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Christina Scores

Graph compiled by BryanTodd

I think most of you have seen this graph.  It shows the relationship between poverty and test scores in the Christina District… Obviously test scores are superficial.  If you are unconcerned with surviving, meaning everything is handed you on a silver platter, you have time and opportunity to do well on this test… But when your day is filled and occupied with eat, sleep, and moving from one place to another, you do not have time or any brain power left to do well on these idiotic tests…  These test do not test what you know; they test  how you respond within the artificial environment the question sets for you… If you didn’t eat, if you didn’t sleep, you are not going to care what happens to a jalopy traveling west at 56.33 mph.

Above we see the four inner city schools at LI (Low Income) levels between 75 to 85 percent…..  What is “LI”.. how low is low income?

To most of us, we’d naturally assume this is based on all those who get free or reduced lunch… “Well “we say, “those levels are set fairly high and therefore though the percentages are large, they don’t represent THAT MANY poor people”… Because the last time we looked into it now years ago, that is what it was…  Some families making $30,000 to $40,000 and above might be eligible.

If you have been reading Delaware’s official news sources (Transparent Christina, Kilroy’s, and Exceptional Delaware) you already know this.. But for others just tuning in…..

Post 2010, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), National School Lunch Program included a Provision called the “Community Eligibility Provision” or CEP. Schools that elect CEP serve breakfast and lunch for free to all enrolled students. This would make it hard to determine low income status.

Delaware’s “Low income” designation is now determined by students who receive any one of the following benefits: TANF, SNAP (Direct Certification).  That is it..

So here is the chart for TANF……

Low income Delaware

And below is the chart for SNAP

Delaware SNAP levels

(You can enlarge both by clicking on the large thumbnails above.)

SNAP being the larger number means all those children of low income must fall below that level…. Delaware sets SNAP at the 130% of Federal Poverty Guideline..( FPG)

For a family of 4 that level is $2564 gross income… Actual take home would be near $2250.

For a family of 3 that level is $2144 gross income… Actual take home would be near $1950.

For 2…. $1705  with take home being near $1550.

For 2 spending $700 for housing drops you down to $850.  For 3, $1250. For 4…. $1550….

Per week what’s left…$216, $316, and $387 respectively…. And this is how 85% of these children live… Under this max….

That money goes to utilities, to food, to transportation, to school supplies… etc.

Now add to that crime, lack of adult supervision because the single parent has to work, endemic poverty in ones neighborhood, and one realizes there is no way any of these children can ever catchup to other children who have no such worries, on these tests…  Of course they have the same brain capacity… but who is going to tutor them?  Will all of you volunteer your time?

Furthermore, according to the National Center for Children in Poverty, … in Delaware 40% (78,513) of children live in low-income families (National: 44%),  Of these 47% (37,181) of children in low-income families have at least one parent who is employed full-time, year-round,,,32% (25,317) of children in low-income families have at least one parent who is employed either part-year or part-time…20% (16,015) of children in low-income families do not have an employed parent…

88% (17,692) of children whose parents do not have a high school degree live in low-income families. 60% (46,955) of children in low-income families live with a single parent,  56% (26,189) of all black children live in low-income families. 66% (17,613) of all Hispanic children live in low-income families.

43% (27,712) of children, under age 6, live in low-income families….  50% (16,785) of children of immigrant parents live in low-income families.  11% (8,647) of low-income children live in families with no parent present….

Get that? 6% of Delaware’s students do not have a parent present…… and just 1800 (of the 8,647)  would fill up the five schools at the right end of the chart… And that is what we are dealing with… Children whose challenge is to simply live, being forced to dance through hoop they can’t understand, to give businessmen the opportunity to cash in on their demise.

Please, please, please remember this when you see and hear corporate scum speak deprecatingly on these results… “Only 5% in some schools were proficient in math. that’s abominable”. Just image 85% of all those kids living on less than $200 a week with out parents….. and then fight to prevent anyone in that school from being held accountable for all those hungry working single moms only having $200 or less to spend each week…

These regulations are effective September 21, 2015…

The Secretary amends the regulations governing title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (ESEA) (the “Title I regulations”), to no longer authorize a State to define modified academic achievement standards and develop alternate assessments based on those modified academic achievement standards for eligible students with disabilities.

The easiest way to break this, a  massive revolution of “opt out”… This unconstitutional provision (10th Amendment specifically prohibits any federal involvement in education at all, and especially purported “mandates.) cannot be enforced if enough people opt out the test…  Ok yo black people. YOU  (and you know who you are.)..who were misled against “opt out” by this establishment…. what say you now?

The power struggle is no longer between the Republicans and the Democrats. Bipartisan means almost nothing. The fight is between voting families — We the People, whether Democratic, Republican or other — versus the clique of profiteering businessmen and politicians.”

This is not fun and games. This is real war… They are coming for you through your child……

The agenda is clear: D.C. wants to decide what your children learn and how they learn it, at younger and younger ages, and it wants to know every detail about your child’s views, attitudes, psychological profile, and beliefs so “interventions” can change them.…..

Making students accountable for test scores works well on a bumper sticker, and it allows many politicians to look good by saying that they will not tolerate failure. But it represents a hollow promise. Far from improving education, high-stakes testing marks a major retreat from fairness, from accuracy, from quality, and from equity.  Paul Wellstone.. former US Senator; college professor

Things have changed little since 1994.

Oh my. What a weak argument was made by the New York Times today in their op-ed argument for not opting out…   Since it is exactly the same argument being made right now by this administration to each legislator, I thought it deserves a rebuttal in public discussion.  What do you think?

Here is their argument.

A)  For the test culture to survive and continue for the next hundred years and make huge profits for the testing companies, we need to squash the opt out movement….

B) This opt out movement could liberate blacks and poor from being permanently classified as poor and black failures and empower them to become good citizens like any of the rest of us in our future. That privilege needs to be preserved for whites or a lucky few colored’s progeny of corporate business executives.

C) This opt-out movement could undermine or destroy  the ill-thought-out Common Core which is now on its last legs and in deep danger of being thrown out of every state probably by 2018….

D) Unlike any time across the history of man, the opt-out movement seriously undermines the “best hope for holding school districts accountable for educating all students, regardless of race or income.”  HOW DID WE EVER SURVIVE BEFORE THESE TEST… oh…. my….. goodness….  By this logic, everyone who went to school before 2014 is a complete idiot…

E) “The 200,000 students, out of 1.1 million, who skipped the tests did not have a known valid reason, like illness.”  We have to have a known reason… Our giant data banks demand it… How can you control people’s behavior with data when you don’t have a  data for the reason?

F)  “In some school districts the opt-out rate was above 80 percent”. (Personal interjection here:  yay to those districts, Way to get involved in making a stand to actually improving your child’s education)

G) “For the most part, those opting out were white and in wealthy or middle-class communities”… They all said “Fvck this sh/t… We ain’t being treated like no n/gg’a; look, those fools all took the test; stupid minorities… 1% opt out fo’ dem; 80% fo’ us.  Do what yo told, boy.”

H)  “Of the students who took the tests statewide, only 31 percent had a proficient score on reading while 38 percent were proficient in math.”   Everyone knows it can’t be the test that is stupid… IT HAS TO BE THE STUPID LITTLE KIDS WHO NEED TO SUFFER, SUFFER, SUFFER, CAUSE THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT … GETTING KICKED IN THE HEAD EVERY DAY IN CORPORATE AMERICA AND NEVER EVER HAVING YOUR DREAMS FULFILLED.. THAT IS HOW CORPORATE AMERICA WORKS AND THEY FVCKIN’ OWN THE FVCKIN’ NEW YORK TIMES!!!!!  (lol)

I)  “Teachers have complained that they will be judged unfairly based on how well students perform on tests that they consider faulty; at least one of their union leaders urged parents to boycott the tests.”  Fvck That.. We can’t have people opting out of being evaluated by faulty tests.. That was the whole point of this exercise.. To get rid of good teachers and replace them with cheap-paid dolts (Teach For America) after only 25 days of classroom and one day actually teaching a class… Opting students out is going to destroy this whole corporate scheme… we can’t have that…..

J) “In response to parental protests, the State Legislature last year forbade school districts to use test scores as the primary factor in grade promotions or to put the scores on a student’s permanent record.”   Meaning it was that….  fvckin’,,… bad… We MUST squelch this opt-out movement .. we can’t have people not taking a test that is “this fvckin’ bad”… Who knows?  One day they may not even buy supermarket peaches because lo and behold, they have big black soft spots on them… Heavens. We can’t have that!

K) “And having a large number of students opting out of the tests could hurt efforts to document and close the achievement gap between low-income and minority students and more privileged students”  Like how are we going to find out who is smart and who is not if we don’t use tests?  Same thing… Like we can’t test animals… so how do we know if people are smarter than animals when we can’t test them… Animals,  minorities.. same things.. at least to us in the New York Times, they are treated similar by us …

L.) “Federal law requires that at least 95 percent of eligible students take the annual tests, and districts that fall short may face penalties, including a loss of federal aid.”  HA, HA, HA, HA,…. LIKE EVERY OFFICIAL EVER! WHO IS BEING RATED “YAY” OR “NAY” BY HIS COMBINED DISTRICTS TEST SCORES, IS DELIBERATELY GOING TO LOWER HIS AVERAGE THEREBY OPENING HIM UP TO A POLITICAL CHALLENGE… BY CUTTING OFF FUNDING TO HIS DISTRICTS THEREBY PLUMMETING HIS SCORES BELOW THE FLOOR.

M) “But imposing penalties would further damage poor districts that already lack sufficient money to improve their academic performance or help subpar students with remedial tutoring. At the same time, financial penalties might not persuade districts with the highest opt-out rates — often the wealthier ones — to participate, since they are apt to receive little federal funding.”  So penalties won’t happen. Some official putting a gun to his own head and pulling the trigger will happen before 95% penalties ever do… (Hopefully that suicide will never happen. Please get help right now if you feel the need to kill yourself because you support his horrid odious test)….

N)  “With opt-out activists threatening to redouble their efforts next year, political leaders need to convince everyone involved — school boards, superintendents, principals, parents, state education officials, guidance counselors, and teachers and their unions — of the importance of these tests and find ways to help students and teachers meet the challenge they pose.”  If anyone was really serious about making “Opt Out” go away… they would eliminate the Smarter Balanced Assessment today, and return to the DCAS…  No one opted out of the DCAS… No one opted out of cirruculums before Common Core…

This New York Times opinion piece is so one-sided one can tell they got it sent with orders to publish it with no changes. . Its condescending attitude to children can be summed up in one phrase…. “Eat your poop, children. You can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your poop…”

You must think….  no one there has ever taken the test….. wouldn’t you?  There is nothing in the article at all, about how horrid, terrible, inane, despicable, unkempt, ill-conceived, and just plain stupid this test really is… That is why parents are opting out… Not for sh/ts and giggles…

We need another test… now.   We need more opting out to drive that point home… If 80% doesn’t send a message.(are they really that fvckin’ stupid).. shoot for 100% this year…..


Compare these to a $40 million dollar flop of the fantastic four….

We don’t live in Communist Russia, no matter how hard he tries to make it so…

You have to go over here and read this…

This is a blow by blow account of how the Delaware Corporate Educational (DCE)establishment tried to disrupt the Christina Board by innuendo, and flat out lies.  It was the  junior-high classic… hey, did you hear what Boo-Boo said about you?  Said you were a dick with pussy hair for a beard… Said you looked like you washed your hair in mayonnaise and didn’t rinse…. So when Cindy hears what’s said, she takes it as truth considering the  whispering source and begins preparing for a huge battle and  on the next meeting, opens fire with a 21 gun salvo…  So Boo-Boo is sitting there wondering what’s going on; why’s this person attacking me for no reason?  After about 5 salvos landing near him he realizes:  Hey, I’m getting killed if I don’t fight back and launches salvos of her own.

it was like that…

But there was this guy Kevin.. Who they used to send the messages….  They told him our top secret phone taps show that this person is a snake and is about to tear into another on the board.  They forgot to account for the fact that as a dad of an exceptional son, he was very brave. He approached the subjects at a meeting and confronted them with the info, and… just as quickly, realize he had been played…

So, this dude, let’s say awesome dude, publishes everything that was whispered to him for all to see, publishes every thing this plant told them and immediately it stood up very clear… that none was true and  that Donna Johnson, Executive of the State Board of Education, was feeding lies to create havoc…

It is now quite clear.  That this State Board and Governor Markell and Mark Murphy and the Corporate Establishment can not win with the facts… it is like if they knew a new medicine they sold was making you sick.. And you too know the new medicine is making you sick, because every time you take it… you get sick.  Every time you stayed away, you got better.   But instead of apologizing for their mistake, they use tricks to make other people believe something else…  “You’re not sick from our medicine they say… its Sycamore Pollen that is making you sick”.. “You’re not sick from our medicine” they say, “it is algae that is making you sick… etc…”

They know,… you know, …and now everyone knows, Governor Markell’s education program has been a disaster… Every other state will be out of Common Core by 2018, is the prediction… Every other state will be moving forward with the antidote for healing, but our state administration is stuck on this one pill and has to pull out all stops to  trick us into still taking their poison which is very bad for us…

As an adult… tell the truth now. Do you ever have to trick yourself into taking your medicine?  I don’t think any adult does. You do it willingly correct? Because you want to get better, right?

Well these players, Donna Johnson, Mark Murphy, Phil Herdeman, Rodel, Markell, Sokola, and Earl Jacques are treating you like little kids… The only way you’ll take their medicine they figure is if they trick you into taking their medicine which we all know, will make us sick.. “Here, sonny,” says Earl Jacques, “you want a peanut butter sandwich?”

Tricking the populace into something,… is not…. democracy…   It is pre-school.

Democracy is supposed to go like this…

“Here are the good things about the Smarter Balanced Assessment ( It has a tree for a logo)” .. The other side stands up and says, “here are why we think this is a very bad idea for all”… The press is supposed to offer you both sides and continue the arguments on their op-ed pages. You look at the pros, you look at the cons, you figure the cons are infinite in number, and the pros are down to one, and you tell your legislator what you discovered…   He hears from all  sides and he determines what he think will be the best vote for all.  He votes and if his side has more, his side wins.  If is side as less, his side loses… and we go on knowing that both sides were looked at and though there may be some bumps, there is also a lot of merit to back it up….

Instead, what we got… is this… Dave Sokola says:  “this is a good bill. I’ve looked at it.  We need to vote if forward.” Kowalko. “Uhh, can we talk about it a little, I’ve got some qualms.” Dave Sokola:  “No.  All in favor say “Aye”…. and that is how this poisonous medicine got out of its committee and into your child’s system..

If Common Core was good, I’d be for it.  If the Smarter Balanced did any benefit, I’d be for it.  If Charter Schools raised a districts measured level of learning, I’d be for them…  The problem is none of them do what they are supposed to do.. Not only that, they make things worse. They are poison….

And as adults we should be grown up enough to turn down poison saying… “No, thanks. it always make me sick”… and as adults we should be able to trust that they don’t Crosbytize our drinks when we look away from them…

It is all about “tricks” with this administration… and for one, as an adult, I am sick and tired of it…


If you do…. Shame on you… You’ve been shown. You know better….

In World War II we  cracked the German’s Enigma Code and were able to decipher all their plans.  Very instrumental in helping us win the war. You may have seen this article that does the same with the takeover of education.

It’s long and illuminating and will be read by the handful of true educational warriors.   But it drew a parallel in my memory discussing how how Wal*marts used to approach small towns and leave an economic wasteland behind, in which they became the monopoly and all others shut down.

We have for a long time berated the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for creating and funding Common Core.  If any good can be said about their massive amounts of money, it is that at least with the Gates’ Foundation, the strings attached are not stretched tight; there is leeway for those recipients to move around.  Not so with the second largest donor to American Education: the Wal*mart Foundation.  To receive their money you have to be very clear in your attention to do away with high paying teachers, and breaking up the union…  And based on most conversations… it really is all about breaking up the union…  (Unions are an antithetic to Wal*mart.  If Wal*mart ever unionizes…poof… its competitive edge is over)

One can say this hard line with lesser dollars is more influential than all of Gate’s money… If you need more than one source of income, and one source has loose ideals and the other’s are very tight, you are going to satisfy the one with the tight ideals because that is the only way you can still have both sources of income…   Just like if you were working two jobs, and one doesn’t care when you show up and the other will fire you if you are ever one minute late, you always give the one who will fire you first priority…Always.  They dictate your life, not the other one, and certainly not yourself.

It might be wise to review the Wal*mart model now, as in how their businesses operate.

Of the 10 richest Americans according to Forbes magazine, four are members of the Walton family. The Walton Family Foundation was established in 1988 and is based in Bentonville, Ark., the home of Wal-Mart.  It it he Walton Foundation that parcels out cash to those who promote its ends, which are indeed the same as the company’s.  How could they not be?

The foundation’s stated mission is to infuse public education with competitive pressure through school choice. The theory is based in retail: If consumers have options, they will choose either higher quality or cheaper products. Merchants who can’t compete will go out of business, opening up space for new entrepreneurs to enter. Through this constant churn of options, the theory holds, quality will improve across the board. In public education, that means flooding the market with schools, aggressively closing those that are labeled as “failing,” and opening up pathways to allow new school operators to take their place...

Although the foundation implies that this market-based model will lead to the improvement of all schools in a system, a different endgame is clear through its philanthropic portfolio: The foundation endorses the eventual elimination of public education altogether, in favor of an across-the-board system of privately operated schools.

Which is also how they run their business.

Wal*mart pulls up into a small town with the promise of jobs.  The businesses in the town fight back but eventually the governing body approves the Walmart going in and it is always by a split vote and always with the majority of one…. And those few who swung and voted for Wal*mart mysteriously all begin renovating their houses with sources of mysterious income.

Once approved the building goes up… In one month, Wal*mart cuts 25% of its initial hires.  Buy 4 months another 25% is gone… Then it tweaks the employees downward in single digits over the course of the first year… So after its initial promise of 300 new jobs to gullible small town council members, in the end it hires a steady 75 jobs… Meanwhile the entire center of the town folds up… Gone are all the retail outlets that have been there since the town was founded. The brick buildings either get boarded up, or sell cheap to some basket weaver and the town begins to die.. The competition is outside its tax base… Within the tax base, all the old income is gone.

Then once competition is eliminated, the prices go back up and there is really no change in savings from those that were there before..

Here is what one of the sub-foundations funded by Walmart says in his sales pitch to wealthy investors…

“Charters are competitors. They steal customers, deplete revenues and increase costs. When charters siphon off kids, they not only take the money that comes with them, they often cause nearby schools to operate under capacity. This increases inefficiencies and per-student costs because all that empty space still must be maintained.

As charters continue to expand, they will force districts to make more and more tough choices on personnel, closing schools and redrawing attendance boundaries, both political poisons. We are seeing this play out in spectacular fashion in some older urban areas.”  Mike Thomas, FEE (founded by Jeb Bush) $4.8 million from Walton Foundation.

And that is exactly what happens when you allow charters to come into your neighborhood… The end game has nothing to do with whether kids learn.  It is over who will get the money we spend to teach our kids…

Now if charters had a good track record, one might look at them favorably, after all it might benefit kids… But the reality of looking at Charters is like looking at Walmart…  The quality of their merchandise is the lowest quality one is allowed to sell. They underpay their workers which swells up the assistance levels required by the local community.  Instead of good wages, they pay poor wages.  The SNAP and Medicaid programs stay filled at capicity even though the employment rosters show the county’s unemployment has dropped a few notches.  If you want service… forget about it… It takes one hour to shop, and two hours to wait in the only checkout line they will open.

One of their most telling lines comes from their former director who published his views on education…..

“… The only course that is sustainable, for both chartering and urban education, embraces a third, more expansive view of the movement’s future: replace the district-based system in America’s large cities with fluid, self-improving systems of charter schools.”

Smarick (the above quote’s author) offers a “road map” for destroying public school districts. It includes a saturation investment strategy to build market share in a few targeted districts. Once the charter sector reaches a tipping point in student market share, he predicts, traditional districts will no longer be financially or politically sustainable:

“As chartering increases its market share in a city, the district will come under growing financial pressure. The district, despite educating fewer and fewer students, will still require a large administrative staff to process payroll and benefits, administer federal programs, and oversee special education. With a lopsided adult to- student ratio, the district’s per-pupil costs will skyrocket.”

“At some point along the district’s path from monopoly provider to financially unsustainable marginal player, the city’s investors and stakeholders—taxpayers, foundations, business leaders, elected officials, and editorial boards—are likely to demand fundamental change. That is, eventually the financial crisis will become a political crisis. …”

The foundation’s education program pursues this endgame through three major program areas: support for vouchers, both publicly and privately funded; support for charter school start-ups to encourage and enable the rapid growth of the sector; and public policy advocacy, to ensure that the road is clear for expansion with minimal regulatory interference….

The Walton Family Foundation’s flagship strategy for transforming public education was (and continues to be) to allow taxpayer dollars to pay private school tuitions for selected students…

And that is it’s entire end game… Destroy public education entirely.  Then in it vacuum, insert ones investment through charter schools…

Whenever a public official goes against 90% of public opinion, and votes for charter schools or to not allow the opting out of the test which will create the image that public schools have failed…. you know they are in the payment of someone….

We have already asked that Matt Denn the Attorney General have his office investigate Rep. Earl Jacques’s personal funding secretly through a Grand Jury Investigation.   (He has mysteriously renovated his house) .. We hope our Attorney General recognizes the serious of the crime of having ones vote bought, and initiates an investigation to determine if criminal activity was beset by Earl Jacques’s rather bizarre defense of an indefensible position…..

No sustained veto threat threat here…

Earl Jacques

Mike Barbieri

Tim Dukes

Are the three….

Still clueless.

A good sign.

12 people to every clueless one

Voted to allow Parents to opt out…..

Markell and Murphy ,

Are like snow pea pods

On the highway now

In front of a Steam Roller

Bearing down.

Here is where you can see your child’s questions…. (and answers, thank heavens)

And here is where you can go to experience the hieroglyphics needed to navigate the math pages, to fully understand the manual frustration which is a part of this test.

Now ask these questions:

Is this a genuine reflection upon what my child knows?

Is this material consequently even necessary for my child’s future knowledge?

Should my child have a low score permanently etched on his record for life over this one test?

Why should my child’s long adult life be decided by the results of this one test?  (Arne Duncun:  “We should know by grades one or two if a child will be going to college”.)

What would have happened to you, if you had been exposed to such as a student and held back because of your low score?  How would your life have been if the opportunities you had, had been withheld because you were deemed unworthy by a one day test you did in say, 3rd Grade?

Then contact your legislator

A good starter question for them would be….. have you even seen these tests?  A second good question would be… oh my… how low did you score?

Then call your school….

Hello, this is ________________  mother of ___________________ .  When is my child supposed to take the Smarter Balanced Assessments?… I want him opted out, and if you can’t do that, please let me know and we will just not have him show up for a medical condition on those days…  Yes. I’ll hold…..  ….. ….. ….. ….. …..  Oh, Hi, Ms Principal…. I’m the mother of ________________ and I don’t want this Smarter Balanced Test Score on his permanent  record…  What must I do to MAKE SURE THAT NEVER HAPPENS?  OK, April 22nd, and 23rd?   Ok,,, thank you, thank you… so very much…


Let’s get this done, people.  Let’s get this over.  Let’s move on to better things for ourselves and our children.

Got this in the inbox today….

Dear Kavips. Thank you for your encouragement in opting out.  Today, my 5th grade little girl, was tricked and told to go take the test against our wishes and through family dinner table conversations revolving around your writings, she on her own decided to keep on going out the front door… She’s always been a rule-follower so this is amazing for her. I got her call that she’d walked out and picked her up at burger king.  We’re going to the beach today to celebrate, and I’ll write the sick note tomorrow… I’m so proud of her….  It is the right decision.  Thank you for all you do. 

If a 5th Grader can do it…….. ?  Are you as smart?