can be ginned from this, is simply saying “there’s trouble in River City.”  When poking around, one finds there really is no trouble at all…..

If you look at the report,  simplified, it states that this nonprofit was audited before, and holy crap, we are still giving money to it.

Is that bad?  You tell me.  If a nonprofit corrects its deficiencies and functions as it is supposed to, shouldn’t it be allowed to continue?  Of course.  But Republicans can’t win if that’s the case.  They have no positives and can only win by saying Democrats are corrupt, and are equivalent to that abysmal boil on the underside of your rump.   But, when evidence proves otherwise, that Democrats are pretty cool and certainly more trustworthy,  Republicans lose big.

So Doug Denison gets slammed for faulty journalism, and so goes poking around to vindicate his name…   Here is what he finds.

A)  The State Auditor Tom Wagner was not comprehensive or thorough in his review.  (How much are we paying him?)

B)   Concerns addressed in the previous audit were fixed in 2009.

C)   Tom’s report inaccurately states that the contract was terminated and reinstated.  It never was terminated.

D)  The services provided by this organization are vital (life and death) and abruptly terminating this contract would have a life or death impact upon the elderly clients this non profit serves.

E)  Considering the gravity of such termination, Tom’s report deems the decision to continue using this service as “inappropriate”.  (WTF? Inappropriate  based on whose standards, Greg Lavelle’s?)

F) The auditor was unaware that a team had audited the facility and found no wrong doing.  The DHSS was never asked.  The evidence from that internal audit would have eliminate this issue completely..  (But… that wouldn’t have given Greg Lavelle a platform to scream from).

G) After the 2009 issue, a system was put in place of which the auditor (who simply dusted off an old report) was completely unaware, which monitored and assisted the organization in keeping their finances in good standing and compliant.  It’s like if your daughter bounces a check in her first checking account, you the parent, periodically look over it, teaching her how to balance it correctly.  It never happens again.

H) The report implies that the only reason this nonprofit received any funding at all,  is because Tony DeLuca, Patty Blevins, and Bob Gilligan, (all Democrats) overruled official policy and said…  “they’re with me… just give them ‘da’ money…”  Tom states:  “the agency had learned that a few phone calls would absolve their responsibility to comply with the state contract..”  The DHSS, was dumbfounded.  “There were no threats, intimidation, suggestions of reprisals or anything that equates to “political pressure”, as the report mistakenly concludes.

I)  Auditors did not interview anyone from the non profit agency about allegations of political pressure.  It made them all up.

J) The head of the organization told Doug Denison, the News Journal reporter, that since 2009 the organization has never failed to meet the expectations of the DHSS.  “They always say they have everything they’ve asked for.”

K) Non profits undergo a yearly audit by outside auditors, and not one of those accountants raised any concern. Neither has anyone from the DHSS.

Overall this claim by Lavelle and Tom Wagner and all other Republicans, is outrageous. That this is even an issue, and especially that it conveniently  gets trotted out to help Greg Lavelle who is already predicted to lose, and now must rely on some type of “hail mary” or something if he is to win his seat.

Now we all know that this is politics.  But here is the apparent tragedy.  WE, THE PEOPLE of the state of Deloaware, pay $101,600 to our State Auditor, who over two years, earns a combined total of $203,200 and issues one report or two just before election time to save one or two Republican’s seat.

That money one should think,  could be better utilized.  If the Republican Party wants to do a “hit” audit, they can use Party funds for it.  Not the hard earned tax payer dollars just to help keep Greg Lavelle from losing so embarrassingly.

The audit appears to never have been updated.  It appears that all evidence comes from the previous 2009 audit.  It appears that when the Correctional Work Force didn’t generate outrage, something else had to be created quick.  This was the something else.  It appears that all areas are compliant with all laws….

And this is exactly why we cannot have any Republicans in office.  Ever.  They do absolutely nothing except cry wolf.  They did in 1992. They did in 1996. They did in 2000.  They did in 2004. They did in 2006. They did in 2008. They did in 2010… And yep… here we go again.  It is time to throw all these imposters out of office.  These people, who earn our money just being lazy, watching tv, socializing, drinking expensive scotch, and don’t do a damn productive thing for society, think they are entitled to their office….   Except at election time of course, that is when they finally stand up and point their finger and shriek at the top of their lungs…. “You, you, Monster”…

Get rid of Greg Lavelle and all Republicans.  This state is too good to have even just one of them stinking up the works… They have done nothing but push us backwards.  They have done not one decent thing for this state.  They have stalled all progress and cost Delaware thousands of jobs.  All they do is scream…  it is time to vote either Democrat or third party… Someone who will actually do work for us….  Republicans?  Screw them…

I’ll change my tune if anyone, anyone, anyone, can name just one thing, one thing positive, that any Republican has done that no Democrat can do better!!!!!  I’ve been searching Republican blogs for years as well as listen to Rick Jensen over the same time period.  And I can attest that there  IS  NOT  ONE   SINGLE  BENEFIT  THAT  ANY  REPUBLICAN  HAS  DONE   FOR  THIS  STATE  THAT  IS  DOCUMENTED  ANYWHERE .

But there IS a lot of screaming. An… awful… lot… of… screaming….

This is post number 2000.

The only real significance is it is 150 posts more than where Tommywonk stopped exactly one year and fifteen days ago…

If some future historian looks back, I can only guess they may kindly make some note of the quality of thought that underlies these efforts, but my guess, is no one will ever notice…

Irregardless, as long as the urge to put thoughts down for others continues, we will go on. As usual, with no goal, no direction, and no ulterior motive. Probably upon reflection, my biggest surprise, right here, right now … is that I still enjoy it so much, and can’t wait to jot my thoughts down, click the button, and send them off to where ever cyberspace and the vast internet ocean, lets them drift….

For each of you who have become regular over the years, … thank you friend…