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Green Vrs Red

Courtesy of  Delaware Way

Dear Kavips:

In response to your asking, here is why I went to the meeting in Newark High School for the Power Plant.  My boss made me.  I was pissed off about it because I was suppose to go to my first grader” concert that night, and had to miss it.   I got the call at 4:00 from my boss and was told I had to go there ASAP.  I said WTF for and he said it was important.  I said my daughter is more important, and he said, he could let me go that very day if I didn’t show up for this meeting….

I had to call out of a service call and postpone it till the next day to make the trek up there. and get inside.  I saw a lot of other HVAC vans and many that I trained with so it wasn’t all bad I guess.

Sad thing is, I don’t even want the power plant cause I live downwind from it right off Rt. 4, behind the ShopRite…. I think a lot of others were forced like me to go, because we all weren’t too happy to have to be there… But, gotta do what the boss man says….


(your buddy)

It’s time I put this in perspective.

Here are the news feeds.

A Different Romney Wins The Debate.
The Family Intervenes and Pushes Stuart Stevens Out of Inner Circle
Titians of Finance to Fight for Raising Taxes

Coupled with the opinion polls, what is happening is very obvious.

Americans support Democratic middle class values, they abhor the wing nuts of the Republican Party.

The opinion polls tell it all. While Romney was campaigning to see who could be the most conservative, he did very poorly against the Democrats when polled. Americans far preferred “the imploders” at first, people more mainstream in appearance, like Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorium, .. that is until they became familiar with their values…

It is not coincidental, that the last two Republican presidential candidates were the ones with the most LIBERAL credentials. Because America accepts those credentials. What America rejects, is slash and burn Conservative policies, that require no personal freedoms to individual Americans, whether it is economic, vaginal, religious, or political. Everyone is expected to conform to a very narrow norm.

So we now have a Republican who did exactly what he said early during the primaries. He shook the Etch A Sketch and is now running as the Liberal Governor of Massachusetts.

“I will not give a tax break to the top 20%.
There will be no tax cut on the top one percent.
I will not get rid of Roe versus Wade. Abortion is here to stay.
I will not put religion into government. Government is Government. Religion is Religion.
I will not nuke Iran.
I will not cut one penny from government spending.
I will support the rapid growth of wind farms and solar energy.
I will not cut 716 million from Medicare, even if it IS in my economic plan.
I never proposed $5 Trillion in Tax cuts.
I will not cut spending. I will raise it by 2 Trillion Dollars.
Government is too small. I will grow government to make it better.
I will not stop women from getting abortions.
I will not stop the removal of God from government….
Homosexual marriage is not really that bad after all, as long as they LOVE each other and it’s not just sex.”

These were all in the debate. It was a different Romney speaking. Why? Because as a conservative he was losing. As a conservative he was out of touch with America. As a conservative HE WAS IN THE MINORITY WITH MINORITY VALUES.

As Conservatives long expected, Romney is a liberal. They know it. Really? How does anyone expect a Mormon to support Pat Robertson and the 700 Club? You do it out of expediency; not a genuine shared system of belief….

But the point of this is not about Romney. It is about Conservatism. Conservatism fails, and simply for that reason alone, it is not upheld by a majority of Americans.

Which means, to win, one has to be a Liberal Republican… Just look at the polls. As soon as the Liberal Romney comes out of the closet, the polls get real tight….

But, as we saw with Bush W. You may run as a Liberal, but when you get in, it’s the Conservatives who take over. Two wars, a pharmacy company bailout, and regular government operation, all which were financed by our grand children’s future payroll deductions. They get to make less money so today’s Republicans can take it all.

In other words, to be a Republican President, you have to “trick” yourself into that position.

So, America, I know it sounds nice now, but over and over and over you have said, no that is not what we want.

What we do want, is someone who will do what we want, when they get into running America. let’s take the last president for example. Obama got us out of a recession in record time. One that was far worse than the Great Depression to some extents. Obama saved the American Automobile Industry. To do so he had to drive hard bargains against all parties . Obama killed Osama Bin Laden. America got what it paid for when they voted Obama.

Why change horses in the middle of the stream, especially when the other horse is heading back in the other direction? The wrong direction according to almost all Americans?

Romney knows that backwards direction leads to ruin. That is why the new Romney pushed the campaign message- minder outside the inner circle, and why Romney is now currently running for women’s rights. for the secularization of government, for the complete protection of the environment, for the elimination of greenhouse gases, and for the increase of taxes on the wealthy. That is why Romney is doing better in the polls….

Conservatism is truly dead.

Bottom line is this year
Courtesy of Climate Code Red

If you kinda thought the weather was wild this year, you were right. The most ice lost is taking place right while you read this. A large chunk was broken up by a freak storm. Another similar on is on its way. The question that no one knows the answer to, is… will this affect the circulation pattern.

We all know in our lives that as human beings we can put up with aggravation rather well, unless we are Type A. Whether it is aggravation from our boss, from our spouse, from our in-laws, from our choir director, from that guy selling papers on the corner,… we put up with it, accepting it as the normal course of business. Except once or twice in our lives, we just snap. And the consequences of that, momentary snap, cause big changes… maybe in our employment, maybe in our marriage, maybe in our in-law’s will, maybe from the choir director’s husband, maybe from the police…. things change for us in a big way…..

That is how we have to see this. From a mud core taken from an ancient lake, Lough Monreach, in Ireland in 2009 it was discovered that in a matter of one month 12,900 years ago, we went from normal seasonal temperatures to an ice age. The cause came from a switch in ocean currents. As cold fresh water entered the ocean, warm water stopped flowing north. That Ice Age lasted 1300 years before the thaw returned. It flipped in one month…. 30 days more or less.

So is that happening?

The science is too big. We don’t know. It will be like on the Day after Tomorrow where we first find out from buoys scattered across the Atlantic. It cannot be predicted.

What can be foretold is that the earth has never had this much stress before during civilized mans span on earth. Do you know when you snap, or does it take you off guard as well?

That is where we are…

Of course nothing could come about it… Just like when your boss insults you in front of all your staff, your office competitor’s staff, and ridicules you like you have never been before… You just take it…

The boss tells your competitor… “I knew he was a wus… I wasn’t worried one bit… you have nothing to worry about him…”

Republicans will say in Tampa:… “I knew it was a scam…. I wasn’t worried one bit… we have nothing to worry about burning carbon fuels and putting carbon dioxide into the air.”

News Flash: The earth is not a wus……..

2012, day 230, 2.87743 million square kilometers
2011, day 253, 2.90474 million square kilometers (previous record low)

I’m trying to put all your ideas together into one package. So, let me get this right… All you are asking is for, is a country where:

1) There is no universal healthcare.
2) Few entitlement programs.
3) Low Flat Tax System.
4) Faith based Government.
5) A deep reverence for God.
6) Extremely strict rules against abortion.
7) Marriage has already been strictly defined as between man and woman.
8) Homosexuality is a sin, and illegal.
9) Dress Codes are strictly enforced.
10) Tattoos, piercings, baggy pants, are banned.
11) Has the Death Penalty which they aren’t shy about using.
12) Strong private school system with religious focus.
13) Widespread dependency on oil and natural gas drilling.
14) Growing nuclear program
15) Nonexistent environmental nuisances
16) Culture that promotes family and stereotyped roles for men and women.

I’ve endeavored to put all your values on one page. I share your frustration because today, ever since 2008, it seems like America is moving further and further away from these values.

But you don’t have to be frustrated anymore. I have looked far and wide and have discovered a place already in existence that has those values in place, and more. If you sorely long for those values above, it is sincerely a place where you and your family would be very happy.

It is Iran.

You don’t have to pay me. I don’t need any commission. Just glad to help a fellow Delawarean out…. No problem.

Evolution is a falsehood. The world was created in 6 days.

Cutting taxes stimulates the Economy. Raising Taxes, Stifles It.

Global Warming has been de-bunked: Ice Caps are actually Growing.

Renewable Energy costs more than Carbon based Energy.

Labor Unions are what cause American Products to be too expensive.

When the wealthy benefit, it trickles down to the lower economic levels too.

There are no gay Republican man enough to wear their party’s pants.

When it comes to sex, Homosexuals are inferior to pigs and cows.

Obama is a black man, he was born in Indonesia.

Healthcare Reform is Socialist.

Sussex Green pulled this into our collective atmosphere. My thanks, for I would have missed it.

While the U. S. was reeling from oil prices and hooting calls of “drill, baby, drill” and our blind leadership from “that other party” was calling for oil rigs off the coast of Rehoboth, our chief competitor, China, was busy doing something about burning coal more efficiently.

This has been totally off the radar screen.

First let me tell you why it is important. As an advocate of clean efficient wind power who has crunched the numbers, I can tell you coal will be around for a long time. Therefore, finding ways to burn coal more efficiently does much for reducing global warming as well, as lowering the cost of producing electricity.

Therefore if it were theoretically possible to burn coal with no carbon emissions, that would be a good thing. Even if were possible to burn coal with just slightly less carbon emissions, that too would be a good thing by moving us in the right direction…

Face it. The U.S. has done little, primarily due to the myopic vision that the oil saturated past administration had…..

Here is the synopsis…

China now uses more coal than the United States, Europe and Japan combined.

China has emerged in the past two years as the world’s leading builder of more efficient, less polluting coal power plants.

China has begun building a more efficient kind of coal-fired power plant that uses extremely hot steam, at a rate of one a month.

China has already approved equipment purchases for a new generation of low-pollution power plants that turn coal into a gas before burning it.

China has begun requiring power companies to retire an older, more polluting power plant for each new one they build.

China’s most efficient plants achieve an efficiency as high as 44 percent. In the United States, the most efficient plants achieve around 40 percent efficiency, because they do not use the highest steam temperatures being adopted in China.

China’s improvements are starting to have an effect on climate models. I.E.A. cut its forecast of the annual increase in Chinese emissions of global warming gases, to 3 percent from 3.2 percent.

China has just built a small, experimental facility near Beijing to remove carbon dioxide from power station emissions and use it to provide carbonation for beverages. So far, it has no plans to make this a national policy.

China is poised to pass the United States as soon as this year as the world’s largest market for wind power equipment. China is building considerably more nuclear power plants than the rest of the world combined, and these do not emit carbon dioxide after they are built.

It now can cost a third less to build an ultra-supercritical power plant in China than to build a less efficient coal-fired plant in the United States.

One might wonder how a nation so far behind us just after Tienanmen Square, could now be the next superpower while we languish in the backwaters of a subsistence economy.

The answer should be obvious. China has no Republicans.

Yesterday the EPA moved forward with the pronouncement that Greenhouse gases were a threat to public health. They overturned 8 years of inactivity by the previousl administration, in recognizing the threat of global warming…

It is hoped that the prospect of the White House taking action could push Congress to come to an agreement.

In the post below, I posted Delaware’ CO2 emissions from the year 2006, as compiled by Delaware’s Energy Office. These corporations will no doubt suffer some economic ill effects if Carbon Taxes go into effect..

You will no doubt hear how your electric bill will rise if we began to tax carbon…

Here is how you have to look at it… You have to look at your energy bill and health costs as one lumped together expense… If you pay more for energy, but drop your health bill down to zero, your overall financial stature will be improved…

That is how this must be seen… As long as your total health and energy bills combined, do not grow, you are holding at the same level… If total of both grow, you are worse off; if the total of both drop, you are better off….

Therefore those families living around Delmarva’s power plant near Fox Point, need to consider the asthma medicine they spend on all their children when they pay their electric bill.. If, they can by God’s grace, eliminate that asthma medicine due to the fact that they need it no more, then their family’s income-after-expenses will grow…

That is how Carbon taxes must be viewed..

Now those who actually read Chapter 4 of the Kavipsian Theory of Economics, already know how Carbon Taxes benefit the United States economy… You know who you are..

For the rest of you, here is a refresher….

On the global scale, Carbon taxes will be levied as are tariffs today… For instance, if the United States refuses to sign on to the Carbon tax arrangement, then those other countries buying our products, tack on a tariff to cover the Carbon tax we did not collect.. That makes our products as high or higher than those of other nations…which on a global scale, hurts us economically.

On the reverse, if we enact a carbon tax upon our power plants and other sources of carbon, then we can trade with other nations doing so because our tariffs cancil out.. We don’t pay an excess.. Our prices are more competitive..

Developing nations, who do not tax their carbon, must pay our tariff on their products coming into our country. This makes them more expensive, and less competitive against our own manufacturing, despite the difference in the costs of labor…

So as the largest consumer, if the United States moves quickly to the forefront of this policy and begins to tax carbon before others can catch up, we gain an economic advantage, even though our carbon energy costs will rise by that taxed amount…

If you were an investor, doing manufacturing within the United States, now appears to be cheaper than offshoring all factories.. What’s the point, when the economic advantage of manufacturing offshore, has just been negated?

Speed is essentual.. Those nations playing catch up do not see a competitive economic advantage… The US due to our size and wealth has the potential to lead, and in doing so, creates a better marketplace for investors to put their money here…

So as some decry that raising the cost of energy in a bad economy will dampen growth, you can now inform them that doing so, brings investment back into the US… It also raises the costs of other nations imports, making our own products more competitive…

And it does all this, while dropping our medical bills at the same time….

Delaware Biggest Polluters
Delaware's Power Polluters cont.
Courtesy of the Delaware Energy Office

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Senate will decide this week whether to follow in California’s footsteps and pass legislation requiring cuts in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.

Lawmakers are set to vote Monday to begin debate on a bill that could reshape the U.S. economy by requiring industry to pay to emit carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases.

Opponents call it a new tax on industry that could raise gas prices and energy bills for consumers.

Now before I knew anything about wind power coming to Delaware, I would be apprehensive about taxing carbon and “increasing the costs to power plants, distributors, and consumers…….

But knowing what I now know, that all carbon prices are about to go ballistic as did our automobile and truck fuel, the faster we leave a carbon based economy, the faster we will pull out of this recession.

Congess just cannot slap the tax on carbon immediately. My recommendation is to start the tax in 2014, giving America 5 years to wean itself off carbon based electricity. Five years could do it…

Wind, particularly offshore wind, if built large enough is the cheapest form of energy available to us today. If solar improves to where it crosses the 10 cents/kwh barrier, it too can become a player….

There is enough wind power capacity in North Dakota to fuel the entire grid of North America…..

The financials show it could be done today for 2.3 cents per kwh… Imagine, all of the US energy needs met at 2.3 cents per kwh. Your $200 monthly electric bill would instead be $40 dollars. Which is right about where it needs to be…….

But not all the wind needs to come from North Dakota, even though it has tremendous potential……Up and down the Eastern seaboard, giant wind farms could drop our prices and save on long distance transmission costs…. From Texas to North Dakota, the wind belt could drive America’s mid section energy prices down to a tolerable level…..

By dropping worldwide demand, we could stop our dependence on energy coming from the Mid East. Being the sole planetary source of 2.3 cents per kwh of electricity, our manufacturing base could again begin to grow in places where it once walked away from union labor……Ohio and Michigan. What automobile company could pass up savings of 20 cents per kwh over what the paid in their home country?

Back to Carbon caps and taxes…..Taxing something that is bad for you at a rather high rate, is ironically a very good thing. It forces you to wean yourself off its toxic properties and seek another solution. It does so expediently. Forcing you to move quickly before your money disappears..unlike a government directive facing appeal after appeal after appeal…….

So raising the price of carbon is in the cards…..the higher the tax, the faster we move to a really cheap source of energy and power…..cheaper than all but the oldest of you can remember……

And if timed right, it won’t cost us a penny. For paying a million dollars for a kwh of coal fired electricity is moot, it there is no kwh of coal fired electricity left to be taxed…. …..

Let’s just start. Accusation #1: The Public Service Commission and two state agencies exceeded the law, distorted bidding rules, overlooked risks and ignored cheaper alternatives before endorsing a proposed offshore wind project, according to a recently obtained draft Senate report.

Hmm. Well….are you familiar with the law in question? That is HB06 from the 143 Legislature’s Session. Let’s look at it so we can perhaps see what they are talking about….. Gee, I wonder who the sponsors were?………. Primary Sponsor: Valihura………………. Additional Sponsor(s): Sen. Adams & Rep. Spence & Rep. Smith & Rep. Lee & Rep. Gilligan & Rep. VanSant & Sen. McDowell & Sen. DeLuca & Sen. Still & Sen. Sorenson.

If you wish, you can cross reference my quotes against the actual HB06 which is here. That will allow me to cut out some of the unnecessary words that make reading these bills so tedious for most people. Let’s begin our defense… at the Synopsis. By definition, a synopsis is a brief statement summarizing what the bill is about…… In HB06 we learn from the synopsis that this bill is designed to stabilize electricity pricing and utilization for Delaware consumers for both the short term and for the long term.

Going with Bluewater Wind does that. It guarantees power at roughly $105 dollars per megawatt with all charges ( REC’s and capacity) bundled together. Delmarva at the beginning of last month was only able to acquire bids as low as $110 dollars per megawatt inclusive of all charges. In case you missed the significance, Bluewater Wind will be cheaper in 2039 than Delmarva is now….There is no baloney. That is the number on the legal document hammermeshed between Bluewater and Delmarva.

So when we read from the law sponsored by Adams, DeLuca, and McDowell that we need to stabilize electricity pricing and utilization for Delaware consumers for both the short term and for the long term and understand that right now, already Delmarva cannot compete in price against Bluewater Wind,…… we have not choice but to conclude that Bluewater Wind complies with the law, and Delmarva Power does not.

In fact, continuing to pursue Delmarva’s path is A DIRECT VIOLATION OF THAT LAW AS IT WAS WRITTEN. Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you Exhibit A. as we build the case that Delmarva Power has, is, and continues to remain in conflict with the law as it is written, and that only in conjunction with Bluewater Wind, can it be compliant.

Moving on:

This Act allows electric distribution companies, subject to the Public Service Commission’s approval, to own and operate facilities enabling them to generate their own electricity for supply to customers and authorize those electric distribution companies to obtain supply in ways that are not necessarily reflective of short-term regional market prices (such as long-term contracts and self-generation)

This bill sponsored by Adams, Deluca, and McDowell specifically states that its intent is to allow for electric generation locally and provide a hedge against short-term regional market prices by acquiring LONG TERM CONTRACTS.

Delmarva has balked at signing long term contracts with anyone who is not part of Pepco Holding. By not signing long term contracts Delmarva is again violating the letter of the law. Delmarva insists that it can get wind energy onshore from other states. That does nothing to fufill HB06’s requirement that electrical energy be generated locally. Once again, Bluewater fulfills the letter of the law. Once again, Delmarva seeks to violate it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Exhibit B. I would ask that you remember that are building a case that Delmarva has, is, and will continue to remain in conflict with HB06 as it is written, and that only in conjunction with Bluewater Wind, can it be compliant.

Ok, the next step.

To stabilize long-term pricing in the DP&L service territory, the Act provides for a request for proposals through a competitive process to build cost-effective merchant generation in the State, to be utilized to serve some of the load requirements of DP&L.

This is just what the PSC did with Bluewater Wind. If one remembers, it was little over a year ago, that Connectiv put in their bid for a gas fired turbine that would be located in McDowell’s district, thinking they had it all to themselves. Surprising them, NRG placed a bid for a clean coal plant, and just as the deadline approached, Bluewater Wind applied as well. Did we get bids from wind farms in Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Maryland that were not even proposed yet? ……..No. No one thought to place a bid from wind farms that “were not there yet” In fact iit never crossed anyones mind, not even McDowell‘s at the time. Even to this day, those alleged onshore wind farms are not built and cannot supply one bit of electricity to our grid. The real question is not whether we can parse and quibble about what we could-, would-a, or should have done. The only question that bears any relevance to these hearings, is whether the PSC broke any law? No! they did not. They opened up a bidding process with an announced closing date; accepted all bids that arrived within the window allowed, and held hearings where the public could comment and discuss what they thought was best for them. Bluewater follows the letter of the law to a tee. The process was competitive. They, at $105 dollars a megawatt, are the lowest cost producer of energy in this state’s foreseeable future. and their low costing power will serve some of the load requirement of Delmarva Power. Comparatively, by having Delmarva bid on the market, we, its customers, will be forced to weather every economic storm or bubble, creating instability in our energy market, destroying any residual profit margin left it today’s businesses. Ladies and Gentlemen: I leave you with Exhibit C.


The Act continues to allow customers to choose alternative competitive suppliers. I choose Bluewater Wind, but Delmarva won’t sign me up, again, breaking the law as it was written in HB06. That concludes our analysis of the Synopsis. It would be wise to remember that as accusations come out from a few in the Senate, stating that “The Public Service Commission and two state agencies exceeded the law, distorted bidding rules, overlooked risks and ignored cheaper alternatives before endorsing a proposed offshore wind project,” that a quick look over the text, shows the exact opposite. Bluewater Wind complies with the law as it is written. Delmarva by fighting them….does not. Likewise according to this: In addition to the standard offer service price or the alternative electric supplier’s supply price, each customer shall pay the separate applicable rates for transmission, ancillary, distribution, nuclear decommissioning and other services. Such rates shall not include any generation or electric supply costs. This states that we will pay separately, each and all these charges such as transmission costs, from far away onshore wind, but not…..from our local Bluewater Wind turbines. OK, so here is the meat.

2. In developing the IRP, DP&L may consider the economic and environmental value of:

(i) resources that utilize new or innovative baseload technologies (such as coal gasification); (

ii) resources that provide short- or long-term environmental benefits to the citizens of this State (such as renewable resources like wind and solar power);

(iii) facilities that have existing fuel and transmission infrastructure;

(iv) facilities that utilize existing brownfield or industrial sites; (

v) resources that promote fuel diversity; (vi) resources or facilities that support or improve reliability; or

(vii) resources that encourage price stability. If one takes it line by line, one can see that Bluewater Wind fulfills the letter of the law. In fact Bluewater does a much better job at complying with the law, than does Delmarva Power. Its time the truth be known: that Harris McDowell’s claim has not a leg to stand on……….