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“Here are the guts of SB 51… The cuts are in one color, and the add ons are in another….

” …has achieved a passing score on both a content-readiness exam and a performance assessment as specified by the Department no later than July 1, 2015,” Added.

, except that this provision shall not apply to applicants seeking an initial license to teach in a core content area. For the purposes of this section, “core content area” means any subject area tested by the state assessment system, including Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  “Added

 “an initial license may be issued to an applicant who meets all other requirements for initial licensure except for passage of the PRAXIS I exam, provided that the applicant must pass PRAXIS I within the period of time from the date of hire to the end of the next, consecutive fiscal year. If proof of passage of PRAXIS I has not been provided during the time period specified, the initial license will be suspended unless the superintendent of the school district submits to the Secretary of Education a written request for a 1-year extension. The request must also document the effectiveness of the applicant.”  Cut

 An applicant seeking an initial license to teaching the secondary content area of Math Mathematics or English/Language Arts must also meet the achieve a passing score on the corresponding section of Praxis I. The Department may also require that an applicant achieve a passing score on both a content-readiness exam and performance assessment. The assessments and the passing scores shall be approved by the Department, and shall be developed or identified in collaboration with Delaware educators. ” added.

” This requirement shall apply to all applicants teaching special education in a core content area, as defined in § 1210 of this title, in secondary schools”  added.

The Department shall recognize a professional status certificate or standard certificate that is otherwise valid if issued prior to August 31, 2003. The Department shall also recognize a limited standard certificate or a temporary certificate issued prior to August 31, 2003, provided that the educator successfully completes the requirements set forth in the limited standard certificate or the temporary certificate.” cut.

And this entire passage was added….

Subchapter VIII. Education Preparation Programs

§ 1280. Educator Preparation Program Approval.

(a) Consistent with § 122 of this title, no individual, public or private educational association, corporation, or institution, including any institution of post-secondary education, shall offer an educator preparation program for the training of educators to be licensed in this State without first having procured the assent of the Department for the offering of such programs. A program approval process based on standards adopted pursuant to this section must be established for educator preparation approval programs, phased in according to timelines determined by the Department, and fully implemented for such programs in the State. Each program shall be approved by the Department based upon significant, objective, and quantifiable performance measures.

(b) Each teacher preparation program approved by the Department shall establish rigorous entry requirements as prerequisites for admission into the program. At a minimum, each program shall require applicants to:

(1) Have a grade point average of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or a grade point average in the top 50th percentile for coursework completed during the most recent two years of the applicant’s general education, whether secondary or post-secondary; or

(2) Demonstrate mastery of general knowledge, including the ability to read, write, and compute, by achieving a minimum score on a standardized test normed to the general college-bound population, as approved by the Department.

Each educator preparation program may waive these admissions requirements for up to 10% of the students admitted. Programs shall implement strategies to ensure that students admitted under such a waiver receive assistance to demonstrate competencies to successfully meet requirements for certification.

(c) Each teacher preparation program approved by the Department shall incorporate the following:

(1) A clinical residency component, supervised by high quality educators, as defined by the Department. The clinical residency shall consist of at least ten weeks of full-time student teaching. Clinical experiences shall also be interwoven throughout and aligned with program curriculum.

(2) Instruction for prospective elementary school teachers on research-based strategies for childhood literacy and age-appropriate mathematics content;

(3) Ongoing evaluation of students, consisting of no less than an annual evaluation, aligned to the statewide educator evaluation system;

(d) Each teacher preparation program approved by the Department shall establish rigorous exit requirements, which shall include but not be limited to achievement of passing scores on both a content-readiness exam and a performance assessment.

(e) Education preparation programs administered by institutions of higher education shall collaborate with the Department to collect and report data on the performance and effectiveness of program graduates. At a minimum, such data shall measure performance and effectiveness of program graduates by student achievement. The effectiveness of each graduate shall be reported for a period of 5 years following graduation for each graduate who is employed as an educator in the State. Data shall be reported on an annual basis. The Department shall make such data available to the public.

(f) The Department shall promulgate rules and regulations governing educator preparation programs pursuant to this subchapter in collaboration with Delaware educators.”  Added.

Section 3. The effective date of this Act shall be July 1, 2014.

Here is the bill in full….

And here is the Delaware code for that same passage as it stand now, before any changes get wrought…..

Ok, done… Sounds good right?  Well for most it does.  But… some of us have inquiring minds. and since there are no National Enquirers on newstands this time of night, these changes here will have to be the object that absorb our attentions….

For example…

At first glance it appears that before one could still teach first and take the Praxis later.  Now one must take the Praxis first, period.  My problem with this is that if a super-great student teacher trains in one school, and that school is aware of an upcoming vacancy and really wants that teacher to fill it, they can’t until the Praxis is first taken.  Now one doesn’t walk in to take the Praxis, … or do they?  One has to wait, like we did back when we took our SAT’s, until the test is being offered.  That means this school which had a great chance at acquiring an awesome teacher, one they knew and wanted, must hire someone else who is a complete stranger to them, and who may not have as good of qualifications as did their own student teacher who they hoped could get that job.  Under the old bill, she could have worked and taken the test when it was offered.  Now, she can’t.  An amendment could solve this!

Secondly.  It appears that the old bill grandfathered anyone who has a certificate from before August 2003.  With a stroke of a pen, those are no longer valid.  I see some issues here.  I see a home economics teacher, who is impossible to replace (who learns home economics in college anymore?)  now at age 63 having to take todays recertification exams.  As a normal human being, I can barely remember most of my education because I don’t use it.  Today I pride myself on still being able to figure out my kids algebra. Woo Hoo!  Back in class our exam was to start from scratch and prove Einsteins theory of General Relativity; I can’t even begin to start it now….  Forgive me for being cynical here, but this just looks like a vehicle to remove someone before retirement sets in.   At most, a person in this capacity has been teaching for 10 years.  If you didn’t fire them in ten years because they were so good, you are planning on firing them now?  Is it because they make too much and you can hire someone cheaper?  Is it because if you remove them before retirement, you can cut back on the pensions they have saved up?  I don’t know this so I’m asking, but do we make Doctors take their MCAT’s over again in their old age?  We don’t?  Why not?  They are dealing with life and death.  What if they made a mistake and gave us 40 milligrams because they added 2.0 plus 2.o and missed the decimal points, giving us 40?  We don’t test them for a reason.  Because they know more already than the tests can check.  And why don’t we make lawyers take their LSAT’s over again?  Our OWN Attorney General had to take his Delaware Bar exam 3 times before he squeaked in over  the 154 benchmark.  He’s our Attorney General for heavens sakes!!!  Surely we should test HIM once a term maybe?  If he’s good, he should whiz through it… Hell, give him the Delaware Bar right now and let’s pull him if he doesn’t get a passing score… After all, if he can’t muster it, he shouldn’t practice law, ..right?  I don’t know this so I’m asking… So why don’t we test lawyers, like we are going to do teachers?

Because its just plain stupid that is why.  You test those to determine who gets in, and once they get in, their time needs to be spent on the tasks at hand, not focused on retaking test they’ve already taken….  Requiring ongoing multiple tests is as sensible as selling your stock and buying it back yourself just to say you don’t have any old stock… It’s  costing you a lot  in commissions to do so.

Passage of this bill allows for the removal of tenured teachers who after teaching all this time, can’t pass the exam…..  Something none of us could do, no matter how successful we are in our current careers.  By the way.  Did Mark Murphy have to pass a competency test as would these teachers,  before he took office?   Let’s give him the Praxis today and make his position dependent upon its passage.  If he fails to accept the challenge, then obviously, there is something wrong in this bill.  Although set in talk of raising standards,  there belies intent behind this bill to arbitrarily remove people the Department does not like…

Again, an amendment grandfathering this group, similar to the one before, can solve this problem.

Thirdly… and forgive me for going into this, but flat out… this is vague.  “Each program shall be approved by the Department based upon significant, objective, and quantifiable performance measures.”  And that’s it.  No explanation.  What are or will be the performance measures?  As Steve points out, we have considerable measures currently in place.  We receive excellent teachers from our current crop of schools. So what exactly will be the significant, objective, and quantifiable measures? ( Playing devils advocate here, but the language is so vague, it could apply)  Do you have to be white?  Do you have to be a woman?  Do you have to be willing to work for $15,000 a year?  Do you have to be willing to work with no pension?   So how are you going to rate Del Tech’s teaching, Del State’s teaching, UDel’s teaching any differently than you do now?  If someone comes from Harvard,  how do you measure that, without telling us how you are measuring that?  We used to have to measure intelligence at the polls to vote. We thought is was funny to ask a white boy who was the president of the United States, and a black boy what the square root of 32 was to the 4th decimal place…  yes, it created lots of laughter.  But that is exactly what this legislation is creating.  An impartial, willy-nilly, capricious standard that can let some through the door, and close it on others…  Where is the standard?  If we don’t have it, why are we voting on something we haven’t seen?  Who here would sign a contract with a bank that was blank?  (Good thing I switched that around; that was going to be a Wilmington Trust jibe)…

Fourth, and again forgive me for asking, but what is the reasoning behind passing super high standards … then creating a back door so 10% of those below standard can walk in and join the party?   Isn’t that an exercise of futility?  The result is going to give you exactly the same results one has now.  Today 90% are 3.0 and above; 10 percent are just under.  Perhaps quantifying it could be their excuse… That’s the way it is so we’ll put it in writing.  Or maybe its trying to set a minimum so at some point in the future, generations not yet born, will not be tempted to go to 80/20 or 70/30 ratios.   Still, it just seems futile.  Of course we all know what happened was the original standard got offered, then the 10% was added to insure the objections raised were met, but still, the final piece now lacks credibility.  It was as if we said, “ok, you must follow the no text rulings, no texting or hand held phones… Except 10% of you will be allowed.  No problem for you.”  As an old corporate dog once advise me:  “If you’re going to make a ruling you can’t enforce, don’t make it.  It gives you personally only one option, and that is to lose.”

Fifth:  As noted by Steve, Delaware already utilizes far more than ten weeks of student teaching this bill requires.  By dropping the levels required to just 10 weeks, Delaware student teachers will be overqualified and should easily get jobs here in this state.  Is this lowering of the requirement to allow us to recruit and bring in cheaper teachers from other parts of the country, parts whose educational departments are perhaps not as thorough as is Delaware in its requirement for teachers?   I do know in some states, teachers tell their students that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.  Is this an attempt to whisk “those kind” into Delaware? ..  Our standards are already higher than that, so why are we lowering them while pretending it is raising the bar higher?  Do we need to start warning our children to beware of teachers who talk with funny accents?

Sixthly:  What do you mean when you say this:   Instruction for prospective elementary school teachers on research-based strategies for childhood literacy and age-appropriate mathematics content.   Excuse me for asking, but “whose” research will you use?  I’m sure you are well aware that the now accepted failure, No Child Left Behind, was attempted at all because of faulty research.  I’m sure you are well aware, the the school voucher program pushed forward in some states is failing desperately because it too, was based on faulty research.  I’m sure that you are well aware, that the entire charter school program is failing across this nation, and taking all its children down with it…. was based on faulty research…  So when you say research-based strategies, the hair sort of goes up on the back of my head… Uh oh.  As every single working teacher will tell you, each year there is a new, proven,  brand-new strategy that will finally, finally magically transform all students into a model classroom,…. and each year afterwards, … there is a new, proven brand-new strategy to replace it… All costing the state millions of dollars to implement I should add.  And furthermore, each time there is a top personnel change there is also a new research-based strategy to go along with it.  And as you know, each strategy takes up weeks of a teacher’s time they could spend with students, and if there was any redeeming value in that strategy, it is only discovered in the final weeks of the year, but alas it is too late.  Next year there will be a new strategy and teachers get to start all over.   And as reports of the tests come filtering back, there are multiple issues of where 7th grade material ends up being on 5th grade tests.  Who is determining the age appropriateness of the mathematics?  Surely not the same people who are making the test?  And while I have your attention… what really is the point of putting a question on a test that no one taking it has been trained to answer?   Why give a student who has passed algebra and trig and geometry and done well mind you, a Galileo equation?   As adults, none of us are tested on things we should not know? I mean would we really put complicated questions of Ugandan history on Beau Biden’s Bar Review that he must pass to pursue a career?  Of course not… That is torture.  To do so would just be mean and nothing else.  So why are we torturing little children?

Again, there is no definition of standards. What are they?  Can they be misused like almost the exact wording was put in law back during the Southern Segregational Era?   Do you know how many research strategies their are?   Google gives you 56,700,000 in under a second.  There have been at least 10 used in every school over the last 10 years…  So out of all of them, which one is right?  Isn’t that an extremely arbitrary decision?

Seventh:  As has been frequently pointed out, we currently have standard that must be met to teach.  They are rather difficult to achieve.  Most schools have a final exam. After four years of college it is nice to get a score to see where you stand.  And heaven forbid, if beer was your major and you failed to meet the standard of the college on its final exam, you couldn’t represent that college as alumni.  No problem there.  But I’m curious, how one expects to discern the educational aptitude of  teachers coming from a variety of locations,  like George Fox University, or the University of Central Arkansas, or Concord University, or Everglades University, or Franklin Pierce University?  Sure they pass their tests, they got their degree, but can they even be close to as good as someone coming from  a much more difficult regimen at a Delawarean university or college?   So we say No to someone to entering college got a 1400 combined on their SAT, because they didn’t pass Delaware’s stringent test, and say yes to someone from Everglades University, who entered college with a combined SAT of 1000, and was taught the test and passed it with a high score.  How does that benefit children?

That question could be fixed with an amendment requiring the GRE to be part of the assessment.  Otherwise, this action is pointless because of so many standards nationwide.

Eighth.  And here is the crucial point.   After graduating the bar of success or failure will be data collected from testing students. When a new teacher joins a district, where do you think they will be placed?  In the best classrooms with the best students?  Or in the classes after every current teacher has been given the opportunity to move up, that are left?  Obviously the latter.  So a great teacher, one who would teach suburban students amazingly, finds themselves in a classroom of students whose lifetime ambition is to get a good rep in what was once Gander Hill, but is now the Howard Young Correctional Center…  “I’m sorry miss, but your scores are embarrassing. You can’t work in Delaware anymore.”  Likewise a teacher who doesn’t give a damn, who luckily is in a great environment, gets raises year after year.   Tests do not measure students accurately, so using them to fire teachers is just plain wrong.  If you’ve read this far… you had good teachers.  None of them were tested into the ground like we are doing to ours today.  What?  How can that be?  How on earth can you have great education, one that make America into a world power, without testing 3 times a year, and again, many times between that?  How can it be?….

Obviously it was.  And in the real world, that alone would put an end to this policy of testing ad nauseum.

But we don’t live in a real world anymore, do we?  It seems not.

Ninth.  And there is one important thing that is missing.  How much will this cost?  Any estimates?  Who will get the contracts? Pearson?  ETS?  College Board? The ACE?  Someone’s getting wealthy…  But how much will this cost, and will that be supported by a tax upon the wealthy to pay for it, or will it be culled from existing programs now doing a great job today?

These issues need to be addressed before the House passes the bill….  As i said at the beginning, it all sounds nice… “higher standards for teachers?  Sure, why not?”   But then, a year later…. “What!  They fired Ms. Jones!  Are they effin’ crazy?  She’s the best teacher in this school!”  and two years later, … “Mr. Principal:  your scores are down. You failed.”  Then at three years later: “ladies and gentlemen, we are closing this school.”

Perhaps it’s time to look at bills closely before passing them unanimously.

Do you think this is odd?

Exhibit A:

“We are conducting a national search for an exceptional leader capable of transforming Delaware into one of the leading charter school systems in the nation….

Exhibit B:

“The federal tax exemption of each organization listed below was automatically revoked for its failure to file a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years.:  PENCADER EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION”

Exhibit C:

“The standoff between the state Department of Education and Pencader Charter is over after the state agreed Thursday evening to pitch in $350,000 to brace the troubled school’s budget through the end of the year,  “Make no mistake, this is a burden to the State,”

Exhibit D:

The Colonial School District will lay off 72 people, including 58 teachers, if voters don’t approve a tax increase, according to a plan approved by the school board Tuesday night.. Even if voters approve the increase, the district would still have to cut as many as 25 jobs, 8 to 12 of which would be teachers.”

Exhibit E:

Vision – A firm belief in the value of charter schools in public education,.  As the Executive Director of the Charter School Office, the core of your work will be to ensure that we create an environment in Delaware that is conducive to a high-performing charter system. You will lead an effort at the state-level to ensure that our laws, regulations, practices and policies reflect best practice nationally, and create an environment that attracts, supports and sustains high performing charters while holding them accountable for results.

Right:  Just Like Pencader.

But the argument for increasing Charter Schools is that they increase student performance.

Do they?

No. the performance by Charters in the state of Delaware is at best equal and at worst lower than that of public schools.  Sending a child to a charter is demeaning his potential.  A child performs better in a public school. whose funding is being stripped as in the Christina School District, than he does in a charter who is sucking away $350,000 of Department of Education money away from schools doing their jobs.

Conservatives in an attempt to stave off making their guns illegal, have put together a rather good bill.  One that treats guns like we treat cars….

The idea is simply that by making gun owners more financially responsible for the outcomes their firearms may or may not produce, would make them better citizens….

Here are the salients.

The insurance should follow the gun not the owner…

Insurance should continue to cover guns that are lost, stolen or diverted…

The insurance should be No-Fault….

There should be a means to find the insurer of a gun…

Just when I think Conservatives are toast, they come through in a clutch. Private control of weaponry can achieve the same results as government control, without flipping on the libertarian switch existing in many of our backwoods residents…..

The bill is HR 1369…

Tomorrow, is the day… like a wedding, can’t wait for it to finally be over so life can go on again…. But there is one last thing to do.

Look at the Republican Party. The only reason Romney is doing well, is because he pivoted in the first debate, and became a liberal. His past track record had almost pushed him to the point of no return, until he reinvented himself upon that first debate stage. In other words, Romney is now the more liberal candidate, if one just looks at what he has said since October 4th.

However the old message is still prevalent in Delaware’s Republican exoskeleton. Kovach who once was considered a decent person, is now a compromised decent person. Kevin Wade, is nothing more than a word to rhyme with suede. Jeff Craig wants us to believe that if you can run a 16 X 40 foot retail outlet buried in the middle of a Fairfax strip mall, you can run the entire state’s government. Greg Lavelle believes that if you trash your opponent hard enough, you will get elected. Cathy Cloutier believes that no one gives enough of a hoot, making it so simple that she can be endorsed by the pro choice and pro life movements in the same election. Evan Quietsch believes the United Nations has set up a secret outpost somewhere in the woods of the 11th District, and that his challenger is the Manchurian Candidate who is actually from Manchuria. Rick Jensen has to ignore 99% of a story to make his case in support of any Republican who shows up on his show. Dori Conner, is running “Go, Go William Penn” down in Cavalier Country. NCCE Blake has to put stickers on his campaign signs, that say “I’m not Tom Gordan.” Then there is DelawarePolitics.Net, which although it has great people, they all get their orders from Homer Simpson. There is Brian Pettyjohn who, whenever his name gets mentioned, reminds one of the Lollypop Guild soliciting a hooker on the side of the Yellow Brick Road… And then, there was Two Timing Booth, kicked out for…. oh my. Don’t even get me started on Bodenweiser…. And above all this mess, flies the green faced witch on her magic broom, saying 2014, 2014…..

What happened? Siegler, is this what happens when you put the NRA actually in charge of something?

From top to bottom this party is (I’ll bend over backwards and be very nice here)…. dysfunctional… It is time for it to go away….

I heard a caller put it very well on Al Masciti this morning. Business needs representation. With this party they don’t have it. What they do have is Jack Markell, Chip Flowers, and Beau Biden, working with them as well as representing “we the people” who simultaneously do the necessary work for these businesses as well as us who depend on their health to live well ourselves…..

Delaware works better as a single party state than as a two party one…. Why? Simply put, everyone is an individual again. There is no reason NOT to work with someone who’s viewpoint is different from yours… It is called “compromise” and with today’s Republican Party from the top down, that compromise gene is simply not in their chromosomes……

Now here is my argument… Any vote for any Republican, weakens our state. I’m guessing we need an 85/15 democratic majority to permanently make this party go away…. I’m worried that many in Delaware may not vote this time because our national election is a foregone conclusion, and really, there is no reason to suspect or worry that any Republican will win….

Here is why you must… Your vote against the Republican Party, is needed to make it be gone forever….. We need single party government now more than ever… WE need cooperation between workers and businesses, and only one party, the Democratic one, can provide that.

Some say we need another voice to balance out one party rule… We will have them. 21 separate voices in the Senate, and 45 separate ones in the House, but only if they are all Democrat … Every person is an individual, and every person has to represent their district. There are some conservative districts, there are some progressive districts. but it still will take a majority to get anything passed.

At least if there is only one party, they will get things done the old fashioned way. The conservatives will express their needs, the progressives will express their needs, and some type of compromise all can live with, will get hammered out….

That can’t happen if there are Republicans anywhere in government to mess things up…..

So do your civic duty… Vote Democratic or Libertarian, or any another candidate…. Just make Republicans go away…. I used to like watching cartoons on Saturday… Now, that I have to watch them 365 days at 24/7, it is too much…. (Now, where’s that Advil?)

Make them go away.

It is called Creative Destruction.

Here is how it works.    Delaware Liberal and Wilmington Trust (now gone) make a bid to buy DelawarePolitics. Net.   They get help from the News Journal, WGMD, and WDEL.  Together they come up with $50 which gives them a 51% voting share of Delaware….  Once they have voting control over,  they fan out to banks, investment houses, and borrow money on DelawarePolitics fine name… They get $50 dollars from Hube.  They get $50 dollars from Duffy.   They get $50 dollars from Jack Markell.  They get $50 dollars from Tony DeLuca.  They get $50 from Steve Newton.  They get $50 from the ShopRite manager off Marrow’s Road.  They get $50 from Ernie Lopez.  They get $50 from Rick Jensen.  They get $50 from that guy selling papers on 11th and Market…..   So, how much did they get?   $450 for a company that was only worth $100.

The board then moves $450 to be paid out in dividends.   $450 gets divided by the 5 entities that went in with $10 and each gets $90.   Net profit $80.

Now, Delaware politics (only worth $100) must pay back on a timed schedule the $450 in loans it took out.  Assuming  it pays $1 per month to each entity, it needs to come up with $9 every month.   Before the takeover it was a profitable firm just chugging away at  earnings of $5 a month…  Now, the consortium led by Delaware Liberal, is screaming at Delaware Politics to come up with $5 dollars more every month…  David Anderson lays off Frank Knotts.  $1 dollar saved… David lays off Tennessee Walker; another dollar saved.  David Anderson lays off Pat Fish… Another dollar saved… But .. without those colorful writers, DelwarePolitics slips down in market share… No one reads Delaware Politics.  What used to be a $5 a month company is now a $3 a month company…  A  $3 a month company which has to pay $9 a month back….

It sues for bankruptcy.  As DelawarePolitics gets liquidated, the computers get sold, (worth $10 by now) .  So, all nine lenders, Hube, Duffy, Jack, Tony,  Steve, ShopRite man, Ernie, Rick, paper man, who put in $50, get back $1 from the first payment, and $1.10 from the sell of DelawarePolitics assets…   In other words, they are short $48….

But not the 5 investors.  Since they moved the money to dividends, they are protected and none of that money gets touched by the bankruptcy court.  It is their property and not that of the corporation, and is therefore not acquirable…..

So Delaware Liberal,  gets rich… Just like Mitt Romney….

This is how Bain Capital makes money.  This is not a job grower….

Is there any fairness in a system where a group of people can borrow a bunch of money to buy a company and pay themselves millions of dollars in dividends and fees, while the company itself ends up bankrupt and its employees lose their jobs, health insurance and pensions?   According to Romney in the debate, it is unAmerican…. NOT to do so….

Mitt Romney tries to be who he is with at the moment.

Fourteen times he agreed with President Obama’s policy.
When with Tea Partiers he agrees with them; his campaign issues a correction.
When his audience is swing votes, Romney is liberal and agrees with them; his campaign issues a correction.

When he was campaigning for the Tea Party vote, picking Ryan (Tea Partier) as his running mate, he was hemorrhaging in polls across America. The race was over.

America tuned in for the first debate, and here was a liberal, bashing Obama for not fulfilling his liberal promises.

There was no mention what the campaign said before, that it endorsed probing pregnant vagina’s with wands.
There was no mention what the campaign said before, that ALL of Obamacare would be removed, even the good parts.
There was no mention that we needed to threaten Iran and that would make it stop its making bombs.

Instead, he is for abortion; his campaign issues a correction.
Instead he will keep Obama care, just fund it differently; his campaign issues a correction.
Instead he will sanction Iran, not bomb them, which is just what Obama is doing right now…..

In last nights debate?
I will do what Obama is doing in Iran.
I will do what Obama is doing in Israel.
I will do what Obama is doing in Libya.
I will do what Obama is doing in China.

Forcing Glenn Beck to tweet: He’s just like Obama; whats the point of voting.

Well, if you are Republican and just can’t bring yourself to vote Obama, you should check our Gary Johnson, former Republican Governor of New Mexico, who is now running as a third party candidate on the Libertarian Party’s banner.

He, not Romney, is a Republican who is consistent and who is one you can trust…. If Obama is going to win anyways, what’s the better alternative? Not vote for anyone? Vote for Obama (who has worked to deserve it btw) or… vote for someone who believes exactly as you do…. For you disgruntled Republicans, his website is below….

Gary Johnson 2012

Two more sponsors on the position that the debates shut out Gary Johnson, pulled their sponsorships US News and World Reports, reports.  Three are out.  Seven remain.

Phillips Electronics and the YWCA who were hit with a massive email campaign, yanked their sponsorships over their concern that these debates were partisan and not non-partisan as originally intended.  The debate commission being a 501 (c) (3) organization,  requires sponsors for its funding, and the loss of two more sponsors will impact it greatly.

The bi-party commission had excluded Gary Johnson because it stated he did not meet the 15% threshold level previously set.   There is increasing concern across this nation that the dual bi-partisian commission is intent on keeping third party candidates out of debates.  Doing so, would make them partisan and thereby violate the stipulations of their tax status.

The Gary Johnson campaign has a lawsuit on the docket to open the debates to third parties.  It appears the court will not overrule the debate commission.

However the loss of a major sponsor could change the tune of the debate commission.  The loss of two, could change it faster.

Note:  the following sponsors remain.  Please email them to withdraw as well.

Howard G. Buffet Foundation
Sheldon S. Cohen
Crowell & Moring
Kovler Fund
Southwest Airlines

Wow, talk about a comment rescue… I was browsing around Steve’s  Delaware Libertarian, and for some unknown reason clicked on a story and then hit the comments, and didn’t read the short ones but instead went right to the long one.


I got an unadulterated story of what happened that night.

From Andrew Groff:  c/o Delaware Libertarian.

Great debate tonight.

Here’s the scoop from the podium: Once again, a room full of people who already had their minds made up and the rest party minions. I opened kind of weak and scary. I made sure to tar Carney and Carper with NDAA and PA and PA2 and how they are killing the bill of rights, but I didn’t say enough about who I was so I had to find ways to work that in the rest of the night.

I definitely see me writing a position paper on Israel and Iran in my future as I got into a heated discussion over whether we should *give Israel $3.2billion in arms a year (hey, if they want to buy it, I say go for it, but we are not in a position to give free rides right now)… (that was an after-debate attender wanting to have a go with me. I told him I prefer to keep the middle east in sand, not glass).
Kevin Wade thought we imported a lot of our oil from the middle east. Some oilman he is!... we get less than 5%. Also, America is a net exporter of oil. That’s right, we ship our oil to other countries. Drill baby drill my tush.

I killed the whole jobs discussion when I told the crowd – never trust a politician who says he’s gonna create jobs and not say how; that they are full of BS. Shut it right down. Carper was reading his notes on Glass/Steagall and why it won’t work if re enacted – written by a bankster lobbyist, of course!
Wade should have just stayed at home. He just can’t get prepared enough in time to be effective. His vocal coach is messing up a good guy and turning him into….I don’t know, but he’s a decent guy and is not getting good advice.

If it was just Carper and Wade it would have been a horribly boring evening. We would have had a better time outside. 😉 Kovich and Carney were complete wastes of time tonight when it comes to debating – (guys you need to do better than faux-slick sound bites) I know Tom is better than this performance, I never met Carney before; he was an hour late and was incoherent with beltway gibberish (we’re not interested in who you had lunch with; I guess he was picking up a big check).

Pires and I diverged on a number of issues. Phew! I now know how we differ on some policy issues and his attitude about the voters is not demonstrably friendly. I don’t think he’s going to fly in NCCo. He’s got some great points but I think people forget them when he goes on a tirade on Carper. Better him than me.
I think I shocked the crowd with the material I got from the Delaware Sierra Club about our polluted aquifers. I’m told, some people were very upset about that revelation. Still it’s very hard to distill these issues down to a 60sec response. I think I closed pretty well and I had a lot of people talking to me at the end of the evening. I will need to post a lot more essays on my web site as well as here.
The best part is that many people didn’t know what to expect from me and I think I shocked/surprised and even impressed some. It kinda makes it all worthwhile. Tomorrow I can go back to being depressed about how bad things are, but tonight I’ll bask in the knowledge that at least some people listened and understood. Thanks to all who came out and those who couldn’t make it but were thinking of me.
The next debate is September 24 in the Lincoln, Ellendale-Milford area. I hope to see you there!

Awesome:  some GPS directions for the next meeting would be appreciated….

This is post number 2000.

The only real significance is it is 150 posts more than where Tommywonk stopped exactly one year and fifteen days ago…

If some future historian looks back, I can only guess they may kindly make some note of the quality of thought that underlies these efforts, but my guess, is no one will ever notice…

Irregardless, as long as the urge to put thoughts down for others continues, we will go on. As usual, with no goal, no direction, and no ulterior motive. Probably upon reflection, my biggest surprise, right here, right now … is that I still enjoy it so much, and can’t wait to jot my thoughts down, click the button, and send them off to where ever cyberspace and the vast internet ocean, lets them drift….

For each of you who have become regular over the years, … thank you friend…

There is an argument going over at Delaware Politics that everyone must see… The title is Delaware Beware!! The Libertarians!! One former libertarian candidate filed for a Republican seat, and is running against the Democratic challenger. The Republican Party could find no one to run against him. So one Republican was checking out his facebook page, and discovered, (like every normal red-blooded American) he has said some disparaging things about the Republican Party… For good reason, of course.

If you drop down and read the comment section, where the Republicans try to purify the party, and then the Republican/Libertarian candidate comes on and defends himself, and then the spokesperson for Libertarianism himself jumps into the fray, you rapidly come to the conclusion that Will McVay is a very good human being who will serve his district very well, and that the Republican Party as it exists in Sussex County, needs to throw itself off the Indian River Bridge….

Whenever someone asks you if you are a Republican, you get this pastel glow inside when you think of the Republican Party under Ronald Reagan, and you say yes, and proud of it… But… the Republican Party of today, is not that party. It is the party of doom.

The Libertarian Party looks at our people and sees a new dawn of the American spirit.

The Republican Party looks at our nation and sees the twilight of the American soul. A soul besieged by gays, by Muslims, by Iranians, by environmentalists, by bureaucrats, by doctors, by nurses, by insurance companies, by Liberals, by atheists, by condoms, by birth control, by Planned Parenthood, by babies, by education, by the Department of Education, by the Department of Health and Human Services…. and yes, and higher taxes…

We can’t go forward America…. Oh, raise taxes and its the end of the world. Oh, allow gays to love like everyone else, and it’s the end of the world… Oh, allow freedom of religion and extend it to Muslims, and it’s the end of the world. Oh, attack and kill Osama bin Laden so people know we have that capacity, … and it’s the end of the world… Oh, make one super billionaire pay fifty cents more in taxes… and its the end of the world….

Ronald Reagan campaigned upon his optimism… Upon reading the Republican Platform of 1984, when Ronald Reagan ran against Mondale-Ferraro, the optimism that today is Gary Johnson, jumps right out you… Gary Johnson is the REAL Republican… Mitt Romney is the impostor…

But Republicans already know that… Mitt Romney is the impostor. Mitt Romney is the official candidate because he bought the seat…. Everyone knows that. When it looked like Romney was the presumptive nominee, everyone flocked to Michelle Bachmann… straw poll in Iowa .. she won… Perry entered the race to become the prime contender. Oops, couldn’t remember the third Department that he’d cut…. Hermain Cain, jumped into the role of party Savior… That dang woman problem… Oh, Newt Gignrich is running… Back him… ummm no.. Rick Santorum comes close then upon recount actually wins Iowa over Mitt Romney… He becomes the new opposition. Surprise! Gingrich wins South Carolina… Then Romney outspends in Florida, wins, and becomes the front runner… If it weren’t for Florida, and the gullibility of old people who didn’t have TV when growing up and actually believe everything they see on it, including political ads, Romney would not the Republican candidate right now…

So Romney is an impostor… and Gary Johnson is the new Ronald Reagan….

Let me show you just how far away today’s Republican Party has strayed from the party of Ronald Reagan. I will also show you how Gary Johnson is a far better Republican candidate than either Romney or Ryan. Here is the Republican Platform from 1984 outlining tax cuts.

The bulk of the tax cut goes to those who pay most of the taxes: middle-income taxpayers. Nearly three-fourths of its benefits go to taxpayers earning less than $50,000. In fact, these taxpayers now pay a smaller percentage of total income taxes than they did in 1980; and those earning more than $50,000 pay a larger percentage of total income taxes than they did in 1980.

Mitt Romney’s plan will raise taxes on everyone who is making less then $10 million a year, and then cut taxes for those making $10 million and above… Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do not care one iota about you! The don’t care about your children either. Or their children…. All Mitt Romney cares about is not paying taxes himself… That is why he won’t turn over his tax forms… He didn’t pay taxes at all the past ten years!!!!!!!!!   The Republican Party has finally divorced the middle class and is now shacked up with billionaires… Just curious, is that what you signed up for when you became a Republican?

The Republican you are looking for is Gary Johnson… Unfortunately his emphasis on Reagan Republicanism did not bode well with the billionaires who control the GOP from top to bottom and Gary, is instead now after the Iowa primary,  running on the Libertarian ticket after being shoved aside. blackballed by the corporate media in the first primaries of this election cycle….Gary Johnson IS the Ronald Reagan ticket… If you are middle class; Gary Johnson is your Republican. If you are a student; Gary Johnson is your Republican; If you are a Christian, either protestant or catholic, Gary Johnson is your Republican…. Just looking at Gary Johnson makes Romney/Ryan to appear like Thurston Howe and Gilligan….

Most of you are Republican because at one point, it represented middle class values… Well, it doesn’t anymore… Not since Grover Norquist took over. It represents only the very top echelon of existence. Today, there are only two candidates running who represent the middle class. That is Obama and Gary Johnson.. If you can’t bring yourself to vote another term for Obama, then it is time to make Gary Johnson your Republican…..

In a national poll, Obama was at 45%, Gary Johnson was at 24%, and Mitt Romney just slipped ahead of Gary at 27%…. People everywhere are fed up with Romney/Ryan spoon feeding triple digit billionaires. The middle class is hurting, it needs a champion….

Meet Gary Johnson.

As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their
own lives and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others.

We believe that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous
world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through
freedom can peace and prosperity be realized.

Consequently, we defend each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest,
and welcome the diversity that freedom brings. The world we seek to build is one where individuals
are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any
authoritarian power.

Now compare that to Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party of 1984!

The Republican Party’s vision of America’s future, the heart of our 1984 Platform, begins with a basic premise:

From freedom comes opportunity; from opportunity comes growth; from growth comes progress.

This is not some abstract formula. It is the vibrant, beating heart of the American experience. No matter how complex our problems, no matter how difficult our tasks, it is freedom that inspires and guides the American Dream.

If everything depends on freedom—and it does—then securing freedom, at home and around the world, is one of the most important endeavors a free people can undertake.

Gary Johnson is indeed the new Ronald Reagan… Not that impostor always followed by a gaggle of stiff white shirts, not that impostor, who was placed there by millions of dollars that no long flow through middle class hands…

Doesn’t this sound just like Ronald Reagan?….

We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have
the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the
equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose.

Let me tell you about Gary Johnson. As governor of New Mexico, he cut taxes 14 times… Romney raised them $700 million. Gary Johnson vetoed legislation 750 times. Romney vetoed 800 times… Gary Johnson’s vetos all held… Romneys all got passed over him, often unanimously.

With the addition of Paul Ryan as second in command, it is clear that the Republican party has decided to abandon middle class voters and begin pandering to special interests… For one that is more fun for Romney, who is physically uncomfortable when standing next to anyone worth less than $100 million. For two, he is in it only for the money. Middle class voters have none of that now…

Reagan Republicans should consider Gary Johnson. He eliminated New Mexico’s budget deficit, cut the rate of growth in state government in half. He is more representative of Tea Party ideals than tea leaves themselves.

Still not a Republican enough for you? Tell me who else do you know with this list of accomplishments? (I took the liberty of highlighting some that are certainly Reaganisque.)

Left office with New Mexico as one of the only four states in the country with a balanced budget

Left New Mexico with a budget surplus

Used Line Item Veto thousands of times to trim the budget

Vetoed 750 bills during his time in office; more than all other governors combined

Cut over 1,200 government jobs without firing anyone

Created more than 20,000 new jobs

First New Mexico Governor to challenge education status quo and propose statewide voucher program

Restored State General Fund reserves to more than $222 million from a low of $28.1 million

Limited annual state budget growth to 5.0% during eight years in office

Cut taxes 14 times while never raising them—a first for New Mexico

Vetoed 32% of the total number of bills submitted for his signature

Ok, Republicans…. you have three choices… One, you can sit out the election and not vote for an impostor….. Two, you swallow your pride and vote for Obama…. And three, you can vote for Gary Johnson….