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It used to cost 40 pieces of silver. Now it costs $45,000 dollars.

Apparently there was a giant rally at the Chrysler Plant in support of the power plant. A quick check of car plates (and bumper stickers) showed that Union members from Philly, New Jersey, Maryland were there. Surprisingly, none identifiable from Delaware were there. The surprisingly few Delaware plates that were there, all were black, and stuck on the back of $70,000 cars or trucks…

It appeared to be an attempt to show Newark that lots of people still support putting in the largest power boiler in the state right next (only 20 Wal*Mart aisles or 200 feet) to houses with kids and dogs and cats playing in the yard….

But none of this crowd came to all the public sessions. All those were 20 to 1 against installing the power plant.

So vans of strange people who talked funny were roaming Newark neighborhoods last Saturday and Sunday. They put on two door hangers... One in support of the power plant. One in support of Polly Sierer, candidate for mayor.

Polly Sierer denies she knows who is doing it… “I wish they’d stop she says…” Well, one person whose name is on the pamphlets, is Mike Mullens. The pamphlet says for further information, contact the Delaware Department of Elections. A lot of people did.

The Department of Elections said…”we know nothing of this. Nothing at all”… Most politicos just shrugged and said, “well they got us; they filed under the window of the 8 day reporting, so we will have to wait for the year’s end filing to see who was putting up all this money… It has to be a lot of money.

Very late Sunday night,last night, someone actually looked up the code and discovered that Bob Gilligan changed it last year. And it was signed by Jack Markell. After my memory was jogged, I can now remember El Sonambulo discussing it on Al Mascitti’s show… They have 24 hours to contact the Department of Elections upon either spending or receiving money.

They scrambled all night and most of the day, trying to create a political action committee, get officers in line, get everyone’s story straight, and then file with the Elections Office… There is nothing still on the websites. The election is today….

Finally just before closing yesterday, around 4:46 pm, those who emailed request, begin to get their answers….

The PAC is worth $45,000! Prior to this notice, Polly’s 8 day report shows the total expenditures at around $5,000.… The PAC IS SPENDING 9 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ANY CANDIDATE TO THROW THE ELECTION….. It may be throwing it your way if you are a Polly supporter; it is throwing it against you if you are not….

Polly still says she has no idea. The man she is pictured with on the PAC’s piece of literature, former Mayor Vince Funk, also says he has no idea of who is running the PAC that features him on the front page…

Here is what the Department of Elections told us….

Among its founding board members is Andrew Lubin, University of Delaware’s real estate director, who is responsible for the development of the STAR Campus….

It is safe to assume, that the University of Delaware is probably putting in $45,000 dollars to swing Newark’s election, in order to get the go ahead from Newark to build the largest gas boiler in Delaware…. nine times the amount any other candidate can raise….

The University of Delaware put up the money, and for cover, had the Delaware and New Castle Chambers of Commerce, the 100 Club, the Delaware Contractors Association, the Home Builder’s Association, Delaware Realitors Association, and a dummy corporation called DEED, for Delawareans for Environmental and Economic Development… a shill sounding name and website if I’ve ever knew one…. It had all these companies pile on…

Why not, to them it was free.

But they all got caught because of Gilligan’s law…

The question is, Newark… what are you going to do about it? Stand there and take it, let the University buy your vote as if you don’t matter, without you even considering any of the alternative?

Or……. you can set them back by voting for Amy Roe…. She is not for sale… nor is she someone who can be pushed around or bullied, she will have your backs…

I happen to think it is a pretty easy choice, but the beauty of democracy is that each one of you gets to decide… Your decision sets in stone a power plant for 75 years… Good luck Newark… As of 7am this morning, everything is riding on you…..

Someone is worried about the Newark mayor’s race.  Nancy’s evidence shows that  financing for Polly Sierer’s campaign is coming out of One Commerce Center, 1201 Orange Street in Wilmington.  This building is the home to over a 100, 000 shadow corporations.

Here is what Nancy has:

The address listed on the Polly Sierer mailer is the Cambridge Drive, home of Mike Mullen. It says to visit for more information on “I Like Polly’s Plan.” The Department of Elections says a PAC was just created but has not yet filed any reports so we will not know until the end of year report who is financing this effort. The PAC had the minimal information legally required, which was the treasurer’s name and contact information. The treasurer is Mike Mullen and his cell was listed – 392-893-7832. I have tried calling but it does not ring and simply says “The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time. Please try your call again later.”

Here is the location of that area code…..

Two islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 5000 miles East of Australia….  (it is probably a default; there is no area code for 392 other sources state.)  It appears this number is off a spoofer, one of those machines that can fake a number.  Here are a list of random complaints made over that area code….

We now have a violation of election law.  The deliberate misleading of who is sponsoring a candidate is not allowed.  A known illegal phone number was given to the Department of Elections for the treasurer of a small municipal mayoral election….  It is not a mistake.  It was provided by a spoofer. It was purposefully hidden.

What happens now.

The Superior Court has jurisdiction over Election Law.  All entreaties must go through the Attorney General.  Due to the timeliness of the election,    “(a) The Attorney General shall immediately prosecute to final judgment all complaints which may be made of a violation of this title.   

Furthermore, a complaint can be further made to the Elections Office on Monday, and the complainer require them to notify the Attorney General of this violation. (b) Each department of election and all election officers shall notify the Attorney General of all violations of this title.

Election filings are considered perjury if misfiled.  There is no mistake that his was intentional…..


But that is really an offshoot.  What is important for Newark is that a giant corporation, with over hundreds of billions in assets, is using surreptitious means to overthrow Newark’s elections for one reason.  To approve the largest gas burner in the state of Delaware which will be only 200 feet from resident’s homes. And use the umbrella of providing jobs … to do it.

Would they be doing this if this was really a good plan?  Or would they be doing this because time is running out, and the threads are being followed, and soon the truth will show?

Gas burners shower their surrounding ten miles with elements normally kept miles underground.  Radon is one.  Radon detectors in everyones home will now go off non stop.  Lead is another.  Imagine a micron depth of lead over your cars, you lawn furniture, your pets, every morning you wake up. Uranium is a third.

There are very good reasons the investors of the largest gas burner in Delaware, which will run 24/7, do not want you to know this.  Likewise, there are very good reasons corporations choose to register in Delaware, where no one can find their owners and hold them accountable…..

But at best it comes to character… Who in the hell hires a treasurer they don’t know, who has a phone number showing up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?  Ostensibly so as not to answer questions?  So as not to be accountable?  So as not to be up front?

A patsy. A pawn. A slave to someone else’s interests… That is who.  Seriously.  If YOU were running, and  YOU are the one who fills out the application form to run, YOU are the one who puts down your treasurer, YOU are the one who types in their phone number in the slot that says after treasurer …. Phone Number….  and YOU didn’t know it was a fake, or you knew and agreed with it,  wouldn’t YOUR character be suspect?

Newark.  You are so lucky.  Consider yourself warned just in the nick of time.  Regardless of how you feel about the Power Plant, and now that evidence is rushing in on how damaging it will be you should be concerned, just on character alone, is reason not to “Vote For Polly.”  Character alone.  Doesn’t Newark deserve better?

Why is Polly’s Treasurer’s number a fake area code?

The answer is in One Commerce Center, 1201 N. Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware, 19801…….

So vote:  Shall it be Wall Street?  or Main Street, that is… both the East and West versions of Newark’s Main Street….. And if by chance you are wondering who is squeaky clean and willing to represent all of Newark, and won’t be cowed, intimidated or bought out by the persuasive giants of Wall Street?  You should already know it is Amy Roe… She has stood up to them many times. I think that now, at least till this data center passes, someone who is pro-business-as-long-as-it-does-not-kill-residents in its process, is what Newark should have. Actually for now, it kinda appears what Newark really needs.

Unless  later, whenever you have a complaint with the city, you want to call the Pacific Ocean….. “Ariel, Ariel… is that you?”

Newark, Delaware...... 2019

A reminder from the 1944 East Ohio Gas Company Explosion outside of Cleveland, Ohio. The reason laws were passed removing dangerous items away from residential areas. More disheartening images here

248 Megawatts!!!

That familiar moment to most of us, when the official amount of power needed simply shocks us all.

Newark will have the largest single boiler in the state, just 200 feet from private homes. The distance of a long field goal attempt….

Image    Wow!! That must be one really huge IKEA!

How much pollution spits out of a 240 Megawatt Gas Turbine.   By coincidence GE ran tests on one in 2002.

Here is a list of elements that escape out of the smokestack and fall upon the houses and yards surrounding the Industrial area……

  • Aluminum
  • Arsenic
  • Calcium
  • Chlorine
  • Cobalt
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Nickel
  • Lead
  • Sulfur
  • Silicone
  • Titanium
  • Radium
  • Vanadium
  • Zinc

And these following ions

  • SO4
  • NO3
  • NH4
  • Cl
  • OC
  • EC

Gas Turbine Emissions

Courtesy of this report here.

So if you enjoy breathing in far more uranium than normal, you should support this power plant.

You may have heard commercials that sound like this:

Rah, rah, rah.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Sis Boom Ba!

Defense, Defense, Throw Opponents over De Fence…..

What they don’t tell you is that right now you are not breathing in any uranium.  You will when this power plant goes on line.

What they don’t tell you is that right now, you are not breathing in any cobalt.  You will when this power plant goes on line.

What they don’t tell you is that right now, you are not breathing in any arsenic.  You will when this power plant goes on line.

What they don’t tell you is that right now, you are not breathing in any sodium or chlorine ions.  You will when this power plant goes on line.

Newark …. you have a choice.  Yes! Construction of this plant will employ some specialize union workers.  Those jobs disappear when the plant is built.   Operations of the plant may employ between 40 or 50…

But over the next 75 years, there is a good chance other employers may move in and hire workers too, without snowing particles upon your house, your organic garden, your pets, your children, you new car….. if you wait, you could have new good jobs without the particulates covering your windshield every morning….

Is this power plant possibly worth the decade you won’t live, if it goes into effect?  No one can really make that choice, so it is really up to you….

Do jobs for Pennsylvanians and native Marylanders, matter more than 3650 extra days of your life.

Only you can answer that.

And don’t expect to hear this ever mentioned in a commercial posted between segments of talk radio… on WDEL……






Ever since Rt 1 opened … I have dreamed of this day when more than a single lane would carry traffic from northbound SR 1 onto 95…..

It has now been a week and here is a list of problems needing immediate attention.

1) It is very difficult and dangerous to enter northbound SR 1 from the 273 exit off of Christiana-Hare’s Corner Road, then cross two lanes of fast moving traffic within a tenth of a mile, to head north onto 95.

2) This weekend North -7 was jammed by people used to getting in the right lane to make a right exit. That access is blocked and those people had to go through to Churchman’s Crossing, get off, go under Rt. 7, take the left and then enter northbound 95 off Southbound 7. Warning signs of New Traffic Patterns did not cut it. Something like ALL TRAFFIC FOR 95 NORTH GET IN LEFT LANE RIGHT NOW, would be appropriate.

3) Anyone leaving the mall from its south exits to go north, gets dropped on the through road underneath 95 with no access to northbound 95 Insufficient sign-age is available at those exit points, and most people used to going home a certain way, are suddenly surprised to be stuck in a traffic jam, of many similar very confused people. Then having to follow the above mentioned route to get out of it. NO ACCESS TO 95 WILMINGTON PHILADELPHIA OR NEW YORK would be the appropriate tone such a message should take at those exit points on the South end of the Christiana Mall. Another sign could direct them to the northbound side, where the exit north on 95 is open for business.

4) The left ramp dropping Northbound I 95 cars into the left lane of 95 is very dangerous. The narrow cattle shoot at the bottom of the ramp tends to slow cars just as they enter the very high speed lane of north I 95. The cars enter at 65 mph or under and much of the traffic is moving in that lane at 80-90 mph. High speed drivers are used to hugging the left lane. As soon as the lane opens up, they pull over into the left lane, right behind a car doing 55-65 mph. If blocked on their right, a crash occurs…. This is the most dangerous part of the flyover project. Immediately portable signs should be warning northbound I 95 traffic that slow traffic WILL BE approaching from the left.

5) Which brings up this interesting conundrum. We need to rethink our concept that the fastest traffic must always be on the left. For to have slower traffic move to the right then move back to the left to take the Wilmington side of the 95-295 split, defeats the entire purpose of dropping the lane on the left side. Any vehicle, car, truck, whose maximum speed is 65 and is coming from SR 1 and heading to Wilmington, wants to stay in the left lane and follow it all the way to Wilmington.

On this stretch of highway, across Churchman’s Marsh, it makes sense for the high speed traffic to fly down the center. Signs on both the right and left, reminding motorists that slow traffic keeps to the right, keeps to the left, are in order here. Otherwise the tendency to run on the left at speeds well over the speed limit (but against which the State Police are powerless to contain), will send fast moving traffic straight into the backs of slow moving vehicles simply stuck taking the only way into Wilmington from Northbound SR 1 onto 95….

The answer is to warn northbound traffic on Interstate 95 that slow moving traffic will be entering both the left and right lanes, and that fast moving traffic needs to be in the center three lanes…..

Until then, taking the trip north into Wilmington is pretty scary ….. as you keep one eye in the rear view mirror on those fast moving cars coming up on your tail from behind….

I hope you see this… I wanted to document a list of the damage the Pam Scott regime had done to New Castle County, such as destroying historical buildings, brushing aside traffic studies, mitigating necessary environmental policies, .. In general, everything they did that deteriorates the quality of life for people in New Castle County for years to come..

Then I realized it really should  come from you… You have the archives in Delaware Way; you know how your archives are organized, and you with a quick email sent “To All” could rapidly receive a plethora of details your contacts had lived through and fought against…

I know it will be a labor of love, and may take some time… But I think the world should know how this erosion of resident’s rights for the accumulation of money for a few, was done.  I figure it would probably take one day to go thought your archives, cutting and pasting links to all the articles on one page…

Often local struggles are rarely documented.  However they touch our lives far more than state or national issues.  It would be nice to have the truth out first for once…  all organized in one volume.

I really feel it should come from you. 🙂

If you are like me traveling through this interchange is exciting since with every commute, and nightly lane closure, something new and different has been erected.

It has gotten hard with all the complexity, to visualize just where each bridge and ramp will lead…

Hope this helps… It does make one proud of Delaware, … “where roads get thought out first…..”

Five bills, HR 3-7 were laid on the table by Briggs-King.

Number 3 This bill prohibits certain ticket scalping for musical concert events at the Delaware State Fair
Number 5 An act to water down the state’s low emission vehicle program.
Number 6 Excessively raises the ceiling thresholds below which Prevailing Wage Laws DO NOT APPLY.
Number 7 Allows contracting agencies to opt out of the requirement that prevailing wages be paid to mechanics and laborers performing work on public works projects.

These 5 bills if successful, will create huge changes that will disrupt Delaware’s economy in a big way. Obviously someone is positioning themselves to ingratiate themselves to Greg Lavelle’s former political contribution list.