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With High Republican Turnout I'm Sure to Be Wellfed Nov. 6th
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They thought he was nuts.

Contempt of Congress?  I believe that accusation applies to 92% of the American population today…

One of the reasons Americans have such a contempt for Congress is Representative Issa.  Ironically, he is the one bringing the charge contempt for Congress upon the head of the Justice Department of the United States of America…

Just who is this person filing the charge, placing the  entire legal branch of the United States Government under a charge of contempt of Congress?  He must be a saint.

Well…..,  not exactly.

Facts: Issa bought a storage facility in Ohio… “Weeks before the fire, Issa and [business partner Miles] Hunsinger boosted their fire insurance from $ 100,000 to $ 462,000 on property stored for other companies : LA Times. 5/23/98.

At exactly the same time, a separate company that contracted with Issa  to outfit bug zappers in his facility, also  increased its insurance to $ 400,000. A computer was taken off the site eight days before the fire, ‘allegedly to be reprogrammed’ by Issa’s lawyer, and that business blueprints were put away in a safe — which was ‘not previously done before.'”

“Investigators reported ‘suspicious burn patterns’ Company bookkeeper, Karen Brasdovich, also told them that computers and records had been removed from the site days before the fire for no clear reason. ‘It was totally out of normal practice,’  Washington Post 7/18/03.

Case files from Maple Heights, the Ohio fire marshal and insurers pointed repeatedly to the likelihood of arson in the blaze, which officials estimated caused $ 800,000 in damage.  The fire occurred only 7 months after Issa bought the company. Flammable liquid appeared to have been poured on the only area not covered by fire sprinklers, investigators found.” LA Times  5/23/98.

Then there was the story where Issa took over another company, which he had handed to him by a court order in repayment of a $60,000 debt, and had to fire  an executive named Jack Frantz.  He brought in a box, in which contained a gun, and set it down on Jack’s desk.  Later when questioned, Issa responded with a smirk… . “Uhhh,  shots were never fired.” LA Times 5/23/98.

And then there was a time when Issa was stealing cars.  Turning them in for quick cash, got caught, and blamed his brother.  Witnesses had him and his brother ID’d pushing a brand new Massariti out of a Cleveland dealership and down the street. His brother took the rap.  San Francisco Chronicle: 7/2/03.

Issa also carried around an unregistered handgun to all his Catholic college classes.  Was arrested.  San Francisco Chronicle: 7/2/03

Are charges 30 years ago relevant today?  Well, maybe.

The answer to that question totally depends upon whether that person “has”” or “has not” changed over the course of time.  Obviously these charges are a reflection of his core.  They are who he is.  At issue is whether he gets up every morning,  looks in the mirror, and makes a conscious effort to NOT go back, very similar to that exercise performed every day by a recovering addict! Quite often they do very well.

But for the uninitiated, those of us watching Congress from afar, to indict the arm of the United States of America responsible for all American Justice ascribed over our entire nation,  over what?…… is very similar to setting down a box with a loaded gun inside…. “Uhhh… shots were never fired”……

Better file charges against me too, I too have contempt for Congress……. And while you’re at it, arrest that person there… and him,  and the person next to them, and her, and her son, and little girl, and that grandmother there, and her husband, and that lady there, the one wearing jeans and tye dye tee shirt, and that biker there, and that construction worker over there, and that lawyer type, in suit beside him, and that man in a wheelchair, you a veteran? and that school teacher beside them, and that store owner over there, and that preacher holding a Bible next to him, and that  person next to him, and her, and her, and her, and him, and him,…….. Let me just make this easy…. Is there anyone out there WHO DOESN’T HAVE CONTEMPT FOR  CONGRESS?

Thought not… Eric… welcome to our family…..  We are, the United States of America…..