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Expect global deniers to crack jokes about the cold spell this weekend… “I thought we were supposed to be experiencing global warming…. ”

They probably won’t know it is caused by a hurricane of the size of Sandy which slammed into the cold air over the Arctic and sent it spinning into North America proper… Where as its wind speed may not show up as one of the worlds worst, it is notable for this reason…. 

“This superstorm is notable because it represents one of the lowest sea-level barometric pressures ever observed on Earth outside of tropical cyclones and tornadoes.  At 920 millibars, it is on par with Katrina…..”

If you look over this list you will notice that there are only 19 storms in the Atlantic, 12 storms in the Eastern Pacific, which have ever in recorded weather history, matched the intensity of this non-tropical storm that will cost us all dearly as we grudgingly turn on our heaters and start paying $$$$$$$ to stay warm.

This week we will be having three cyclonic activities in areas in latitudes where they should not be… One of them will be responsible for the upcoming cold snap…  So yes, surprise the hell out of that person uttering disdain over global warming and bitch slap them squarely across their mouth… Retort with: “this cold is all your fault, stupid….” Then smile so they know you are indeed a really a nice person.