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Delawares US Senator Chris Coons

I wasn’t going to say anything; obviously I’ve changed my mind as the controversy continues to swill around Chris Coon’s “no” vote against his putting a certain person who once represented a cop killer on the bench….

Chris has said this vote was difficult for him, and I think it would be for any of us finding ourselves in his position.  It is easy to have an opinion and act on it when sides are clearly divided.  As when it is you against them.

It is not so easy when your close friends are sharply divided, and half want you go go one way; the other half want you to go the next… When in that situation people develop formulas to guide them;  such as take a poll and alienate the lesser amount;  another is to check with those who are closest to you, and go the way they suggest.  A third is to flip a coin, since you lose either way and gain nothing.  A fourth is to skip the vote.  And a fifth, is to actually look inside yourself, weigh all the data you are privileged to see,  seek out the best and worst of both sides, then make a decision on what you think is best…

That last one is a doosey.

But that is what we elect our officials to do.  We can’t be there ourselves.  We have mouths to feed, bills to pay, bosses to satisfy, and spouses too mollify, and our duty is to pick who we think will do their best making these decisions in our absence…  Among leaders, we call it delegation. We delegate these decisions to someone else, and trust they make the correct and right ones.

If you read through Chris’s statement, the emotion jumps off the page that it wasn’t an easy decision for him.  None of us who throw invective bombs his way, ever sat down with the family of a fallen police officer and ask how they feel.   Therefore we only know half of the equation; and to be straight up, that half is the left-brained, logical side of the equation.  Respectfully, the lawyer who represents a client should not be pasted as being aligned to that client, because that, is what lawyers do…. Neither should a plumber be blamed because he once fixed Eric Bodenweiser’s faucet…  Same thing;  logically speaking;  it’s work, that’s all…

But tell me truthfully… did you just cringe when I mentioned fixing Eric Bodenweiser’s faucet?  If you were in a bar, and this great guy next to you suddenly spilled that story that he once went to that house, of that man, and took money from him,  speaking strictly for me, I would immediately begin looking for another conversationalist… I’m just being honest.  I don’t know why, it is completely illogical…. But there is just that stigma…. that kind that causes a shudder from the very inside of the heart, outward…

Again.  no offense to anyone in bringing up this description.  We all can agree it is just a example of human nature.  But it is a very “BIG” part of human nature….

Which means it plays into the equation because all of our transactions are human…   Those of us taking Coons to task probably did not look very deeply at the ramifications of having someone like that on the bench.  Would there be more jailhouse deaths of inmates, because cops felt the defendant would be let off and knew he was guilty?  Would there be less arrests because cops knew their charges would get pardoned anyway?  To be honest, probably not, but since those thoughts just ran through my mind I’m sure there are other out there affected similarly….

But what this huge controversy does manifest, no matter which side you happen to be on, is that this decision was tainted.  Either way, there is going to be this  stigma, one way or the other, to one party or the other, always attached to this appointment….

With every decision this judge would make, forever into the future, … that stigma would  get called into account.   Either one side or the other would be outraged with every decision being made, by a far greater degree than if those same exact decisions had been made by someone we’d never even heard of before….

And that is where leadership comes into play… Whereas weaker minds would pick and choose sides, debate back and forth whether the one side or the other should win out in the end,  the real leader looks at the big picture, charts the path forward over years and decades,  and says “what would make all this go away, and get ourselves returned back to business as  normal in the shortest possible time frame?”

When that becomes the parameter, the correct answer almost smacks you in the face; it is so clearly obvious what must be done….

Call it Chris’s Lawrence of Arabia moment;  when you see the big picture and know what it is you must do. There are bigger, more important battles that need fought.  Allowing a tempest in a teapot to derail the future of the entire nation is in no one’s best interest.  Someone else, who will do just as great of job sitting on that bench can be found….  By then, many new crises will be upon us, and we’ll all be fortunate we are not reliving this distraction, over, and over, and over….

We made it go away… Whether it was this guy, or another, or a woman who sat on that bench, would not make any probable difference to your life, or mine. There are a lot of people out there who think the way this ex-lawyer does, who have the same depth of feeling towards civil rights, and I’m sure another one can be found rather quickly..  To let that distract from imposing higher taxes on the wealthy, from standing up to brutality in sub-Saharan Africa, from protecting Social Security,  from fighting the corporate influence that is slowly choking off everything good we used to love about America, would be in error…  And we’d be willing to throw all that away for what?  Just for a puny public show to prove how tough we are that we can stand up to the Fraternal Order of Police and not back down?

There may be another time to do so.  For example to preserve our Miranda rights.  To protect habeas corpus would be another one.  To keep the 5th Amendment intact would be a third… Those are all worth losing political capital over.  Each of those make decisions that really matter, to not only ourselves, but future Americans down through the years as far as our eyes can see.

You aren’t standing in his shoes.  He is.  It is called “doing your job” and it is why we elected him; to sometimes even save us from ourselves when  necessary…

Oh, well, you can think what ever you want about him, do whatever you want;  it’s your right, I won’t say any more; there other far more pressing things needing my attention… But just remember this;  that if you were in his shoes, at that time, making that decision, would you simply fall back on your prejudices and pap philosophies, perhaps your political nature that automatically always chooses one side over the other?  Or… would you too, look at both sides, and figure out by yourself what America really needs at this point,  then do something constructive to move us in that direction?



A catfish inspection program will continue in place, despite Vietnam’s and China’s objections.

California can continue banning eggs hatched from hens in tiny battery cages…

Language aimed at curtailing a meat country-of-origin labeling (MCOOL) requirement, and one aimed at restricting activities by the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) was left out. These two were opposed by foreign processors.

The bill ties Commodity subsidies to historical production but allows famers to update their “base acres” once in the life of the farm bill.

It changes restrictions on the so-called “actively engaged” provision. The criteria for management has been strengthened compared to current law, a source said, but the provision appears be scaled back from the labor requirement in the earlier versions of the bills…

The altered payment limits are now capped at $125,000 per individual or $250,000 per couple, but caps within that total for PLC, ARC or marketing loan deficiency payments have been removed.

On farm subsidies, the bill offers producers a choice between a shallow loss revenue insurance long favored by Northern crop growers and price-based supports supported by those in the South. ..

The compromise discourages milk overproduction by limiting how much milk can be insured in the future and also has a provision allowing the Agriculture Department to buy up some excess production.

The bill is expected to save $23 billion over 10 years compared to existing funding.

The House bill had initially made a $39 billion cut to the food stamp programs. The cut will now stand at $8 billion across 10 years. or $800,000,000 per year…The food stamps cuts are achieved by making it more difficult to qualify for nutrition assistance by virtue of receiving home heating aid…..

The bill contains funding for a new pilot program aimed at encouraging able-bodied recipients to find work and more than $200 million more for food banks.

In the Reagan era it was different.  Big Business was the ticket up.  Not so in the 60’s when Big Business was what got us into Vietnam, messed up Iran, made us embargo Cuba, and then proceed with a lottery which based on birthdays, picked who would go across the Pacific and die….

But under Reagan, Big Business was the panacea against the liberalism the 70’s caused…  The terrorists, the welfare scum, the petty criminals, the horrible 70’s TV series….

The tide is changed.

Big Business candidate Mitt Romney drummed down in a humiliating electoral landslide.  Occupy Wall Street rallying America against the 1%.  Business interests being stymied across the United States…

America hates Big Business.

The Business Roundtable announced last month that its #1 priority is the full adoption and implementation of the Common Core standards. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is likewise making a full-court press to advance the Common Core. Major corporations have taken out full-page ads to insist that the Common Core must be adopted. Many leading figures in the Republican party, like Jeb Bush, have led the charge for Common Core, as have entrepreneurs like Joel Klein. And the project has become a centerpiece for President Obama’s Department of Education.,,,

America hates Big Business….

Now look at the reality….

Yet in New York, the first large state to implement the tests associated with the new standards, students, parents and principals are expressing grave concerns about the realities of the Common Core. Common Core proponents like Arne Duncan have been quick to ridicule critics as misinformed ideologues or delusional paranoiacs. Defenders of the common standards, like Duncan and Commissioner John King in New York, insist that only members of the Tea Party oppose the Common Core. In spite of this, the opposition is growing, and as more states begin to follow New York’s lead, resistance is sure to grow.

America hates Big Business.

And now we have the NSA tapping all phone calls, and storing every single thing we write, speak, or send in a photo.  Not to protect us from terrorists.  But to sell, to Big Business.

America hates Big Business.

Delaware just threw the head of their Chamber of Commerce out of the state. She was promoting “Big Business” and insisted on smashing every opponent in the mouth with her fist. (figuratively)

Delaware hates Big Business…

In Delaware, despite low employment, Newark residents are up in arms over having a GIGANTIC SPEWING POWER PLANT just 200 feet from their back fences.   It doesn’t help that they were lied to.  “oh, it will be like one of those little things on top of an IKEA store, you know, an auxiliary power plant…”

Newark hates Big Business.

In lower New Castle County, there was huge opposition against the refinery, which the Big Business administration of Jack Markell and Alan Levin had allowed to bypass the Coastal Protection Act….

New Castle County hates Big Business….

Big Business was  back in the eighties allowed back to make its contribution to society.  It had previously been barred because it refused to comply to game rules…  Once comfortable and settled in, it has returned to its old habits….

America hates Big Business…..  and all those politicians kowtowing to them for a few crumbs…..



Tommywonk's First Blog Post

People arbitrarily have their milestones.  Some may be grateful when they cross a hundred, a thousand, a million.  But for me, I have chosen one of Delaware’s great bloggers who retired at post 1850 as my personal marker of achievement…

Tommywonk used dry humor, and a crisp mind to make his points.  We were involved in facing down the four horsemen of the Delaware Legislature running through 2007-2008 leading to the first offshore wind agreement made in the United States.  Unfortunately the Republican Depression wiped out a multitude of global hedge funds, and the backers of ours, were included.  Currently the rights to Blue Water Wind are owned by one of the biggest opponents of it when we first pushed it forward.  Dave Burris and Jason Scott, complimented OUR team of four horsemen….

Anyways, most readers will have no idea of what I’m talking about and that is how it should be.  Time marches on, and those who look too much backwards upon the past, run right into a tree.

But I was always far behind him in posts since he started out.  I marked my catching up to him here….

Today’s blogging is rather boring compared to what used to take place on these pages. It is as if everyone tries to spout off what they know, and of course, that makes for rather dull personalities. Today we are dry. We used to be wet. We did silly things back then. We laughed a lot. When one of us hit a vein, we all jumped in to open it wide. The News Journal lost editorial control over its state.

Oh Well, I see it took me 553 days to better him up 1000… Seems so much shorter, like it just happened yesterday… lol.

As Rebecca Young used to say…. “Onward.”

At tomorrow’s HB 90 meeting being held in the Buena Vista Center at 6:30 Thursday, ..(. It is worth attending just to see the building.  It’s a beautiful building.)  All education for Delaware will be up for grabs.

It is important to remember these things.  You vote, You have final word.  Those who are pro-Charter, have to convince you, persuade you, or bore you to sleep  if they want to go forward.  They are not in charge, even though members of the administration have led to think they are.

You vote, it is your money.. Pure and simple.  That makes YOU the boss.

Now Mike O., a person very familiar to those in the educational dialogue, has stressed polite disobedience…. Here is what he said…

Here’s what to look out for:

1. Some influential person on the committee trying to set ground rules that unduly limit the scope of discussion. Jeers, boos, and a general grumbling would be in order if that heppens. And then a strong objection during the public comment period. Enrollment preference has its tentacles into all the major issues: resegregation, local control, cherry-picking, and more. Everything is on the table; don’t let them take anything off.

2. Look for anybody who appears to be drafting legislation!


Now, having been on both sides of many protests involving citizen action against a single minded bureaucracy,,, creating a disturbance in a disturbing fashion, creates ambivalence.   For a while your protest makes you appear to be a member of the uncouth, the barbaric, the brazen, and you denigrate your cause in many’s eyes.  Only afterward as those look into why, and facts which you know but others don’t begin to emerge, do your actions later get justified… By then it will be too late.

There has to be a better way.   How can one voice their disapproval against a meeting that disregards and treats citizens like poop?

Then lightning struck my car.

You disrupt by being so silly,  and so mild at being silly, that you make it impossible for security to escort you out, because they become a really, really bad guy…. “Dude, you can’t take that laughing old lady out,”

So,  what phrase could be uttered in disapproval that would make those uninitiated take notice?   It has to be something with no meaning, a non nonsensical phrase to echo the non nonsensical, Kafkian surrealistic description of the moment….

I was thinking HB 90 HB 90 HB 90  since that was the reason this commission is in place, (thanks Kim) and that sort of generated into “Hubba, Hubba, Hubba…”

Imagine this…

“Meeting will come to order.  First item of business there will be no questions…”


Secondly, the Lowery Doctrine will be in force.  Everyone not agreeing with the panel will be escorted out of the room.


We will give charter schools unlimited funding and take money away from public schools.


Charter schools well be exempt from testing, Public schools will be closed in areas charters are moving in to increase their enrollments.


Public schools are terrible;  Charter Schools are great.


Something along those lines.  Although all would like to attack the panel with pitchforks and tar and that might get us in the papers, but… with our core constituency in jail there would be no one to lead the attack at the following meeting….

Having the entire audience going HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA would have everybody cracking up, Those well educated parents against the public funding of charter schools would have more respect from the populace in general, than those false faces promoting that public funds be used to prop up and keep in business, charter schools.  And those on the outside, as the  YouTube  footage plays itself across the national feed knocking Mylie Cyrus out of the top viewed spot, will finally understand that they aren’t the only parents in sea of counter-publicity who are against the privatization of the public educational system…

So get together outside the front doors, and decide to protest with a HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA.




The historians among you well know, America was desperate for good news following the successive defeats one after another that piled on like dominoes after Pearl Harbor.   We were a second rate power and nothing we could do could make a change.   Then on the 18th of April, 1942, 132 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, America woke up to hear we’d bombed Japan.   Although we probably did less damage than two back packs did in Boston, it sent a shot of adrenelin through out the American psyche…..

I now know how it felt.

Just before finishing up, on John Young’s blog I came across this…  The school district of Dover signed a proclamation declaring Common Core null and void…  Although it’s effect upon the problem at hand, might have as much effect as a handful of planes at treetop level racing one time across a foreign country, the effect back home was exhilarating.   There is hope after all.  We are not pursuing the principles of quality education in vain against an enemy that will rule out nothing, if something gets in their way.

No employee of the Capitol School District shall be placed on an improvement plan due to Component 5

Someone else gets it. We are the good guys, after all.

Why would a district go against the governor, the secretary of education, the US Department of Educations?

Because they are wrong, that’s why.

It is wrong to punish those who set lofty goals and fail, but reward those profusely who lowball their goals, and just slip over them. Component 5 does just that. The poor teachers get raises. Good teachers get fired. “Get otta here you filthy animal..”

It is wrong to have administrators who themselves are put on performance plans be the very ones to be in charge of helping teachers on performance plans, pull themselves off.

It is wrong to have a teachers career depend 100 times more upon which words they use in their own self-assessments, than in how they, heaven forbid, teach children.

It is wrong to allow one's "favorite" teachers be themselves allowed to grade those scores making up their own assessments, but those "other" teachers must ship theirs off somewhere and await the score that is "given" to them.

It is wrong to put a teacher and administrator on administrative leave because they were unable to provide a legal accommodation because of the arbitrariness of the state DOE in interpreting the Federal DOE guidelines?

It is wrong to put a teacher and administrator on administrative leave since they could not be tested in their area of expertise, they were lumped in and given the average scores of other teachers working in other unrelated departments.

In one class room the DCAS margin of error was 25 points. The average growth goal was 50 points. So a teacher can be rewarded or fired, based solely on the margin of error… This is wrong.

The guidelines are set by the state and in alignment with federal regulations. However when a district follows them and discharges and employee, that district is the one who gets sued. As any common person can see from looking at all of the above, NO COURT IN THIS LAND WOULD DECIDE IN FAVOR OF THE DISTRICT. Any district who follows Component 5, will be liable for extreme damages.

For these reasons, the Capital School District has resolved it will refuse to terminate over component 5…

It was this generation’s 30 seconds over Tokyo…..

The medical profession is falling apart.  Hospitals, insurance, clinics, are all taking your money, and spending it on themselves, not you.  In an age when middle America is biting bullets, those in charge of Medicine are getting rich.   Steve just put up where Hallmark is denying insurance payments to those in its own clinic, then applying their credit card used for the co-pay, to soak up the total amount of the bill.

People are finding their bank balances zero, at very inopportune times.

When we grew up, doctors were decent people. Now all they want is $$$$.  They don’t help people anymore.  It is time to change that.  It is past time to change that.

Competition.  That is how.  Doctors who work on the cheap.  Of, if you want, you can keep your high priced physician, who does nothing but talk to you for 5 minutes, have a prescription called in for you, and for that take a full day’s wages out of your pocket.

Imagine getting medical attention for $5?  Here is how.

We hire the smartest college graduates from the finest schools.  These are smart people. Once hired, we take them away to a retreat, and give them a 5 week program grounded in everything medical.  Everyone has been to a doctors office.  How hard can it be?  In that five week course, they learn everything a doctor needs to know.  WE then put them in clinics across the inner cities, areas where it is hard to staff, so people can get medical coverage for $5 dollars a visit.  One can imagine how busy they would be!

These are very smart people.  They can figure out the rest as they go along.  Who really needs to know the name of every bone?  The names of every muscle?  How the digestive system works.  Does it really matter if you can’t remember whether the large intestine comes before or after the small intestine?   If one can’t remember, just stick your fingers up (wear gloves of course) and find out.

The problem is all those doctors who went to expensive medical school, and over charge because of it.  Being a doctor is so simple, even a cave man can do it.  The reason medical costs are so high, is because of medical boards that set pricing.

This program will get around that, by hiring college students at normal college student wages, and put them in clinics charging $5 a pop…

One would think insurers would prefer paying out $5 instead of $500!  They will be on board.  KWS will make sure of that. And one of the greatest things about this program, is that when incompetent existing doctors throw in their towel, or get banned by their customer’s test scores, we have a whole crop of ready-to-go doctors who can jump into to any practice at a moment’s notice.

Just give them a medical book, and we have cheap, quality health-care. After all, they are very smart people you know.

This is not medieval England.  Today, anyone can be a doctor.  you just type the symptoms into Google, and write the perscription it spits out.  We don’t need four years of  medical school on top of our undergraduate program.  We need people who jump in, and Heal for America.

Really.  They are just doctors.  We’ve all been to doctor’s offices.  How hard could it be?   Competent medical care on the cheap!..   “‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!”   Just think of all those lazy investors crying crocodile tears because they can’t rip us off anymore!   I mean 5 weeks is enough to learn about everything.  Even 6 weeks study is too much.

Our medical profession needs kicked.  We can’t delay any more this concept’s implementation.

All four postal unions sent a joint letter to Senate Majority Harry Reid on Aug. 5 expressing “utter dismay” at the introduction of S. 1486, the postal bill co-sponsored by Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), the chair and ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The bill continues the disastrous policy of mandating massive pre-funding of retiree health benefits and provides for major downsizing measures to pay for it, the letter notes.

In case you haven’t followed, Congress requires the Post Office to make inordinately huge pension-plan payments, for reasons which nobody can really understand.   In the final analysis, USPS pensions are a government obligation, and it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference whether they come out of a) a well-funded pension plan, b) a badly-funded pension plan, or c) just out of US government revenues.

A 2006 Congressional mandate requires the agency to “pre-pay” into a fund that covers health care costs for future retired employees. Under the mandate, the USPS is required to make an annual $5.5 billion payment each year for over ten years, through 2016. These “prepayments” are largely responsible for the USPS’s financial losses.

No other business prepays for all employee’s actual medical hospital bills 20 years from now when they retire… It’s crazy actually. Lets assume you will be in a nursing home at $120,000 a year and you will (let’s be nice), live 10 years… Therefore it will cost you $1.200,000. So, assuming you are currently 53, giving you 12 more years of work left, we would take $100,000 of your income every year for the next 12 years….

Think you’d go broke? Do you know any business that assesses themselves so harshly? Of course not. No one would assess themselves that harshly. But Congress did assess the postal service that harshly. Congress forced this huge payment, which takes money out of running the business to be sure, just like you losing $100,000 a year takes money out of you.

Obviously the unions are upset. For to be able to make the payments on these huge pre-payments, they are cutting people’s pensions and benefits to pay for it. Imagine working 40 years and retiring tomorrow with no pension, so those retiring in 20 years hence, will be fully funded? They ave a right to be mad.

Here is what Senator Tom Carper proposed.

  • Destroy 80,000 full- and part-time jobs after a one-year delay, by eliminating Saturday mail delivery and give the Postmaster General authority to eliminate additional delivery days in the future;
  • Slash tens of thousands of additional jobs after a two-year delay, by allowing USPS to reduce delivery standards and close hundreds of mail processing facilities and thousands of post offices;
  • Mandate the elimination of door-to-door delivery, threatening at least 16,500 additional jobs, and
  • Impose “cruel and discriminatory” changes to the Workers Compensation program that would leave injured federal workers vulnerable to impoverishment when they reach Social Security retirement age.

“This massive downsizing and the bill’s assault on postal employee benefits are not necessary,” the letter says. “They are being driven by the irrational retiree health financing policy that no other business or agency would adopt. The Postal Service has already pre-funded decades of retiree health premiums, more than any other enterprise in America. Indeed, USPS has already set aside an estimated $49 billion for such premiums, approximately 50 percent of total expected costs over the next 90+ years.”

Do you think they’re a little bit angry?  Do you think they’re a little bit justified?

“The 30 members of the Senate who have co-sponsored S. 316, the Postal Service Protection Act of 2013, have taken the right approach. That bill (Bernie Sanders )would strengthen the Postal Service, promote innovation and, most importantly, resolve the retiree health and pension policies that have crippled the Postal Service in recent years,” it says.

Bernie Saunders bill is aimed at promoting the prosperity of the Post Office, as well as those who work for it.  Tom Carper’s bill, which insists on imposing the $5.5 billion penalty, is aimed at promoting the prosperity of financiers and banks.  After all, who do you think, gets commissions investing off that $5.5 billion?

Banks = Delaware = Carper

That is why a Senator from little ole Delaware is in the heart of kicking  down the US Post Office.    Makes more sense now, doesn’t it?


Posting this in timely fashion so something has to get down about it.

A) Kilroy links to the Sheriff’s Sale report showing Moyer’s Attorneys put it on the auction bloc to buy it up themselves.

B) That link goes down.

C) Investigating why that link went down, the address he posted
“/sheriff/documents” was moved to the forbidden list.

Sheriff Is Shocked, Shocked That Sheriffs Sales Are Public Information

D) All documents with that address, meaning all sheriff sales etc, valuable public information that is required to be publicly accessable to prevent the type of corruption that just occurred, ….. everything with “/sheriff/documents”… is now frozen….

Is this law firm guilty of corruption in the highest order?

Its been half a year, and we’ve seen, even after an overwhelming mandate from the people in the past election, our executives running opposite the trend, and becoming more conservative.

In Delaware, we saw the port almost privatized.  Public education sold out to Wall Street’s highest bidders,  the Delaware refinery almost voided the Coastal Protection Act,  We saw a minimum wage raise first watered down, then killed by committee. We saw only the wealthy get a tax break.  We saw draconian wage freezes on public employees.  We saw a medical board replaced, so it could then approve a sweetheart deal for an cutthroat Alabama (allegedly) medical firm.  We saw private corporate education plans being imprinted over the current fine teaching policies of Delaware’s institutions.

On the Federal Side, we saw bargaining superiority on higher taxes, pared away for nothing. We saw the continued allowance  of Republicans to veto very necessary appointments by use of a filibuster. We saw drone use increase, even as we discussed it’s ramifications.  We had the final admission of what most of us already had known, that the NSA was collecting everyone’s data to be stored and used for blackmail later if ever needed.  We are undergoing a sequester now, and it is simply accepted and all are silent, therefore complicit.   We keep getting abortion legislation even 40 some years after Roe versus Wade… We were supposed to improve the voting lines of last November, not make them harder.  We were going to get rid of guns, and couldn’t, so we’ve stopped talking about it..

None of these were the direction the majority of voters sought.  What they clamored for, was more power be given to the people, and taken away from giant firms with money…   The promise of freedom has morphed from a land where people can achieve their wildest dreams (they can’t do that now) to a land, where any corporation can instead achieve it’s wildest dream.   If you are part of that lucky corporation, you may be doing well;  if you are not, too bad.

The overall trends are unmistakable.  America wants it’s dream back. The dream that corporate America has stolen in the form of giving us lower wages and higher living costs.

No one has to get hurt.  We just need to pay people more.

It’s as if you were doing a  yearly corporate budget.  One classification has an overage every year and another is always running short by the same amount as that previous overage,   Let’s move that line here, so more falls where it is most needed…….

Those two classifications in our economy are our corporate profits and labor costs… Moving the money from profits to labor solves a lot of problems…

One, it increases demand for goods and services.   Buying things creates demand.  It is obvious that 300 million buyers can do more purchasing than the richest 1000 people.  And they will buy different things; things that help grow the economy.  Here is one example that works well to illustrate how this is.  Since the recession very few people have yet to change their toothbrush (have you?)  One is instructed to change it every 6 months.   Having 300 million people rush out to buy a new toothbrush does a lot more oomph for the economy, than a corporate tycoon flush to his gills with excess dollars, buying out toothbrush factories left and right just so he can set the price…

Using a car as an analogy, we are filling up our gas tank, then keeping it full by crimping the line that feeds the engine.  The engine sputters and fluts, barely pulling us forward, but we are happy our gas tank is full….

America knows this and voted anti-corporate in 2012.  Romney was corporate.  He could have (and maybe did) star in the movie Great Gatsby.  The refutation of Romney was America’s refutation of all Wall Street stands for….

Egyptians have no qualms with not succumbing to bad masters.  Americans should learn from them and begin do the same.