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Notice the beginning trend of 2016……

This was predicted under global warming models of a few years ago, however the time line was 2070-80.  We are approaching this 50-60 years too early.

Which means we are on a heat-loop and accelerating much faster than expected.

There is serious speculation that all arctic ice could melt this year (2016).  Which means if it transpires, we will wipe out the entire population of polar bears who normally venture on the icecap in summer and will have to retreat to the last point of unmelted ice.


We probably should began formulating a doable plan to rescue them just in case the scenario occurs.


Bottom line, is that events everywhere are driving the point that someway, somehow, we will need access to a lot more money. Which means the last thing we need in this overheating world, is one more Republican unwilling to accept global warming, achieving office anywhere in this country….

(That is not a political statement btw; it is pure truth).


Christian Hudson at 30045 (Eagles Crest Road, Milton, Delaware 19968; (302) 729-2178; is responsible for the robo calls now dialing off hate-lists compiled out of zip codes undergoing the Chrisina Referendum.

If you go to the beach, the above property is that old airport that has always been just north of Lewes…

If you’ve been here very long you may remember it as the location when as a child you looked out your window and saw this….Futuro Home

It was also one of the early fields featuring Pumpkin Chunking….

Today it is headquarter for Hudson Management, a wide ranging assortment of investments scattered across the winds, some of whose seeds have drifted close to home. Some of which include the wooden Fairfield Inn, Rehoboth Beach, Sam Yoder and Sons, Village of Five Points.  Other investments include:

  • 300MW Wind Farm and Solar project in northern Ontario, Canada (under development)
  • 150 unit ocean-front luxury residential development in San Juanillo, Costa Rica
  • Video commerce network- TV Page in San Diego, CA
  • Leading digital news and information network in Dallas, TX
  • Self-storage investment firm with 12 locations in the US, and 2 locations in Ontario, Canada

As would any investor, zeal against taxation would become a cause celebre because taxes sap some of the return off investments… And Christian Hudson has almost zealfully crusaded against any form of taxation….

Any form of taxation…. as would any zealot I could imagine.

Here is one of his ads on removing all taxes. Here are his ideas of cutting the state budget instead of raising taxes.  Here is why they are against “smart” growth, advocating for its opposite instead.  Here is him as a plaintiff trying to remove Delaware from the Regional Gas Initiative.

Those of us who have sparred with Christian Hudson across and are familiar with his single-mindedness whenever anything interferes with the personal accumulation of money.  Nothing wrong with that; were I raised differently it would make sense to me too.

But why would someone with no bone to pick in Lewes (Milton), employee his Robo-tax-cop machine to bother people in a district far-far away?

The first and simple reason:  it costs nothing for him to do so.. The apparatus is set up; calls are free; and all it takes is 5 minutes to leave a greeting on tape, and then off to the Sussex Country Republican Convention while voters in Christina drop what they are doing when the phone rings, rush to their phones, only to hear a taped message telling them their taxes (but not their time) are wasted and they need to vote no on the upcoming increase….

For whether your taxes are or not wasted, here is a first rate breakdown of their funding… Basically Christina District is one of the most efficient districts in the entire NATION and if it weren’t for the abject poverty endemic in both Wilmington and the Route 40 Corridor, they would be considered one of the best districts in the United States…  For the real fact is, those who are paying school property taxes across that small swath of state, are carrying the bulk of the weight for up to 90% of its students….   The real fact is that all the bad press being used to smear that district, is strictly because of the poverty that district bears; from the DOE website, we see one student in every two lives in families making less than $16,000 a year. Here is a quick succession of charts from the above Delaware-Liberal article.
Comparisons ChristinaComparison Christina bComparison Christina c
Over 98% of all salaries go directly to people in the buildings or bus drivers.  From a quick search over multiple educational funding sources, that seems to be the highest of any United States of American school district….

When you don’t vote FOR a Christina referendum…. you are voting to kick children in the teeth…  Those lies of being too top heavy may apply to other districts INCLUDING  CAPE HENOPLEN WHICH ENCOMPASSES CHRISTIAN HUDSON’S DISTRICT, but it does not apply to what is probably the most efficient school district in the entire nation:… Christina.

Of course. We understand there may be personal legitimate reasons, (such as living on limited pension income that is being too-quickly drained by ever-increasing corporate fees), which could push you not to want even one more dollar of money taken from you which you can’t spend on absolutely necessities.  It’s just like there are reasons you don’t always put money in the collection plate as it’s passed by you in your church.  You are entitled to vote and that is why we put it up to a vote.  But be advised. Outside influences spreading mis-truths to achieve a certain outcome from which they are completely insulated, such as Christian Hudson and everyone who votes his way solely on ideologically grounds…. are putting loaded guns to the heads of children and pulling the triggers, especially in a place where one out of every two children comes from an under-$16,000 income family.

Just thought you all should know that…..



After several years of election fervor, is was sad to see upon closing of the filing window, that no matter who wins the elections this November, things will be: “same as it ever was..”

“You’re crazy!” you just said?

Well, I certainly won’t deny it ( or admit it) but there is a lot of truth in what I said… The reason I said so is due to the large number of incumbents running unopposed….

Let’s take a look…. There are 21 districts in the Senate… Here are those incumbents with no opposition….

197 CHRISTINA LANDING, CHRISTINA LANDING, WILMINGTON DE 19801 (302) 425-4148 03/19/2014 date filed

500 WHITBY DR, SHARPLEY, WILMINGTON DE 19803 (302) 478-6128 06/12/2014

276 BANNING RD, CAM-WYO DE 19934 (302) 698-0960 05/12/2014

By state law, in the Senate, half the districts have elections on a regular election cycle, and the other half have elections on the off cycle… Ten positions are contestable this year and 11 positions will be contestable in 2 years… There are currently two primaries on the list, who afterwards, will face no opponent from another party. Even if someone gets appointed to run by the other party, that opponent just wastes someone’s money.. These elections are totally decided in the primary….

That would be these two…


1702 SYCAMORE ST, WILMINGTON DE 19805 03/27/2014

=== and ===


Url:WWW.BRYANDE.COM 208 RACHEL CT, WESTOVER WOODS, NEWARK DE 19702 (302) 709-1516 03/14/2014

There is one more primary and its winner will go up against Gary Simpsons, Republican from Milford…..

(302) 236-3747 01/14/2014

15230 ABBOTTS POND RD, GREENWOOD DE 19950 (302) 422-4468 11/18/2013..

So as far as a change of seats, out of the 10 up for grabs, 3 definitely will be filled by the incumbents and two more will be filled by the same party… 4 of the 10 seats will remain Democratic… One seat is guaranteed to remain Republican The current split in our Senate today is now 12 dems to 9 repubs. That means any change must come from the 5 races being contested by both parties…

These will be:

District 6 where the incumbent is Republican, so even if he wins, no change there… If he loses, one less Republican in the Senate and another piece of Sussex County turns blue.

District 10 where the incumbent is Democrat in a Republican leaning district and could lose to a good Republican.

District 17, where the incumbent is Democrat in a Republican leaning district and could lose to a good Republican.

District 18, where the incumbent is Republican, so even if he wins, no change there… If he loses, one less Republican in the minority.

District 21, where the incumbent is Democratic in a Republican district, and could lose to a good Republican…

So in the best possible scenario for Republicans, if they overturn three seats and hang on to two, at the end of this election cycle, the next two years could give us 12 Republicans to the Democrats 9… giving them control of that chamber…. for the first time in what seems like: since forever…

It appears that Sussex County, Dover, and Delaware City will decide what the late Don King would call: “the fate, of the state….

Now to the House…. Currently running unopposed…. incumbents from these districts

1,2,3,5,7,13,17,23,24,25,26,28,35,36,38,40..… meaning 16 out of 41 state rep districts will have the same human being sitting in the same seat next year… a return rate of 40%…. Of those running in primaries who have no alter other-party opponent, would be these two: Rep. 14 has no Republican; nor does Rep 18 have a Republican challenger…

Giving a total of 18 seats out of the 41 seats which won’t change parties… The current House of Delegates is divided into 27 Democrats and 14 Republicans. To change control they will need 7 switches plus holding on to all their own in order to gain control of the House… 7 seats to switch out of 23 contests..

An outcome that is not too likely.

Therefore we can surmise that the next House side of the General Assembly which will be for Markell’s second half of his second term, will not be very different in any way, from this session…

The battles of personalties will be watched solely for the effect they have on each contender, since in the very big picture, when January rolls around; the House will be the same as it ever was……

Still the Senate looks interesting…. the only place a possible flip could be likely…….


Snow Day Funny

Courtesy of Delaware Liberal

State Of Delaware Gets Front Paged On Kos

If Christie laughed at every time he was lampooned, he’d lose weight.

Today's Tea Party

Image Courtesy of HannaBarbara Productions.

Delaware Liberal has running commentary here…… 

Delaware Liberal has a silly controversy over John Kowalko’s performance.  The reason it is silly is because they are arguing over John’s alleged ability without determining the position that he plays.  For example, in football, a defensive player is rated differently than an offensive player.  In basketball, a center is rated different than a point guard.  A catcher is rated differently than pitcher in baseball.  To the casual reader it is pretty obvious that the argument is over which standards ought to be used, and not over whether John is an outstanding person or not.  (He is btw;  I’ve even heard Rick Jensen say so.)

In the current legislature, there are many moving parts.  The only true criteria one can hold legislators accountable towards…, is did they vote.   Everything else is superfluous. The only part of their job outlined  in legalese… is to vote.  Everything else they choose to do is extra; its over and beyond the call…

But politics is a personal business.  If challenges are made towards John’s effectiveness, even if baseless, they need a well honed defense.  Simply because if not, future readers may see only one side and base their votes upon what they read,   Therefore there is a lot of give and take, and bashing and smashing of egos, but it is all basically over whether John should play defensive, or go offensive.

We cannot have all of one and none of the other.  A team with only an offensive line, does pretty badly when the other team has the ball.  To the casual observer reading comments over there, it is obvious that we need both kinds of players.  Both are necessary. and since one person can’t be opposite of himself, it is necessary to have another person take up that position …

John is John.  Just like El Som is El Som.  Just like Deldem is Deldem.  Each has a unique set of genes, each has a unique set of life experiences.  Obviously none of those match, and therefore, their viewpoints will differ.  What happened is that it got personal, and the line; “others say it is so” got trundled out.

Of course others will say different things.  They are different too.  Instead of arguing over what this person said, and what that person didn’t say, we should be recognizing just how diversified our party is. Yay!  We should accept that we have John in the offensive line. Yay!  We should be grateful we have defensive players working behind the scenes. Yay!  Commentator Geezer actually pointed all that out before I do here.

The point I’m making is we have a team of people. They are individuals. They are not all carbon copies of each other.  Thank Goodness.  Just like any corporate development team, just like any legal defense team, just like any sports team, just like any managerial project team, all have a goal; all should work towards that goal.

Calling people out in public does not help all reach that goal.  It hinders it; is s-l-o-w-s the march toward that goal, considerably.  Talking to those people directly, one on one, what we like to call having a “frank” conversation, IS conducive.  It provides communication, and even if you disagree in the end, you trust the opponent’s judgment because you know exactly why he is adamant in his beliefs.  You know why.

I think everyone here has a part to play.  Just as in a car, if one part goes bad, the rest of the car doesn’t function at its full potential.  Everyone here, (or over there commenting I mean) has an important role to play in how our state will be functioning one, four, eight, or ten years into the future….

We have a job to do. Work is not done.  If we don’t finish it, others who oppose us will come behind us and tear it down.  This is serious stuff.  If we don’t work together as a team,  we leave no lasting legacy.  And what’s the whole point of even living, if your life here doesn’t make a difference?

So recognize our differences then use them.  Those in planning can say, John we need some public outrage on this at this time.  Let’s get it done.  Vice versa, now coming from John, he can say “hey we in the public eye are getting pinged badly on this item;  we need to develop a fix right now”.  Those are just two examples how each can use the other to achieve aims, instead of create friction….

‘Nuff said.

Interesting story from Nancy that dove tails into what Steve put up earlier…

As told only as Nancy can:

“One of the interesting things Jaques told us at the May PDD meeting was that the working group had an agreed process where they reviewed ideas and only those that reached a consensus were added to the list of recommendations.

Jaques said that the up-to-$5 million Charter Performance Fund, to be controlled by DDOE, was NOT placed on the list with consensus. The fund ended up on the list despite NOT being supported by the working group.”

This year Earl (D-Charter Schools Network) has claimed vociferously that he–NOT the Charter School work group–authored HB 165...

In the printed text of Earl Jacques himself:

“So if you want to know where this bill came from – its me along with some help from Rep Kowalko!!  I was also a member of the Charter School Study Group. Therefore, I used the information I gained from that group along with personal observations to author HB 165.”

So where DID the slush fund come from?

In one version it was sneaked in by the real authors, the Delaware Charter Group.

In another, it was all written by Jacques and Kowalko, (even though Kowalko states the bill (he thought he had written) morphed into something totally different….

So which is it Jacques?  Were you the one we must all blame for creating this “gimme piece of legislation” to the aristocrats who run the money behind this state?  Or are you the one we must all blame for being their patsy, and disguising their work to sneak it in under the radar of anyone watching???

Would you lie to me?  Be careful, Jacques… we’re on to you now…

Cassandra's Watchful Eye

Without Cassandra’s keeping tabs I totally would have missed this one… Both our Delaware senators voted not to require genetic labeling on food we eat. Thereby forcing even those who could medically be harmed from having a choice to avoid it.

The reason stated was its cost… So simply typing “this product may contain genetic altered ingredients” into a computer, then emailing the labeling software to the printer, makes it too costly to give Americans the right to know whether they could die from eating this or that can of beans?…

But yet a company executive can go to jail if his company fails to mark it’s product has yellow dye number five ..

We all know the real reason we can’t know and that is campaign donations coming from a contributor starting with an “m”……

The internet will be abuzz with posts shortly.  The excitement was great.  No one knew if it would pass. It did.

Melanie _____.______. Smith (lol)  Girl you did it.  Hats off to a rather well crafted bill designed to make it through.  You earned your bottle of wine tonight.

Bryan Townsend is amazing.. A Patrick Henry when it comes to what is just.  I kept seeing Tony Deluca in that position, knowing full well we would have an entirely different outcome had it been so.

Patty Blevins as should be, worked the background brilliantly.  Knowing what must take place to do these things, she gets a shout, because the quiet ones, are the ones you have to watch… It takes a lot of structure to put on a pageant such as this…

Clothier, Marshall and Bushweiller had tough choices.. out of  a thousand voices in their ear, they chose to hear the right ones.  We are so small standing next to them.

Karen Peterson rocked the house.  “If my happiness somehow demeans or diminishes your marriage, you need to work on your marriage”  certainly seems like it would apply to Senator Venables. That dude has some work to do…..

In this hearing and vote, it becomes very clear.  If you look straight into the heart of America,  each and all the values we grew up under, the Democrats embody.

The evil that also lies in America, is Republican to the core… Never in my lifetime did I expect to see people use God to promote bigotry.  For as the vote was failing, as the house of sticks was crumbling around them, as they worked themselves into a fever pitch to make one last gasp to undo the damage, the clear, unadulterated hatred, the pure crystal of evil burned from underneath their skin.  Hatred. Hatred at all these people was their fuel.

I now know what those brave souls walking across the bridge at Selma saw in the eyes looking back.  I now know what those women in children sleeping in Wounded Knee saw when their tents were slashed open.  I now know what those female slaves in Alabama saw in their overseer’s eyes… I now know what every Southern black African American man saw, when he heard the phrase… Boy, better move a long now, you know you don’t belong here.”

Because I saw it staring back at me on the floor of the Delaware Senate. It was in each of those Republican’s eyes as they got up and tried to embarrass, put down, demonize an innocent  group of people they deemed inferior, beneath them, slovenly, trash.  It was in the eyes of every fake pastor or priest to got up to twist God’s word in such a way as to demean the very one whose words they praise on Sunday.

This is the undercurrent of America we don’t like to talk about. This is the sewage that come with building a society.  This is America’s most horrible accomplishment.  The underbelly of our just laws and our freedom to say or do what we please.  There are people who only gain worth by putting others down, and because they are Americans, they have every right to do so.  Prejudice will continue.

Seeing it in person was unnerving. Seeing it for real made one sick.  We have a real problem in our country, One that must be put down like a poisonous snake… Sure we can live with it.  But one day it will bite us, or even worse. Our children….

But today, we beat them.  Like George Wallace in the schoolyard doorway, they showed America the stinkin oafs they truly are….

The only reason they voted no… was to fuel their hate.  Delaware and America can and need to do much better…

And lastly. Bethany Hall- Long….. Oh my…   it takes great courage to stand up to one’s enemies… It takes even greater courage… to stand up to one’s friends….

I have to go now. I cannot fight back the tears…