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Standard file footage of Ridiculous Republican c/o Google

Sussex County is bereft of republican leadership. Taken over by the tea party then abandoned, there is no structure that supports or represents Republican values still left standing. The Republican Party in Delaware is in freefall.

There are scattered remnants still trying to get on the ballot, but electing one of these would be like a random hand dunked into a pond trying to catch a frog. One could get lucky.

In the absence of Republican leadership, into which void the blog Delaware Politics dares enter, words like philosophy, and phrases like “think like us” get tossed. Those phrases sometimes sound nice but certainly don’t bring any money to the bank.

What does bring money to the bank is a strong political party that is on your side. What does bring money to the bank is someone in Dover to whom the party in power is beholden to, who says “I need this”.

Jane Hovington is in the unique place to get more done for District 19 than has been done in that District any time since the passing of Thruman Adams. Because she is part of the ruling party, instead of the party of opposition, her vote carries strong weight. She is also because of her conservative district in the very unique position of being one who can build the necessary bridge between Democrats and Republicans. If Ernie Lopez in the neighboring district, needs a favor, Jane Hovington is the one who can get it done.

Her opponent may be a nice man. But he is in no position to accomplish anything for Senate District 19.. As possibly the only Republican in the General Assembly, he is doomed to get ignored. One has only to look to the 41 representative district out of Millsboro, to see a lot more happens there now that their representative who used to be a minority Republican, is now, in the majority as a Democrat. Same man: no clout as a Republican, bringing home the bacon as a Democrat. It is…. all about the party.

“I, Brian Pettyjohn, need this road fixed in my district. It’s potholes are swallowing up chicken trucks, they are so deep.”

“Uhh, who are you again?”

Now from Democrat Senator Jane Hovington: “If you want me onboard i will need these highways fixed by April 22. ”

“I don’t see why that can’t be done.”

District 19 is the heart of Sussex County. Not the play area of the east but the hard working, farming area of the West. Life moves forward on a very thin margin between success or failure. The citizens of District 19, a very beautiful district from Georgetown to the Maryland border, need the best representative they can find.

One hailing from the party of Thuman Adams is far superior than someone who was thrown into the race helter skelter at the last minute by pontificating people, more worried about philosophy, and “their” anti democratic beliefs, than whether you as a citizen can make it or get chewed up. Brian Pettyjohn is “their” candidate.

You deserve better. Jane Hovington, has done very well in answering questions posed by those living in the district. She is in a far better position as a member of the party of Thurman Adams, to make life better for Senate district 19, than a fly-by-night guy thrown into the race at the last minute, whose only support is by the clique of gadflies hovering around the blog, Delaware Politics…

Bottom line is this year
Courtesy of Climate Code Red

If you kinda thought the weather was wild this year, you were right. The most ice lost is taking place right while you read this. A large chunk was broken up by a freak storm. Another similar on is on its way. The question that no one knows the answer to, is… will this affect the circulation pattern.

We all know in our lives that as human beings we can put up with aggravation rather well, unless we are Type A. Whether it is aggravation from our boss, from our spouse, from our in-laws, from our choir director, from that guy selling papers on the corner,… we put up with it, accepting it as the normal course of business. Except once or twice in our lives, we just snap. And the consequences of that, momentary snap, cause big changes… maybe in our employment, maybe in our marriage, maybe in our in-law’s will, maybe from the choir director’s husband, maybe from the police…. things change for us in a big way…..

That is how we have to see this. From a mud core taken from an ancient lake, Lough Monreach, in Ireland in 2009 it was discovered that in a matter of one month 12,900 years ago, we went from normal seasonal temperatures to an ice age. The cause came from a switch in ocean currents. As cold fresh water entered the ocean, warm water stopped flowing north. That Ice Age lasted 1300 years before the thaw returned. It flipped in one month…. 30 days more or less.

So is that happening?

The science is too big. We don’t know. It will be like on the Day after Tomorrow where we first find out from buoys scattered across the Atlantic. It cannot be predicted.

What can be foretold is that the earth has never had this much stress before during civilized mans span on earth. Do you know when you snap, or does it take you off guard as well?

That is where we are…

Of course nothing could come about it… Just like when your boss insults you in front of all your staff, your office competitor’s staff, and ridicules you like you have never been before… You just take it…

The boss tells your competitor… “I knew he was a wus… I wasn’t worried one bit… you have nothing to worry about him…”

Republicans will say in Tampa:… “I knew it was a scam…. I wasn’t worried one bit… we have nothing to worry about burning carbon fuels and putting carbon dioxide into the air.”

News Flash: The earth is not a wus……..

2012, day 230, 2.87743 million square kilometers
2011, day 253, 2.90474 million square kilometers (previous record low)

I’m trying to put all your ideas together into one package. So, let me get this right… All you are asking is for, is a country where:

1) There is no universal healthcare.
2) Few entitlement programs.
3) Low Flat Tax System.
4) Faith based Government.
5) A deep reverence for God.
6) Extremely strict rules against abortion.
7) Marriage has already been strictly defined as between man and woman.
8) Homosexuality is a sin, and illegal.
9) Dress Codes are strictly enforced.
10) Tattoos, piercings, baggy pants, are banned.
11) Has the Death Penalty which they aren’t shy about using.
12) Strong private school system with religious focus.
13) Widespread dependency on oil and natural gas drilling.
14) Growing nuclear program
15) Nonexistent environmental nuisances
16) Culture that promotes family and stereotyped roles for men and women.

I’ve endeavored to put all your values on one page. I share your frustration because today, ever since 2008, it seems like America is moving further and further away from these values.

But you don’t have to be frustrated anymore. I have looked far and wide and have discovered a place already in existence that has those values in place, and more. If you sorely long for those values above, it is sincerely a place where you and your family would be very happy.

It is Iran.

You don’t have to pay me. I don’t need any commission. Just glad to help a fellow Delawarean out…. No problem.

Two articles crossed my path the same day. One, was Tommywonk’s version of this News Journal output: True Cost of Electricity….. The outer was courtesy of the National Geographic Society, titled “Can China Go Green”…

China's Cutting Technology Sun-Moon Mansion
Photo Courtesy of Bloomberg

Some interesting facts I did not know.

1) China needs to maintain a rate of 8% growth, to keep it population happy, and protests at a minimum.

2) There are over 100,000 protests or demonstrations, put down by the Chinese government every year; most of them instigated and in reaction to major environmental catastrophes….

3) Most of America’s coal plants would be shut down as too dirty if they were operating in China. Their clean air standards are higher then ours.

4) Even though China leads the world in output from green energy methods, China still puts a new coal fired power plant on line, each and every week.

5) China is further ahead of the US when it comes to using new technology to develop green and renewable sources of energy.

6) Some cities already have 95% of their buildings fitted with solar water heaters. One company executive estimates that over 255 million Chinese get hot water from solar water heaters; that’s 81% of America’s population!…..

7) A Chinese sponsored economic report estimated for top officials, that China’s GDP lost nearly a quarter from environmental costs affiliated with it’s growth. The report says the Chinese economy is growing at 10% a year, but dealing with the air, water, and land pollution, and loss of land use, has cost roughly 2.5% of that lowering the GDP to 7.5%…

8. China burns 3 BILLION tons of coal a year, more than the US, Europe, and India combined.

9) As of today, China already tops the world by meeting 20% of their energy demand from renewable sources. Compare that to Delaware, our nation’s most ambitious, which hopes to achieve 25% renewable energy by 2025-2026….

10) Even thought China is scrubbing its exhaust for soot particles, carcinogens, nitrous and sulfurous elements, … it is still pumping tons of new Carbon Di-oxide every year. And can really do nothing about it…. until long after the Himalayan ice caps melt, halting the rivers flowing to the seas, the seas rise, and the heat across China intensifies…. It’s like telling your kids to diet, and then only buying them McDonald’s food for lunch and dinner… They have to eat!

Only sequestering the CO2, can save the world now… WE are locked too tight on the path that takes us past 2030, the year we see a 4 degree rise…

The Chinese say, only by making Carbon expensive on the world market, will it be able to afford the adjustments the world will need if it is to survive as we know it today.

This ties in directly to what Tommy was saying.

But after all the number crunching, it’s worth remembering that our energy policy is not just about economics; it’s about fewer chest X-rays and cancer cases and longer and healthier lives.

There are considerable costs to generating electricity that are not being paid for by our electric companies. Those miners, and manufacturers, and energy brokers, are getting a free pass, and we are passing the bill to our grandchildren.

It is ironic that those in Congress crying the loudest like babies over a silly arbitrary debt ceiling, are the very ones passing today’s costs of energy on to our children by stripping environmental reforms off the books…. Groups like the CRI need to come clean when they argue against any tampering with the carbon fuel economy.. So what if you do pay out of pocket a few cents more a month, especially if that tiny fee means you will never have to go to the doctors for treatment from coal pollution-caused emphysema ? A savings of $4,000?

If you want to see where Republicans are taking this nation, just look at the damage done by the old China…. before it began seriously to go green…..

The key plank of kavipsian economics is to raise the top marginal tax rate. Ironically this does not raise taxes; it forces companies, businesses, wealthy people, and multinational corporations, to invest their money into real capital, in order not to pay those higher taxes.

When the top marginal tax rate was raised during WWII, we had a booming economy. While the top marginal tax rates were astronomical during the 50’s, and 60’s, we had a booming economy. When the top marginal tax rates were raised by Bill Clinton, we had a booming economy stretching across the entire nineties (which coupled with solid Democratic leadership), gave our government a budget surplus, raised the income levels for every quintile of the American public, and created a booming economy.

As soon as those rates are dropped (ironically to stimulate the economy), the economy stagnates, falters, sputters, and fails….

Recently Obama proposed that the US corporate tax rate, now standing at 30 percent, be deploded by 2/3rds, to around 20%…

Unfortunately this has put the inner sanctum of Dupont on edge. You see, in their wisdom they have invested their profits into working capital, and actually pay an average corporate tax rate of around 20%, … because of it…

If the corporate tax rate plummets, their competitors will now have the same rate, with much more liquidity, thereby putting our local business at a disadvantage in the race to woo stockholders, because of their lower recorded profits.

Against common perception, raising the marginal tax rate (or in this case keeping it high), does not really generate that much income for governments. People find a way to invest and dodge their way around them.

But, those investments and dodges, are a huge gain for this nation.

Still don’t get it? Try this example.

Earnings: $100 million.
Corporate tax rate: 30 %
Gross tax assessment: $30 million

Currently under Democratic leadership, there is a deduction of costs of building a wind farm supplying a major metropolitan area. Assume one can deduct 30% off the amount invested. Investing the amount of taxes to be paid, $30 million, yields an additional write off of another $10 million dollars, dropping the total due at tax time, … to $20 million dollars or 20% of the companies earnings.

Sadly the federal government lost $10 million dollars of revenue. But, … a $30 million dollar investment was made in…… say Delaware. Some of that went to local wages, which circulates throughout the economy creating additional tax revenue to local, state, and federal governments. Other of that money is used to pay for the raw material, or parts, and the labor that assembles them, as well as the transportation that brings them offshore and sunk into the sand off Rehoboth Beach.

Over the past four years, FPL has paid just $88 million in taxes on earnings of nearly $7 billion. FPL spokeswoman Jackie Anderson says the company is merely taking advantage of incentives to develop renewable resources.

If every company has to build something to lower their tax rate, our nation booms back to financial stability real fast….

Raising the tax rate ( or keeping the tax rate high) benefits everyone in the economy, provided they can write off their taxes by investing in real capital projects.

What happens when you lower tax rates, giving corporations and the wealthy large amounts of cash? What do corporations do with cash?

They simply hoard them.

Even the Wall Street Journal says so.

The Federal Reserve reported Thursday that nonfinancial companies had socked away $1.84 trillion in cash and other liquid assets as of the end of March, up 26% from a year earlier and the largest-ever increase in records going back to 1952. Cash made up about 7% of all company assets, including factories and financial investments, the highest level since 1963″.

At $50,000 a job, $1.84 trillion yields 36,800,000 new jobs. Currently 13.9 million are unemployed…..

Duh, the reason they are unemployed is because tax rates aren’t high enough…….

It doesn’t take a genus to figure it out. Anyone who knows American history, who knows when boom times occurred and when busts were felt, can figure it out themselves from looking at this.

The 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment say they cut diesel consumption in their generators from 20 gallons a day to 2.5 gallons a day, according to a Marine report.

Thanks to flexible solar panels, the sun can help run military equipment — and it may even cut down on casualties.

“Our generators typically use more than 20 gallons of fuel a day. We are down to 2.5 gallons a day,” said Doty, 3rd Squad Leader, with1st Platoon, ‘I’ Company, and Fulton, Mo., native. “The system works amazing. By saving fuel for generators, it has cut back on the number of convoys, meaning less opportunity for one of our vehicles to hit an IED.”

Marines who used the technology say it helps in three main ways:

  1. Fewer Supply Convoys — With less need for fuel and batteries, fewer trucks are exposed to possible attacks on the road.
  2. Quieter Is Safer — Units that rely on diesel generators to keep equipment running at night could go quiet while running on batteries, making them harder for the enemy to find.
  3. Efficiency — The foldable solar blankets are light and don’t take up much space. That should help patrols’ mobility, and save space for other supplies — like ammunition, as one sergeant says.

The recent tests showed that using alternative energy on military missions has both tactical and environmental benefits. And in both the Virginia and the Afghanistan tests, Marines praised the panels for being durable, light and simple — kind of the trifecta for field gear.

Contrary to those Republicans still wanting to throw away huge subsidies to Big Oil, employing this technology on top of every house in America, would go a long way to bettering every single American’s life and put more money in his/her pocket.

Semper Fi.